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					Contact Type   Company                         Contact
Contact                                        Emmanuelle Bedimo
Contact                                        Eleanor Blakelock
Contact                                        Dominique Delautre
Contact                                        Claudia Garza
Contact                                        Graham Hassell
Contact                                        John Owen
Contact                                        M.ishaque Uzbak
Contact                                        Lyn Wood
Contact        a horn                          Alan Horn
Contact        aberdeen university             Gordon Buchan
Contact        Aberlink                        Marcus Eales
Contact        abl Solutions Ltd               Andrew Lewis
Contact        Absolute Vision                 Peter Greenrod
Contact        Accent Optical Technologies     Scott Inglis
Contact        Accent Optical Technologies     Angela Kilkie
Contact        Advanced Technology Institute   William Headley
Contact        Aea Technology Rail             Peter Asprey
Contact        alpha tech m. g. ltd            Alpha Tech M. G. Ltd
Contact        Alrad Instruments Ltd           Dave Cass
Contact        Alrad Instruments Ltd           Raf Slotwinski
Contact        Amersham Biosciences            John Anson
Contact        AmFax                           Stuart Lyndon
Contact        AmFax                           Daren Williamson
Contact        Anabatics Ltd                   Andrew Larkins
Contact        Applied Photophysics Ltd        Tim Collins
Contact        Astraguard Ltd                  Bernard Jones
Contact        Avalore                         Louis Harwood
Contact        Avid                            David Lamont
Contact        AWE                             Ian Gee
Contact        BAE Systems                     Dr Ainsley Killey
Contact        BAE Systems                     Ainsley Killey
Contact        BAE SYSTEMS                     Chris Ryding
Contact        Bar Code Technologies           P. Rach
Contact        Baty International              Allan Gunn
Contact        Baty International              Goeff Jackson
Contact        Baty International              Alan Wheatley
Contact        Baty International              David Wilton
Contact        Bede plc                        D K Bowen
Contact        Belhaven House Hotel Ltd.       Harvey Bruce Henricksen
Contact        BEP                             Brian Pettitt
Contact        BioRobotics, Ltd.               Martin Horrod
Contact        Biotrack Ltd                    Brian Cresswell
Contact        Bng                             Clive Brannon
Contact        Bookham Technology              Andrew Mosely
Contact        Brian Reece Scientific Ltd.     Brian Reece
Contact        Britannia 2000 ltd              Ralph Jones
Contact        Brown and Sharpe Ltd            Gary Brice
Contact        Cambridge Consultants Ltd.      Bob Jones
Contact        Cambridge Technology Systems    Mervin Suggitt
Contact        Canon Communications LLC        James Meire
Contact        Captec Limited                  Ed Vincendeau
Contact   Carclo                                        Rob Beake
Contact   CE Johansson Ltd.                             Gary Hobart
Contact   CEJohansson Ltd.                              Lars Andersson
Contact   Chess Systems                                 Mark Zimmerman
Contact   Close-Ups                                     Mike Fenwick
Contact   COBRA BRAIDING MACHINERY                      NEIL HYDE
Contact   Compound Photonics                            Mike Hebbron
Contact   Consultant                                    Steve Kidd
Contact   Costain Petrofac                              Brian Dooley
Contact   Coventry University                           Marcin Paprocki
Contact   Creative Physics Ltd                          Milan Popovich Popovich
Contact   CueSim                                        Mark Dart
Contact   Davin                                         Alexis Boyle
Contact   Davin Optronics                               Martin Allan
Contact   Davin Optronics                               Dave Harriman
Contact   Davin Optronics                               Eddie Judd
Contact   Dennis Stott Optical Products                 Dennis Stott
Contact   Denso Marston                                 Danish Akhtar
Contact   Dept. of Geography, University of Cambridge   Vitchko Tsanev
Contact   DiagnoSys Ltd.                                David Read
Contact   Diamond Light Source                          Stewart Scott
Contact   Diamond Light Source                          Armin Wagner
Contact   Diamond Light Source                          Ulrich Wagner
Contact   DTC                                           Nick Davies
Contact   DuPont Teijin Films (UK) Ltd                  Ian K Alexander
Contact   e2v technologies                              Graham Fenemore-Jones
Contact   e2v technologies                              Barry Macdonald
Contact   Edmundson Electrical                          Steven Hadley
Contact   Electrox                                      Jon Larsen
Contact   EMIC associates                               Peter Eales
Contact   Engineers LLP                                 Emily Nooknad
Contact   EOn                                           Stephen Thomson
Contact   Equipe Simulation Ltd.                        Terry Burns
Contact   EST Group                                     Peter Lucas
Contact   ETAP Lighting                                 Mark Cunningham
Contact   EV Offshore Ltd                               Matthew Gibson-Ford
Contact   Exitech                                       Ian Wallhead
Contact   Fairbanks enviromental                        Andrew Pate
Contact   Firstsight Vision                             Nigel Doe
Contact   Fortium Technologies                          Ian Davies
Contact   Foster & Freeman Ltd                          Peter Hallett
Contact   Foster & Freeman Ltd.                         Simon Clement
Contact   Foster & Freeman Ltd.                         Gawayne Jones
Contact   Foster & Freeman Ltd.                         Peter Wagner
Contact   foster and freeman                            Martyn Caiger
Contact   Freudenberg Technical Products LP             Graham Hughes
Contact   Frost & Sullivan                              Prathima Bommakanti
Contact   Furnitubes Internationall Limited             Steven Eltringham
Contact   FUTURE FAB                                    RON LAWSON
Contact   GAC ENGINEERING GROUP LTD                     Allen Robertshaw
Contact   Gardasoft Vision                              Peter Bhagat
Contact   Gategourmet                                   Ajit Bains
Contact   Genetix Limited                             Jim Bass
Contact   Genetix Limited                             Dave Elverd
Contact   Genetix Limited                             Sky Jiang
Contact   Genetix Limited                             Nichole Watson
Contact   gjwdesilva&company                          Jagath De Silva
Contact   GT Vision Ltd                               Bob Town
Contact   Holders Technology UK                       Graeme Lockie
Contact   hot metal                                   Ken Sweeney
Contact   IC Optical Systems Ltd                      Chris Pietraszewski
Contact   IDC                                         P Toms
Contact   Image Solutions                             Ian Corless
Contact   IMC                                         Neil Sherry
Contact   Imperial College - Mechanical Engineering   Cive Palmer
Contact   Indigo Scientific Limited                   Sandra Hunter
Contact   Infrared Vision                             David Joseph
Contact   Inspectahire Inst. Co. Ltd                  Cailean Forrester
Contact   Intense Photonics                           Eric Goutain
Contact   International Metrology Systems             Graham Sinclair
Contact   International Metrology Systems LTD         Graham Sinclair
Contact   Ionscope Ltd                                Noah Freedman
Contact   IRC at Birmingham University                Daniel Rodriguez
Contact   J E Controlsystems                          Andy Page
Contact   J+S Ltd                                     Simon Williams
Contact   JLSDesigns Ltd                              Peter Royds
Contact   Keyence UK Ltd                              Keith Godden
Contact   Kings-Collegs-London                        Thomas Sears
Contact   Kings-Collesge-London                       Thomas Sears
Contact   Kongsberg Maritime                          Will Attfield
Contact   Kongsberg Maritime                          Dominique Delautre
Contact   Kratos Analytical                           John Allison
Contact   Kratos Analytical                           Emmanuel Raptakis
Contact   Kri-Tech Ltd                                G Hudson
Contact   L S Starrett SPO                            scott bennett
Contact   Lab901                                      No Contact
Contact   Lambda Photometrics Ltd.                    Doug Bell
Contact   Lambda Photometrics Ltd.                    Vicki Dawson
Contact   Lambda Photometrics Ltd.                    Martin Golding
Contact   Lambda Photometrics Ltd.                    Adrian Harrison
Contact   Lambda Photometrics Ltd.                    Ken Middleton
Contact   Lambda Photometrics Ltd.                    Clive Philips
Contact   Lambda Photometrics Ltd.                    Nick Trevis
Contact   Land Instruments                            Peter Droegmoeller
Contact   leeds                                       Farhan Shafique
Contact   LKI International Group, Ltd.               Mac Tang
Contact   LLoyd Doyle                                 Ian Baker
Contact   LLoyd Doyle                                 Bob Brooker
Contact   LLoyd Doyle                                 Roy Lloyd
Contact   Loadpoint Ltd                               Maurice Ponting
Contact   Loadpoint Ltd.                              Mr. John Sweet
Contact   Lot Oriel                                   Shayz Ikram
