ASHFORD PHI 200 Week 4 Quiz by n.angovlo


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1.    Question :      The First Cause argument for the existence of God
assumes that

 2.     Question :        The view that certain beliefs must be held solely
on the basis of faith is called

 3.      Question :      The Ontological Proof of the Existence of God
claims that God exists because

4.     Question :     To adopt the Principle of Charity is to
 5.      Question :   Evolutionary theory responds to which argument
for the existence of God, by showing that complexity can arise from
natural causes?

 6.     Question :     John Searle tried to show that there was more to
thinking than merely manipulating symbols with his

 7.      Question :      Strong determinism denies that human beings

8.      Question :      An essential property of God, according to the
Ontological Argument, is

9.     Question :     The Argument from Design clams that

 10.     Question :       The problem of evil suggests that which of the
following cannot be true?

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