Bonus 2 - The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary by iloveasza1


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Internet Marketing Glossary

The following Internet Marketing Glossary is a list of terms that you may hear banded about in the
world of Internet Marketing. These terms may also be used in other areas, however the definitions
provided are ones recognised by the Internet Marketing industry at large. I have written the
definitions from the viewpoint of an Internet Marketer.

It is worth noting that you DO NOT need to understand every term here to be successful in Internet
Marketing but it can help you to become a perceived authority in your market and the knowledge
will help you to think like an Internet Marketer.


A type of mobile network that offers increased speeds which are useful for Downloading
informational content. 3G is usually used by handheld mobile Devices such as Smart Phones such as
iPhones, Blackberries, Androids and other devices such as Apple’s iPad.

Above The Fold

What is seen on a web page as soon as someone lands on it. This is the area of a web page that must
grab the attention of the visitor.

A/B Split Testing

The process of scientifically testing one variable against another to see which performs best. See
also Split Testing.


An ad serving programme operated by Google that enables Website owners to earn an income by
displaying adverts on their website. Adverts placed on websites are known as being on the Content


An arrangement between two Internet Marketers (or internet marketing parties) where one
internet marketer mails their email subscriber List with an offer in exchange for their AdSwap
partner reciprocating by emailing their list with your offer. The objective is that both parties must
benefit from the arrangement.


Google’s advertising offering where advertisers can choose to advertise on Google’s search engine
results (Search Network) or on participating websites (Content Network). See Adsense above.

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An Internet Marketer that markets a Product on behalf of another person or company (the Product
Owner) in a mutually beneficial arrangement where the product owner generates a sale for the
affiliate’s efforts of providing Traffic. The affiliate earns a commission for the sale. See Affiliate

Affiliate Army

A group of people that Product Owners recruit to drive Traffic to their Offer in exchange for
rewarding them with commissions.

Affiliate Link
A special link that generates a Cookie which identifies the Affiliate and the Product Owner once it
has been clicked. This enables both the affiliate and the product owner to be paid for a sale.

Affiliate Marketer

A marketer who sells someone else’s product by sending Traffic in return for a commission. See

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular Internet Marketing activity. It is an attractive proposition for
so many as it is promoting products that other people have created in exchange for a commission on
each sale. A Product Owner only needs to pay the Affiliate commission for each sale the affiliate

Affiliate Toolbox

A collection of tools provided to affiliates to assist them in their promotional efforts. These can
include banner ads, swipe emails, tweets, sig files, articles, blog posts and PPC ads.


An acronym that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language which is a
programming language that allows for the dynamic changes of Web Pages in real time. Facebook is a
popular example of this.

Alt Tags

Tags that are given to images to label the images so they appear on image search results. Giving Tags
to images on Web Pages increases the page’s relevancy and Organic listing in the Search Engines.

Anchor Text

A Hyperlink embedded within a keyword phrase.

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Anti-Virus Software

Software that sits on a Client that scans incoming files for potential threats such as Viruses or Trojan
Horses. The software can also scan the hard disk to identify and remove viruses already infecting the
Local Machine.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface implemented by a Software program to
enable interaction with another program.


A key code that is required to permit one Software program to interact with another.


A tiny program that is usually written in JavaScript (jScript) and runs within a Web Browser. Applets
power some of the fancier features of Internet pages such as various animations.


A computer Program.

Article Directory

A Website that contains a directory of article listings available in the Public Domain. Articles are
usually submitted by people as a means of cascading their content. The directory benefits from the
large volume of content for its users. The marketer benefits because the article directory allow the
marketer to include their name and a summary which can include a Banklink to their site.

Article Spinning

The process of converting an article into many different looking articles by changing many of its
words in such a way that the article appears unique to Search Engines. If articles are deployed
steadily to Article Directories, it is a means of gaining Traffic steadily.


An acronym that stands for Active Server Pages. A web Application framework to allow
programmers to build dynamic Websites.

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An autoresponder is an automatic email response Program. It can be either a desktop application
that sits on your PC, or a web based application. Autoresponders enable marketers to build their
own email subscriber Lists which they can follow up with again and again. Key features of the most
popular autoresponders include Followup messages, Broadcast messages, blog broadcasts, social
media propagation, parsing, list segmentation, web form creation and detailed metrics and
reporting. Key players in the market for autoresponders are Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact
and iContact. High end services such as InfusionSoft are often reserved for people that want a
complete customer management solution.

Back End

Marketing communications that are in the latter stages of the relationship formed between the
Prospect/Customer and the Internet Marketer.


Links on Web Pages that refer back to another web page. Backlinks form one of the three main
elements that Google looks at in its Search Algorithm to determine the relevancy of the web page.


The measure of network capacity that connects servers and the Internet. This is mainly measured in
bits per second (bp/s), kilobits per second (kbp/s) or megabits per second (mbp/s).

Banner Ad

A picture of a flashing image or graphic that appears on a Website (most commonly at the top or
right hand side) that contains special HTML or JavaScript code that redirects the Internet user to
another location on the web. These graphics are mainly encoded with someone’s Affiliate Link, so
the banner owner is credited with the sale should the visitor purchase.


Solutions to a problem that the Offering will actually provide/resolve for the buyer/user.

Binary Code

The code that a computer runs to execute a series of commands. This code is run once it has been
compiled by a Compiler.


The speed of data transfer from one Internet location to another. Bitrate is measured in bits per
second (bps), kilobits per second (kbps) or megabits per second (mbps).

Black Hat

Sneaky tactics that are considered covert and undesirable by key web authorities such as Google.

