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									Kirchhayn to Offer Six Month Warranties on Used Car Parts

The Kirchhayn Team Is Offering Six Month Warranties On Used Car Parts From Their Salvage
Yard Which is Located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Cedarburg, WI, September 27, 2013 -- Kirchhayn Auto Parts (www.kirchhayn.com) now offers
six month warranties on used parts from its facility. To celebrate the new warranty program, the
Kirchhayn team is inviting customers into their yard to examine and inspect the used parts. The
team is currently offering an additional 50 to 75 percent off if customers pull their own parts, on top
of the six month warranty.

Kirchhayn Auto Parts believes that offering longer warranties puts customers at peace of mind
when purchasing used parts. Kirchhayn is committed to satisfying customers and promises to help
customers find the parts they need.

Kirchhayn has formed a partnership with 14 other auto recycling companies called Quality
Replacement Parts (QRP). Although still independently owned and operated, the partnership allows
Kirchhayn to check other partners’ inventory for parts. Since the partnership began, Kirchhayn has
been recognized as a Gold Seal Auto Recycler, the most prestigious recognition available.

About Kirchhayn Auto Parts:
Kirchhayn Auto Parts has been family owned and operated by the Wendtland family since 1975.
Over time, the business evolved into the scrap metal business, with the price of scrap being high at
the time. In the 1980s the Wendtland family closed its body shop as the scrap yard was very
successful. At this time, Kirchhayn began selling used car parts as a way to acquire more cars for
scrap. Today, Kirchhayn has over 10 acres of car parts and uses top technology to track the
inventory on all of the cars and car parts.

Contact :
Dawn Smith
Kirchhayn Auto Parts
1199 Western Ave
Cedarburg, WI 53012

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