Contact   Loughborough University                     Senthan Mathavan
Contact   Loughborough University                     Manuel De La Torre
Contact   Machine Vision Systems Consultancy   Don Braggins
Contact   Machinery Depot                      George Williams
Contact   Malvern Instruments                  John Allison
Contact   Malvern Instruments                  Ian Lewis
Contact   Malvern Instruments                  Andy Prior
Contact   Malvern Instruments                  Dave Watson
Contact   Manchester University                Anton Shternlikht
Contact   Marconi                              Jason Loosley
Contact   Melles Griot                         Mark Robson
Contact   Metax Ltd                            Bob Roberts
Contact   Metropolitan Police                  Peter Baylis
Contact   MFL Services                         Bruce Mcpherson
Contact   Micro Instrument                     Clive Cowen
Contact   Micro Instruments Ltd                Clive Cowen
Contact   Mindready Solutions                  Bert Nathan
Contact   Mitsui Babcock Energy Ltd            Gareth Elston
Contact   MitsuiBabcock Energy Ltd             Ken Jarvis
Contact   Mocro Technology Systems Ltd.        Colin Morgan
Contact   motofotoiom                          Paul Sofield
Contact   MSI-Defence Systems Ltd.             Terry Court
Contact   mulryan saddlery                     Shane Mulryan
Contact   Multipix Imaging                     Graham Brown
Contact   Multipix Imaging                     Simon Hickman
Contact   NanoSight Ltd                        Geroge McMurty
Contact   NanoSight Ltd                        Jeremy Warren
Contact   NASA Data Systems Ltd                Hakim Naas
Contact   Noctiluca Ltd                        Frederick Bott
Contact   Objective Imaging                    Maurice Bowe
Contact   Objective Imaging Ltd                Maurice Bowe
Contact   Objective Imaging Ltd.               Maurice Bowe
Contact   OceaTeam Subsea                      David Mckay
Contact   Olympus                              Jay Souto
Contact   Omron Electronics                    Dan Roussek
Contact   Omron Electronics Ltd.
Contact   Optek Limited                        Mike O'Key
Contact   Opticstar                            George Karboulonis
Contact   Optimec Ltd                          Colin Bryant
Contact   other                                Craig Wilkes
Contact   Oxford Diffraction Ltd.              Leigh Rees
Contact   Oxford Laser Ltd                     Dr. Martyn Knowles
Contact   Oxford Laser Ltd                     Karen Surman
Contact   Oxford Sensor Technology Ltd.        Anthony Williams
Contact   P.W. Allen & Co.                     Peter Benwell
Contact   P.W. Allen & Co.                     David Hall
Contact   P.W. Allen & Co.                     Roy Peers-Smith
Contact   Petards, Inc                         Steve Walker
Contact   Phasor, Ltd.                         Peter Hage
Contact   Photonic Materials Ltd               Tim Dewhirst
Contact   Photron (Europe) Ltd.                Tim Nicholls
Contact   Pilkington Group Limited             Stephen Day
Contact   pira                                 Chris Berry
Contact   Plasmon Data Systems Ltd.            Graham Newell
Contact   Point35 Microstructures                    Alan Beardsworth
Contact   Polar Instruments                          Paul Carre
Contact   Polar Instruments Ltd.                     Keith Dumont
Contact   Police Scientific Development Branch       Andrew Gibson
Contact   prove systems ltd                          Philippe
Contact   Pyser-SGI Limited                          Neil Blackford
Contact   Qinetiq                                    Phil Galbraith
Contact   QinetiQ                                    Mike Jenkins
Contact   QinetiQ                                    Lee Russell
Contact   Qioptiq Ltd                                David Norrie
Contact   Queen's University Belfast                 Pádraig Bolger
Contact   Randox                                     Connor Douglas
Contact   Randox Laboratories Ltd.                   Chris Connolly
Contact   Raptor Photonics                           Olivier Bernard
Contact   RBH Optics                                 Roger Brian Huxford
Contact   RBH Optics                                 Roger Huxford
Contact   Renishaw plc.                              Dr Tim York
Contact   Rex Video Service                          Rex Medcraft
Contact   Robert Bogue & Partners                    Robert Bogue
Contact   Rock Slides                                Denis Clancy
Contact   Rockwell Collins Visual Display Sys Ltd.   Matt Barton
Contact   Rockwell Collins Visual Display Sys Ltd.   John Higgins
Contact   Rockwell Collins Visual Display Sys Ltd.   Matt Roberts
Contact   Rolls-Royce                                Christopher Hood
Contact   RTS Advanced Robotics Ltd.                 Dave Lee
Contact   Rutherford Appleton Laboratory             Zaher Salman
Contact   Sabre Rail Services Ltd.                   Pranav Patel
Contact   Salesfuel                                  Paul Herring
Contact   SCAN COIN Technology Ltd                   Roy Griffiths
Contact   Scanna MSC Ltd                             G.M. Rodwell
Contact   Scientifica                                David Rogerson
Contact   Scientifica Ltd.                           Mark Johnson
Contact   SCS Automation & Control                   Ian Groves
Contact   Selex Sensors & Airborne Systems Limited   Tony Russell
Contact   Selex Sensors & Ariborne Systems           David Bishton
Contact   Selex Sensors & Ariborne Systems           Neil Rampton
Contact   Shimadzu Biotech                           Paul Murray
Contact   siemens                                    Paul Gidman
Contact   Siltint Industries                         Iain Clement
Contact   Smith and Nephew                           Angela Griffin
Contact   soho                                       Sean Batholowell
Contact   SONY UK                                    Warren James
Contact   Spanoptic                                  Gary Barnard
Contact   Special Application Products Ltd.          Bernard Parry
Contact   Spectrum Metrology                         Peter Seddon
Contact   Spectrum Metrology                         Peter Sneddon
Contact   Starlight Night Vision                     Julian Marsh
Contact   Starrett Co., Ltd.                         Roger Whitaker
Contact   Starrett Precision Optical                 Mike Childs
Contact   stecica                                    Martin Stent
Contact   Student                                    Shujaht Hussain
Contact   Synectics                                  Duncan Hunter
Contact   Syngene (Europe)                         Jason Buttress
Contact   Syngene (Europe)                         Richard Maskell
Contact   Technic Electric Ltd.                    Steve Thomas
Contact   Tekmash Group Ltd.                       Bob Jeremy
Contact   TeraView Limited                         Dr Brian Robertson
Contact   Thales MESL                              Ray Halstead
Contact   The University of Birmingham             James Bowen
Contact   The University of Manchester             SIDA YANG
Contact   Thermo Electron Corporation              Adam Bushell
Contact   Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.                Alistair Brown
Contact   TLPhotography                            Tom Le Mesurier
Contact   Transtar Managing                        Loic
Contact   TRW Automotive                           Steven Mcgowan
Contact   TTP Lab Technology                       Dr. Edwin Stone
Contact   Turbo Power Services                     Konstantinos Stogiannaris
Contact   UCLAN                                    Peter Wobser
Contact   UK Industrial Vision Assoc. Ltd.         Don Braggins
Contact   Ultraviolet Products Limited             John Hann
Contact   Ultrta Electronics Ltd,                  Dennis Wadley
Contact   UMIST                                    Ingo Schiessl
Contact   Unilever                                 Dudley Ferdinando
Contact   Unilever R&D                             Andrea Ferrante
Contact   UniS                                     Matt Major
Contact   United Glass                             Ralph Yardley
Contact   University College London                Mark Farrant
Contact   University College London                Martin Palmer
Contact   University College London                Yuriy Pankratov
Contact   University of Birmingham                 ISLAM SHYHA
Contact   University of Leeds                      Panida Prompinit
Contact   University of Leeds                      Zhenwei Su
Contact   University of Nottingham                 Martin Kopchev
Contact   University of Oxford                     Musuvathi Bobji
Contact   University of Oxford                     Martin Jones
Contact   University of Plymouth                   Caleb Kudi
Contact   University of Sheffield                  Alberto Zorcolo
Contact   University of Wales Institute, Cardiff   David Kerwin
Contact   utilitech                                Tim Young
Contact   Uvitec                                   Paul Golding
Contact   Vicon                                    Michael Birch
Contact   Vicon                                    Matthew Kingman
Contact   Vicon                                    Mark Lawrie
Contact   Vicon                                    Imogen Moorhouse
Contact   Vicon                                    Thomas Shannon
Contact   Vision Engineering                       Mark Curtis
Contact   Vision Engineering Ltd                   Ron Hoad
Contact   VTS                                      Gary Woodside
Contact   Warner Chilcott UK Ltd.                  Robert Clayton
Contact   Westcode Semiconductors                  Jon Whitby
Contact   Wicks and Wilson                         R.A. Randall
Contact   Wren Electronics Ltd.                    Robert Elliott
Contact   Wright's Projects                        John Wright
Contact   Xaar                                     Tomas Cerny
Contact   XLImaging       Chris Mort
Contact   X-Tek           Ian Haig
Contact   X-Tek           Peter Marsh
Contact   Zeroshift Ltd   Anthony Child
Phone              Title