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A blog is the short term for a web log. As blogs first came about on the Internet, people would use
them to record their thoughts, lives and opinions. Blogs have become much more commercial in
nature with some Internet Marketers making full time incomes and beyond. Blogs generally contain
textual, audio and video content and are now often presented in rich multi-media format.


A blogger is someone that uses Blogs to post information on topics that are of interest to them.
There are many different platforms for hosting a blog. Some of these are hosted on the web and
others are self hosted. Examples of website hosted blogs include Blogger (owned by Google), Tumblr
and The most common platform for professional bloggers is the self hosted blog.


The process of using Blogs to store content, build relationships through engagement and make sales
through various methods of monetisation.

Blogging Platform

A solution for Bloggers to host their Blogs.


Term used to express the sum of all Blogs on the Internet.


Additional items that are included as part of an Offering which are not charged for within the
Product price. Bonuses are used to increase the Perceived Value of the Offer and increase the
likelihood of a sale being made.

Bounce Rate

1. The number of emails that are not delivered to an inbox. This can be due to the inbox registered
   being decommissioned or mistakenly declared on signup.
2. The percentage of people that only look at one page on a Website.


Branding is an activity undertaken by marketers to establish company identity in the marketplace.
Branding is an intangible element that often adds massive value to a company and enables an
Internet Marketer to charge significantly more for their products due to the increase in Perceived
Value attached to the brand. Branding can include a logo, a certain format or presentation or even a
person that is symbolic of the brand. Richard Branson of the Virgin companies is a perfect example
of this.

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A type of email that is sent to many people at the same time. Most Autoresponders give some
control over which subscribers receive the message.

Buyer Keywords

Specific Product keywords which are strong indicators that the user searching with those Keywords
already has a strong intention to purchase the product. Filling a Website with buyer keywords gives
a marketer a greater possibility of getting buyer Traffic rather than people seeking for information.


Temporary internet files stored on the user’s hard drive. These often include the use of Cookies.

Call To Action

An instruction that gives a Prospect a strong instruction with a powerful reason to take an action
desired by the marketer.

Chat Room

A chat room is an online area where people can talk to one another IRT (in real time). A chat room
usually consists of more than two people where everyone can contribute to the discussion within
the chat room at once. Chat rooms can be extremely fast moving when there are many people
participating simultaneously.


The world’s leading digital product marketplace.

Click Tracking

The process of tracking the number of times Links have been clicked on.


    1. A machine that is the service requester. A client machine requests information (ie. service)
       from a Server.
    2. A person or business that the marketer considers themselves to have a fiduciary
       responsibility to serve.

Cloaked Link

The process of disguising a Link which makes it more attractive or viable to click.


Delivery model for applications and services that are based over the Internet.

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An acronym that stands for Content Management System which is an Application that enables users
to update Web Pages with text, video and audio content without the need for technical knowledge,
design or programming skills.


The process of writing computer programming code.


A tiny piece of software contained within a Web Browser which records information about the user
to improve their browsing experience. Cookies are legitimately used to improve the experience of
the user by retaining information about them. Cookies can also be used illegitimately to track the
keystrokes, movements and actions of the user and report them back to the cookie creator.


Software that transforms code programmed by computers into Binary Code executed by the


The end user of a Product.


A unit of value delivered from the marketer to the prospect. This could take the form of an email, a
blog post, a PodCast, a product, an affiliate offer and a whole array of the other things.

Content Network

Options which PPC search providers give to enable adverts to be placed alongside the user’s mail file
or on other Website’s that have elected to use the adverts as a means of monetising the site.

Content Rich

A Website or Web Page that has lots of content and is considered favourable content by Search
Engines, therefore the website is given a high ranking with Google.


An Internet Marketer that provides a gift to a Giveaway Event with the objective of capturing the
email addresses of Leads.

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A person taking an action that is considered favourable by the Internet Marketer. A favourable
action for an Opt In Page is subscribing to the email List. A favourable action on a Blog is to leave a
comment or share the post. A favourable action on a Sales Page is a sale. The process of conversions
is a sophisticated science in the Internet Marketing world with many factors affecting Conversion

Conversion Rate

This is calculated as the number of favourable actions divided by the number of possible favourable
actions multiplied by 100. Internet Marketers are always trying to increase their conversion rates in
order to make the optimum use of the Traffic they generate.


Work that must not be copied as it is protected by legislation. Copyright is often difficult to prove
when someone copies it and changes a proportion of it to pass it off as their own work.


The art and science of persuading people to take a desired action using words. Certain Keywords are
Emotional Triggers for people to take action. Such words as “secrets”, “free”, “discover”, “secure”,
“limited” all trigger a state within the reader which motivates them to take a certain action.


1.      A form of marketing where the marketer is rewarded when they drive Traffic to a Web Page
        where a specific action is fulfilled. Actions vary from subscribing to an email List to filling in a
        survey. Many CPA networks now exist for marketers to join.
2.      An acronym that stands for Cost Per Acquisition. This is the cost that a marketer pays on
        average to acquire a new customer. If the marketer understands the Cost Per Acquisition
        and the Lifetime Value of the customer, then the marketer is informed on the Return On


A dashboard of tools provided by a hosting provider that makes interacting with the server easy.
These include FTP transfer tools, code editors and installation tools.


An acronym that stands for Cost Per Click which is the cost to the advertiser for each click they
receive from the advertising provider.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organisation committed to expanding the range of creative
works for others to legally build upon and share.

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An acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management which is the process of managing
relationships with customers giving consideration to their specific standing with the company. This
may include which stage of the Marketing Funnel the customer is at. This practice helps the Internet
Marketer to ensure that the right message is reaching the right people at the right time.


