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									2011 State of Washington Supreme Court List of Employees

   This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Supreme Court employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 75
  multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 63 employees) (2007, 63 employees) (2005, 63 employees)
  (2003, 63 employees) (2001, 65 employees) (1999, 62 employees) (1997, 63 employees) (1995, 63 employees)

  The Supreme Court is located in the Temple of Justice Building on Olympia’s Capitol Campus. The Court was
  established in 1854 as the final arbiter of the law in the state of Washington. The Court has nine justices who serve
  six-year terms. Justices are chosen by non-partisan judicial ballot in the general election each even-numbered year. As
  the state’s “court of last resort,” the Court reviews more than 1,000 cases each year. The Court has almost total
  discretion in deciding which cases it will hear, although it automatically reviews those cases involving the death
  penalty. The Court is also responsible for administering the state’s entire judicial system. The Court establishes the
  rules of operation for District, Municipal, Superior and Appellate courts and governs the admission to practice and
  conduct of attorneys and judges. More than 200 courts with 2,500 judicial and court personnel comprise the
  Washington State Court System. The Court employs approximately 64 people and has a biennial budget of
  approximately $12.5 million. Revenues collected by the Court are from filing fees and assessed fees.
  The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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  Employees Salaries List

  The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every
  2 years. This information is from: http://www.ofm.wa.gov/persdetail/

  2011 State of Washington Supreme Court List of Employees, Job Title and
  10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.
  Name                                                Job Title                        2010 Gross Earnings
  ADDISZ, JENNIFER S                                  LAW CLERK                                                39656.35
  AGRICOLAZ, STELLA                                   JUDICIAL ASSISTANT                                      52946.68
  ALEXANDERZ, GERRY L                                 SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                  164208.88
  AMUNDSENZ, VICKI L                                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                65937.79
  ANGLINZ, LAURA                                      LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      72751.26
  ANSELMOZ, DANILO                                    REPORTER OF DECISIONS                                     94340.2
  BAILEYZ, AMY J                                      SENIOR LEGAL SECRETARY - CLERKS                           42881.4
  BAUSCHZ, LISA R                                     OFFICE/CASEFLOW MANAGER                                 67474.96
  BAYMANZ, VIKKI L                                    EDITORIAL ASSISTANT                                     42136.36
  BENSONZ, HELEN E                                    LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                          72705
  BENTSONZ, DANIEL R                                  LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      17893.53
  BROWNZ, JOSEPH W                                    LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      40938.75
  BURTONZ, WALTER M                                   SUPREME COURT DEPUTY COMMISSIONE                       112501.62
  CAMPBELLZ, SYLVIA R                                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                65916.82
  CARLSONZ, SUSAN LOMAX                               SUPREME COURT DEPUTY CLERK                             110138.05
  CARPENTERZ, RONALD R                                SUPREME COURT CLERK                                    125439.12
  CASSANZ, TRACI R                                    LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      18260.66
  CHAMBERSZ, TOM J                                    SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                  164208.88
  CHANDLERZ, DESIREE                                  COORDINATOR/ADMISSIONS AND DISCI                        50911.45
  CRABTREEZ, KELLY P                                  STAFF ATTORNEY                                           54750.33
  CROOKSZ, JAMES H                                    STAFF ATTORNEY                                           62733.22
  CRYDERMANZ, JUDITH A                                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                  51899.7
  DODENZ, DAVID MATTHEW                               LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      16281.36
  EISENBERGZ, ERIC W                                  LAW CLERK                                                38308.23
  ELLERSICKZ, RYAN J                                  LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      18771.45
  EYLENFELDTZ, ANITA                                  DOCKET SPECIALIST - PETITION FOR                        51487.47
  FAIRHURSTZ, MARY                                    SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                  164208.88
  FAULKZ, CAMILLA R                                   ADMIN ASSISTANT/CAPITAL CASE MAN                        53143.95
  FOREMANZ, ALLISON R                                 LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      44259.07
  FOSTERZ, DENISE A                                   LEGAL SECRETARY - CLERKS                                32198.68
  FRANKLINZ, ERICA R                                  LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                          18963
  GARBERZ, ASA C                                      LAW CLERK                                                40826.72
  GOFFZ, STEVEN M                                     SUPREME COURT COMMISSIONER                             128377.66
  GOLDSWORTHYZ, RICHARD E                             LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                     43307.54
  GUNDERSONZ, SHEILA M                                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                65937.79
  HANNIGANZ, HELEN                                    EDITOR                                                   25178.65
  HOAGZ, JOSEPH P                                     LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                      44395.07

