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                                                                Over-the-head, all-day
                                                                comfortable design for
                                                                intensive use

                   Wideband audio
                   for natural sound
                   and clearer

                                                         Ultra noise-canceling mic
                                                         screens out background noise

    The gold standard in performance
    and comfort                                                      For More Info

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                             ® Wideband Headset

     Continuing to set the standard for durable, lightweight corded headsets for contact center and
     office professionals.

     SupraPlus Wideband
     The gold standard in performance and comfort.	Features	wideband	capability	and	ultra	noise-canceling	
     microphone	with	extended	boom	for	industry-leading	background	noise	reduction	and	echo	performance.

     •	Two	wearing	styles	available:	binaural	or	                    Adjustable	T-Pad                                                  HW261N SupraPlus
       monaural design                                               headband                                                          Wideband	Binaural	
                                                                                                                                       with	noise-canceling	
     •	Adjustable	T-Pad	headband	and	bendable	microphone	                                                                              microphone
       boom	offers	flexibility	and	comfort
     •	Convenient	quick	call	feature	for	quick	call	pick	up
     •	Light,	flexible	cable	enhances	your	comfort.	
       Single-cable	design	for	binaural	models

     •	Wideband	audio	with	noise-canceling	microphone	                                                                            HW251N SupraPlus
       decreases listening errors, repeats and listener fatigue                                                                   Wideband	Monaural	
                                                                                                                                  with	noise-canceling	
     •	Ultra	noise-canceling	(UNC)	microphones	with	                                                                              microphone
       extended	boom	for	industry-leading	noise-canceling	
                                                                     Smaller, lighter, more
       microphone and echo performance                                                                                                                Ultra	noise-canceling	microphone	
                                                                     flexible cable
                                                                                                                                                      (Also	available	with	Voice	Tube)
     •	AudioIQ®	technology	protects	from	loud	noises,	               Bendable	click-stop	
       reduces	echoes	and	background	sound                           microphone boom
     •	Quick	Disconnect™	provides	compatibility	with	all	
       Plantronics	audio	processors	and	USB-to-headset	
       adapters                                                   SupraPlus	headsets	require	a	Plantronics	audio	processor,	USB	audio	
                                                                  processor, or direct connect cable to connect to phone, PC, or computer.

     TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CENTER                                                                 VISTA® M22™ AUDIO PROCESSOR
     Backed	by	Plantronics	industry-leading	global	service	                                      The	Vista	M22	audio	processor	delivers	precise	levels	of	listening	
     and support.                                                                                comfort, sophisticated hearing protection, and superior audio
                                                                                                 performance.	The	Vista	M22	includes	Clearline™	audio	to	improve	
     800-544-4660	(US	and	Canada)                                                                call	quality	in	any	environment,	especially	wideband	VoIP.
     831-458-7700	(outside	US)

                                                                                                 DA45™ USB AUDIO PROCESSOR
                                                                                                 Compatible	with	all	Plantronics	H-series	headsets,	this	headset-
                                                                                                 to-USB	adapter/audio	processor	brings	superior	call	clarity	to	
                                                                                                 PC-based	communications.	The	DA45	USB	provides	advanced	
                                                                                                 audio	technologies,	plug-and-play	connectivity	and	Quick	Disconnect.

                                                                  Operating	Frequency:                        Wideband
 For More Info                                                    Headset	Microphone:                         Noise-canceling	or	Voice	Tube
                                                                  Headset	Weight:                             HW251N	Monaural,	Noise-canceling:	67	g
 Click Here ===>                                                                                              HW251	Monaural,	Voice	Tube:	69	g
                                                                                                              HW261N	Binaural,	Noise-canceling:	86	g
                                                                                                              HW261	Binaural,	Voice	Tube:	88	g
                                                                  Compatibility:                              Plantronics	Audio	Processors	and	cables
                                                                  Wearing	Styles:                             Over-the-head,	Binaural	and	Monaural	options
                                                                  Limited	Warranty:                           2	years
                                                                  For	more	information	about	the	SupraPlus	or	other	Plantronics	products,	please	visit	
                                                                  our website at

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