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The Evolution of a Billing Machine


									              The Evolution of a Billing Machine

Before we discuss about what a billing machine is and how it has evolved into a
hi-tech device that is used for the calculation of the sale transactions recorded in
it, we are going to talk about machines. A machine is something that was
developed to make the job of a human being easier, and also to make their work
swifter and secure. Previously it was a tedious job to do all the totaling of the
prices of the objects that had been sold to the consumer. This is not now, as the
problem of slow calculation has been solved with the arrival of a billing
machine in the market. In no time the instrument became quite an essential
component of the big retail chain industry. This sort of a machine was a
necessity of the retail chains and also not to forget the hospitality industry that
really need this to make their work faster and more efficient. It used to be a
normal adding machine in the beginning, but now it can do a number of more
things. It now comes with an input device that can be in built in the machine or
it can be attached to it separately. It can all be done on the touch screen that is
provided with the machine. Especially for the people in the hospitality industry
they wanted a device that could make job of the person standing at the point of
sale to be faster than before.

Now that case is that food items that are being offered at the store are all on the
tips of the waiter who is standing to take the order from the consumers. When
the clients give their orders the waiter just has to press on the icon of that
particular item, and his job will be done. This is because the technology has
taken a major leap forward, and that all the prices of the products are already
feed into the machine so the placing of the order becomes just a click away.
This in turn helps to deliver the order quickly to the clients. The bill generated
by the machine gives an accurate totaling of the prices; this includes the
addition, subtraction in case of some offer, division, and multiplication,
everything that is required in a billing machine has been given. This can also be
called a cash register, it includes a cash drawer. The function of a cash drawer is
to keep the money safely as it can be locked and can be opened only when a
transaction has occurred with the client. This has made the stealing attempts by
the employees low. This comes with a special set of keys through which the
drawer can be opened to give away change to the client, even when the
transaction has not taken place with him. The key usually remains with the
owner of the store or a trusted employee of the company, so that the money in
the drawer remains protected. This drawer has compartments in which money of
all the denominations can be stored separately, which makes the counting of the
cash easier.

The billing machine is a device that is been used to make the work of the
retailer or that of a fast food joint efficient. It can also print the bill of the
transaction that has been done with the client. It also keeps the record of these

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