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									Timeline of Priority Groups for H1N1 Vaccine:
 Date                    Event                                    Priority Groups Included

         Province announces plans for            Health-care workers, to be followed by other high risk
         vaccination program.                    groups.1

 26th,   Immunization begins.                    Health-care workers.2, 3

 Nov.                                            Previous groups; children between six months and
 2nd,    Priority groups change.                 under five, women over twenty weeks pregnant,
 2009                                            women less than four weeks post-partum.4, 5, 6

                                                 Previous groups; school-age children from Kindergarten
 3rd,    Priority groups change.
                                                 to Grade Six.7, 8

 Nov.    Priority groups change; previous        All previous groups; people at risk under the age of 35
 5th,    priority groups stated on Nov. 3rd      with underlying health conditions (including obesity);
 2009    go into effect.                         immuno-compromised individuals of all ages.9

 Nov.    Priority groups change. Clinics for
                                                 All previous groups; primary caregivers of babies under
 12th,   these groups open as early as same
                                                 six months.10
 2009    day.

 Nov.                                            All previous groups; persons of all ages with an
 17th,   Priority groups expanded.               underlying health condition and students from Grade 7
 2009                                            to Grade 12.11

 Nov.    Government announces that
 23rd,   vaccine will be made available to all   Available to all.12
 2009    citizens as of Nov. 23rd.


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