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                                                      Ultralight weight design

                                    Three-point design provides
                                    unsurpassed stability and
                                    all-day comfort.

     It’s your headset. Why shouldn’t it be
     personalized to you?                                             For More Info

    TriStar ® Headset                                                 Click Here ===>

     The Tristar, ultralight weight, single earpiece earloop headset with noise canceling provides
     optimal comfort plus clarity – even in noisy environments.

     TriStar                  ®

     The TriStar delivers: ultralight weight, discreet style, and a comfortable, custom fit. Its unique three-point design
     provides support behind, on top of, and in the ear for extra stablity. Advanced materials make TriStar incredibly
     light but still very durable.

     • Plantronics compatibility. TriStar works with all
       Plantronics audio processors and USB-to-headset
       adapters. Direct-connect solutions are also available
       for headset-ready phones and agent consoles,                                                                                         H81 TriStar with Voice Tube
       providing connection flexibility for your diverse
       working environment.
     • Exceptionally lightweight, over-the-ear style.
       Three-point design provides unsurpassed stability                                            Voice Tube
       and all-day comfort.
     • Four user-selectable earbuds for a custom fit.
                                                                                                                                                        Choice of ear buds
     • Supports Clearline™ audio technology. Ensures precise                                                                                            for customized fit
       listening levels, sophisticated hearing protection,
       and superior audio performance when used with
       Plantronics audio processors.
                                                                                                                                            H81N TriStar with Noise-canceling
     • Quick Disconnect™ lets you walk away from your
       phone while still wearing your headset.
     • 10-foot coil cord and adjustable clothing clip for
       freedom of movement.
                                                                                                                    Three-way support for
     • Available with Voice Tube or noise-canceling
                                                                                                                    a secure fit
      Voice Tube—Plantronics’ trademark design; light weight
      and unobtrusive, delivers great sound quality in all but                    TriStar headsets require a Plantronics audio processor, USB audio processor,
      the noisiest environments.                                                  or direct connect cable to connect to phone, PC or computer.
      Noise-canceling—Filters out background sounds for
      heightened speech clarity.                                                                         VISTA® M22 AUDIO PROCESSOR

     • Can be worn on either ear.                                                                        The Vista M22 audio processor delivers precise levels of listening
                                                                                                         comfort, sophisticated hearing protection, and superior audio
     • Warranty: Two years for unsurpassed durability.                                                   performance. The Vista M22 includes Clearline™ audio to improve
                                                                                                         call quality in any environment, especially wideband VoIP.
     Backed by Plantronics industry-leading                                                              DA45™ USB AUDIO PROCESSOR
     global service and support.                                                                         Compatible with all Plantronics H-series headsets, this headset-
     800-544-4660 (US and Canada)                                                                        to-USB adapter/audio processor brings superior call clarity to PC-
     831-458-7700 (outside US)                                                                           based communications. The DA45 USB provides advanced audio
                                                                                                         technologies, plug-and-play connectivity, and Quick Disconnect.
     ©2012 Plantronics, Inc. All rights reserved. Plantronics, the logo design,
     the Sound World graphic, Clearline, DA45, Quick Disconnect, TriStar,
     Vista, and the voice tube clear color trade dress and shape trade dress      Operating Frequency:           Standard Band
     are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. All other
     trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 06/12                Headset Microphone:            Noise-canceling or Voice Tube
                                                                                  Headset Weight:                H81N Noise-canceling: 28 g
                                                                                                                 H81 Voice Tube: 12 g
                                                                                  Compatibility:                 Plantronics Audio Processor
                                                                                  Wearing Styles:                Over-the-Ear
  For More Info                                                                   Limited Warranty:              2 years
                                                                                  For more information about the TriStar or other Plantronics products, please visit our
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