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200.000 BIBLIOGRAPHY AND LIBRARIES                                                            ******
          Bibliothiki, Bibliotheque, Library - apo tin Archaiotita eos tin Annagenisi,
                                                                                              Staikos, Const.                      Grk
200.010   (from 3000 BC to 1600 AD)
          To Elliniko Biblio, 1476 - 1830.
200.020                                                                                       Koumarianou, Aikater. et al (ed)     Grk
          perilamvanei tin Charta tis Elladas apo ton Riga Feraio
200.030   Religion Index One: Periodicals                                                     Hudgens, Dean et al (ed)
200.040   Bulletin Analytique de de Bibliographie Hellenique, Tome XXXI, 31                   Coutouzis, N. (chief ed)             Fr
200.050   Books on the Orthodox Church at the Dalhousie University                            Richardson, Beverley (ed)
200.060   Pnevmatikes Organoseis kai Bibliothikes stin Ellada                                 N/A                                  Grk

200.070 Systima Bibliografias                                                                 Ntelopoulos, Kyr.                    Grk
200.101 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol. 1, Year 1977                                   Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.102 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol 2, Year 1978                                    Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.103 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol 3, Year 1979                                    Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.104 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol 4, Year 1980                                    Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.105 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol.5, Year 1981                                    Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.106 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol.6, Year 1981 (Unavlbl)                          Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.107 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol.7, Year 1981 (Unavlbl)                          Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.108 Elliniki Theologiki Bibliografia, Vol.8, Year 1984                                    Anestidis,   Adamantios (ed)         Grk
200.140 Istoria kai Axia tou Bibliou (History and Value of Books)                             Goumas, Germanos                     Grk
200.150 List of Publications                                                                  N/A
200.160 Archeion Pontou - List of Publications about Pontos                                   N/A                                  Grk
200.170 Bibliografia gia tin Istoria tis Kefalonias (Bibliogr. on the History of Cefalonia)   Toumasatos, Elias                    Grk
200.180 Katalogos Ekdoseon, List of Publications                                              N/A                                  Grk
200.190 Katalogos Ekdoseon, List of Publications                                              N/A                                  Grk
200.200 Katalogos Ekdoseon, List of Publications                                              N/A                                  Grk
200.210 Katalogos Ekdoseon, List of Publications                                              N/A                                  Grk
200.220 Katalogos Ekdoseon, List of Publications                                              N/A                                  Grk
200.230 Bibliothike Istorikwn Bibliwn - Katalogos 1-281                                       N/A                                  Grk
200.241 Katalogoi Ekdoseon, Lists of Publications from various Greek Publishers (1)           N/A                                  Grk
200.242 Katalogoi Ekdoseon, Lists of Publications from various Greek Publishers (2)           N/A                                  Grk
200.243 Katalogoi Ekdoseon, Lists of Publications from various Greek Publishers (3)           N/A                                  Grk
200.250 Library Research Guide to Religion and Theology                                       Kennedy, James
200.260 List of Publications on Greek Topics                                                  Hadjinicolaou, John
          Katalogos Ekdoseon Orthodoxis kai Ellenikis Paradosis 2008
                                                                                              Stamoulis, Athan                     Grk
200.270 - List of Publications 2008

200.280 IVP Academic Catalog - Evangelically Rooted                                           N/A
200.290 Kregel Academic & Professional - New Resource Catalog                                 N/A
200.300 Hendrickson Academic Catalog                                                          N/A
200.310 Baker Spring Academic Catalog 2010                                                    N/A
200.340 Book of the Month Club News                                                           N/A
        Katalogos Ellenikwn Cheirografwn (Catalog ofGreek Manuscripts at the                  Getov, D. - Katsaros, Basil &
        University of St Clement of Ochrid in Sofia)                                          Papastathis, Charal.                 Grk
200.351 Katalogos Cheirografwn Panepistimiou Thessalonikis                                    Politis, Linos - Sotiroudis, P & A   Grk
        Katalogos Bibliwn Fysikwn, Biologikwn kai Iatrikwn Periodou 1525-1900
        Panepistimiou Thessalonikis                                                                                                Grk
300.000 REFERENCE & ENCYCLOPEDIAS                                                             ******
300.010 Encyclopedia Brittanica (32 Vol.)                                                     Several
300.020 Enkyklopaideia tou Hliou (18 Vol.)                                                    Several                              Grk
300.030 Epitomon Egkyklopaedikon Lexikon                                                      Zevgolis, G. (ed)                    Grk
300.040 Enkyklopaidikon Lexikon Eleftheroudaki (12 Vols)                                      Several                              Grk
300.050 Encyclopedia of the Opera                                                             Ewen, David
300.060 Who is Who in the Bible (see Category 2030 in Religion)                               Sims, Albert
300.070 Dictionnary of Thoughts (Quotations)                                                  Edwards, Tryon, DD
                                                                                                                                2   9/27/2013

300.080 Canadian National Business and Communications Directory                               Schryer, Robert (Ed)
300.090 Associations Canada (Directory of)                                                    Several
300.100 CBS News Almanac, 1978                                                                Bacheller, Martin (Ed)
300.110 Guinness Book of World Records (Millenium Edition)                                    Several
300.111 Guinness Book of World Records, 2011 Edition                                          Several
300.120 Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary (see 6100.970)                                    Dorland, William
300.130 Canadian Who is Who (1993)                                                            Simpson, Kieran
300.140 Who is Who in Canada (1994)                                                           Girvan, Susan (ed)
300.150 Petit Larousse Illustre'                                                              Several                     Fr
        Encyclopedia of Phychology - Volume 4
300.160 includes Bibliography, Name Index and Subject Index                                   Corsini, Raymond (ed)
300.170 Dictionary of Business Terms (filed in sect. 3300.)                                   Friedman, Jack et al
300.180 Who is Who in America (3 Vol.)                                                        Several
300.190 Book Catalog                                                                                                      Grk
300.200 Dictionary of Philosophy                                                              Runes, Dagobert
300.210 Oxford Dictionary of Music (shelved in sect. 7800)                                    Kennedy, Michael
300.220 Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Religions (shelved in sect. 2000)                  Bowker, John (ed)
300.240 Oxford Paperback Thesaurus                                                            Waite, Maurice et al (ed)
300.250 Dictionary of Abbreviations                                                           Matthews, Cecily
300.260 Dictionary of Art & Artists (shelved in sect. 7000)                                   Murray, Peter & Linda
300.270 Familiar Quotations                                                                   Bartlett, John
300.280 Oxford Concise Dictionary of Quotations                                               Knowles, Elizabeth
300.281 Dictionary of Quotations                                                              Unnamed
300.290 1800 Quotes, Quips and Squibs                                                         McKenzie, E. C.
300.300 Dictionary of (English) Word Origins                                                  Ayto, John
300.310 Epetiris Akademias Athenwn - year 2006. Members of the Athens Academy                 several                     Grk
        Lexikon tis Archaiologias (Archaology Dictionary)
300.320 in perfect condition for a 125 year old book                                          Rangavis, Alexandros        Grk
300.330 Dictionary of Classical Mythology                                                     Zimmerman, J. E.
310.000 RELIGIOUS ENCYCLOPAEDIAS AND DICTIONARIES                                             ******

310.001 and shelved in CATEGORY 2030. For complete list of Books see Cat. 2030

310.010 New Catholic Encyclopedia (17 Volumes)                                                Several
310.020 Encyclopaedia Biblica (4 Volumes)                                                     Cheyne, T. K. et al (ed)
310.030 International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia (5 Vols. One missing)                      Orr, James et al (ed)
310.040 Bible Cyclopaedia, Critical and Expository                                            Fausset, A. R. (ed)
310.050 Encyclopaedic Dictionary of the Bible                                                 Hartman, Louis, C.SS.R.
310.060 Cyclopaedia of Bible Literature (2 Vols)                                              Kitto, John (ed)
310.070 New Standard Bible Dictionary                                                         Jacobus, M. W. et al (ed)
310.080 Dictionary of the Bible, including the Biblical Theology                              Hastings, James et al
310.090 Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (2 Vols)                                         Hastings, James et al
310.101 Dictionary of the Apostolic Church, Vol. I                                            Hastings, James et al
310.102 Dictionary of the Apostolic Church, Vol. II                                           Hastings, James et al
310.110 Standard Bible Dictionary (New)                                                       Melanchton, Jacobus
310.120 A Dictionary of the Bible                                                             Smith, William
310.130 Union Bible Dictionary (the)                                                          Unnamed
310.141 Dictionary of the Bible. - Antiq., Biography, Geography and Nat. History, Vol. I      Smith, William
310.142 Dictionary of the Bible. - Antiq., Biography, Geography and Nat. Hist., Vol. II       Smith, William
310.143 Dictionary of the Bible. - Antiq., Biography, Geography and Nat. Hist., Vol. III      Smith, William
          Dictionary of the Bible. - Antiquities, Biography, Geography and Natural History,
310.151 (edited by Prof. H. B. Hackett), Vol. I (unavl)                                       Smith, William
          Dictionary of the Bible. - Antiquities, Biography, Geography and Natural History,
310.152   (edited by Prof. H. B. Hackett), Vol. II (unavl)                                    Smith, William
          Dictionary of the Bible. - Antiquities, Biography, Geography and Natural History,
310.153   (edited by Prof. H. B. Hackett), Vol. III                                           Smith, William
          Dictionary of the Bible. - Antiquities, Biography, Geography and Natural History,
310.154   (edited by Prof. H. B. Hackett), Vol. IV (unavl)                                    Smith, William
          Concordance to Septuagint: and the Other Versions of the Old Testament,
310.161                                                                                       Hatch, Edwin etc
          Volume I
          Concordance to Septuagint: and the Other Versions of the Old Testament,
310.162                                                                                       Hatch, Edwin etc
          Volumes II & III
                                                                                                                                     3   9/27/2013

310.170 Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (32nd printing)                                 Strong, James, L.L.D.
310.171 Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (32nd printing)                                 Strong, James, L.L.D.
310.172 Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (33rd printing)                                 Strong, James, L.L.D.
310.173 New Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible                                             Strong, James, L.L.D.
310.174 Complete Concordance of the Bible                                                   Thomson, Newton et al
310.180 Tameion tis Agias Grafis (Concordantiae)                                            Bruder, Karol                    Grk
          Lexikon twn Graphwn, Istorikon, Ethnologikon, Archaiologikon, Theologikon, etc,
310.190                                                                                     Constantinou, G.                 Grk
          published in 1888 ************
310.201   Thriskeftiki kai Xristianiki Encyclopaideia, Monthly Journal, Vol. A'             Several                          Grk
          Thriskeftiki kai Xristianiki Encyclopaideia, Monthly Journal, Vol. B'
310.202                                                                                     Several                          Grk
          (it is not known if additional Volumes were published)
          Religious Encyclopaedia, or Dictionary of Biblical, Historical, Doctrinal
310.211                                                                                     Schaff, Philip et al (ed)
          and Practical Theology, Vol. I
          Religious Encyclopaedia, or Dictionary of Biblical, Historical, Doctrinal
310.212                                                                                     Schaff, Philip et al (ed)
          and Practical Theology, Vol. II
          Religious Encyclopaedia, or Dictionary of Biblical, Historical, Doctrinal
310.213                                                                                     Schaff, Philip et al (ed)
          and Practical Theology, Vol. III
          Religious Encyclopaedia, or Dictionary of Biblical, Historical, Doctrinal
310.214                                                                                     Schaff, Philip et al (ed)
          and Practical Theology, Vol. IV, (unavl)
          Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (Extension of the
310.221                                                                                     Loetscher, Lefferts (ed)
          Schaff-Herzog) Encyclopedia, Vol. I
          Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (Extension of the
310.221                                                                                     Loetscher, Lefferts (ed)
          Schaff-Herzog) Encyclopedia, Vol. II
310.230   Concise Cyclopedia of Religious Knowledge                                         Sanford, Elias
310.240   Encyclopedia of Religion                                                          Ferm, Vergilius (ed)
310.250   Dictionary of Religion and Ethics                                                 Mathews, Sh. Et al (ed)
310.260   Dictionary of Greek Orthodoxy                                                     Patrinacos, Nicon
310.270   Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church                                         Cross, F. L. (ed)
310.280   Concise Dictionary of Religion                                                    Ferm, Vergilius (ed)
310.290   Concise Dictionary of Christian Ethics                                            Dominian, J. et al
310.300   Protestant Dictionary                                                             Ferm, Vergilius (ed)
310.310   Dictionnary of Christian Ethics                                                   Macquarrie, John (ed)
310.320   Dictionary of Biblical Theology                                                   Leon-Dufour, Xavier
310.330   EncycloPaedia of Religion and Ethics, Volums I to XIII in 7 Books                 Hastings, James et al (ed)+C90
          Hand-Konkordanz Zum Griechischen Neuen Testament                                                                   "Ger/
310.340   (Concordance to the Greek New Testament)                                          Schmoller, Alfred                Grk


          World Christian Encyclopedia. A Comparative Study of Churches and Religions
310.390 in the Modern World, AD 1900 - 2000                                                 Barrett, David (ed)
        Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures (translated and edited by Philip
310.400 Schaff) in 24 Volumes, (#14, 16 & 17 are missing)                                   Lange, John Peter
500.000 COMPUTERS                                                                           ******
500.020 Internet Handbook (removed)                                                         Carroll, Jim et al
500.030 Teach yourself Netscape 2 Web Publishing (includes CD ROM)                          Taters, Wes
500.040 Searching the Internet (Search Techniques, Web Directories)                         Cooper, Brian
500.050 The Cult of Information (Folclore of Computers and the True Art of Thinking)        Roszak, Theodore
500.060 Microsoft Office 2000 (incl CD ROM)                                                 Several
500.061 Using Microsoft Office                                                              Several
500.070 Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (incl. CD ROM)                            Several
500.080 Excel xp, Professor teaches (software)                                              Several
500.090 Windows xp, Professor teaches (software)                                            Several
500.100 Computer Essentials (incl. CD)                                                      O'Leary, Timothy and Linda
500.110 Windows NT, Workstation 4.0, At a Glance                                            Joyce, Jerry et al
500.120 Artificial Intelligence Experience (The)                                            Scown, Susan
500.130 CD and DVD Recording for Dummies                                                    Chambers, Mark
500.140 Microsoft EXCEL 5.0 User's Guide (removed)                                          Several
500.150 Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 User's Guide                                               Several
500.160 Microsoft WORD 6.0 User's Guide                                                     Several
500.170 Microsoft Word 2003 Specialist                                                      Rutkosky, Nita
                                                                                                                            4   9/27/2013

500.180 Windows 95 Secrets (includes CD)                                           Livingston, B. et Straub, Davis
500.190 Microsoft Intranet Solutions (incl. CD)                                    Several
500.200 Learn HTML in a Weekend (incl. CD)                                         Callihan, Steven
500.210 Web Publishing with Word (removed)                                         Person, Ron
500.220 Inside Access 1.1 (incl. diskette)                                         Valentine, Chris
500.230 the New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (incl. CD), Release 6              Several
500.240 Adobe PageMill vers. 2.0 - User Guide                                      Several
500.250 Microsoft Front Page 2003 for Dummies                                      Dornfest, Asha
500.260 Fractals for Windows (includes Disk and 3-D Glasses)                       Wegner, Tim et al
500.270 Visual Basic 5 Programming - Dummies 101: (incl. CD)                       Wang, Wallace & Mueller, John
500.280 Computer Communications and Networking Technologies                        Gallo, M. & Hancock, W.
500.290 Computer Viruses for Dummies                                               Gregory, Peter
500.300 What would GOOGLE Do? (also listed in Social Science Class)                Jarvis, Jeff
500.310 Creating Web Pages for Dummies                                             Smith, Bud & Bebak, Arthur
500.320 Excel 2002 for Dummies (9 Books in one)                                    Harvey, Greg
690.000 MUSEUMS                                                                    ******

690.001 Greek Museums                                                              Andronicos, Manolis et al
690.011 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Cairo Museum - Egypt             several                           Grk
690.012 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Vatican City - Rome              several                           Grk
690.013 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Museo Uficci - Florence          several                           Grk
690.014 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Louvre - Paris                   several                           Grk
690.015 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Alte Pinakothek - Monaco         several                           Grk
690.016 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Prado - Madrid                   several                           Grk
690.017 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Kunsthistorsches - Vienna        several                           Grk
690.018 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) British Museum - London          several                           Grk
690.019 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) Museum of Fine Arts - Boston     several                           Grk
690.020 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of World) Nat. Gallery of Arts - Wash. D.C.    several                           Grk
690.021 Mouseia tou Kosmou (Museums of the World) National Museum - Tokio          several                           Grk
690.050 Greek Costumes                                                             Lada-Minotos, Maria
690.051 H Sarakatsaniki Podia tis Thrakis (Mouseio Mpenaki)                        Filippidi, Eleni                  Grk
690.052 Greek Costumes - Peloponnesos                                              Papantoniou , Ioanna              Grk
690.060 Greek Handicraft                                                           Papadopoulos, Stelios
690.080 The Parthenon at Athens Grece and at Nashville Tennessee (excerts)         Wilson, Benjamin
                                                                                   Papadopoulos, Stelios A &
690.100 Museums and Collections in Greece                                          Karakatsanis, A.
690.111 Elliniki Foresia (Greek Folk Dresses) at the Benaki Museum Vol 1           Ioannou, Tatiana                  Grk
690.112 Elliniki Foresia (Greek Folk Dresses) at the Benaki Museum Vol 2           Ioannou, Tatiana                  Grk
690.120 Mouseia tis Thessalonikis Museums of Thessaloniki                          Several                           Mult
690.121 Thessalonike Museum, a New Guide to the Archaeological Treasures           Andronicos, Manolis
690.122 Thessalonike Archaeological Museum                                         Andronicos, Manolis
690.130 the Cyprus Museum                                                          Karageorgis, Vassos
690.131 Cypriot Costumes in the National Historical Museum                         several
                                                                                   Tschumi, Bernard Architects &
          To Neo Mouseio tis Acropolis - the New Acropolis Museum                                                    Grk
690.140                                                                            Pantermalis, Dimitrios
690.150 Search (the) for Alexander, an Exhibition (see also item 7000.540)         Andronicos, Manolis et al
690.151 Alexander the Great, the Exhibition (includes pamphlets and Slides)        Kramer, Stephanie (ed)
690.160 Gnorimia me to Ethniko Arcaeologiko Mouseio (Greek National Museum)        Krodira, Lida                     Grk
690.170 Benaki Museum, Odigos (a Guide to)                                         Delivorias, A.                    Grk
690.190 Kai Pernousane ta Tram (Looking at Tramways)                               Kourouzidis, Sakis                Grk
690.200 Cycladic Civilization, Once Upon a Time in Cyclades and 4 other Booklets   Several
690.210 Odigos tou Mouseiou Agona (Guide to the Cyprus Struggle Museum)            Stylianos, Petros                 Grk
690.220 International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos                                Marketos, S. G.                   Mult
690.230 Vorres Museum, in Paeania Greece                                           Vorres, Ian
690.240 Ancient Corinth - the Museums of Corinth, Isthmia and Sicyon               Papahatzis, Nicos
690.250 Herakleion Museum                                                          Sakellarakis, J. A.
                                                                                                                                5   9/27/2013

 690.260 Mouseio Hracleiou (Herakleion Museum)                                         Sakellarakis, J. A.               Grk
 690.280 Pilina Eidolia sto Mouseio Ekmageiwn                                          Stefanidou, Th. et al             Grk
 690.290 The Gennadius Library (in Athens)                                             Walton, Francis et al
 690.300 Museums and Galleries of London                                               Bell, Brian et al
 690.310 British Museum, Guide and Map                                                 Wilson, M (ed)
 690.400 Treasures of The Smithsonian                                                  Bauman, John (Ed)
 690.410 Record of the Art Museum of Princeton University                              Several
 690.480 Jane's Combat Aircraft                                                        Taylor, John (Ed)
 690.490 US Air Force Museum                                                           Several
           Terre des Hommes, Man and his World. Official Publication for the                                             Eng/
                                                                                       Dojois, Guy (ed)
 690.510 1967 Montreal Intern. Exhibition                                                                                Fr.
 690.600 Treasures of Tutankhamun                                                      Gilbert, Kath. Et al
 690.620 Gold for the Gods (Inca Gold Artifacts from Peru)                             Tushingham, A.
                                                                                       Andronicos, Man. Hatzidakis,
 690.990 Ta Ellenika Mouseia (the Greek Museums)                                       Man. & Karagiorgis, Vasos
1500.000 PSYCHOLOGY                                                                    ******
1500.010 Psychology                                                                    Munn, Norman
1500.020 Statistical Analysis in Psychology                                            Ferguson, George
1500.030 Psychologia tou Paidiou (A)                                                   Exarchopoulos, Nik.               Grk
1500.040 Psychologia tou Paidiou (B)                                                   ExarcopouloV, Nik.                Grk
1500.050 Paidi, Enas Agnwstos Kosmos                                                   Unknown                           Grk
1500.060 To Provlima twn Schesewn Poimantikis Frontidos kai Psychtherapeias            Kornarakis, Ioannis               Grk
           Ermineia Oneiron - Interpretation of Dreams (Die Traumdeutung) transl. by
1500.070 Mina Zografou (bound together with 8200.420)                                  Freyd, Sigmound                   Grk
1500.080 the Basic Writings of C. G. Jung                                              Jung, C. G. & deLaszlo, V. (ed)
1500.081 Jungian Spirituality (Principles of)                                          Crwley, Vivian
1500.090 Psychikai Erevnes                                                             Pissanos, Ant.                    Grk
1500.100 Unconscious God, Psychotherapy & Theology                                     Frankl, Victor
1500.110 Living with Grief -Coping with Public Tragedy                                 Lattanzi, Marcia et al (ed)
1500.121 Psychology in the Schools Journal, Issues # 40.1                              Several
1500.122 Psychology in the Schools Journal, Issues # 40.2                              Several
1500.123 Psychology in the Schools Journal, Issues # 40.3                              Several
1500.124 Psychology in the Schools Journal, Issues # 40.4                              Several
1500.125 Psychology in the Schools Journal, Issues # 40.5                              Several
1500.126 Psychology in the Schools Journal, Issues # 40.6                              Several
1500.130 The (Heinz) Cohut Seminars on Self Psychology and Psychotherapy               Elson, Miriam (ed)
1500.140 Geniki Psychologia (General Psychology)                                       Androutsos, Christos              Grk
1500.150 The Great Mother (Analysis of the Archetype)                                  Neumann, Erich
1500.160 Psychology and the Cosmology of Man's Possible Evolution                      Ouspensky, P. D.
1500.170 Healing                                                                       Chirban, John
1500.180 I Syneeiditotita pou Metamorfonei                                             Wilder, Kathreen et al            Grk
1500.190 Psychologia kai Thriskeftiki Zoe                                              Agouridis, Savvas                 Grk
1500.200 The Art of Spiritual Dreaming                                                 Klemp, Harold
1500.210 Loneliness                                                                    Moustakas, Clark
1500.220 To Peri Psychis Problema                                                      Kalliafas, Sp.                    Grk
1500.230 Peace of Mind                                                                 Lieblan, Josh.
1500.240 Religion and the Cure of Souls in Jung,s Psychology                           Schaer, Hans
1500.250 Psychologia kai Pnevmatiki Zoe, Ps & Vie Relig.                               Rochedieu, Edmond                 Grk
1500.260 Psychologia kai Agogi Efivon                                                  Haronis, Basil.                   Grk
1500.270 Psychologia tis Efivikis Hlikias                                              Spranger, Eduard                  Grk
1500.280 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Probl. Efivou, Vol 2                              Aspiotis, Ar.                     Grk
1500.290 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Probl. Efivou, Vol 3                              Aspiotis, Ar.                     Grk
1500.300 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Probl. Efivou, Vol 5                              Aspiotis, Ar.                     Grk
1500.310 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Probl. Efivou, Vol 7                              Aspiotis, Ar.                     Grk
1500.320 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Probl. Efivou, Vol 9                              Aspiotis, Ar.                     Grk
1500.330 Psychologia kai Zoe, H Ygeia mas, Vol 10                                      Biot, Rene'                       Grk
1500.340 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psychanalysis, Vol 12                                    Caruso, Igor                      Grk
                                                                                                                       6   9/27/2013

1500.350 Psychologia kai Zoe, (Brain and Thought) Vol16                                Lhermitte, Jean           Grk
1500.360 Psychologia kai Zoe, Prosop. & Prosopikotis V 28                              Tournier, Paul            Grk
1500.370 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Orimotis, Vol 37                                  Aspiotis, Ar.             Grk
1500.380 Psychologia kai Zoe, Paidi & Oikogeneia, Vol 38                               Aspiotis, Ar.             Grk
1500.381 Psychologia kai o Psychologikos tou Kosmos, Vol 40                            Aspiotis, Ar.             Grk
1500.390 Psychologia kai Zoe,Agogi & Neos Anthropos V43                                Aspiotis, Ar.             Grk
1500.400 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Probl.Paidiou, Vol 44                             Aspiotis, Ar.             Grk
1500.410 Psychologia kai Zoe, Psych. Probl. Paidiou, Vol 45                            Aspiotis, Ar.             Grk
1500.420 Encyclopedia of Phychology - 4 Vols. (see item 300.160)                       Corsini, Raymond (ed)
1500.430 Thomistic Psychology                                                          Brennan, Robert
1500.440 George Herbert Mead on Social Psychology                                      Strauss, Anselm (ed)
1500.450 Behaviorism and Phenomenology                                                 Wann, T. W.
1500.460 Pastoral Psychology and Inner Conflict                                        Kornarakis, Ioannis
1500.470 Fundamentals of Psychology                                                    Adcock, C. J.
1500.480 Uses and Abuses of Psychology                                                 Eysenck, H. J.
1500.490 Mysticism                                                                     Underhill, Evelyn
1500.500 Oi Nikitai tis Zoes (Conquest of Physical and Mental Capabilities)            Magriotis, Dimitrios      Grk
1500.510 Mature Religion - a Psychological Study                                       Stunk, Orlo
1500.520 Psychologia tou Freud, (psychoanalysis)                                       Androutsos, Christos      Grk
1500.530 Sexuality and the Psychology of Love                                          Freud, Sigmund
1500.540 Moses and Monotheism                                                          Freud, Sigmund
1500.550 To Paidagogikon Problima tis Genetisiou Ormis                                 Kalliafas, Sp.            Grk
1500.560 Episteme kai Thavma (Science and Miracle)                                     Carrel, Alexis            Grk
1500.570 H Dystyxia tou na eisai Ellinas ( misfortune of being a Greek)                Dimou, Nikos              Grk
           H Eftychia tou na eisai Ellinas ( Good fortune of being a Greek)
1500.571 Anti-Nikou & Anti-Dimou- An Antithesis to book 1500.570                       Kalonaros, Takis          Grk
1500.572 Skepseis gia tin Anaggaiotita tis Agapis                                      Dimou, Nikos              Grk
1500.573 To Apolyto kai to Tavli                                                       Dimou, Nikos              Grk
1500.580 To Peri Psychis Problema                                                      Kalliafas, Sp.            Grk
1500.590 Journal of Educational & Psychological Consultation, Vol. 16.1                Several
1500.600 On Becoming a Councelor                                                       Kennedy,, Eugene et al
1500.610 the Road Less Travelled & Beyond - Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety      Peck, Scott, M.D.
1500.620 Thavmata Agapis kai Gnosis                                                    Natzemy, Robert           Grk
1500.630 Allilon ta Vari Vastazete                                                     Kastanas, Th              Grk
1500.640 Peri Psychis kai Theou                                                        Rokakis, Ioannis MD       Grk
1500.650 Konta stis Rizes (Erevna ston Psychiko kosmo tou Ellenikou Laou)              Romaios, K.               Grk
1500.660 Psychologia kai Pnevmatiki Zo"i                                               Avgoustidis, Adamantios   Grk
1500.661 Eksomologisi - H Christianiki Psychotherapeia                                 Krasanakis, Georgios      Grk
1500.670 Protogenis Kravgi (Transl. of "the Primal Scream" by E. Tzelepoglou) Vol. 1   Janov, Arthur             Grk
1500.671 Protogenis Kravgi (Transl. of "the Primal Scream" by E. Tzelepoglou) Vol. 2   Janov, Arthur             Grk
1500.680 the Courage to Create - what is the Quality Possessed by all Geniouses        May, Rollo
1500.690 Taxidi sto Tafto, (Transl of "Journey into Self" by Sofia Antzaka)            Harding, Esther           Grk
1500.700 On Killing - the Psychological Cost of Learning to kill in War and Society    Grossman, Dave
1500.710 Generals Die in Bed - a Story from the WW I Trenches                          Harrison, Charles
1500.720 Care of the Soul - a Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness               Moore, Thomas
1500.730 Kai tin Psychi mou gia ena Moro                                               Oraiopoulou, Antigone     Grk
1500.740 The Joy of Stress (How to live well past 100)                                 Hanson, Peter, M.D.
1500.750 Stephen Lives! - My Son Stephen: His Life, Suicide and Afterlife              Puryear, Anne
1500.760 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff … and iy is All Small Stuff                       Carlson, Richard
1500.770 Raising a Thoughtful Teenager                                                 Kamin, Ben
1500.780 Power Over Stress - Quick Prescriptions for Mastering Stress                  Kenford, Nedd, M.D.
1500.790 Angalia me ton eafto mas                                                      Stavropoulou, Demi        Grk
1500.800 Mind and Brain Sciences in the 21st Century                                   Sagan, Carl et al
1500.801 Psychology, Medicine & Christian Healing                                      Kelsey, Morton
1500.810 O Patrikos Logos - Empeiriki Psychopedagogiki Theorisi                        Krasanakis, Georgios      Grk
1500.811 Oi Foboi ton Efivon- Empeiriki Psychopedagogiki Theorisi                      Krasanakis, Georgios      Grk
1500.812 O Chronos - Empeiriki Psychopedagogiki Theorisi                               Krasanakis, Georgios      Grk
1500.980 Journal of Educational Psychology, Vols. 93.1 to 93.4                         Several
                                                                                                                                     7   9/27/2013

                                                                                           Bernstein, D- Roy, Edward-Srull,
1500.990 Psychology, Univesity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign                               Thomas- Wickens, Chr.
1800.000 PHILOSOPHY CLASSICAL                                                              ******
1800.010 ProSocratikoi Philosofoi (transl of next Book)                                    Kirk, G et all                     Grk
1800.020 Presocratic Philosophers                                                          Kirk, G. S.
1800.030 Greek Philosophy, Part I, Thales to Plato                                         Burnet, John
1800.040 Early Greek Philosophy                                                            Burnet, John
1800.050 Pre-Socratic Philosophers (a Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker)        Freeman, Kathleen
           Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers
1800.051 (a complete translation of the Fragments in Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker)   Freeman, Kathleen
1800.052 VorSocratishe Denker (Pre-Socratic Thinkers) (Greek and German Text               Kranz, Walther                     Mult
1800.053 History of Ancient Philosophy (1899)                                              Windelband, W.
1800.054 Homere, Hesiode et Pythagore, Poesie et Philosophie                               Detienne, Marcel                   Fr
1800.060 Syntomo Filosofiko Odoiporiko                                                     Krasanakis, Georgios               Grk
1800.070 Nature and Background of Divine Power in Homer                                    Tsangarakis, Odysseus
1800.080 Papanoutsos (in memoriam of) Vol A                                                Several                            Grk
1800.081 Papanoutsos (in memoriam of) Vol B                                                Several                            Grk
           Xilia Xronia Ellenikis Skepsis, 1000 Years of Hellenic Thought
                                                                                           Lampsas, Giannis                   Grk
1800.090 from Homer to Plotinus
1800.100 Ancient Greek Religion - Archaia Elleniki Thriskeia                               Burkert, Walter                    Grk
1800.110 The Exact Sciences in Antiquity                                                   Neugebauer, O.                     Grk
1800.120 Manual of History of (Ancient) Philosophy                                         Windelband & Heimsoeth             Grk
1800.130 Politikes Koinwnies ston Omiro                                                    Vlachos, G. K.                     Grk
1800.140 Dimosthenis (Evolution of his Politics)                                           Jaeger, Werner                     Grk
1800.150 Hellenistic Philosophy (Ellinistiki Filosofia)                                    Long,A. A.                         Grk
1800.160 L'Histoire et ses Methodes (Istoria kai Methodoi tis) Vol. A                      Encycl. De la Pleiade              Grk
1800.170 L'Histoire et ses Methodes (Istoria kai Methodoi tis) Vol. B1                     Encycl. De la Pleiade              Grk
1800.180 L'Histoire et ses Methodes (Istoria kai Methodoi tis) Vol. B2                     Encycl. De la Pleiade              Grk
1800.190 L'Histoire et ses Methodes (Istoria kai Methodoi tis) Vol. C                      Encycl. De la Pleiade              Grk
1800.200 L'Histoire et ses Methodes (Istoria kai Methodoi tis) Vol. D                      Encycl. De la Pleiade              Grk
1800.210 Five Stages of Greek Religion                                                     Murray, Gilbert
1800.220 Platon sto Gegonos kai sto Thrylo                                                 Diomatarh, Ourana                  Grk
1800.231 Paedeia: Ideals of Greek Culture, Vol. I                                          Jaeger, Werner
1800.232 Paedeia: Ideals of Greek Culture, Vol. I I                                        Jaeger, Werner
1800.233 Paedeia: Ideals of Greek Culture, Vol.III                                         Jaeger, Werner
1800.260 Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy                                       Zeller, Edw. (trans. Palmer)
1800.270 Treasury of Philosophy (alphab. Index) Vol 1, A-J                                 Runes, Dagob. (ed)
1800.280 Treasury of Philosophy (alphab. Index) Vol 2, J-Z                                 Runes, Dagob. (ed)
1800.290 The Greeks and the Irrational                                                     Dodds, E. R.
1800.300 Zoroaster's Influence on Greek Thought                                            Ruhi Muhsen Afnan
1800.310 Nature and the Greeks, Science & Humanism                                         Schroedinger, Erwin
1800.330 History of Western Philosophy                                                     Jones, W. T.
1800.340 Source Book in Ancient Philosophy                                                 Bakewell, Charles
1800.350 La Pensee Grecque et les Origines de l'Esprit Scientifique                        Robin, Leon                        Fr
1800.360 Philosophic Classics - Thales to St. Thomas                                       Kaufmann, Walter
1800.370 Intellectual Experiments of the Greek Enlightenment                               Solmsen, Frierich
1800.380 Greek Philosophers (the)                                                          Warner, Rex
1800.390 The Greek Way to Western Civilization                                             Hamilton, Edith
1800.400 Meditations, Marcus Aurelius and his Times                                        Edman, Irwin (ed)
1800.410 Greek Thinkers, History of Ancient Philosophy V.I                                 Comperz, Theodor
1800.420 Greek Thinkers, History of Ancient Philosophy V.II                                Comperz, Theodor
1800.430 Greek Thinkers, History of Ancient Philosophy V.III                               Comperz, Theodor
1800.440 Greek Thinkers, History of Ancient Philosophy V.IV                                Comperz, Theodor
1800.450 Ancient Views on the Nature of Life                                               Regnell, Hans
1800.460 History of Ancient Western Philosophy                                             Owens, Joseph
           A Greek Symposium - Lectures on Evaluations of the Enduring Qualities
1800.470 of Greek Civilization                                                             Several
1800.480 Selections from Early Greek Philosophy                                            Nahm, Milton
1800.490 Hellenic Age                                                                      Brehier, Emile
1800.500 Readings in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy                                       Collins, James
1800.510 Filosofia Hrakleitou (Heraclitos)                                                 Papadopoulos Than.                 Grk
1800.520 The Discovery of the Mind (Greek Origins of the European Thought)                 Snell, Bruno
                                                                                                                       8   9/27/2013

1800.521 H Anakalypsi tou Pnevmatos (Greek Origins of the European Thought)    Snell, Bruno (Jacob, D. Trans)   Grk
1800.540 The Early Greek Concept of the Soul                                   Bremmer, Jan
1800.550 To Elliniko Ypovathro tou Evropaikou Politismou                       Foughias, Methodios
1800.560 History (the) of Philosophy (Concise Guide to Students)               Papademetriou, George
1800.570 The Influence of Greek Ideas on Christianity                          Hatch, Edwin
1800.580 From Religion to Philosophy                                           Cornford, F. M.
1800.590 Greek View of Life                                                    Dickinson, G.
1800.600 Primitive Christianity, in its Contemporary Setting                   Bultmann, Rudolf
1800.610 Ellenike Filosofia os Propedia eis ton Xristianismon                  Papadopoulos, Gerasimos          Grk
1800.620 Discovery (the) of the Mind - The Greek Origins of European Thought   Snell, Bruno
1800.630 Mathemata Eisagogis eis tin Filosofian                                Tsakonas, Demetrios              Grk
1800.640 Space for future addition
1800.750 **PLATO AND SOCRATES             (see also Class 8800)**********
1800.751 Plato's Dialogues - Text and Comments (Project     Garvin, Ted et al
1800.760 Great Thinkers on Plato                                               Gross, Barry
1800.771 Plato, an Introduction, Vol. 1                                        Friedlaender, Paul
1800.772 Plato, the Dialogues Vol. 2 *** Missing ***                           Friedlaender, Paul
1800.773 Plato, the Dialogues Vol. 3 *** Missing ***                           Friedlaender, Paul
1800.790 The Trial of Socrates                                                 Stone, I. F.
1800.800 Plato's Seventh Letter                                                Edelstein, Ludwig
1800.801 Philosophia tou Platonos (Phil. Of Plato)                             Olympios, Ioannis                Grk
           Plato and Saint Paul on Man (a Psychological, Philosophical
1800.802   and Theological Study)                                              Zakopoulos, Athenagoras
1800.803   Plato's Theory of Fine Art                                          Cavarnos, Const.
1800.804   Plato's View of Man                                                 Cavarnos, Const.
1800.805   Plato on Man (a Summary and Critique of his Psychology ……)          Zakopoulos, Athenagoras
1800.806   Plato's Protagoras (transl. by B. Jowett)                           Vlastos, Greg. (ed)
1800.807   Plato's Thought                                                     Grube G. M.
1800.808   Plato's Use of Fallacy                                              Sprague, Rosamond
1800.809   Preface to Plato                                                    Havelock, Eric
1800.810   Prologue to Parmenides                                              DeSantillana, Giorgio
1800.811   Euthydemus of Plato                                                 Sprague, Rosamond
1800.812   Plato                                                               Hare, R. M.
1800.813   Socrate et la Conscience de l'Homme                                 Sauvage, Micheline               Fr
1800.814   Socratic Problem (The)                                              Rogers, Arthur
1800.815   Question of Socrates                                                Levin, Richard
1800.816   Who was Socrates                                                    Winspear, Alban et al
1800.817   Socrates                                                            Guthrie, W.K.
1800.818 Before and after Socrates                                             Macdonald, Francis
1800.819 O Sokratis (Socrates) Life and Teachings                              Tatakis, B. N.                   Grk
1800.820 What Plato said                                                       Shorey, Paul
1800.821 Meno of Plato                                                         Thompson, E. Seyer
1800.822 Philosophy of Plato                                                   Field, G. C.
1800.823 Dialog und Dialektik                                                  Gundert, Hermann                 "Ger
1800.824 Der Ursprung der Geistmetaphysik                                      Kraemer, Hans                    "Ger
1800.825 Dialogues of Plato (originally publ. in 1892) Vol 2                   Jowett, B.
1800.826 Works of Plato (Four Volumes in One)                                  Jowett, B.
1800.827 Le Paradigme dans la Dialectique Platonicienne                        Goldschmidt, Victor              Fr
1800.828 From Thales to Plato                                                  Smith, T. V. (ed)
1800.829 Plato, the Founder of Philosophy as Dialectic                         Mueller, Gustav

1800.830 Platon, Beilagen und Textkritik, Vol. 3                               Wilamowitz, Urlich               "Ger

1800.831 Platon, Beilagen und Textkritik, Vol. 5                               Wilamowitz, Urlich               Ger
1800.832 Riddle of the Early Academy                                           Cherniss, Harold
1800.833 Plato's Theory of Knowledge                                           Macdonald, Francis
1800.834 Plato's Cosmology                                                     Macdonald, Francis
1800.835 Platonic Myth and Platonic Writing                                    Zaslavsky, Robert
1800.836 Platons Entwicklung zur Dialektik                                     Liebrucks, Bruno                 "Ger
1800.837 Enter Plato, Classical Greece and the Origins of Social Theory        Gouldner, Alvin
1800.838 Republic of Plato                                                     Macdonald, Francis
1800.839 Statesman of Plato                                                    Skemp, J. B.
                                                                                                                                 9   9/27/2013

1800.900        ** ARISTOTLE see also Category 8800 ****
1800.901 Aristotle                                                                      Ross, W. D.
1800.902 Aristotle - on coming to be and passing away                                   Verdenius, W. J. et al
1800.903 Aristotle's Theory of Being                                                    Buchanan, Emerson
1800.904 Aristotle's Theory of Practical Principles                                     Michelakis, Emmanuel
1800.905 Aristotle and the Problem of Value                                             Oates, Whitney
1800.906 Autour d'Aristote                                                              Mansion, A. Mnsgr                 Fr
1800.907 Philosophy of Aristotle                                                        Allan, D. J.
1800.908 Aristote (from Les Grands Philosophes)                                         Robin, Leon                       Fr
1800.909 Desertations en Forme de Paradoxes Contre les Aristoteliciens                  Gassendi, Pierre                  Fr
1800.910 Psychologie d'Aristote                                                         Graignet, A.-Ed                   Fr
1800.911 Aristotle, Introduction to                                                     McKeon, Richard (ed)
1800.912 Aristotle Ethics                                                               Thomson, J. (transl)
1800.913 Aristotle's Poetics                                                            Tellford, Ken
1800.914 Aristote - De la Generation et de la Corruption                                Tricot, J (transl)                Fr
           Aristote, Peri Psyches - De l' Ame (includes extensive Commentary
1800.915   and French-Greek Vocabulary)                                                 Tricot, J (transl)                Fr
           Aristoteles Apanta, Vol. 10 - Meta ta Fysika
           (includes a 7-page photocopy insert of hand written notes of Isaac Newton,
1800.916   when he was a student at Cambridge)                                          Karastathi, Maria                 Grk
           Aristotle, Mikra Fysika - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary
1800.917   1800.917 & 1800.918 are bound in one volume)                                 Tatakis,B.                        Grk
           Aristotle, Peri Psyches - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary
1800.918   1800.917 & 1800.918 are bound in one volume)                                 Sotirakis, N & Efstathiou, A      Grk
1800.919   Aristotle, Politika I-III, - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary            Lekatsas, Pan.                    Grk
1800.920   Aristotle, Politika IV-V, - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary             Lekatsas, Pan.                    Grk
1800.921   Aristotle, Politika VI-IIX, - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary           Lekatsas, Pan.                    Grk
1800.922   Aristotle, Athenaion Politeia - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary         Kotzioulas, G. and Kordatos, G.   Grk
1800.923   Aristotle's Poetics ( introd. Francis Ferguson)                              Butcher, S. H.
1800.924                                                                                Spare for future addition
1800.928 Aristotle Politics                                                             Sinclair, T. (transl)
1800.929 ********* HELLENISTIC PHILOSOPHY *****
1800.930 Discourses of Epictetus, with the Encheiridion and Fragments                   Long, George (transl)
           Teaching of Epictetus, Being the Encheiridion with Selections from the
1800.931   Dissertations and :Fragments"                                                Rolleston, T. W.
1800.932   Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria                                                  Bentwich, Norman
1800.933   Diogenes Laertius and his Hellenistic Background                             Mejer, Joergen
1800.934   Hellenistic Greek Texts                                                      Wikgren, Allen
1800.935   Hellenistic Philosophies                                                     More, Paul Elmer
1800.936   Essential Philo Judaeus                                                      Glatzer, Nahum (ed)

1800.937 Intermediary World and Patterns of Perfection in Philo and Hebrews             Dey, Lala
1800.938 Hellenistic Philosophy (Selections)                                            Clark, Gordon
1800.939 Diogenes of Oenoanda (the Fragments)                                           Chilton, G. W. (ed, transl)
1800.940 Les Stoiciens                                                                  Brehier, Emile (transl)           Fr
1800.941 Heraclides of Pontus                                                           Gottschalk, H.B.
1800.942 Appollonius von Tyana und Christus                                             Baur, F. Ch.                      "Ger
1800.943 Dictionary of Philosophy (see item 300.200)                                    Runes, Dagobert
1800.944 Adrianou Apomnimonevonta - Memoirs of Adrianus                                 Yourcenar, Marg.                  Grk
1800.946 Philosophy of Plotinus                                                         Katz, Joseph
1800.947 From Aristotle to Plotinus (excerpts)                                          Smith, T. V. (ed)
1800.949 Lucretius, gia tin Physi ton Pragmaton - De Rerum Natura (in Grk & Latin)      Antoniadis, Th et al (transl)     mult
         the Essential Epicurus - Letters, Principal Doctrines, Vatican Sayings
1800.950 and Fragments                                                                  O'Connor, Eugene
1800.951 Epicouros, Alithini opsi tou Archaiou Kosmou -Epicurus De Rerum Natura et al   Theodoridis, X.                   Grk
1800.952 Epicouros Apanta - Epicurus All the Works                                      Hatzopoulos, Odysseas             Grk
                                                                                                                            10   9/27/2013

1800.980 Synoptiki Istoria Filosofias                                                  Papalexandrou, K.            Grk
1800.990 History of Western Philosophy                                                 Russell, Bertrand
1800.999 See also Section 8800, LITERATURE CLASSIC
1810.000 PHILOSOPHY ORIENTAL                                                           ******
1810.010 Indian Mind. Essentials of Indian Philosophy and Culture                      Moore, Charles (ed)
1810.020 Chinese Mystics                                                               Van Over, Raymond (ed)
1810.030 Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China                                        Waley, Arthur
1810.040 A New Earth, Awakening to your Life's Purpose                                 Ytolle, Erkhat
1810.050 Heideger and Asian Thought                                                    Parkes, Graham (ed)
1890.000 PHILOSOPHY MEDIEVAL                                                           ******

           Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas with an Introduction by Pope Leo XIII
                                                                                        St. Thomas De Aquino
           Vol. One with First Part, QQ. 1-119 and Second Part, QQ. 1-114),
           Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas
                                                                                       St. Thomas De Aquino         Latin
1890.020 Vol. One with First Part only, QQ. 1-119
1890.030 Basic Writings of Thomas Aquinas, Vol 1 , Part I (complete)                   Pegis, Anton (ed)
1890.040 Basic Writings of Thomas Aquinas, Vol 2, Part II                              Pegis, Anton (ed)
1890.050 Thomas Aquinas' System (Medieval Philosophy)                                  DeWulf, Maurice
1890.060 St. Thomas and Epistemology                                                   Regis, Louis-Marie
1890.070 Age of Belief, St. Augustine, Boethius, Aquinas, et al                        Fremantle, Anne
1890.080 Evolution of Medieval Thought                                                 Knowles, David
1890.090 Contemporary Philosophy and Tomistic Principles                               Bandas, Rudolph
1890.100 La Specification de l' Agir Humain par son objet chez Thomas d' Aquin         Bellmans, Theo.              Fr
1890.110 Le Sens objectif de l'agir humain …DE Sain Thomas                             Bellmans, Theo.              Fr
1890.120 Introduction to St Thomas Aquinas                                             Pegis, Anton (ed)
1890.130 Philosophy and Civilization in the Middle Ages                                DeWulf, Maurice
1890.140 Metaphysicam Aristotelis - Commentaria                                        Aquinatis, Thoma             Latn
1890.150 Spirit of Medieval Philosophy (the)                                           Gilson, Etienne
1890.160 Porphyry's Philosophy from Oracles in Augustine                               O'Meara, John
1890.170 Short History of Christian Thought (a volume of Essays)                       Selwyn, Edward (ed)
1890.180 Mesaioniki Filosofia                                                          Niarchos, Const.             Grk
1900.000 PHILOSOPHY MODERN WESTERN                                                     ******
1900.010 Manual of History of Philosophy , Vol.1                                       Windelband & Heimsoeth       Grk
1900.020 Manual of History of Philosophy , Vol.2                                       Windelband & Heimsoeth       Grk
1900.030 Manual of History of Philosophy, Vol.3                                        Windelband & Heimsoeth       Grk

1900.040 Introduction to Philosophy of History                                         Walsh, W.

1900.050 Origins of Modern Science 1300-1800, Katagogi tis synchronis Epistimis        Butterfield, Herbert         Grk

1900.060 Eisagogi sti Filosofia, Introduction to Philosophy                            Voreas, Th.                  Grk
1900.070 Ideocratic Philosophy after Cant                                              Logothetis, K.               Grk
1900.080 Renaissance Philosophy (Filos. tis Anagennisis)                               Logothetis, K.               Grk
1900.090 Neotera Filosofia, Mod. Philosophy Vol. A                                     Logothetis, K.               Grk
1900.100 Neotera Filosofia, Mod. Philosophy Vol. B                                     Logothetis, K.               Grk
1900.111 Histoire de Philosophie, Revol. Kantienne                                     Encycl. De la Pleiade        Grk
1900.112 Histoire de la Philosophie, 19th Century                                      Encycl. De la Pleiade        Grk
1900.113 Histoire de la Philosophie,19-20th Cent.                                      Encycl. De la Pleiade        Grk
1900.114 Histoire de la Philosophie, 20th Century                                      Encycl. De la Pleiade        Grk
1900.120 Logiki, (Logic)                                                               Voreas, Theophilos           Grk
1900.121 Introduction to Logic, 10th edition, (includes a CD ROM)                      Copi, Irving & Cohen, Carl
1900.130 Amfisvitisi tou Theou kai Antimachomenes Apodikseis                           Katrakis, Andreas            Grk
1900.170 Given to Praise                                                               Mills, Kenneth
1900.180 Dialogoi se Monastiri                                                         Tsatsos, Const.              Grk
1900.190 Dialogues in a Monastery                                                      Tsatsos, Const.
1900.200 Healing the Family Tree                                                       McAll, Kenneth
1900.210 Classical Theory of Relations                                                 Cavarnos, Const.
1900.220 WHO is God?                                                                   Pennock, Dee
                                                                                                                             11   9/27/2013