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2011 State of Washington Supreme Court List of Employees

  HOLCOMBZ, STOWELL B            LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                    61318.13
  HUPPZ, MARGARET C              LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                   18260.66
  HUTNIKZ, BEVERLY J             DOCKET SPECIALIST - GENERAL                                                                                                           51451.45
  JENNINGSZ, CYNTHIA S           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                                                              65891.65
  JOHNSONZ, CHARLES W            SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                                                                                                164208.88
  JOHNSONZ, JAMES M              SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                                                                                                164208.88
  JOHNSTONZ, MICHAEL ERIC        SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY                                                                                                                 78272.39
  KEOWNZ, JULIE A                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                                                              65937.79
  LANEZ, JOSHUA B                LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                   34710.76
  LANPHEREZ, CYNTHIA S           LEGAL SECRETARY - COMMISSIONERS                                                                                                         34384.9
  LAWLESSZ, SHANNON J            LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                    16664.45
  LOCHZ, JONATHAN J              LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                   17893.53
  LYONSZ, HEIDI J                LEGAL SECRETARY - COMMISSIONERS                                                                                                       40089.08
  MADSENZ, BARBARA A             SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                                                                                                164208.88
  MANCAZ, GARY W                 LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                    40895.95
  MARCHESANOZ, STACY WILSON      LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                   62316.69
  MILLERZ, JORDAN L              LAW CLERK                                                                                                                             39622.36
  MOOREZ, BRENDA J               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                                                              65916.82
  MORZOLZ, MARK                  LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                    19649.37
  O'CONNORZ, GRACE CUNNINGHAM SPELAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                   67522.19
  OWENSZ, SUSAN J                SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                                                                                                164208.88
  PHILLIPSZ, CYNTHIA R           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                                                              65937.79
  RAMPERSADZ, ELIZABETH R        LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                   35066.72
  SANDERSZ, RICHARD B            SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                                                                                                164208.88
  SCHIEWEZ, TIMOTHY W            BALIFF/SECURITY OFFICER                                                                                                               49514.33
  SHATTUCKZ, TERESA L            SENIOR EDITOR                                                                                                                           61165.1
  SHERRARDZ, NATHAN K            LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                       16856
  SMITHZ, DEVIN M                LAW CLERK                                                                                                                              41302.58
  SMITHZ, KARL D                 LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                    61992.98
  SUN-WIDROWZ, CAROLINA T        STAFF ATTORNEY                                                                                                                        62753.16
  THOMASZ, LISA M                SECRETARY/RECEPTIONST                                                                                                                   35703.7
  VANDERVORTZ, JUDY L            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                                                                66404.1
  WALSHZ, M CATHERINE            SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY                                                                                                                 78281.83
  WAYZ, ANN M                    ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR                                                                                                            56585.93
  WHATZ, KAYLYNN                 LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                   16504.83
  WILLIAMS STEPHENSZ, DEBRA L    SUPREME COURT JUSTICE                                                                                                                164208.88
  WILLIAMSONZ, TYLER R           FACILITY COORDINATOR/SUPPORT SPE                                                                                                      46446.11
  ZIERZ, SARA ANNE               LAW CLERK - SUP CRT                                                                                                                    17717.95

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