151794 8329
01903 666666

                   Engineering, Design
                   Technical Support/Services
1453 884461
+44 1761 221 945   Engineering, Design
0845 130 1880
1904 715500        Buyer
1904 715500

                   Systems Eng.
442-077-062662     Marketing/Sales
163-530-345        Product Manager
(442) 920-526409
125-848-0777       Technical Sales Manager
125-848-0777       Technical Sales Manager
                   Engineering, Consulting
(0)1372 386537
(0)1732 - 458100   Research & Development
                   General Corporate Mgmt
                   Technical Support/Services
0118 985 4332
0117-302-8119      Research & Development
                   Research & Development
                   Technical Support/Services
01442 842232       Sales Manager
1444235621         Managing Director
1444235621          Engineering
191-3324700         Director
1189783824          Other
441-223-873500      Engineer / Vision Systems.
                    Engineering, Consulting
(194) 686-1037      Instument and Control Engineer
44 (0) 1327 350 581 Pro Eng. Mechanical Design Engineer
(1635)-32827        Managing Director
+44 1628 829356     General Corporate Mgmt
01223 420024
                   Quality Control/Assurance
1480454646         General Manager
                   General Manager
1403 249888        Director
4401260279326      MANAGING DIRECTOR
+44 117 9623083    Research & Development
                   Engineering, Consulting
                   Engineering, Process/Production
4.27703E+11        Research & Development
                   Engineering, Consulting
01234 828002
                   Engineering, Design
1923 206818
1923 206975        Purchasing Manager
1923 206839        Chief Optical Designer
(0)1274 582266     Quality Engineer
                   Research & Development
44 0 1730 260699   Technical Support Manager
01235 778173
                   Research & Development
44-123577823       Mr
01628 771234       Research Scientists
                   Research & Development
                   Engineering, Design
                   Engineering, Design