An acronym for ClickThrough Rate which means the number of times that a Link was clicked on as a
percentage of possible times that it could have been clicked on. This is a measure that is effective to
monitor Traffic, Listbuilding and Affiliate Marketing efforts.


A collective term that is often used to describe people that are in your Facebook ‘Fan’ or ‘Like’


A person that has paid money to the Internet Marketer.


A large storage container holding data. The data is usually Indexed for fast retrieval. Information is
usually entered into a database using forms and a database is Queried for results.

Dedicated Server

A Server that is dedicated to one account holder with a promise of uptime, reliability and not being
subject to being blacklisted due to another account holder that share the same server.


The ability for an Autoresponder company to deliver emails to people’s inboxes without the emails
being captured in Spam Filters.

Description Tags

A Tag which allows a few sentences to be written about the content of a Web Page. The description
usually appears below the clickable Link within search results.


An item of electronic hardware.

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Digital Product

Products that are not physical in their nature. They can be delivered using the Internet. These are
favoured by Internet Marketers as the delivery model is totally automated.


An acronym that stands for Domain Name Server which is a reference to a Server that hosts the files
and folders for a Website.

Domain Name

A domain name is an internet address where a Website can be found. Laying behind the domain
name is a less user friendly location called an IP Address which usually consists of 4 constituent
parts. Domain names essentially make the World Wide Web a more user friendly environment
which everyone can use without having to remember a series of numbers for every website address.

Domain Registrar

Company that registers a Domain Name on the marketer’s behalf. The Domain Registrar does not
necessarily host the Website.

Double Opt In

This is the process of asking a subscriber to confirm that they requested information from the
marketer by clicking on a Link immediately sent to them in an email after they submit their email
address. Many marketers want to be sure they have the permission of the prospect to send mail to
them, so that they are not accused of sending unsolicited mail (Spam) to them. This is especially a
concern for many marketers since the introduction of the CAN-SPAM act in 2003 and the FTC
(Federal Trade Commission) legislation which attempts to protect Consumers against unsolicited


The process of moving information from another computer on the Internet (which is most often a
server) to your computer. Downloads are mainly referred to in situations where the user is
prompted if they would like to download. Strictly speaking, people are always downloading files
when they are browsing Web Pages that are not in the user’s Cache.


A warehouse or distribution centre that despatches goods and services on behalf of the Internet

Dynamic Content

Content that is regularly updated. This type of content is favoured by Search Engines. Blogs naturally
contain content that is frequently updated by users, so they naturally hold favour with Search

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Dynamic IP

An IP Address that changes periodically.

Earnings Disclaimer

A disclaimer that Internet Marketers usually make at the bottom of their Sales Pages which is
designed to give consumer protection. The FTC specifies that an earnings disclaimer is stated on
Websites that give Proof of Earnings and imply that the user may experience similar results.


An electronic book containing information. These are most commonly PDF (Portable Document
Format) documents although they can also be held in Executable File formats (.exe). E-books can be
either free or paid Products.


A business that earns the majority of its revenue using the Internet as the distribution channel.


Electronic mail that is used to transfer messages from one person to another using the Internet as
the means of distribution.

E-mail Client

Desktop software that synchronises with a mail server periodically (imap) or on demand (POP) to
give a convenient method to access mail and administer email with an enhanced set of tools and
user functionality. The most common email clients are Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes and
Mozilla Thunderbird.

Emotional Trigger

Stimulus that can be words, language, body language that invoke a certain emotional state within
the Prospect where they shift towards making a buying decision. See also Hot Button.


To encode a document with additional security making it difficult to Hack unless the encryption
credentials are used.


An acronym that stands for Earnings Per Click. This is a common metric for Affiliate Marketers to
measure their performance. The higher the EPC, the better the match between the Traffic and the

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Executable File

A filetype that is used on the Windows Operating Systems that can run a series of executable
commands. Exe files are usually used as setup files for Windows software. Exe files can contain
Malicious Code which can cause serious harm to your computer.

Exit Rate

The number of people who left a Website from a certain page.


An abbreviation of electronic magazine which is an article that you would expect to find in a
magazine that can be found online. Nowadays the use of eZines goes beyond this definition.


A tool provided in many hosting provider’s cPanel area which enables users to install Scripts such as
those required for a WordPress installation on their Server space.


A list of traits or properties that a Product or service has.


Software that monitors traffic between a Server and a Client to protect the client against malicious


A type of video media popularised by Adobe which has become the Internet standard for viewing
video online.


Term given to describe the collective group of people (or user accounts) that follow a Twitter user.


A type of email that is placed in an Autoresponder queue which is automatically sent to the
subscriber after a defined period following the original submission of their email address.

Forced Continuity

A strategy used by Internet Marketers where they ask prospects to try their service for a usually tiny
sum to capture the credit card details of the Prospect. If the prospect enjoys and benefits from the
service, they need take no action and the marketer will conveniently bill the credit card for each
month of continuous service thereafter.

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A place on the Internet where people with a common interest can discuss things. Forums are often
referred to as discussion boards, message boards or bulletin boards.

Forum Marketing

A form of marketing where the Internet Marketer participates in discussions. If other users value the
input from the marketer, they will use the Link provided within the Sig File to go to the Internet
Marketer’s Landing Page.


An acronym for the Federal Trade Commission. A US government organisation that regulates trading
to ensure the consumer is protected. Various legislation exists for this purpose.


