Keynesianism: Policies Of Selfishness, Irresponsibility And Immediate Gratification by smonebkyn


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									Keynesianism: Policies Of Selfishness,
Irresponsibility And Immediate Gratification
Scott Lazarowitz
September 27, 2013

Our fanatically Keynesian President Barack Obama believes that governments should spend money
they don’t have and put the country into debt. So he is whining to Republicans to continue raising the
debt ceiling so the federal government can continue on its wild spending spree.
And Obama has the nerve to say that the opposing Party’s not wanting to do the President’s bidding by
irresponsibly raising the debt ceiling is “extorting” the President. He claims that it is extortion when
some of the people’s representatives tell the Dear Leader to stop stealing from our grandchildren!
This Obama person is just as bad as the Bush that preceded him. And the power-grabbers of the Federal
Reserve and the banksters are just as dishonest and irresponsible.
But they are merely reflecting the general population now, the selfish, impatient and id-oriented
population of America.
And some people are speculating that Janet Yellen, Vice Chairman of the Fed’s Board of Governors,
will be picked to be the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, replacing Ben Bernanke.
Like Bernanke, Ms. Yellen apparently believes in using the apparatus of government intervention to
control economic matters. And she certainly favors Keynesian policies, “easy money” and continuing
with the self-indulgent spending habits.
The Economic Collapse Blog’s Michael Snyder notes how Ms. Yellen was totally clueless in 2007,
really believing that those artificial housing and other stimulus would be “still likely to achieve a
relatively smooth adjustment path.” And then in 2010 she testified that she did not see the meltdown
and collapse coming, as the current Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, also did not see it coming.
However, those of the Austrian school way of thinking, such as Ron Paul, did see it coming, as I
have noted before.
And in response to The
Bernank’s recent “no taper”
announcement, Ron
Paul asked (Preview) ,
morally what right does
Bernanke have “to take away
2% of our purchasing
power deliberately? What
right does he have to punish
the elderly who save money?”
Dr. Paul warned against
further destruction of the
dollar and malinvestment
caused by artificial interest
Actually, as long as any kind of economic activity is artificial, or artificially “stimulated” by
monopolistic and unaccountable governmental intrusions, there’s a good chance that that will cause
And the other part of that is the intrusions are coming from some central planner, such as the Fed and
its high-and-mighty Chairman or from an act of Congress, for that matter. What you will then have is
“planned chaos,” as Ludwig von Mises pointed out.
In contrast, with freedom and free markets consumers and producers are left free to plan their own
economic matters. In a system of more freedom and randomness, you have less chaos because such a
system is freed from the destructive intrusions of those bureaucratic buffoons and parasites and their
“fatal conceit” that guides them.
But sadly, the majority of people in America do not appreciate that freedom, independence and
responsibility, in our modern age of decadence and covetousness.
America has become a society in which irresponsibility and immediate gratification are
institutionalized, praised and rewarded. And that is exactly what the Keynesian economics of Janet
Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Paul Krugman and millions of others promotes.
The truth is, those folks of the Keynesian way of thinking don’t even practice economics — their love
is for politics and in strengthening the political class.
You see, at some point private economic matters in America became politicized. And it was
the politicians who exploited crises, panics and economic downturns and they then sold a bunch of
snake oil to the desperate masses as a means of the politicians grabbing more and more political and
police power over the people.
And, coinciding with the decline of critical thinking in America, the politicians’ minions in academia
and the Press supported the ideas of deficit spending and promoting debts as a way to get out of
recessions and depressions.
Reflecting the mental laziness reinforced by government schooling, it makes the unthinking academics
and pundits feel good when they are relieved of having to make any effort in solving the problems
that caused those recessions and depressions in the first place, and instead they can just get their
monetary meds right away. (Hmmm. Can we get Big Pharma in on this?)
But these kinds of irresponsible, immediate gratification habits are like drug addictions, and like drug
addicts the spending addicts put their entire family into the poor house. And this is what the power-
grabbing politicians want, encouraging the people to then beg them for more “easy money” and other
wealth-redistribution schemes to bail them out.
As long as they are further enriched and empowered over others, the politicians and bureaucrats get
what they crave with each new power-grabbing vote in Congress, just as the Fed’s manipulations
empower the banksters to get new money to fund their bonuses while the politicians’ Fed-stimulated
inflation steals even more from the people.
However, America’s immediate gratification society can be seen in other areas now. For example, the
cops and prosecutors, and “national security” bureaucrats who get away with warrantless searches and
stopping and frisking innocent people. Why wait for a judge to sign a warrant? That takes too long.
They crave to do their searches immediately. And even when there’s no suspicion of specific
individuals they want to search anyway. And why go through the trouble of coming across some actual
individual who is suspicious to then do searches of his emails or phone records? Instead let’s search
through and collect and keep a database of all Americans’ emails and phone records, and that way we
can then find our needle in the haystack.
So that is a current example of the kind of immediate gratification mindset that Americans have
developed in many areas of life — not just economic — over the past century, especially since the
implementation of the income tax and the Federal Reserve System.
But such behaviors are those of irresponsibility, and only promote the satisfying of one’s immediate
desires with total disregard for ethics and for the future (or for the rights of innocent people in the case
of the “security” fanatics).
People want “easy money,” and they want it now. (Especially the banksters.) Don’t wait until you have
enough money saved or have enough of an income to afford to buy a house — get a loan NOW and get
a mortgage now anyway, and get that house. And spend as much as you can on your credit card, and put
yourself in debt. Who cares about your family’s future, as long as you get that stuff you want now.
And the banksters want easy money and bailouts, because they know that regardless how irresponsible
their lending practices and their investments are (with their customers‘ money, just as Congress is with
taxpayers’ money), they are guaranteed by the government to be free from bankruptcy. And they will
keep their jobs (while you lose yours).
You see, such a Keynesian mindset is especially thriving in those who want to have some central
authority, the Fed or Congress, to act as “stimulator” of the population’s prosperity, and to dish out food
stamps and other goodies, as well as artificially-stimulated interest rates and “easy money” (for the
Sadly, the masses are being fed the false belief that they are benefiting from these government
bureaucrats and those monetary central planners like Helicopters Ben and Janet who hand out the easy
money like candy.
But, as Lew Rockwell recently noted, it is the State and its agents who are enriching themselves at the
expense of everyone else, while the advocates of freedom and independence, such as Ron Paul, are the
ones who want the people liberated from the State’s tentacles and from its exploitation of the people’s
labor and livelihoods.
It would be easier to get more people to see that, if only they could overcome their long-ingrained
habits of short-sightedness, and their blind faith in the State as a savior.
Government Targets Private Bank Accounts:
Seizes Funds Of Innocent Americans Without
Charge Or Trial
Mac Slavo
September 27, 2013

