2011 State of Washington Transportation Commission List of Employees_ Job Title and Salary

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					2011 State of Washington Transportation Commission List of Employees

   This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Transportation Commission employees and their job title and salaries.
  (2011, 11 employees (2009, 4 employees) (2007, 4 employees) (2005, 9 employees) (2003, 10 employees) (2001, 10
  employees) (1999, 9 employees) (1997, 8 employees) (1995, 8 employees)

  The Transportation Commission is an independent state agency whose seven citizen members are appointed by the
  Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Executive Director is responsible for monitoring the financial activities of
  the Commission. The Commission exercises responsibilities in preparing the state's transportation plan, proposing the
  state's transportation investment plan and working with the Governor, the state Legislature, the Secretary of
  Transportation and others across the state in formulating transportation policy. The Commission also is the state's
  tolling authority responsible for setting all highway tolls and fares for the Washington State Ferries. The Commission
  provides a public forum for transportation policy development and functions. In that role, the Commission adopts a
  comprehensive and balanced statewide transportation plan that reflects the priorities of government and addresses
  local, regional and statewide needs. The Commission has four full-time employees and had actual expenditures of
  $386,056 and $2,726,868 in fiscal year 2005 and 2006, respectively. The increase in fiscal year 2006 was due to the
  Legislature providing $1.5 million to the Commission for a comprehensive study to determine the feasibility of
  administering certain tolls. The final report on this issue was adopted by the Commission in September 2006.
  Legislature also approved $1.15 million to conduct a statewide rail capacity and needs analysis; the final report is due
  December 2006.
  The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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  Employees Salaries List

  The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every
  2 years. This information is from: http://www.ofm.wa.gov/persdetail/

  2011 State of Washington Transportation Commission List of Employees,
  Job Title and Salary
  10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.
  Name                                                       Job Title                                                     2010 Gross Earnings
  BOYD, PAM S                                                CONF. SECRETARY                                                                                             67522.19
  DISTLER, ROBERT S                                          COMMISSIONER                                                                                                    8700
  FORD, RICHARD DOUGLAS                                      COMMISSIONER                                                                                                    4550
  FORNER, ELMIRA                                             COMMISSIONER                                                                                                    9450
  GRIFFITH, REEMA                                            ADMR, TRANS COMM                                                                                          113253.84
  HILL, LATISHA D                                            COMMISSIONER                                                                                                    4800
  MOSER, CAROL G                                             COMMISSIONER                                                                                                    7750
  ONEAL, ARTHUR DANIEL                                       COMMISSIONER                                                                                                    7175
  PARKER, PAUL M                                             SENIOR POLICY ANALYST                                                                                      90025.63
  PARKER, PHILIP A                                           COMMISSIONER                                                                                                    6900
  SAWTELL, ERALEE                                            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 5                                                                                 52762.14

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