1900.230 Why I am not a Christian and other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects   Russel, Bertrand
1900.240 Conquest (the) of Happiness                                                  Russel, Bertrand
1900.250 Modern Greek Thought                                                         Cavarnos, Const.
1900.260 Kolymbithra Pnevmatikou Vaptismatos                                          Tsimanis, Pr.                   Grk
1900.270 The Edge of Objectivity, Kopsi tis Alithias                                  Gillispie, Charles              Grk
1900.280 Filosofika Meletimata                                                        Tatakis, B. N.                  Grk
           Philotheos - International Journal for Philosophy and Theology
                                                                                      Sijakovic, Bogoljub             Mult
1900.290 (in 4 Lang's), Vol.1
           Philotheos - International Journal for Philosophy and Theology
                                                                                      Sijakovic, Bogoljub             Mult
1900.300   (in 4 Lang's), Vol.4
1900.310   Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum, Volume 1                       Brailas-Armenis, Petros         Grk
1900.320   Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum, Volume 2                       Brailas-Armenis, Petros         Grk
1900.330   Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum, Volume 3 (missing)             Brailas-Armenis, Petros         Grk
1900.340   Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum, Volume 4                       Brailas-Armenis, Petros         Grk
1900.350   A New Philosophy and the Philosophical Sciences, Vol 1                     Makrakis, Apostolos
1900.360   A New Philosophy and the Philosophical Sciences, Vol 2                     Makrakis, Apostolos
1900.370   Formative Spirituality, Vol 1                                              Van Kaam, Adrian
1900.380   Formative Spirituality, Vol 2                                              Van Kaam, Adrian
1900.390   Formative Spirituality, Vol 3                                              Van Kaam, Adrian
1900.400   Alienation, Marx,s Conception of Man in Capitalistic Society               Ollman, Bertell
1900.410   Nikolai Fedorov: An Introduction                                           Young, George
           Religion in a Secular Age, Search for the Final Meaning
                                                                                      Cogley, John
1900.420   (Preface by A. Toynbee)
1900.430   Synoptiki Istoria tis Filosofias                                           Papalexandrou, K.               Grk
1900.440   Foundations of Knowledge (Anton, John transl. and ed)                      Papanoutsos, Evang.
1900.450 Anthropismos kai Theologia, Humanism and Theology                            Jaeger, Werner                  Grk
1900.460 Kazantzakis & h Kosmotheoria tou                                             Kassomenakis, I. S.             Grk
1900.470 The Saviors of God (spiritual exercises)                                     Kazantzakis, Nikos
1900.480 Meletimata Christianikis Filosofias                                          Tatakis, B. N.                  Grk
1900.490 Myth and Reality                                                             Eliade, Myrcea
1900.500 The Ontological Argument                                                     Plantinga, Alvin (trans)
1900.510 Christianiki Epanastasi (Christian Revolution)                               Psaroudakis, Nikolaos           Grk
1900.520 Epanastasi tis Agapis (Revolution of Love)                                   Psaroudakis, Nikolaos           Grk
1900.530 Exi Megaloi, Six Great Philosophers                                          Depos, George                   Grk
1900.540 Lexikon tis Philosophias                                                     Androutsos, Christos            Grk
1900.550 Das Kapital                                                                  Marx, Karl
1900.551 the Marx-Engels Reader                                                       Tucker, Robert
1900.552 Communist Manifesto (the) - fisrt publ. 1888                                 Marx, Karl
1900.560 Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit                                              Miller, A. V.
1900.570 Modern Age (the)                                                             Haberman, Arthur
1900.580 Themata Christianikis & ByzantinisFilosofias                                 Tatakis, B. N.                  Grk
1900.590 The Mansions of Philosophy                                                   Durant, Will
1900.591 The Story of Philosophy                                                      Durant, Will
1900.600 Skhediasma Eisagogis sti Filosofia                                           Yiannaras, Christos             Grk
1900.601 Peina kai Dipsa (Hunger and Thirst)                                          Yiannaras, Christos             Grk
1900.602 Protaseis Kritikis Ontologias                                                Yiannaras, Christos             Grk
1900.603 PostModern Metaphysics (Transl from Grk by Norman, Russel)                   Yiannaras, Christos
1900.610 Nineteenth Century Evolution and After                                       Dawson, Marshall
           Neon Prototypon Filosofikon Systima
                                                                                      Makrakis, Apostolos             Grk
1900.620 (a brief description of a 1600-page book)
1900.630 Filosofiko Lexiko, (6th edition)                                             Gikas, Socrates                 Grk
1900.640 Heroes and Heretics, Political History of Western Thought                    Dunbam, Barrows
1900.650 Philosophy of A. Schopenhauer                                                Bax, B, & Saunders, B. (tran)
1900.660 Schopenhauer, his Life and Philosophy                                        Zimmern, Helen
1900.670 Rilke, o Apodimitis, o Mystis, o Epoptis                                     Louvaris, N.                    Grk
1900.680 Faith and History                                                            Niebuhr, Reinhold
1900.690 The Courage to be                                                            Tillich, Paul
1900.720 To Sympan kai o Anthropos, Man and Univers in the American Philosophy        Cavarnos, Const.                Grk
1900.730 O Xristianismos kai I Epochi mas                                             Kanellopoulos, Pan.             Grk
1900.740 Eisagogi stin Filosofia (Introduction to Ph.)                                Theodoridis, X.                 Grk

           Communism and Christianism (collectors item)                               Montgomery, Brown (Bishop)      Grk
                                                                                                                                   12   9/27/2013

1900.760 Worrdly (the) Philosophers                                                      Heilbroner, Robert
1900.770 Political Ideas                                                                 Thomson, David (ed)
1900.780 Awakening (the) Earth, the Global Brain                                         Russel, Peter
1900.790 Meditations, Paths to Tranquillity                                              Russel, Peter
1900.800 Xristianismos kai Anthropismos, Christianity and Humanism                       Vasiliadis, Nikolaos                Grk
1900.801 Stoic, Christian and Humanist                                                   Murray, Gilbert
1900.802 Humanisme et The'ologie                                                         Jaeger, Werner                      Fr
1900.803 Contemporary European Philosophy                                                Bochenski, I. M.
1900.804 Istoria tis Synchronis Evropaikis Philosophias (Contemp. European Philosophy)   Bochenski, I. M.                    Grk
1900.805 Ancient Formal Logic and the Foundation of Mathematics                          Bochenski, I. M.
1900.806 Erasmus of Rotterdam a 500-year Symposium                                       DeMolen, Richard (ed)
1900.807 Polarity, a Philosophy of Tensions among Values                                 Norris, Louis
1900.808 Reason and Existenz                                                             Jaspers, Karl
1900.809 Initiation a la Methode Philosophique                                           Jaspers, Karl                       Fr
1900.810 Great Ideas Today (1967)                                                        Several
1900.811 Abdication of Philosophy = Abdication of Man                                    Rauche, G. A.
1900.812 Christian Scholar in the Age of Reformation                                     Harbison, E. Harris
1900.813 History of Philosophy, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Volume I                         Windelband, Wilhelm
1900.814 History of Philosophy, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Modern, Volume II            Windelband, Wilhelm
1900.815 Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, an Anthology, Volume 1                     Barrett, William and Aiken, Henry
1900.816 Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, an Anthology, Volume 2                     Barrett, William and Aiken, Henry
1900.817 Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, an Anthology, Volume 3                     Barrett, William and Aiken, Henry
1900.818 Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, an Anthology, Volume 4                     Barrett, William and Aiken, Henry
1900.819 History of Modern European Philosophy                                           Collins, James
1900.820 European Philosophers from Descartes to Nietzsche                               Beardsley, Monroe
1900.821 History of Philosophy, Vol. I (Missing)                                         Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.822 History of Philosophy, Mediaeval Philosophy, Augustine to Scotus, Vol. II       Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.823 History of Philosophy, Ockham to Suarez, Vol. III                               Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.824 History of Philosophy, Descartes to Leibniz, Vol. IV                            Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.825 History of Philosophy, Hobbes to Hume, Vol. V                                   Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.826 History of Philosophy, Wolff to Kant, Vol. VI                                   Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.827 History of Philosophy, Fiechte to Nietzsche, Vol. VII                           Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.828 History of Philosophy, Bentham to Russell, Vol. VIII                            Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1900.829 Nature of Philosophy, (an Introduction)                                         Thompson, Samuel
1900.830 Teaching of Philosophy, an International Enquiry                                Several
1900.831 Language, Truth and Logic                                                       Ayer, Alfred
1900.832 Basic Thoughts of Philosophy and Religion                                       Shaw, Charles
1900.833 Humanities in American Life (a Report to the Commission)                        Several
1900.834 Approach to Philosophy                                                          Hawkins, D. J.
1900.835 Four Philosophies and their Practice in Education and Religion                  Butler, J. D.
1900.836 Parallel l Developments, a comparative History of Ideas                         Nakamura, Hajime
1900.837 Platonism in the Midwest                                                        Anderson, Paul
1900.838 Five Philosophers, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, Kant, James                      Wheelwright, Philip et al (ed)
1900.839 Faith Beyond Humanism                                                           Williams, David
1900.840 Introduction to Modern Philosophy                                               Castell, Alburey
1900.841 New World of Philosophy                                                         Kaplan, Abraham
1900.842 Readings in 20th Century Philosophy                                             Alston, W. & Nakhnikian, G.
1900.843 A Critique of Logical Positivism                                                Joad, C. E. M.
1900.844 Guide to Philosophy                                                             Joad, C. E. M.
           I Believe, the Personal Philosophies of Certain Eminent Men
                                                                                         Fadiman, Clifton (ed)
1900.845 and Women of Our Times
1900.846 Idealist Tradition, from Berkley to Blanshard                                   Ewing, A. C.

           Between Experience and Metaphysics                                            Amsterdamski, Stefan

           Present Day Relevance of 18th Century Thought                                 McCutcheon, Roger
1900.849 An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding                                       Hume, David
1900.850 Scientific Humanism and Christian Thought                                       Dubarle, D.
1900.851 Thus Spoke Zarathustra                                                          Nietzsche, Friedrich
1900.852 Beyond Good and Evil (trasl. & Comment. By Walter Kaufmann)                     Nietzsche, Friedrich
1900.853 Beyond Good and Evil                                                            Nietzsche, Friedrich
1900.854 Beyond Good and Evil                                                            Nietzsche, Friedrich
1900.855 Whitman and Nietzsche (a comparison)                                            Stavrou, C. N.
1900.856 Portable Nietzsche (the)                                                        Kaufmann, Walter
1900.857 Concise History of Logic                                                        Leidecker, Kurt
                                                                                                                  13   9/27/2013

1900.858 Seventeenth Century Background                                       Willey, Basil
1900.859 Philosophic Classics - Bacon to Kant                                 Kaufmann, Walter
1900.860 Symposium on Kant (Tulane Studies in Philosophy)                     Several
1900.861 From Descartes to Cant                                               Smith, T. V. (ed)
1900.862 Kant's Conception of God                                             England, F. E.
1900.863 Kant's Moral Religion                                                Wood, Allen
1900.864 Kant - a Collection of Critical Essays                               Wolff, Robert (ed)
1900.865 Berkeley, Hume and Kant                                              Smith, T. V. (ed)
1900.866 Francis Bacon, the Tember of a Man                                   Bowen, Catherine
1900.867 Francis Bacon, a Critical Review                                     Lovejoy, B. G.
1900.868 Critical (a) History of Western Philosophy                           O'Connor, D.J.
1900.869 Philosophy of Benedict de Spinoza (original in Latin)                Elwes, R. H. M. (transl)
1900.870 Philosophy of Spinoza, selections (original in Latin)                Ratner, Joseph
1900.871 Ethics (the) of Hobbes                                               Sneathe, E. H. (ed)
1900.872 An Essay on Man - An Introduction to a Philosophy of Human Culture   Cassirer, Ernst
1900.873 Philosophy of the Enlightenment                                      Cassirer, Ernst
1900.874 Evolution and the Founders of Pragmatism                             Wiener, Phlip
1900.875 Knowledge of Man (the) - a Philosophy of the Interhuman              Buber, Martin
1900.876 Revival of the Greek Thought, 1620-1830                              Henderson, G. P.
1900.877 Humanism as a Philosophy                                             Lamont, Corliss
1900.878 Truth and Method                                                     Gadamer, Hans-Georg
1900.879 Literature of Possibility, a Study in Humanistic Existentialism      Barnes, Hazel
1900.880 Humanist Frame (the)                                                 Huxley, Julian (nobel) (ed)
1900.881 Early Reception of Berkeley's Immaterialism, 1710-33                 Bracken, Harry
1900.882 Original Minds ( Noam Chomsky, Desmond Tutu, Umberto Eco et al)      Wachtel, Eleanor
1900.883 Source of Human Good (the)                                           Wieman, Henry
1900.884 Symbol and Reality (Studies in the Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer)     Hamburg, Carl
1900.885 Hegel and the History of Philosophy (1972 Conference Proceedings)    O'Malley, J. et al (ed)
1900.886 Experience and its Systematization (Studies in Kant)                 Rotenstreich, Nathan
1900.887 Creation and Metaphysics                                             Thibault, Herve
1900.888 Philosophy of George Santayana                                       Schilpp, Paul (ed)
1900.889 Tradition via Heidegger                                              Deely, John
1900.890 Practice of Philosophy (a Handbook for Beginners)                    Rosenberg, Jay
1900.891 On Karl Marx                                                         Bloch, Ernst
1900.892 Nihilism of John Dewey                                               Crosser, Paul
1900.893 Meaning and Necessity - a Study in Semantics and Modal Logic         Carnap, Rudolf
1900.894 Phenomenology in America - Studies in the Philosophy of Experience   Edie, James (ed)
1900.895 Wittgenstein, the Philosophical Investigations                       Pitcher, George (ed)
1900.896 Word and Object                                                      Van Orman, Willard
1900.897 Utilitarianism, For and Against                                      Smart, J.J & Williams, B.
1900.898 Theory of Knowledge                                                  Yolton, John
1900.899 Kierkegaard, a Short Life of                                         Lowrie, Walter
1900.900 Perceiving, Sensing, and Knowing (2oth Century Philosophy)           Swartz, Robert (ed)
1900.901 Aforismoi kai Dialogismoi (Proti Seira)                              Tsatsos, Const.               Grk
1900.902 Aforismoi kai Dialogismoi (Defteri Seira)                            Tsatsos, Const.               Grk
1900.903 Modern Greek Philosophers on the Human Soul                          Cavarnos, Const.
1900.904 Revolution of Hope                                                   Fromm, Erich
1900.905 The Sociology of Religion (first publ. 1922)                         Weber, Max
1900.906 Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism                        Weber, Max
1900.907 Protestantism and Capitalism, the Weber Thesis and its Critics       Green, Robert et al (ed)
1900.908 Ethike (ithiki) Vol. 4, - History of Ethics, Social Ethics etc       Voreas, Theofilos             Grk
1900.909 Myth, Cosmos and Society                                             Lincoln, Bruce
1900.910 Gods and the One God                                                 Grant, Robert
1900.911 Man, Morals and History                                              McCown, Chester
1900.912 Christian Values and Economic Life                                   Bennet, John et al
1900.913 Psychiki Pighi tis Threskeias (Intro by Louvaris, N)                 Berggrav, F                   Grk
1900.914 Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth                                        Harding, D. E.
1900.915 Historiography, Secular and Religious                                Clark, Gordon
1900.916 The Utopia (and partial Biography of Thomas More)                    More, Thomas
1900.917 Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics                                Kant, Immanuel
1900.918 Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals (Immanuel Kant)               Patton, H. J. (transl)
1900.919 God and Man                                                          Bloom, Anthony (Archbishop)
1900.920 Atheism in our Time                                                  Lepp, Ignace
                                                                                                                              14   9/27/2013

1900.921 Celebration of Discipline                                                      Foster, Richard
1900.922 To Noema tis Zois (transl. from German)                                        Hessen, Johannes               Grk
1900.923 Philosophy and Faith                                                           Shatz, David
1900.924 Elementary Forms of the Religious Life (transl. from French)                   Durkheim, Emile
           O Aitheras, o Theos kai o Diabolos (Ether, God and Devil)
1900.925 see Biography of W. Reich in sect. 9200                                        Reich, Willhelm                Grk
1900.926 On Liberty - Annotated Text etc (Edited by David Spitz)                        Mill, John Stuart
           Cinq Essais Philosophiques - Five Philosophical Essays -
                                                                                        Tsetoung, Mao                  Fr
1900.927 (Mao's "Little Red Book")
1900.928 a Dictionary of Common Philosophical Terms                                     Pence, Gregory
1900.929 Philosophy: the Historical Turn Conference Transactions)                       Noutsos, Pan. (ed)
1900.998 A Study of History (in 2 Vols, abridged by Somervel) (shelved in class 9900)   Toynbee, Arnold
1900.853 Portable Nietzsche (the)                                                       Kaufmann, Walter

1940.000 PHILOSOPHY MODERN - FRANCE                                                     ******
1940.010 Pense'es de Pascal (texte de l'edition Brunschvigg)                            Pascal, Blaise                 Fr
1940.020 Pense'es (presente' par Jean Guitton)                                          Pascal, Blaise                 Fr
1940.030 Thoughts of Blaise Pascal                                                      Paul, C. Kegan (transl)
1940.040 Pascal, his Life and Works                                                     Mesnard, Jean
1940.050 Ueber die Religion (from Pascal's, "Les Pensees"                               Wasmuth, Ewald (transl)        "Ger
1940.060 Pascal's Pensees                                                               Trotter, W. F. (trans)
1940.070                                                                                Spare for future addition
1940.080 True Humanism                                                                  Marutain, Jacques
1940.090 Communisme Platonitien et Marxisme                                             Bello, C.
1940.100 Voltaire,s Philosophical Dictionary                                            Voltaire
1940.110 The Making of Mind (Letters from a Soldier-Priest)                             De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.120 The Phenomenon of Man                                                          De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.130 The Future of Man Transl Denny Norman)                                         De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.140 The Divine Milieu                                                              De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.150 Human Energy                                                                   De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.160 Letters from a Traveller                                                       De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.180 The Future of Man Transl Denny Norman)                                         De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.190 Science and Christ                                                             De Chardin, Pierre,Teihard
1940.200 The Religion of Teilhard de Chardin                                            Lubac, Henri
1940.210 Philosophia tou Bergson                                                        Imvriotis, Giannis             Grk
1940.220 Pnevma kai Eleftheria, (Spirit and Freedom)                                    Berdyaev, Nicolas              Grk
1940.230 Peri Proorismou tou Anthropou                                                  Berdyaev, Nicolas              Grk
1940.231 Marxismos kai Xristianismos (Marxism and Christianity, shelved at 3200.811)    Berdyaev, Nicolas              Grk
1940.232 Gia tin Koinoniki Anisotita                                                    Berdyaev, Nicolas              Grk
1940.240 De l'esclavage et de la Liberte' de l'homme                                    Berdyaev, Nicolas              Fr
1940.241 Introduction to Berdyaev                                                       Clarke, Oliver
1940.250 Les Philosophes, Philosophers of the Enlightenment and Modern Democracy        Torrey, Norman (ed)
1940.260 Faith (the) of Men (Meditations Inspired by Teihard de Chardin)                Lepp, Ignace
1940.270 Three Reformers, Luther - Descartes - Rousseau                                 Maritain, Jacques
1940.280 Two Sources of Morality and Religion                                           Bergson, Henri
1940.290 Meditations and Selections from the Principles of Philosophy                   Descartes, Rene'
1940.300 The Lord of History                                                            Danielou, Jean
1940.310 Emmanuel Mounier and the New Catholic Left, 1930-1950                          Hellman, John
1940.320 Descartes, "Discours dr la Methode"                                            Mazauric, Simone (ed)          Fr
1940.330 The Confessionsof Jean Jacques Rousseau                                        Rousseau, Jean
1940.380 Concise Dictionary of Existentialism                                           Winn, Ralph
1940.390 L'existentialisme est un Humanisme                                             Sartre, Jean-Paul              Fr
1940.391 Existentialism & Humanism (transl. of L'Existantialisme est un Humanisme)      Sartre, Jean-Paul
1940.400 Existentialism and Human Emotions                                              Sartre, Jean-Paul
1940.410 Existential Psychoanalysis (from L etre et le Neant)                           Sartre, Jean-Paul
1940.420 Introduction aux Existentialismes                                              Mounier, Emmanuel
1940.430 Irrational Man. A Study in Existential Philosophy                              Barrett, William
1940.440 Existence and the Existent                                                     Galantiere, Lewis et al (ed)
                                                                                                                          15   9/27/2013

1940.450 Existentialism versus Marxism, Conflicting Views on Humanism               Novack, George
1940.460 Christianity and Existentialism                                            Spier, J. M.
1940.470 Existentialism and the Modern Predicament                                  Heinemann, F. H.
1940.480 The worlds of Existentialism, a Critical Reader                            Friedman, Maurice
1940.490 The Challenge of Existentialism                                            Wild, Johm
1940.500 Existentialism, Religion, and Death                                        Kaufmann, Walter
1940.510 Layman's Introduction to Religious Existenialism                           Norowitz, Eugene
1940.520 Existentialism and Modern Man                                              Copleston, Frederick, S.J.
1940.530 Essays in Existentialism                                                   Sartre, Jean-Paul
1940.540 Existentialism                                                             Solomon, Robert (ed)
2000.000 RELIGION                                                                   *******
2000.990 Books in Folder RELIGION
3000.000 SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                            *******
3000.010 Sociology (Univ. Textbook)                                                 Lundberg, G. et al
3000.020 Koinoniki kai Politiki Agogi (Textbook)                                    Petropoulos, Nicholas (ed)     Grk
3000.030 Anthropogeografia                                                          Derruau, Max                   Grk
3000.040 Koinoniki Pronoia (Social Welfare)                                         Stathopoulos, Petros           Grk
3000.050 Enimerotikon Tefxos Epitropis Paideias                                     Several Committees             Grk
3000.060 Geniko Evretirio tou Istorikou Arxeiou tis Ethnikis Trapezas               Liata, Eftyxia                 Grk
3000.070 To Zitima ton Trapezon                                                     Dertilis, George               Grk
           Folkways, a Study of Sociological Importance of Usages,
3000.080 Manners, Customs etc                                                       Sumner, William

3000.090 Poverty in Canada and the United States                                    Schlesinger, Benjamin
3000.100 Zion Reconsidered                                                          Petuchowski, Jacob
3000.110 To Biblio tis Zois                                                         Gray, Martin                   Grk
3000.120 Immigration and Multiculturalism                                           Several
3000.130 Neanika Geramata                                                           Keramida, Sofia                Grk
3000.140 Learn to Grow Old                                                          Tournier, Paul
3000.150 Prin apo to Ksekinima                                                      Tsatsos, Const.                Grk
3000.160 Grammata stin Katerina, (Letters to Karen)                                 Shedd, Charlie                 Grk
3000.170 Alithia gia ta Narkotika, (the Truth about Narcotics)                      Avramidis, Athan.              Grk
3000.180 Oneness of Politics and Religion                                           Eliopoulos, N.
3000.190 The Meaning of Persons                                                     Tournier, Paul
3000.200 The Book of Lists                                                          Wallace, Irving & Amy
3000.210 Votre Pensee pour Tout (The Power of Positive Thinking)                    Peale, Norman                  Fr
3000.220 How to win Friends and Influence People                                    Carnegie, Dale
3000.230 The Family (Cradle of Culture, Strength of Nation)                         Several
3000.240 Wedded or Wedlocked?                                                       Kalellis, Peter
3000.250 Metafysiko Hmerologio                                                      Vasileiou, G.
3000.260 Ellipsis Isoropias ston Kosmo (Lack of Equilibrium among States)           Lebon                          Grk
3000.270 An Introduction to Marital Problems                                        Dominian, Jack
3000.280 The Communication of Ideas                                                 Several
3000.290 Homosexuality                                                              West, D. J.
3000.300 Seven Laws of Success                                                      Armstrong, Herbert
3000.310 Buiding Happy Memories and Family Traditions                               Birkey, Verna et al
3000.320 Staying Afloat when the Water gets Rough                                   Posen, David
3000.330 The Canadian Fact Book on Poverty, 1989                                    Ross, David et all
3000.340 Oi Neoi kai to Alcohol (Young and Alcohol)                                 Toth, Tichamer, Mgr            Grk
3000.350 Penitentiary Chaplaincy - a Living Tradition                               James, J.T.L.
3000.360 Les Familles Canadiennes                                                   Several                        Fr
3000.370 Le Multiculturalisme comm Politique d' Etat (Conference Papers)            Several                        Fr
3000.380 ********* Communications ********
3000.381 Microphone Wars - a History of Triumph and Betrayal at the Canadian B.C.   Nash, Knowlton
3000.382 You Can Say that Again - a Fun Approach to Public Speaking                 Rogers, Bruce
3000.383 What would GOOGLE Do? (also listed in Computer Class)                      Jarvis, Jeff
3000.400 Gamos Etaires kai Paiderastia stin Archaia Ellada                          Reinsberg, Carola               Grk
3000.401 Godesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves - Women in Classical Antiquity         Pomeroy, Sarah
3000.402 Women's Life in Greece & Rome                                              Lefkowitz, Mary & Fant, Maureen
3000.403 the Conribution of Ancient Greece                                          Strain, Jacqueline
3000.410 Keimena gia tin Orthodoksi Ekklisia mas                                    Roussas, Anthimos               Grk
3000.420 Koinofeles Idryma Alexandros Onasis, (The Onasis Foundation)               Several                         Grk
                                                                                                                    16   9/27/2013

3000.430 Transactions in Families                                                  Papajohn, John et al
3000.440 Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe                                       Boswell, John
3000.450 Religion in Sociological Perspectives                                     Roberts, Keith
3000.460 Eisagogika Mathemata Koinoniologias                                       Tsakonas, Demetrios        Grk
3000.461 Anthologia Koinoniologikon Keimenon                                       Tsakonas, Demetrios        Grk
3000.462 Eisagogi eis tin Koinoniologia                                            Tsakonas, Demetrios        Grk
3000.480 The Way Finders - CBC Massey Lectures                                     Davis, Wade
3000.490 Reinhold Niebuhr (his religious, social & political thought               Kegley, Ch. Et al (ed)
3000.500 The Credo for a New Society (transl from Greek)                           Kokkinos, Panos (transl)
3000.510 Ta Thavmata (Miracles that affect People)                                 von Daniken, Erich         Grk
3000.520 World Almanac (Commemorative Edition)                                     Foley, June et al
3000.530 Childhood (Companion to Public TV series)                                 Konner, Melvin
3000.540 Performance Appraisal                                                     Patten, Thomas
3000.550 H Pankosmia Diastasi tou Ellinikou Politismou                             Fouyas, Methodios          Grk
3000.560 To Fos kai to Taksidi (Light and Voyage)                                  Pavlos, George             Grk
3000.570 Ellinismos kai Ellinikotita                                               Several                    Grk
3000.580 O Pnevmaticos Igetis (Spiritual Leader)                                   Kolitsaras, Ioannis        Grk
3000.590 Metaksi ton dyo Polemon (1925-40)                                         Papakostas, Serafeim       Grk
3000.600 The "Past" in Medieval and Modern Greek Culture                           Vryonis, Spyros (ed)
3000.610 Ending Hunger, an Idea whose Time has come                                Several
3000.620 34 Xronia Zois kai Prosforas, 1962-96                                     Several                    Grk
3000.630 Stydy of Mind, Sects and Cults in Ontario                                 Hill, Daniel (ed)
3000.640 O Kosmos tis Ellinidos (magazines)                                        Several                    Grk
3000.650 Anthropismos, Vol. A                                                      Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.651 Anthropismos, Vol. B                                                      Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.652 Anthropismos, Vol. C                                                      Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.701 Periodiko Syzitisi Vol. A                                                 Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.702 Periodiko Syzitisi Vol. B                                                 Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.703 Periodiko Syzitisi Vol. C                                                 Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.704 Periodiko Syzitisi Vol. D                                                 Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.705 Periodiko Syzitisi Vol. E                                                 Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.706 Periodiko Syzitisi Vol. F                                                 Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.710 Gia mia Poreia me Epignosi                                                Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.720 Oi Neoi kai I Epochi mas                                                  Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.730 Emeis oi Ellenes                                                          Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.740 Gia ta Ellenika Niata                                                     Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.750 Gia na Epizisei I Demokratia                                              Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.761 H Pistis os Vioma Vol A                                                   Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.762 H Pistis os Vioma Vol B                                                   Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.763 H Pistis os Vioma Vol C                                                   Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.764 H Pistis os Vioma Vol D                                                   Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.765 H Pistis os Vioma Vol E (missing)                                         Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.766 H Pistis os Vioma Vol F                                                   Tsiritsanis, Alexander     Grk
3000.780 Modern Times in the Light of Christianity                                 Tsiritsanis, Alexander
3000.790 Man in his World                                                          Wells, Calvin
3000.800 Stin Kolasi ton Narkotikon                                                Zampelis, Gerasimos        Grk
3000.801 The Greeks, their Heritage, and its Value Today                           Constantelos, Demetrios
3000.802 Where the Imagination comes to Life                                       Naylor, David
3000.803 Hunger Bites, Bite Back (a 40 min. VHS Video)                             Several
3000.804 Generation of Vipers                                                      Wylie, Philip
3000.805 When Bad Thinks happen to Good People                                     Kushner, Harold
3000.806 Beyond Culture                                                            Hall, Edward
3000.807 A Separate Reality                                                        Castaneda, Carlos
3000.808 Dos Moi touton ton Xenon (Give to me this Foreigner! -about Immigrants)   Kamperidis, Lambros        Grk
3000.809 War is a Force that Gives us Meaning                                      Hedges, Chris
3000.810 The Boomer Factor                                                         Bibby, Reginald
3000.811 Controlling People (Great Advice about how to stand up for Yourself)      Evans Patricia
3000.812 The Power of Positive Living                                              Peale, Norman
3000.813 Will California become America's first failed State?                      Unnamed
3000.814 the Mass Media in Canada                                                  Vipond, Mary
3000.815 Price of Honor - Moslem Women lift the Veil of Silence                    Goodwin, Jan
                                                                                                                                17   9/27/2013

3000.816 H Ekklesia stin Epochi mas                                                    Alexiou, Spyros                    Grk
3000.817 the Amazing Power of Deliberate Intend                                        Hicks, Esther & Jerry
3000.818 the Action Sandwich - a Six Step Recipe to Success                            Frey, Alan
3000.819 I am America (and so Can You!)                                                Colbert Stephen
3000.820 the Chinese - Portrait of a People                                            Fraser, John
3000.821 Tuesday with Morrie                                                           Albom, Mitch
3000.822 O Orkos dia meou twn Aiwnwn                                                   Kosmopoulos, Thukydides            Grk
3000.823 Mystika Anthi - Keimena gia tis Axies tis Orthodoxis Zois                     Kontoglou, Fotis                   Grk
3000.824 Aggalia me ton Eafto mas                                                      Stavropoulou, Demi                 Grk
3000.825 Kalon to Giras (Old age)                                                      Drakos, Georgios                   Grk
3000.826 Eros kai Thanatos                                                             Stamoulis, Chrysostomos            Grk
3000.827 Meditations                                                                   Moore, Thomas
3000.828 To Megaleio tis Spartis - (trnsl by Th. Darviris of Spartan Reflections)      Cartledge, Paul                    Grk
3000.829 Hmwn twn Idiwn (Imon ton Idion)                                               Haritopoulos, Dionysis             Grk
3000.830 Encheiridio Vlakeias                                                          Haritopoulos, Dionysis             Grk
3000.831 Apopeires Dialogou                                                            Delitheos, Andreas                 Grk
3000.832 Riksi - Gia na Kanoume tin Krisi Efkairia                                     Papathemelis, Stelios              Grk
                                                                                       Inkeles, Alex - Coleman, James &
           Annual Review of Sociology - Vols. #3 (1977) to #4 and #10 to #23 (1997)
3000.980                                                                               Smelser, Neil
3200.000 POLITICAL SCIENCE                                                             *****
3200.010 Greece, Your Strategic Partner in the New Millenium                           Several
3200.020 Osmaniki Pragmatikotita, Vol. I                                               Sarris, Neokles                    Grk
3200.030 Osmaniki Pragmatikotita, Vol. II                                              Sarris, Neokles                    Grk
3200.040 Decade of Shocks, Dallas to Watergate                                         Shachtman, Tom
3200.050 Temples of Chance (Control of Casino Business)                                Johnston, David
3200.060 The Prince                                                                    Machiavelli, Nicolo
3200.070 The Prince and the Discourses                                                 Machiavelli, Nicolo
3200.080 H Krisi ton Ethnon kai h Apostoli tou Helinismou                              Pierios, An                        Grk
3200.090 Malthusianism, To Egglima tis Genoktonias                                     Dionysatos, Gabr.                  Grk
3200.100 Meta ton Communismo, After Communism                                          Haarscher, Guy et al (ed)          Grk
3200.110 College et Famille (Revue d'Education a Quebec)                               Several                            Fr
3200.120 What Development is all about                                                 Roche, Douglas
3200.130 In God's Name (Investigation on the Death of Pope John Paul I)                Yallop, David
3200.140 Turkey' Violation of Human Rights in Cyprus                                   Several
3200.150 Violations of Human Rights in Soviet Occupied Lithuania                       Several
3200.160 Gia mia Anoixti Koinonia (Towards an Open Society)                            Stefanopoulos, Kostas              Grk
3200.170 Katigoro, (I accuse)                                                          Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.180 Skoteines Dynameis kai Xristianismos                                          Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.190 Gia ena Oikonomiko Modelo                                                     Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.200 Epanastasi tis Agapis                                                         Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.210 To Katestimeno ypo to fos tou Xristianismou                                   Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.220 Gia mia Xristianiki Democratia                                                Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.230 Anazitontas ti Demokratia                                                     Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.240 Epistimonikos Socialismos kai Koinonikos Xristianismos                        Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.250 H Xristianiki Epanastasi, (Filosofia tis Epanastasis)                         Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.260 Christianisme Social et Socialisme Scientifique                               Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Fr
3200.270 Paideia kai Democratia                                                        Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.280 To Epigeio Sxedio tou Theou                                                   Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.290 Diakiriksi tis Xristianikis Demokratias , The Manifesto of Christ.Democracy   Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.291 Apo tin Pinakothiki tis Koinonias                                             Psaroudakis, Nikolaos              Grk
3200.300 O Favlos Kyklos tis Vias                                                      Camara, Helder                     Grk

3200.310 Le Souffle de l'esprit                                                        Patriarche, Bartholomeos           Fr
3200.320 H Diorganosi mias Theokratikis Politeias                                      Basilopoulos, Ath                  Grk
3200.330 H Koinonia tou Mellontos                                                      Akritas, T.                        Grk
                                                                                                                          18   9/27/2013

3200.340 Istoria kai Pragmatikotis, History and Reality                           Arnellos, Gabriel                 Grk
3200.350 Epanastasis kai to Mellon tis Demokratias                                Koumantakis, George               Grk
3200.360 What is Secular Humanism?                                                Hitchcock, James
3200.370 The Credo for a New Society (transl from Greek)                          Baccandreas, Ath.
3200.380 Timioi me tin Eleftheria                                                 Papathemelis, Stelios             Grk
3200.390 Liberalism and the Limits of Justice                                     Sandel, Michael
3200.400 H Elleniki Polis (La cite Grecque) The Greek City                        Glotz, Gustave                    Grk
3200.410 Politics, Observations & Arguments, 1966-2004                            Hertzberg, Hendrik
3200.420 Walden and the Essay on Civil Disobedience                               Thoreau, Henry
3200.430 Giati den eimai Marxist                                                  Meletis, George                   Grk
3200.440 Encountering Marx                                                        Lochman, Jan
3200.450 Politiki kai Techni                                                      Polydoras, Byron                  Grk
3200.451 Akadimaikes Protaseis                                                    Polydoras, Byron                  Grk
3200.452 O Logos tou Theou, o Logos tou Politikou …                               Polydoras, Byron                  Grk
3200.453 Thetikos Logos                                                           Polydoras, Byron                  Grk
3200.460 Kratos, Koinonia, Ergasia sti Metapolemiki Ellada                        Tsoukalas, Konstantinos           Grk
3200.470 the World is Flat - a Brief History of the 21st Century                  Friedman, Thomas
3200.490 H Syrriknosi tou Ellenismou                                              Revmiotis, Megas                  Grk
3200.500 Apo tin Krisi tou Martiou 1987 sto Davos 1988                            Soltaridis, Symeon                Grk
3200.510 Politiki                                                                 Tsatsos, Const.                   Grk
3200.511 Human Rights                                                             Tsatsos, Const.
3200.512 Apochairetismos (Farewell)                                               Tsatsos, Const.                   Grk
3200.513 Omilies 1975 - 1977 (President of Greece)                                Tsatsos, Const.                   Grk
3200.520 Markings                                                                 Hammarskjold, Dag
3200.530 The Path to Leadership                                                   Montgomery, Field Marshal
3200.540 Perestroika, O Laos kai I Dynami                                         Delikostopoulos, Athan.           Grk
3200.550 The Economist World Atlas and Almanac                                    Several
3200.560 Book of World Rankings                                                   Kurian, John
3200.570 The Canadian Revolution, 1985 - 1995                                     Newman, Peter
3200.571 The Distemper of our Times - Canadian Politics : 1963-68 (autographed)   Newman, Peter
3200.572 Blank space
3200.580 The North Americans                                                      Christopher, James
3200.590 Canada, One Hundred, 1867-1967                                           Unnamed
3200.600 Conspectus of Canada, 1967 Cent.Year                                     Several
3200.610 Declaration of (American) Independence                                   Becker, Carl
3200.620 Fate (the) of the Earth                                                  Schell, J.
3200.630 Lenin's Selected Works                                                   Lenin, V.
3200.640 Fidel and Religion                                                       Frei, Betto
3200.650 Selected Works (political speeches, Nov. 1941 - Oct.1948)                Enver, Hoxha
3200.660 Quebec Inc. (French-Canadian Business Elite)                             Fraser, Matthew
3200.661 Letters to a Quebecois Friend                                            Resnick, Philip
3200.670 Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada                            Dumas, Jean& Belanger A
3200.680 Pierre Trudeau, Lifting the Shadow of War                                Crenna, David
3200.681 Mr. Speaker (of the Canadian Parliament) (autographed)                   Jerome, James
3200.690 The Trouble with Canada (a Citizen speaks out)                           Gairdner, William
3200.691 War against the Family                                                   Gairdner, William
3200.700 Interpreting Canada's Past,(Post-Confederation)                          Bumsted, J. M.
3200.710 Towards a Just Society (the Trudeau Years)                               Axworthy, Th. & Trudeau, Pierre
3200.720 Politics in Canada, (Culture, Institutions and Public Policy)            Jackson, Robert and Doreen
3200.730 NPQ Periodical (Elliniki Ekdosi)                                         Several                           Grk
3200.740 The Secular City Debate                                                  Callhan, Daniel (ed)
3200.750 H Neoelliniki Taftotita                                                  Yiannaras, Christos               Grk
3200.760 the Culture of Contentment                                               Galbraith, John
                                                                                  Goodman, Paul - Galbraith, J. -
           the Lost Massey Lectures                                               Jacobs, Jane - Kierans, Eric &
3200.761 (recovered Classics from Five Great Thinkers                             Martin Luther King
3200.762 Political Education- Coming of Age in Paris and New York                 Schiffrin, Andre'
3200.763 Angler - The Cheney Vice Presidency                                      Gellman, Barton
3200.770 The Republic of Cyprus, an Overview                                      Several
3200.780 The Mackenzie Papers on various subjects #2, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18       Several
3200.790 Structure (the) of Scientific Revolutions                                Kuhn, Thomas
3200.791 H Atheati Plevra tou PASOK                                               Hondrokoukis, Demetrios           Grk
3200.792 Escape from Freedom                                                      Fromm, Erich
                                                                                                                                19   9/27/2013

           Hmerologio mias Diadromis - Apo tin Iatriki stous Giatrous Horis Synora
3200.793 (Doctors without Borders)                                                   Voudouris, Odysseas, M.D.            Grk
           Pericles Funeral Oration - a Hymne to Democracy
3200.800 (special Edition in Greek and English)                                      Thucidides
3200.801 Antepithesi, Protaseis gia ta Ethnika mas Themata                           Papathemelis, Stelios
3200.802 Day (the) the Dollar Dies                                                   Cantelon, Willard
           30 Chronia apo to Syntagma tou 1975
3200.803 (includes all the Greek Constitutions since 1820)                           Several                              Grk
3000.804 Greek Heritage, (the American Quarterly of Greek Culture) Vol. II, No. 6    Friar, Kimon (ed)
3200.805 Canadian and World Studies (Textb. For Gr. 9 &10)                           Several
3200.806 Canadian and World Studies (Textb. For Gr.11 & 12)                          Several
3200.807 Le Royame de Dieu et le Royame de Cesar                                     Levyne, Emmanuel                     Fr
3200.808 Antisemitism                                                                Park, James
3200.809 Jew and the Cross (the)                                                     Runes, Dagobert
3200.810 Denying Human Rights & Ethnic Identity                                      Several
3200.811 Marxismos kai Xristianismos (Marxism and Christianity, see 1940.231)        Berdyaev, Nicolas                    Grk
3200.812 Xristianismos kai Communismos sti Rossia kai ston Kosmo                     Unnamed                              Grk
3200.813 Orthodoxia kai Marxismos (Orthodoxy and Marxism)                            Several                              Grk
3200.814 Exile for Ever                                                              Kovacs, Tibor
           Ta Politika Kommata ton Archaion Athinon,
                                                                                     Stergiopoulos, K. D.                 Grk
3200.815 Political Parties in Ancient Athens, Vol. B', (shelved as 9381.271)
           Cinq Essais Philosophiques - Five Philosophical Essays -
                                                                                     Tsetoung, Mao                        Fr
3200.817 (Mao's "Little Red Book") (shelved as 1900.927)
3200.818 Burma Crackdown _ Repression of 2007                                        Several
         Slavic Review - American Quarterly of Russian, Eurasian
3200.819 and East European Studies, Fall 99
         Slavic Review - American Quarterly of Russian, Eurasian
3200.820 and East European Studies, Winter 99
3200.821 Diaspora - a Journal of Transnational Studies, Vol. 9.1                     Several
3200.822 Genocide Studies and Prevention, Vol.3.3                                    Several
3200.823 the last Wave - Oil, War and Financial Upheaval (autogr. by author)         Czeschin, Robert
3200.824 I.O.U.S.A. - One Nation Under Stress in Debt                                Wiggin, Addison & Incontrera, K.
3200.825 the Friendly Dictatorship (autographed by Author)                           Simpson, Jeffrey
3200.826 Sources of English Constitutional History                                   Stephenson, Carl & Marcham, F.
3200.827 Esostrefia - Realizing and confronting a neo-Greek Phaenomenon              several                              Grk
         Palaimachoi (Veterans) selection from a series of RadioDiscussions
3200.828 on a variety of Social and Cultural Issues . Year 2003                      several                              Grk
         Palaimachoi (Veterans) selection from a series of Radio Discussions
3200.829 on a variety of Social and Cultural Issues . Year 2004                      several                              Grk
3200.830 Ottawa, Inside - Out, Power Prestige and Scandal                            Cameron, Stevie
3200.831 the Changing Anatomy of Britain                                             Sampson, Anthony
3200.832 Political Economy and the Changing Global Order                             Stubbs, Rich. & Underhill, Geof.
3200.833 the Trouble with Islam - a Wake-up Call for Honesty and Change              Manji, Irshad
3200.834 Weapons of Mass Deception (Destruction..!!??)                               Rampton, Sh. & Stauber, John
           CROSS REFERENCE: see 2890.010
           Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends                     Phelps, Eric Jon
3200.970   (The Diabolical History of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits))
3200.971   1. The History of Romanism (CD-ROM)                                       Dowling, John.
3200.972   2. History of the Jesuits. (CD-ROM)                                       Nicolini, G.B.(converted RC)
3200.973   3. Popery, Puseyism, and Jesuitism (CD-R)                                 Desanctis, Luigi(former RC priest)
3200.974   4. The Engineer Corps of Hell (in part) (CD-ROM)                          Sherman, Edwin A.
3200.975   5. Secret Instructions of the Jesuits (CD-ROM)                            Brownlee, W.C.
3200.976   6. The Black Pope (CD-ROM)                                                Cusack, M.F.(former RC Nun)
3200.977   7. The Jesuits (CD-ROM)                                                   Griesinger, Theodor
3200.978   8. The Footprints of the Jesuits (CD-ROM)                                 Thompson, R.W.
3200.979   9. The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk (CD-ROM)                           Monk, Maria.
3200.980   10. The Thrilling Mysteries of a Convent Revealed (CD-ROM)                Peterson, Mr.
3200.981   11. The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order (CD-ROM)          Leone, Abbate M.(jesuit novice)
3200.982   12. The Crisis: Or, The Enemies of America Unmasked (CD-ROM)              Laurens, J. Wayne
3200.983   13. Romanism as a World Power (CD-ROM)                                    Kauffman, Luther S.
                                                                                                                          20   9/27/2013

3200.990 Oikonomike Dome ton Balkanikon Khoron                                         Asdrachas, Spyros            Grk
3270.000 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS                                                       *****
3270.010 World Prospects-a contemporary study                                          Molyneux-Olsen
3270.020 Fallacy of Star Wars                                                          Several Scientists
3270.030 The Decadence of Judaism in our Time                                          Menuhin, Moshe
3270.040 The Wrath of Jonah                                                            Ruether, Herman & Rosemary
3270.050 The Keys of this Blood Pope vs Russia for Control                             Martin, Malachi
3270.060 Diethneis Skhseis, (Intrnational Reletions)                                   Several                      Grk
3270.070 Foreign Affairs (Periodical May June 2000)                                    Several
3270.080 Thesis, Journal of Foreign Policy Issues, Vol 2.1                             Several
3270.090 Thesis, Journal of Foreign Policy Issues, Vol. 2.2                            Several
3270.100 New Perspectives Quarterly, NPQ                                               Several                      Grk
3270.110 Romania in Europe and in the World                                            Iliescu, Ion
3270.120 Caucasus Chronicles 1993-94 (about Armenia)                                   Chrysanthopoulos, Leonidas
3270.130 Greek Minority of Istanbul and Greek-Turkish Relations, 1918-1974             Alexandris, Alexis
3270.140 International Status of the Ecoumenical Patriarchate                          Giannakakis, Basil
3270.141 International Relations - a Quarterly Review                                  several
3270.150 The Greeks of Turkey, Denying Human Rights                                    Several
3270.160 Turkish State Terror in the Eastern Provinces                                 Besiksi, Ismael
3270.170 H Syrriknosi tou Ellinismou                                                   Revmiotis, Megas             Grk
3270.180 Balkan Studies, Vol. 2.1                                                      Several
3270.190 Borders, Symbols, Stability (FYROM)                                           Several
3270.200 Synora, Symbola, Statherotita (FYROM)                                         Several                      Grk
           Memorandum of Greece concerning the Application of FYROM
3270.210   for admission to the UN
3270.220   Behind Albania's Iron Curtain                                               Sevastianos, Metropolitan
3270.230   Albania: Two papers on Violations of Human Rights                           Several
3270.240   Vatican - Moscow - Washington Alliance (the)                                Manhattan, Avro
3270.250   Black Sea in Crisis -a Symposium on Religion, Science and the Environment   Hobson, Sarah et al (ed)
3270.251   H Katarrefsi tis USSR - Synepeies gia to Ellenismo                          Agtzidis, Vlassis            Grk
3270.270 Embracing Cyprus. The Path to Unity in the New Europe                         Green, Pauline
3270.271 O Dromos pros tin Enomeni Evropi (for Cyprus)                                 Several                      Grk
3270.280 H Tourkiki Politiki stin Kypro                                                Several                      Grk
3270.290 The Republic of Cyprus, a Study in International Law                          Chrysostomides, Kypros
3270.300 From the East (Conflict and Partition in Cyprus)                              Yennaris, Costas
3270.310 Living with Nuclear Weapons (the Harvard Nuclear Study Group)                 Several
3270.320 A Woman Rides the Beast (the Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days)         Hunt, David
3270.360 Peace, Justice & Reconciliation in the Arab-Israeli Conflict                  Pratt, Cranford et al
3270.370 Ellada kai oi Geitones tis. (Interstate Co-operation)                         Hasiotis, I. K. (ed)         Grk
3270.380 Hersaia Synora tis Ellados                                                    Dimitrakopoulos, Hlias       Grk
3270.390 Vietnam, Why did we go?                                                       Manhattan, Avro
3270.400 Christians in a New Europe                                                    Edwards, David
3270.410 Canada and Development Cooperation (1975-76)                                  Several
3270.430 The Palestinians, Portrait of s People in Conflict                            Epp, Frank
3270.440 L'Analyse des Conflits Internationaux                                         Several                      Fr
3270.450 Cyprus-Greece. Athens-Lefkosia Relations Vol. A                               Christodoulou, Milt.         Grk
3270.460 Cyprus-Greece. Athens-Lefkosia Relations Vol. B                               Christodoulou, Milt.         Grk
3270.470 The Republic of Cyprus, an Overview                                           Several
3270.480 Cyprus - Psifismata tou OHE, (UNO)                                            Several                      Grk
3270.490 Almanac of Cyprus (1998)                                                      Several
3270.500 Cyprus Problem (the)                                                          Several
3270.510 Cyprus, Ethnic Conflict and International Politics                            Joseph, Joseph
3270.511 Cyprus                                                                        Hitchens, Christofer
3270.520 International Legal Status of the Aegean                                      Arvanitopoulos, Const.
3270.530 American Hellenic Institute (various Documents)                               Several
3270.540 Articles about Greece                                                         Several
                                                                                                                            21   9/27/2013

3270.550 Slavomacedonian Propaganda Papers                                                 Several
         Borders, Sovereignity, Stability, The Imia Incident - includes an erroneous Map
                                                                                           Dipla, Haritini et al
3270.560 of the Aegean by Time Magazine and a letter of protest by N.J. Varmazis
3270.570 Borders, Symbols of Stability - Issues related to the Recogn. of F.Y.R.O.M.       Several
3270.580 Panepistimioupoli                                                                 Several                   Grk
3270.590 Theol.&Hist. Studies- Theolog & Istorik. Meletes, Sylloghi Dimosiefm.,Vol.12      Fouyas, Methodios         Grk
3270.601 H Evropa"iki Enosi the European Union                                             several                   Grk
3270.602 Apo tin Eniaia Agora sti Evropaiki Enosi                                          several                   Grk
3270.603 H Evrope, Exoserikes Skheseis                                                     several                   Grk
3270.604 Oloklirosi tis Esoterikis Agoras                                                  several                   Grk
3270.609 How does the European Union Operate - Pos leitourgei h Evropaiki Enosi            Several                   Grk
         International Political Conference on "Nation -Religions - Orthodoxy
3270.610 & the New European Reality" (see also sect. 2051)
3270.611 O Metaskhimatismos tis EOK -H Metelixi tis Evropaikis Koinotitas                  Ioakeimidis, P. K.        Grk
3270.612 Cyprus, sto Katofli tis Evropaikis Enosis, (at the threshold of E.U.)             Several                   Grk
3270.613 Cyprus: The Way to Full EC Membership                                             Several
3270.620 Greece - a Profile (a collection of Research Papers)                              Unnamed
3270.630 Cyprus, a contemporary problem in Historical Perspective                          Coufoudakis, Van
           International Aggression and Violation of Human Rights -
3270.631 the Case of Turkey in Cyprus                                                      Coufoudakis, Van
3270.632 Cyprus at the Crossroads of History (includes Turkish-Cypriotes pamflets)         Several
3270.633 European Stand on the Cyprus Problem                                              Several