01462 472 400      Technical Director

                   Engineering, Consulting
                   Engineering, Consulting
1903723311         Sales Orlando FL ofc
                   Research & Development
                   Engineering, Design
(018) 652-90400
441-695-51775      Engineering, Design
                   Engineering, Other
                   Engineering, Design
1386-41061         R&D Manager
01386 41061        Engineering, Design
                   Engineering, Other
                   Research & Development
                   Engineering, Design
2127914233         DIRECTOR
                   Engineering, Other
(44195) 420-0343   Director
2087590933         Technical Support/Services
1425624709         Manufacturing Engineer
142-562-4750       Project Manager Cell Reporter
1376518765         Purchasing
01440 714737       Manager

20 8778 5094       General Corporate Mgmt
                   Engineering, Design
(017) 726-63140    Managing Director

                   Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student
1462 633500

44 1698 722084     Packaging Engineer
131 440 7500       Office Manager
1314407500         Buyer
0)207 691 2078     CEO
                   Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student
                   Engineering, Design
1271337500         Engineering, Design
1458273463         Dr.
                   Technical Support/Services
2086508399         Research & Development
44 20 7848 6186
(0)23 9224 7802    Commercial Manager, Systems and Projects
161 8884400        Engineering, Design
161-888-4400       Systems Engineer
                   Technical Support/Services
01835 866 301      Mr
44 131 448 2904
(1582)-764334      Managing Director
1582-711642        Manager
1582-764334        Internal Sales
(44124) 658-1532   Business Development Direc
                   Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student
077-877-76790      Purchasing
(1932)-245000      Research Director
(1932)-245000      Design Engineer
(1932)-245000      Managing Director
                   General Corporate Mgmt
01372 378822
                   Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student
                   Research & Development
(176) 326-0333      President
7024086909          Purchasing
(016) 845-81304
(016) 845-81276
(016) 845-81276
(016) 845-81276     Chief Engineer
0161 200 8959
1327-356249         Eng. Mgr
(440) 135-3654500   Vision Engineer
                    General Corporate Mgmt

                    Engineering, Design
0141 886 4141       Engineering, Other
                    Technical Support/Services
                    Engineering, Design
                    Research & Development
                    Engineering, Design
(0)1722349439       Sales Dude
017-223-49439       Chief Executive
                    General Corporate Mgmt
                    Engineering, Design
(0044163) 872-4085 Ba
                   Technical Support/Services
01908 258 258      Product Marketing Manager
(123) 553-8637     Systems Dev Elopment Manager
441-619-699008     General Corporate Mgmt
01684 892859       Engineering, Design
                   Engineering, Other
(0)1235 810088     Technology Manager
123-5810088        Accounts
(123) 553-5225
1684851100         Purchasing Manager
1684851184         Procurement Manager
1684851100         General Manager

191-516-6529        Managing Director
016-985-73810       Doctor
1494 481011         Sales Manager
                    Technical Support/Services
(017) 632-61466
441-481-253081     Design Engineer
01727 865051
                   Engineering, Design
(1732)-864111      Division Head
                   Engineering, Consulting
01684 894786       Research & Development
                   Engineering, Design
28 9097 3511

44-0-2894422413    Engineering Manager
2828270141         Marketing/Sales
44 1444 243851     Optical Design Consultant
(145) 384-4302     Spectroscopy Design

                   Engineering, Consulting
1444-462408        Product Manager
1444 870888
1444 462303        Mechanical Design Engineer
1332247761         Engineering, Process/Production
44-161-777-2000    Software Engineer
-446541            Research & Development
                   Engineering, Other
                   Engineering, Design
1793 786040        Project Manager
(0) 1825 749933
1825-749933        Managing Director
1202-66636         System Engineer
                   Engineering, Design
440-238-0316714    Head of Sales and Marketing
441-268-522822     Engineering, Design
161-888-4400       Physicist
                   Engineering, Process/Production
                   Engineering, Process/Production
                   Technical Support/Services
                   Engineering, Design
                   Engineering, Process/Production
44 1206 392799     Director
(440) 116 276 6262
01942 884378
(1756)-708531      Purchasing Mgr.
1835 866317
                   Quality Control/Assurance
1684 295807
1223 727123       Purchasing Manager
1223 727123       R&D Manager
23-8066-7486      Director
447-726-879042    Manufacturing
                  Research & Development
(013) 133-32000   Principal Saw Technologiest
121414 5080       Dr
                  Research & Development

                  Engineering, Design

                  Engineering, Process/Production
                  Engineering, Other
                  Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student
(122) 342-0022
1242225090        Engineering, Design
01234 222492
442-078-225252    Research & Development
                  Engineering, Design

                  Research & Development
7738070669        Research & Development
(113) 343-3742

                  Research & Development
                  Research & Development

7725220612        Research & Development
                  Engineering, Consulting
01223 568060
1865.261824       Director of Engineering
1865.261861       Design Engineer
1865.261843       General Manager
1865.261800       Director of Operations

                  Quality Control/Assurance
+441249 441085    Engineering, Design
01256842211       Managing Director
441-895-230266    Co-Managing Director
44-1474000000     Purchasing
+44 (0) 1792 51374
1442-828 700
1442-828 700       Managing Director
                   Engineering, Design
Address 1                             Address 2
3a Crossway Soke Newington            Hackney
21 Malsis Road

109 Lyndhurst Road
4 Peartree Road                       Woolston
The Nor'ard                           Georgehill Road
Foresterhill Road

Tilly Granary                         West Harptree
The Kennels                           Packington Park
Haxby Road
Haxby Road
Daphne Jackson Building
4 St. Christopher's Way
8 Caroline Place
Alder House                           Turnpike Rd Industrial Estate
Alder House                           Turnpike Rd Industrial Estate
Maynard Centre                        Forrest Farm
Unit 3, Clump Farm Indutrial Estate
Unit 3, Clump Farm Indutrial Estate
1 Callas Rise                         Wanborough
203-205 Kingston Road
Tubs Hill House
2 Ward Street
60 Long Walk Road
Building F160.1                       Level 1 North
Advanced Technology Center            Filton
Advanced Technology Centre            Filton
W27b Warton Aerodrome                 Warton
2 the Hemmings
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Belmont Park
29 Hamilton Terrace
36 Windmill Avenue
Barton Road                           Haslingfield
52 Furzebrook Road
Oak Lae
Brixham Road, Paignton
#12 West Mills
White Waltham
Halesfield 13
Science Park, Milton Road
Haverhill Road                        Horseheath
Kent House, Romney Place              Maidstone
11 Brunel Way
47 Wates Way
Mensura House                         Blackstone Road, Huntingdon

