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					6/5/2003                        Arizona School Facilities Board
                                 Preventive Maintenance Guidelines

                      What are the SFB Preventive Maintenance Guidelines?
The PM guidelines have 6 parts:

1.       PM Plan Approval Form: The SFB Liaison-signed form will indicate approval of a District's PM plans.

         PM Guideline Category Sections: SFB has identified seven PM categories ranked by importance to
2.       maintain.
                                 1 HVAC                              25%
                                 2 Roofing                            25
                                 3 Electrical                         15
                                 4 Plumbing                           15
                                 5 Surfaces                           10
                                 6 Special Systems                    5
                                 7 Special Equipment                  5
         PM Checklists: There are 50 PM checklists within the seven PM categories. Each checklist lists
3.       quarterly, semi-annual and annual tasks to be completed. Task definitions and estimated completion
         times per task are provided.
                  HVAC                    Roofing                  Electrical                Plumbing
     1 Boilers                  1 Drainage                1 Dimmer System            1 Water Heater
     2 Chillers                 2 Flashing/Roof Jacks     2 Emergency Generator      2 Backflow Preventer
     3 Cooling Towers           3 Flat Roof System        3 Lighting                 3 Disposal/Lift Systems
     4 Fan Coils/Fans           4 General Roof System     4 Magnetic Starters        4 Domestic Water
     5 Heat Pumps               5 Penetrations            5 Switch Gear/Disconnect 5 Fixture/Valves
     6 Heating Systems          6 Tile/Wood/Shingle       6 Switches/Receptacles     6 Gas System
     7 Package Refrigeration                              7 Transformers             7 Septic System

                 Surfaces              Special Systems        Special Equipment
     1 Block/Brick/Concrete     1 Intrusion Alarm         1 Bleacher Seating
     2 Carpet                   2 Emergency Lighting      2 Doors & Windows
     3 Ceiling Tile             3 Energy Management       3 Elevators/Lifts
     4 Ceramic Tile             4 Fire Alarm System       4 Kilns/Foundry
     5 Drywall/Wall Coverings   5 Intercom/PA System      5 Kitchen Equipment
     6 Asphalt                  6 Network System          6 Lockers
     7 VCT Tile                 7 Sprinkler System        7 Stage Rigging
     8   Wood                    8   Stage Lighting

4.       Reporting Form: A signed reporting form will be required from each District annually.
         Annualized Cost Worksheets: Optional annualized cost worksheets are provided for Districts to use
5.       to estimate maintenance costs.
         Useful Life Expectancy Information: Typical industry standards for useful life expectancy of
6.       components are included for information purposes only.
6/5/2003                        Arizona School Facilities Board
                                 Preventive Maintenance Guidelines

                        Using the SFB Preventive Maintenance Program

  1    Every district must have a PM kick-off meeting with the assigned SFB Liaison. Call your District
       Liaison to schedule an appointment. Bring sample District PM program documents to the meeting if
       you already have a program in place.

  2    The PM program is available in Excel format from the SFB website (
       Download the files. Familiarize yourself with the contents of the program, especially the 7 building
       component categories. Determine which category checklists apply to each school in your District. If
       you do not have a category item (e.g., boilers) you are not required to keep a checklist for it.

  3    Determine who, how and when the required maintenance tasks will be performed quarterly, semi-
       annually and annually. Districts are not required to report PM activities in areas deemed “excluded” by
       SFB (e.g., transportation centers, administration buildings, operations centers). Consult your District's
       section of the SFB web site if you are not sure what is excluded in your District.
  4    Establish a protocol for keeping systematic PM records. SFB will make a detailed on-site audit of
       your PM program sometime during the next five years. You may keep paper-based files, Excel files or
       use your existing PM program if that program provides the information required by SFB. Small-scale
       floor plans and site plans are helpful to illustrate your program, but are not required by SFB for record
  5    The PM plan reporting period for every district will be the fiscal year from July 1 of the current year thru
       June 30 of the next year. The deadline for submitting the PM reporting form to the School Facilities
       Board is October 1st each year.

  6    Submit the required reporting form, listing the percentage of preventive maintenance guideline tasks
       completed during the reporting period. The reporting form gives instructions for computing

                           How Will the Reporting Form Data Be Used?

       Annual PM data will be compared over time with district building renewal expenditures and five-year
       building renewal plans. Recognized industry useful-life standards for building components will be the
       benchmark for measuring whether Districts are increasing the life of PM components .

       The percentages will be used to compile reports comparing the schools in a district, between districts
       statewide, or among similar geographic areas or size, for example.
6/5/2003                       Arizona School Facilities Board
                                Preventive Maintenance Guidelines

                                 Why Do Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance is Required by Arizona State Statute:

     15-2031 K: “Routine preventative maintenance” means services that are preventative a regular
ARS 15-2002 L 1: By October 1, 2002, each school district shall develop routineperformed on maintenance
schedule for its facilities. The guidelines shall be to once every three years and are intended to extend
guidelinesat intervals ranging from four times a yearsubmitted to the school facilities board for review and the
approval by February 1, 2003. and reduce the need for major repairs.
useful life of a building system
ARS 15-2002 K: If upon inspection by the school facilities board it is determined that a school district’s
facility was inadequately maintained pursuant to the school district’s routine preventative maintenance
guidelines, the school district shall use building renewal monies pursuant to ARS 15-2031, subsection J to
return the building to compliance with the school district’s routine preventative maintenance guidelines. Once
the district is in compliance, it no longer is required to use building renewal monies for preventative
ARS 15-2002 A3: The School Facilities Board shall: Inspect school buildings at least once every five years
to ensure compliance with routine preventative maintenance guidelines as prescribed in this section with
respect to construction of new buildings and maintenance of existing buildings. The school facilities board
shall randomly select twenty schools every thirty months and inspect them pursuant to this paragraph.

ARS 15-2031 J: Notwithstanding subsections B and C of this section, a school district may use eight
percent of the building renewal amount computed pursuant to subsection G of this section for routine
preventative maintenance. The board after consultation with maintenance specialists in school districts shall
provide examples of recommended services that are routine preventative maintenance.

ARS 15-2031 K: A school district that uses building renewal monies for routine preventative maintenance
shall use the building renewal monies to supplement and not supplant expenditures from other funds for the
maintenance of school buildings.

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