3270.634 Resolutions adopted by the United Nations on the Cyprus Problem, 1964 - 1999      Several
3270.635 Cyprus Problem, Its Legal and Internat. Aspects                                   Joannou, M. X.
3270.640 Cyprus and International Peacemaking                                              Mirbagheri Farid

           The Turkish Crime of our Century, (English, French, Greek) (see also sect.9560) Unknown                   Mult
3270.681 Mousoulmaniki Meionotita stin Ellada                                              several                   Grk
3270.682 Ellenes Pomakoi kai h Schesi tous me tin Tourkia                                  Hidiroglou, Pavlos        Grk
3270.683 Thrace in the Light of the National Ideal of the Turks                            Hidiroglou, Pavlos
3270.700 What Went Wrong? - the Clash between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East       Lewis, Bernard
3270.710 Pankosmioi Entolodotes (Global Order givers)                                      Stringas, Athan.          Grk
3270.720 H Megali Skakiera (the Grand Chessboard)                                          Brzezinski, Zbigniew      Grk
           Oi Themeliodeis Mythoi tis Israelinis Politikis -
3270.730   the Foundamental Myths of the Policy of Israel                                  Garonty, Roger            Grk
3270.740   Latin America: Peoples against Imperialism                                      Several
3270.750   the Aftermath: Human and Ecological Conequences of Nuclear War                  Peterson, Jeannie
3270.760   China Hands - the Globe and Mail in Peking                                      Taylor, Charles
3270.770   Greek Foreign Policy, since 1974                                                Coufoudakis, Van
3270.781 Two Addresses (on International Relations) in the USA                             Rallis, George
3270.790 Stupid White Men … and other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Union             Moore, Michael
         the Ethnology of Europe (Photocopy of 1. page of Contents,
3270.800 2. Chapter IV - Italy, 3. Chapter V - Hellas and 4. Chapter X - Ottoman Europe    Latham, R. G.
3270.801 Fire and Ice - the United States, Canada and the Myth of Converging Values        Adams, Michael
3270.802 Covert Entry (Spies Lies and Crimes - Inside Canada's Secret Service)             Mitrovica, Andrew
3270.803 Elleniki Poiotita kai Anaptyksi - H Nea Symmachia                                 Charalambidis, Michalis   Grk
3270.804 Elleniki Poiotita kai Anaptyksi - H Nea Symmachia                                 Charalambidis, Michalis   Grk
3270.805 The Pontian Question in the United Nations                                        Charalambidis, Michalis
                                                                                                                                    22   9/27/2013

3270.806 To Pontiako Zitima Simera ston OHE                                             Charalambidis, Michalis               Grk
3270.807 Aspetti della Nuova Questione Orientale                                        Charalambidis, Michalis               It
3270.808 Nixon and Kissinger - Partners in Power                                        Dallek, Robert
3270.809 World Report (of 2005 Events)                                                  Roth, Kenneth (ed)
3270.810 The Way of the World - a Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism        Suskind, Ron
3270.811 MEMORANDUM of Understanding Between Greece and the TROIKA                      several
3270.812 The Choice: Global Domination or Global Leadership?                            Brzezinski, Zbigniew
3300.000 ECONOMICS-BUSINESS                                                             *****
3300.010 Managerial Accounting in Canada                                                Dougherty, F. et al
3300.020 Bank of Cyprus, 100 years History                                              Several
3300.030 Terminology for Accountants                                                    Thomas, R. D. (ed)
3300.040 Drachmoula mou Kalo sou Taxidi (History of the Greek Drachma)                  Tsounakos, Othon                      Grk
3300.050 Agrotiki Oikonomia                                                             Reppas, Pan.                          Grk
3300.060 Metanaftefsi apo tis Agrotikes PerioChes tis Ell.                              Reppas, Pan.                          Grk
3300.070 Elliniki Oikonomia (Recent Developments)                                       Syriopoulos, Kostas                   Grk
3300.080 Laografiki Oikonomiki                                                          Diamantopoulos, Const.                Grk
3300.090 Laografiki Oikonomiki (Syntrofia Thessalias)                                   Diamantopoulos, Const.                Grk
3300.100 Oikonomikoi Nomoi Gnisioi kai Paremvatikoi                                     Diamantopoulos, Const.                Grk
3300.110 A Life less Taxing (a Canadian Tax Evolution)                                  Mills, Denis, M.P.
3300.120 Mathematics of Finance                                                         Hummel, Paul et al
3300.130 Inventory of Generally Accepted Acc. Principles                                Grady, Paul
3300.140 Accounting - the Basis for Business Decisions, 4th Canad. Edition (textbook)   Meigs, Walter et al
3300.150 Intermediate Accounting (3rd Edition)                                          Welsch, Glen et al
3300.170 Advertising (First Canadian Edition)                                           Wright, John et al
3300.180 Starting a Small Business in Ontario                                           Several
3300.190 The Enterpreneurs Manual                                                       White, Richard
3300.210 Economics                                                                      Lipsey, Richard et al
3300.211 Financial Accounting - a User Perspective (4th Canad. Edition)                 Hoskin, R. Fizzell, M. & Cherry, D.
3300.212 Business - 6th Canad. Edition (CD included)                                    Griffin, R.- Ebert, al
3300.220 Economics, a Canadian Perspective                                              Thexton, James
3300.230 Economics, Private and Public Choise (6th edition)                             Gwartney, J. & Stroup, Rich.
3300.240 Economics, 2nd Canadian Edition                                                Blomqvist, Ake et al
3300.250 Canadian Macro & Microeconomics (Workbook)                                     Lyons, Brian
3300.260 Canadian Macro & Microeconomics (Instructors Manual)                           Lyons, Brian
3300.270 Canadian Macroeconomics, Problems and Policies                                 Lyons, Brian
3300.280 Modern Macroeconomics (4th Edition)                                            Bade, Robin et al
3300.281 Modern Macroeconomics (Study Guide)                                            Bade, Robin et al
3300.290 Microeconomics                                                                 Eaton, Curtis & Diane
3300.291 Instructor's Manual for Microeconomics                                         Eaton, Curtis & Diane
3300.300 Problem Solving in Microeconomics                                              Gallini, Nancy
3300.310 Learning and Practicing Econometrics                                           Griffiths, W. -Hill, R. & Judge, G.
3300.320 A Time to be Rich (Winning on Wall Street)                                     Hunt, Lacy
3300.330 Marketing Management (Analysis, Planning and Control)                          Kotler, Ph.- Turner, Ron
3300.340 In Search of Excellence                                                        Peters, Thomas
3300.350 Stock Market, an Introduction                                                  Engel, Louis
3300.360 New Industrial State, the                                                      Galbraith, John
3300.361 Economics, Peace and Laughter                                                  Galbraith, John
3300.362 Money - Whence it Came, Where it Went                                          Galbraith, John
3300.370 Future Shock (***missing***)                                                   ******************
3300.380 How to Buy Stocks                                                              Engel, Louis
3300.390 Made in Japan                                                                  Morita, Akio et al
3300.400 RRSP, 1997 Buyer's Guide                                                       Pape, Gordon
3300.410 Virtual Corporation (the)                                                      Davidow, William et al
3300.420 T.h.e. E Myth (Why small Business don,t work )                                 Gerber, Michael
3300.430 Digital Economy                                                                Tapscott, Don
3300.431 Wikinomics - How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything                         Tapscott, Don & Williams, A.
3300.440 Investment Strategies                                                          Kelman, Steven et al
3300.450 Megatrends 2000                                                                Naisbitt, John et al
                                                                                                                     23   9/27/2013

3300.460 Net.Gain - Expanding Markets through Virtual Communities             Hagel, John et al
3300.470 Shifting Gears, (thriving in the new Economy)                        Beck, Nuala
3300.480 Excelerate (Growing in the New Economy)                              Beck, Nuala
3300.481 the Next Century - Why Canada Wins                                   Beck, Nuala
3300.490 World Atlas and Almanac                                              Several
3300.500 Business Ethics in Canada                                            Poff, Deborah et al (ed)
3300.520 H Genesi, Fotografiko kai Istoriko Odoiporiko tis Laikis Trapezas    Several                          Grk
3300.540 Shaping the Future, Business Design through Information Technology   Keen, Peter
3300.550 Modern Business Statistics (Freund & Williams)                       Perles, Benj. et al (ed)
3300.560 Peasant Society, Peasant Economics (a Reader)                        Several
3300.570 Dictionary of Business Terms                                         Friedman, Jack et al
3300.580 Economist's World in Figures                                         Several
           Free FVall (Fall) -                                                Stiglitz, Joseph
3300.590 America, Free Markets and the Sinking of the World Economy           2001 Nobel Prize Winner
3300.600 The World's Top Retirement Heavens                                   Cooper, Marian (ed)
3300.610 How All Economies Work                                               Atrill, V. H.
3300.620 100 Good Reasons to Invest in Canada (autographed)                   Decter, Michael
3300.630 Doing Business in the United States                                  Several
3300.640 Why Work - Motivating and Leading the New Generation                 Maccoby, Michael
3300.650 the Renewal Factor                                                   Waterman, Robert
3300.660 Strategic Planning in Emerging Companies                             Brandt, Steven
3300.670 the Last Book You will ever Read                                     Ogden, Frank
3300.680 Making it Work - Turning Strategy into Action                        Weiss, Alan
3300.690 the Ultimate Safe Money Guide                                        Weiss, Alan
3300.700 Buying and Selling a Home for Canadians - For Dummies                Ioannou, Tony & Ball, Heather
3300.701 Presonal Finance for Canadians - For Dummies                         Tyson, Eric & Martin, Tony
3300.710 Ena Nomisma gia mia Evrope (Euro)                                    Unnamed                          Grk
3300.720 Case Problems in Finance (10th Edition)                              Fruhan, W - Kester, Carl et al
3300.730 False Economy - a Surprising Economic History of the World           Beattie, Alan
3300.740 the Ascent of Money - a Financial History of the World               Ferguson, Niall
3300.750 the Money Spinners (Probe into Canadian Banking                      NcQueen, Rod
3300.760 Men of Property - the Canadian Developers who are Buying America     Goldenberg, Susan
3300.770 Created Unequal - the Crisis in American Pay                         Galbraith, James
3300.780 The Money Companion (by Fin. Times)                                  Wyatt, Elaine
3400.000 LAW                                                                  *****
3400.010 Criminal Law of Canada                                               Crankshaw, John
3400.020 H Dikaiosyni                                                         DelVecchio, Giorgio              Grk
3400.030 Criteria for Determination of Death                                  Can. Law ReformCommission
3400.040 Eisagogi sti Nomiki Skepsi                                           Engisch, Karl                    Grk
           H Synthiki Shengen En Sxesei me ta Anthropina Dikaiomata
3400.050   (Shengen Treaty and Human Rights)                                  Paraskevaidis, Christodoulos     Grk
3400.060   H Antikanonikotis kai antisyntagmatikotis tou Nomou 1700/1987      Several                          Grk
3400.070   Divorce (Senate's Proceedings)                                     N/A
3400.080   Ontario Education Act, Bill 12                                     Boyd, M
3400.090   Ontario Corporations Act 1980                                      N/A
3400.100   Ontario Educational Act, 1980                                      N/A
3400.110   Laiki (People's) Dikaiosyni                                        Zeppos, Dimitri                  Grk
3400.120 Take Notice (an Introduction to Canadian Law)                        Spetz, Steven
3400.130 Aviation Cases
3400.140 Canadian Law Dictionary                                              Several
3400.150 You and the Law                                                      Several
3400.170 Guide to Law for Canadians                                           Zuker, Marvin
3400.190 Residential Landlord and Tenant Law (Ont)                            Brace, Paul
3400.191 Landlord /Tenant Rights in Ontario                                   McInnes, Ron
3400.210 Government's Intervention in Religious Affairs                       Kelley, Dean (ed)
3400.220 Unexpected Legacy of Divorce (a 25 year Landmark Study)              Wallerstein, Judith et al
                                                                                                                                      24   9/27/2013

                                                                                           Smyth, J. - Soberman, D.
3400.250 The Law and Business Administration in Canada                                     & Easson, A.
3400.251 Canadian Business and the Law, 3rd Edition                                        DuPlessis, D., Enman, St et al
3400.252 Strictly Legal - Things you absolutely Need to Know about Canadian Law            Cochrane, Michael
3400.260 Law & Society - Canadian Edition                                                  Vago, Steven & Nelson, Adie
                                                                                           Blair / Costiniuk / O'Malley
3400.270 Law in Action - Understanding Canadian Law                                        Wasserman
3400.280 the Canadian Legal System                                                         Gall, Gerald
3400.500 To Syntagma Anatheorimeno (the Greek Constitution)                                Dagtoglou, P. D.                    Grk
3400.530 Encheiridion Peri ton Kolymaton tou Gamou (Manual on Marriage Legality)           Panagiotakos, Pan.                  Grk
3400.540 Systema Ekklesiastikoy Dikaiou (Ecclesiastical Law)                               Panagiotakos, Pan.                  Grk
3400.550 Oi Symbaseis Pleroforikis stin Praxi (Informatics Contracts)                      Mouzoulas, Giorgos                  Grk
3400.560 Diethnis Dikaiosyni, International Law                                            Ioannou, K- Perrakis S              Grk
3400.571 Diethnes Dikaio (International Law) Vol. 1                                        Roukounas, Emmanouel                Grk
3400.572 Diethnes Dikaio (International Law) Vol. 2                                        Roukounas, Emmanouel                Grk
3400.573 Diethnes Dikaio (International Law) Vol. 3                                        Roukounas, Emmanouel                Grk
3400.580 Enchiridio Astikou Dikaiou, (Civil Law Manual)                                    Spiridakis, I                       Grk
3400.600 To Dikaion tou Gamou (Marriage Law)                                               Matzouneas, Evangelos               Grk
3400.970 Nomos - Nomokanwn 1567 AD - 1819 AD                                               Pantazopoulos, Nikolaos et al       Grk
         Journal of Law and Religion
3400.980 - Vols 1 to 18, Years 1983 to 2003                                                Editorial Board
3500.000 PUBLIC ADMINISTR. / MILITARY                                                      *****
3500.010 Charter of Rights and Freedoms - La Carte des Droits et Libertes                  P.E. Trudeau                        F/E
3500.020 How Canadians Govern Themselves                                                   Forsey, Eugene                      F/E
3500.030 Corporations Act (Ont)                                                            N/A
3500.040 Introduction to
3500.050 Robert's Rules of Order                                                           Robert, Henry
3500.060 How to conduct a Meeting                                                          Dun/Bradstreet
3500.070 Yes Prime Minister (TV Political Satyre)                                          Lynn, J & Jay Antony
3500.080 Demeter's Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedure                               Demeter, George
3500.090 Our Parliementary Heritage                                                        Several
3500.100 Canadian Constitution - La Constitution Canadienne 1981                           Several
3500.110 Constitution and You - Notes sur la Constitution                                  Several
3500.120 Dual Citizenship - L a double citoyennete (pamphlet)                              Several
           Odigos tou Dimoti Zografou (Guide for the residents of the Munic. Zografos.
                                                                                           Several                             Grk
3500.130 Could be used as a general Guide for Greek Municipalities)
           Gia tous Ellenes tou Eksoterikou
                                                                                           Several                             Grk
3500.140 (booklets of Legislation on various topics of interest to Greeks living abroad)
3500.150 Canadian Sourcebook & Almanac, Statistics and General Info. Vol. 1                Several
3500.160 Canadian Sourcebook & Almanac, Statistics and General Info. Vol.2                 Several
           Profesional Engineers Ontario
3500.170 Nine Brochures about PEO, Licencing etc. (#171 to #179)                           Several
3500.180 Seniors' Guide to Federal Programs and Services                                   Several
3500.190 Canadian Military Journal - Revue Militaire Canadienne                            Several                             Mult
3500.200 the Government of the Soviet Union                                                Harper, Sam. & Thompson, Ron.
3500.500 Tanks of World War 1, British & German                                            Chamberlain, Peter & Ellis, Chris
3500.510 Blackwater- the World's most Powerful Mercenary Army                              Scahill, Jeremy
3690.000 HELLENIC DIASPORA                                                                 *****
                                                                                                                                   25   9/27/2013

           Yia tous Ellenes tou Eksoterikou (booklets of Legislation on various topics of
                                                                                             Several                        Grk
3690.001 interest to Greeks living abroad) -filed in Sect. 3500
3690.010 Hellenes & Hellions                                                                 Karanikas, Alex.
3690.020 Atlas Ellinikis Diasporas (Atlas of Hellenic Diaspora) Vol. 1                       Agtzidis, Vlassis et al (ed)   Grk
3690.030 Atlas Ellinikis Diasporas (Atlas of Hellenic Diaspora) Vol. 2                       Agtzidis, Vlassis et al (ed)   Grk
3690.040 Hellenic Presence in America                                                        Zotos, Stefanos
3690.060 Entyposeis ek tis Archiepiskopis tis Amerikis                                       Theodorou, Evang.              Grk
3690.070 Directory of Orthodox Parishes & Institutions in North America                      Several
3690.080 Ellinoglossi Ekpaidefsi sto Eksoteriko                                              Mpompas, Leonidas              Grk
3690.090 History of the Order of AHEPA, 1922-1972                                            Leber, George
3690.100 the Greeks in New Zealand - o Ellenismos tis Neas Zilandias                         Fragiadakis, Georgios          Grk
3690.110 Who is Who (Greek Academics in USA and Canada)                                      N/A
3690.120 Ellinoxristianiki Paradosi sti Diaspora                                             Papadopoulos, Pavlos           Grk
3690.130 From Mars Hill to Manhattan                                                         Papaioannou, George
3690.140 Iris, Biennial Bulletin of the Foundation for Greek Culture                         Tolias, George (Ed)
3690.150 Communications Directory 1991                                                       N/A
3690.160 Ellinikos Peripatos sto Kairo (Cairo)                                               Adamantidou, Maria             Grk
3690.170 Xenos imin, (I was a Foreigner)                                                     Alevizopoulos, Ant.            Grk
3690.180 Xenitemeni Ellada                                                                   Tzovas, K.                     Grk
3690.190 Taxidevontas sta Ellinofona Choria tis Kato Italias                                 Mergianou, Angela              Grk
           Oi Ellines sti Diaspora - Greeks in the Diaspora (15th-21st cent.)
3690.200 a Guide to an Exhibition on the Greek Diaspora                                      several                        Mult
3690.201 Cultural Geography of Hellenism - Geografia tou Ellenismou                          Litsas, Fotios                 Grk
3690.202 Proti Syndiaskepsi Omospondion Apodimon Ellinon, Patra, December 1990               Several                        Grk
3690.231 Text and Studies Vol. I, Foundation for Hellenism in Great Britain                  Several
3690.232 Text and Studies Vol. II                                                            Several
3690.233 Text and Studies Vol. III                                                           Several
3690.234 Text and Studies Vol. IV
3690.235 Text and Studies Vol V and VI                                                       Several
3690.236 Text and Studies Vol VII, Review for Hellenism in Diaspora                          Several
3690.240 Clergy and Laity Congress XXI (1972)                                                Several
3690.250 Clergy and Laity Congress XX (1970)                                                 Several
3690.260 Clergy and Laity Congress XXX (1990)                                                Several
3690.270 74th AHEPA Supreme Convention                                                       Several
3690.280 The United Community Echo, Vol.18                                                   Several
           Stella, History of a Greek Village in America
                                                                                             Halvatzaki-Velladiou, K.
3690.290 (IMPORTANT NOTE, perhaps this is an unpublished book)
3690.300 Greek Schools in North America, Istoria Byzantini kai Neo-Elliniki                  Litsas, Fotios                 Grk
3690.310 H Aftou Megaliotis o Metanastis, (His Majesty the Immigrant) ,a Novel               Janetis, Elias                 Grk
3690.320 SAE/WCHA. Esties Ekmathisis Ellinikis Glossas                                       Kazazis, I. A. (ed)            Grk
           Symboulio Apodimou Ellinismou, SAE.
                                                                                             N/A                            Grk
3690.330 World Council of Hellenes Abroad, WCHA. Agenda of First Inaugural Meeting
           Proceedings of International Conventions of Panipirotiki Federation of USA,
                                                                                             Kyranis, Vasilios et al (ed)   Grk
3690.340 Canada & Australia, (#18- 1973, 21-1980, 25- 1986, 28-1993, 29-1995)
3690.349 O Ethnikos Agonas twn Epeirwtwn tis Xenitias                                        Mpetzios, Elias                Grk
3690.350 Proceedings of the Pan-Macedonian Convention                                        Karalis, Zisis et al (ed)      Grk
3690.360 Nea Smyrna, an !8th Century Greek Odyssey                                           Panagopoulos, E. P.
3690.370 Proto Synedrio Apantachou Florinioton                                               Several                        Grk
3690.390 Enas Akourastos Ethnapostolos, o Ellinas Metanastis                                 Kollias, Sifis                 Grk
3690.400 H Ousia tou Thriskeftikou Lyrismou (Sifi Kollia)                                    Anton, John                    Grk
3690.410 Proto Pankosmio Synedrio Apodimon (Cyprus)                                          N/A                            Grk
3690.420 Epetirida Omogeneiakou Typou                                                        N/A                            Grk
3690.430 O Ellinismos ston Pankosmio Horo                                                    Niotis, Grigoris               Grk

           Argonaftis, Elleno-Amerikaniki Ekdosis Filologias kai Draseos (Vol. 2, 1960-62)   Ziogas, Elias (ed)             Grk
                                                                                                                                    26   9/27/2013

3690.450 I Ellada Simera                                                                      Several                        Grk
3690.460 Kalosorizontas ton Ellinismo, Welcome to Hellenism                                   Several                        Grk
3690.470 Agon Ithikis kai Pnevmatos, Autobiography of a Pioneer Immigrant                     Andromidas, Giannis            Grk
3690.480 Aksum (a Festshrift for Archbishop Metodios of Thyateira                             Dragas, George (ed)
           Apollo's Legacy. The Hellenic Torch in America at the Dawn
                                                                                              Lascrides, Effie
3690.490 of the New Millenium
3690.500 The Evolution of the Greek Orthodox Church in America                                Kourides, Peter
3690.510 Bibliographic Study on Greeks in the USA, 1890-1968                                  Cutsumbis, Michael
           Emeis oi Palinostountes stin Avgi tou 21th Aiona
                                                                                              N/A                            Grk
3690.520 (Calendar with brief Bios of immigrant Artists)
3690.530 Saint Philip, G.O. Church, 1973-94, Scrapbook                                        Alexopoulos, Eleni
3690.540 Giorgis Laimos (Biography)                                                           Papavasileiou, Hraklis         Grk
3690.550 Ethniki Elliniki Meionotis stin Albania (1921-79)                                    Papadopoulos, George           Grk
3690.560 H Elliniki Diaspora (Dynami tou Ellinismou)                                          Skandalakis, Pan.              Grk
3690.570 O Ellinismos tis Diasporas, USA & Canada                                             Nikolaidis, Tasos              Grk
3690.580 O en USA Ellinismos kai I Drasi tou                                                  Zoustis, Basil                 Grk
3690.590 Hellenic Presence in America                                                         Zotos, Stefanos
           Ellines Metanastes kai to Elliniko Mythistorima (Greek Immigrants and the Greek-
                                                                                              Giannaris, George              Grk
3690.600 American Novel)
3690.610 Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora                                                     Several
3690.620 Byzantine Fellowship Lectures (# !)                                                  Vaporis, N. M. (ed)
3690.630 Hmerologio 2003, Eikones apo ta Perata tis Ghis                                      Several                        Grk
3690.640 They Remember America (the Story of Repatriated Greek-Americans)                     Saloutos, Theodore
3690.650 To Komboloi, apo tin Arkadia stin Virginia                                           Androutsos, Athanasios         Grk
3690.660 The Faith of Jason Malbis                                                            Malbis, Jason                  Eng/
3690.670 O en Constantinoupoli Ellinikos Filologikos Syllogos                                 Stavrou, Tatiana               Grk
3690.680 Aftoi den Ypekypsan (Through God's Underground) (a personal experience)              George, F. et al               Grk
3690.690 Sto Taksidi tis Zoes (Diigimata)                                                     Isidoridis, Ioakim             Grk
3690.700 Pontioi stis Indies                                                                  Halvatzakis, Const.            Grk
3690.710 Elleniki Patr. Theologiki Scholi Pomfret Conn.                                       Several                        Grk
           Saint Nicholas G.O. Church, 85th Anniversary
3690.720 (includes News Clips about Greek Immigrants)                                         Several
3690.730 Sovietiki Coultoura kai oi Ellenes tis Rossias                                       Delikostopoulos, Athan.        Grk
3690.740 Journal of Modern Helenism, HC/QC
3690.741 Journal of Modern Helenism, HC/QC, Issue # 3                                         Several
3690.742 Journal of Modern Helenism, HC/QC, Issue # 4                                         Several
3690.743 Journal of Modern Helenism, HC/QC, Issue # 9                                         Several
3690.744 Journal of Modern Helenism, HC/QC, Issue # 11                                        Several
3690.745 Journal of Modern Helenism, HC/QC, Iss.# 12&13                                       Several
3690.746 Journal of Modern Helenism, HC/QC, Issue #14                                         Several
3690.750 Opou Ghi kai Ellada, To Epos tis Metanastefsis se Eikones                            Ladis, Fontas                  Grk
3690.760 Aerostato, Children's Magazine, #125                                                 Several                        Grk
3690.770 Ellenismos tou Eksoterikou, No 214                                                   Several                        Grk
3690.780 Apenanti tou Atlantikou                                                              Stamatopoulos, Elias           Grk
3690.790 Plori gia to Byzantio                                                                Halvatzakis, Const.            Grk
           Agones kai Agonia tis en Ameriki Ellinikis Orthodoxou Ekklisias
3690.800 (see also Sect. 2715)                                                                Constantelos, Demetrios (ed)   Grk
3690.801 Hellenes tis Amerikis, 1528 - 1048                                                   Malafouris, Bambis             Grk
3690.802 Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Issue V.2                                          Several
3690.803 Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Issue VI.1                                         Several
3690.804 Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Issue VI.3                                         Several
3690.805 Pomfret, the Golden Decade                                                           Poulos, George
3690.806 H Istoria mias Koinotitas, Story of a Community (South Australia)                    Tsounis, M.P.
3690.807 A Place for Us (see also 8891.15)                                                    Gage, Nicholas
3690.808 Ekatontaetiris tou Aigyptiotou Ellenismou kai to Mellon tou (reprint)                Constantinides, Apostolos      Grk
3690.809 Oi Piliorites Logioi stin Aigypto                                                    Constantinides, Apostolos      Grk
3690.810 Elleniki Dimosiografia stin Aigypto (1830-1930)                                      Constantinides, Apostolos      Grk
3690.811 Metropolitan Greek Connection (Great Lakes Greek Business Directory)                 Vlastos, Erasmia (ed)
3690.812 Cephalonians and Ithacians of the World Kefalonites & Ithakisioi se oli ti Gh        Several
3690.813 Ethnic Chicago                                                                       Jones, Peter & Holli, Melvin
3690.814 Lyrika Keimena enos Proskiniti - H Orthodoxia stin Ameriki                           Nicolaidis, Tasos              Grk
3690.815 From Migrants to Citizens (Greek Migration in Australia and Canada)                  Tamis, Anast. Et al
3690.816 H Elleniki Iatriki stin Constantinoupoli, 1856 - 1923                                Trompoukis, Constantinos       Grk
3690.817 Ellenismos tis Diasporas, Pou Vadizei? (Quo Vadis?) Agones kai Agonies               Tsolakidis, Iordanis           Grk
3690.818 Greeks in English Speaking Countries, Melbourne Symposium Proceedings                several
                                                                                                                       27   9/27/2013

3690.819 La"iki Epimorfosi kai Metanastes (Symposium Procs etc)                      Papandreou, George et al   Grk
3690.820 Programma Erevnon Apodimias-Palinostisis tou Ellenikou Plithismou, Vol. A   several                    Grk
3690.821 Koinoniki & Oikonomiki Kinitikotita to Apodimon Ellinon                     Petropoulos, N. P.         Grk
3690.822 Hmerologion 2000, Greek Orth. Church in Great Britain                       Several                    Grk
3690.980 The Odyssey of Hellenism in America                                         Papaioannou, George
3695.000 HELLENES IN CANADA                                                          *****
           Conference on "Conflicts in the East. Mediterranean.
                                                                                     Flengas, Spero, Dr. (ed)
3695.010 Issues of Regional Security"
3695.020 Conference on Human Rights in East. Mediterranean                           Varmazis, Nicholas (ed)
3695.030 Centenaire des Jeux Olympiques Modernes, 1896-1996                          N/A                        Mult
3695.040 Commission for Community Development (Montreal) Final Report                Several                    Mult
3695.050 Commission for Community Development (Montreal) Fifth & Final Report        Several

           The 7th Clergy-Laity Assembly of the Communities. Commemorative Album     N/A
3695.070 GODT, 1992 Yearbook                                                         N/A
3695.080 GODT, 1994 Yearbook                                                         N/A
3695.090 The 11th Clergy-Laity Assembly of the Communities. Commemorative Album      N/A
3695.091 The 24th Clergy-Laity Assembly of the Communities. Commemorative Album      N/A
3695.100 Les Sports dans l'Optique Chretienne                                        Unknown                    Fr
3695.110 Montreal AHEPA Family (album)                                               N/A
3695.111 Rediscover AHEPA                                                            N/A
3695.120 Small Town AHEPA (album)                                                    N/A
3695.130 Golden West District # 26 (album)                                           N/A
3695.140 Panepirotic Federation Of America & Canada (alb)                            N/A
3695.150 Association Sklithro Florinis Convention (album)                            N/A
3695.160 Hellenic Community of Ottawa (album)                                        N/A
3695.170 23rd Pan-Macedonian Convention (album)                                      N/A
3695.180 Greek Orth. Comm. Of Arch. Michael and Gabriel                              N/A
3695.190 Greek-Canadians-Statistics                                                  Anas, Peter
3695.200 Clerg-Laity Assembly of Grk Diocese of Toronto                              N/A
3695.210 GOMT Metropolis Council, October 1999                                       Several
3695.220 Greek Year Book 1934 (album)                                                Several
3695.230 Greek Year Book 1937 (album)                                                Several
3695.240 Aghios Demetrios Toronto, 40th Anniversary                                  Several                    Grk
3695.250 The Hellenes of Ottawa, the first 100 Years                                 Tryphonas, L et al (ed)
3695.260 Laconian Assoc. Epidavrou Limiras (album)                                   Several
3695.270 Hellenic Community of Vancouver , 1927-1977                                 Several
3695.280 The Greeks in Alberta, 1903-1995                                            Kolias, Nina
3695.290 Hellenic-Canadian Medical Guide                                             Papadopoulos, Dimitra
3695.300 Anthologia Skepseon (Poems)                                                 Kanellis, Athan            Grk
3695.310 Ontario and You (Guide for Newcomers)                                       Several                    Grk
3695.320 East Rockaway Station (a Novel)                                             Koromilas, Dannis
3695.330 Odiporiko tou Metanasti (Poems)                                             Vazintaris, Antonis        Grk
3695.340 Eirini (Peace), ( Poems)                                                    Vazintaris, Antonis        Grk
3695.350 Poetry collection by Hellenes of Montreal                                   Several                    Grk
3695.351 Mas enose o Thanatos sti Mavri Xenitia (a novel about Greeks in Montreal)   Athanasiadis, A. A.        Grk
3695.360 Odysseia enos Metanasti (Immigrant's Odyssey)                               Papastavrou, Dimitri       Grk
3695.370 Ellinismos tou Montreal (Montreal's Hellenism)                              Bombas, Leonidas
3695.371 Elleniki Paroikia (la Communaute Grecque du Quebec)                         Ioannou, Tina              Mult
3695.380 Bonifes ( a novel about horseraces)                                         Kotsifos, Antonis          Grk
3695.390 For Greece a Tear, Ena Dakry gia tin Ellada                                 Macdonald, Florence
3695.391 For Greece a Tear, Ena Dakry gia tin Ellada                                 Macdonald, Florence        Grk
           Moving Forward Together, Canada - Greece Relations, 1942-2012
                                                                                     Tesler-Mabe', Hernan       Mult
3695.400   Cheminer Ensemble vers l' Avenir, Relations Canada-Grece, 1942-2012
3695.410   Canadian Odyssey, Greek Experience in Canada                              Chimbos, Peter
3695.420   Children of Byzantium                                                     Vlassie, Katherine
3695.430   My Olympic Torch for World Justice, Unity and Peace                       Lingas, Helen
3695.440   My Centenial (1867-1967) Torch for World Peace                            Lingas, Helen
3695.450   To Build the Dream                                                        Florakas, Sophia
3695.460 The Greek Community of Montreal                                             Stathopoulos, Peter
3695.470 The Importance of being an Earnest Greek                                    Gekas, George & Andrew
                                                                                                                            28   9/27/2013

           Aromata & Chromata (Scents & Colours of Greece) - a Crash Course in
                                                                                        Gekas, George
3695.471 Greekness
3695.480 Afieroma ston Ellinismo tis Thrakis kai tou Pontou                             Several                      Grk
3695.490 Dyo fores Ellines (Poems)                                                      Glendjakos, Grigoris         Grk
3695.500 Ellinika Sxoleia Xristou, 20 Xronia                                            Christou, M
3695.510 Hellenic Canadian Cultural Society, Members List                               N/A
3695.520 Apo tin Zoi ton Ellinon ston Canada                                            Constantinidis, Stef. (ed)   Grk
3695.530 Panepirotic Federation of Canada (album)                                       N/A                          Grk
3695.540 P.M. Andreas Papandreou visits Canada (Newspaper clips)                        Several
3695.550 Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy, (2002 and 2004 Graduation Albums)        Unnamed
3695.560 Greek Orthodox Community of Winsdor, Album 1954-2000                           Several
3695.570 Saint George Grk Orthodox Comm. Of Halifax                                     Several
3695.580 Saint Dimitrios G. O. Church, Album                                            Several
3695.590 AHEPA Canada, Annual Convention 1986 & 1988                                    Several
3695.600 Canada, the Promised Land                                                      Antonakopoulos, Andreas
3695.610 Greek Community of Toronto, 1997 Elections                                     Several                      Grk
3695.620 Greeks of Toronto                                                              Several
           All Saints Greek Orthodox Church (property @ 3125 Bayview Ave and
3695.630 Miscelania)
           Canadian Honour Roll 2000 (a list of 15 Canadians includes
3695.640   Mike Lazaridis, who donated $100M to the University of Waterloo
3695.650   Emphasis (Prosopiko Istoriko Arxeio Omogenon) No 1, 3, 7, 8                  Kontos, Giannis (ed)         Mult
3695.660   Symposion-Symposium-Colloque                                                 Several                      Grk
3695.670   Greek Community of Toronto (Election Campaign Pamphlets                      Several                      Grk
3695.680   Pan-Laconian Federation of USA & Canada, 61rst Convention                    Several
3695.690   Orpheus - Greek Canadian Art Association, 1965-2012 - Song lyrics            Several                      Grk
3695.700 Showcase 2008, Greek Community of Toronto                                      Several
3695.710 Greek Community of Toronto 1909 - 2009, a Centenial Album                      Several
3695.720 Greek Orthodox Family Services and Counselling, 1984-2009                      Several
3695.730 Hellenic Home 13th Annual Gala Album                                           Several
3695.740 Hellenic Heritage Foundation, 16th Anniversary Album                           Several
3695.800 Karpoi Ieras Apostolis - Mia pentaetia Ierapostolikis Draseos ston Canada      Livanos, Christos            Grk
3695.801 An Immigrant's Tale - a Life of Volunteerism, Achievements & Disappointments   Kiriakopoulos, Johnny
3695.960 Syllogos Kandylioton Toronto - Association Kandylioton, 1971-2011              several                      Mult
3695.970 the Greeks in the Niagara Region                                               Droganes, Constance          Mult
3695.980 Greek Community of Toronto - Historical Album 1909 - 1989                      Mouratidis, Michael (ed)     Grk
3695.990 An Archive of Greek Canadian History (Issues of Periodical Emphasis)           Kontos, Giannis (ed)         Grk
3700.000 EDUCATION                                                                      *****
3700.010 Educational Activity and Activities of the Superior Council of Education       Several
3700.020 La Revue de l' Aupelf (paper on education)                                     Several                      Fr
3700.030 Istoria tis Ekpaidefsis (History of Education)                                 Lefas, Xristos               Grk
3700.040 Our Record, Delta Upsilon (First Greek Letter) Fraternity                      Several
3700.050 H Aesthitiki Agogi tou Paidiou                                                 Daraki, Pepi                 Grk
3700.060 Synedrio gia "Elliniki Paideia tou Mellontos" Conference Proceedings           Several                      Grk
3700.070 Synedrio gia "Pankosmiopoiisi kai Paideia" Conference Proceedings              Several                      Grk
3700.080 Paideia Omogenon (catalogue of Books for the Education of Greeks abroad)       Several                      Grk
           Istoria tis Neo-Ellenikis Diasporas. - Erevna kai Didaskalia.
3700.090 History of Modern Greek Immigration, Vol. A                                    Danmanakis, Michael et al    Grk
           Istoria tis Neo-Ellenikis Diasporas. - Erevna kai Didaskalia.
3700.100   History of Modern Greek Immigration, Vol. B                                  Danmanakis, Michael et al    Grk
3700.110   Three Lectures on the Value of Greek Paedeia                                 Newton, Rick et al
3700.120   Ellenorthodoxi Paedeia ston Canada to 2000                                   Volonakis, Spyros            Grk
3700.130   Building Character                                                           Several
3700.140   University of Toronto 175 Years - Souvenir Edition                           Several
3700.150   Education around the World (Journal) - Issue 126.2                           Several
3700.160 Sociology of Education Issues 75.1 to 75.4                                     Several
3700.170 the History Teacher, Journal #36.4                                             Several
3700.180 American Secondary Education, Journal #33.3                                    Several
3700.190 Reading Research & Instruction Issues #44.1 to 44.4                            Several
3700.200 Teachers College Record Journal. Issues #105.1 to #105.9                       Several
3700.210 Canada's Educational Crisis                                                    Holmes, Mark
3700.220 Learning to Listen - Learning to Teach                                         Vella, Jane
                                                                                                                      29   9/27/2013

3900.000 CUSTOMS FOLKLORE                                                          *****
3900.010 Folksongs of Greece                                                       Alevizos, Susan and Ted     Grk
3900.020 Ellenikos Politismos 1, (Hellenic Civilization)                           Argyroudi, Irini et al      Grk
3900.030 Ellinika Paradosiaka Tragoudia                                            Several                     Grk
3900.040 Ellinika Laika Tragoudia                                                  Several                     Grk
3900.050 Paramythia tis Mikrasias (Folkstories from Asia Minor)                    Several                     Grk
3900.060 The Death Ritual of Rural Greece                                          Danforth, Loring            Grk
3900.070 Maties ston Politismo mas                                                 Kostakis, Thanasis          Grk
3900.080 Apo tis Piges tou Laou mas,Mnimeia tou Logou 1                            Arvanitis, Ioan.            Grk
3900.090 Apo tis Piges tou Laou mas,Mnimeia tou Logou 2                            Arvanitis, Ioan.            Grk
3900.100 Laografia Kerasias Arkadias                                               Stefanou, Anast. (ed)       Grk
3900.110 Romees Gynaikes, Roman Women, History and Habits                          Baldson, J. P.              Grk
3900.120 Eisagogi stin Elliniki Laografia                                          Loukatos, Dimitri           Grk
3900.130 Gennisi kai Vaftisi stin Kriti                                            Karatarakis, Giannis        Grk
3900.140 Albanian (Northern Ipiros) Historical Folksongs, 1716-1943                Ruches, P. J. (ed)
3900.150 Paroimiai tou Ellinikou Laou                                              Kolitsaras, Ioannis         Grk
3900.160 Oi Arxaioi Ellines sti Neoelliniki Laiki Paradosi                         Kakridis, I.                Grk
3900.170 A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America                        Rouvelas, Marilyn
3900.180 Dionysiaka (Popular Beliefs in Thrace)                                    Kakouri, Katerina           Grk
3900.190 Naftikoi Oikismoi tis Chiou                                               Stefanou, Anton.            Grk
3900.200 Hpeirotikos Gamos (Epirotic Wedding)                                      Deftos, Theodoros           Grk
3900.210 Evil Eye (the)                                                            Maloney, Clarence
3900.220 Death Rituals of Rural Greece                                             Danforth, Loring
3900.230 Demons and Devils (Moral Imagination in Modern Greek Culture)             Stewart, Charles
3900.240 Ai en Hleia Magikai Epodai - Ta Xorkia (an Orthodox View)                 Paraskevopoulos, Germanos   Grk
3900.250 Stou Chronou ta Gyrismata - Technes kai Epaggelmata stin Arta tou Chtes   Koutsoumpas, Yiannis
                                                                                   Arch.                       Grk
3900.260 Greek Proverbs and Quotations                                             Cacos, Georgia              Mult
3900.270 The Kombolo"I and its History                                             Evangelinos, Aris
4000.000 LANGUAGES-LEXICA                                                          *****
4000.010 Canadian Oxford Dictionary                                                Several
4000.020 Websters Intern. Dictionary 3 vol.                                        Several
           Greek - English Lexicon of the New Testament
4000.030 and other Early Christian Literature                                      Bauer, Walter et al
4000.040 Greek - English Lexicon ***MISSING***                                     Liddell, H & Scott, R.
4000.041 Greek - English Lexicon/ Rev.Supplement                                   Liddell, H & Scott, R.
4000.042 Greek - English Lexicon (abridgment)                                      Liddell, H & Scott, R.
4000.043 Greek - English Lexicon, Vol. I, Alpha to Kappa (unavail)                 Liddell, H & Scott, R.
4000.044 Greek - English Lexicon, Vol. II, Lamda to Omega                          Liddell, H & Scott, R.
4000.050 Greek - English Lexicon (published in 1889, Collector's item)             Liddell, H & Scott, R.
4000.060 Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary                                       Several
4000.070 Webster's New World Thesaurus                                             Several
4000.080 Five-Lang. Technical Dictionary                                           Halkiopoulos, George
4000.090 Dictionnaire Usuel                                                        Gioan, Pierre (ed)          Fr
4000.100 Patristic Greek Lexikon                                                   Lampe, G.W.H. (ed)
4000.110 French-English_French Dictionary                                          Girard, Denis
4000.120 Concise German Dictionary                                                 Sayers, Robin (ed)
4000.130 Greek /German Dictionary                                                  Steinmetz, Alex.
4000.140 Deutshe Sprachlehre fur Auslander (German)                                Schultz, Dora
4000.150 Russian Elementary Course                                                 Potapova, N. F.             Rus
4000.160 Russian Grammar (simplified)                                              Fayer, Mischa et al         Rus
4000.170 Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic                                     Stevenson, Wm
4000.180 Vous avez la parole                                                       Humbert, Jean               Fr
4000.190 Exercises sur la Grammaire Francaise                                      Grevisse, Maurice           Fr
4000.200 L'Art de conjuguer                                                        Unknown                     Fr
4000.210 Portuguese Dictionary                                                     Several
4000.220 En Francais s'il vous plait-D (A toute vitesse)                           Willis, Pauline et al       Fr
4000.230 En Francais s'il vous plait-E (Ca y est!)                                 Willis, Pauline et al       Fr
4000.240 Cours de la Langue et de Civilisation Francaise, I                        Mauger, G.                  Fr
4000.250 Cours de la Langue et de Civilisation Francaise, II                       Mauger, G.                  Fr
4000.260 Precis de Grammaire Francaise                                             Grevisse, Maurice           Fr
4000.270 Exercises sur la Grammaire Francaise                                      Grevisse, Maurice           Fr
4000.280 La Force de l' Orthographie                                               Grevisse, Maurice           Fr
4000.290 Cours Moyen-Superieur de Francais                                         Dale, Magdalene & John      Fr
                                                                                                                           30   9/27/2013

4000.300 Nouveau Code Grammatical                                                Therien, Michel                    Fr
4000.301 Dictionnaire des Synonymes                                              DuChazaud, Henri                   Fr
4000.310 French through Pictures                                                 Richards, I. et al                 Fr
4000.320 Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms                                            Unnamed
4000.330 Roget's Pocket Thesaurus                                                Mawson, C.O.
4000.331 Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus                                          Kipfer, Barbara (ed)
4000.340 Six Weeks to Words of Power                                             Funk, Wilfred
4000.341 Dictionary of Confusing Words                                           Harmsworth, J.R.
4000.342 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary                                   Funk, Wilfred & Lewis, Norman
4000.343 Style Guide (English)                                                   Unnamed
4000.344 Short History of Classical Word Origins                                 Wedeck, Harry
4000.350 Learn to speak French without a Teacher                                 Wavrinek, Julien
4000.360 Learn to speak Italiah without a Teacher                                Wavrinek, Julien
4000.361 Getting Along in Italian - for Travellers etc                           Unnamed
4000.370 Learn to speak Spanish without a Teacher                                Wavrinek, Julien
4000.380 Lexiko-Dialoghoi Ellenoalbaniko & Albanoelleniko (Greek Albanian)       Apostolopoulou E & Tsiakoulis C    Mult
4000.381 Ellenoalbanika Keimena (Greek Albanian Texts)                           Giochalas, Titos                   Mult
4000.390 Introductory Hebrew Grammar                                             Davidson, A. B.
4000.391 Everyday Hebrew                                                         Rabin, Chaim                       Heb
4000.400 Modern Hebrew Grammar and Composition                                   Blumberg, Harry
4000.410 H Mitriki Glossa tou Isou, Jesus Mother Tongue                          Hliopoulos, Dimitri                Grk
4000.420 The Languages of a Bilingual Community                                  Rayfield, J. R.
4000.430 Grammatiki tis Agglikis Glossas                                         Unknown                            Grk
4000.440 a Primer of Greek Grammar (2 copies)                                    Abbot, Evelyn & Mansfield, E.
4000.450 Winston Canadian Dictionary                                             Several
4000.460 Primer Medieval Latin (a) - An Anthology of Prose and Poetry            Beeson, Charles                    Lat
4000.470 West Semitic Vocabulary in the Akkadian Texts from Emar                 Pentiuk, Eugen
4000.480 Book of Signs (the)                                                     Koch, Rudolf
4000.490 Elementary Turkish                                                      Thomas, Lewis
           Aggliki anef Didaskalou (English without a Teacher)
                                                                                 Kasapidis, Christos (ed)           Grk
4000.500 - System of Xavier de Bouge
4000.510 Concise Greek - English Dictionary of the New Testament                 Newman, Barclay
4000.520 Exercises in English for Foreign Students                               Judd, J. O.
4000.530 Focus on Grammar - an Intermediate Course for Reference and Practice)   Fuchs, Marjorie
4000.540 Idiom Advantage (the) - Fluency in Speaking and Listening               Watkins, Dana
4000.550 Idioms for Everyday Use                                                 Broukal, Milada
4000.560 German in Record Time                                                   Regensteiner, Henry
4000.561 German Phrase3 Book and Vocabulary                                      Unnamed
4000.570 Say it in Turkish                                                       Miles, Jeanne et al
4000.580 Egyptian Arabic                                                         Abdel-Hady, Ahmed
4000.590 Federative Republic of Scoje and its Language (shelved in sect. 9495)   Andriotis, Nicholas
4000.600 Spanish Through Pictures                                                Richards, I. Et al                 Sp
4000.620 Lexikon Ellenogallikon (Dictionnaire Grec-Francais)                     Vlachos, Angelos                   Fr
4000.630 Dictionnaire Francais-Latin                                             Edon, Georges                      Mult
4000.631 Compact Latin Dictionary                                                Thomas, Millicent                  Mult
4000.640 LaRousse de la Conjugaison                                              Jouette, Andre'                    Fr
4000.650 Dictionnaire Francais/Anglais & English/French (Quebec)                 Girard, Barrie, Chaptal & Yvinec   Fr
4000.660 Petit Larousse Illustre'                                                Several                            Fr
4000.670 French and English Dictionary                                           Mansion, J. E. et al               Fr
4000.671 Grammatica Latina - Latiniki Grammatiki                                 Tzartzanos, Achileas               Mult
4000.672 Latinika Lykeiou                                                        Tzartzanos, Achileas               Mult
4000.680 Oxford Greek-English Learner's Dictionary                               Stavropoulos, D N
4000.681 Teleion English-Greek Dictionary, 60,000 Words                          Mandeson, Arnold
4000.682 Teleion Greek-English Dictionary, 60,000 Words                          Mandeson, Arnold
4000.683 English-Greek and Greek-English Dictionary                              Constantopoulos, G.
                                                                                 McCrum, Robert - Cran, William
4000.700 the Story of English (language) -a Companion to the PBS TV Series       - MacNeil, Robert
4000.701 a History of the English Language                                       Bornstein, D.& Bessinger, J.B.
4000.710 MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 5th edition                Gibaldi, Joseph
                                                                                                                          31   9/27/2013