Do you still keep a hefty portion of your savings in a U.S. bank?
If so you may want to reconsider your options. Because if the following report from theInstitute
of Justice is any indication, nothing you hold in private bank account is safe anymore.
     Can the government use civil forfeiture to take your money when you have done nothing
     wrong—and then pocket the proceeds?

     The IRS thinks so.

     For over 30 years, Terry Dehko has successfully run a grocery store in Fraser, Mich., with
     his daughter Sandy. In January 2013, without warning,the federal government used civil
     forfeiture to seize all of the money from the Dehkos’ store bank account (more than
     $35,000) even though they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

     Their American Dream is now a nightmare.

     Federal civil forfeiture law features an appalling lack of due process: It empowers the
     government to seize private property from Americans without ever charging, let alone
     convicting, them of a crime. Perversely, the government then pockets the proceeds
     while providing no prompt way to get a court to review the seizure.

     On September 25, 2013, Terry and Sandy teamed up with the Institute for Justice to fight
     back in federal court. A victory will vindicate not just their right to be free from abusive
     forfeiture tactics, but the right of every American not to have their property wrongfully
     seized by government.

     Source: Institute of Justice via AEI / The Daily Crux

Every year the government of the United States seizes tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer money and
redistributes these funds to “black” projects which are often unaccounted for. On September 10th,
2001, for example, Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that the D.O.D. had lost around
$2.3 Trillion. The funds were unaccounted for and any investigation into where they went ended the
following day when the office holding the records in question was reportedly destroyed in the Pentagon
No one was held to account. No one went to jail. No one was punished.
Make a suspicious transaction or can’t account for your money as a private citizen, however, and they
will seize everything you own and treat you like a financial terrorist.
There are no warrants, no charges, no court proceedings. They just take it. And if you don’t comply,
they’ll send an IRS SWAT team through your front door and imprison you.
What’s frightening about the experience of Terry and Sandy Dehko is that just months prior to their
seizure of their assets the Internal Revenue Service completed an audit indicating that all of their
records were legitimate, and their small business was operating within the guidelines of Federal tax
law. No matter.
When surveillance state flagging algorithms spotted them depositing suspicious amounts of money just
below the $10,000 required federal reporting limit into their bank account, a necessity for the Dehkos
because their insurance only covered up to $10,000 in losses, they were red flagged by automated
monitoring systems as possible money launderers.
Their $35,000 was subsequently seized after the IRS filed a secret warrant (a lot of that going
around these days) accusing them of “structuring.” Because of the nature of civil forfeiture laws they
now have to fight for their own money and prove their activities were legal. The IRS required no proof
whatsoever. An accusation was enough.
These heavy handed practices will not get any better going forward, especially considering the fiscal
state of our nation. The IRS and other government agencies are booming, hiring on thousands of new
employees for enforcement, and arming them with assault weapons and ammunitionfor those who
reuse to comply. Last year the government took in over $4 billion in forfeiture money. How much of
that was from Americans like the Dehkos, who did nothing wrong? One day soon, they will come for
your money, too – and probably a whole lot more. Do you need any more reason to get out of the
banking system, or will you wait until they take everything you’ve worked for?
Feds Raid Family Grocery Store's Checking Account Over Innocent Bank Deposits VIDEO


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