FTP is an acronym that stands for File Transfer Protocol which is a method of moving information
from a Local Device (usually a hard drive) onto a Server. If you want to create your own self hosted
Website, you would need to understand how to use FTP software.

FTP Client

A computer application used to manage files between a Local Machine and a Server location. The
Client element of the word refers to the application being deployed on the user’s desktop (client

Frame Rate

The rate at which an imaging Device produces unique consecutive images called frames.

Front End

The first exposure a Prospect has with an Internet Marketer. This is usually a content based
interaction where it is free for the prospect. This means that the prospect can try the services of the
marketer with no financial risk attached so they can determine what value they can receive from the

Fulfilment House

An operation where marketers can get their Physical Products made and despatched on an ad hoc
or batched basis. These can be Products such as physical books, DVDs or CDs.

Geo Tagging

Tagging of a post or tweet that reveals the location that the post or tweet was made.

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Giveaway Event

A Listbuilding exercise usually hosted by an Internet Marketer where each Contributor submits a
gift for users to Download for free in exchange for submitting their email address. This gives the
marketer the opportunity to capture the email address of the prospect. Marketers have various
opinions on the quality of the Lead with some saying greater effort must be made to condition the
prospect for buying.

Google Search Algorithm

A complex closely guarded secret mathematical formula applied to search results that appear using
Google’s Search Engine. A simplistic overview of Google’s algorithm reveals the formula favours
pages that have a large amount of Inbound Links (especially from relevant sources), sites that are
constantly updated with fresh relevant content (Dynamic Content) and activity generated with
people contributing to the site.


Statistic Clickbank give to their Products to indicate the number of unique Affiliates that have sold
the product (and generated a commission) within the last 8 weeks. The calculation is much more
complicated than this but this is it as its core.

Grey Hat

A term that is used to describe a process or practice that is borderline Black Hat. The practise pushes
the terms and conditions of the authority to the extent of its boundaries.


A strategy used in sales situations which enable the Prospect to purchase the Product with the
knowledge that if the product does not deliver on its promise, the buyer can ask for a refund. The
objective for the Internet Marketer is to make the purchase “risk free”.

Guest Blogging

The process of writing a post on someone else’s Blog for the benefit of content creation, reputation
building, increased Traffic and networking with other Bloggers in the Blogosphere.


An acronym that stands for Graphical User Interface. This refers to the interface presented on a
user’s screen which enables them to interact with the computer easily and intuitively.


The process of attempting to gain unauthorised access to another person’s machine.

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These are the services provided by hosting companies that allow people to store files on a Server
which everyone can access. Hosting companies are used to store files, install Scripts, backup
Website data and serve users of a website with the files they need to browse. Services offered by
hosting companies can be as simple as being a Domain Registrar or as complex as hosting a
Dedicated Server or Static IP solution. Dedicated servers are usually used by companies that attract
high amounts of Traffic.

Hot Button

The stimulus that a marketer provides which turns a potential sale into an actual sale. The hot
button is often the Benefit that the Prospect values the most in the Offering.


HyperText Markup Language is one of many Internet programming languages that encodes a Web
Page in a specific format that a Web Browser can interpret. If you want to create your own web
pages, understanding of HTML is an advantage although not an absolute necessity as there are many
good WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors on the market which can help people to
create web pages without knowing the coding.


A Link on the Internet that can be clicked on to move the user to another location.

Image Ads

A PPC option offered by many of the leading providers of pay per click advertising. This is where an
image is presented to the searcher and a payment is made to the PPC provider by the advertiser
when the user clicks on the image thus driven to the Landing Page of the advertiser’s choice.

Inbound Links

Links from external sites coming into the site of the Internet Marketer. These links are highly desired
by an Internet Marketer as Search Engines strongly favour Websites with lots of quality inbound


A process undertaken by Search Engines to assemble data on the Internet into a huge database.
Users can then Query the database with Keywords so they can fetch the most relevant Web Pages
for their search.

Information Overload

Condition suffered by Internet Marketers when they try to focus on too many things at once. This
usually leads to overwhelm and frustration.

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Information Products

Information packaged into a Product that solves a particular problem for the market it is targeted
towards. The information can come in various formats including text, audio, video, screen captures,
Mind Maps, software or even seminars.


A mutlibillion dollar infrastructure which connects each computer as an individual node to one
another. The internet is often referred to as the net or the web. As a factual term, the internet is the
physical connection between computers. The World Wide Web refers to the connected documents
that reside on the internet.

Internet Marketer

A person or company that markets products or services over the Internet in exchange for monetary


An acronym that stands for Internet Protocol. It is the language used over the Internet for computers
to find themselves.


Mobile Device invented and marketed by Apple Inc. approximately the size of a piece of A4 paper
(US Letter 8.5″ × 11″). The device fits in the marketplace between an iPhone and a MacBook.


Popular handheld mobile Device invented and marketed by Apple Inc. which brings true computer
functionality to a handheld device.


Popular handheld music device invented and marketed by Apple Inc. which allows its users to store
and playback MP3 audio files. In recent years, newer iPods can do significantly more than playback
MP3 files.


An acronym that stands for In Real Time.


An acronym that stands for Internet Service Provider. These are the companies that provide the
Internet connection for a house, business or mobile Device.

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An acronym that stands for Joint Venture. Although this exists in all styles of business, Internet
Marketers use this in many different ways. An example of this is where one party provides the
Product, the other provides the Traffic. Another example is where one marketer hosts a Webinar
and the other one provides the expertise.


A term (or a string of words) that can be typed into a Search Engine to begin an online search. An
online search is an activity undertaken by a user to locate a specific resource on the web.