4000.990 Greek -English Dictionary (Printed and Electronic. CD missing)               several                       Grk
4800.000 GREEK LANGUAGE                                                               *****
4800.010 Modern Spoken Greek for English speaking Students                            Arpajolou, Ann
4800.020 Ellinikes Lekseis stin Aggliki Glossa, Greek Words in the English Language   Konstantinides, Aristides
4800.030 Modern Greek, Grammar & Self-Educator                                        Kykkotis, I
4800.040 Demotic Greek I                                                              Bien, Peter et al
4800.050 Tracing the Hand of Zonaras in the Lexicon Tittmannianum                     Gregoriades, I.
4800.060 I Elliniki Glossa (classic, Byzantine and modern texts)                      Zamaroa, R. et al             Grk
4800.070 Synonyma kai Syggenika                                                       Vlastos, Petros               Grk
4800.080 Engolpion Orthografias (pocketbook)                                          Efstathopoulos, Dimitri       Grk
4800.090 Neoelliniki Grammatiki, Grade 5 & 6                                          Tsolakis, Xristos             Grk
4800.100 Neoelliniki Grammatiki, Revised                                              Triantafyllidis, M.           Grk
4800.110 Syntaktiko tis Neas Ellinikis, Grades 7-9                                    Several                       Grk
4800.120 Systima Bibliografias                                                        Ntelopoulos, Kyr.             Grk
4800.130 Syntaktiko Arxaias Ellinikis, Grades 9-10                                    Tzartzanos, Achileas          Grk
4800.140 Glossa kai Paradosi                                                          Ramfos, Stelios               Grk
4800.150 A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament                                  Abbott-Smith, G.
4800.160 O Poulologos, (Kritiki Ekdosi)                                               Tsavari, Isabella             Grk
4800.170 Neoelliniki Glossa gia to Gymnasio                                           Tsolakis, Xristos et al       Grk
4800.180 Modern Greek Idiom and Phrase Book                                           Tsirpanlis, Const.
4800.190 Greek, A new and Simple Approach                                             Smith, F. K. et al
4800.200 Systima Ellinikon Nevmaton Greek Sign Lang.)                                 Triantafyllidis, G..          Grk
4800.210 Mathaino Ellinika, 1                                                         Vasilakis, Manolis            Grk
4800.220 Dictionary of Greek Orthodoxy                                                Patrinakos, Nicon
4800.230 Ellin Logos (En Oida a Oisa)                                                 Papaderos, Alex.              Grk
4800.240 Grammatiki tis Ellinikis Glossas                                             Dimitriadis, G.               Grk
4800.250 Medieval and Modern Greek                                                    Browning, Robert
4800.260 Odigos gia tis Eksetaseis Eparkeias of modern Greek                          Several                       Grk
4800.270 201 Modern Greek Verbs                                                       Christidis, Vasilios          Grk
4800.280 Monotonismeni Mousiki                                                        Ramfos, Stelios               Grk
4800.290 Etymologia tisLexis "Spoa"                                                   Halkias, Const.               Grk
4800.300 Greek Grammar of the New Testament and other Early Christian Literature      Blass, F. et al
4800.310 Ellhn Logos, Ouk oida a Oida                                                 Papaderos, Alex.              Grk
4800.320 Workbook for Demotic Greek                                                   Bien, Peter et al
4800.330 Grammatical Aids for Students of New T. Greek                                Mueller, Walter
4800.340 New Testament Greek                                                          Hudson, D. F.
4800.350 Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament                                   Greenfield, W.
4800.360 Greek Textual Criticism, A Reader                                            Renehan, Robert
4800.370 Neoelleniki Grammatiki (Grade 5 & 6 textbook)                                Tsolakis, Crr.                Grk
4800.380 Grammatiki Archaeas Ellinikis (Gr. 10 txetbook)                              Oikonomou, Mich.              Grk
4800.390 Syntaktiko Archaeas Ellinikis (Gr. 10 txetbook)                              Moumtzakis, A. B.             Grk
4800.400 Greek Grammar                                                                Goodwin, W.
4800.410 New Testament Greek for Beginners                                            Machen, J. G.
4800.415 Beginning Greek - a Functional Approach                                      Paine, Stephen
4800.420 New Testament Words                                                          Barclay, William
4800.430 New Testament Greek - an Introductory Grammar                                Jay, E. G.
4800.431 Key to New Testament Greek (Grammar Exercises)                               Jay, E. G.
4800.432 Greek Phrase Book                                                            Auden, H.W.
4800.440 the Elements of New Testament Greek, - Alpha Omega                           Wenham, J. W.
4800.441 Key to the Elements of New Testament Greek                                   Wenham, J. W.
4800.450 Analytical Greek Lexicon                                                     Unknown
4800.460 Glossologia kai Logotechnia                                                  Babiniotis, G.                Grk
4800.470 Alpha to Omega, the Life and Times of the Greek Alphabet                     Humez, Alexander & Nicholas
4800.480 Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek                              Black, David
4800.490 Greek Dialects (the)                                                         Buck, C.D.
4800.500 Vox Graeca, a Guide to the Pronunciation of Classical Greek                  Allen, Sidney
4800.501 Introduction to Attic Greek                                                  Mastronarde, Donald
4800.510 Greek Accents, a Student's Manual                                            Carson, D.A.
4800.520 NeoElleniki Glossa gia to Gymnasio                                           Several                       Grk
4800.530 Byzantine Text-Type and New Testament Textual Criticism                      Sturz, Harry
          Greek, an International Language (Elleniki, Diethnis Glossa)
                                                                                      Several                       Grk
4800.540 Vol. 3m Issue # 7
4800.550 Ancient Macedonian Language (an excerpt from the Internet)                   Several
                                                                                                                                     32   9/27/2013

4800.560 Key to the Elements of New Testament Greek                                         Nunn, H.P.V. (Rev.)
4800.561 Beginner's Grammar of the Greek New Testament                                      Hersey-Davis, William
4800.562 a Primer of Greek Grammar                                                          Abbot, Evelyn & Mansfield, E.
4800.570 Greek-English Lexicon (abridged from Lindell and Scotts)                           Several
4800.580 Syntaktikon tis Archaias Ellenikis Glossas                                         Tzartzanos, Achileas              Grk
4800.590 Grammatiki tis Archaias Ellenikis Glossas                                          Tzartzanos, Achileas              Grk
4800.600 Greek Prose Composition                                                            Sidgwick, A.
4800.610 Archaia Elleniki Glossa, Gr. 7 Textbook (Ancient Greek Language)                   Zamarou, Rena et al               Grk
4800.621 To Megalo Lexiko tis Enkyklopedias "Paideia", Vol. 1                               Varmazis, Nicholas et al          Grk
4800.622 To Megalo Lexiko tis Enkyklopedias "Paideia", Vol. 2                               Varmazis, Nicholas et al          Grk
           To Megalo Lexiko tis Enkyklopedias "Paideia", Vol. 3
                                                                                            Varmazis, Nicholas et al          Grk
4800.623 includes a detailed catalog of modern Greek Irregular Verbs
4800.630 Lexikon tis Archaias Ellenikis Glossis, Etymologikon-Ermeneftikon                  Dorbarakis, P.                    Grk
4800.631 Elleniko Lexiko                                                                    Tegopoulos - Fytrakis             Grk
4800.640 Glossa kai Politiki                                                                Hatzis, Dimitios                  Grk
4800.641 Glossa kai Zo'I (first published in 1908)                                          Giannidis, Elisaios               Grk
4800.650 Modern Greek for Adults - Part I                                                   Papaloizos, Th.                   Mult
4800.660 Ymnologikon Lexikon Dyskolown Lexewn kai Ennoiwn                                   Lagouros, Constantinos            Grk
4800.980 AntiLexikon h Onomastikon tis Neoellenikis Glossis                                 Bostantzo9glou, Theolo.           Grk
5000.000 NATURAL SCIENCES & MATHEMATICS                                                     *****
5000.010 Handbook of Mathematical Functions                                                 Abramowitz, M -Stegun, I
5000.020 FMT an Introduction (Mathematics)                                                  Dottori, Dino et al
5000.030 Mathematical Tables from Handbook of Chemistry & Physics                           Bennet, Albert & Ross, Bruce
5000.040 Mathematics                                                                        Bergamini, David
5000.050 General Mathematical Ability                                                       Burstein, Jules
5000.060 Euclidou (Euclid) Geometria (Elements,Books 1,2,3,4)                               Stamatis, Evang.                  Grk
5000.070 Euclidou (Euclid) Geometria Theoria Arithmon                                       Stamatis, Evang.                  Grk
5000.080 Euclidou (Euclid) Peri Asymmetron                                                  Stamatis, Evang.                  Grk
5000.090 Euclidou (Euclid) Stereometria                                                     Stamatis, Evang.                  Grk
5000.100 Diofantou (Diophantes) Arithmitica (The Algebra of Ancient Greeks)                 Stamatis, Evang.                  Grk
5000.110 Calculus with Analytic Geometry                                                    DelGrande, J.J. et al
5000.120 Relations                                                                          DelGrande, J.J. et al
5000.130 Finite and Infinite Games                                                          Carse, James
5000.140 Mathematics for the General Reader                                                 Titchmarsh, E.
5000.150 Main Stream of Mathematics                                                         Kramer, Edna
5000.160 A Source Book in Mathematics, Vol. 1                                               Smith, David
5000.170 A Source Book in Mathematics, Vol. 2                                               Smith, David
5000.180 Calculus : 3rd Edition (CD included)                                               Stewart, James
                                                                                            Stewart, James - Anderson, Dan.
5000.181 Calculus : 3rd Edition, Student Solution Manual, Vol. 1                            & Drucker, Daniel
5000.182 Calculus : 5th Edition, Early Transcendentals (CD included)                        Stewart, James
5000.183 Calculus with Analytic Geometry                                                    Zill, Dennis
5000.200 A Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra                                          Childs, Lindsay
5000.210 Vectors, Matrices and Algebraic Structures                                         Fryer, E. & Hill, G.
5000.220 Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables (Schaum's Series)                     Spiegel, Murray
5000.230 Theory and Problems of Matrices (Schaum's Series)                                  Ayres, Frank
5000.240 Check your own I.Q.                                                                Eysenck, H.J.
5000.250 Dictionary of Mathematics                                                          Nelson, David (ed)
5000.260 Linear Algebra                                                                     O'nan, Michael
5000.270 Analytic Geometry with Vectors                                                     Pettofrezzo & Lacatena
5000.280 Merveilleux Nombres Premiers (Voyage au Coeur de l'Arithmetique)                   Delahaye, Jean-Paul               Fr
5000.290 Introduction to Finite Mathematics                                                 Kemeny -Snell- Thompson
5000.300 Probability - Theory and Problems                                                  Lipscutz, Seymour
5000.310 Innumeracy - Mathematical Illiteracy                                               Paulos, John
5000.320 Measure your IQ                                                                    Azzopardi, Gilles
5000.500 Heath Science Connections (textbook)                                               Candido, Jack et al
5000.510 Scientific Thought, Epistimoniki Skepsi                                            Harre', R.                        Grk
5000.520 Mystic Places                                                                      Several
5000.530 Billions and Billions, Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium   Sagan, Carl
5000.540 Greek Science                                                                      Farrington, Benj.
                                                                                                                     33   9/27/2013

5200.000 ASTRONOMY & SPACE EXPLORATION                                       **********
5200.010 Cosmos (autographed by the Author)                                  Sagan, Carl
5200.020 Companion to the Cosmos                                             Gribbin, John
5200.030 Planet Earth                                                        Weiner, Jonathan
5200.040 Photographic Atlas of the Planets                                   Briggs,G A -Taylor, F.W
5200.050 Universe (Our)                                                      Gallant, Roy
5200.060 Comet                                                               Sagan, Carl & Druyan, Ann
5200.070 Solar System                                                        Frazier, Kendrick
5200.080 Amazing Universe                                                    Friedman, Herbert
5200.090 Pieces of another World                                             Branley, Franklyn
5200.100 Other Worlds                                                        Davies, Paul
5200.110 Brief History of Time                                               Hawking, Steven
5200.120 Copernicus to Einstein (From)                                       Reichenbach, Hans
5200.130 Universe - from flat Earth to Quasar                                Asimov, Isaac
5200.140 Chariots of the Gods                                                Von Daniken, Erich
5200.150 In Search of Ancient Gods                                           Von Daniken, Erich
5200.151 Odyssey of the Gods                                                 Von Daniken, Erich
5200.160 We reached the Moon                                                 Wilford, John
5200.170 Gemini                                                              Grisso, Virgil
5200.180 Taxidi sto Kosmiko Diastima                                         Sternfeld, A.                     Grk
5200.190 History of Space Flight                                             Emme, Eugene
5200.200 Apollo 13                                                           Lovell, Jim (Astr) et al
5200.210 Worlds in Collision                                                 Velikovsky, Immanuel
5200.220 Black Holes                                                         Taylor, John
5200.230 Space 2000, Meeting the Challenge of New Era                        Shipman, Harry
5200.240 Space Shuttle (booklet)                                             Alexander, George
5200.250 Man in Space (booklet)                                              Stone, Marvin
5200.260 Great Ideas and Theories of Modern Cosmology                        Singh, Jagjit
5200.270 the Stars in their Courses                                          Asimov, Isaac
           Faint Echoes, Distant Stars -
5200.280 The Science and Politics of Finding Life beyond Earth               Bova, Ben
5200.290 Space 50 (50 years of Space Exploration)                            Bizoni, Piers
5200.300 Astronomy / 365 Days                                                Bonnel, Jerry & Nemiroff, R
           View from the Center of the Universe -                            Primack, Joel and
5200.310 Discovering our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos                   Abrams, Ellen
5200.320 Du Big-Bang a l'Homme Moderne                                       Faure, Claude                     Fr
5200.330 H Cosmologia tis Noesis (Cosmology of Intelligence)                 Danezis, Manos Theodosiou, Str.   Grk
5200.340 Intimes Convictions                                                 Reeves, Hubert                    Fr
5200.350 Oiseaux, Merveilleux Oiseaux - Les Dialogues du Ciel et de la Vie   Reeves, Hubert                    Fr
5200.970 First Man in Space (Yuri Gagarin, April 12, 1961)                   Bertin Leonard
         First Men on the Moon, Aldrin and Armstrong, July 20, 1969.
5200.980 (copies of Various Newspapers and of Time Magazine)                 Several
5300.000 PHYSICS & CHEMISTRY                                                 *********
5300.010 Physics Encyclopedia                                                Parker, Sybil (ed)
5300.020 Einstein et l' Univers                                              Nordmann, Charles                 Fr
5300.030 Einstein kai to Sympan (and the Universe)                           Barnett, Lincoln                  Grk
5300.040 Restlessness of Matter                                              ***************
5300.050 Energy                                                              Wilson, Mitchell
5300.060 Mathimata stoixeion Hlectrologias                                   Malaspinas, S ArmyMajor           Grk
5300.070 Matter and Energy, the Foundation of Modern Physics                 MacLachlan, James et al
5300.080 Modern Physics for the Engineer                                     Ridenour, L. N. (ed)
5300.090 Advanced Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies                       Routh, Edw.
5300.100 Theoretical Mechanics, an Introduction to Mathematical Physics      Ames and Murnagham
5300.110 Hyperspace - a Scientific Odyssey through Parallel Universes, etc   Kaku, Michio
5300.120 Understanding Physics,Motion, Sound and Heat                        Asimov, Isaac
5300.130 Understanding Physics, Light Magnetism and Electricity              Asimov, Isaac
5300.140 Understanding Physics, the Electron, Proton and Neutron             Asimov, Isaac
5300.150 Physics for Scientists & Engineeres, Third Edition                  Giancoli, Douglas
5300.160 Dictionary of Scientific Literacy                                   Brennan, Richard
5300.170 Physical Science (Schaum's Series)                                  Beiser, Arthur
                                                                                                                              34   9/27/2013

5300.180 College Physics (Schaum's Series)                                              Schaum, Daniel
5300.190 College Physics (Schaum's Series) SI (Metric) edition                          Schaum, Daniel
5300.200 Oeuvres Completes de Pascal (Philosophy, Science etc)                          Lafuma, Louis (ed)              Fr
                                                                                        Sears, Fr. - Zemansky, Mark
           University Physics (complete)
5300.210                                                                                and Young, Hugh
5300.220 Science 10 (School textbook)                                                   several
5300.230 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics                                                 Sonntag, Borgnakke, Van Wylen
5300.980 Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms                                   Parker, Sybil (ed)
5400.010 Chemistry an Introductory Study                                                Allen, Page et al
                                                                                        Oxtoby, D - Gillis, H. P. &
5400.020 Principles of Modern Chemistry                                                 Nachtrieb, Norman
5400.030 Chemistry Today                                                                Whitman, R.L. et al
5500.000 EARTH SCIENCES                                                                 *********
5500.010 Science of the Earth                                                           Eardley, A J
5500.020 Global Water Cycle (the)                                                       Berner, Elizabeth&Robert
5500.030 Water and Water Use Terminology                                                Veach J-Humphrys, C R
5500.040 Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences                                                 Smith, David (Ed)
5500.050 Earthquake                                                                     Walker, Bryce
5500.060 Natural Wonders                                                                Newcomer, Susan
5500.070 Rocks and Minerals                                                             Bottley, E.
5500.080 The Great Lakes                                                                Allen, Robert
5500.090 The Sea                                                                        Engel, Leonard
5500.100 Mountains (Formation, Life, Environment) - includes more than 150 Photos       Ives, Jack D. (ed)
5500.110 The Miracle Planet                                                             Brown, B & Morgan, Lane
5500.120 The World we Live in, Vol. 1, The First Four Billion Years                     Barnett, Lincoln (ed)
5500.130 The World we Live in, Vol. 2, The Development of Life                          Barnett, Lincoln (ed)
5500.140 The World we Live in, Vol. 3, The Earth and The Universe                       Barnett, Lincoln (ed)
5500.150 Accelerated Climate Change                                                     Several
5500.160 Forty Steps to a New Don                                                       Several
5500.170 Enviromental Geography, Science, Land use and Earth Systems                    Marsh, Williams et al
5500.180 Atlas of the Environment                                                       Howson, John (ed)
5500.190 Weather Makers- How we are changing the Climate etc                            Flannery, Tim
5500.200 HEAT - How to stop the Planet from Burning                                     Monbiot, George
5500.210 Climate Into the 21st Century (by World Meteorological Organization)           Burroughs, William (ed)
5500.220 History of Geology                                                             Unnamed
5500.230 Rescue the Earth - Conversations with the Green Crusaders                      Mowat, Farley
5500.240 Hell and High Water (Global Warming - the Solution and the Politics)           Romm, Joseph
5500.250 A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea ( BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico)       Achenbach, Joel
5500.270 A Crack in the Edge of the World - the Great California Earthquake of 1906     Winchester, Simon
5500.510 The Face of the Earth                                                          Dury, G.
5500.980 the Ultimate Resource - Natural Resources..Pollution..Food Supply.. Etc etc    Simon, Julian
5500.990 H Gaia apo ton Ourano, La Terre vue du Ciel (trnsl by Tina Plyta)              Bertrand, Yann                  Grk
5700.000 LIFE SCIENCES                                                                  *******
5700.010 the Origin of Species                                                          Darwin, Charles
5700.011 Science, Folklore and Ideology - Studies in the Life Sciences in Anc. Greece   Lloyd, G.E.R.
5700.020 Modern Biology                                                                 Otto, James - Towle, Alb.
5700.030 The Art of Audubon                                                             Audubon, John
5700.040 The Body                                                                       Nource, Alan
5700.050 The Mind                                                                       Wilson, John
5700.060 The Desert                                                                     Leopold, A.
5700.070 Animal Behaviour                                                               Tinbergen, Niko
5700.080 Evolution                                                                      Moore, Ruth
5700.090 Attracting Birds (illustrated guide)                                           Warton, Susan (ed)
5700.100 Birds of Ontario and Quebec                                                    Hancock, David
5700.110 The Book of Man - the Quest to Discover our Genetic Heritage                   Bodmer, W. & McKie, Robin
5700.120 Evolution                                                                      Moore, Ruth
                                                                                                                            35   9/27/2013

5700.130 Human Body and Human Brain                                                            Asimov, Isaac
5700.140 Origin of Life                                                                        Oparin, A
5700.150 Proelefsi tis Zois ( Origin of Life)                                                  Oparin, A              Grk
5700.160 Ekseliksi? Ta Apolithomata lene Ochi. Evolution ??                                    Gish, Duane            Grk
5700.170 Evolution in Action                                                                   Huxley, Julian
5700.180 Dragons of Eden (Evolution of Human Intelligence)                                     Sagan, Carl
5700.190 Human Body, the                                                                       Asimov, Isaac
5700.200 Human Brain, the                                                                      Asimov, Isaac
5700.210 Life and Energy                                                                       Asimov, Isaac
5700.220 Medusa and the Snail                                                                  Thomas, Lewis
5700.230 Limits of Growth                                                                      Meadows, D & D et al
5700.240 Naked Ape (the)                                                                       Morris, Desmond
5700.250 Human Zoo (the)                                                                       Morris, Desmond
5700.260 The Forest and the Sea                                                                Bates, Marston
5700.270 House Plants (success with)                                                           N/A
           Krokos - Safran, Ena Agno proion ygiinis Diatrofis
5700.280 (Safran a Product of Healthy Nutrition)                                               Papanikolaou, Athan.   Grk
5700.290 Ekklisia kai Perivallon (Church and Environment)                                      Drakatos, Pan.         Grk
5700.300 Biotechnology and Food Genetics, an Orthodox Approach                                 Koulouras, John
5700.310 Biopolitiki, (Biopolitics) Vol. 1                                                     Vlavianou, Agni        Grk
5700.311 Biopolitiki, (Biopolitics) Vol. 2                                                     Vlavianou, Agni        Grk
           H Elleniki La"iki Iatriki, Diaititiki, Geoponiki etc ston 18o Aiona
5700.320 (first published in Venice in 1850)                                                   Monk, Agapios          Grk
5700.330 To Dasos pou Laxtarizes, The Forest that you …                                        Stefanos, Anast.       Grk
5700.340 Rare Wildflowers in Greece                                                            Unknown
5700.350 Ecology - Individuals, Populations and Communities                                    Begon, Michael et al
5700.360 Echinacea, the Immune Herb                                                            Hobbs, Christopher
5700.370 Intelligent Design Controversy (4 articles from Newspapers)                           Krugman, Paul et al
5700.380 Exelixi? Ta Apolithomata lene OCHI! - Evolution? The Fossils say NO!                  Gish, Duane            Grk
5700.390 Yparchei Zoe eis allous Asteras?                                                      Kotsakis, Dimitrios    Grk
5700.400 H Proklisi twn Gonidiwn                                                               Alachitis, Stamatis    Grk
5700.410 Istoria tis Moriakis Biologias (transl. from "Histoire de la Biologie Moleculaire")   Morange, Michel        Grk
5700.420 To Meridio twn Gonidiwn (trasl. From "La Part des Ge'nes")                            Alachitis, Stamatis    Grk
5700.430 Anthropini Klonopoiisi (transl. from "Le Clonage Humain")                             Alachitis, Stamatis    Grk
5700.440 La plus Belle Histoire du Monde (les Secrets de nos Origines)                         Reeves, Hubert et al   Fr
5700.450 Is there a Creator, Who Cares about You?                                              Several
5700.460 Life : How did it get here? By Evolution, or by Creation?                             Several
5700.461 Zo:I - Pws Vrethike Edw? Apo ekseliksi I apo Dimiourgia?                              Several
           Global Warming Math
5700.470 also Growing Fuel - the Wrong Way, The Right Way                                      Several
         the Frampton Flora (the Secrets of Frampton Court Gardens) (includes a 19th
                                                                                               Mabey, Richard
5700.480 Century collection of Plant sketches) (shelved in Classif. 7000)
         the Book of Plants (the complete Plates) - (hand-coloured copy of
5700.490 "Hortus Eystettensis) (shelved in Class. 7000)                                        Besler, Basilius
5700.980 Ecology (the) of Man, an Ecosystem Approach                                           Smith, Robert (ed)
6000.000 APPL. SCIENCES & TECHNOLOGY                                                           *****
6000.010 Science and Technology (Encyclopedia)                                                 Yule, John-David
6000.020 The Big Machine (the European atom smasher)                                           Jungk, Robert
6000.030 Timetables of Science                                                                 Helleman & Bunch
6000.040 Man the Engineer, Nature's Copycat                                                    Munch, Theodore
6000.050 History of Engineering ???                                                            Asimov
6000.060 Story of Engineering (the)                                                            Finch, James
6000.070 Manic 5, Building of the D. Johnson Dam                                               Re'thi, Lili, FRSA
6000.080 Aerial Photography, (aerial mapping & reconnaissance)                                 Heiman, Grover
6000.090 Construction Ahead                                                                    Billings, Henry
6000.100 Atomic Energy                                                                         Gaines, Matthew
6000.110 Short (a) History of Science                                                          Crowther, J.
6000.120 Alchemy, Source of Chemistry and Medicine (originally published in 1897)              Thompson, Charles
6000.130 Yearbook of Science and Technology                                                    Several
6000.140 Xilini Ghefyra, (Structural Analysis of a Lumber Bridge)                              Varmazis, Nicholas     Grk
6000.150 Antisismiki Kataskevi (Anti-seismic Design of a R.C. Building)                        Varmazis, Nicholas     Grk
6000.160 Antiridoto Fragma (Buttress Dam Design)                                               Varmazis, Nicholas     Grk
6000.170 Miktos Sidirodromikos Stathmos (Railway Station)                                      Varmazis, Nicholas     Grk
6000.180 Science + Inventions Chart -1900 Years of Discoveries                                 Several
                                                                                                                                 36   9/27/2013

6000.190 Oplismeno Skyrodema (Reinforced Concrete) Kanonismoi                                Several                       Grk
6000.200 Hwy 401 and Q.E. Way                                                                Several
6000.210 Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals                                                    Ferguson, Phil
6000.220 Prestressed Concrete                                                                Magnel, Gustave
6000.230 Problemes de Resistance des Materiaux avec Solutions                                Callandreau, Ed.              Fr
6000.240 As Syzitisoume Gia Seismous, Plimires kai …. Tram                                   Raptis, Nikos                 Grk
6000.250 Antiseismikes Kataskeves (Antiseismic Structures)                                   Roussopoulos, Athan.          Grk
6000.260 Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis                                               Wang, C. K.
           Monument 'eleve' a la Gloire de Pierre-Le-Grand (par le Comte Marin Carburi
6000.270 de Ceffalonie) (originally published in Paris in 1777)                              Unknown                       Fr
           Monument raised to the Glory of Peter the Great by Count Marin Carburi
6000.280   of Ceffalonia) (originally published in Paris in 1777)                            Unknown
6000.290   Three-Span Continuous Beams with Parabolic Haunches                               Varmazis, Nicholas
6000.300   Tunnel under the Continental Divide (Eisenhower Memorial)                         Johnson, Edwin
6000.310   Engineering Digest 50th Anniversary (1922-1972)                                   Several
6000.320   Engineering Dimensions - Centenial Edition 1887-1987                              Several
6000.500 Late Night Thoughts on Listaning to Mahler's Ninth Symphony                         Thomas, Lewis
6100.000 MEDICINE                                                                            *****
6100.010 Genetic Ethics                                                                      Kilner, John et all
6100.020 Sexoualiki Sphera kai o Neos Anthrwpos                                              Aspiotis, Ar.
6100.030 Anthropos, Aftos o Agnostos, Man the Unknown                                        Carrel, Alexis
6100.040 VD (missing)                                                                        **********
6100.050 Home Health Handbook Vol 1                                                          Gottlieb, William (ed)
6100.060 Home Health Handbook Vol 2                                                          Gottlieb, William (ed)
6100.070 Home Health Handbook Vol 3                                                          Gottlieb, William (ed)
6100.080 Cates' Primary Anatomy                                                              Basmajian, J.V., MD
6100.090 Iatrikos Odigos dia Ploia, Ship's Medical Guide                                     Several                       Grk
6100.100 F-Plan Diet                                                                         Eyton, Audrey
6100.110 She is Having a Baby and I am having a Breakdown                                    Barron, James
6100.120 LifeSpan-Plus                                                                       Gottlieb, William (ed)
6100.130 Our Human Body, its Wonders and Care                                                Several MDs
6100.140 Allergy self-help Book                                                              Faelten, Sharon et al
6100.150 Pos na Zisete 100 xronia, (How to live to 100)                                      Nakou, Lilika (transl)        Grk
6100.160 Nomiki Eparkeia h aneparkeia (Medical Biotechnology)                                Griniezakis, Makarios         Grk
6100.170 Ethics of Manipulation, (in Medicine and Genetics)                                  Haering, Bernard
6100.180 Cell of Cells (the Global Race to capture and control the Stem Cell)                Fox, Cynthia
6100.190 Bioethics                                                                           Shannon, Thomas (ed)
6100.200 On Moral Medicine, Theological Perspectives in Medical Ethics                       Lammers, Stephen
6100.210 Health Care Ethics                                                                  Ashley, B. & O'Rourke, K.
6100.220 Efthanasia (Euthanasia)                                                             Abramidis, Ath.               Grk
           Kalliteri Ygeia dia Olous - published in N.Y. in 1939. perhaps one of the first
                                                                                             Mandelenakis, Michael         Grk
6100.230   Science book published in Greek in the USA. (a collector's item)
6100.240   Prescription Drugs - Home Health Handbook                                         Mullen, Peggy (ed)
6100.250   Engefalikos Thanatos (Brain Death)                                                Karakatsanis, Constant.       Grk
           Complete Guide to Your Children's Health -
6100.260   American Medical Association                                                      Traisman, Edward et al
6100.270   Une Petite Douleur a l'Epaule Gauche (a small pein on the left shoulder)          Sylvestre, Jean-Marc          Fr
6100.280   How to get Well                                                                   Airola, Paavo
6100.290   Natural Healing Annual 1986                                                       Bricklin, Mark (ed)
6100.300   Natural Healing Annual 1987                                                       Bricklin, Mark (ed)
6100.310   Natural Healing and Nutrition Annual 1988                                         Bricklin, Mark (ed)
6100.320   Natural Healing and Nutrition Annual 1989                                         Bricklin, Mark (ed)
6100.330   Eat to Win - the Sports Nutrition Bible                                           Haas, Robert
6100.340   Natural Healing Annual 1986                                                       Bricklin, Mark (ed)
6100.350   Prescription for Nutritional Healing                                              Balch, Phylis & James
6100.360   the Complete Manual of Fitness and Well-Being                                     Singer, Jack et al
6100.370   Current Psychotherapies                                                           Corsini, R. & Wedding, D.
6100.380   the Asthma Self-Care Book                                                         Harrington, Geri
6100.390   Natural Cures - they do not want you to know about                                Trudeau, Kevin
6100.400   Living the Good Life - Your Guide to Health and Success                           Patchell-Evans, David
6100.411   Medical and Health Encyclopedia Ilustrated, Vol 1                                 Fishbein, Morris M.D. et al
6100.412   Medical and Health Encyclopedia Ilustrated, Vol 2                                 Fishbein, Morris M.D. et al
                                                                                                             37   9/27/2013

6100.413 Medical and Health Encyclopedia Ilustrated, Vol 3               Fishbein, Morris M.D. et al
6100.414 Medical and Health Encyclopedia Ilustrated, Vol 4               Fishbein, Morris M.D. et al
6100.420 Elleniko Systema Ygeias                                         Moutsopoulos, Haralambos      Grk
6100.430 Ippokrateia Meletimata, -Syllogi Monografiwn                    Hatzivasileiou, Vasilis       Grk
6100.970 Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary                             Dorland, William
6100.980 Medical and Health Encyclopedia (Canada Edition)                Several
6100.990 LaRousse Medical                                                Several                       Fr
6400.000 HOME ECONOMICS AND FAMILY LIVING                                *****
6400.010 Childhood (Companion to Public TV series)                       Konner, Melvin

           Penelopian Culinary Favorites                                 Melton & Gavrilos (ed)
6400.030 Guide to Super Seafood (WITHDRAWN)                              Ney, Tom
6400.040 One Dish Meals (the easy way)                                   Pines, Paula (ed)
6400.050 Cookbook-Chatelaine                                             Macpherson, Mary
6400.060 French Country Cooking                                          David, Elizabeth
6400.070 Greek Recipes                                                   Several
6400.080 Gourmet Experience (Greek)                                      West, Evgenia (ed)
6400.090 Chile Book                                                      Miller, Mark
6400.100 Barbecue Genious Cookbook                                       Witzel, Ted
6400.110 Complete Wok Cook Book, (Stir-Frying, Deep-Frying & Steaming)   Several
6400.120 Lightheated Cookbook (WITHDRAWN)                                Lindsay, Anne
6400.130 Mageiriki tou Aghiou Orous - Cooking Recipes of Mount Athos     Mylopotaminos, Epifanios      Grk
7000.000 ARTS                                                            *****
7000.001 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 01     Several
7000.002 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 02     Several
7000.003 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 03     Several
7000.004 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 04     Several
7000.005 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 05     Several
7000.006 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 06     Several
7000.007 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 07     Several
7000.008 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 08     Several
7000.009 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 09     Several
7000.010 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 10     Several
7000.011 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 11     Several
7000.012 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 12     Several
7000.013 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 13     Several
7000.014 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 14     Several
7000.015 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 15     Several
7000.016 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 16     Several
7000.017 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 17     Several
7000.018 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 18     Several
7000.019 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 19     Several
7000.020 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 20     Several
7000.021 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 21     Several
7000.022 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 22     Several
7000.023 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 23     Several
7000.024 New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art , Vol. 24     Several
7000.041 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. I                         Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.042 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. II                        Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.043 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. III                       Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.044 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. IV                        Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.045 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. V                         Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.046 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. VI                        Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.047 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. VII                       Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.048 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. VIII                      Kanellopoulos, P.
7000.049 Istoria tou Evropaikou Pnevmatos Vol. IX                        Kanellopoulos, P.
           Ta Glypta tou Parthenona - The Reliefs of Parthenon           Horemi, Alkestis &
7000.060 Acropolis, British Museum, Musee de Louvre                      Mavromatis, Socratis
7000.070 History of Art                                                  Janson, H.W. & Anthony
7000.120 Fundamentals of Modern Photocomposition                         Seybold, John
                                                                                                                                38   9/27/2013

7000.130 My Home my Native Land, (Expo 67)                                           Bush, Robin
7000.140 Canadian Fine Crafts (Expo 67)                                              Williamson, Moncrieff
7000.150 La Peinture au Canada (Expo 67)                                             Lord, Barry                         Fr
7000.160 Striking Impressions                                                        Haxby, James
7000.170 Religion and the Arts                                                       Taylor, Dennis (ed)
7000.180 Islamic Civilization (Introduction to )                                     Several
7000.190 Originality in Byzantine Literature, Art and Music (an excerpt)             Kustas, G. L.
7000.200 Religion and the Arts (a Journal)                                           Several
7000.210 Old Testament and the Fine Arts                                             Maus, Cynthia
7000.220 Picturing the Times in your Life                                            Nibbelink, Don and Monica
7000.230 Early Christian and Byzantine World                                         Lassus, Jean
7000.240 Magnesia - Grammata, Epistimes, Politismos                                  Several                             Grk
7000.250 Art and Emotion. The Aesthetics of Papanoutsos                              Georgopoulos, N.
7000.260 Image and Icon, the New Greek Photography                                   Stathatos, John (ed)
7000.270 O 20os Aionas (the 20th Century)                                            Kanellopoulos, P.                   Grk
7000.280 Aisthetics                                                                  Papanoutsos, E. P.                  Grk
7000.290 Knaurs Lexikon, Moderner Kunst (Modern Art)                                 Several                             "Ger
7000.300 Disarmed, (the story of Venus de Milo)                                      Curtis, Gregory
7000.310 Toronto Star Editorial Cartoons                                             Mac Pherson, Duncan
7000.320 Hellas - Arts and Crafts                                                    Several                             Mult
7000.330 What is Art? (orig. Publ. in 1898)                                          Tolstoy, Leo (Nobel)
7000.340 Roman Art, a Modern Survey                                                  Hanfmann, George
7000.350 Philosophies of Art & Beauty - Selected Readings                            Hofstadter, Albert et al (ed)
7000.360 Pnevmatiki Eptanisos (Artistic Ionian) (6 issues of a journal)              Laskaratou-Lada, Maria              Grk
7000.370 Greek Art Exhibitions in Toronto                                            Several
7000.380 Modern Hellenic Art (Exhibitions in various Canadian Cities)                Several
7000.381 the Greek Experience                                                        Bowra, C.M.
           Le Bouquet d' Athena - Les Plantes dans la Mythologie et l' art Grecs
7000.382 (translated from German)                                                    Baumann, Hellmut                    Fr
7000.383 Toledo - its Arts and History (see also 9140.200)                           Miranda, Rufino
7000.384 Georgios Kastriotis, o Athinaios Glyptis                                    Kastriotis, Mairy                   Grk
7000.385 H Glyptiki tou Nikola                                                       Unknown                             Grk
7000.390 Gold of Troy (the) - The True Story of the Greatest Hunt in History         Payne, Robert
         Gold of Troy (the) - Searching for Homer's Fabled City
7000.400 by the A. S. Pushkin State of Fine Arts                                     Tolstikov, Vlad. and Treister, M.
7000.430 Larousse Encyclopedia of Prehistoric and Ancient Art                        Huyghe, Rene' (ed)
7000.440 The Light of the Past (Cave Man to 1950)                                    Several
7000.450 The Horizon Book of Ancient Greece                                          Hale, William
7000.460 Archaeology meets Science. Minoans and Mycenaeans. Flavours of their Time   Several
7000.470 Vergina, the Royal Tombs and the Ancient City                               Andronicos, Manolis
7000.480 The Glory of Byzantium, Art and Culture 843-1261 AD (soft cover)            Evans, Helen et al (ed)
7000.481 The Glory of Byzantium, Art and Culture 843-1261 AD (Hard cover)            Evans, Helen et al (ed)
7000.482 Byzantium, Faith and Power, (1261-1557)                                     Evans, Helen et al (ed)
7000.483 Art of Constantinople, Introduction to Byzantine Art, 330-1453              Beckwith, John
7000.484 The Hellenistic Origins of Byzantine Art                                    Ainalov, D. V.
7000.490 Early Christian and Byzantine World                                         Lassus, Jean
7000.500 Alexander the Great, from Pella to Asia "ENGRAVINGS"                        Michalopoulos, Takis (ed)
7000.520 Barakat Gallery
7000.530 Ellinika Mousika Organa (Greek Music Instruments)
7000.540 Search (the) for Alexander, an Exhibition (see also item 690.15)            Andronicos, Manolis et al
7000.550 Epopteia (Overview) Arts Review                                             Several                             Grk
7000.560 Malcove Collection (the)
7000.570 Mosaique (la)                                                                                                   Fr
7000.580 Cyprus, a Civilization plundered
7000.590 Cyprus, Leilasia enos Politismou (2 copies)                                                                     Grk
7000.600 Chypre, Le Pillage d'une Civilization                                                                           Fr
7000.610 Rodos (Watercolour collection)
7000.611 Ypodeigmata Ellenikis Diakosmitikis                                         Hatzimichali, Angeliki              Grk
7000.612 Mosaici Byzantini                                                           Bettini, Sergio                     It
7000.613 Pangosmia Kleronomia - Universal Heritage                                   Several                             Grk
7000.614 Stolen Treasures of Cyprus                                                  Hadjifoti, Tasoula et al            Mult
                                                                                                                                    39   9/27/2013

7000.620 Thessaloniki, Antiquity - Byzantium
7000.630 Civilization, a Personal View                                                   Clark, Kenneth
7000.640 From the Beginning - Archaeology and Art in the Israel Museum                   Katz, Karl et al (ed)
7000.650 Armenia (Photographs)                                                           Danielyan, Hasmik
7000.660 Armenian Treasures Rescued from Cilicia                                         Reichert, Luwig (ed)
7000.670 Miniature Armenienne (Iconography)                                              Ghazarian, V. (ed)                  Fr
7000.680 Art of Crete, Mycenae and Greece                                                Hafner, German
7000.690 Art of Rome, Etruria and Magna Graecia                                          Hafner, German
7000.700 Art of the Early Middle Ages                                                    Souchal, Francois
7000.710 Renaissance and Mannerist Art                                                   Wolf, Erich & Millen, Ron
7000.720 Art of Islam                                                                    Du Ry, Carel

7000.730 Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World, (Egypt, Greece, Rome)                   Ogura, Tadao (ed)                   Mult
7000.750 Halkotechnia ston Elleniko Horo, 1900-1975                                      Papadopoulos, Stelios A             Grk
7000.760 From Byzantium to Modern Greece, Hellenic Art in Adversity, 1453 - 1830         Several
7000.770 a Chorus of Birds - Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ultramaro                       Several
7000.771 Songs of the Garden - Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ultramaro                     Several
7000.772 a Shoal of Fishes - Metropolitan Museum of Art                                  Hiroshige, Ando
7000.780 Art in Vienna, 1898 - 1918 (Klim, Kokoschka et al)                              Vergo, Peter
7000.790 Tuscany, Inside the Light (a photo collection)                                  Meyerowitz, Joel et al
7000.800 Art History, Vol. One                                                           Stokstad, Marilyn
7000.801 Horizon, a Magazine of the Arts, Vol. 1.2                                       Several
7000.802 Horizon, a Magazine of the Arts, Vol. 1.6                                       Several
7000.803 Horizon, a Magazine of the Arts, Vol. 3.6                                       Several
7000.804 Horizon, a Magazine of the Arts, Vol. 4.1                                       Several
7000.811 Les Tresors de Byzance (Treasures of Byzantium)                                 Annequin, Guy                       Fr
         the Destruction of Religious Monuments by the Turkish Army
7000.812 in the Occupied Part of Cyprus                                                  Marangou, Anna
7000.813 Cyprus - War and Cultural Heritage in Cyprus after the 1974 Turkish Invasion    Jansen, Michael
7000.814 World Heritage Sites in Cyprus - Archaeologikoi Choroi kai Mnimeia tis Kyprou   Markidou, Loria (ed)                Mult
7000.816 the Elgin (Marbles of Parthenon) Affair (transl. by G. Kousounelos)             Vrettos, Theodore                   Grk
         Canada, a Year of the Land (Centenial 1867-1967 Commemorative                   Monk, Lorraine + Fleming, Allan &
7000.817 Photo Album) includes 260 plates                                                Hutchison, Bruce
7000.818 The Visual Dialogue - an Introduction to the Appreciation of Art                Knoblert, Nathan
7000.819 Dictionary of Art & Artists (shelved in sect. 7000)                             Murray, Peter & Linda
7000.821 Meletes Palaiochristianikis & Byzantinis Archaiologias                          Pelekanidis, Stylianos              Grk
         Ushua"ia - Nature - Paradis du bout du Monde
7000.822 (Paradise at the end of the World)                                              Hulot, Nicolas                      Fr
           the Frampton Flora (the Secrets of Frampton Court Gardens) (includes a 19th
                                                                                         Mabey, Richard
7000.831 Century collection of Plant sketches)
         the Book of Plants (the complete Plates
7000.832 - hand-coloured copy of "Hortus Eystettensis)                                   Besler, Basilius
7000.971 Robert Bateman - An Artist in Nature                                            Bateman, Rob. & Archbold, Rick
7000.972 Robert Bateman - Natural Worlds                                                 Bateman, Rob. & Archbold, Rick
7000.990 Canadian Art: From Its Beginnings to 2000                                       Newlands, Anne (M.A.)
7200.000 ARCHITECTURE                                                                    *****
7200.010 World Architecture                                                              Copplestone, T.
           To Mnimeio tou Agnostou Stratioti kai o Ethnikos Kipos -
7200.020 The monument of the Unknown Soldier                                             Kardamitsi, Maro et al
7200.030 Monaste'res, Attique et Beotie                                                  Notton, A et T                      Fr
7200.041 Elleniki Paradosiaki Architectoniki, Vol. 1 (unavailable)                       Lavvas, Giorgos et al               Grk
7200.048 Elleniki Paradosiaki Architectoniki, Vol.8, Makedonia B' - Thrake               Lavvas, Giorgos et al               Grk
7200.051 Greek Traditional Architecture, Vol. 1, East. Aegean, Sporades, Ionian Isl.     Philippides, Dimitri
7200.052 Greek Traditional Architecture, Vol. 2, Aegean Cyclades                         Philippides, Dimitri
                                                                                                                              40   9/27/2013

7200.060       ************** SPACE FOR Large books ***************
7200.070 Minding a Sacred Place                                                           Empie, Sunnie
7200.100 Architecture as Environment                                                      Conti, Flavio
7200.110 The Grand Tour- Individual Creations                                             Conti, Flavio
7200.120 The Grand Tour- Splendor of the Gods                                             Conti, Flavio
7200.130 The Grand Tour- Centers of Belief                                                Conti, Flavio
7200.140 The Grand Tour- the World of Pleasure                                            Conti, Flavio
7200.150 The Grand Tour- Tribute to Religion                                              Conti, Flavio
7200.160 Theorisi tis Aigeopelagitikis Architectonikis, View of the Aegean Architecture   Vasiliadis, D.               Mult
           Odiporeia stis Morfes kai to yfos tou Ellenikou Chorou,
7200.170   Wayfaring across the forms and countenances of Greek space                     Vasiliadis, D.               Mult
7200.180   Bau-Entwurfslehre, Building Design Science                                     Neufert, Ernst Prof.         "Ger
7200.190   Emergence & Growth of an Urban Region (Detroit Area), 3 Volumes                Doxiadis, Constantine
7200.200   Ekistics Magazine, Iss. Nos, 116, 117 and 236                                  Doxiadis, Constantine
7200.220 Ancient Theatres                                                                 Bosnakis, Dim. & Gatgis, D
7200.240 Architecture the Great Art of building                                           Copplestone, T.
7200.250 Great Home Decorating Ideas                                                      Lawrence, Mike et al
7200.260 Byzantini & Metabyzantini Architectoniki stin Ellada                             Bouras Charalambos           Grk
         Early Byzantine Churches in Macedonia and Southern Serbia - A Study of the
                                                                                          Hoddinott, R.F.
7200.261 Origins and Initial Development of East Chrisitan Art. (shelved in Class 2715)
7200.270 Gropius                                                                          Busignani, Alberto

           The Parthenon at Athens Greece and at Nashville Tennessee (excerpts)           Wilson, Benjamin

           Interpretations of Nature, CanadianArchitecture, Landscaping and Urbanism      Kapelos, George
7200.300 Lalibela, the Monolithic Churches of Ethiopia                                    Bidder, Irmgard
7200.320 The World Atlas of Architecture. Le Grand Atlas de l'Architecture Mondiale       Beazley, Mitcell (ed)
7200.330 To Oikoumeniko Patriarcheio. ….Ta Byzantina Memeia, Byzantine Monuments          Tzaferis, Solon et al (ed)   Grk
7200.360 Cities of Destiny, Athens, Venice, Florence, Alexandria etc                      Toynbee, Doxiadis, et al
7200.370 Popular Architecture in Greece (in 4 languages)                                  Tzelepy, Panos               Mult
         Theorisi tis Aigeopelagitikis Architectonikis -
7200.380 A View of the Aegean Architecture                                                Vasileiadis, D.              Mult
7200.390 Pikionis - a short autobiography and selected Sketches of his creations          Several                      Grk
7200.391 Keimena (Letters and Biography)                                                  Pikionis, Dimitri            Grk
7200.400 Knaurs Lexikon, Moderner Kunst (Modern Art)                                      Several                      "Ger
7200.410 The Newer Temples of the Greeks                                                  Allatios, Leo
7200.420 Modern Architecture                                                              Richards, J M
7200.430 Byzantine Architecture and Decoration                                            Hamilton, J. A.
7200.440 Byzantine Churches of Greece and Cyprus                                          Mastrogiannopoulos, E.
7200.450 H Aghia tou Theou Sophia (Temple of Saint Sophia)                                Stathakis, Haralambos        Grk
7200.460 Cities and Civilizations                                                         Hibbert, Christopher
7200.461 Cities of Ancient Greece and Italy - Planning in Classical Antiquity             Perkins, J. B.
7200.470 Naodhomia kai Synxroni Techni                                                    Kalokyris, Const.            Grk
7200.480 Ipirotes Mastoroi & Gefyria (Traditional Architechture)                          Mammopoulos, Alex.           Grk
7200.490 Thriskeftiki Architectoniki sti Thessaloniki (1839-1912) (Ph D Thesis)           Mantopoulou, Thaleia         Grk
7200.500 Armos - Dedikated to Prof. Nicholas Moutsopoulos                                 several                      Grk
7200.510 Toronto 100 Years of Grandeur - Inside Stories of Toronto Great Homes            Booth Martyn, Lucy
7200.520 HunderWasser Haus - a Photo Album of a Unique House                              Boehm, Peter (ed)            Mult
7200.540 Gold Medal Pools - a Collection of the World's most Beautiful Pools              Dawson, W. & Hoffman, R.
7200.550 Flyer for Building at Bloor & Avenue in Toronto                                  several
           Elleniko Laiko Spiti **************
7200.560 (book damaged by fire set by Anarchists and rescued from the Ruines)             Michelis, P. A.              Mult
7200.570 Small Houses                                                                     Wright, Myles (ed)
7200.580 Space Matters - 11 Top Designers show you how to create a healthy home           Cox, Kathleen
7200.800 the North American City                                                          Yeates, Maurice
7200.810 the Death and Life of Great American Cities                                      Jacobs, Janet
                                                                                                                                41   9/27/2013

7200.980 Meletimata Archaiologias & Technis                                           Kalokyris, Const.                  Grk
7500.000 PAINTING and PAINTINGS                                                       ***************
           Peytier Album - Liberated Greece and the (French) Morea Expedition,
                                                                                      Papadopoulos, Stelios A            Mult
7500.010 1828 - 1830 (a truly Historical Document)
7500.011 Byzantine Art, a Contemporary View                                           Omiros
7500.020 Eikones tou Ellenikou Chorou meta tin Apeleftherosi                          Kalligas, Marinos et al
           Pinakothiki kai Glyptothiki tou Morfotikou Idrimatos Nat. Bank of Greece
                                                                                      Several                            Grk
7500.030 sti Thessaloniki (2 copies)
7500.040 Greek Painting, 1832-1922                                                    Christou, Chrysanthos (ed)
7500.050 Michelangelo (Text and Paintings)                                            Hartt, Frederick
7500.060 A Vision of Canada, The McMichael Collection                                 Duval, Paul
7500.070 Paintings at Orsay - Chronological and Thematic                              Bayle, Francoise & Kilian, Denis
7500.080 Varley (Frederick, H.)                                                       Vrley, Peter
7500.090 Theofilos                                                                    Tsarouchis, Giannis                Grk
7500.100 Titian (Text and Paintings)                                                  Hope, Charles
7500.110 Vincent Van Gogh - Drawiings (Frwd by the Queen of Holland)                  Van Der Wolk, Johannes
7500.120 Iakovidis, Georgios                                                          Iakovidis, Lili                    Grk
7500.130 Byzantine Wall Painting in Asia Minor, Vol. 1, Text                          Restle, Marcel
7500.140 Byzantine Wall Painting in Asia Minor, Vol. 2, Plates                        Restle, Marcel
7500.150 Byzantine Wall Painting in Asia Minor, Vol. 3, Plates                        Restle, Marcel
7500.160 El Greco                                                                     Horga, Ioan
7500.170 El Greco Domenikos Theotokopoulos (25 XL Plates in a folio)                  N/A                                Grk
7500.180 1987 Calendar. Portraits of Famous Greek Men of Letters                      N/A                                Grk
7500.190 Prosopografies Ellinon kai Philellinon Agoniston (tou 1821)                  Prevelakis, P, Varlamos, G. (ed)   Grk
7500.200 Eikonografia 1821- Stochasmos Makrygianni kai Cheri tou Panagioti Zografou   N/A                                Grk
7500.210 Fotis Kontoglou, Zografos                                                    Zias, Nikos                        Grk
7500.220 Historic Greek Lithographs from the 1821 Era                                 Several                            Grk
7500.230 Leonardo, Life & Times of                                                    Bortolon, Liana
7500.240 Renaissance Painting (over 100 colour illustrations)                         Stirton, Paul (ed)
7500.250 Dutch Painting (over 100 colour illustrations)                               Bugler, Caroline
7500.260 Portrait Painting (over 100 colour illustrations)                            Warner, Malcolm
7500.270 Epicentre, the Surrealistic Art of Dion Zachariou                            Anastasiadis, Manos (ed)           Grk
7500.280 Katafygiotis (an Exhibition of Paintings)                                    Vorres, Ion (ed)
7500.290 Mavrogenis (an Album with Works of)                                          Several                            Grk
7500.300 Alexander, the Spirit of Tolerance *** Missing***                            Varlamis, Efth.                    Grk
7500.310 French Impressionists - Fine Arts (wall Calendar)                            Several
7500.311 Ellenes Zografoi (Greek Painters) Vol. 1, Nikeforos Lytras                   Athanasoglou, Nina (ed)            Grk
7500.312 Ellenes Zografoi (Greek Painters) Vol. 2, Nikolaos Ghyzis                    Papaioannou, Giannis (ed)          Grk
7500.313 Ellenes Zografoi (Greek Painters) Vol. 3, Georgios Iakovidis                 Christou, Chrysanthos (ed)         Grk
7500.314 Ellenes Zografoi (Greek Painters) Vol. 4, Konstantinos Volanakis             Athanasoglou, Nina (ed)            Grk
7500.320 Thanasis Bakogiorgos - 50 Chronia Zografiki                                  Bakogiorgos, Thanasis              Mult
7500.330 Sotheby's - the Greek Sale                                                   several
7500.350 Fourth Biennale of the Students of the Greek Schools of Fine Arts            Several                            Mult
7500.360 Marios Loizides, 1928 - 1988                                                 Several                            Mult
           Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (12th Century Poet)
7500.370 English Verse by Edward Fidgerald and Paintings by Sarkis Katchadourian      Khayyam, Omar
7500.380 Greek Posters - Ellenikes Diafimiseis                                        Karachristos, Spyros (ed)         Mult
7500.390 H Ellada tou 1800 - Charactica tis Epochis, Greece in 1800 - Engravings      Makriyiannis, Nikos               Mult
7500.400 Rembrandt - Life of Christ (Paintings and Drawings)                          Unnamed
7500.401 Rembrandt Van Rijn - His Life and Works                                      Unnamed
                                                                                      Lampraki-Plaka, Kouria, Kapralou,
7500.410 Afieroma stin Ellinida Mana                                                  Zervos, et al                     Grk
7500.420 Water Lillies - 99 Paintings by Claude Moner                                 Stuckey, Charles (ed)
7500.430 Oil Painting Secrets from a Master                                           Cateura, Linda
7500.440 Painting Portraits (25 Portrait Painting Projects illustrated …………..)        Rodwell, Jenny
7500.480 ***** Gap in Numbering. Space for Large Books
           CROSS REFERENCE: see 7000.800
                                                                                      Newlands, Anne (M.A.)
7500.500 Canadian Art: From Its Beginnings to 2000
7500.510 The Square Halo and Other Mysteries of Wesern Art                            Fisher, Sally
                                                                                                                                42   9/27/2013