Unit 7 North Heath Industrial Est     Horsham
74 Reading Road
53 Lawrence Grove                     Henleaze
2 Midland Road
Styal Rd                              Wythenshawe
88 Northfield Road
53 Westfield Road
Unites 2-4                            Highfield Parc
22 Leman St
Greycaine Road
Greycaine Road
Greycaine Road
31 Lutterworth Road
Marston House                         Otley Road
Downing Place                         Cambridge
Bedford Road                          Petersfield
Rutherford Appleton Lab               Chilton
Diamond House Dh2.01
DR 113                                Harwell Science and Inovation Campus
Belmont Road
Room G410                             Po Box 2002 Wilton Centre
106 Waterhouse Lane                   Chelmsford
106 Waterhouse Lane
Neville Shute Road
Avenue One                            The Business Park
Knighton House                        Lymington
5 Strawberry Place
Power Technology                      Ratcliffe On Soar
Courtwick Lane, Wick
17 Rosebery Street                    Elland
6 Vansittart Estate
7-13 Rose Lane
Oxford Industrial Park                Yarton
The Technology Management Centre      Moss Lane View
The Old Barn, Grange Court            Tongham
Unit 6 Bridgend Bussiness Centre
25 Swan Lane                          Evesham
25 Swan Lane
25 Swan Lane
25 Swan Lane
25 Swan Lane
Unit 1, Silverfox Way
4, Grosvenor Gardens
Meridian House
New Works                             Burnley Road
Units 1 And 2 Castle Acres            Boxworth Road Elsworth
20.pennine Way                        Harlington
Queensway, New Milton
Queensway, New Milton
Queensway, New Milton
Queensway, New Milton
27 The Avenue
Hazel Stub Depot                           Camps Road
Tweedbank Industrial Estate
10 Dorchester Road                         Camborne
190-192 Ravenscroft Road
Alfreton Rd
Imsol House                                Cable Court
Granta Park
Exhibition Road                            South Kensington
42 Whitehorse Street
35 Beaufort Road
Units 11 & 12 Whitemyres Business Centre
4 Stanley Boulevard                        Hamilton International
2 Dryden Place                             Bilston Glen Industrial Estate
2 Dryden Place                             Bilston Glen Industrial Estate
The London BioScience Innovation Centre    2 Royal College Street
Birmingham University Edgsbaston
Unit 20 Britannia Way                      Brittania Enterprise Park
Riverside Road                             Pottington
Unit 4 Camelot Court,                      Somerton Business Park,
Avebury House                              219-225 Avebury Boulevard
Wolfson-Card-                              Guys-Hosp.campus
Wolfson -card                              Guys-Campus
11 The Briars                              Waterberry Drive
Campus 1, Science & Technology Park        Balgownie Road Bridge of Don
Trafford Park
Wharfside                                  Trafford Wharf Road
69 Blenheim Crescent
Oxnam Rd
Unit 53/54                                 IMEX Business Centre
Lambda House                               Batford Mill
Lambda House                               Batford Mill
Lambda House                               Batford Mill
Lambda House                               Batford Mill
Lambda House                               Batford Mill
Lambda House                               Batford Mill
Lambda House                               Batford Mill
Leeds Uni
31 Coburn Gardens
Russell House, Molesey Rd.                 Walton-on-Thames
Russell House, Molesey Rd.                 Walton-on-Thames
Russell House, Molesey Rd.                 Walton-on-Thames
Chelworth Industrial Estate                Cricklade
Chelworth Industrial Estate                Cricklade
1 Mole Business Park
90 High Street                    Meldreth
712 dundee industrial park
Enigma Business Park              Grovewood Road
Enigma Business Park              Grovewood Road
Enigma Business Park              Grovewood Road
Enigma Business Park              Grovewood Road
Grosvenor Street
Saint Thomas Place                Cambridgeshire Business Park
4 Cleave Avenue
2 Arnsberg Way
2 Middleton Drive                 Bridge Of Don
18 Hanborough Park                Lon Hanborough
18 Hanborough Park
75 Belfast Road
Porterfield Road
Pa4 8dj
7 Collcutt Close                  Horspath
5 Shore Road                      Peel
Salhouse Road
12 Manor Close
Enterprise House                  1 Ridgeway Office Park
Enterprise House                  1 Ridgeway Office Park
2 Centre One                      Lysander Way
2 Centre One                      Lysander Way
T-Cubed House
2 Linwood Road
Unit 4a Lynx Business Park        Fordham Road
Unit 4A, Lynx Business Park       Fordham Road
Unit 4A, Lynx Business Park       Fordham Road
31 St Clements Street             Aberdeen
Stock Road
Opal Drive                        Fox Milne
1 Apsley Way                      Staples Corner
Unit 6 Thames View Ind Park
Vantage House                     26a Northenden Road
Unit B3, The Haysfield            Spring Lane North
Thursfield Towyn Close
10 Mead Road                      Oxford Industrial Park
Unit 8                            Moorbrook Park
25 Blacklands Way
Allen House                       Alexandra Way
Allen House                       Alexandra Way
Allen House                       Alexandra Way

28 Business & Innovation Center   Sonderland Enterprise Pk
6 Mallard Way
The Barn, Bottom Road             West Wycombe
Pilkington Tech. Ctr.             Lathom, Ormskirk
Cleeve Road
Whiting Way                       Melbourn
23 Auchanshangan Drive                    Saltcoats
Garenne Park
Unit 1 Mill Court, Mill Lane              Tayport
Fircroft Way                              EdenBridge
St Andrews Rd                             Malvern
PA109 Qineti Q                            Malvern Technology Park
Qinetiq A101                              St Andrews Road Malvern
Glascoed Road                             St. Asaph
Centre for Nanostructured Media,