Keyword Density

The proportion of a Web Page which contains text that is considered as Keywords for the web page.
This is often expressed as a percentage in Article Marketing and Guest Blogging.

Keyword Spamming

The Black Hat practice of applying too many or irrelevant Keywords to a Web Page to deceive the
Search Engines Indexing process to unduly return the Web Page on results that are not relevant, or
only slightly relevant. If discovered, these sites can be penalised.

Landing Page

The entry page for a user arriving at a Website.

The term is also commonly used to describe a Web Page with the sole objective of capturing the
visitor’s email address, so the marketer can follow up with them again and again. See also Opt In
Page and Squeeze Page.

Law of Authority

A law of influence that says that a person is more likely to listen to someone who has a degree of
authority in a given scenario.

Laws of Influence

A series of laws that govern the way everyone behaves. Marketers use these laws to make people
take action. A good marketer does this to get people to take action in their best interest. A bad
marketer (or person) may do this to deceive the person for their own short term gain. To read more
about these laws, read this blog post and view the included slides within it.


A person that could potentially do business with the marketer. See also Prospect.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                            Page 18
Lead Generation

The process of generating a Lead or a Prospect.


An acronym that stands for Life Time Value which is the average value a customer is worth to the
Internet Marketer during their entire lifetime of doing business.


Permission to resell something.


Short for a Hyperlink.

Link Bait

The process of attempting to get others to Link to your Website to increase Traffic. One method of
achieving this is to write an eBook, distribute it for free and include links to your site within it. Ask
your readership to give the eBook away.

Link Building

The process of building the number of Backlinks to a Website. This is done to improve the SEO for
the site.

Link Popularity

Count of how popular a Web Page is based on the number of Inbound Links.


Most commonly used to describe a list of email subscribers that have explicitly granted permission
to be marketed to.

List Attrition

The fall off rate of people on the List. This may be due to Unsubscribes or Email Bounces.

List Relationship

Term used to describe the relationship between the Internet Marketer and their List. The
relationship with the list determines the responsiveness of the list.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                                Page 19
List Responsiveness

The amount of engagement and activity an Internet Marketer has with their List. This is measured
by the willingness of the list to take the actions the marketer wishes them to take.

List Building

The process of accumulating a list of qualified Prospects within your Permission Marketing database
to market to over and over again. Listbuilding is often achieved by offering something of high
Perceived Value with the sole objective of capturing the prospect’s email address.

Local Machine

This is usually a desktop or laptop Device with a hard disk drive.

Local Marketing

The process of helping offline businesses improve their online presence using the specialist services
of a person with Internet Marketing skills.

Local Search

Keywords that are geographically sensitive and consequently trigger results within a certain
geographical region. Some Keywords that are known to be geo specific keywords can trigger local
results without a geographical location being stated due to Google knowing the geographical
location of the searcher by its IP Address.


A collection of files which makes a small Website. The files include Product images, header and
footer graphics and Sales Copy. Minisites are useful to brand a product and they’re often included in
downloadable Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights products so a marketer can easily
upload them onto their Server to instantly begin to resell.


The name given to a laptop computer invented and marketed by Apple Inc. The name is derived
from the MacIntosh operating system that the laptop uses.

Malicious Code

Code that attempts to execute on a person’s machine to cause damage to the machine.

Market Problem

An opportunity for an Internet Marketer to find Solutions to the problem, locate a Product (in the
instance of an Affiliate) or create a product (in the instance of a Product Owner) and market it to
those with the problem.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                            Page 20
Marketing Funnel

The process of filtering customers through the Front End of the funnel with free or inexpensive
Products through to the Back End of higher end products with higher Price Points.

Master Resale Rights

Rights granted to a buyer that enables them to market the Product themselves for a profit. Master
Resale Rights (MRR) products usually come with a minisite, product graphics and sales copy. This
makes the purchase seem like an investment rather than an expense and enables the product owner
to distribute their product virally.


Statistics that are important to understand so the marketer knows how they can improve their
marketing efforts for greater success.

Micro Blogging

Websites that allow bite sized posts into people’s feed that choose to connect.

Micro Niche

An even smaller, more defined segment of a Niche.

Membership Site

A Website with a private access login area which usually requires a monthly payment for its access.
Making a site like this makes it possible for the Internet Marketer to earn Passive Income each

Meta Tags

A list of Keywords that are relevant for a specific Web Page which is recognised by Search Engines
to decide upon the page’s content. Meta tags are not visible to users and are only read by search
engines when they Index the page.

Mind Map

Common type of Product that provides a visual representation of relationships between different
things. A good mind map can significantly piece together ideas and concepts that were previously
considered separate entities in someone’s mind.


1. A piece of code that plugs in to a larger application. See also Plugin.
2. A unit of a training course that forms part of a Product.

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An acronym that stands for Microsoft Network which offers a variety of Programs, features to
Internet users. Most of these are free of charge.


An internet newcomer.


A small defined, highly targeted segment of a market which has a certain demographic of people.
The niche demographic can be determined by interests, age, gender, occupation and disposable
income as well as characteristics and personal desires/fears.

Niche Research

The process of researching consumer needs for a Niche, finding offers to fulfil those needs and
finding the places where they visit/inhabit.


The content of the Internet Marketer’s offering. The word offer is often used instead of sale or sell
because many people have a natural aversion to sales and marketing but subconsciously love to be
offered things.


The state of being either connected to or disconnected from the internet respectively.

Open Rate

The rate at which Subscribers open emails sent out by the Internet Marketer.