7500.520 Painting as a Pastime                                                            Churchill, Winston
7500.530 Les Mosa'iques Venitiens                                                         Weidle', Wladimir              Fr
7500.540 Early Christian Painting                                                         DuBourguet, Pierre (SJ)
7500.550 Byzantine and Early Medieval Painting                                            Chadzidakis, Manolis
7500.560 Romanesque Painting                                                              Ainaud, Juan
7500.570 Gothic Painting                                                                  Carli, Enzo et al
7500.580 Canaletto                                                                        Piper David (gen. Ed)
7500.590 Holbein                                                                          Piper David (gen. Ed)
7500.600 Titian 1                                                                         Piper David (gen. Ed)
7500.610 Titian 2                                                                         Piper David (gen. Ed)
7500.620 Velazquez                                                                        Piper David (gen. Ed)
7500.630 El Greco                                                                         Guinar, Paul
7500.640 Greco (Collection des Maitres)                                                   Rouche's, Gabtiel              Mult
7500.650 Titian, Rubens, Velazquez, Hogarth - Old Masters                                 Collings, Matthew
7500.660 Greek Women Painters - Ellenides Zwgrafoi (1998 Calendar)                        Several                        Mult
7500.670 Ingress, Pense'es et Ecrits du Peintre -(raconte' par lui - meme et par ses Amis) Several                       Fr
7500.680 Dutch Painting, the Golden Age                                                   Rousseau, Theodore (Curator)
7500.690 Giannis Tsarouchis                                                               Several                        Grk
7500.700 The McMichael Collection                                                         Duval, Paul
7500.710 Four Centuries of Greek Painting at the National Gallery A. Soutzos Museum       several
7800.000 MUSIC                                                                            *****
7800.010 Music (the) of Man                                                               Menuhin, Yehudi et al
7800.020 Music Understanding and Enjoying                                                 Palmer, King
7800.030 Oi Megaloi Mousourgoi, (Great Composers)                                         Skouloudis& Kalomiris ed       Grk
7800.040 Encyclopaideia tis archaias Ellnikis Mousikis                                    Michailidis, Solon             Grk
7800.050 Eisagogi stin Mousiki                                                            Vasiliadis, Stef. Et al        Grk
7800.060 Synantisi Chorodion stin Kefalonia, Afieromeni ston Miki Theodoraki              Theodorakis, Mikis             Grk
7800.061 Ola ta Tragoudia                                                                 Theodorakis, Mikis             Grk
7800.069 Premiere of Greek Compositions                                                   Karabekos, Stefanos
7800.070 Paradosiaki kai Entechni Mousiki (Traditional Music)                             several                        Grk
7800.080 Adventures in Light Classic Music                                                several
7800.090 Music of the World's Greatest Composers                                          several
7800.100 Musical Quarterly - 7 Volumes, #71 to #77, Years 1985 to 1991                    Salzman, Eric (ed)
7800.980 Oxford Dictionary of Music                                                       Kennedy, Michael
7900.000 RECREATIONAL AND PERF. ARTS                                                      *************
7900.010 Comodia tou Aristofani ( Aristophanes Comedy)                                    Dover, K., Kakridis (transl)   Grk
7900.020 Dramatiki Poihsh (Drama) Prometheus Bound, Iphigenie in Tavris                   Gryparis & Stavrou Trans       Grk
7900.030 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 1, 1927-33                                 Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.040 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 2, 1934-40                                 Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.050 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 3,1941-44                                  Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.060 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 4, 1945-48                                 Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.070 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 5, 1949-51                                 Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.080 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 6, 1952-55                                 Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.090 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 7, 1956-58                                 Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.100 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 8,1959-61                                  Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.110 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 9, 1962-63                                 Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.120 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 10, 1964-66                                Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.130 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 11, 1967-69                                Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.140 To Elliniko Theatro (Grk Theatre) Vol 12, 70-71                                  Thrylos, Alkis                 Grk
7900.150 H Krisi tou Theatrou (Theatr. Kritiki, 1989-1994)                                Varveris, Giannis              Grk
7900.160 To Archaio Theatro sti Nea Elliniki Skini, 1817-932                              Sideris, Giannis               Grk
7900.170 Epilogi Kritikon Arthron, Vol.1 Theatrika                                        Politis, Fotis                 Grk
7900.180 Epilogi Kritikon Arthron, Vol.2 Theatrika                                        Politis, Fotis                 Grk
7900.190 Epilogi Kritikon Arthron, Vol.3, Logotechnika                                    Politis, Fotis                 Grk
7900.200 Istorika Neoellinikou Theatrou (6 Meletimata)                                    Puchner, Walter                Grk
7900.210 H Tragiki Poiisi ton Ellinon                                                     Lesky, Albin                   Grk
7900.220 Dramatourgia, Theatriki Drasi                                                    Pimplis, Spyros                Grk
7900.230 The Comic Theatre of Greece and Rome                                             Sandbach, F.H.
7900.300 Greek Shadow Theatre (Karaghiozis) - Light and History                           Charitatou, Alexandra et al
7900.301 Karaghiozis : Vol. A', Text of 5 Plays                                           Ioannou, Giwrgos (ed)          Grk
                                                                                                                                    43   9/27/2013

7900.302 Karaghiozis : Vol. B', Text of 5 Plays                                             Ioannou, Giwrgos (ed)             Grk
7900.303 Karaghiozis : Vol. C', Text of 2 Plays                                             Ioannou, Giwrgos (ed)             Grk
7900.320 Karagoez- Turkish Shadow Theatre                                                   And, Metin
7920.000 STAGE PRESENTATIONS / THEATRE                                                      *************
7920.010 Prometheus Desmotis, Iphigenie in Tavris (Aeschylus)                               Gryparis & Stavrou Trans          Grk
7920.020 Aristofanes Ippeis                                                                 Spyropoulos, H (transl)           Grk
7920.030 Euripides Electra                                                                  Tanagras, A (transl)              Grk
7920.040 Sophocles, Oedipus the King & Oedipus at Colonos                                   Walker, R
                                                                                            Grene, D.- Fitzgerald, Robert &
           Sophocles, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonos & Antigone
7920.050                                                                                    Wyckoff, Elizabeth
7920.060 Aeschylus, The Suppliant Maidens and The Persians                                  Seth, Bernardete
7920.070 Aeschylus, Seven against Thebes                                                    Grene, David
7920.710 Aeschylus, Epta Epi Thevas                                                         Myris, K. (transl)                Grk
7920.080 Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound                                                        Grene, David
7920.090 Aeschylus, Choephoroi                                                              Sidgwick, A
           Antigone (Written and performed in Paris during the Nazi Occupation. A classic
                                                                                            Anouihl, Jean
7920.100 of its time. English production by Lawrence Olivier))

           NOTE: The 10 books listed above are shelved and are also listed
           in Section 8820, Hellenic Classical Drama
           Tragedies Choisies de Racine,
                                                                                            Racine                            Fr
7920.110 Phedre, Andromaque, Britannicus, Berenice, Iphigenie, Athalie
           the Misanthrope, the Sicilian, Tartuffe, a Doctor in Spite of Himself,
7920.120 the Imaginary Invalid
7920.121 Theatre de Moliere, Tome I                                                         Moliere                           Fr
         Theatre de Moliere, Tome II, Amphitryon, Don Juan, Le Misanthrope,
                                                                                            Moliere                           Fr
7920.122 Le Medecin malgre lui, George Dandin, L'Avare
7920.123 Tartuffe                                                                           Moliere                           Fr
7920.130 Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme                                                           Moliere                           Fr

7920.140 Syrano de Bergerac (transl. by Brian Hooker)                                       Rostand, Edmont

           Le Cid, Horace, Cinna, Polyeucte, Pompee, Rodogune                               Corneille                         Fr
           NOTE: some of the books listed above are listed
7920.151 in Section 8400, French Literature
7920.160 Measure for Measure                                                                Shakespeare, William
7920.161 As You Like it                                                                     Shakespeare, William
7920.162 All's Well that Ends Well                                                          Shakespeare, William
7920.170 King Lear                                                                          Shakespeare, William
7920.180 Merchant of Venice                                                                 Shakespeare, William
7920.200 Hamlet, Prince of Denmark                                                          Shakespeare, William
7920.210 the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark                                           Shakespeare, William
7920.220 The Complete Works of W. Shakespeare                                               Shakespeare, William
7920.221 Shakespeare's Comedies (Vol. 1)                                                    Shakespeare, William
           The Complete Works of W. Shakespeare, (in chronological order)
                                                                                            Shakespeare, William
7920.223 Vol. 1, Theatre
           The Complete Works of W. Shakespeare, (in chronological order)
                                                                                            Shakespeare, William
7920.224 Vol. 2, Theatre and Poems
7920.230 Theodorakis Music Performance                                                      Theodorakis, Mikis
7920.240 Vasileus o Rodolinos (Tragedy published in Venice in 1647)                         Troilos, Ioannis                  Grk
7920.250 Voskopoula tou Olympou (se 3 Praxeis)                                              Athanasiadis, Athan.              Grk
7920.260 Voskopoula tou Olympou (Emmetri Tragodia)                                          Athanasiadis, Athan.              Grk
7920.270 Oi Mikroi Samareites                                                               Several                           Grk
7920.280 Hrakleios                                                                          Theodoropoulos, I.                Grk
7920.290 H Megali Prosdokia (Oneirodrama)                                                   Velladios, Costas                 Grk
7920.300 Sy pou skotothis gia to Fos                                                        Ioannidis, Panos                  Grk
7920.310 Stavrosi (Byzantine Opera) (Promotion Material)                                    Mpoufidis, Giannis                Grk
           Mia Skini gia ton Dionyso (A Stage for Dionysos)
                                                                                            Several                           Grk
7920.320 Theatrical Space and Ancient Drama)
7920.330 Festival Athinon, Epidavrou (2005 Programme)                                       Unnamed                           Grk
                                                                                                                                44   9/27/2013

7920.340 Mesolonghi (Drama in 4 parts)                                                  Kanellopoulos, Dimitris          Grk
7920.350 O Afelis (the Naïve Man)                                                       Psathas, Dimitris                Grk
           Parables for the Theatre: Caucasian Chalk Circle and The Good Woman
                                                                                        Brecht, Bertolt
7920.360 of Setzuan (transl. by Bentley and Apelman)
7920.361 the Caucasian Chalk Circle                                                     Brecht, Bertolt
7920.370 To Epos tis EOKA, 1955 - 1959                                                  Maratheftis, Michael             Grk
7920.380 Religious Drama / 1                                                            Several
7920.390 Modern Canadian Drama (13 Plays)                                               Plant, Rich. (Ed)
7920.391 Wild Duck, (Theatre Play program)                                              Ibsen, Henrik
7920.392 Theodorakis Music Performance                                                  Theodorakis, Mikis
7920.400 Lysistrata of Aristophanes                                                     Athanasopoulou, Nancy (ed)
7920.401 Thesmophoriazouses By Aristophanes (translated by M.M.                         Aristophanes
7920.410 Kalinychta Margarita, Goodnight Margarita                                      Athanasopoulou, Nancy (ed)
7920.420 Return to Ithaca, Epistrofi stin Ithaki                                        Athanasopoulou, Nancy (ed)
7920.430 Zorba the Greek                                                                Athanasopoulou, Nancy (ed)
7920.431 the Suitcase 1909-2009, 100 Anniversary of the Greek Community of Toronto      Athanasopoulou, Nancy (ed)
7920.432 Zititai Pseftis (Liar Wanted)                                                  Psathas, Dimitris
7920.433 O Kounenes, Mama's Boy                                                         Pretenteris, Kosta
7920.434 H Ellada den einai mono Frappe' -Frappe' and Much More                         Vivros, Kostas
7920.435 the Troyan Women
7920.440 Enas Ellin Stinon Tavla (experimental Theatre)                                 Belegris, Petros                 Grk
7920.450 Electra (Programme of the Lecabettus Theatre)                                  Sophocles                        Grk
7920.460 Prometheus Desmotis, (Prometheus Bound) Performance Program                    Aeschylus                        Mult
7920.460 Prometheus Desmotis, (Prometheus Bound) Performance Program                    Aeschylus                        Grk
7920.470 Kryphoi (Christianoi)                                                          Vafeiadou, Anna                  Grk
7920.480 Basilikos (first performance in Zakynthos, 1859)                               Matesis, A.                      Grk
7920.490 Kalitechnikes Ekdiloseis 1987 (list of Artistic performances)                  Several                          Grk
7920.500 Various Programs from Operas                                                   Several
7920.530 South Pacific (performance @ Avon Theatre, Stratford, Ontario)                 Rodgers - Hammerstein
7920.540 Un Ballo in Maschera and other Opera performances                              Several
7920.550 Festival Athinon, 1973                                                         Several                          Grk
7920.560 NeoElleniko La"iko Theatro -Volume A' - 8 Modern Plays                         Theotokas, Giorgos               Grk
7920.570 NeoElleniko La"iko Theatro -Volume B' - various Plays                          Theotokas, Giorgos               Grk
7920.580 Arms and the Man - an Anti-Romantic Comedy in three Acts                       Shaw, Bernard
7920.590 Return of Ulysses (il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria) - Opera                      Monteverdi, Claudio
         Theatro - Tragodies me Archaia Themata (Tragedies withclassic themes)
                                                                                        Kazantzakis, Nikos               Grk
7920.600 Prometheus, Kouros, Odysseas, Melissa
7920.610 Le Tartuffe (shelved in sect. 8400)                                            Moliere                          Fr
7920.620 Theatre de Corneille, Tome I, (shelved in sect. 8400)                          Corneille                        Fr
7920.630 Theatre de Corneille, Tome II, (shelved in sect. 8400)                         Corneille                        Fr
           Theatre de Beaumarchais /
                                                                                        Beaumarchais                     Fr
7920.640 Le Barbier de Seville, Mariage de Figaro, L'autre Tartuffe( shelved in 8400)
7920.650 Faust (transl. by Randall Farrell)                                             Goethe, Johann
7920.660 British Dramatists from Dryden to Sheridan                                     Nettleton, George et al (ed)
7920.670 Understanding Drama - Twelve Plays                                             Brooks, Cleanthe & Heilman, R.
7920.700 the Stage and the School (Teaching Theatre Arts)                               Shankler, H & Ommanney, K.
7940.010 Chessmen (illustrations)                                                       ????
7940.020 Illustrated Dictionary of Chess                                                Brace, Edward
7940.030 Chess-Players' Handbook                                                        ????
7940.040 The Joys of Chess                                                              ????
                                                                                                                                   45   9/27/2013

7940.050 Complete book of Chess                                                           Horowitz, I.A. & Rothenberg, P
7940.060 Chess Artist (the) - Genious, Obsession and the World's Oldest Game              Hallman, J. C.
         Chess and Computers (The Author beat the World's Chess
7940.070 Champion Computer, thus winning a ten year wager)                                Levy, David

           ATHLETICS & OUTDOOR SPORTS / OLYMPICS                                          *****
7960.010 Sport in Canada                                                                  Several
7960.020 Regatta                                                                          Ivry, Benjamin
7960.030 American Cup, Perth Australia 1987                                               Fisher, Bob & Ross Bob
7960.040 Boat Handling                                                                    Hoyt, Noriss et al
7960.050 Navigation                                                                       Herreshoff, Halsey
7960.060 Tall Ships Rendevous in Lake Ontario, 1984                                       Several
7960.070 Sail Toronto 1994, Commemorative Book                                            Several
7960.080 Kanonismoi, ( Sailing Rules and Regulations)                                     Several
7960.090 Men Ships and the Sea                                                            Villiers, Alan Captain
7960.100 IAAF World Championship in Athens 1997                                           Karavas, Zissis (ed)
7960.110 Greece wins Euro 2004 (Newspapers clips from Toronto and elsewhere)              Several
7960.120 Volleyball Rules in Pictures                                                     Brown, Michael

7960.130 Rules of the Game - The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of all the Sports of the World
7960.140 Panathenaic Stadium, its History over the Centuries                              Papanikolaou, Aristea            Grk
7960.150 To Panathinaiko Stadion, (Panathenian Stadium)                                   Papanikolaou, Aristea            Grk
7960.990 O Ellenikos Athlitismos sto Kairo tou 20ou Aiona                                 Adamantidou, Maria               Grk
7961.010 Olympiakoi Agones, 776BC - 1896 AD, (Trilingual)                                 Beck, Charles (Ed)               Fr/Gr
7961.020 First Olympic Games (1896) Album (trilingual)                                    Beck, Charles (Ed)               Fr/Gr
7961.030 Olympiakoi Agones stin Archaia Ellada                                            Andronicos, Manolis              Grk
7961.040 Olympic Games in Ancient Greece                                                  Andronicos, Manolis
7961.050 Olympia, Koitida ton Olympiakon Agonon                                           Arapogianni, Xeni                Grk
7961.060 Olympionikai (Kodix161 Monis Iviron)                                             Pindar                           Grk
7961.070 Olympionikai (Kodix 161 Monis Iviron) Original text in Classical Greek           Pindar                           Grk
7961.080 Montreal Olympics. Toronto Star, Macleans, Time Magazine                         Several
7961.090 The Olympians (Evolution of the Games)                                           Several

           Jeux de la XXIe Olympiade, Games of the XXIst Olympics, Opening Ceremony,
                                                                                          Several                          Mult
           Ceremonies d'Ouverture
7961.110 Jeux de la XXIe Olympiade, Games of the .. Opening Footbal Competition           Several                          Mult
7961.120 Olympiad XXI, Montreal 1976. The Olympic Story                                   Roxborugh, Henry
           Ouvrage Illustre' sur les Jeux Olympiques de 1976, Pictorial Record of the
7961.130 Montreal Olympics                                                                Newfeld, Frank et al (ed)        Mult
7961.140 Olympic XV Winter Games in Calgary Canada, (Commemorative Book)                  Robertson, Lloyd et al
7961.150 ATHENS 2004 (Toronto Newspaper clips)                                            Several
7961.151 ATHENS 2004 - Official Edition                                                   Several                          Mult
7961.152 ATHENS 2004 - Official Souvenir Programme                                        Several                          Mult
7961.160 ATHENS 2004 (Magazine Endeiktis)                                                 Several                          Grk
7961.170 Travelling with Glaukos to Olympia in 476 BC (children's book)                   Plati, Mar. et al                Grk
           Olympic Posters, Athens 1896 - Athens 2004,
7961.180 Gift from Gold Medallist Sofia Mpekatoros
7961.190 ATHENS 2004, There is no Place Like Home (Misc. Pamflets)                        Several
7961.200 ATHENS 2004 (Album with 4 Booklets)                                              Tziotis, Dimiri (Ed)             Grk
7961.210 The Olympic Games (a brief history)                                              Mouratidis, Michalis (ed)
7961.220 Olympia & Macedonia: Games, Gymnasia, Politics                                   Scanlon, Thomas
7961.230 Summer Olympics                                                                  Gifford, Clive
7961.240 ATHENS 2004, Various Toronto Newspapers                                          Several
7961.250 Journal HERMES dedicated to Athens 2004 Olympics Candidacy                       Several
7961.260 Athens 1996, "Return to the Future", misc. Promotion Materials                   Several
7960.270 Olympic Gold (Canadian Winners of the Summer Games)                              Cosentino, Frank et al           `
7961.990 the Olympic Spirit - from its Birth to its Revival (transl. Kox & Soleman)       Spathari, Elsi
8000.000 LITERATURE GENERAL (all Lang)                                                    *****
8000.010 Harvard Classics, Homer Odyssey                                                  Butcher S. et al (trans)
           Harvard Classics, Nine Greek Dramas by Aeschylus, Sophocles,
                                                                                          Morshead, E et al (transl)
8000.020 Euripides and Aristophanes
                                                                                                                              46   9/27/2013

8000.030 Harvard Classics - Plato, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelious                         Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.040 Harvard Classics, Plutarch                                                    Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.050 Harvard Classics, Virgil                                                      Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.060 Harvard Classics, Secret Writings-Confucian, Hebrew, Christian                Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.070 Harvard Classics - Machiavelli, More, Luther                                  Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.080 Harvard Classics - Marlowe, Shakespeare                                       Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.090 Harvard Classics - American Historical Documents                              Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.100 Harvard Classics - Franclin, Woolman, Penn                                    Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.110 Harvard Classics - Goethe, Marlowe                                            Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.120 Harvard Classics - English Poetry from Collins to Fitzgerald                  Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.130 Harvard Classics - Two Years before the Mast (by R. Dana)                     Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.140 Harvard Classics - English Poetry from Tennyson to Whitman                    Butcher S. et al (trans)
8000.150 Harvard Classics, English Essays from Sir Philip Sidney to Macauley           Elliot, Charles (ed)
8000.160 Tacitus, Great Books of the Western World, Vol 15                             Adler, Mortimer (ed)
8000.170 Istoria tis Latinikis Logotechnias (History of Latin Literature) Vol. 1       Rose, H. J.                      Grk
8000.180 Istoria tis Latinikis Logotechnias (History of Latin Literature) Vol. 2       Rose, H. J.                      Grk
8000.190 Poiitiki ton "Neoteron Romaion" (poetry of Romans)                            Papaggelis, Theodor              Grk
8000.200 Dokimia (Essays transl from French)                                           Montaigne, Michel                Grk
8000.201 El Cid, Soldier and Hero                                                      DeVivanco, Maria (transl)
8000.210 Epic and Romance Essays on Medieval Literature                                Ker, W.P.
8000.220 Concise Encyclopedia of Modern World Literature                               Grigson, Geofr. (ed)
8000.230 A Treasury of Short Stories (75 Authors, 1847-1947)                           Kielty, Bernandine (ed)
8000.240 Norton Anthology of Short Fiction                                             Cassil, R. V. (ed)
8000.250 50 Great Short Stories                                                        Crane, Milton (ed)
8000.260 The Slave                                                                     Singer, Isaac
8000.270 Anna Karenin                                                                  Tolstoy, Leo (Nobel)
8000.271 The Cossacks                                                                  Tolstoy, Leo (Nobel)
8000.272 Pater Sergios - o Satanas (trnsl. Sakis Stavrou)                              Tolstoy, Leo (Nobel)             Grk
8000.280 War and Peace (an authoritative abridgment)                                   Tolstoy, Leo (Nobel)
8000.281 War and Peace                                                                 Tolstoy, Leo (Nobel)
8000.290 Doctor Zhivago                                                                Pasternak, Boris (Nobel)
8000.300 Brothers Karamazov                                                            Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
8000.301 Crime and Punishmentt                                                         Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
           Crime and Punishment, the Gambler and
8000.302 Notes from the Underground (3 books bound together)                           Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
         Notes from the Underground, White Nights, the Dream of a Ridiculous Man &
8000.303 the House of the Dead                                                         Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
           Lytrotiki Dyname tou Ponou -Redemptive (the) Power of Suffering
8000.308 in Fyodor Dostoyevxky's Life and Works                                        Makrakis, Michael                Grk
8000.309 O Dostoyevsky diavazei Hegel sti Siberia kai Klaiei (Dostoy. reads Hegel …)   Foldenyi, Lazlo                  Grk
8000.310 Notes from the Underground                                                    Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
8000.320 Gulag Archipelago (the)                                                       Solzhenitsyn,    Al.   (Nobel)
8000.330 Cancer Ward                                                                   Solzhenitsyn,    Al.   (Nobel)
8000.331 Epilogi (selection of works)                                                  Solzhenitsyn,    Al.   (Nobel)   Grk
8000.332 Mia mera tou ( one day in the life of) Ivan Denisovich                        Solzhenitsyn,    Al.   (Nobel)   Grk
8000.340 A Woman's Kingdom and other Stories                                           Chekhov, Anton
8000.341 The Kiss and other Stories                                                    Chekhov, Anton
8000.350 Russian Short Stories by Lermontov, Turgenev, Tchekhov, et al                 Pushkin, Gogol, Kataef et al

8000.351 Another Life                                                                  Trifonov, Yuri

8000.370 Eksomologisi (Confession)                                                     Ghorky, Maxim                    Grk
8000.380 the Captive Mind - H Aichmaloti Skepsi                                        Milosz, Czeslaw                  Grk
8000.390 Thirteen Great Stories                                                        Several
8000.400 Letters and Treatises of Cicero and Pliny (collector's item)                  Ellot, Charles (ed)
8000.410 Don Quixote and Sancho (Transl Fogarty F. S.)+B2058                           Cervantes, Miguel                Sp
8000.420 Magister Lundi - the Glass Bead Game Das Glasperlenspiel                      Hesse, Hermann (Nobel)
8000.430 Magemeni Psychi                                                               Rolland, Romain (Nobel)          Grk
8000.440 Antigrafeis kai Filologoi (Scribes and Scholars)                              Reynolds, L.D. et al             Grk
8000.450 Quo Vadis                                                                     Sienkiewicz, Henryk
8000.450 Quo Vadis (Pou Ypageis)                                                       Siegevitch, Erik                 Grk
8000.460 The Name of the Rose                                                          Eco, Umberto
                                                                                                                                 47   9/27/2013

8000.470 Selected Stories of Lu Hsun                                                    Hsun, Lu
8000.480 Nazarene (The)                                                                 Asch, Scholem
8000.481 The Apostle (The)                                                              Asch, Scholem
8000.482 Prophet (The)                                                                  Asch, Scholem
8000.500 the Prophet                                                                    Gibran, Kahlil
8000.510 Homer's the the Odyssey                                                        Shaw, T.E.
8000.520 Homer (the Griffin Authors Series)                                             Michalopoulos, Andre
8000.530 Praise (the) of Folly (by Desiderius Erasmus)                                  Hudson, Hoyt (tran)
8000.540 Divine Comedy (the)                                                            Dante, Alighieri
8000.550 Kharun kai h Thalassa ton Paramithion                                          Rushdie, Salman                   Grk
           Who Killed Homer,
8000.560   (the Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom)         Hanson, Victor et al
8000.570   the Classical Tradition - Greek and Roman Influences on Western Literature   Highet, Gilbert
8000.580   Literature of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus (the)                   Schuerer, Emil
8000.590   the Best of the Achaeans                                                     Nagy, Gregory
           Somewhere I have never Travelled
8000.600   (the second Self and Hero's Journey in Ancient Epic)                         VanNortwick, Thomas
8000.610   Literarische Auswahl                                                         Fowkes, Robert (ed)               "Ger
8000.620   Purgatorio (transl. by Jean and Robert Hollander)                            Dante, Alighieri                  Mult
8000.630   Death in Venice, Tonio Kroeger, Felix Krull and 4 other Stories              Mann, Thomas (Nobel)
8000.640   To Nisi (The Island - Spinalonga of Crete) trnsl by Michael Delengos         Hilsop, Victoria                  Grk
8000.641   Anazitontas ti Diavgeia (about Greek and European Literature)                Theotokas, Giorgos                Grk
                                                                                        Tolstoy, Chekhov, Papadiamantis
           Harmolypi - Klassika Dihgimata Megalon Syngrafeon                                                              Grk
8000.642                                                                                Samarakis, et al
8000.643 H Kampana tis Makedonias (Klokken I Makedonien, Danish)                        Thomsen, Knud                     Grk
8000.650 Classical Love Poetry                                                          Christodoulou, Nancy & Michael    Mult
8000.660 Chaos - Diigimata (Short Stories) (Novelle per un Anno)                        Pirandello, Luigi (Nobel)         Grk
           O Asfaltodromos (The Asphalt pavement) and other stories
8000.670 (Turkish Literature)                                                           Ali, Sabahattin                   Grk
8000.671 Ta Hamena Hmerologia tis Polis, (Constantinople) (trnsl. From Turkish)         Coral, Mehmet                     Grk
           Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (12th Century Poet) -shelved in sect. 7500
8000.680 English Verse by Edward Fidgerald and Paintings by Sarkis Katchadourian        Khayyam, Omar
           Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (12th Century Poet) Greek Verse
8000.690   by Kostas Katsimpalis - icludes Several hand-written notes by the Donor      Khayyam, Omar                     Grk
8000.700   Sofia tis Anatolis - Syllogi apo to Ergo tou                                 Tzalaloutin, Roumi                Grk
8000.710   The God of Small Things                                                      Roy, Arundhati
8000.720   Conversation in the Cathedral (Peru 1950s)                                   Vargas-Llosa, Mario
8000.730   The Underdogs (Mexican Revolutions, 1910-1920                                Azuela, Mariano
8000.740 The Good Earth                                                                 Buck, Pearl (Nobel)
8000.741 O Patriotis                                                                    Buck, Pearl (Nobel)
8000.760 The Egyptian                                                                   Waltari, Mika
8000.770 L' Ombre du Vent / Shadow of the Wind / La Sombra del Viento                   Ruis-Zafon, Carlos                Fr
8000.800 O Bios tis Marias - Das Marien Leben ( in German and Greek)                    Rilke, Rainer                     Mult
           Grammata s'ena Neo Poihth - Briefe an Einen Jungen Dichter
8000.801   (transl from German by Marios Ploritis)                                      Rilke, Rainer                     Grk
8000.802   Glaukos of Crete "Into the Wind"                                             Glinfort, Elo
8000.803   Blindness (trnsl from Portg by Giovanni Pontiero)                            Saramago, Jose' (Nobel)
8000.804   Binu and the Great Wall (trnsl from Chinese by Goldblatt, H.)                Tong, Su
8000.805   Soul Mountain (transl. by Mabel Lee)                                         Xingjian, Gao (nobel)
8000.980 Malcontents (Aristophanes, Juvenal, Machiavelli,Voltaire etc)                  Queenan, Joe (ed)
8000.990 Masterpieces of 500 World Literature in Digest Form                            Magill, Frank (ed)
8004.000 LIGHT FICTION - NOVELS (All Lang.)                                             ************
8004.020 Laughter the Best Medicine                                                     Several
                                                                                                                                     48   9/27/2013

8004.030 Hagar the Horrible                                                                  Browne, Dik
8004.040 The Peter Principle                                                                 Peter, Lawrence
8004.050 Comrade Don Camillo goes to Moscow, (political satyre)                              Guareschi, Giovanni
8004.060 The Investigators                                                                   Griffin, W.E.B.
8004.070 Conspiracy Theory                                                                   Marks, J.
8004.080 The Rainmaker                                                                       Grisham, John
8004.090 A Time to Kill                                                                      Grisham, John
8004.100 Proteus                                                                             West, Morris
8004.110 Charlie Farquharson's History of Canada                                             Harron, Don
8004.120 The Phantom of the Opera                                                            Leroux, Gaston
8004.130 Ragtime                                                                             Doctorow, E. L.
8004.140 Assault on a Queen                                                                  Finney, Jack
8004.150 Le Miroir du Mort (mystery)                                                         Christie, Agatha                 Fr
8004.160 Destination Inconnue                                                                Christie, Agatha                 Fr
8004.170 After the Fact                                                                      Holden, Helene
8004.180 L'Amour conjugal (transl. from Italian)                                             Moravia, Alberto                 Fr
8004.190 Daughter of Silence                                                                 West, Maurice
8004.200 The Catcher in the Rye                                                              Salinger, J.D.
8004.210 the Far Side Gallery (comic strip)                                                  Larson, Gary
8004.220 I shouldn't Even Be Doing This!                                                     Newhart, Bob
           the Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll with all 276 Original Drawings-
8004.990 - Alice in Wonderland, Though the Looking Glass, Phantasmogoria et al               Carroll, Lewis
8200.000 ENGLISH LITERATURE                                                                  *****
                                                                                             Davis, Hoe, Frederick, John &
           A Treasury of American Literature (1380 - 1860)
8200.010                                                                                     Mott, Fr. (ed's)
           A Clean, well Lighted Place / The old Man and the Sea /                           Knut Hamsun - Herman Hesse -
8200.020 The Sun also rises / A Farewell to Arms (excerpts)                                  Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)

           A Rose for Emily / Emperor Jones/ In Dubious Battle etc (excerpts)                Faulkner, O' Neill, Steinbeck
                                                                                             Camus, Albert -
           The Plague / My Early Life / The Island Race
8200.040                                                                                     Churchill, Winston et al
8200.050 A Man for Our Life                                                                  Thoreau, Henry
8200.060 Persuasion                                                                          Austen, Jane
8200.061 Northanger Abbey                                                                    Austen, Jane
8200.062 Pride and Prejudice                                                                 Austen, Jane
8200.070 Jane Eyre                                                                           Bronte, Charlotte
                                                                                             Bertran Russel, Jack London, D.H.
           Highlights from 125 Years of the Atlantic (Journal).
8200.080                                                                                     Lawrence, D Thoreau, et al
8200.090 A Tale of Two Cities (1859                                                          Dickens, Charles
8200.100 The Pastures of Heaven                                                              Steinbeck, John (Nobel)
8200.101                                                                                     Steinbeck, John (Nobel)
8200.102 Tortilla Flat                                                                       Steinbeck, John (Nobel)
8200.103 Of Mice and Men                                                                     Steinbeck, John (Nobel)
8200.104 Anthropoi kai Pontikia, (Of Mice and Men)                                           Steinbeck, John (Nobel)           Grk
8200.110 The Long Valley (13 short stories)                                                  Steinbeck, John (Nobel)
8200.120 Lord Jim (edited by Norman Sherry)                                                  Conrad, Joseph
8200.121 Under Western Eyes                                                                  Conrad, Joseph
8200.122 Youth (a narrative)                                                                 Conrad, Joseph
8200.130 Anthropini Douleia (Human Bondage)                                                  Maugham, Somerset                Grk
8200.131 Collected Short Stories, Vol. 1                                                     Maugham, Somerset
8200.132 Collected Short Stories, Vol. 2 ***** (nonavl)                                      Maugham, Somerset
8200.133 Collected Short Stories, Vol. 3                                                     Maugham, Somerset
8200.134 Collected Short Stories, Vol. 4                                                     Maugham, Somerset
8200.135                                                                                     Maugham, Somerset
8200.136 The Moon and Sixpence                                                               Maugham, Somerset
8200.137 the Razor's Edge                                                                    Maugham, Somerset
8200.138 the Explorer                                                                        Maugham, Somerset
8200.139 Maugham's Theatre                                                                   Maugham, Somerset
8200.140 Catalina                                                                            Maugham, Somerset
8200.150 Kidnapped (1886)                                                                    Stevenson, R. L.
8200.160 Treasure Island                                                                     Stevenson, R. L.
                                                                                                                          49   9/27/2013

8200.170 the Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe                                 Defoe, Daniel
8200.180 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)                                        Twain, Mark
8200.190 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer                                               Twain, Mark
8200.191 A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court                                Twain, Mark
8200.192 Life on the Mississippi                                                    Twain, Mark
8200.193 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn                                             Twain, Mark
8200.194 The Mysterious Stranger and other Stories                                  Twain, Mark
8200.200 Babbit (1922)                                                              Lewis, Sinclair (Nobel)
8200.210 Tess of the D'Urbervilles                                                  Hardy, Thomas
8200.211 Jude the Obscure                                                           Hardy, Thomas
8200.220 From Instruction to Delight (Anthology of Children's Literature to 1850)   Demers, Patricia et al (ed)
8200.230 Man and His World, Collection of various Authors                           Ross, Malcom et al (ed)
8200.240 the Red Badge of Courage with Selected Stories                             Crane, Stephen
8200.250 Stin Kardia tis Thalassas - In the Heart of the Sea                        Philbrick, Nath.                Grk
8200.270 Captain Courageous (a story of the Grand Banks)                            Kipling, Rudyard
8200.271 The Jungle Books                                                           Kipling, Rudyard
8200.290 the Canterbury Tales                                                       Chaucer, Geoff
8200.300 Ulysses                                                                    Joyce, James
8200.301 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man                                      Joyce, James
8200.310 Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. 2                             Abrams, M. H. (ed)
8200.320 For Whom the Bell Tolls and A Farewell to Arms (Notes)                     Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8200.321 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Spanish Civil War)                                Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8200.322 Gia pion ktypa i Kabana (For Whom the Bell Tolls)                          Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)       Grk
8200.330 The Sun also Rises                                                         Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8200.331 The Short Stories (of E. Hemingway)                                        Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
           In Our Time - (including "On the Quai at Smyrna"
8200.332 and "L'Envoi" a short discussion with King George II of Greece)            Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8200.340 The Nick Adams Stories                                                     Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8200.350 Islands in the Stream                                                      Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8200.360 Robin Hood - The Adventures of                                             Creswick, Paul (ed)
8200.370 Daniel Deronda                                                             Eliot, George
8200.380 Age of Exuberance (the), Background to 18th Century English Literarture    Greene, Donald
8200.390 Mrs Dalloway                                                               Woolf, Virginia
8200.400 The Silmarillion                                                           Tolkien, J.R.R.
8200.401 The Fellowship of the Ring (part 1 of the Lord of the Rings) -missing      Tolkien, J.R.R.
8200.402 The Two Towers (part 2 of the Lord of the Rings)                           Tolkien, J.R.R.
8200.403 The Return of the King (part 3 of the Lord of the Rings)                   Tolkien, J.R.R.
8200.411 The Last of the Wine (unavlbl)                                             Renault, Mary
8200.412 The King must Die                                                          Renault, Mary
8200.413 The Bull from the Sea (unvlbl)                                             Renault, Mary
8200.414 The Mask of Apollo                                                         Renault, Mary
8200.415 The Fire from Heaven                                                       Renault, Mary
8200.416 The Persian Boy                                                            Renault, Mary
8200.420 Slaughterhouse - Five                                                      Vonnegut, Kurt
8200.421 Galapagos (by the author of Slaughterhouse #5)                             Vonnegut, Kurt                  Grk
8210.000 ENGLISH POETRY                                                             ************
8210.010 Anthology of Verse                                                         Charlesworth, Roberta (ed
8210.020 Complete Poems of John Milton                                              Ellot, Charles (ed)
8210.030 The Odyssey of Homer                                                       Fitzgerald, Robert
8210.031 Homer's the Iliad and the Odyssey (first published in 1598)                Chapman, George
8210.032 Odyssey of Homer                                                           Lattimore, Richmond
8210.040 Fireside Book                                                              Hope, David (ed)
8210.050 Sonnets                                                                    Shakespeare, William
8210.060 Under the Tree                                                             Roberts, Elizabeth
8210.070 Mysterious Special Sauce                                                   Soulikas, Cogswell et al (ed)
8210.080 Witches & Idiots                                                           Mitchell, Ken
8210.090 Scarborough Fair Anthology                                                 Hayward, Robert (ed)
8210.100 Hands of the Saddlemaker                                                   Samaras, Nicholas
                                                                                                                            50   9/27/2013

8210.110 A Pallet of Grass                                                                   Soulikias, Constance
8210.120 Bits and Pieces                                                                     Poulos, John
8210.130 Poets of Canada                                                                     Colombo, J.R. (ed)
8210.140 The New Oxford Book of Canadian Verse in English                                    Atwood, Margaret (ed)
8210.150 Poetic Justice (poems published in the Globe & Mail)                                Allemang, John
8210.160 20th Century Poetry and Poetics                                                     Geddes, Gary (ed)
8210.170 Poems and People (mostly religious) - (autographed by the Author)                   Orr, Eva
          Evangeline, a Tale of Acadie (trnsl. by S. Varvitsiotis)
8210.180 2. Acha"iki Politiki tis Spartis & 3. Minutes of the Athens Medical Association     Longfellow, Henry        Grk
8230.000 ENGLISH FICTION (Religious, Historic)                                               *******
8230.010 the Greek Treasure (Troy Excavation)                                                Stone, Irving
8230.020 the Stamp of Fate                                                                   Copadis, Iphigenia
8230.030 The Confessiom of Joe Cullen                                                        Fast, Howard
8230.040 Yearling (the)                                                                      Kinnan-Rawlings, Marj.
8230.050 Anatolian (the)                                                                     Kazan, Elia
8230.051 America America                                                                     Kazan, Elia
8230.052 the Understudy                                                                      Kazan, Elia
8230.060 the Comedians                                                                       Green, Graham
8230.070 A Place called Freedom                                                              Follett, Ken
8230.071 The Pillars of the Earth (the story of building a Gothic Cathedral in the 1100's)   Follett, Ken
8230.080 Millenium Rising                                                                    Jensen, Jane
8230.090 Trinity                                                                             Uris, Leon
8230.100 Captain Corelli's Mandolin                                                          DeBernieres, Louis
8230.110 To Mantolino tou Lochagou Corelli, (Captain Corelli's Mandolin)                     DeBernieres, Louis       Grk
8230.120 Birds without Wings (Life of Greeks under Turkish jugue)                            DeBernieres, Louis
8230.121 A Partisan's Daughter                                                               DeBernieres, Louis
          Missing - the CIA coup to overthrow the Government of Chile
                                                                                             Hauser Thomas
8230.130 (made into movie by Costas Gravas))
8230.140 Poland ( a novel)                                                                   Michener, James

8230.150 Jungle the (Life in the Chicago slaughterhouses in 1906)                            Sinclair, Upton
8230.160 Picture of Dorian Gray (the)                                                        Wilde, Oscar
8230.170 Howard's End                                                                        Forster, E.M.
8230.180 L'Auberge de la Jamaique                                                            DuMaurier, Daphne        Fr
8230.190 Ten Best Books (Condensed by R.D's)                                                 Several
8230.200 Bitter Lemons (a story about Cyprus)                                                Durrell, Lawrence
8230.210 Eleni                                                                               Cage, Nicholas
8230.220 A Place for Us (see also                                                  Gage, Nicholas
8230.230 Final (the) Conclave                                                                Malachi, Martin
8230.240 Petrakis Reader                                                                     Petrakis, Harry
8230.250 Keys (the) of the Kingdom                                                           Cronin, A. J.
8230.260 Ta Kleidia tis Vasilias (the Keys of Kingdom)                                       Cronin, A. J.            Grk
8230.270 The Last Plantagenets                                                               Costain, Thomas
8230.280 Helen of Troy                                                                       George, Margaret
8230.290 Vicars of Christ                                                                    De Rosa, Peter
8230.300 the Deputy - a Theatre Drama about the silence of Pope during the Holocaust         Hochhuth, Rolf
8230.310 Picture of Dorian Gray (the)                                                        Wilde, Oscar
8230.320 the Word                                                                            Wallace, Irving
8230.330 Such is my Beloved                                                                  Callghan, Morley
8230.340 Waiting for the Barbarians (includes a trnsl of Cavafy's poem)                      Lapham, Lewis
8230.350 Born Black                                                                          Jacobs, Sylv.
8230.360 Marathon looks on the Sea                                                           Coolidge, Olivia
8230.370 Devil's Harvest                                                                     Slaughter, Frank
8230.380 Road to Bithynia (the)                                                              Slaughter, Frank
8230.390 La Tombe du Croise                                                                  Cronin, A. J.            Fr
8230.400 Trois Amours                                                                        Cronin, A. J.            Fr
8230.410 Negotiator (the)                                                                    Forsyth, Frederick
8230.420 Double Image (the)                                                                  MacInnes, Helen
8230.430 Greek (the)                                                                         Rey, Pierre
8230.440 Everything that rises must converge                                                 Oconnor, Flannery
8230.450 Eartlhy Remains                                                                     Hernon, Peter
8230.460 Schroud of Turin (the)                                                              Wilson, Ian
8230.470 If I could see, what I hear                                                         Sullivan, Tom et al
8230.480 Middlesex (Winner of the Pulitzer Prize)                                            Eugenides, Jeffrey
                                                                                                                                51   9/27/2013

8230.490 Greek Treasure (the) (Troy Excavation)                                                Stone, Irving
8230.500 Osa Pairnei o Anemos (Gone with the Wind)                                             Mitchell, Margaret         Grk
8230.510 Lost City (life in Vienna in the 1930 's)                                             Gunther, John
8230.520 Dream Traders (the) (Birth of Hong Kong)                                              Thompson, E. V.
8230.530 Over the Wine Dark Sea                                                                Turtleltaub, H. N.
8230.540 The Way of a Pilgrim missing                                                          Bacovcin, Helen (transl)
8230.550 Pilgrim (the) continues his way missing                                               French, R.M. (transl)
8230.560 Adio Glykia mou, (Farewell, my Lovely, 1940)                                          Chandler, Raymond          Grk
8230.570 Sure Hand of God (the)                                                                Caldwell, Erskine
8230.571 God's Little Acre                                                                     Caldwell, Erskine
8230.580 the Perfect Storm - a True Story of Men against the Sea                               Junger, Sebastian
8230.590 The Letter of Marque                                                                  O'Brian, Patrick
8230.591 Desolation Island                                                                     O'Brian, Patrick
8230.592 Master and Commander                                                                  O'Brian, Patrick
8230.593 the Ionian Mission                                                                    O'Brian, Patrick
8230.594 the Wine Dark Sea                                                                     O'Brian, Patrick
8230.600 Christ the Lord out of Egypt (a fictional autobiography of Jesus Christ)              Rice, Anne
8230.610 Kite Runner - Illustrated - (life in Afghanistan, NY Times #1 bestseller)             Hosseini, Khaled
8230.611 A Thousand Splendid Suns                                                              Hosseini, Khaled
8230.620 Atonement                                                                             McEwan, Ian
8230.630 Twice - Told Stories                                                                  Hawthorne, Nathaniel
8230.640 Innocent Man (the) - (True story of Misscariage of Justice in USA)                    Grisham, John
8230.650 Sylvia ( book blacklisted by Mc Carthy)                                               Fast, Howard
8230.660 Immortal (Life in 14th Century Florence)                                              Slatton, Traci
8230.670 The Janissary Tree                                                                    Goodwin, Jason
8230.680 Heretic - Hist. Drama -Wars between England and France in the 14th Century            Cornwell, Bernard
8230.690 The Moonstone                                                                         Collins, Wilkie
8230.700 The Pillars of the Earth - (the story of building a Gothic Cathedral in the 1100's)   Follett, Ken
8230.710 Me talk Pretty One Day                                                                Sedaris, David
8230.720 Tom Jones                                                                             Fielding, Henry
8230.730 Berlin Noir (March Violets, The Pale Criminal and A German Requiem)                   Kerr, Philip
8230.740 The Da Vinci Code                                                                     Brown, Dan
8230.750 Warlock (Egypt around 1500 BC)                                                        Smith, Wilbur
8230.752 the Princes of Ireland (missing)                                                      Rutherfurd, Edward
8230.753 the Rebels of Ireland                                                                 Rutherfurd, Edward
8230.760 Gospel (in search of a biblical Gospel)                                               Barnhardt, Wilton
8230.770 Unholy Fire                                                                           Strieber, Whitley
8230.780 The Forsythe Saga                                                                     Galsworthy, John
8230.790 the Attack (a novel about the terrorism in Jerousalem)                                Khadra, Yasmina
8230.800 Something to Declare - Essays on France                                               Barnes, Julian
8230.801 Cross Channel                                                                         Barnes, Julian
8230.802 the Sense of an Ending                                                                Barnes, Julian
8230.805 a Tree grows in Brooklyn                                                              Smith, Betty
8230.810 Fabiola or Church of the Catacombs (transl. by P. Trempelas)                          Wiseman, Nicholas          Grk
8230.820 Moby-Dick                                                                             Melville, Herman
8230.990 Caribbean ( a novel)                                                                  Michener, James
8231.000 CANADIAN FICTION (Relig.,Historic)                                                    ***************
8231.001 Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada                                                  New, William (ed)
8231.002 the Road Home - New Stories from Alberta Writers                                      Stenson, Fred (ed)
8231.031 Canadians, #1, Blackrobe                                                              Wall, Robert
8231.032 Canadians, #2, Bloodbrothers                                                          Wall, Robert
8231.033 Canadians, #3, Birthright                                                             Wall, Robert
8231.034 Canadians, #4, Patriots                                                               Wall, Robert
8231.035 Canadians, #5, Inheritors                                                             Wall, Robert
8231.036 Canadians, #6, Dominion                                                               Wall, Robert
                                                                                                                         52   9/27/2013