55 Diamond Road
Ledcom Industrial Estate                  Unit 2
26 Park Close                             Burgess Hill
26 Park Close
Old Town                                  Wotton-under-Edge
1109 Melton Road                          Syston
Rose Cottages, Lydford, Devon
3a Provost Road                           Lilnlithgow
Edward Way
Edward Way
Edward Way
Gilchrist Road, Northbank Industrial Pk
Isis Facility
Grindon Way
Unit 22                                   Stafford Park 12
Scanna Tech Centre                        Unit 43-44 Shrivenham Hundred Bus. Park
Kingfisher Court                          Brambleside
Unit 1A Kinsfisher Court                  Brambleside, Bellbrook Ind Est
156 Stanley Road
300 Capability Green                      Luton
Christopher Martin Road
Christopher Martin Road
Wharfside                                 Trafford Wharf Road
Varey Road                                Congleton
124 Longley Lane
York Science Park, Heslington
Birmingham                                Birmingham
Pencoed Technology Park                   Pencoed
Telford Road                              Eastfield Industrial Estate
11 Elm Close
Unit 8, Ireton Aveneu
Unit 15, Barshaw Park                     Leycroft Road
Unit 8                                    240 Elliot Street
Snaygill Industrial Estate                Skipton, North Yorkshire
Snaygill Industrial Estate
7 faraday Avenue
44 Lyndhurst Drive
32 Alexandra Way
Beacon House                                      Nuffield Road
Beacon House                                      Nuffield Road
Lulworth Business Centre, Nutwood Way             Totton, Southampton
29 Harley St.
Platinum Building, Saint John's Innovation Park   Cambridge
Lochend Industrial Estate
School of Chemical Engineering                    Edgbaston
Burford Road
The Birches Industrial Estate                     Imberhorne Lane
Teknix House                                      2 Pembroke Ave
90 Blackboy Lane                                  Fishbourne
22 Maybury Court                                  Marylebone Street
Rainton Bridge Industrial Est.                    Houghton-Le-Spring
Melbourn Science Park                             Cambridge Road
Bardon Hill
392 Brook Street, Fulwood
90 High Street                                    Meldreth
Unit 1                                            Trinity Hall Farm Estate
Kingsditch Lane                                   Cheltenham
Dept of Optometry & Neurosci                      PO Box 88
Unilever Colworth Lab                             Sharnbrook
Quarry Road East
University Of Surrey