Open Source

Source code that is contributed by an open community of web developers. Open source software is
often free. Open source software is often stored on .org sites. Examples of open source software
include Firefox Web Browser, WordPress blogging platform, Linux operating system and OpenOffice
office suite of documents.

Operating System

A set of system software programs that regulate the way applications use computer hardware to
function. An operating system contains user controls in its front end within its control panel. These
are more user friendly than the changes in the back end which is done by altering the system

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Opt in

A form of marketing also referred to as Permission Marketing. This is most commonly email
marketing where a user gives a marketer permission to email them. This is usually done by the
visitor choosing a Digital Product of great enough Perceived Value for the user to submit their email
address in exchange for it.


Results that show in the natural search results area in a web search.


An acronym that stands for Online Service Provider. These are organisations that provide an
information service delivered over the Internet. Examples include online backup services such as
Amazon S3.

Outbound Links

Links that are on the Internet Marketer’s domain pointing towards someone else’s Domain. These
are not favourably looked upon by Search Engines, although outbound links can be used on
Websites with ‘nofollow’ Meta Tags which prevent the search engines from registering them in their


The process of hiring and organising other people to do certain tasks on the marketer’s behalf. This
is usually done to enable the marketer to be more productive on the things that grows their

PAD File

An acronym that stands for Portable Application Description. A file type required by Download sites
that describes the properties of the application using an XML file, so it can be held on the site. These
files are required when you convert Products into Executable Files (.exe) so they can be recognised
and treated as Software.

Page Rank

Also known as “Google Juice”, is the rank that Google assigns individual Web Pages within your site.

Page Impressions

The number of times that a Web Page is requested from a Server using Web Browsers. This is the
preferred method for counting traffic. This is sometimes known as page requests or page views.

Passive Income

Income that is earned on an ongoing basis which does not require ongoing effort.

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Payment Processor

A service that enables an Internet Marketer to process payments. Such examples include PayPal,
ClickBank and WorldPay as well as higher end Solutions from high street banks.


A common payment processor owned by eBay Inc.

PDF File

An acronym that stands for Portable Document Format. This is a document that usually cannot be
edited but can be universally viewed on computers as long as the computer has a PDF Reader
installed on their machine. The most famous company offering PDF software is Adobe. PDFs are the
most common file type for eBooks.

Perceived Value

The value attached to the product/offer/solution in the mind of the Prospect.


A method of changing Links that are not friendly for Search Engines into friendly links.

Permission Marketing

A form of marketing where the prospect has granted permission for the marketer to send them
information on a regular basis.


A recursive acronym that stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a Server Side scripting language
that can be embedded into HTML to code complex web applications.

Physical Product

A Product that is tangible in nature. These include books, DVDs, CDs and USB keys.


The process of updating a site and letting a Search Engine know about the update.


A small piece of Software that simply “plugs in” to a larger piece of software to extend or change its
functionality. Common examples of this are Firefox plugins, WordPress plugins, Shockwave Flash,
Real Player, QuickTime Viewer, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash.

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The term originates from a combination of “broadcasting” and “iPod”. Podcasting refers to the
process of publishing audio and/or video files over the Internet. The files are referred to as
“podcasts” or “shows” and are usually similar to talk-radio programmes or public access TV shows in
their nature.


The association occupied within the Consumer’s mind. A Product or a company can occupy a certain
position within the consumer’s mind which they can exploit to their advantage.


A little advert that pops up over your screen. Pop Ups are designed to trigger a specific response. A
common example for a pop up is the use of an Opt In Form.


An acronym that stands for Pay Per Click. This is an online advertising method where the advertiser
pays the company who host their advertisement each time a visitor clicks on their advert. For Search
Engines, the advert being showed is determined by the amount of money the advertiser is willing to
pay for each click in relation to competitors that bid on the same Keywords. Some search engines
such as Google also determine ad placement based on a Quality Score.


An acronym that stands for Pay Per Mille. This is an online advertising method where the advertiser
pays the company who host their advertisement for every one thousand Page Impressions


An acronym that stands for Public Relations which is the process of asking journalists to publish
content about the company/offering which is tied into a newsworthy article. The journalist gets
content and the marketer gets free publicity.

Press Release

An article that is released to the press usually with the intent of gaining publicity.

Price Point

The positioning of a Product in the marketplace with reference to its price.

Price Sensitive

Market conditions where there is a sensitivity to pricing.

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Private Label Rights

A Product where the Product Owner grants the buyer full permissions to edit the product in any way
they wish. This often means that the buyer can change the authorship of the product as well as the
images and content. Editable files such as .doc/.docx/.psd/.ppt files are often provided to help the
buyer do this. This helps the marketer to convey the product as an investment rather than an


A unit of value for a specific Target Market.

Product Launch

A series of events and actions that can often be sophisticated with the sole objective of selling as
many units as possible within the launch period by stimulating desire within the marketplace and
generating huge volumes of Traffic.

Product Launch Frenzy

The period where a Product launches onto the market creating a large amount of interest. Rational
thinking amongst buyers can often be lost during this time.

Product Owner

A person/company that owns a Product.


A computer application that performs a specific task or function.

Proof of Earnings

Screen capture images or videos usually embedded in a Sales Page to give credibility to a product
offering and improve the chances of successfully making a sale.


A prospective customer. A person that is suitable for your offering but has not yet transacted with
the marketer.

Public Domain

Content that is available to everyone free of charge.

Quality Score

A score placed upon a certain page based upon its elements and their properties. Google likes pages
that are Content Rich and gives preference to them by giving them a higher quality score. A page

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with less content such as an Opt In Page (Squeeze Page) is given a significantly lower quality score.
This invariably means that the page will appear lower in Organic search rankings and will need to
pay significantly more for the page to appear in the Sponsored Results.