8231.090 Anne of the Green Gables                                                      Montgomery, L. M.
8231.091 Anne of the Green Gables                                                      Montgomery, L. M.
8231.100 National Dream (the) The Great Railway 1871-81                                Berton, Pierre
8231.101 Last Spike, the Great Railway, 1881-1885                                      Berton, Pierre
8231.102 Why we Act like Canadians                                                     Berton, Pierre
8231.103 Just add Water and stirr                                                      Berton, Pierre
8231.104 Farewell to the Twentieth Century                                             Berton, Pierre
8231.105 Vimy (World War I) (shelved as 9710.533)                                      Berton, Pierre
8231.110 The Trap                                                                      Burke, John
8231.120 The Last Canadian (s.f.)                                                      Heinne, William
8231.130 Whiteoaks                                                                     DelaRoche, Majo
8231.140 Return to Jalna                                                               DelaRoche, Majo
8231.150 Ultimatum, Oil or War?                                                        Rohmer, Richard
8231.160 Great Canadian Short Stories                                                  Lucas, Alec (ed)
8231.170 Book of Canadian Stories                                                      Pacey, Desmond (ed)
8231.180 Besieged, a Doctor's Story of Life and Death in Beirut                        Giannou, Chris Dr.
8231.190 Triumph                                                                       Galbraith, John
8231.200 Where the High Winds blow
8231.210 The Last Hunter                                                               Cederberg, Fred
8231.220 Ken Mitchell Country- autographed by the Author - (edited By Robert Currie)   Mitchell, Ken
           Horizon - Writings of the Canadian Prairie - (autographed by the Editor)
8231.221 includes more than 70 short stories by Canadian Authors                       Mitchell, Ken (ed)
8231.230 Hidden (the) Heritage                                                         Lamb, James
8231.240 Stubborn Strength                                                             Nowalan, Michael
8231.250 Ecrits du Canada Francais                                                     Several                     Fr
8231.260 Canadian Fiction Magazine                                                     Hancocl, Geof. (ed)
8231.270 Canadian (the) Practical Stylis with Readings                                 Baker, Sh. Et al
8231.280 The Stone Angel                                                               Laurence, Margaret
8231.281 a Bird in the House                                                           Laurence, Margaret
8231.290 Bride of New France                                                           DesRochers, Suzanne
8231.300 The Third Temptation                                                          Templeton, Charles
8231.310 Chord of Steel (invention of Telephone)                                       Costain, Thomas
8231.320 Why shoot the Teacher                                                         Braithwaite, Max
8231.330 Such is my beloved                                                            Callaghan, Morley
8231.340 Pale Surface of Things (the)                                                  Bennett, Janey
8231.350 Kommatia Fygis (Fugitive Pieces) by a Toronto writer                          Michaels, Anne              Grk
8231.360 Trudeau Papers (the)                                                          Adams, Ian
8231.370 the Boat that wouldn't Float                                                  Mowat, Farley
8231.371 Never Cry Wolf                                                                Mowat, Farley
8231.372 the Curse of the Viking Grave                                                 Mowat, Farley
8231.380 A Whale for the Killing                                                       Mowat, Farley
8231.390 Who has seen the Wind                                                         Mitchell, W.O.
8231.400 the Year of the Flood                                                         Atwood, Margaret
8231.401 Alias Grace                                                                   Atwood, Margaret
8231.402 the Penelopiad (the Myth of Penelope and Odysseus)                            Atwood, Margaret
8231.403                                                                               Atwood, Margaret
8231.410 the Knight's Daughter (the struggle for the English Throne around 1555)       Kyle, Barbara
8231.420 the Slap (the author is Greek-Australian)                                     Tsiolkas, Christos
8231.430 the Lucky Child (a Novel about life in Greece under the German Occupation)    Apostolides, Marianne
8231.440 Testament                                                                     Ricci, Nino
8231.450 Through Black Spruce                                                          Boyden, Joseph
8231.460 Down the Coaltown Road                                                        Currie, Sheldon
8231.470 The Wars (WW I)                                                               Findley, Timothy
8231.480 Anil's Ghost                                                                  Ondaatje, Michael
8231.990 Act of God                                                                    Templeton, Charles
8235.000 WAR STORIES (mostly WW II)                                                    ***************
8235.010 Men at War (the best war stories of all times)                                Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8235.011 Men at War (the best war stories of all times)                                Hemingway, Ernest (Nobel)
8235.020 Mac Arthur must Die                                                           Slater, Ian
8235.030 Fall from Grace                                                               Collins, Larry
                                                                                                               53   9/27/2013

8235.040 They Shall Not Pass (Spanish Civil War)                                 Palmer, Bruce
8235.050 Comrades (Spanish Civil War)                                            Leaf, Paul
8235.060 The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Dogs of War                 Forsyth, Frederick
8235.070 the Last Battle (Berlin 1945)                                           Ryan, Cornelius
8235.080 a Bridge too Far                                                        Ryan, Cornelius
8235.090 Love and War                                                            Jakes, John
8235.100 Eva (Eva Braun, Hitler's Companion)                                     Mechior, I B
8235.110 The Eagle has Flown                                                     Higgins, Jack
8235.111 The Eagle has Landed                                                    Higgins, Jack
8235.112 The Eagle has Landed (condensed)                                        Higgins, Jack
8235.113 Touch the Devil                                                         Higgins, Jack
8235.120 Storm Warning                                                           Higgins, Jack
8235.130 The Naked and the Dead                                                  Mailer, Norman
8235.140 Second Generation                                                       Fast, Howard
8235.150 Easter Day, 1941                                                        Borden, G. F.
8235.160 A Perilous Passage                                                      Nicolaysen, Bruce
8235.161 Torpedo Run (British Navy in the Caspian Sea)                           Reeman, Douglas
8235.170 No Highway                                                              Shute, Nevil
8235.180 The Legacy                                                              Shute, Nevil
8235.190 Squadron                                                                Dunmore, Spencer
8235.200 The Guns of Navarone                                                    MacLean, Alistair
8235.210 Force 10 from Navarone                                                  MacLean, Alistair
8235.220 Cramer's War                                                            Robinson, Derek
8235.230 The Devil's Voyage                                                      Chalker, Jack
8235.240 The Shadow of the Wolf                                                  Barwick, James
8235.260 The Bridge on the River Kwai                                            Boule, Pierre
8235.270 Killing Ground                                                          Reeman, Douglas
8235.280 An Exchange of Eagles                                                   Sela, Owen
8235.290 The Valhalla Exchange                                                   Patterson, Harry
8235.300 The Night of the Generals                                               Kirst, H. H.
8235.310 Blitzfreeze                                                             Hassel, Sven
8235.320 The Cross of Iron                                                       Heinrich, Willi
8235.330 SS-GB                                                                   Deighton, Len
8235.340 The Boys from Brazil                                                    Levin, Ira
8235.350 The Garden of Finzi-Continis                                            Bassani, Giorgio
8235.360 Marathon Man                                                            Goldman, William
8235.370 Mila 18                                                                 Uris, Leon
8235.380 Exodus                                                                  Uris, Leon
8235.410 No Less than Victory - a Novel of World War II                          Shaara, Jeff
8235.420 theTrial of Adolf Hitler                                                VanRjndt, Philippe
8235.430 Conquered City                                                          Serge, Victor
8235.431 All Quite on the Western Front (transl. by W. Wheen)                    Remarque, Erich, Maria
8235.432 August 1914 (days before WW I)                                          Solzhenitsyn, Al. (Nobel)
8235.440 Ka tzetnik (Konzentration Zenter) 135633, Star Eternal                  K.Z. 135633
8235.450 Night over Water (story on the eve of WW II)                            Follett, Ken
8235.451 The Key to Rebecca                                                      Follett, Ken
8235.452 Eye of the Needle                                                       Follett, Ken
           My Secret Mission
8235.460 (the Story of a Canadian SOE Operative in German Occupied Europe)       Durovecz, Andrew
8235.480 Partisans (WW II Yugoslavia)                                            MacLean, Alistair
8235.490 Shadow Divers - Solving one of the Last Mysteries of World War II       Kurson, Robert
8235.500 The Jesus Factor                                                        Corley, Edwin
8235.510 Voyage of the Damned                                                    Thomas, Gordon & Witts, Max
8235.520 Holocaust                                                               Green, Gerald
8235.530 True Stories of the Blitz (German Bombing Raids over Britain in 1940)   Brook, Henry
                                                                                                                        54   9/27/2013

8235.980 Gods of War (historical fiction about the WW II in the Pacific)                Toland, John
8236.000 WAR STORIES (mostly Cold War Thrillers)                                        ***************
8236.010 The Third World War (August 1985)                                              Hackett, John
8236.020 First Clash (Combat close-up in WW III)                                        Macksey, Kenneth
8236.030 Pledge                                                                         Howard Fast
8236.040 Rubicon One                                                                    Jones, Dennis
8236.050 The Bedford Incident                                                           Rascovich, Mark
8236.060 The Red Falcons                                                                Moore, R and Dempsey, A
8236.070 The Icarus Agenda                                                              Ludlum, Robert
8236.080 Patriot Games                                                                  Clancy, Tom
8236.090 Red Storm Rising                                                               Clancy, Tom
8236.100 Fail - Safe                                                                    Burdick, Eugene
8236.110 Seven Days in May                                                              Knebel, Fletcher
8236.120 Final Flight                                                                   Coonts, Stephen
8236.130 Silver Tower                                                                   Brown, Dale
8236.140 The Fifth Horseman                                                             Collins, Larry
8236.150 Count-down                                                                     Hagberg, David
8236.160 Zig-Zag                                                                        Hynd, Noel
8236.170 The Man who was Saturday                                                       Lambert, Derek
8236.180 Red Tide                                                                       Largent, R. Karl
8236.190 Apocalypse Watch                                                               Ludlum, Robert
8236.200 Bear Island                                                                    MacLean, Alistair
8236.210 The Caesar Code                                                                Simmel, Johannes
8236.220 The Gemini Man                                                                 Steinberg, Richard
8236.230 Snow Falcon                                                                    Thomas, Craig
8236.240 The Man                                                                        Wallace, Irwin
8236.250 Interpid's Last Case                                                           Stevenson, Williams
8236.260 Atlantic Fury                                                                  Innes, Hammond
8236.270 Santorini                                                                      MacLean, Alistair
8236.280 The Ten Thousand (a modern Version of Xenofon's Katabasis of the 10,000)       Coyle, Harold
8236.290 State of Fear (examines both sides of the Global Warming debate)               Crighton, Michael
8236.300 Scimitar SL-2 (Missile hits Volcano)                                           Robinson, Patrick
8239.000 SCIENCE FICTION                                                                **********
8239.010 Contact                                                                        Sagan, Carl
8239.020 2010, Odyssey Two                                                              Clarke, Arthur C.
8239.030 The Golden Years of Science Fiction                                            Asimov, Isaac (ed)
8239.040 Analog 1                                                                       Campbell, John (ed)
8239.050 Dystopian Visions                                                              Elwood, Roger
8239.060 Tales from the Planet Earth                                                    Pohl, Fred et al (ed)
8239.070 War and Peace (possible Futures)                                               Schmidt, Stanley (ed)
8239.080 Robot Dreams                                                                   Asimov, Isaac
8239.090 The Twilight Zone                                                              Serling, Rod
8239.100 The Twilight Zone (chillilng stories)                                          Serling, Rod
8239.110 The Twilight Zone (new stories from)                                           Serling, Rod
8239.120 Twilight Zone Revisited                                                        Serling, Rod
8239.130 I will fear no Evil                                                            Heinlein, Robert
8239.140 Mahars of Pellucidar                                                           Holmes, John
8239.150 Revolt in 2100                                                                 Heinlein, Robert
8239.160 Epistimoniki Fantasia (Science Fiction short stories)                          Asimov, Isaac et al       Grk
8239.170 Galapagos (by the author of Slaughterhouse #5)                                 Vonnegut, Kurt            Grk
           the Machine Stops! (Unbelievable, the story was written in 1909 and you do
8239.180 not see it, you will think that it was written 100 tears later, in 2009!!)     Forster, E.M.
8239.980 The SFWA European Hall of Fame (16 Contemporary Masterpieces of S.F.           Several

           LITERATURE OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES                                              ***************
8400.010 Les Grand Auteurs du XIX Siecle                                                                          Fr
8400.020 Livre d'Or de la Poesie Francaise                                              Seghers, Pierre (ed)      Fr
8400.030 Dialogues de Carmelites                                                        Bernanos, Georges         Fr
8400.040 Le Cardinal Prisonier                                                          Arnothy, Christine        Fr
8400.050 La Pharisienne                                                                 Mauriac, Francois         Fr
8400.060 Eugenie Grandet (includes 70 pages of Notes in English)                        Balzac, Honore'           Fr
8400.070 Terre des Hommes (excerpts)                                                    Saint- Exupery, Antoine   Fr
                                                                                                                                         55   9/27/2013

           1) La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas Lieu,   2) Pages choisies de Gautier,             1) Giraudoux,Jean, 2) Gautier, Th.
           3) Pages choisies de Buffon, 4) Les Orateurs de la Revolution                                                           Fr
8400.090   (bound in one Volume)                                                              3) Buffon, 4) Mirabeau, Danton,
8400.100   Madame Bovary                                                                      Flaubert, Gustave
                                                                                              Robespiere et al
8400.110   La Porte Etroite (1909)                                                            Gide, Andre' (Nobel)                 Fr
8400.120   Lettres de mon Moulin                                                              Daudet, Alphonce                     Fr
8400.130   Les Fleurs du Mal (1857)                                                           Baudelaire, Charles                  Fr
8400.140   Journal d'un Cure' de Campagne                                                     Bernanos, Georges                    Fr
8400.150   Sans Famille (simplified French)                                                   Mallot, Hector                       Fr
8400.160 Man's Estate, (La Condition Humaine)                                                 Malraux, Andre'
8400.170 O Mikros Pringipas, Le Petit Prince                                                  Saint- Exupery, Antoine              Grk
8400.180 L' Etranger - O Xenos                                                                Camus, Albert (Nobel)                Grk
8400.181 L' Etranger - The Outsider                                                           Camus, Albert (Nobel)
           Tragedies Choisies de Racine, Phedre,Andromaque, Britannicus,
                                                                                              Racine                               Fr
8400.190 Berenice, Iphigenie, Athalie
         Theatre de Moliere, Amphitryon, Don Juan, Le Misanthrope,
                                                                                              Moliere                              Fr
8400.200 Le Medecin malgre lui, George Dandin, L'Avare
8400.201 Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme                                                             Moliere                              Fr

           the Misanthrope, the Sicilian, Tartuffe, a Doctor in Spite of Himself,
8400.200 the Imaginary Invalid
8400.201 Theatre de Moliere, Tome I                                                           Moliere                              Fr
           Theatre de Moliere, Tome II, Amphitryon, Don Juan, Le Misanthrope,
                                                                                              Moliere                              Fr
8400.202   Le Medecin malgre lui, George Dandin, L'Avare
8400.203   Tartuffe                                                                           Moliere                              Fr
8400.204   Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme                                                           Moliere                              Fr
8400.210   Syrano de Bergerac (transl. by Brian Hooker)                                       Rostand, Edmont
8400.220   Le Cid, Horace, Cinna, Polyeucte, Pompee, Rodogune                                 Corneille                            Fr
8400.230   NOTE: some of the books listed above are shelved in 7920, Theatre
8400.240   Michel Strogoff                                                                    Verne, Jules                         Fr
8400.241   20,000 Leagues under the Sea                                                       Verne, Jules
8400.242   La Jangada - Taksidi ston Amazonio                                                 Verne, Jules                         Grk
8400.250   Les Miserables (condensed)                                                         Hugo, Victor
8400.260   The Age of Reason                                                                  Sartre, Jean-Paul
8400.270   Papillon                                                                           Charriere, Henri
8400.280   Illusions Perdues (Xamena Oneira) Vol. 1                                           Balzac, Honore                       Grk
8400.281   Illusions Perdues (Xamena Oneira) Vol. 2                                           Balzac, Honore                       Grk
8400.290   Fleurs Champetres (Histoires Francais-Canadiennes 1895)                            Francoise, ???                       Fr
8400.300   Contes Francais ( in English and French)                                           Voltaire, Balzac et al               Fr
8400.310   Le Salaire de la Peur                                                              Arnaud, Georges                      Fr
8400.320   Les Grandes Familles (6 stories)                                                   Druon, Maurice                       Fr
8400.330   Les Merveilleux Nuages (4 stories)                                                 Sagan, Francoise                     Fr
8400.340   Jesus Christ in Flandres and other short stories                                   Balzac, Honore                       Grk
8400.350   Nouvelles Orientalles - Diifimata tis Anatolis                                     Ursenal, Margueritte                 Grk
8400.360   Le Pere Goriot - O barba-Goriot                                                    Balzac, Honore                       Grk
8400.370   Poe'sie                                                                            Malarme', Stephane                   Fr
8400.380   Le Tartuffe (shelved in sect. 7920)                                                Moliere                              Fr
8400.390   Les Fleurs du Mal (1857)                                                           Baudelaire, Charles                  Fr
8400.400   Poemes                                                                             Baudelaire, Charles                  Fr
8400.410   Les Characteres                                                                    La Bruyere                           Fr
8400.420   Theatre de Corneille, Tome I, (shelved in sect. 7920)                              Corneille                            Fr
8400.430   Theatre de Corneille, Tome II, (shelved in sect. 7920)                             Corneille                            Fr
8400.440   Lettres Persanees                                                                  Montesquieu                          Fr
8400.450   Poesies de Lamartine                                                               Lamartine                            Fr
8400.460   Memoires de Saint-Simon, Tome I                                                    Saint-Simon                          Fr
8400.470   Memoires de Saint-Simon, Tome II                                                   Saint-Simon                          Fr
           Theatre de Beaumarchais /
                                                                                              Beaumarchais                         Fr
8400.480   Le Barbier de Seville, Mariage de Figaro, L'autre Tartuffe (shelved in 7920)
8400.490   Theatre de Beaumarchais                                                            Beaumarchais                         Fr
8400.500   Le Rouge et le Noir, Chronique du XIXe Siecle                                      Stendhal                             Fr
8400.510   Oeuvres , Tome II, edited by Jean Hytier                                           Valery, Paul                         Fr
8400.520   Oeuvres de Baudelaire, Edited by Y.G. LeDantec                                     Baudelaire, Charles                  Fr
           Candide, Micromegas, Zadig, the Ingenu, the White Bull (first published in 1759)
8400.530                                                                                      Voltaire, Francois
8400.540   the Wandering Jew (transl.
           transl. by Roger Pearson from French)                                              Sue, Eugene
                                                                                                                                          56   9/27/2013

8400.550 La Bete Humaine                                                                  Zola, Emile                              Fr
8400.560 Trilogie Sale de La Havane                                                       Gutierrez, Pedro                         Fr
8400.570 Serenade pour Une Souris Defunte                                                 San-Antonio                              Fr
8400.580 Les Sacrifies du Danube                                                          Gheorghiu, Virgil                        Fr
8400.581 L' Espionne                                                                      Gheorghiu, Virgil                        Fr
8400.582 Pourquoi M'a - t - on Appele' Virgil? (transl in Grk by E. Stylios)              Gheorghiu, Virgil                        Grk
8400.980 Stendhal en Dauphine'                                                            Del Litto, Vittorio                      Fr
8800.000 HELLENIC LITERATURE (Classic)                                                    *****
8800.001 See also Section 1800, PHILOSOPHY
8800.010 Prolegomena stous Arxaious Ellines Syngrafeis                                    Korais, Adamantios                       Grk
         OMHROY ILIAS (Homer's Iliad) - Archiko Keimeno me Emmetri Apodosi sta
         Nea Ellenika.Iincludes 100's of copies of Famous Lithographs and Paintings.      Tsohalis, Theodore                       Grk
8800.015 Only 1,100 copies of this book have been printed
8800.016 the Iliad of Homer (first published in 1898)                                     Butler, Samuel (transl)
8800.020 Homer's Iliad                                                                    Rouse, W.H.D. (trans)
8800.021 Iliada tou Omirou (Homer Iliad) A - Omega                                        Polylas, !akovos                         Grk
8800.022 Iliada tou Omirou (Homer Iliad) A-M                                              Kakridis,I. & Kazantzakis, Nikos         Grk
8800.023 Iliada tou Omirou (Homer Iliad) N-Omega                                          Kakridis,I. & Kazantzakis, Nikos         Grk
8800.024 Omerika Epi #2, (Selections from Homer's Iliad)                                  Polylas, !akovos                         Grk
8800.025 Iliad                                                                                                                     Grk
8800.026 Iliada tou Omirou (Homer Iliad) Vol. A                                           Kakridis,I and Komnenos,O.               Grk
8800.027 Iliada tou Omirou (Homer Iliad) Vol. B                                           Kakridis,I and Komnenos,O.               Grk
8800.028 Iliada tou Omirou (Homer Iliad) Vol. C                                           Kakridis,I and Komnenos,O.               Grk
8800.030 Odysseia tou Omirou (Homer's Odyssey)                                            Sideris, Z. (trans)                      Grk
8800.031 Omerika Epi #1, (Selections from Homer's Odyssey)                                Polylas, !akovos (transl)                Grk
8800.032 Odysseia tou Omirou (Homer's Odyssey)                                            Eftaliotis, Arg. & Poriotis, Nik. (tr)   Grk
8800.036 Odysseia tou Omirou (Homer's Odyssey) Teacher's Manual                           Maronitis, D. N, (transl)                Grk
8800.040 Omirou Odysseia (Title pages missing, Published probably prior to 1900)          Homer                                    Grk
8800.050 the Portable Greek Reader- Excerpts from most Authors, Hesiod to 363 CE          Auden, W. H.
8800.060 Isokratis kai H Epochi tou                                                       Laourdas, Basil.                         Grk
8800.070 Eklogai ex Archaion Ellinon Syngrafeon (collector's item)                        Aesop, Appolodoros et al                 Grk
8800.080 Lysiou Logoi                                                                     Kosmas, Kyr. (transl)                    Grk
8800.090 Attikoi Ritores, (Lysias, Isokratis)                                             Several                                  Grk
8800.100 Greek Poets (Homer, Hesiod, Tyrtaeus et al)                                      Hadas, Moses
           Istoria tis Ellenikis Logotechnias, Vol. II, (from 323BC to 500 AD approx.)
8800.110 (Xanthaki, Georgia, Pothos, B. & Kyriazopoulos, A. editor and transl.)           Said, Suzanne et al                      Grk
8800.150 Dramatica,-- Studies in Classical and Post-Classical Dramatic Poetry             Xanthakis, Georgia                       Grk
8800.160 Apo ton Kosmo kai to Ergo tou Omirou (transl. by Kakridis, F) Vol. A             Shadewaldt, Wolfgang                     Grk
8800.170 Apo ton Kosmo kai to Ergo tou Omirou (transl. by Kakridis, F) Vol. B             Shadewaldt, Wolfgang                     Grk
8800.180 Arxaia Elliniki Lyriki Poiisi (transl. From English by Kazazis, I.) Vol. A       Bowra, C. M.                             Grk
8800.190 Arxaia Elliniki Lyriki Poiisi (transl. From English by Kazazis, I.) Vol. B       Bowra, C. M.                             Grk
8800.200 Ancient Greek Literature                                                         Bowra, C. M.
8800.210 Plato's Euthyphro (n), Crito(n) and Apology of Socrates (Greek and English)      Burnet, John (ed)                        Mult
8800.220 Plato's Timaeus (a Commentary on )                                               Taylor, A. E.
8800.230 Plato's Euthyphro, Apology, Crito                                                Church, F. J. (transl)
8800.240 Plato's Phaedrus                                                                 Helmbold, W.C. et al (transl)
8800.250 Plato's Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Symposium, Republic                              Jowett, B. (transl)
           Death of Socrates
8800.260 (excerpts and comments on Euthyphro, Apology, Crito and Phaedo)                  Guardini, Romano
           Trial and Death of Socrates - excerpts and commentary on Euthyphro, Apology,

8800.270 Crito and Phaedo)                                                                Grube, G.M.A.
8800.280 Dialogues of Plato: Apology, Crito, Phaedo,Symposium, Republic (parts)           Jowett, Ben. (transl)
8800.290 Plato's Meno                                                                     Jowett, Ben. (transl)
                                                                                                                                        57   9/27/2013

8800.300 Plato's Symposium                                                                   Jowett, Ben. (transl)
           Platonos Dialogoi, Plato's Dialogues,
8800.310   (Alkiviades 1 & 2, Lysis, Kratylos, Axiochos) Vol. 1                              Kritikos, Victor et al (Transl)      Grk
           Platonos Dialogoi, Plato's Dialogues
8800.320   (Apology, Laches, Protagoras,Timaios) Vol. 2                                      Kritikos, Victor et al (Transl)      Grk
           Platonos Dialogoi, Plato's Dialogues
8800.330   (Phaedon, Erexias, Kritias, Euryphon,Menon) Vol. 3                                Kritikos, Victor et al (Transl)      Grk
           Platonos Dialogoi, Plato's Dialogues
8800.340   (Phaedros, Theaetitos, Menexenos) Vol. 4                                          Kritikos, Victor et al (Transl)      Grk
           Platonos Dialogoi, Plato's Dialogues
8800.350   (Philevos, Euthydemos, Gorgias) Vol. 5                                            Kritikos, Victor et al (Transl)      Grk
           Platonos Dialogoi, Plato's Dialogues
8800.360   (Harmides, Parmenides, Criton, Politikos) Vol. 6                                  Kritikos, Victor et al (Transl)      Grk
8800.370   Platonos Politeia (Republic) Part 1                                               Pappas, F. et al (transl)            Grk
8800.371   Platonos Politeia (Republic) Part 2                                               Pappas, F. et al (transl)            Grk
8800.372   the Republic of Plato, with Critical Notes, Commentary and Appendices, Vol 1      Adam, James & Rees, D.A.
8800.374 Plato's Republic                                                                    Lee, Desmond (transl)
8800.400                                                                                     Spare for future addition
8800.410 Plato's Meno                                                                        Grube, G.M.A.
8800.420 Philosofika Keimena, Plato, Aristotle (Textbook)                                    Togias, B & Roussos, E               Grk
8800.430 Platonos Symposion (text, translation & commentary)                                 Sykoutris,I.                         Grk
8800.440 Plutarch, Peri Euthymias                                                            Christodoulou, Georg. (trans)        Grk
8800.450 Pindar and the Greeks (from the Ancient World to the New Creation)                  Archimandrite, Vasileios
8800.460 Aesop's Fables                                                                      Townsend, George (transl)
8800.470 Lysias Orationes (Greek Text, Analysis, Notes etc, orig. publ. In 1882)             Shuckburgh, Evelyn
8800.480 Attikoi Ritores, (Lysias, Isokratis)
           Platonos Symposion & Phaidros                                                     Dedousis, Basil. & Acheimasos
8800.490 (orig. text, Transl & Comment. in Modern Greek)                                     Nikos                                Grk
           Platonos Alcibiades & Sophistes
8800.500   (orig. text, Transl & Comment. in Modern Greek)                                   Liakakos, E & Alexandrou, D.         Grk
           Platonos Protagoras, Alcibiades B', Anterastai & Theages                          Tatakis, B. - Liakakos, E.
8800.510   (orig. text, Transl & Comment. in Modern Greek)                                   - Petridis, Pyrros                   Grk
8800.520   Platon, Symposion (peri Erotos) orig. text plus Translation in Modern Greek       Andreadi, Electra                    Grk
8800.530   Platon, Nomoi (Laws) orig. text plus Translation in Modern Greek                  Several                              Grk
8800.540   Platon, Politeia (Republic) Vol. 1, orig. text plus Translation in Modern Greek   Several                              Grk
8800.550   Plutarchos, Bioi Paralleloi (Pericles - Fabius Maximus)                           Several                              Grk
8800.560   Galen's "Peri Kraseon" in Classical and Modern Greek                              Lameras, K. (transl)                 Grk
8800.561   Hippocrates "Apanta" in Classical and Modern Greek (bound with 8800.560)          Pournaropoulos, G. et al             Grk
8800.610 Plato's the Collected Dialogues including the Letters                               Hamilton Edith et al (ed)
8800.620 See also Section 1800, PHILOSOPHY

           HELLENIC CLASSICAL DRAMA (All Lang.)                                              *********
           Some of the Classical Theatre Books listed here might have been shelved
                                                                                             Dover, K., Kakridis (transl)         Grk
8820.001 in Class 7920, Theatre
8820.010 Komodia tou Aristofani (Aristophanes)                                               Dover, K., Kakridis (transl)         Grk
8820.020 Prometh. Desm, Iphigenie in Tavris                                                  Gryparis & Stavrou Trans             Grk
8820.030 Aristofanes Ippeis                                                                  Spyropoulos, H (transl)              Grk
8820.040 Euripides Electra (printed in 1910)                                                 Tanagras, A (transl)                 Grk
8820.041 Aeschylus, Epta Epi Thevas                                                          Myris, K. (transl)                   Grk
8820.050 Sophocles, Oedipus the King & Oedipus at Colonos                                    Walker, R

           Sophocles the Oedipus Cycle - Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonos & Antigone          Fitzgerald, Robert & Fitts, Dudley

           Sophocles the Theban Plays - King Oedipus, Oedipus at Colonos & Antigone          Watling, E. R.
                                                                                             Grene, D - Fitzgerald, Robert &
           Sophocles I, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonos & Antigone
8820.060                                                                                     Wyckoff, E
           Aeschylus II, The Suppliant Maidens, the Persians, Seven Against Thebes &
                                                                                             Benardete, Sethe & Grene, David
8820.070 Prometheus Bound
                                                                                                                                 58   9/27/2013

8820.080 Aeschylus, Seven against Thebes                                                 Grene, David
8820.090 Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound                                                     Grene, David
8820.100 Aeschylus, Choephoroi                                                           Sidgwick, A
                                                                                         Lattimore, R.-Vermeule, Emily -
8820.120 Euripides V, Electra, Phoenician Women, Bacchae                                 Wyckoff, El. & Arrowsmith, W
8820.130 Euripides Tragodiai - Ifigenia en Avlidi, Ifigenia en Tavrois                   Vousvounis, F. et al (ed)         Grk
8820.140 Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannos (King) and Antigone                                 Dimopoulos,P. N.                  Grk
8820.190 Mia Bathyteri Gnorimia me ton Sophocle, Tomos B' Antigoone                      Kapsalis, Gerasimos               Grk

           Sophocles - Antigone                                                          Manos, Konst & Kordatos, Yiannis Grk
                                                                                         Manos, Tambakis, Sideris,
8820.210 Sophocles - Antigone, Electra, Ajax                                             Kordatos, Yiannis editor
8820.220 Euripides - Heracleides, Iphigenia en Avlida, Iph. En Tavrida                   Lekatsas, Stavrou, Papanoutsos    Grk
8820.230 Aeschylus - Choephoroi, Eumenides                                               HatziAnestis, Papanoutsos         Grk
                                                                                         HatziAnestis, Themelis,
           Aeschylus - Prometheus Desmotis (Bound), Agamemnon                                                              Grk
8820.240                                                                                 Papanoutsos
8820.250 Euripides - Medea                                                               Topouzis, Kostas                  Grk
8820.260 Euripides - Medea                                                               Prevelakis, Pantelis              Grk
8820.270 Aeschylus - Agamemnon                                                           HatziAnestis - Papanoutsos        Grk
8820.280 Euripides- Kyklops, Alcestis                                                    Lekatsas, P. & Papanoutsos        Grk
8820.290 Euripides - Troades (Trojan Women), Backhae                                     Spandonidis, S. & Papanoutsos     Grk
8820.300 Euripides - Heracleides                                                         Lekatsas, P. & Papanoutsos        Grk
8820.310 Euripides - Foinissai                                                           Stavrou, Thr. & Papanoutsos       Grk
8820.320 Menandros Comedies - Hero, Theoforoumeni etc                                    Stavrou, Thr. & Papanoutsos       Grk
8820.330 Menandros Comedies - Georgos (Farmer), Epitrepontes, etc                        Stavrou, Thr. & Papanoutsos       Grk
8820.340 Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannos (King)                                              Lekatsas, P. & Papanoutsos        Grk
8820.341 Sophocles, Oedipus the King                                                     Knox, Bernard (trnsl)
8820.350 Sophocles, Oedipus epi Kolono (in Kolonos)                                      Lekatsas, P. & Papanoutsos        Grk
8820.360 Aeschylus - Perses, Aristophanes - Vatrachoi (Frogs)                            Gryparis & Stavrou Trans          Grk
8820.370 Euripides - Ifigenia en Avlidi                                                  Sarros, Dimitrios                 Grk
8820.380 Aristofanes Ornithes (Birds)                                                    Matesis, Pavlos                   Grk
8820.390 Aristofanes Vatrachoi (Frogs)                                                   Matesis, Pavlos                   Grk
8820.391 Frogs of Aristofanes (Greek Text, English Notes)                                Green, W. C.
8820.400 Aristofanes Lysistrata                                                          Matesis, Pavlos                   Grk
8820.410 Medea of Euripides (in modern Greek)                                            Gourogiannis, Basilis             Grk
           Euripides - Troades (Trojan Women), Backhae, Ifigenia en Avlidi et al -
                                                                                         Stavrou, Thrasyboulos             Grk
8820.420 bound together with and shelved in 1500.070
8890.000 GREEK LITERATURE (Modern)                                                       *********
8890.010 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 7 Textbk                                   Several                           Grk
8890.020 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 8 Textbk                                   Several                           Grk
8890.030 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 9 Textbk                                   Several                           Grk
8890.040 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 10 Textbk                                  Several                           Grk
8890.050 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 11 Textbk                                  Several                           Grk
8890.060 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 12 Textbk (Arts)                           Several                           Grk
8890.070 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 7 Textbk                                   Several                           Grk
8890.080 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 8 Textbk                                   Several                           Grk
8890.090 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 9 Textbk                                   Several                           Grk
8890.100 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 10 Textbk                                  Several                           Grk
8890.110 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 11 Textbk                                  Several                           Grk
8890.120 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 12 Textbk                                  Several                           Grk
8890.130 Keimena Neoellenikis Logotechnias Gr 12 Textbk (Arts & Appl. Sc)                Several                           Grk
           Brief Biographies of 9 Greek Authors, recipients of Literary Awards in 2001
                                                                                         N/A                               Grk
8890.140 (9 pamphlets)
8890.150 Afieroma ston Papadiamanti                                                      Several                           Grk
8890.160 Periodiko Dionysos Vol. 2/6                                                     Several                           Grk
                                                                                                                                        59   9/27/2013

8890.170 Periodiko Tetradio Vol. 1/ 1-3                                                             Several                       Grk
8890.180 Me Logismo kai me Oneiro (Gr 5 & 6 Textbook)                                               Several                       Grk
8890.190 Logioi tis Hpeirou (1430 - 1912)                                                           Krapsitis, Vasilis            Grk
8890.200 Istoria tis Neoellenikis Logotechnias                                                      Politis, Linos                Grk
8890.210 Pnevmatiki Kinisi tou Genous kata ton 18 kai 19 Aiona                                      Gedeon, Manouil               Grk
8890.220 O Digenis Akritas (Byzantini Epopoiia stin Istoria kai Poiisi)                             Grgoire, Henri                Grk
           Varnalis Books bound together in one volume. Book 1, 260 pages, Poihtika
           Book 2, 284 pg, Pezos Logos, (To Fws pou kaiei, Sklavoi Poliorkimenoi
8890.230   & Poihmata) Book 3, 100 pg, Eleftheros Kosmos - Poihmata                                 Varnalis, Kostas              Grk
           Varnalis Books bound together in one volume
8890.240   Book 1, Anthropoi, 266 pages, Book 2, Oi Diktatores (The Dictators) 350 pages            Varnalis, Kostas              Grk
           Varnalis Books bound together in one volume
           Book 1, 224 pages, Aisthitika - Kritika, A' , Book 2, 344 pg, Aisthitika - Kritika, B'
8890.250   Book 3, Solomika                                                                         Varnalis, Kostas              Grk
           Pezos Logos: 3 Books/ (with an Introduction by Kostas Palamas)
8890.260   Alithini Apologia tou Sokrati / To Hmerologio tis Pinelopis / et al                      Varnalis, Kostas              Grk
8890.270   Storia della Litteratura Neoellenica                                                     Lavagnini, Bruno              It
8890.280   Istoria tis Neas Ellenikis Logotechnias                                                  Kampanis, Aristos             Grk

8890.296 Heirografo Sept. 1941 (in shelf 9495.5xx)                                                  Seferis, Giorgos              Grk
8890.300 Issues of the Literary Journal NEA ESTIA                                                   Several                       Grk
8890.301 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Charles Beaudelaire                                       Several                       Grk
8890.302 N.E. Afieroma sti (dedicated to) Mikra Asia                                                Several                       Grk
8890.303 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Hlia Venezi                                               Several                       Grk
8890.304 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Kosta Varnali                                             Several                       Grk
8890.305 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Logotechnia kai Dimotikismos                              Several                       Grk
8890.306 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Pan. Kanellopoulo                                         Several                       Grk
8890.307 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Odyssea Elyti                                             Several                       Grk
8890.308 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Alexandro Kotzia                                          Several                       Grk
8890.309 N.E. Afieroma sto (dedicated to) Franz Kafka, issue # 1156                                 Several                       Grk
8890.330 Journal of Modern Hellenism                                                                Several
8890.340 Rigas Feraios Velestinlis - Theoria kai Praxi                                              Kitromilidis, Paskhalis       Grk
8890.341 Rigas Feraios Velestinlis - Apanthisma Keimenon (Anthology)                                Kitromilidis, Paskhalis Ed)   Grk
8890.350 Anthologio Thematwn tis Solomikis Poihsis                                                  Kapsomenos, Erat. Et al       Grk
8890.351 O Solomos kai h Elleniki Pollitismiki Paradosi                                             Kapsomenos, Erat. Et al       Grk
8890.360 Cassiani (of Byzantium)                                                                    Kyriakos, Aristidis           Grk
8890.370 O Megas Constantinos (Constantine the Great)                                               Kyriakos, Aristidis           Grk
8890.380 Digenis Akritas (the Byzantine Epopee in History and Poetry)                               Gregoire, Henri               Grk
8890.391 Seferis - Dokimes, Vol. 1, 1936-47                                                         Seferis, Giorgos              Grk
8890.392 Seferis - Dokimes, Vol. 1, 1936-47                                                         Seferis, Giorgos              Grk
8890.401 Seferis - Meres (a Diary) Vol. 1, 16 Febr.1925 -!7 Aug. 1931                               Seferis, Giorgos              Grk
8890.402 Seferis - Meres (a Diary) Vol. 2,                                                          Seferis, Giorgos              Grk
8890.403 Seferis - Meres (a Diary) Vol. 3, 20 April 1951 - 4 Aug. 1956                              Seferis, Giorgos              Grk
8890.900 H Theia Komodeia (the Dine Vomedy of Dande)                                                Kazantzakis,   Nikos          Grk
8890.901 O Vrachokipos                                                                              Kazantzakis,   Nikos          Grk
8890.902 Bios kai Politeia tou Alexi Zorba                                                          Kazantzakis,   Nikos          Grk
8890.903 Elefteria h Thanatos - Capetan Michalis, (Fredom or Death)                                 Kazantzakis,   Nikos          Grk
8890.904 O Ftochoulis tou Theou                                                                     Kazantzakis,   Nikos          Grk
8890.905 Anafora ston Greco Missing
8890.906 Teleftaios Peirasmos Missing
8890.907 Adelphofades Missing
8890.909 Askitiki (Salvatores Dei)                                                                  Kazantzakis, Nikos            Grk
8890.911 The Rock Garden                                                                            Kazantzakis, Nikos
                                                                                                                                  60   9/27/2013

8890.912 Zorba the Greek (transl. Carl Wildman)                                        Kazantzakis, Nikos
8890.913 Freedom or Death Missing
8890.914 Saint Francis                                                                 Kazantzakis,   Nikos
8890.915 Report to Greco - an autobiographical Novel Missing                           Kazantzakis,   Nikos
8890.916 the Last Temptation (transl. by P. A. Bien)                                   Kazantzakis,   Nikos
8890.917 the Fratricides                                                               Kazantzakis,   Nikos
                                                                                       (trasl. Theodor & Themis Vasils) -
           At the Palaces of Knossos - Sta Palatia tis Knossou
8890.923                                                                               Kazantzakis, Nikos
         Odysseia - a sequel to Homer's Odyssey
         (Synecheia apo tin Odysseia tou Omerou, meta apo tin epistrofi stin Ithaki)
8890.980 perhaps the longest poem in Western Literature                                Kazantzakis, Nikos                   Grk
8891.000 GREEK FICTION (Historic & Religious)                                          *********
8891.007 Anthologia tis Neoellenikis Grammateias (1784-1978) Vol. 7                    Hraklis, Renos & Apostolidis, St.    Grk
8891.010 Fota Olofota (Afieroma ston Papadiamanti kai ston Kosmo tou)                  Triantafyllopoulos, N.               Grk
8891.020 H Texnh (Vol. A, Issue 12, November 1898 - October 1899)                      Several                              Grk
8891.090 Thalassa tis Thalassis - Parakeimena                                          Karamitsos Giannis                   Grk
8891.100 Tis Panagias kai ton Agion mas. - Diigimata                                   Several                              Grk
8891.110 Kataskopos tou Theou                                                          Mpastas, Efst.                       Grk
8891.111 Kalimera Pappou                                                               Mpastas, Efst.                       Grk
8891.120 To Pringipopoulo pou den Gelouse (Diigimata)                                  Several                              Grk
8891.130 MELISSA h Efemeris Elleniki (Proepanastatika Periodika)                       Dimaras, K.                          Grk
8891.140 Loghadhes tou Ghenous                                                         Pringipas, Giorgos                   Grk
8891.150 A Place for Us (see also 3690.805)                                            Gage, Nicholas
8891.160 Prologoi Neoellenikon Mythistorimaton (1830-1930)                             Mastrodimitris, P.                   Grk
8891.170 Neofytos Rodinos. Kypriaki Demotiki Pezografia                                Valetas, G.                          Grk
8891.180 Oi Archaioi Ellines sti Neoelliniki Paradosi                                  Kakridis, I. Th.                     Grk
8891.190 O Poiitis Grafei tin Istoria tou Kosmou                                       Diomatari, Ourana                    Grk
8891.200 Bibliografia Andrea Empeirikou (1935-1984)                                    Vourtsis, Iakovos                    Grk
8891.250 Treis Epistoles tou Kavafi                                                    Modinos, Polys                       Grk
8891.260 Thymisi (Remembering)                                                         Nasioutzik, Zoe                      Grk
8891.270 Diigesis tou Alexandrou (Tale of Alexander, the Rhymed Version)               Holton David (Ph D Thesis)           Grk
8891.280 Panoria (edited by E. Kriaras)                                                Hortatsis, Georgios                  Grk
8891.290 Erotika Oneira (Marinou Falierou)                                             VanGemert, Arnold                    Grk
8891.300 Byzantinoi Ekklesiastikoi Syngrafeis                                          Balanos, Dim.                        Grk
8891.310 Antichari (Afieroma ston Stamati Karatza)                                     Several                              Grk
8891.320 Triton Christianikon Parthenagogeion, 4th edition                             Alexiou, Elli                        Grk
8891.330 Tzaki (to) (the Fireplace)                                                    Megas, Hrakles                       Grk
8891.340 Vrachia kai Oneira (Rocks and Dreams)                                         Megas, Hrakles                       Grk
8891.350 Gia mia Poreia - kai alla Diigimata                                           Sarantakos, Nikos                    Grk
8891.360 Kalamas kai Acherontas                                                        Milionis, Christophoros              Grk
8891.370 To Mikro einai Omorfo                                                         Milionis, Christophoros              Grk
8891.380 Eisigises (Archia kai Neoelliniki Glossa kai Grammateia)                      Several                              Grk
8891.390 Sta Xronia ton Makedonomachon                                                 Tsamis, Pavlos                       Grk
8891.400 Tetradia Mnimis, (Mirivilis, Venezis, Kastanakis, Myrtiotisa)                 Stavrou, Tatiana                     Grk
8891.401                                                                               Several                              Grk
8891.408 Hairetismos ston I. Panagiotopoulo # 8                                        Several                              Grk
8891.409 Prevelakis Pantelis (I Neoelliniki Kritiki) #9                                Several                              Grk
                                                                                                                     61   9/27/2013

8891.412 Parousia tou Xar. Trikoupi, #12                                          Several                      Grk
8891.413 Meletimata gia ton E.P. Papanoutso, # 13                                 Several                      Grk
8891.414 Karagatsis, M. (Epanektimisi) #14                                        Several                      Grk
8891.416 Tsatsos Konst. (Ekfrasi Timis) #16                                       Several                      Grk
8891.417 Theseis gia ton Pan. Kanellopoulo, # 17                                  Several                      Grk
8891.418 Theodorakopoulos, I. N. (Anafora ston) #18                               Several                      Grk
8891.420 Hourmouzios, Aim. (Simeion tou) #20                                      Several                      Grk
8891.430 O Armatomenos Logos, (Antistasiakes Didaches sta 1730)                   Valetas, G.                  Grk
8891.440 Trianta Xronia. To Provlima tis Kritikis                                 Several                      Grk
8891.450 Apanta Peza, Arthra kai Meletai                                          Veritis, G. (Arvanitis ed)   Grk
8891.460 O Erastis mou o Errikos                                                  Kesmeti, Natasha             Grk
8891.461 Nisi apo Elafropetra                                                     Kesmeti, Natasha             Grk
8891.462 To Aiwnio Rolo"i                                                         Kesmeti, Natasha             Grk
8891.463 Magemeno Homa                                                            Kesmeti, Natasha             Grk
8891.464 H Virgo tis Erimou kai ta Kryfa Kelaidonia                               Kesmeti, Natasha             Grk
8891.465 Dihgimata                                                                Kesmeti, Natasha             Grk
8891.480 H Nona Kondylo                                                           Fefes, Theoklitos            Grk
8891.481 Poios kserei? Who knows?                                                 Fefes, Theoklitos            Grk
8891.490 Filosofiki Poiisi to Sifi Kollia                                         Rozos, Evang.                Grk
8891.500 Katsimpalis, G. K. (Bibliografia kai Kritikkes)                          Daskalopoulos, Dimitris      Grk
8891.510 Afieromata Periodikon (Symboli stin Katagrafi) tous, 1880-1980)          Karpozilou, Martha           Grk
8891.520 Otan o Hlios (Istories apo tin Katochi, Athens 1941-45) 23rd edition     Sari, George                 Grk
8891.521 O Thesavros tis Vagias, 27th edition                                     Sari, George                 Grk
8891.522 Ta Heghia, 17th edition                                                  Sari, George                 Grk
8891.523 Kokkini Klosti Dhemeni (Athens 1941-45) 11th edition                     Sari, George                 Grk
8891.530 Aformes (A')                                                             Thrylos, Alkis               Grk
8891.540 O Afthentis tou Moreos                                                   Rangavis, Alexandros         Grk
8891.550 Theorimata                                                               Avgeris, Markos              Grk
8891.560 Constantine the Great                                                    Upson, Frieda
8891.570 O Spiounos                                                               Platsidakis, Nikitas         Grk
8891.580 Pros tin Nikin (Diigimata)                                               Several                      Grk
8891.590 Alexandros Pallis, Anekdota Grammata                                     Anemoudi, Krista (ed)        Grk
8891.600 Ghamoi tou Ouranou kai tis Ghis (afieroma sto Z. Lorentzato)             Kamperidis, Lambros          Grk
8891.601 Ghamoi tou Ouranou kai tis Ghis - Mia Anagnosi tou Pound kai tou Blake   Kamperidis, Lambros          Grk
8891.603 Apo ton Bret Hart ston Papadiamanti                                      Kamperidis, Lambros          Grk
8891.610 To Oneiro tou Patera                                                     Nteli, Vasiliki              Grk
8891.620 Romiosyni kai o Fotis Kontoglou                                          Sardelis, Kostas             Grk
8891.630 Sparagmata                                                               Markoglou, Prodromos         Grk
8891.640 Anatropi                                                                 Themelis, Nikos              Grk
8891.650 Papoulakos (o)                                                           Bastias, Kostas              Grk
8891.660 Logia tis Ploris                                                         Karkavitsas, Andreas         Grk
8891.661 Diighimata tis Thalassas                                                 Karkavitsas et al            Grk
8891.670 Kathos Charazei (Diighimata)                                             Valsamis, N. et al           Grk
8891.680 Aktines kai Synnefa                                                      Pantelimon Metropolitan      Grk
8891.691 Stin Poli tou Aï Dimitri                                                 Sinou, Kira                  Grk
8891.692 Lathos, Kyrie No"iger (7th edition)                                      Petrovich. Lori              Grk
8891.693 Otan imoun Dhaskalos kai alla Di"igimata                                 Kondylakis, Ioannis          Grk
8891.694 To Paramythi tou Ksasialou (about Cyprus)                                Gritsi-Milliex, Tatiana      Grk
8891.695 To Mesolongi, h Politeia tou Nerou                                       Choreanthi, Eleni            Grk
8891.696 Korinthos, h Ragismeni Politeia                                          Panoutsopoulou, Kassiani     Grk
8891.697                                                                                                       Grk
8891.700 Sta Mystika tou Valtou                                                   Delta, P. S.                 Grk
8891.710 Chimera                                                                  Karagatsis, M.               Grk
8891.720 Panagia h Gorgona                                                        Myrivilis, Stratis           Grk
8891.721 O Vasilis o Arvanitis                                                    Myrivilis, Stratis           Grk
8891.730 Apteri Niki (Chronografimata)                                            Palaiologos, P.              Grk
                                                                                                                              62   9/27/2013