Dept Pharmacology                                 Gower St
Physics Department
Gower Street
School of Mechanical Engineering
23 Kelso Road
School of Textiles
C32 Coates                                        University Park
Parks Road
South Parks Road
Scool Of Biological Sciences                      Drake Circus
Mappin Street
Cyncoed Road                                      Cardiff
13 Hansard Mews
Avebury House                                     36a Union Lane
14 Minns Business Park                            West Way
14 Minns Business Park                            West Way
14 Minns Business Park                            West Way
14 Minns Business Park                            West Way
14 Minns Business Park                            West Way
Vision Send Road
Monument House                                    Monument Way West
Po Box 424
Old Belfast Road
Langley Park Way                                  Langley Park
Morse Road
Units 5&6, Rockingham Wharf                       Rockingham Road
6 Tortoiseshell Close
Digital Technium      University of Wales Swansea
64-66 Akeman Street
64-66 Akeman Street
Davy Avenue           Knowlhill
City                    State          Zip         Country
London                                 N16 8LA     United Kingdom
Keighley                               BD21 1EY    United Kingdom
                                                   United Kingdom
                                                   United Kingdom
                                                   United Kingdom
Worthing                                  BN11 2DE United Kingdom
Southampton               Hampshire       SO19 7GU United kingdom
Barrow                                    LA13     United Kingdom
Broadstairs               Kent            CT10 3QA United Kingdom
Aberdeen                                  AB25 2ZD United Kingdom
Eastcombe                                 GL6 7DY  United Kingdom
Brsitol                                   BS40 6EB United kingdom
Meridien                                  CV77HE   United Kingdom
York                      North Yorkshire YO31 8JH United Kingdom
York                      North Yorkshire YO31 8JH United Kingdom
Guildford                 Surrey          GU2 7XH  United Kingdom
Derby                     Derbyshire      DE24 8LY United kingdom
London                                    W2 4AW   United kingdom
Newbury Berkshire                         RG14 2NS United Kingdom
Newbury Berkshire                         RG14 2NS United Kingdom
Cardiff                                   CF14 7YT United Kingdom
Blandford Forum, Dorset                   DT11 7TE United Kingdom
Blandford Forum, Dorset                   DT11 7TE United Kingdom
Swindon                                   SN4 0AQ  United Kingdom
Leatherhead               Surrey          KT22 7PB United Kingdom
Sevenoaks                 Kent            TN14 3RS United Kingdom
Cleethorpes                               DN35 7RD United Kingdom
Aberdeen                                  AB16 5QR United Kingdom
Berks                                     RG7 4PR  United Kingdom
Bristol                   Avon            BS34 7QW United Kingdom
Bristol                   Avon            BS34 7WQ United Kingdom
Preston                   Lancashire      PR4 1AX  United Kingdom
Shootersway               Berkhamsted     HP4 3NY  United kingdom
Burgess Hill, West Sussex                 RH15 9LB United Kingdom
Burgess Hill, West Sussex                 RH15 9LB United Kingdom
Burgess Hill, West Sussex                          United Kingdom
Burgess Hill, West Sussex                 RH15 9LB United Kingdom
Durham                                    DH1 1TW  United Kingdom
Milford Haven                             SA73 3JJ United Kingdom
Wokingham                                 RG41 3XD United Kingdom
Cambridge                                 CB3- 7LW United Kingdom
Wareham                   Dorset          BH20 5AX United kingdom
Kirkland                  Cumbria         CA263YB  United Kingdom
Devon TQ4 7BE                                      United Kingdom
Newbury, Berkshire                        RG145HG United Kingdom
Maidenhead                Berks           SL6 3LW  United kingdom
Shropshire                                TF7 4PL  United Kingdom
Cambridge                                 CB4 0DW United Kingdom
Cambridge                                 CB21 4QR United Kingdom
Kent                                      ME15 6LH United Kingdom
Fareham                                   PO15 5TX united kingdom
Mitcham                   Surry          CR4 4HR    United Kingdom
Cambridgeshire                           PE29 6EH   United Kingdom
                                                    United Kingdom
west sussex                              RH12 5QE   United kingdom
Wokingham, Berks                         RG41 1EL   United Kingdom
CONGLETON                                CW12 1PL   UNITED KINGDOM
Bristol                                  BS9 4EL    United kingdom
Higham Ferrers                           NN10 8DN   United Kingdom
Manchester                               M22 5WN    United Kingdom
Coventry                                 CV12BP     United Kingdom
Leicester                 Other          LE3 6HU    United Kingdom
Oakley                    Bedfordshire   MK43 7TA   United Kingdom
London                                   E1 8JT     United Kingdom
Watford                                             United Kingdom
Watford                                  WD24 7GW   United Kingdom
Watford                                             United Kingdom
Northampton                              NN1 5JR    United Kingdom
Shipley                                  BD17 7JR   United Kingdom
Cambridgeshire                           CB2 3EN    United Kingdom
Hampshire                                           United kingdom
Didcot                                  OX11 0QX    United Kingdom
Chilton, Didcot           Oxfordshire   OX11 0DE    United kingdom
Chilton / Didcot                        OX11 0DE    United Kingdom
Maidenhead                Berkshire     SL6 6JW     United Kingdom
Middlesbrough                           TS90 8JF    United kingdom
Essex                                   CM1 2QU     United Kingdom
Chelmsford                              CM1 2QU     United kingdom
Portsmouth                HI            PO3 5SL     United Kingdom
Letchworth                              SG6 2HB     United Kingdom
Hampshire                               SO410GB     United kingdom
Newcastle                               NE1 6FF     United Kingdom
Nottingham                              NG11 0EE    United Kingdom
Littlehampton             W. Sussex     BN17 7PA    United Kingdom
West Yorkshire                          HX5 0HZ     United kingdom
Windsor                   Berkshire     SL4 1SE     United kingdom
Norwich                                 NR1 1PL     United Kingdom
Oxford                                  OX5 1QU     United Kingdom
Skelmersdale              Lancashire    WN8 9TN     United kingdom
Surrey                                  GU10 1DW    United Kingdom
Bridgend                  Wales         CF31 3SH    United Kingdom
Worcestershire                          WR11 4PE    United kingdom
Evesham                                 WR11 4PE    United Kingdom
Evesham                                 WR11 4PE    United Kingdom
Evesham                                 WR11 4PE    United Kingdom
Evesham                                 WR11 4PE    United Kingdom
North Shields             Tyne and Wear NE27 0QH    United Kingdom
London                                  SW1W 0DH    United Kingdom
Greenwich                 London        SE10 8RD    United kingdom
LONDON                                  SE1 8EZ     United Kingdom
Halifax, west yorkshire                 HX6 2TF     United Kingdom
Cambridge                               CB23 4JQ    United kingdom
Middlesex                               UB3 5LL     United Kingdom
Hampshire                                      United Kingdom
Hampshire                             BH255NN  United Kingdom
Hampshire                             BH255NN  United Kingdom
Hampshire                                      United Kingdom
Witham                                CM8 2DN  United Kingdom
Haverhill            Suffolk          CB9 9AF  United Kingdom
Galashiels                            TD1 3RS  United Kingdom
Cornwall                              TR14 8NP United kingdom
Beckenham            Kent             BR3 4TW  United Kingdom
Derby                UK               DE21 4AS United kingdom
Preston                               PR29YW   United Kingdom
Cambridge            UK               CB1      United kingdom
London                                SW7 2AZ  United Kingdom
Baldock              Herts            SG7 6QQ  United Kingdom
Llangattock          Powys            NP8 1PA  United Kingdom
Aberdeen             Grampian         AB16 6HQ United kingdom
Blantyre                              G72 0BN  United Kingdom
Edinburgh                             EH20 9HP United Kingdom
Edinburgh                             EH209HP  United Kingdom
London                                NW1 ONH United Kingdom
Birmingham                            B12 9NU  United kingdom
Lichfield                             WS14 9UY United Kingdom
Barnstaple           Devon            EX31 1LY United Kingdom
Somerset                              TA11 6SB United Kingdom
Milton Keynes                         MK9 1AU  United Kingdom
London                                SE1!U!   United kingdom
London                                SE11UL   United Kingdom
Hampshire                             P07 7YH  United Kingdom
Aberdeen                              AB22 8GT United Kingdom
Manchester                            M17 1GP  United Kingdom
Manchester                            M17 1GP  United Kingdom
Ruislip                               HA4 7HA  United Kingdom
Jedburgh                              TD8 6LR  United Kingdom
Loanhead                              EH20 9LZ United Kingdom
Harpenden            Hertsfordshire   AL5 5BZ  United Kingdom
Harpenden            Hertsfordshire   AL5 5BZ  United Kingdom
Harpenden            Hertsfordshire   AL5 5BZ  United Kingdom
Harpenden            Hertsfordshire   AL5 5BZ  United Kingdom
Harpenden            Hertsfordshire   AL5 5BZ  United Kingdom
Harpenden            Hertsfordshire            United Kingdom
Harpenden            Hertsfordshire            United Kingdom
Sheffield                             S18 6DJ  United Kingdom
Leeds                yorkshaire       LS2 9JT  United Kingdom
Cheltenham                            GL51 0GE United Kingdom