The process of requesting a definitive list of results from a Database using specific conditional

Reciprocal Linking

The process of exchanging links between two Websites. Exchanging links within topical websites
could help to increase the Link Popularity.

Reprint Rights

Permission that is granted to print a work that has been previously published.

Resale Rights

Permission that is granted to sell the work on to someone else at a profit.


An acronym that stands for Return On Investment. This is the metric which determines whether the
investment will return a greater benefit than its cost.


A Device that provides an Internet connection.


An acronym that stands for either: Really Simple Syndication, Real-time Simple Syndication or Rich
Site Summary. RSS is a technology that allows web users to distribute new content to Internet users
without the user having to revisit the website. Website users can subscribe to feeds using a variety
of websites and other software applications such as Web Browsers and Email Clients as well as RSS

RSS Reader

Software that can read RSS Feeds. These can be Websites such as Google Reader, Web Browsers
such as Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari or Email Clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

Sales Page

Web Page detailing the Benefits of a Product with the sole objective of selling it to the Prospect.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                              Page 27
Screen Captures

Images that are taken from the screen used to illustrate something on the computer. This can be
done using software like SnagIt (for still images) or Camtasia (for video capture).


A series of executable commands that performs a certain task.

Search Engine

A Website that acts like a catalog for the Internet. The search engine Indexes Web Pages using
Spider Programs and stores information regarding each of those web pages in a huge Database. A
user types in Keywords for the content they are looking for which triggers a Query from the
database to list a series of search results to the user.

Search Network

An option that advertising providers give where adverts are displayed only within search results.

Search Terms

Another expression for keywords.


An acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is a process where Web Pages, images,
videos and other elements are recorded using a series of tags and data that labels the content of the
web page/image/video.


A special type of computer that serves (or gives service to) other computers with information when it
is called. A server is designed for storage and does not have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the
user to interact with. There are various types of server including web servers, media servers and
email servers. A server can be thought of as a service provider.

Server Side

Refers to code that is executed on the Server rather than the Client. For example, PHP code is
executed on the server, therefore is known as a server side Script. JavaScript is executed on the
client, so it is a client side script.

Shortened URL

A Link that has been shortened often for two purposes. The first is to disguise the real link and the
second is to shorten it so it can be used in locations where there is a restriction with the character
length of the post. This is extremely common in Social Networks with the most popular example
being Twitter.

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Signature File

This is sometimes referred to as a “sig file” or a “resource box”. This is used by marketers to identify
the sender and provide additional information which often includes a Link (or other action) for the
user to click/take.


A collection of Web Pages that belong to any one Domain. The site can contain a variety of content
which is usually provided to the user as text, images, audio and video.

Single Opt In

A process where an Internet Marketer only requires a Prospect to submit their email address. This is
opposed to Double Opt In where a prospect is required to submit their email address, and then
verify their email by clicking a link in a confirmation email. Single Opt In is often used to increase
Listbuilding rates, however can leave marketers subject to Spam complaints.


Styling element that is applied to your Web Page. Skins can be applied in many different Blogging
Platforms, Websites or Content Management Systems. See also Themes.


A web authority taking action against a marketer for practises considered against the terms and
conditions of usage. Being “slapped” by a web authority could seriously damage an Internet
Marketing business.


Unsolicited commercial mail. This is mail that the user never gave their consent to receive. Spam is
characterised by its large volume. A Spam Filter is a piece of software usually provided by either the
ISP, Webmail Provider or Email Client.

Spam Filter
Utility that filters spam email into a spam folder to prevent it reaching a user’s inbox. Certain
Keywords can trigger the spam filter.


A piece of sophisticated software that scans Web Pages looking for its labelling properties such as
Title Tags, Description Tags, Meta Tags, H1, H2, H3 and Alt Tags.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                               Page 29
Split Testing

The process of comparing one variable and another with the objective of determining which of them
worked the best. This is often called A/B Split Testing because an ‘A’ variable is tested against a ‘B’


Spyware is a piece of covert Software that a user inadvertently Downloads onto their computer
which gathers information about the users browsing habits and preferences usually for the purpose
of marketing. Spyware is generally not desired by Internet Marketers. There are plenty of free tools
to help users remove their infected machines such as AdAware, Spybot and AVG.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking an article on a bookmarking site cascades the content to a greater population
improving the relevancy of the site and opportunities for people to arrive at your site using the

Social Media

Online media tools and networks that are social in their nature. Social media is a well established
method of creating online Traffic.

Social Networks

Places on the Internet where users congregate online to converse, exchange ideas and in the
Internet Marketing world, market Products and drive Traffic.


A computer package that contains a set of executable instructions that tells the computer how to
perform certain tasks. Software is usually written in a language that computer programmers can
read but the computer compiles as Binary Code. Software exists to solve thousands of different

Solo Ad

An advertisement sent out to a Database list on behalf of someone else who has paid for that
service. A List owner can sell mailouts to other marketers for financial gain. A buyer does not need
to reciprocate the mailing like they would in an AdSwap.


The Perceived Value in an Offer which resolves a particular problem in a market. The solution to
that problem is where the value is created and the money is exchanged.

Sponsored Result

A search listing that appears within search results that has been paid for by an advertiser.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                              Page 30
Static IP

An IP Address that never changes. This is often useful for testing servers or gaming servers.


The process of transferring content from a media server to a Client machine without it being stored
on the client machine permanently. Depending upon the quality of the content being streamed,
streaming services often require the user to have sufficient Bandwidth and the vendor to have
dedicated streaming servers for the task.