8891.740 Diighimata ton Christougennon                                               Papadiamantis, Alexandros          Grk
8891.741 Remvasmos tou Dekapentavgoustou et al                                       Papadiamantis, Alexandros          Grk
8891.742 Boundless Garden - Selected Short stories of Papadiamandis, Vol. 1          Papadiamantis, Alexandros
8891.743 Diighimata (selection)                                                      Papadiamantis, Alexandros          Grk
8891.744 Vardianos sta Sporka                                                        Papadiamantis, Alexandros          Grk
8891.745 Stin Agi-Anastasa                                                           Papadiamantis, Alexandros          Grk
8891.750 Paschalina Diighimata                                                       Papadiamantis, Alexandros          Grk
8891.770 Anthologia Kypriakou Dihgimatos (Cyprus Anthology)                          Christofidis, A. & Ioannidis, P.   Grk
8891.771 Apografi, (Census)                                                          Ioannidis, Panos                   Grk
8891.790 H Ektelesi, (Biography of Ion Dragoumis)                                    Germanos, Fredy                    Grk
8891.800 Athenais, Aelia Evdokia Augusta                                             Tsatsou, Ioanna                    Grk
8891.801 Cassiani (of Byzantium)                                                     Kyriakos, Aristidis                Grk
8891.802 Theodora Comnini                                                            Ferousis, Dimitris                 Grk
8891.803 Elladios, o tis Pasis Xwras                                                 Halvatzakis, K.                    Grk
8891.804 Christianikes Agapes (33 Dramata)                                           Moustakas, Chrysost.               Grk
8891.805 Herois tis Ellinikis Epanastaseos (A)                                       Xenos, Stefanos                    Grk
8891.806 Herois tis Ellinikis Epanastaseos (B)                                       Xenos, Stefanos                    Grk
8891.807 Dodekanisou, Oi Anentachtoi                                                 Kehayias, Nikolaos                 Grk
8891.808 O Zografos                                                                  Palaiologos, Gregorios             Grk
8891.809 To Diavatirio (Passport) 12th edition                                       Samarakis, Antonis                 Grk
8891.810 Hroika Chronia tis Varnakovas                                               Diaforoi                           Grk
8891.811 Hellas, Skepseis kai Palmoi                                                 Alexandridis, An.                  Grk
8891.812 Etsi Lytrothikame                                                           Theophilos, Metropolitan           Grk
8891.813 Sosta kai Lathemena sto Pelagos tou Viou                                    Sotirios, G.                       Grk
8891.814 Monos pros Monon stin Baranguiyia                                           Kleisovitis, Nikos                 Grk
8891.815 Papatrehas (originally published in 1828)                                   Korais, Adamantios                 Grk
8891.816 Paschalina Anthologimata                                                    Arvanitis, Nikos                   Grk
8891.817 To Oneiro tou Patera                                                        Deli, Vasiliki                     Grk
8891.818 Adelfia, Adelfia (WW II Memories)                                           Rigopoulos, Rigas                  Grk
8891.819 Apo ekei Vgenei o Hlios                                                     Kanava, Zoe                        Grk
8891.820 KWTTAS, Matovamenes Limnes                                                  Grigoriadou, Galateia              Grk
8891.821 To Aivali, h Patrida mou                                                    Kontoglou, Fotis                   Grk
8891.822 Olympia, Geneteira Idanikon                                                 Mantzoros, Giorgos                 Grk
8891.823 Mikra Meletimata (Istorika - Filologika -Paidagogika)                       Mantzoros, Giorgos                 Grk
8891.824 Sparagmata                                                                  Markoglou, Prodromos               Grk
8891.825 Peripeties Proskinitou (Way of a Pilgrim, author Unknown)                   Karanikolas, Pant. (transl)        Grk
8891.826 Eikones kai Thymises apo tin Palia Kefalonia                                Loukatos, Gerasimos                Grk
8891.827 Thelo na pio olo ton Bosporo                                                Doostheos, Archimandritis          Grk
8891.828 Ippotes tou Stavrou                                                         Modis, George                      Grk
8891.829 My Old Acquantance, Yesterday in Cyprus                                     Lyssaridis, Barbara
8891.830 Xristou' Ghenna (collection of short religious stories)                     Several                            Grk
8891.831 Anoixtoi Dromoi                                                             Tsangarakis, Odysseas              Grk
8891.832 Mesa ston Omorfo Kosmo                                                      Tihamer, Toth (Mgr)                Grk
8891.833 Ta Agna Niata                                                               Tihamer, Toth (Mgr)                Grk
8891.834 Anthologia tou Agona                                                        Ioannidis, Panos (ed)              Grk
8891.835 Anthologio tis Athinas, Vol. 1                                              Psarakis, Takis (Ed)               Grk
8891.836 Giati h agapi htan h Ftechtra .. (a collection of Fables from Asia Minor)   Hatzoudi, Eleni                    Grk
8891.837 Neoelliniki Logotechnia                                                                                        Grk
8891.838 Siopiloi Dromoi - short stories from Kefalonia                              Messari-Travlou, Andreas           Grk
8891.839 Tis Tyflis Anemothyellas                                                    Messari-Travlou, Andreas           Grk
8891.840 Tis Petras kai tou Erota, Nouvelles kai Diigimata                           Stavridis, Stavros                 Grk
8891.841 Kommatia Fygis (Fugitive Pieces) by a Toronto writer                        Michaels, Anne                     Grk
8891.842 To Chroniko Mias Politeias                                                  Prevelakis, Pantelis               Grk
8891.843 Anthologia tis Xenitias - Ellenes 5 Ipiron Grafoun kai Dimiourgoun          Several                            Grk
8891.844 Syntrofoi Kalimera kai alla Diigimata                                       Axioti, Melpo                      Grk
8891.845 Matomena Chomata (84th edition)                                             Sotiriou, Dido                     Grk
8891.846 Stavrosi horis Anastasi, Vol. 2                                             Athanasiadis, Nikos                Grk
8891.848 Ora plin Dyo (-2)                                                           Zakopoulos, Nikos                  Grk
                                                                                                                               63   9/27/2013

8891.849 H Koromilia kai alla Diigimata                                                Politis, Kosmas                   Grk
8891.850 Sergios kai Bakchos                                                           Karagatsis, M.                    Grk
8891.851 O Kitrinos Fakelos                                                            Karagatsis, M.                    Grk
8891.852 Oi Listes sta Prothyra ton Athinon                                            Karagatsis, M.                    Grk
8891.853 Eroica                                                                        Politis, Kosmas                   Grk
8891.854 Oi Teleftaioi Eggonoi - Vol. A                                                Athanasiadis, Tasos               Grk
8891.855 Apo ton Eafto mas stous Allous (Dokimia)                                      Athanasiadis, Tasos               Grk
8891.856 H Aithousa tou Thronou                                                        Athanasiadis, Tasos               Grk
8891.857 Paidomazoma (stories from the Civil War 1947-49)                              Balaskas, Grigoris                Grk
8891.858 Gia tin Agapi twn Allwn (for the Love of Others)                              Frangouli-Argyris, Justine        Grk
8891.859 Dyo Metra Ghis                                                                Anagnopoulos, Fotis               Grk
8891.860 Kantsiotika Paramythia (Drosopigi Konitsas)                                   Moukoulis, Thomas                 Grk
8891.861 Sto Dentro tou Erimiti                                                        Klimi, Sofia                      Grk
8891.862 Eftychismenos pou ekane to taksidi tou Odyssea                                Koromila, Marianna                Grk
8891.863 H Maria ton Moggolon Maria of the Mongols                                     Koromila, Marianna                Grk
8891.864 Peristeria - gia Mikrous kai gia Megalous                                     Averof-Tositsas, Georgios         Grk
8891.865 Otan Ksexnousan oi Theoi (Greece under German-Italian Occupation)             Averof-Tositsas, Georgios         Grk
8891.866 Stratiotis Christou Nikolaos                                                  Stoyias, Ioannis                  Grk
8891.867 Servia 1976 - Ena Megalo Thavma                                               Stoyias, Ioannis                  Grk
8891.868 Elleniki Mythologia                                                           Tsiforos, Nikos                   Grk
8891.869 Oi Mystikes Etairies                                                          Tsiforos, Nikos                   Grk
8891.870 Logotechniko Imerologio 2008                                                  Stamatis, Kostas (ed)             Grk
8891.871 H Kokkini Plateia kai o Theios Arthouros                                      Yiannaras, Christos               Grk
8891.872 H A"idonopita                                                                 Zourgos, Isidoros                 Grk
8891.873 Imaret - sti Skia tou Rologiou                                                Kalpouzos, Yiannis                Grk
8891.874 m.x. (meta xriston ???)                                                       Alexakis, Basilis                 Grk
8891.875 Myrtw tis Mikras Asias                                                        Ralli, Basiliki                   Grk
8891.876 Penelope                                                                      Ralli, Basiliki                   Grk
8891.877 To Prosfygopoulo                                                              Ralli, Basiliki                   Grk
8891.878                                                                                                                 Grk
8891.880 H Dontagria (Thodagria)                                                       Porfyris, Tasos                   Grk
8891.881 Treis Aiones Mia Zo"i                                                         Ha"idemenou, Filio                Grk
8891.882 O Trelo-Yiannis                                                               Makris, Dionysios                 Grk
8891.883 Aigeas                                                                        Kalatzopoulou, Maria              Grk
8891.884 Ena Kommataki Ouranos                                                         Zarokosta, Katerina               Grk
                                                                                       Georgaki. K.-Stavropoulou, N. -
           Aisthisi Gynaikas - Proseggiseis Zo"is                                      Kesmeti, N.- Kountouri, Z.
8891.885 (by 6 women writers)                                                          .- Sidira, A. - Sotiriadou, K.    Grk
8891.886 O Ponos pou Ginetai Dynami                                                    Papadopoulos, Petros              Grk
8891.887 Mikres Istories… Makras Poreias                                               Moutsopoulos, Charal.             Grk
8891.888 Odiporiko gia ti Gnosi - Apo ta Metakatochika Ioannina stin Athina tou 2000   Moutsopoulos, Charal.             Grk
8891.889 Mitera Thessaloniki                                                           Pentzikis, Nikos                  Grk
8891.890 Palaiotera Poiimata kai Neotera Peza                                          Pentzikis, Nikos                  Grk
8891.891 O Pethamenos kai h Anastasi                                                   Pentzikis, Nikos                  Grk
8891.980 Anthologia Mathitikon Keimenon                                                Various Students                  Grk
8891.990 Stefanos Granitsas - Apanta                                                   Giolas, Markos (ed)               Grk
8892.000 GREEK NOVELS & CHILDREN BOOKS                                                 *****
8892.010 Kotinthos (Corinth)                                                           Varella, Angeliki                 Grk
8892.020 To Agalma pou Kryone                                                          Mpouliotis, Christos              Grk
8892.030 I peripeteia mias Karderinas                                                  Leraki, Georgia                   Grk
8892.040 I Gata pou ithele na ginei pouli                                              Eleftheriou, Manos                Grk
8892.050 Apo to idio to potiri kai alles Istories                                      Feish, Michel                     Grk
8892.060 Zing-Zang stis Neratsies                                                      Sotiropoulos, Ersi                Grk
8892.070 Mikra Anglia (Little Anglia)                                                  Karystiani, Ioanna                Grk
8892.080 O Vanka kai ta Adespota                                                       Dimopoulos, Dinos                 Grk
8892.090 To Nisi tis Elafropetras                                                      Georgakis, Antonis                Grk
8892.100 As Paiksoume (Let's play)                                                     Unknown                           Grk
8892.110 Se poion Anikei I Kerkyra?                                                    Aranitsis, Eugenios               Grk
8892.120 Paizontas stin Archaia Ellada                                                 Plati, Marina                     Grk
8892.130 Ta Ellenopoula tis Diasporas Zografizoun gia tin Olympiada tis Athenas        Several                           Grk
8892.140 Ethnikon Aporriton (Top Confidential) -short stories                          Papadoukas, Pan.                  Grk
8892.150 H Politeia me ta 4 Parathyra                                                  Gontis, Takis                     Grk
                                                                                                                    64   9/27/2013

8892.160 O Horos ton Rodon (the Dance of Roses)                           Sourounis, Antonis                  Grk
8892.170 Anazitontas tin Evridiki                                         Piperopoulou, Katerina              Grk
8892.180 To Parathyro ston Allo Toicho                                    Fassos-Kalpaxis, Yiovanna           Grk
8892.190 Simeioseis tou Prosfyga (Notes of a Refugee)                     Faras, Ferdinand                    Grk
8892.200 Psathaki (Strow Hat)                                             Labele', Foula                      Grk
8892.210 Farsa (the Farse)                                                Sotiropoulou, Ersi                  Grk
8892.220 Istories pou Ksexorizoun (18 Authors)                            Several                             Grk
8892.230 H Kathodos tou Makedona kai alla Diigimata                       Vasilikos, Vasilis                  Grk
8892.231 To Fyllo, To Pigadi, To Aggeliasma (3 stories)                   Vasilikos, Vasilis                  Grk
8892.240 to Taksidi tou Timotheou                                         Oreopoulos, Dimitrios               Grk
8892.250 Na erchese opote thes                                            Logaras, Kostas                     Grk

8892.980 Apanta (more than 70 short stories)                              Chakkas, Marios                     Grk
8893.000 GREEK POETRY (Modern)                                            *****
8893.010 Syllogi Gnoston Poihmaton (photocopies)                          Varmazis, Nicholas (collect)        Grk
           Syllogi Gnoston Poihmaton, (Photocopies of handwritten poems
8893.020   from a School Notebook of Patriarch Bartholomaios)             Archodonis, Dimitrios (collect)     Grk
8893.030   Odysseia (School Textbook)                                     Sideris, Z. (transl)                Grk
8893.040   Iliada, A-M, (School Textbook)                                 Kakridis,I. & Kazantzakis, Nikos    Grk
8893.050   Iliada, N-Omega, (School Textbook)                             Kakridis,I. & Kazantzakis, Nikos    Grk
8893.060   Solomos - Apanta Poihmata kai Peza                             Solomos, Dionysios                  Grk
8893.061   Solomos - Apanta Poihmata (edited by Linos Politis)            Solomos, Dionysios                  Grk
8893.069   Solomos - Apanta Poihmata (edited by Polylas)                  Solomos, Dionysios                  Grk
8893.070   Solomos - Prolegomena Kritika, Stai, Polyla, Zambeliou         Kitsos-Mylonas, A. (ed)             Grk
8893.080   Faith and Motherland, Collected Poems of Dioysios Solomos      Raizis, Byron (transl)
8893.090   Spoudes ston Dionysio Solomo                                   Rozanis, Stefanos                   Grk
8893.100   Kavafy -Chartis Periodiko, Afieroma ston Kavafy                Several                             Grk
8893.110 Kavafy - Complete Poems of Kavafy                                Dalven, Rae (transl)
8893.120 Kavafy - Istorika kai Alla Prosopa                               Ntelopoulos, Kyr.                   Grk
8893.130 Kavafy - Geografika                                              Ntelopoulos, Kyr et al              Grk
8893.140 Kavafy _ Apanta Poiimata, A-B                                    Sabbidis, G. (ed)                   Grk
8893.150 Seferis - Poiimata (8th Edition)                                 Seferis, Giorgos                    Grk
8893.180 Erotiki Anthologia - 18 to 20th Century                          Kokkinis, Spyros ed                 Grk
8893.190 Aristotelis Valaoritis, Bios, Epistoles, Keimena                 Savvidis, G. et al (ed)             Grk
8893.200 Aristotelis Valaoritis, Poihmata kai Peza                        Valaoritis, Aristotelis             Grk
8893.210 Apanta Valaoriti                                                 Valaoritis, Aristotelis             Grk
8893.211 Anthologima Valaoriti                                            Valaoritis, Aristotelis           Grk
           Gnorimia Palaion kai Synchronon Poihton                        Klaras, Mpampis, (Brother of Aris
8893.220   (Solomos, Kalvos, Valaoritis, Palamas, Sikelianos et al)       Velouchiotis)                     Grk
8893.230   Apanta Krystalli                                               Vrachiotis, P. (ed)               Grk
8893.240   Anthologio Keimenon gia ton Agona tis EOKA                     Maratheftis, M. et al (ed)        Grk
8893.250   Sikelianos, Angelos, Apanta XI, Pezos Logos                    Savvidis, G. et al (ed)           Grk
8893.260   Sikelianos, Angelos, Apanta, Lyrikos Bios                      Savvidis, G. et al (ed)           Grk
8893.270   Sikelianos, Angelos, To Agioreitiko Hmerologio                 Konstantoulaki, Ioanna (ed)       Grk
                                                                          Elytis, Odysseas (Nobel) &
8893.280 Elytis - Seferis (edited by Ioulia Iliopoulou)                   Seferis, Giorgos (Nobel)
8893.281 Axion Esti                                                       Elytis, Odysseas (Nobel)
8893.282 Gia ton Chameno AnthypoloChago tis Albanias                      Elytis, Odysseas (Nobel)
8893.283 Exi kai Mia Skepteis gia ton Ourano                              Elytis, Odysseas (Nobel)
8893.284 Maria Nefeli                                                     Elytis, Odysseas (Nobel)
8893.290 Odysseas Elytis, Ena Orama tou Kosmou                            Lamparidou, Maria                   Grk
                                                                          Elytis, Empeirikos, Gatsos, Xydis
8893.300 Tetradio, vol. B, #1-3, 1947                                     Papatzonis, Mavroidis               Grk
8893.310 Odes (de Andreas Calvos, traduit en Francais))                   Calvos -Vlachos, Andr (transl)      Fr
8893.320 Odai                                                             Calvos, Andreas                     Grk
8893.321 Apanta                                                           Calvos, Andreas                     Grk
8893.330 Metanastis                                                       Vazintaris, Antonis                 Grk
8893.350 Totemismos                                                       Lentakis, Andreas                   Grk
8893.360 Ellinika Dimotika Tragoudia                                      Deligiannis, Th.                    Grk
8893.370 Me to Fos                                                        Liontakis, Christoforos             Grk
8893.380 Athlitis tou Tipota                                              Kontos, Giannis                     Grk
                                                                                                                          65   9/27/2013

8893.390 Modernismos, Protoporeia kai Pali                                         Valaoritis, Nanos               Grk
8893.400 Afieroma ston Odyssea Elyti                                               Several                         Grk
8893.410 Entelexia tis Anakyklisis                                                 Kollias, Sifis                  Grk
8893.420 Zoodotra Kythrea tis Zois Neromana                                        Kokis, Giorgos                  Grk
8893.430 Hghso, Periodiko (May 1907)                                               Several                         Grk
8893.440 Treis Poiitikes Syntheseis gia tin Kypro                                  Ioannidou, Roula                Grk
8893.450 Makedonia, kai oi Tafoi omiloun Ellinika                                  Skouras, George                 Grk
8893.460 Apo to Tote, to Tora, to Pera                                             Kountouri, Antonia              Grk
8893.470 Poreia sti Nyxta, 1978 -1985                                              Moustaka, Viky                  Grk
8893.480 Mainalies Avres                                                           Gintonis, Theodore              Grk
8893.490 Oi Rizes mou (Kypros - Euvoia)                                            Patsalos, Konst.                Grk
8893.500 Inside the Light                                                          Soulikias, Constance
8893.510 United Touch (the)                                                        Soulikias, Constance
8893.520 Alabaster Box (the)                                                       Soulikias, Constance
8893.530 Dimiourgiki Alitheia tis Fysiologias                                      Malapanis, Ioannis              Grk
8893.540 Biblos ton Skotomenon                                                     Katsalidas, Nikos               Grk
8893.550 Gnomiki Poiisi -Anthologia                                                Petratos, K.                    Grk
8893.560 Dewdrops (Greek and English)                                              Protopsaltis, Demetrios         Grk
8893.570 Flogera tou Basilia (H)                                                   Palamas, Kostis                 Grk
8893.580 Astamatitos Xronos                                                        Zoumboulakis, Giorgos           Grk
8893.590 Poiimata tis Xenitias, tis Patridas kai tis Zois                          Pantelopoulos, Christos         Grk
8893.600 28 Kravges me ena dakry (gia tin Kypro)                                   Ypereidou, Mairy                Grk
8893.610 Poihmata kai Dokimia Anamniseon                                           Dimas, Xristos                  Grk
8893.620 Anthologia Skepseon                                                       Kanellis, Athan                 Grk
8893.630 Xeironomies - Gestures                                                    Ziatas, Christos                Grk
8893.640 Enteka Poiimata (Balkonski, A.E.)                                         Ziatas , Christos (transl)      Grk
8893.650 Gramma ston Ali apo tin Mikri Maria kai h Apantisi                        Vazintaris, Antonis             Grk
8893.660 Makedonia, (Poiimata)                                                     Vazintaris, Antonis             Grk
8893.670 Apanta Poiitika Erga                                                      Mavrogiannis, Hlias             Grk
8893.680 Sfragides                                                                 Several                         Grk
8893.690 Gonimi Aspori Gi                                                          Mpalkamos, Charalambos          Grk
8893.700 Afieroma ston Patera                                                      Kapiris, Sakis                  Grk
8893.710 Mi se fovizei (Poiima Hgoumenis E. Kleidara))                             Hliadis, Alexis                 Grk
8893.720 To Nyfiko mias Orfanis                                                    Golfinopoulos, Constantinos     Grk
8893.730 Poe'mes (traduit du Grec par Gaston-H. Aufrere)                           Ioannidis, Panos                Fr
8893.740 Hlie mou, Paradosi mou - Poiimata                                         Kordoni, Ntina                  Grk
8893.750 Pyrinos Diskos                                                            Kordoni, Ntina                  Grk
8893.760 O Kosmos tis Gorgonas (Ermineftiki Proseggisi sto Ergo tou G. Seferi)     Antoniou Christos               Grk
8893.770 Akathisti Chora (Unseated Country) 23 Serbian Poems                       Vasko, Popa                     Grk
8893.780 Xeniteia … (Emigration) Demotika Tragoudia (Lyrics and Music)             Unknown                         Grk
8893.790 Poiimaton Epiloges (Poems Selection)                                      Neos, Eufstratios               Grk
8893.791 Epinikia (me 7 Pinakes tou K. Katzouraki)                                 Ritsos, Yiannis                 Grk
8893.792 H Ghefyra                                                                 Ritsos, Yiannis                 Grk
8893.800 Syllogi Dimodon Asmaton tis Hpeirou (photoreprinted in 1967 )             Aravantinos, Panayiotis (ed)    Grk
8893.801 Apanta ta Ellenika Erga Solomos kai Kalvos                                Solomos, Dion. - Kalvos Andr.   Grk
8893.802 Grammata sti Mitera                                                       Karaviotis, Georgios            Grk
8893.803 Poiimata 1975-2003                                                        Zygouris, Sotiris               Grk
8893.805 To fos pou Kaiei                                                          Varnalis, Kostas                Grk
8893.806 Ola ta Tragoudia (shelved in sect. 7800.)+B1679                           Theodorakis, Mikis              Grk
8893.807 Ta Theia Dora                                                             Papantoniou, Zacharias          Grk
           What is the Use of Poetry today? Introduction from Book 8893.22
8893.808 ( author is the brother of Aris Velouchiotis)                             Klaras, Mpampis                 Grk
8893.809 Anthologia Boreio-Ipirotikis poiisis (in Greek and Albanian)              Several                         Mult
8893.810 Nea Estia - Afieroma ston K. P. Kavafi (1863-1963)                        Several                         Grk
8893.811 Psichoula Agapis kai Ponou (Poetic Anthology)                             Tsirpanlis, Const.              Grk
8893.812 Deos kai Zoe, Emmetra Poiimata, 1952-2006                                 Polydouli, Komissa              Grk
8893.813 Emmetra Logia Psychis                                                     Dimitriadi, Kalypso             Grk
8893.814 H Ousia tou Thriskeftikou Lyrismou tou Sifi Kollia (also in sect. 3960)   Anton, John                     Grk
8893.815 Endomycha - Poiisi                                                        Mpriskolas, Giorgos             Grk
8893.816 Katichitiki Mousa                                                         Theodoropoulos, I. P.           Grk
                                                                                                                                    66   9/27/2013

8893.817 Lytrotiki Flogera                                                                   Timotheos, Archbishop           Grk
8893.818 Ellenika Demotika Tragoudia                                                         Koufos, I. N.                   Grk
8893.819 Mete Vathytatis Ypokliseos - Poietika Tolmimata                                     Harkiolakis, I. A.              Grk
8893.820 Afieroma ston Kosti Palama (Xristougenna 1943)                                      Palamas, Kostis                 Grk
8893.821 Palamas -Psychologiki Analysi tou Ergou tou kai tis Zoes tou                        Doxas, Angelos                  Grk
8893.822 Apanta Kosti Palama (Vol. 1)                                                        Palamas, Kostis                 Grk

           Palamas (Analysis)
8893.823                                                                                     Xydis, Theodoros                Grk
8893.824 Anthologia Kosti Palama                                                             Palamas, Kostis                 Grk
8893.827 Anthologia 1708 - 1952 - Vol. 1, A-M                                                Apostolidis, H. N.              Grk
8893.828 Anthologia 1708 - 1952 - Vol. 2, N-Omega                                            Apostolidis, H. N.              Grk
8893.829 Angelos Sikelianos (Analysis)                                                       Xydis, Theodoros                Grk
8893.830 Poiimata (Kosta Ourani)                                                             Ouranis, Kostas                 Grk
8893.831 Otan oi Glaroi Petoun Chamila                                                       Tataki, Zoe                     Grk
8893.832 Lefko Paramythi - Poiisi                                                            Konstantakopoulos, Epameinond   Grk
8893.833 Alkyonides Feggariou gia mia Tragwdia                                               Konstantakopoulos, Epameinond   Grk
8893.834 S'ena Mikro Lemonantho - To a Little Lemon Blossom, Anthology A'                    Zeniou, Panayiota               Mult
8893.835 To Tragoudi twn Pouliwn - The Song of the Birds, Anthology B'                       Zeniou, Panayiota               Mult
8893.836   Laconikon Hmerologion                                                             Several                         Grk
8893.837   Exodos me to Alogo (Ymnos sti Chara)                                              Vrettakos, Nikeforos            Grk
8893.838   H Eklogi mou - Poihmata 1933-1991                                                 Vrettakos, Nikeforos            Grk
8893.839   Synantisi me ti Thalassa                                                          Vrettakos, Nikeforos            Grk
8893.840   Poihmata gia to idio Vouno                                                        Vrettakos, Nikeforos            Grk
8893.843   Deisi (religious poems)                                                           Metropolitis, Grigorios         Grk
8893.844   Aparaklitoi Kairoi                                                                Harkianakis, S.S.               Grk
8893.845   O Anthropos Monos (religious poems)                                               Varveris, Yiannis               Grk
8893.846   Die Ballade von der Arta - Bruecke (the Ballad of the Arta Bridge)                Megas, Georgios                 Grk
8893.847   Ksipnisan Mnimes kai Skepseis - Poihmata                                          Karagiorgos, Theodosis          Grk
8893.848   Poetry in 4 Languages                                                             Chadzinikolaou, Ares            Mult
8893.849   Kapos Etsi Moiazei Na'nai h Agape                                                 Thomas, Andreas                 Grk
8893.850 Soma Kindynou                                                                       Porfyris, Tasos                 Grk
8893.851 Poihtiki Anthologia, Vol. 1- Prin Apo tin Alosi                                     Politis, Linos                  Grk
8893.852 Poihtiki Anthologia, Vol. 2 - Meta tin Alosi                                        Politis, Linos                  Grk
8893.853 Poihtiki Anthologia, Vol. 3 - Kritiki Poihsi                                        Politis, Linos                  Grk
8893.854 Poihtiki Anthologia, Vol. 4 - Fanariotes kai Athinaiki Scholi                       Politis, Linos                  Grk
8893.855 Poihtiki Anthologia, Vol. 5 - Solomos kai oi Eftanisiotes                           Politis, Linos                  Grk
8893.856 Poihtiki Anthologia, Vol. 6 - Palamas kai oi Synchronoi tou                         Politis, Linos                  Grk
8893.857 Poihtiki Anthologia, Vol. 7 - Sikelianos, Cavafis kai oi Neoteroi                   Politis, Linos                  Grk
8893.860 Apanta Poihmata                                                                     Veritis, G. (N. Arvanitis ed)   Grk
8893.861 Poi"imata - Poems, Vol.1 & 2                                                        Cavafis, K. P.                  Grk
8893.862 Balanteza - Anthologia                                                              several                         Grk
8893.863 Psychis Antilaloi                                                                   Ralli, Basiliki                 Grk
8893.864 Poi"imata - Poems                                                                   Digenis, Georgios               Grk
8899.000 GREEK AND BYZANTINE STUDIES                                                         *****
8899.010 Diadromi mias Ekatontaetias, 1899-1999                                              Mpelia, Eleni                   Grk
8899.020 Meta-Byzantina Filologika                                                           Tomadakis, Nikos                Grk
8899.030 Eisagogi stin Byzantini Logotechnia                                                 Vasilikopoulou, Agni            Grk
8899.040 Bibliografia Petrou Hari, Vol A                                                     Haritatos, Manos                Grk
8899.050 Bibliografia Strati Tsirka, 1926-1978                                               Plassara, Katerina              Grk
8899.060 Ellenika Grammata - Tribute to Hellenic Letters                                     Litsas, Fotios (ed)             Grk

           Argonaftis, Elleno-Amerikaniki Ekdosis Filologias kai Draseos (Vol. 2, 1960-62)   Several                         Grk
           Thisavrismata tou Ellenikou Institoutou Byzantinon Spoudon Venetias
                                                                                             Several                         Grk
8899.080   (parts in Italian) Iss. # 3
8899.090   Southeastern Review, Issue #3                                                     Several
8899.100   Annotated Bibliography of Byzantine Sources in English Translation                Hanawalt, Emily
8899.110   Greek-Roman and Byzantine Studies                                                 Bilitz, John (ed)
8899.120   Greek-Roman and Byzantine Studies, Vol.1.2                                        Bilitz, John (ed)
8899.130   Greek-Roman and Byzantine Studies, Vol.2.1                                        Bilitz, John (ed)
                                                                                                            67   9/27/2013

8899.140 Journal of Modern Greek Studies -. Women and Men in Greece, Vol. 1.1   Allen, Peter et al
8899.141 Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 8.1                              Allen, Peter et al
8899.150 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 1                             Several
8899.160 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 2                             Several
8899.170 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 3                             Several
8899.180 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 4                             Several
8899.190 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 5                             Several
8899.200 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 6                             Several
8899.207 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 7                             Several
8899.208 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 8 (unavl)                     Several
8899.209 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 9 (1984/85)                   Several
8899.210 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 10                            Several
8899.211 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 11 (unavl)                    Several
8899.212 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 12                            Several
8899.213 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 13                            Several
8899.214 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 14                            Several
8899.215 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 15 (unavl)                    Several
8899.216 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 16                            Several
8899.217 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 17                            Several
8899.218 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 18 (unavl)                    Several
8899.219 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 19 (unavl)                    Several
8899.220 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 20 (unavl)                    Several
8899.221 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 21                            Several
8899.222 Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 22                            Several
8899.241 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #1                                       Several
8899.242 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #2                                       Several
8899.243 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #3                                       Several
8899.244 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #4 (unavl)                               Several
8899.245 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #5 (unavl)                               Several
8899.246 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #6 (unavl)                               Several
8899.247 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #7                                       Several
8899.248 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #8 (unavl)                               Several
8899.249 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #9                                       Several
8899.250 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #10                                      Several
8899.251 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #11 (unavl)                              Several
8899.252 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #12-13                                   Several
8899.254 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #14 (unavl)                              Several
8899.255 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #15 (unavl)                              Several
8899.256 Journal of Modern Hellenism , 16                                       Several
8899.257 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #17 (unavl)                              Several
8899.258 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #18 (unavl)                              Several
8899.259 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #19 (unavl)                              Several
8899.260 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #20 (unavl)                              Several
8899.261 Journal of Modern Hellenism , #21 (unavl)                              Several
8899.271 Byzantine Studies - E'tudes Byzantines, Vol. 2.1                       Several              Mult
8899.272 Byzantine Studies - E'tudes Byzantines, Vol. 9.1                       Several              Mult
8899.344 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol. 4.4                     Several
8899.351 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol. 5.1                     Several
8899.352 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol. 5.2                     Several
8899.361 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol. 6.1                     Several
8899.363 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol. 6.3                     Several
8899.364 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol. 6.4                     Several
8899.471 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev.Vol. 17.1                     Several
8899.481 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev.Vol. 18.1                     Several
8899.482 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol.18.2                     Several
8899.512 Journal of Hellenic Diaspora, Quart. Rev. Vol.21.2                     Several
                                                                                                                                      68   9/27/2013

8899.680 Byzantine Studies Conference (17th) (Program)                                       Several
8899.690 Byzantine Fellowship Lectures at Hellenic College                                   Vaporis, Nomikos (ed)
8899.700 Studies in Byzantine Rhetoric (Analekta Vlatdon)                                    Kustas, George
8899.710 Bizantion - Nea Hellas #2 (Santiago Chile)                                          Several                            Spn
8899.720 Eisagogi eis tin Byzantinin Filologian, Vol.1.1                                     Tomadakis, Nikos                   Grk
8899.740 Peri Politeias kai Dikaiou Ideai tou Plithonos Gemistou                             Nikolaou, Theodoros                Grk
           Die Hochsprachliche profane Literatur der Byzantiner                              Hunger, Herbert (Benakis et al
8899.751   (Byzantini Logotechnia) Vol. 1                                                    Tran.)
           Die Hochsprachliche profane Literatur der Byzantiner                              Hunger, Herbert (Benakis et al
8899.752   (Byzantini Logotechnia) Vol. 2 (unavl)                                            Tran.)
           Die Hochsprachliche profane Literatur der Byzantiner                              Hunger, Herbert (Benakis et al
8899.753   (Byzantini Logotechnia) Vol. 3                                                    Tran.)
8899.781   Byzantini Filologia - Ta Prosopa kai ta Keimena (Byzantine Literature), Vol. A'   Detorakis, Theocharis              Grk
8899.782   Byzantini Filologia - Ta Prosopa kai ta Keimena (Byzantine Literature), Vol. B'   Detorakis, Theocharis              Grk
8899.790   Byzantina (Kanones Anekdotoi eis ton Agion Dimitrion) excerpt                     Anggelatos, Fokas                  Grk
8899.980 Okeanos - Essays presented to Ihor Sevcenko                                         Several
9100.000 GEOGRAPHY & TRAVEL (WORLD)                                                          *****
9100.010 Ptolemy's Geography                                                                 J. Berggren & A. Jones
9100.020 Monos ston Atlantico                                                                Vartzikos, Nikos                   Grk
9100.030 Sea and Islands                                                                     Innes, Hammond
9100.040 Taksidevontas (Travelling) Italy, Egypt, Sina, Jerousalem, Cyprus, Moreas           Kazantzakis, Nikos                 Grk
9100.041 Taksidevontas (Travelling) Japan, China                                             Kazantzakis, Nikos                 Grk
9100.050 The Sea Witch (American Clipper Ship, 1846-1856                                     Laing, Alexander
9100.060 Stirring Sea Stories (a collection of 27 st.)                                       Robertson, Patricia
9100.070 Voyages to Paradise, Exploring in the Wake of Captain Cook                          Gray, William
9100.080 Australia                                                                           Ward, Russel
9100.081 Back on the Wool Track - Australia                                                  Grattan, Michelle
9100.090 Atlas of the Earth, Illustrated Encyclopedia                                        Cavendish,Marshall
9100.100 The Times Atlas of the World (7th Edition)                                          Several
9100.101 Atlas of the World                                                                  Several
9100.102 Handbook of the Nations and International Organizations                             Several
9100.103 Miscellaneous World Maps                                                            Several
9100.110 World Atlas                                                                         Several
9100.120 World Atlas                                                                         Several
9100.130 Gipsy Moth Circles the World                                                        Chichester, Francis (Sir)
           SOUTH- the Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition, 1914-1917
9100.131 First published in 1919                                                             Shackleton, Ernest (Sir, C.V.O.)
9100.140 Geography - Penguin Dictionary of                                                   Moore, W. G.
9100.150 Statesmann Year-Book, 1991-92                                                       Hunter, Brian (ed)
           Travels with Herodotus (Memoirs of a Polish Newspaper Correspondent)
9100.160 1955-1980                                                                           Kapuscinski, Ryszard
9100.170 Jason's Voyage. The Quest for the Golden Fleece                                     Severin, Tim
9100.180 Round the World Handbook                                                            Woodcock, Roy
9100.190 Around the World in 1000 Pictures                                                   Runyon, Milton et al
9100.200 H Gh mas (our Earth) Grade 5 textbook                                               Several                            Grk
9100.210 Planemata sta Xena                                                                  Pliatsikas, Basil                  Grk
9100.220 The World in 2002                                                                   Several
9100.230 To Taxidi tis Haras                                                                 Georgiou, Savvas                   Grk
9100.240 Maiden Voyage (World circumnavigation by the youngest person (woman))               Aebi, Tania
9100.250 Explorations, Encyclopedia of                                                       Riverain, Jean
9100.251 Voyage of the Matthew - John Cabbot and the Discovery of North America              Firstbrook, Peter
9100.260 Marco Polo - From Venice to Xanadu                                                  Bergreen, Laurence
9100.270 Atlas of the Bible                                                                  Several
9100.280 Mangelanos, to Proto Taxidi gyro apo ton Kosmo                                      Pigafetta, Antonio                 Grk
         World of Today (1907), Vol. II, Parts of Asia. A remarcable Geography book,
                                                                                             Moncrieff, A. R.
9100.290 "politically incorrect" for modern standards

           World of Today (1907), Vol. VI, North America and Europe
                                                                                             Moncrieff, A. R.
           A remarcable Geography book, "politically incorrect" for modern standards
                                                                                                                                 69   9/27/2013

9100.310 Miscellaneous Maps                                                            Several

9100.320 Canadian Oxford World Atlas                                                   Stanford, Q.E.

9100.321 Canadian Oxford Desk Atlas of the World                                       Several

9100.330 Travels Through South Africa - South from the Limpopo                         Murphy, Dervla

9100.331 Southern Africa (Travel book)                                                 Murphy, Alan, Firestone, M et al

9100.350 1434 - The Year a Chinese Fleet sailed to Italy and ignited the Renaissance   Menzies, Gavin
9100.801 Miscellaneous Maps of Central & South America and Caribean                    Several
9100.802 Venezuela                                                                     Several                            Spn
9100.803 Amazonia - the Land, the Wildlife, the River, the People                      Capelas, Afonso
9100.804 Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay                                                 Bao, Sandra - Murphy, Alan et al
9100.805 Brazil                                                                        Noble, J - Jones, Robyn et al
9100.806 Rio de Janeiro - City Guide                                                   several
9100.807 La Habana (Cuba)                                                              Menagem, Camila
9100.808 Mexico - Traveler's Guide                                                     Several
9100.809 Prom (promotion) Peru                                                         Unnamed
9140.000 GEOGRAPHY & TRAVEL (EUROPE)                                                   *****
9140.010 Immortal Europe, from the Bosporus to the North Cape                          Edschmid, Kasimir (ed)
9140.020 The First Eden, the Meriterranean World and Man                               Attenborrough, David
9140.030 the Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek                                 Cunliffe, Barry
9140.040 Mediterranean Europe                                                          several
9140.070 the Balkans                                                                   Stillman, Edmund
9140.080 Bucuresti (Tourist Guide)                                                     Andreescu, Florin                  Mult
9140.081 Le Pays et le Peuple Roumain                                                  Mehedinti, S.                      Fr
9140.090 Yugoslavia, a House much Divided (Nat. Geogr.)                                Danforth, Kenneth et al
9140.091 Yugoslavia                                                                    Wood, Katie et al
9140.100 France, a Picture Book to remember her by                                     Gibbon, David
9140.102 France (the Rough Guide)                                                      Baillie, Kate & Salmon, Tim
9140.103 Paris, Tourist Guide                                                          Several
9140.104 Paris, Illustrated - 151 Photos(in 4 languages)                               Several
9140.105 Paris                                                                         Newbury, Hugh
9140.106 Versailles - Visitor's Guide                                                  Meyer, Daniel
9140.107 Paris 1980, (Fodor's Guide)                                                   Menkes, Vivienne (ed)
9140.130 Misc. European Post Cards (Roma, Pisa, Alps etc)                              Several
9140.131 Switzerland, Holiday Paradise                                                 Unknown
9140.150 Malta & Grozo                                                                 Kininmonth, Chr.
9140.160 Italy (Fodor's Guide)                                                         several
9140.161 Rome Day by Day, 27 Ways to See the City                                      Hogg, Sylvie
9140.162 Rome 100 Fotocolor (100 Photos with text in 7 Languages)                      N/A
9140.172 A Day in Venice                                                               Bonechi, Edoardo
9140.173 Florence                                                                      Storti, Amedeo
9140.174 Venice, a PhotographicGuide                                                   Unknown
9140.175 Florence - Guide for One, Two, or Three-Day Visits                            Unnamed
9140.176 Siena - Guide with Plan                                                       Unnamed
                                                                                                                                70   9/27/2013

           Ricordo di Venezia, Edizione Riservata No 232.
                                                                                      N/A                                Grk
9140.178 (64 Photos of Venice, Lim. Edition)
9140.180 Taxidevontas sta Ellinofona Choria tis Kato Italias                          Merianos, Angel                    Grk
9140.200 Toledo (a day in )                                                           Vidal, Riera et al
9140.201 Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalusia                                          Chetwode, Penelope
9140.210 The Rough Guide to Portugal                                                  Brown, Jules et al
9140.230 The Egnatian Way                                                             O'Sullivan, Firmin
9140.231 Monasteries of the Via Egnatia, Vol. 1 (see also Cat.# 2715)                 Chrysochoidis, Kriton (ed) et al
9140.232 Monasteries of the Via Egnatia, Vol. 2 (see also Cat.# 2715)                 Chrysochoidis, Kriton (ed) et al
9140.233 Monasteries of the Aegean Islands, Vol. 3 (see also Cat.# 2715)              Chrysochoidis, Kriton (ed) et al
9140.240 Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev                                                      Dubinskaya, Lydia
9140.241 Kremlin of Moscow                                                            Polinina, I. F. et al
9140.250 A Day in the Life of Soviet Union                                            N/A
9140.251 the Land and the People of Russia                                            Nazaroff, Alexander
9140.260 Russia                                                                       Salisbury, H.
9140.261 a Day in Samarkand (Soviet Uzbekistan)                                       Henderson, Larry
9140.262 ByeloRussia, The Ancient Names and Early Cartography of                      Ostrowski, Wictor
9140.270 Splendours of Leningrad                                                      Caganovich, Abraam
9140.271 Peterhof (the Great Palace of)                                               Vernova, N. et al
9140.300 Germany, a Tour around Pictures                                              VonZahn, Peter
9140.301 Germany, Plan, Discover, Explore                                             Ochterbeck, Cynthia (ed)
9140.360 Lithuania - Lietuva                                                          Unnamed
9140.370 Lithuania at a Glance                                                        Unnamed
9140.380 Tartu Estonia                                                                Unnamed
9140.390 Hungary - 186 Photos & Tourist Information                                   Szvoboda, Gabriella
           The Garden of England - the Counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
9140.400 - a Photo Album                                                              Talbot, Rob & Whiteman, Robin
9140.401 English Channel (the)                                                        Calder, Nigel
9140.402 England - 2007                                                               Steves, Rick
9140.403 Historic Britain                                                             Mc Cabe, Rosemarie
9140.411 London's East End - Life and Traditions                                      Cox, Jane
9140.412 Baedeker's London                                                            Barret, M. & Whitworth, D.
9140.413 London - Past and Present                                                    Sturm, Christa
9140.414 London (the Penguin Guide to )                                               Tucker, Alan
9140.420 Reflections on Scotland                                                      Wallace, Ian
9140.970 Road Atlas and City Guide of Europe                                          Several
9140.980 Miscellaneous Maps of Europe                                                 Several
9149.000 GEOGRAPHY & TRAVEL - GREECE                                                  **********
9149.001 HELLAS through the Ages - ELLADA Diadromh Aionon                             Panaretou, A. -Voutsas, B. et al   Mult
9149.010 Maps and Mapmakers of the Aegean                                             Spyroheras, V et al
           New Greece Forges Ahead ,Nat. Geo. Mag. - almost completely dedicated on
                                                                                      Williams, Maynard
9149.011 the Centenarian of the Greek Independence, 1830-1930
9149.020 Ellada 1801-1806, (Classical & Topographical Tour through Greece)            Dodwell, Edward                    Grk
9149.030 Around Greece in 80 Stays - Hotels and Guesthouses of Character              Vinke, Jak. & Bakker, Andre'
9149.040 Greece Rediscovered, Childhood Memories (photo album) (Grk & Engl)           Nikas, Michael                     Mult
9149.050 Greece (a Tourist Guide)                                                     Several
9149.051 Greece, Land for all Seasons (a Tourist Guide)                               Several
9149.052 Greece - Travels through Time                                                Several
9149.053 Greece - Cultural Heritage                                                   Several
9149.060 Greece (Minoan, Classic, Byzantine, Modern) Greek & English text             Economides, Anton                  Mult
9149.061 Greece, Catalogue of Postage Stamps                                          Several
                                                                                                                                      71   9/27/2013

9149.070 Greece (World Library series)                                                   Eliot, Alexander (ed)
                                                                                         Halvatzis, Giannis, Mitropoulou
9149.080 Greece from High Above ( Ellada apo Psila) - a Photographic Album               Eleni et al                           Mult
9149.081 Potamia, Ydatinoi Dromoi (Greek Rivers) - a Photographic Album                  Talianis, D - Rouskas, Gian., et al   Grk
9149.082 Grece - Maps, Photos, Tourist information (French)                              Several                               Fr
9149.083 The Country of the Olympian Gods                                                Liakakos, Cleopatra                   Mult
9149.090 Ellenikos Politismos 1, (Hellenic Civilization)                                 Several                               Grk
9149.091 Greek Heritage, (the American Quarterly of Greek Culture) Vol. II, No. 6        Friar, Kimon (ed)
9149.092 Gaiorama-Experiment (magazine)                                                  Several                               Grk
9149.093 Ellenika Minimata gia ton Synchrono Kosmo                                       Kilifis, Timotheos                    Grk
9149.094 Ellenikoi Orizontes                                                             Panayiotopoulos, I.M.                 Grk
9149.095 ta Ellenika Nisia (illustrated Guide)                                           Karpodini, E.                         Grk
9149.096 Lectures on the Geography of Greece (London 1882)                               Fanshawe-Tozer, Henry
9149.097 Geografia tis Elladas, Gr. 9 Textbook                                           Mariolakos, Hlias et al               Grk
9149.098 Episkopisis tou Klimatos tis Ellados                                            Marilopoulos, Hlias                   Grk
9149.099 Greece Today (Council for Greeks Abroad)                                        Several                               Grk
9149.100 Greece - a Portrait                                                             Several
9149.101 Thymamai, Gnorizw, Agapw tin Ellada, Vol.1                                      Psilakakos, Stavros (ed)              Grk
9149.102 Thymamai, Gnorizw, Agapw tin Ellada, Vol.2                                      Psilakakos, Stavros (ed)              Grk
9149.103 Thymamai, Gnorizw, Agapw tin Ellada, Vol.3                                      Psilakakos, Stavros (ed)              Grk
9149.104 Thymamai, Gnorizw, Agapw tin Ellada, Vol.4                                      Psilakakos, Stavros (ed)              Grk
9149.105 Thymamai Agapw Ellada, Vol.5, Nomoi tou Ellin. Kratous gia Ellines Exoterikou   Psilakakos, Stavros (ed)              Grk
9149.106 Odigos Iamatikon Pigon kai Loutropoleon Elladas                                 Several                               Grk
9149.107 Byzantine and Medieval Grece, Churches, Castles and Art                         Hetherington, Paul
9149.108 Hellas - a Portrait of Greece                                                   Gage, Nicholas
9149.109 Greece - through the Works of Foreign Travellers                                Several
9149.110 On the Sea - Greek Ships through the Ages                                       Mpermpili, Ioanna et al
9149.111 Miscellaneous Post Cards of Greece                                              Several
9149.200 STEREA ELLADA ************
9149.201 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 1 (unavlbl)                   Several                               Grk
9149.202 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 2                             Several                               Grk
9149.203 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 3                             Several                               Grk
9149.207 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 7                             Several                               Grk
9149.213 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 13                            Several                               Grk
9149.215 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 15                            Several                               Grk
9149.216 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 16                            Several                               Grk
9149.217 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 17                            Several                               Grk
9149.218 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 18                            Several                               Grk
9149.219 Sterea Ellas, Eikonogr, Epitheorisi Roumelis Vol. 19                            Several                               Grk
9149.222 Delphi and its History                                                          Amandry, Pierre
9149.223 Mesolongi, Syllogi Fotografion                                                  Pergantis & Petrou, Nikos             Grk
9149.224 Aitoloakarnania stin Avgi tis 3is Xilietias                                     Floropoulos, P.                       Grk
9149.241 ATHENA ATHENS ***************
9149.250 Mnimeia Athinon, Athens Monuments                                               Filadelfefs, Alexandros               Grk
           ATHENS -Palia Athena, Opws tin eidan oi Ksenoi , 18th & 19th Century
9149.260   Photographic Copy of the original 1931 Edition                                Kampouroglou et al                    Grk
9149.261   Atenas - Antigua * Bizantina * Moderna Ciudad * Museos (Tourist Guide)        Unnamed                               Sp
9149.262   Athina - Attiki, Tourist Information (in Russian)                             Unnamed                               Rus
9149.263   L'Acropole d'Athenes                                                          Oeconomides, Al.                      Fr
9149.264   Agora (of Athens)                                                             Themelis, Petros                      Grk
9149.265 Athens Metro Construction (excerpt from Technical Chronicles)                   Kavalari, Frso                        Grk
9149.266 TEE 80 Chronia                                                                  Several                               Grk
9149.267 Dimarcheio tis Athinas                                                          n/a                                   Grk
9149.268 Divanity - a Magazine of the Divanis Hotels                                     Several                               Mult
9149.269 Athens Guide
9149.270 Mnimes apo tin Athena tou Chtes (Memories of Athens)                            Skoubourdi, Artemis                   Grk
9149.271 Anthologio tis Athinas, Vol. 1                                                  Psarakis, Takis (Ed)                  Grk
9149.272 Anthologio tis Athinas, Vol. 2                                                  Psarakis, Takis (Ed)                  Grk
9149.273 Anthologio tis Athinas, Vol.3                                                   Psarakis, Takis (Ed)                  Grk
9149.274 Anthologio tis Athinas, Vol. 4                                                  Psarakis, Takis (Ed)                  Grk
9149.275 Anthologio tis Athinas, Vol. 5                                                  Psarakis, Takis (Ed)                  Grk
                                                                                                                             72   9/27/2013

9149.276 Anthologio tis Athinas, Vol. 6                                           Psarakis, Takis (Ed)                Grk
9149.277 H Athena pou Efyghe, Omorfies pou Hathikan                               Skouzes, Dimitrios                  Grk
9149.278 Athens - an Archaeological Guide                                         Penteas, Ev
9149.279 Athens, Ancient -Byzantine - Modern City Museums                         Several
9149.280 Athens in History and Legend                                             Trimboli, Santi
9149.281 Routes through Athens - Historical Centre                                Ladis, Fondas
9149.282 Acropolis of Athens                                                      Unnamed
9149.283 H Akropoli kai h Istoria tis                                             Angelopoulou, Vitw                  Grk
9149.300 Sounion, the Temple of Poseidon                                          Tataki, A.B.
9149.440 AEGEAN ISLANDS ***********
9149.450 Cyclades, Traveller's Guide                                              Freely, John
9149.460 Samothrace Island of the Moon                                            Tsounis, Gregory                    Mult
9149.461 Samothrace - a Guide to the Excavations and the Museum                   Lehmann, Karl
9149.462 Samothraki Oikotouristikos Odigos                                        Tsounis, Gregory                    Grk
9149.463 Thassos, Mythology - History- Tourism                                    Provatakis, Theocharis
9149.501 Les Iles de la Grece                                                     Perilla, F.                         Fr
9149.510 Samos (a photo album)                                                    Kokkas, Kyros & Vergas, Kostas      Mult
9149.511 Samos, the Island of Pythagoras                                          Petris, Tasos et al
9149.512 The Tram at Karlovasi, Samos (1905-1939)                                 Koyas, Dinos                        Mult
9149.520 Lesbos, from Sappho to Elytis. Photos by Dimitris Talianis               Avgerinou, Panayiota et al
9149.521 Island of Lesvos                                                         Several
9149.522 Thriskeftiki Croiziera sto Aegaio, Sept 1986                             Metropolitan Christodoulos          Grk
9149.523 Archipelagos (magazine)                                                  Several
9149.524 Cyclades, Traveller's Guide                                              Freely, John
9149.530 Santorini, Arhaeology, History, Religion                                 Marinatos, Nanno                    Fr
9149.531 Santorini - Chtes kai Simera - Pliris Touristikos Odigos                 Alexakis, G. et al                  Grk
9149.532 Santorin (text in German)                                                Doumas, Christos                    Mult
9149.555 *********** DODEKANISOS *************