Surrey                                KT12 3PJ United Kingdom
Surrey                                KT12 3PJ United Kingdom
Surrey                                KT12 3PJ United Kingdom
Swindon              Wiltshire        SN6 6HE  United Kingdom
Swindon, Wiltshire                    SN6 6HE  United Kingdom
Leatherhead          Surrey           KT22 7BA United Kingdom
Leicester                             LE11 3NT United kingdom
Loughborough                          LE11 3TU United kingdom
Royston                 Herts         SG8 6LB   United Kingdom
Essex                                 SW192HD   United Kingdom
Malvern                 Worcestershire          United Kingdom
Malvern                 Worcestershire WR141XZ United Kingdom
Malvern                 Worcestershire          United Kingdom
Malvern                 Worcestershire WR14 1XZ United Kingdom
Manchester              Lancashire     M1 7HS   United Kingdom
Towcester, Northants                   NN12 8EQ United Kingdom
Cambridgeshire                         CB7 4EX  United Kingdom
Orpington               Kent           BR6 7HB United kingdom
Bexleyheath             Kent           DA161PF  United kingdom
Aberdeen                               AB22 8LE United Kingdom
Witney, Oxon                           OX8 8LH  United Kingdom
Long Hanborough         Oxfordshire    OX29 8LH United Kingdom
Carrick Fergus          County Antrim BT38 8BX United Kingdom
Renfrew                 Scotland       PA4 8DJ  United Kingdom
Glasgow                                PA4 8DJ  United Kingdom
Oxford                                 OX33 1RS United Kingdom
isle of man                            IM51AH   United Kingdom
Norwich                                NR7 9AY  United Kingdom
Magherafelt, Co.derry                  BT45 6QB United Kingdom
Petersfield Hampshire                  GU32 3QF United Kingdom
Petersfield Hampshire                           United Kingdom
Salisbury               Wiltshire      SP4 6BU  United Kingdom
Salisbury               Wiltshire      SP4 6BU  United Kingdom
Leatherhead                            KT22 7TU United kingdom
Bournemouth             Dorset         BH9 1DW United kingdom
Newmarket                              CB8 7NY  United Kingdom
Newmarket                              CB8 7NY  United Kingdom
Newmarket                              CB8 7NY  United Kingdom
Aberdeenshire                          AB10 8JW United kingdom
Southend On Sea                        SS2 5QH  United Kingdom
Milton Keynes                          MK15 ODG United Kingdom
London                                 NW2 7HF  United Kingdom
Abingdon                               OX14 3UJ United Kingdom
Sale                    Cheshire       M33 3BR  United kingdom
Malvern                 Worcestershire WR14 1GF United Kingdom
Prestatyn                              LL198AB  United kingdom
Yarnton                 Oxfordshire    OX5 1QU  United Kingdom
DIDCOT                                 OX11 7HP United Kingdom
OXON                                   OX14 3YR United Kingdom
Abingdon                Oxfordshire    OX14 1DY United Kingdom
Tewkesbury                             GL20 8TD United Kingdom
Tewkesbury                             GL208TD  United Kingdom
Tewkesbury                             GL20 8TD United Kingdom
                                                United Kingdom
Sunderland                             SR5 2TA  United Kingdom
Bellshill                              ML4 3BF  United Kingdom
Bucks                                  HP14 4BS United Kingdom
Lancashire                             L40 5UF  United Kingdom
Leatherhead                            KT22 7RU United Kingdom
Royston                                SG8 6EN  United Kingdom
Ayrshire                                    KA21 6DT United Kingdom
                                            GY24AF   United Kingdom
Guernsey                                    GY2 4AF  United Kingdom
St Albans                                            United Kingdom
Fife scotland                               DD6 9EL  United Kingdom
Kent                                        TN8 6HA  United Kingdom
worcestershire                              WR14 4HT United Kingdom
Malvern                                     WR14 3PS United Kingdom
Worcestershire                              WR14 3PS United kingdom
Denbighshire                                LL17 0LL United Kingdom
                                            BT7 1NN  United Kingdom
Crumlim                    Antrim           BT28 1TS United Kingdom
Crumlin                    Co Antrim        BT29 4QY United Kingdom
Larne                                       BT40 3AW United Kingdom
Burgess Hill               West Sussex      RH15 8HL United Kingdom
Burgess Hill                                RH15 8HL United Kingdom
Gloucestershire                             GL12 7DW United Kingdom
Leicester                  Leicestershire   LE7 2JS  United kingdom
Okehampton                                  EX20 4AW United Kingdom
Edinburgh                  West Lothian     EH49 7JF United Kingdom
Burgess Hill               West Sussex      RH15 9UE United Kingdom
Burgess Hill                                RH15 9UE United Kingdom
Burgess Hill               West Sussex      RH15 9UE United Kingdom
Derby                                       DE242AB  United Kingdom
Irlam, Manchester                           M44 5AY  United Kingdom
Didcot                                      OX11 0QX United Kingdom
Newton Aycliffe                             DL5 6SH  United Kingdom
Stratford Upon Avon                         CV37     United kingdom
Telford                    Shropshire       TF3 3BJ  United Kingdom
Watchfield. Oxon                            SN6 8TZ  United Kingdom
Uckfield East              Sussez           TN22 1QQ United Kingdom
East Sussex                                 TN22 1QQ United Kingdom
Poole                                       BH15 3AH United Kingdom
Bedfordshire                                LU1 3PG  United Kingdom
Basildon                   Essex            SS14 3EL United kingdom
Basildon                   Essex            SS14 3EL United kingdom
Manchester                                           United Kingdom
Cheshire                                    CH1 4BE  United Kingdom
Manchester                                  M224SP   United Kingdom
York                                        YO10 5DF United Kingdom
Manchester                                  1900     United Kingdom
South Wales                                 CF355HZ  United Kingdom
Glenrothes, Fife                            KY7 4NX  United Kingdom
Brantham                   Essex            CO11 1TD United Kingdom
Leicester                                   LE4 9EU  United Kingdom
Leicester                                   LE4 1ET  United Kingdom
Manchester                                  M29 8DS  United Kingdom
                                            BD23 2QR United Kingdom
Skipton, North Yorkshire                    BD23 2QR United Kingdom
Sidcup                     kent             DA14 4JB United Kingdom
London                                      E10 6JD  United Kingdom
Tewkesbury                 Glos             GL20 8NB United Kingdom
Cambridge                           CB4 1TF    United Kingdom
Cambridge                           CB4 1TF    United Kingdom
Hants                               SO40 3WW   United Kingdom
London                England       W1G 9QR    United kingdom
Cambridgeshire                      CB4 OWS    United kingdom
Edinburgh                           EH28 8LP   United Kingdom
Birmingham                          B15 2TT    United Kingdom
Manchester                          M16 8EW    United kingdom
East Grinstead        W. Sussex     RH19 1UB   United Kingdom
Cambridge                           CB5 9QR    United Kingdom
Chichester            UK            PO18 8BH   United kingdom
London                UK            W1G 8JF    United kingdom
Sunderland            Tyne and Wear DH4 5PH    United Kingdom
Hertfordshire                       SG8 6EE    United Kingdom
Leicester                           LE67 1UD   United Kingdom
Preston                             PR2 3AH    United Kingdom
Royston                             SG8 6LB    United Kingdom
Cambridge                           CB4 1TG    United Kingdom
Gloucestershire                     GL2 9PY    United Kingdom
Manchester                          M60 1QD    United Kingdom
Bedford               Bedfordshire  MK44 1LQ   United Kingdom
Bebington             UK            CH63 3JW   United kingdom
Guildford                           GU2        United kingdom
Harlow                                         United Kingdom
London                                WC1E 6BT United Kingdom
                                               united kingdom
Lonodn                                WC1E 6BT United kingdom
Birmingham                            B15 2TT  United Kingdom
Leeds                                 LS2 9PR  United Kingdom
Leeds                                 L2S 9JT  United Kingdom
Nottingham                            NG7 2RD  United kingdom
Oxford                                OX14SP   United kingdom
Oxford                UK              OX1 3QR  United kingdom
Plymouth              Devon           PL4 8AA  United Kingdom
Sheffield             South Yorkshire S1 3JD   United kingdom
Glamorgan                             CF23 6XD United Kingdom
London                                W14 8BJ  United kingdom
Cambridge                             CB4 1QB  United Kingdom
Oxford                                OX2 0JB  United Kingdom
Oxford                                         United Kingdom
Oxford                                         United Kingdom
Oxford                                         United Kingdom
Oxford                                         United Kingdom
Woking                                         United Kingdom
Woking, Surrey                        GU21 5EN United Kingdom
Pboro                                 PE3 9DH  United Kingdom
Larne                 Co. Antrim      BT40 2SH United Kingdom
Chippenham            Wiltshire       SN14 6HP United kingdom
Basingstoke                           RG22 6PQ United Kingdom
Uxbridge, Middlesex                   UB8 2UH  United Kingdom
Ipswich                               IP8 3QZ  United Kingdom
Cambridge                                      United Kingdom
Swansea                    United Kingdom
Tring, Herts    HP23 6AF   United Kingdom
Tring, Herts    HP23 6AF   United Kingdom
Milton Keynes   MK7 8QL    United Kingdom

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