A domain name that is part of a larger domain. If you’ve ever seen a Website address that doesn’t
begin with the name of the domain, you’ve probably encountered a subdomain. An example of this
is: which is a subdomain of the larger domain

Super Affiliate

An affiliate capable of generating a significant percentage of an affiliate program's activity.

Swipe File

A collection of files (either paper or electronic) that is stored for reference by an Internet Marketer.
These files are usually proven at triggering a response from the market, so they can be used again
and again in copywriting and persuasion.


The process of automating business operations to release time allowing the Internet Marketer to
invest their time in creating value for their market.


A descriptive term that is associated with a piece of information, sound clip, or video on the World
Wide Web. Tags have become the Internet standard for classifying information. They are the
identifiers used by Search Engines to categorise content and determine relevancy.

Target Market

This refers to a segment of people to which a particular Product is marketed. Members of a target
market may have similar interests or a similar demographic profile.

Tech Support

A service that offers advice to its Clients. This is usually for Products such as computing hardware,
Software and suchlike services.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                                Page 31

A seminar delivered over the telephone network.


Styling element that is applied to your Web Page. Styles can be applied in many different Blogging
Platforms, Social Media websites or Content Management Systems. See also Skins.

Title Tags

Important SEO component that labels the content of a Web Page with a title.


A topic of related posts within a Forum, mailing list or newsgroup. Threads are often opened
regarding a specific problem. When it is deemed that a satisfactory answer or conclusion has been
drawn, the thread is usually closed.


Blogging term used to keep track of Links to content.


A business practise undertaken by Internet Marketers to monitor their efforts. Amongst other
things, tracking can be applied to Traffic generation, Conversions, Blogging, Listbuilding and
Affiliate sales. Examples of tracking tools include Google AdWords, Google Optimiser, Google
Webmaster Tools, InPlay, Quantcast, Alexa and Technorati.


A term to refer to the process of moving people from one place to another with the objective of
putting them in a “conversion scenario” or “conversion environment” where there is a possibility of
the user taking an action desired by the marketer.

Trojan Horse

A computer Virus that disguises itself as a helpful Program. Once the program is Downloaded and
run on the user’s computer, the virus is released. Extreme examples of trojan horse viruses can erase
the hard drive or destroy certain parts of the computer rendering the computer useless. Sometimes
a trojan horse can reside deep in a computer’s filing system and slowly transform files and


A message which is less than 140 characters in length which appears in the user’s follower’s Twitter
feed. These messages often contain a Link to drive people back to other Web Pages where more
content can be communicated.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                            Page 32
1. The process of leaving a Permission Marketing email List.
2. The people that have unsubscribed from the list.


The process of moving files and information from a Client to a Server.


An acronym that stands for Uniform Resource Locater. The precise web address that must be typed
into the address bar of a Web Browser to direct the user to the exact Web Page.

Username/User ID

The name used to log into a user’s account. This is often a username the account holder chooses and
is sometimes the email address used upon registration.

Verification Rate

The amount of email addresses that are verified through the process of the Prospect clicking on the
confirm email that is sent out during the Double Opt In signup process.


A practice that moves a Product from person to person quickly. The ease at which information can
be passed from one place to another with the Internet has made it possible for information, videos,
audio and graphics to spread throughout the Internet community like wildfire.


A Program that multiplies itself on computer systems and incorporates itself into shared programs.
Some viruses are relatively harmless whereas others can destroy computer files or even disable a
computer entirely. It is advisable for any internet user to protect their machines with Anti-Virus

Web Browser

An application that enables a user to browse the Internet. The top web browsers in the marketplace
are Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

Web 2.0

Second generation of web services. These include Blogs, Podcasts, PPC marketing, Social Media,
Wikis, RSS and Tagging.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                           Page 33
Web Designer

A person that designs Web Pages and Websites. A designer handles branding, aesthetic and
navigational elements of creating a website. A web designer is often confused with a Web

Web Developer

A person that handles the coding and functionality of the Website. This includes coding, testing and
deployment of pages.


An online environment where content can be delivered to many people simultaneously. The market
leader of webinar services is GoToWebinar which is a company that falls within the Citrix umbrella of


Online mail services that enable users to have email accounts. The most popular webmail providers
are Google (Gmail), Yahoo (Ymail), Microsoft (Hotmail) and AOL.


A person involved with the creation/management of a Website.

White Hat

A legitimate process or practice that is within the rules/terms and conditions of the relevant web


A wireless network protocol that enables computers to connect to a Router without the need for


An element of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is used to display content in a certain format.


A series of Websites that provides answers and solutions to a variety of problems. These websites
are based upon people contributing content and solutions for free. Wikipedia is the most famous
example of a Wiki site.

The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary                                                            Page 34

The most popular Blogging Platform on the Internet. exists for Blogs hosted online
and is for self-hosted blogs.

World Wide Web

The connected documents that exist on the Internet.


An acronym that stands for What You See Is What You Get. This is the reference given to Software
that provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables users to create things such as Web Pages
without the need for technical or programming skills.


An acronym that stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML enables web developers to add
customised Tags to the Web Page design.

ZIP File

A file that is compressed and/or encrypted. Some files are too large to send via email easily.
“Zipping” files also gives a convenient way to bundle files together, compress them into a smaller
folder and even encrypt them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary. Understanding this will help you
understand the language of Internet Marketing much better. You must be able to think in these
terms to really get a grasp of what’s going on.

Feel free to distribute this book as you please. List offering, blog downloads, forums, giveaways. 

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