9149.559 Dodecanese, a Journey in Space and Time (Grk,Germ., Engl)                Kaseris, Nikos et al                Grk
9149.560 Rhodos, Aelioio Nympha, Rhodes, Here I am the Nymph (in 3 languages)     Kaseris, Nikos et al                Mult
9149.541 Apollona Rhodou, Istoria kai Mnimeia tou Choriou                         Volanakis, Ioannis                  Grk
9149.542 Lindos, Arhaeology, History, Religion                                    Marinatos, Nanno
9149.563 Rhodes, Lindos & Simi - Full Tourist Guide                               several
9149.564 Archaia Rodos, Ancient Rhodes                                            Constantinopoulos, Grigoris         Grk
9149.568 Koako Panorama, Panorama of Kos, 1900-1948                               Markoglou, Alekos                   Grk
9149.569 Kos & Nisyros, History- Art - Folklore                                   Koukas, G. -Logothetis, M. et al
9149.570 the Asklepieion of Kos, a Universal Heritage Monument                    Hatzivassiliou, Vasilis
9149.580 Patmos, the Sacred Island of St John                                     Davaris, Dimitris
9149.599 KRETE *************************
9149.600 Krete Anekserevniti (Undiscovered)- (tours by motorcycle)                Psimenos, Stefanos                  Grk
9149.601 Siteia, Istoria, Politismos                                              Papadakis, Nikos                    Grk
9149.602 Odeiporiko ton Sfakion                                                   Manousakis, Georgos                 Grk
9149.609 Crete, Arhaeological and Historical Sites                                Logiadou-Platonos, Soso
9149.610 Crete, Arhaeology, History                                               Marinatos, N. & Logiadou, Soso
9149.620 Crete                                                                    Platon, Nicolas
9149.629 ************** IONION *******************
9149.630 Zophoros of Ionian Islands                                               Konidaris, Dim. Et al               Mult
9149.631 Kerkyra, Ionion Fws - a Photographic Album                               Talianis, D -Karapidakis, N et al   Grk
9149.632 Kerkyra                                                                  Kazantzis, Bas.                     Grk
9149.633 Corfu Trav. Guide in 5 Europ. Languages                                  N/A
9149.634 Prospero's Cell (Corcyra-Kerkyra)                                        Durrell, Lawrence
9149.635 Kerkyra & Paksoi, History, Civilization, Folklore, Tours, (232 Photos)   several                             Grk
9149.636 Corfu & Paxi, History, Civilization, Folklore, Tours, (232 Photos)       several
9149.640 Lefkada (folio includes 2 booklets and one CD)                           Several                             Mult
9149.645 Taksidi apo ta Kythira                                                   Tzavaras, Thanasis                  Grk
9149.646 Kythira, (& Antikythira) Historical and Tourist Guide                    Kalligeros, Emm.
                                                                                                                                     73   9/27/2013

9149.647 a History of the Island of Kythera and its People                                Vanges, Peter
9149.648 Kythera - a Photoalbum                                                           Hadjidimitriou, Tzeli
9149.650 MACEDONIA *************
           Dyo Poleis, Dyo Limnes -Florina, Monastiri, Prespa, Achrida
9149.660 ( a Photo Album mostly Churches and Icons)                                       Papakarmezis, Ioannis (Photogr)     Mult
9149.661 Treasures of Ancient Macedonia                                                   Ninou, Kate (ed)
9149.662 Vergina & Naousa, History - Archaeology                                          Faridis, C & Valsamidis, Em.
9149.665 Macedonia - Thrace (Tourist Guide)                                               Several                             Grk
9149.666 Florina Tourist Information                                                      Several                             Grk
9149.667 Xristianiki Chalkidiki                                                           Tsigaridas, Efth. (ed)              Grk
9149.668 Prefecture of Kilkis - Escape to the Magic of Nature                             Several
9149.669 Nomos Kilkis - Apodrasi sti Mageis tis Fysis                                     Several                             Grk
9149.670 Thessaloniki : Archaiotita - Byzantion Multilingual Calendar of 1992             N/A
9149.672 Byzantini Klironomia kai Archaiotites tis Thessalonikis (an album)               Leonidas Metropolitan               Grk
9149.673 Thessalonikis Engomion                                                           Papathemelis, Stelios               Grk
9149.674 Helexpo Welcomes you.- Visitor's Guide to the Thessal. Intern. Exposition        Several                             Grk
9149.675 Thessaloniki, History - Archaeology - Tourism                                    Papagiannopoulos, Apostolos
9149.676 Monuments of Thessaloniki                                                        Papagiannopoulos, Apostolos
9149.677 Mnimeia tis Thessalonikis                                                        Papagiannopoulos, Apostolos         Grk
9149.680 Eastern Macedonia - 1994 Calendar                                                Several                             Grk
9149.689 Thessaloniki, 1900-1917                                                          Moutsopoulos, N.                    Grk
9149.700 THRAKI ***********************
9149.701 Mneia tis kath' emas Anatolis (Xanthe)                                           Mavridis, Dimitis (ed)              Grk
9149.702 Thraki, Chromata kai Apochroseis - Thrace, Colours and Hues                      Desyllas, Nikos                     Mult
9149.703 Tameion Thrakis Pepragmena (Achievements)                                        Several                             Grk
9149.704 Thrake - Award of the Academy of Athens                                          Several                             Grk
9149.705 Thrake - Touristikos Odigos                                                      Karakousis, Dimitris                Grk
9149.706 Thrace (History & Geography)                                                     Bakirtzis, Ch. Et al
9149.707 Sta Vimata tou Orfea - Odoioriko tis Thrakis                                     Koukos, Moschos                     Grk
9149.720 Madytos, Polis epi tou Ellispontou                                               Sitaras, Apost.                     Grk
9149.729 *************** CONSTANTINOUPOLIS **************
9129.730 Prince's Islands (Pringiponisa) (Grk & English)                                  Millas, Akylas                      Mult
9149.731 Constatinoupolis, Anazitontas tin Basilevousa                                    Stamatopoulos, Kostas et al         Grk
9149.732 T'Agiasmata tis Polis                                                            Atzemoglou-Rissos, Nikos            Grk
9149.741 Istanbul - Memories and the City                                                 Pamuk, Orhan
9149.742 Pera, to Stavrodromi tis Romiosynis -across Constantinople on the Asiatic side   Millas, Akylas                      Grk
9149.744 All of Istanbul - Tourist Guide                                                  Ayyildiz, Ugur
9149.745 Thelo na pio olo ton Bosporo                                                     Dositheos, Archimandr.              Grk
9149.746 H Agonia tis Constantinoupolis                                                   Damtsas, Nikolaos                   Grk
9149.747 Istanbul, the Imperial City - KONSTANTINOUPOLIS                                  Freely, John
9149.748 Dekapente Xiliades (15,000) Meres stin Konstantinoupoli                          Laskaridou, Aikaterini              Grk
9149.749 Constantinople Maps                                                              Several
9149.751 PELOPONISOS *******************
9149.760 Journey to the Morea                                                             Kazantzakis, Nikos
9149.761 To Kastri mias Allis Epochis (Peloponnisos)                                      Kavasali, Arete                     Grk
9149.762 Monemvasia - the Town and its History                                            Klaus, Rainer & Steimuler, Urlich
9149.763 Sti Skia tou Taygetou, Palaiopanagia, Anogeia, Xirokampi                         Katsafanas, Dimitr.                 Grk
9149.764 Laconikon Hmerologion                                                            Several                             Grk
9149.765 Lakonia - Sparti (several brochures for Tourists)                                Several                             Grk
9149.766 Ithomi (Kalamata) Issue 28/45                                                    Kantis, Solon (ed)                  Grk
9149.767 Mani (a photo album)                                                             Stefosi, M.- Lance, J. & Evans Sh
9149.768 Epidaurus - the Sanctuary of Asclepios and the Museum                            Haritonidou, Angeliki
9149.769 Peloponnesos Anekserevniti (Undiscovered)- (tours by motorcycle)                 Psimenos, Stefanos                  Grk
9149.770 Mystras - Historical and Archaeological Guide                                    Potamianou, Myrtali
9149.771 Mystra (transl. by Brian de Jongh)                                               Georgiades, Nikos
                                                                                                                                 74   9/27/2013

9149.772 Nauplion - Palamidi - a Guide to the History and Archaeology                 Spathari, Elsie
9149.773 Argolis, Mycenae, Tiryns, Nauplia, Epidaurus                                 Tarsouli, Georgia
9149.774 Olympia, Altis and Museum                                                    Yalouris, Nik. & Meletzis, Sp.
9149.775 Olympia - Complete Guide                                                     Photinos, Spyros
9149.830 *** HPEIROS & THESSALIA *******
9149.831 Stin Ghi tou Pyrrou, Diachronikos Ellinusmos stin Albania                    Giochalas, Titos et al              Grk
9149.832 Nikopolis - Preveza (Grk & Engl)                                             Karampelas, Nikos et al             Grk
9149.833 Pogoni - stous Dromous tis Xenitias                                          Arbyros, Grigoris et al             Grk
9149.834 Konitsa - Periodiko Provolis, Vol. 124                                       Several                             Grk
9149.836 Pindos kai ta Choria tis                                                     Enislidis, Christos                 Grk
9149.837 Tzoumerkochoria (Hpeiros)                                                    Filos, Stefanos                     Grk
9149.838 HPEIROS, Travels in Northern Greece,1805-1810                                Leake, Will. (Trnsl. Stathis, G.)   Grk
9149.839 Ioannina                                                                     Papadopoulou, B & Kontaksis, G.
9149.840 Apo ta Agrafa                                                                Stathis, George                     Grk
9149.841 Monasteres de la Via Egnatia (see also Cat.# 2715) Vol. 1                    Chrysochoidis, Kriton (ed) et al    Fr
9149.842 Monasteres de la Via Egnatia (see also Cat.# 2715) Vol. 2                    Chrysochoidis, Kriton (ed) et al    Fr
9149.843 Monasteres de la Via Egnatia (see also Cat.# 2715) Vol. 3                    Chrysochoidis, Kriton (ed) et al    Fr
9149.849 Anexerevniti THESSALIA kai Boreia Sterea                                     Psimenos, Stefanos                  Grk
9149.850 THESSALIA, Travels in North. Greece,1805-1810                                Leake, Will. (Trnsl. Stathis, G.)   Grk
9149.851 Meteora                                                                      Dionysios, Metropolitan             Grk
9149.852 Meteora, the Rock Monasteries of Thessaly                                    Nicol, Donald
9149.853 Magnesia, 12 Mines Tourismos                                                 Several                             Grk
9149.854 Volos - Pelion (Home of the Argonauts, Land of the Centaurs)                 Stournaras, Nick
9149.855 Anexerevnito PHLIO                                                           Psimenos, Stefanos                  Grk
                                                                                      Zarzonis, Giannis & Georgios -
9149.856 The Land of Lapithes - H Chora ton Lapithon                                  Lazopoulos, Lakis et al             Mult

9149.900 ******* MEGALH ELLAS MIKRA ASIA, PONTOS (see also Class 9150) ******
           Oi Oikismoi ton Ellinon sto Mikrasiatiko Ponto to 1920                     Lampsidis, Odysseas and
9149.901 (includes Text + 12 Maps of Greek Pontos)                                    Taiganidis, Giannis (ed)
9149.902 Odoiporiko sto Ponto (excerpt)                                               Samouilidis, Christos               Grk
9149.903 Pontiaki Estia (Issue #56)                                                   Several                             Grk
           Hellas National Heritage Maps: 1. Mikra Asia Kleronomia 2. Hellenismos,
                                                                                      Several                             Grk
9149.904 480 BC - 1940 AD
           Pontos - Anatolia - Images of a Journey (contains terrific photos
9149.905 of people & places in Greek Pontos) shelved as 9150.210                      Koromila, Marianna et al
9149.906 Sinasos pou esvise - Sinasos that does not exist                             Takadopoulos, Lazaros               Grk
9149.907 Mikro Odoiporiko sto AiVali                                                  Halvatzakis, Const.                 Grk
9149.914 Ephesus                                                                      Gocovali, Sadan
9149.915 Ephesus, the Metropolis of the Antique Age                                   Cimrin, Husein
                                                                                      Scherrer, Peter - Bier, Lionel &
           Ephesus, the New Guide - authorized by Austrian Archaeological Institute
9149.916                                                                              Luxon, George
9149.917 Pergamon                                                                     Kekec, Tevhit
9149.998 Miscellaneous Maps of Greece                                                 Several
9149.999 365 Ellada - Greece - a photo album                                          Vitopoulou, Ioli                    Mult
9150.000 GEOGR. & TRAVEL - ASIA                                                       *****
9150.001 The Travels of Marco Polo                                                    Marsden, W. (ed)
9150.010 Above the Holy Land (Israel from the Air)                                    Wolman, Baron
9150.011 Israel in the World - changing Lifes through Innovation                      Davis, Helen & Douglas
9150.012 Heritage - Civilization and the Jews                                         Ebban, Abba
9150.020 In the Footsteps of Jesus (a Pilgrimage to the Scenes of Christls Life)      Pax, W. E.
9150.040 From the Holy Mountain, a Journey among the Christians of the Middle East    Dalrymple, William
9150.050 Palaistini, I Aghia Ghi, (Proskinimata kai to Kratos tou Israel)             Agathos, Eustasios                  Grk
9150.060 Ethoi kai Ethima tis Simerinis Palaistinis                                   Polyzoidis, G.                      Grk
9150.070 Hours on Sinai                                                               Tsatsou, Ioanna
9150.080 Sto Synoro tou Efrates                                                       Athanasiadi, Polymnia               Grk
9150.090 Within the Taurus, Journey in Asiatic Turkey                                 Kinross, Lord
9150.100 Cappadocia, Kappadokia - Proskynima apo Gis kai Ouranou                      Kekis, Basilis et al                Grk
9150.110 Cappadocia                                                                   Soezen, Metin (ed)
9150.111 Cappadocia                                                                   Cuhadar, Mehmet
9150.112 Cappadocia (a tourist Brochure)                                              Unnamed
                                                                                                                           75   9/27/2013

9150.120 Japan, a Traveler's Companion                                         Namioka, Lensey
9150.130 Traveller's Korea                                                     Several
9150.140 China (Postal Cards collection)                                       n/a
                                                                               Hebert, J. & Trudeau, Pierre
           Two Innocents in China
9150.150                                                                       (transl. Owen, I.)
9150.160 China, Search for Community                                           Whitehead, Ray & Rhea
9150.170 Asia, Asia (Chinese Diary)                                            Veis, George                         Grk
9150.180 Armenia (Photographs)                                                 Danielyan, Hasmik
9150.190 Afghanistan - Pakistan (Ancient Greek Maps)                           Isigonis, Michalis                   Grk
9150.200 Asia Minor (Ancient Greek Maps)                                       Isigonis, Michalis                   Grk
           Pontos - Anatolia (Images of a Journey) (listed also as 9149.099)
9150.210 (Contains terrific photos of people & places in Greek Pontos)         Koromila, Marianna et al
9150.220 Middle East (the)                                                     Copeland, Frances
9150.230 Sacred Geography and Antiquities                                      Barrows, E. P.
9150.240 Culture in Israel - on the Cusp of the Millenium                      Weill, Asher
9150.250 Everyday Life in Bible Times                                          Several
9150.260 Turkey - Geography, History, Economy                                  Several
9150.270 Turkey - Folder of Tourist Booklets and Maps                          Several
9150.280 Discovering Turkey                                                    Several
9150.300 India - Traveller's Tales                                             O'Reilly, J & Habegger, Larry
9150.310 the Asian Journal of Thomas Merton                                    Burton, Naomi et al
9150.330 Persepolis - the Achaemedian Capital                                  Ghirshman, R. & Herzfeld, E. et al
9150.340 Iran - Persia 1979 (Fodor's)                                          Moore Richard et al
9150.970 Miscellaneous Maps of the Middle East                                 Several
9150.980 Miscellaneous Maps of Asia                                            Several
9151.000 GEOGR. & TRAVEL - CYPRUS                                              *****
9151.010 Cyprus (Geography, Economy, History, the Problem)                     Several
9151.020 Cyprus 1974, Aphrodite's Other Face                                   Castaglis, Emm. (ed)
9151.030 Kypros, to allo Prosopo tis Afroditis                                 Castaglis, Emm. (ed)                 Grk
9151.040 Alfavitari tis Kyprou, (ABC of Cyprus)                                Apostolaki, Alexa et al              Grk
9151.050 Introduction to the History & Geography of Cyprus                     Sophocleous, Andreas
9151.060 Eisagogi stin Istoria kai Gegrafia tis Kyprou                         Sophocleous, Andreas                 Grk
9151.070 Kypros to nisi tis Afroditis (Cyprus Aphr.'s Island)                  Anastasiou, Mary                     Grk
9151.080 Kypros - Cyprus (Istoria, Geografia, Oikonomia)                       Koullis, Andr.                       Grk
9151.090 About Cyprus (History, Geography, Economy etc)                        Several

           Cyprus, a Travel Guide                                              Gallas, Klaus
9151.110 Cyprus (History, Geography, Economy etc)                              Several
9151.120 The Almanac of Cyprus, 1995                                           Several
9151.130 The Almanac of Cyprus, 1996                                           Several
9151.140 The Almanac of Cyprus, 1998                                           Several
9151.150 The Almanac of Cyprus, 1999                                           Several
9151.160 Cyprus Today (3 periodical issues)                                    Several
9151.170 Cyprus (History, Geography, Economy etc)                              Several
9151.180 Kypros (History, Geography, Economy etc)                              Several                              Grk
9151.190 Cyprus (History, Geography, Economy etc)                              Several
9151.200 Cyprus View                                                           Several
9151.210 Images of Cyprus - 2005 Diary                                         Several                              Mult
9151.220 Window on Cyprus (History, Geography, Economy etc)                    Frangoulidou, E. et al (ed)
9170.000 GEOGR. & TRAVEL (NORTH AMERICA)                                       *****
9170.010 Between Friends (Canada-USA)                                          Several
9170.020 America, a Photographic Journey                                       Karp, Marvin
9170.030 Arizona Landmarks                                                     Holden, Wesley
9170.031 Arizona Highways                                                      Several
9170.040 SKYLINES - American Cities Yesterday and Today                        Goodspeed, M. Hill
9170.050 The (Old West) Indians                                                Several
9170.060 Crazy Horse, Carving a Dream                                          DeWall, Robb
9170.061 Korczak                                                               DeWall, Robb
                                                                                                              76   9/27/2013

9170.080 Colorado, 1984 Date Calendar                                       Unnamed
9170.090 Texas
9170.100 Colonial Williamsburg, Official Guidebook                          N/A
9170.110 The Story of Old Vermont                                           N/A
9170.120 Tourbook of New York                                               N/A
9170.130 Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont                                      N/A
9170.140 Vinland Voyage (1966 Expedition to Vinland)                        Anderson, J. R.
9170.150 Voyage to the Edge of the World                                    Edmonds, Alan
9170.160 Exploring San Francisco                                            Sinclair, Mick
9170.170 New Jersey & Pennsylvania Toor Book                                Several
           Smithsonian Guide to Historical America - the Desert States
                                                                            Durham, Michael
9170.180 New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah
9170.990 Miscellaneous Maps of North America                                Several
9171.000 GEOGR. & TRAVEL CANADA                                             *****
9171.010 A Day in the Life of Canada                                        Several
9171.011 At Home - in Canada                                                Eaton, Nicole & Weston, Hilary
9171.020 Canada from the Air                                                Curtis, Bo & Kraulis, J
9171.030 The Canadian Rockies                                               Wright, Richard (ed)
9171.040 Scenic Wonders of Canada                                           Several
                                                                            Samuel, Alan / DeVisser, John /
           Treasures of Canada
9171.041                                                                    Maher, Peter / Stevens, Valerie
           Treasures of Canada -                                            Samuel, Alan - DeVisser, John
9171.042 On the 325ty Anniversary of the Hudson's Bay Company               and Maher, Peter
9171.050 Explore Canada                                                     Several
9171.060 The Clondike Quest, 1897-1899                                      Berton, Pierre
9171.070 A Look at Canada                                                   Unnamed
9171.071 the Ships of Upper Lakes Shipping                                  Wilcox, G & Gillham, Skip
9171.072 the Ships of Canada's Marine Services                              Maginley, Ch. & Collin, Bernard
9171.080 the Voyage of the Narwhal, 1855-1856 (Exploration of the Arctic)   Barrett,Andrea
9171.081 A Conspectus of Canada - Centenial Year 1967                       Several
9171.090 Miscellaneous Maps of Canada                                       Several
9171.100 British Columbia Calling
9171.110 This is British Columbia
9171.120 the City of Vancouver                                              Kovach, Rudy / Herzog, Fred &
9171.121 Vancouver & Victoria 2006 (includes Whistler)                      Several
9171.130 Victoria (B.C.)                                                    Amos, Robert
9171.140 Vancouver (the City of)
9171.190 Alberta Vacation Planner                                           Unnamed
9171.200 The Best of Alberta                                                Radford, T. & Savage, H.
9171.201 The Rockies                                                        Russel, Andy
9171.202 The Essence of the Rockies                                         Brybycin, George
9171.210 Saskatchewan *************
9171.211 Regina***************
9171.220 Winnipeg, City at the Forks                                        Benstead, Steven
9171.221 Winnipeg 1874-1974                                                 Benham, Mary & Mitchel, George
9171.240 ONTARIO
9171.300 Allegiance, The Ontario Story                                      Humber, Charles (ed)
9171.310 Ontario, a Bicentennial Tribute
9171.320 Belleville, Portrait of a City
9171.330 Belleville, Friendly City
9171.340 Oshava and District
9171.350 Hamilton, It is Happening
9171.360 Markets of Ontario, a Living Tradition                             Zander, Hans
9171.370 Gost Towns of Ontario                                              Brown, Ron
9171.380 Ontario Canada Vacations
9171.390 Kingston and District
9171.400 Kingston and 1000 Islands, Visitor's Guide
9171.410 1000 Islands - Dreamers Guide
9171.420 Ontario Travel Planner                                             Several
9171.430 Ontario Topographical Maps                                         Several
9171.440 Maps of Ontario Cities                                             Several
                                                                                                                           77   9/27/2013

           Back Fifty (the) 50th Anniversary of the Ontario Department of Highways, DHO Appleton, John (ed)
9171.460 Routes, 50th Anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth Way, QEW                       Several
9171.470 Region of Durham - Map Guide                                                   Unnamed
9171.530 Metropolitan Toronto, Visitor's Package                                        Several
9171.540 City Light, a Portrait of Toronto                                              DeVisser, John
9171.550 Toronto in Pictures and Words                                                  Christl, R. & Kilburn, W
9171.560 Downsview Park
9171.570 Toronto, Reflections of the Past, (includes detailed street map)               Filey, Mike
9171.580 Toronto New City Hall, Cover Page                                              Unnamed
9171.590 The Underside of Toronto                                                       Mann, W. E. (ed)
9171.600 Of Toronto the Good (1898 reprint)                                             Clark, C. S.
9171.601 Pioneering in North York - a History of the Borough                            Hart, Patricia
9171.602 150 Years at St. John's York Mills - Toronto (autographed)                     Graham, M. Audrey
9171.603 Toronto's People                                                               Several
9171.610 Toronto's Many Faces                                                           Ruprecht, Tony
9171.620 Toronto - Miscell. Maps                                                        Several
9171.630 Toronto Street Index & City Guide                                              Several
9171.700 Tourbook of Atlantic Provinc. and Quebec                                       N/A
9171.710 Montreal, from Mission Colony to World City                                    Roberts, Leslie
9171.720 Montreal et Environs
9171.730 Walking Tour of Old Montreal
9171.740 Maps of Cities in the Province of Quebec
9171.750 Walking Tour of Old Quebec
9171.760 Ville de Quebec                                                                N/A
9171.770 Laval en Peinture (in painting)
9171.780 Tourbook of Atlantic Provinc. and Quebec                                       N/A
9171.800 Maritime Provinces Atlas (the)                                                 McCalla, Robert
9171.810 Nova Scotia                                                                    Hines, Sh. Photographer
9171.820 Images of Cape Breton                                                          Gordon, Warren
9171.840 Halifax                                                                        Hines, Sh. Photographer
9171.850 New Brunswick
9171.870 Island Light - Prince Edward                                                   Sylvester, John
9171.880 Travel Guides of Newfoundland & Labrador                                       Several
9171.881 Sea of Heartbreak (Forward by Farley Mowat)                                    Dwyer, Michael
9171.890 Newfoundland & Labrador - Book of Everything                                   Walls, Martha (ed)
9200.000 BIOGRAPHY - WORLD                                                              *****
9200.010 Lenin, the Novel                                                               Brien, Alen
9200.020 Gandhi, Mahatma - All Men are Brothers                                         Kripalani, Kr.
9200.021 Gandhi, Mahatma - the Story of my Experiments with Truth (autobiography)       Desai, Mahadev (transl)
9200.030 The Man who Changed the World. (The Lives of Michael Gorbachev)                Sheehy, Gail
9200.040 Disturbing the Peace                                                           Havel, Va'clav
9200.050 The Man who had Everything, M. Forbes                                          Winans, Christopher
9200.060 Fidel, a Critical Portrait                                                     Szulc, Tad
9200.070 Marie Curie                                                                    Sheean, Vincent (transl)
9200.080 Les Dames du Temps Present                                                     Zitrone, Leon                Fr
9200.090 Khrouchtchev, Nikita                                                           Leonhard, W.                 Fr
9200.100 Scanderberg, Eagle of Albania                                                  Ewert, Charles
9200.110 Alan Boesak -( the Story of) (Resistance to Apartheid in South Africa)         Scholtz, Adelbert
9200.120 Lions and Foxes - Men and Ideas of the Italian Renaissance                     Alexander, Sidney
9200.130 Biography of Demos Shakarian                                                   Sherrill, John & Elizabeth
9200.140 Nicholas and Alexandra                                                         Massie, Robert
9200.150 Mnimi (in memoriam of) John Gabriel Eynard                                     Several                      Grk
9200.160 Megaloi Dimiourgoi (Great Creators)                                            Mastrogiannopoulos, H.       Grk
9200.170 This Life ( actor Sydney Poitier)                                              Poitier, Sydney
9200.180 Out of my Life and Thought                                                     Schweitzer, Albert
                                                                                                                        78   9/27/2013

9200.190 Picasso, Creator and Destroyer                                             Stassinopoulos, Arianna       Grk
9200.200 The Magnetic Pope (John Paul II)                                           Marchssault, Guy
9200.210 Mao Tse-Tung and China                                                     FitzGerald, C. P.
9200.220 Beethoven, (Eroica) le Roman d'un Genie                                    Von Pidoll, Carl              Fr
9200.230 Chopin, Le Roman d'un Romantique                                           Rousselot, Jean               Fr
9200.240 Napoleon, La Gloire et L'Ombre                                             Mereikovsky, Dmitri           Fr
9200.250 Plutarch's Lives (Complete)                                                Dryden, John et al (transl)
9200.251 the Gracchi (brothers)Tiberius Gracchus and Gaius Gracchus                 Depoli, Franco                Grk
9200.260 Eminent Victorians                                                         Strachey, Lytton
9200.270 Marie Curie                                                                Keller, Mollie
9200.280 Women and the Nobel Prize                                                  Shiels, Barbara
9200.290 Wellington, the Years of the Sword                                         Longford, Elizabeth
9200.300 Lives of the English Poets                                                 Johnson, Samuel
9200.310 Holy Company, Christian Heroes and Heroines                                Wright, Elliot
9200.320 The Three Edwards ( a History of the Plantagenets)                         Costain, Thomas
9200.330 Leonardo da Vinci                                                          Rowdon, Maurice
9200.340 Peter the Great, Reformer or Revolutionary?                                Raeff, Marc (ed)
9200.350 Petros o Megas, (Peter the Great)                                          Tolstoy, Alexis               Grk
9200.360 Henry Plantagenet                                                          Barber, Richard
9200.370 Morfes pou everghetisan tin Anthropotita (Major Benefactors of Humanity)   Botseas, D. S.                Grk
9200.380 Madame de Ponpadour                                                        Mitford, Nancy
9200.390 King James, - I of England & VI of Scotland                                Fraser Antonia
9200.400 D. H. Lawrence, the Phoenix and the Flame                                  Trease, Geoffrey
9200.410 Oscar Wilde                                                                Ellmann, Richard
9200.420 Eynard, Jean Gabriel Mnimi (in Memoriam)                                   Several                       Grk
9200.430 Mangelan                                                                   Zweigh, Stefan                Grk
9200.440 Reich, Wilhelm - Philosopher                                               Wikipedia
9200.450 Madame Curie                                                               Curie, Eva                    Grk
9200.460 Zoliot-Curie, Frederic                                                     Rouze', Michel                Grk
9200.470 Goethe, Johann Wolfgang                                                    Joergrnsen, Johannes          Grk
9200.480 Leo Tolstoy                                                                Zweigh, Stefan                Grk
9200.490 Balzac, Honore                                                             Zweigh, Stefan                Grk
9200.500 Romain Rolland, o Megalos Evropaios                                        Zweigh, Stefan                Grk
9200.510 Veraren, o Poihtis tis Neas Epochis                                        Zweigh, Stefan                Grk
9200.520 Stalin                                                                     Deutscher, Isaac
9200.530 Frederick the Great                                                        Asprey, Robert
9200.540 De Gaulle                                                                  Ledwidge, Bernard
9200.550 Haussmann, (Town Planner of Paris)                                         Carmona, Michel
9200.560 Yacovlev, Aleksandr - the Soviet Ambassador                                Shulgan, Christopher
9200.570 Blaise Pascal et al (Bios kai Pol. Blaise Pascal & Pigi Zois)              Kontoglou, Fotis              Grk
         Original Minds ( Noam Chomsky, Desmond Tutu, Umberto Eco et al)
9200.580 (shelved as 1900.882)                                                      Wachtel, Eleanor
9200.590 a Churchill Family Album                                                   Soames, Mary
9200.600 Shakespeare                                                                Burgess, Anthony
9200.700 BIOGRAPHY USA ************************
9200.701 Franklin Roosevelt - Champion of Freedom                                   Black, Conrad
9200.702 Richard Nixon - The Invincible Quest                                       Black, Conrad
9200.703 Bill Clinton, an American Journey                                          Hamilton, Nigel
9200.704 My Life (U.S President Clinton)                                            Clinton, Bill
9200.705 Lincoln the President (Midstream)                                          Randall, J.G.
9200.706 Abraham Lincoln                                                            Sandburg, Carl
9200.707 the Roosevelt I knew                                                       Perkins, Frances
9200.708 John Adams and the American Revolution                                     Bowen, Catherine
9200.709 Dutch, a Memoir of President Ronald Reagan                                 Morris, Edmund
9200.710 Father, Son & Co. (My Life @ IBM and Beyond)                               Watson, Thomas Jr
9200.711 Boone                                                                      Boone-Pickens, T
9200.712 A Reporter's Life (Cronkite)                                               Cronkite, Walter
9200.713 Robert Oppenheimer - 109 East Palace Place                                 Connant, Jennet
9200.714 Jack and Jackie (Kennedy)                                                  Andersen, Christopher
9200.715 Puritan Dilemma (the) - John Winthrop                                      Morgan, Edmund
                                                                                                                         79   9/27/2013

9200.716 Romantic Revolutionary, a Biography of John Reed                            Rosenstone, Robert
9200.717 So Short a Time -a Biography of John Reed and Louise Bryant                 Gelb, Barbara
9200.718 Citizen Tom Paine                                                           Fast, Howard
9200.719 Beyond the Narrow Gate - the Journey of four Chinese Women etc              Chang, Leslie
9200.720 the Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson                                               Goldman, Eric
9200.721 Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream                                       Kearns, Doris
9200.722 Pioneer Women - the Lives of Women on the Frontier                          Peavy, Linda & Smith, Ursula
9200.723 the Greater Journey - American in Paris (artists)                           McCullough, David
9200.724 Talking Straight                                                            Iacocca, Lee
9200.725 Walter Cronkite - a Reporter's Life                                         Cronkite, Walter
9200.980 Heroes - Saviours, Traitors and Superhumen                                  Hughes-Hallett, Lucy
9210.000 BIOGRAPHY - CANADIAN                                                        *****
9210.010 Prime Ministers of Canada, 1867 - 1980                                      Furtado,R
9210.020 Broadbent Ed                                                                Steed, Judy
9210.021 Audrey McLaughlin - a Woman's Place                                         McLaughlin, Audrey
9210.030 David Lewis, The Good Fight                                                 Self & Whitehorn, Alan
9210.040 Attendez que je me rappelle                                                 Lesveque, Rene                 Fr
9210.050 Memoirs (R. Levesque)                                                       Levesque, Rene
9210.060 Mon Quebec                                                                  Lesveque, Rene
9210.070 Reign of Error (John Turner)                                                Weston, Greg
9210.080 Memoirs (Trudeau)
9210.090 Friends in High Places (Br. Mulroney)                                       Hoy, Claire
9210.100 Gordon Sinclair, a Life and then Some                                       Young, Scott
9210.110 Metamorphosis                                                               Suzuki, David
9210.120 The French Quarter (the Epic Struggle of a Family and a Nation Divided      Graham, John
9210.130 My Ninety Years                                                             Black, Martha
9210.140 The Scotch (John Keneth Galbraith)                                          Galbraith, John
9210.150 When I was Young (Raymond Massey)                                           Massey, R
9210.160 Mulroney, the Politics of Ambition                                          Sawatsky, John
9210.161 On The Take - Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Mulroney Years             Cameron, Stevie
9210.180 My Years as Prime Minister                                                  Chretien, Jean
9210.181 Straight from the Heart (autographed by the Author)                         Chretien, Jean
9210.190 Drawn & Quartered, The Trudeau Years (Political Cartoons by Roy Peterson)   Newman, Peter
9210.191 The Canadian Establishment Vol 1, The Old Order                             Newman, Peter
9210.192 The Canadian Establishment Vol 2, The Acquisitors (Autographed)             Newman, Peter
9210.193 The Canadian Establishment Vol 3, The Titans                                Newman, Peter
9210.201 Company of the Adventurers, Vol 1                                           Newman,   Peter
9210.202 Company of the Adventurers, Vol 2, Caesars of the Wilderness                Newman,   Peter
9210.203 Company of the Adventurers, Vol 3, Merchant Princes                         Newman,   Peter
9210.204 Bronfman Dynasty - the Rothschilds of the New World                         Newman,   Peter
9210.205 Acquisitors - Canadian Establishment, Vol. I (missing)                      Newman,   Peter
9210.206 Acquisitors - Canadian Establishment, Vol. II                               Newman,   Peter
9210.207 Illustrated History of the Hudson's Bay Company                             Newman,   Peter
9210.210 Sometimes a Great Nation                                                    Newman, Peter
9210.240 Jean de Brebeuf, A Giant in Huronia                                         Macdougall, Angus
9210.250 Being Brown, a very Public Life                                             Brown, Rosemary
9210.260 Against the Current (Canadian Women …..)                                    Finlayson, Judith
9210.270 Canadian Fighting Pilots                                                    Cosgrove, Edmund
9210.280 Tudeau Retires (newspaper clips)                                            Several
9210.290 Borowski, a Canadian Paradox                                                Lawrence, Lianne
           Cyprien Duval (a member of the Champlain Expedition,
9210.320 that founded KEBEK (city of Quebec) in July of 1608)                        Bourdon, Guy                   Fr
9210.330 50 Years in the "Church" of Rome - the Conversion of a Catholic Priest      Chiniquy, Charles
           the Company Store - James Bryson McLachan and the Cape Breton
9210.340 Coal Mines, 1900-1925                                                       Mellor, John
                                                                                                                                  80   9/27/2013

9210.350 the Incredible Canadian - Mackenzie King                                           Hutchinson, Bruce
9210.360 McClure - the China Years of Dr. Bob McClure                                       Scott, Munroe
9210.370 Consequences - Margaret Trudeau                                                    Trudeau, Margaret
9210.380 the Other Mrs Diefenbaker                                                          Holt, Simma
9210.390 One Canada, Memoirs, The Years of Achievement, 1957 -1962                          Diefenbaker, John G.
9210.400 One Canada, Memoirs, The Tumultuous Years 1862 -1967                               Diefenbaker, John G.
9210.410 A Very Political Lady (autographed by the Author)                                  La Marsh, Judy
9210.420 Pierre Berton, 1920-1947 - Starting Out                                            Berton, Pierre
9210.421 Pierre Berton, 1947-1995 - Living with History                                     Berton, Pierre
9210.430 Against the Current - Stephane Dion                                                Diebel, Linda
9210.440 Field Marshal Alexander of Tunis                                                   Nicolson, Nigel
9210.450 Emperor of the North, Sir George Simpson - the Hudson Bay Company                  Raffan, James
9220.000 BIOGRAPHY - GREEK                                                                  *****
9220.010 Sikelianos (Life, Works, Anthology)                                                Grigoris, Gerasimos            Grk
9220.020 The Inheritors of Alexander the Great                                              Tantzos, Nicholas
9220.030 The Royal House of Greece                                                          Photos by Karsh (Ottawa)
9220.040 Engomio gia ton (Elogio Di ) Ugo Foscolo                                           Solomos, Dionysios             Mult
9220.050 Karamanlis, Constantine                                                            Kartakis, E. (ed)
9220.060 Karamanlis, un Grec hors du commun                                                 Massip, Roger                  Fr
9220.070 Karamanlis, sti Skia enos Megalou                                                  Lamprias, Takis                Grk
9220.080 Maria Callas, the Woman behind the Legend                                          Stassinopoulos, Arianna
           Ellenes Vouleftes kai Eurovouleftes (Greek Members of the Greek and
                                                                                            Athanasiades, Pant. (ed)       Grk
9220.090   European Parliaments)
9220.100   A Crowded Heart                                                                  Papandreou, Nicholas
9220.110   Alexander of Macedon                                                             Lamb, Harold
9220.120   Basilis Liaskos (Kapetanios tou Ypobrychiou Katsonis)                            Karagatsis, M.                 Grk
9220.130   Enas Andras - mia Istoria (Alekos Panagoulis)                                    Falatsi Oriana                 Grk
9220.310 Papanoutsos, (Meletimata gia ton)                                                  Several                        Grk
9220.320 Georgios Tertsetis, Biografiki kai Filologiki Meleti                               Bouchard, Jacques              Grk
9220.330 Varnalis Kostas, ta Ekatochrona tou (Afieroma)                                     Valetas, G (ed) Several        Grk
9220.340 Ouranis Kostas (Biografika tou)                                                    Haris, Petros (ed)             Grk
9220.350 Empress Athenais-Eudocia, a Fifth Century Byzantine Humanist                       Tsatsou, Ioanna                Grk
9220.360 Anna Comnena (first Woman Historian)                                               Dalven, Rae
9220.370 Alexiad (the) of Anna Comnena                                                      Sewter, E.R.A. (tran)
9220.380 El Greco, Domenikos Theotocopoulos                                                 Prevelakis, P.                 Grk
9220.390 Byzantine Empresses                                                                Diehl, Charles
9220.400 Ploutarchos o Chaironefs (Plutarch)                                                Meraklis, M.                   Grk

9220.410 Korais - Koumas - Kalvos, (Grk Printing & Publishing in Vienna, 1790 - 1821)      Enepekides, Pol.                Grk
9220.420   Philip of Macedon                                                               Hatzopoulos, Milt. Et al (ed)
9220.430   Search for Alexander                                                            Fox, Robin
9220.440   Pogoni - stous Dromous tis Xenitias (from the series Epiros, Archegonos Hellas) Arbyros, Grigoris et al         Grk
9220.450   Peristeri Pogoniou (megouli), Istoria, Paradosi kai Genealogia                  Milionis, Anast.                Grk
9220.460   Fotografion Opisthografes (writings in the back of Photographs)                 Milionis, Anast.                Grk
9220.470   Eroes khoris Agalmata (Heroes with no Statues)                                  Milionis, Anast.                Grk
9220.480   Gregorios Afxentiou (Stavraetos tou Mahaira)                                    Kaouris, Andreas                Grk
           Iannis Xenakis - Architect, Music Composer Extraordinaire,
9220.490   Fighter in the National Resistance                                              Matossian, Nouritza             Fr
           Marinos Carburis , O Megalofyis Kefallin Mhchanikos originally publ. in Venice
9220.500   in 1843 (Two books about his achievements are in Section 6000, Technology) Mazarakis Anthimos                   Grk
9220.510 Apo ti Nomiki Drasi tou Elefth. Venizelou                                          Mpournias, Leonidas            Grk
9220.520 Eleni (Greek Civil War, 1946-49)                                                   Gage, Nicholas
9495.506 H alli Eleni (response tou Eleni of N. Gadzogiannis) (shelved as 9495.506)         Kavathas, Basilis              Grk
9220.530 Kapodistrias, Aftobiorafia (Autobiography)                                         Kapodistrias, Ioannis          Grk
9220.531 Kapodisrias, o Protos Kyvernitis tis Elladas                                       Marres, Yiannis                Grk
9220.540 Etos Kapodistria (200 years since his Birth)                                       Grk Governm. Publ. House       Grk
9220.550 Kondylis Georgios                                                                  Katsiabas, Constantine         Grk
9220.560 Alexandrakis Spyridon                                                              Chrysostomos, Metrop.          Grk
9220.570 Siamakis Constantinos (Autobiography)                                              Siamakis, Konstantinos         Grk
9220.580 Delmouzos, Alexandros                                                              Papanoutsos, E. P              Grk
9220.590 Mitropoulos, Dimitris                                                              Kostios, Ap.                   Grk
9220.600 Moisiodax, Iosipos                                                                 Kitromilidis, P.               Grk
9220.610 Paparigopoulos, Constantinos                                                       Dimaras, K.                    Grk
9220.620 Simioseis apo tis imeres mou (Personal Diary)                                      Laimos, George                 Grk
9220.630 Giorgis Christou Laimos                                                            Papavasileiou, Hraklis         Grk
                                                                                                                                      81   9/27/2013

9220.640 Dionysius Solomos                                                                     Jenkins, Romilly
9220.641 Dionysios Solomos                                                                     Michiotis, Harilaos              Grk
9220.650 O ftochos Aghios (Papadiamantis. Alex.)                                               Paschos, P.                      Grk
9220.660 Ethnikoi Evergetes (National Benefactors)                                             Alexiou, Ioannis                 Grk
9220.670 Nick the Greek                                                                        Petrakis, Harry
9220.680 Karyotakis, K. G.                                                                     Ntounia, Christina               Grk
9220.690 Nikitaras                                                                             Stamelos, Dimitris               Grk
9220.691 Rigas Velestinlis, Agonistis kai Ethnegertis                                          Marres, Yiannis                  Grk
9220.692 Makrygiannis, Enas Genaios Patridofylakas                                             Marres, Yiannis                  Grk
9220.693 Karaiskakis, Exochos Agonistis kai Patriotis                                          Marres, Yiannis                  Grk
9220.700 A-Noston Hmar (Nikolas Kalas)                                                         Deligiorgi, Alexandra            Grk
9220.710 Dimitrios Gounaris, o Idalgos tis Dimokratias                                         Nikolopoulos, Nikos              Grk
9220.720 Perpatima sto Xrono (Areti Kavasali-Anastopoulou)                                     Kavasali, Areti                  Grk
           Martyries kai Epistrofes (Geroulanos, Pikionis, Tsirintanis, Nikolaidis, Pappas &
                                                                                               Mastrogiannopoulos, H.           Grk
9220.730 A. Theros
9220.740 Chroniko enos Agiatreftou Giatrou - Gardikas, K. D.                                   Gardikas, K. D.                  Grk
9220.750 Aristotelis Valaoritis, Bios, Epistoles, Keimena (see also 8893.190)                  Valaoritis, Aristotelis          Grk
9230.000 BIOGRAPHY - CLERGY                                                                    *****
9230.010 Ethnarhis Makarios                                                                    Unknown
9230.011 Makarios: Life and Leadership (Foreword by Edward Kennedy)                            Vanezis, P. N.
9230.020 Archiepiskopos Kyprou - Kyprianos                                                     Several                          Grk
9230.030 Iakovos, the Making of an Archbishop                                                  Stephanopoulos, Nikki (ed)
9230.040 Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Visit to Thessaloniki)                             Papadopoulos, Michalis
9230.041 Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Episkepsi sto Aigaio)                              Several                          Grk
9230.042 Oecum. Patriarch Bartholomew I (Conversations with) (transl. from French)             Clement, Olivier
9230.050 H Parakatatheke - the Legacy, Spyridon Archbishop of America                          Frangouli-Argyris, Justine       Grk
9230.060 Dimitrios (Patriarch) in the U.S.A.                                                   Stephanopoulos, Nikki (ed)
9230.070 Elder Archimandrite Dionysios, Thirty Years of Monastic Witness, 1969-1999            Several
9230.080 Afieroma ston Metropoliti Chiou Panteleimona Fostini                                  Aziotakis, Andreas               Grk
9230.090 Iakovos, a Lifelong Love of Letters                                                   Kokolis, Stella (ed)
9230.100 Metropolitis Kozanis Dionysios, 1957-1997                                             Roussas, Anthimos                Grk
9230.110 Metropolitis Kitrous Barnabas (Afieroma ston)                                         Several                          Grk
9230.120 Martyres kai Agonistes Ierarches, 1821-1829                                           Simopoulos, Theofilos            Grk
9230.130 Constantinos G. Mponis                                                                Dentakis, Vasileios              Grk
9230.140 Sofokles D. Lolis (Ypomnima, c.v.)                                                    Lolis, S.                        Grk
9230.150 Timotheos, Archiepiskopos Kritis                                                      Several                          Grk
9230.160 Peri Anastasion Sinaiton (Ph D Thesis)                                                Sakkos, Stergios                 Grk
9230.170 Nikodemos, Metropolitis Patron, 1974-1994                                             Several                          Grk
9230.180 Mnimi Archiepiskopou Amerikis Michael                                                 Kollias, Sifis                   Grk
9230.190 Iakovos, Arch. Amerikis -Sto Neo Kosmo                                                Dorkofiki, Eirini                Grk
9230.191 Iakovos, Arch. Amerikis - Konta sto Lao                                               Dorkofiki, Eirini                Grk
9230.192 Iakovos, Arch. Amerikis - Mia Zoe konta sta Paidia                                    Dorkofiki, Eirini                Grk
9230.200 Mia Synchroni Morfi tou Agiou Orous, Gerontas Gerasimos Mikragiannanitis              Chrysostomou, Georgios           Grk
9230.210 Polykarpos, Metropolitis Kerkyras kai Paxon                                           Several                          Grk
9230.220 Ieromartyres Episkopoi sti Gi tis Mikrasias                                           Kiliopoulos, Kall                Grk
9230.230 Enas Prothierarches - Fos Ilaron                                                      Konstantinidou, Penelope         Grk
9230.240 Maximos, Metropolitis Serron kai Nigritis, 1984-94                                    Skaltsis, Pan. (ed)              Grk
9230.250 Chrysostomos Smyrnis, o Ethnomartys                                                   Metropolitan Titos (ed)          Grk
9230.260 Ieronymos Gerontas, o Isychastis tis Aiginas                                          Botsis, Petros                   Grk
9230.270 Starets Serafeim tis Vyritsa (1866-1949) (transl. from Russian)                       Antonopoulos, Nektarios          Grk
9230.280 Here I Stand - a Life of Martin Luther                                                Bainton, Roland
9230.290 Amvrosios, Metropo;it is Kalabryton kai Aigialeias                                    Mpougatsos, Ioannis              Grk
9230.300 Papadopoulos Gerasimos, Episkopos Abydou                                              Papadopoulos, Stylianos          Grk
9230.310 Chrysostomos Papadopoulos, Archiepiskopos                                             Trempelas, Pan.                  Grk
9230.320 To Kyros tis Ekklesias en tw prosopw tou Archiepiskopou Spyridonos                    Metropolitan, Nikodemos          Grk
9230.330 Agathagelos, Metropolitis Didymoteixou kai Orestiados                                 Sxoiniotakis, Emm.               Grk
9230.340 Eusevios Matthaiopoulos                                                               Papakostas, Serafeim             Grk
9230.350 Iakovos Tsalikis, o Makaristos Igoumenos                                              Papadopoulos, Stylianos          Grk
9230.360 Kallinikos, Metropolitis Edessas, Pellas (Martyria Zois)                              Vlachos, Ierotheos               Grk
9230.370 Filaretos Kastamonitis                                                                Ioannikios, Archimandr.          Grk
9230.380 Panagopoulos Dimitrios, Ierokiryx, 1916 - 1982                                        Moutsouris, Georg and Vasiliki   Grk
                                                                                                                                82   9/27/2013

9230.390 Alevizopoulos Antonios, Pater                                                Several                            Grk
9230.400 Encountering Women of Faith                                                  Karidoyanes, Kyriaki (ed)
9230.410 Epeteris Rizareiou Ekklesiastikis Scholis                                    Several                            Grk
9230.420 Archiepiskopos Anastasios (Albania)                                          Tritos, Michael                    Grk
9230.430 Pentzikis Hereafter and Herein                                               Kallos, John (Bishop)
9230.440 Geron Metropolitis Chalkidonos Melitonos                                     Papas, Athanasios (Metropolitan)   Grk
9230.450 Tessares Morfes tis Ekklesias kai tou Ethnous                                Stathakis, Basileios               Grk
9230.460 Pentzikis Hereafter and Herein                                               Stylianos, Arch. Of Australia
9230.470 Benedictos Petrakis (o Flogeros Ierokiryx)                                   Vasilopoulos, Char.                Grk
9230.480 Me're Gabrielle (papayiannis), L'ascese de l'amour 1897-1992                 Soeur Gabrielle                    Fr
9230.490 Neofytos Kafsokalyvitis, (o ek Patron Didaskalos)                            Giannopoulos, Georgios             Grk
9230.500 Metropolitis Ierotheos, Ydras, Spetson & Aiginas                             Stergioulis, Serafeim et al (ed)   Grk
9230.510 Kyros Christopoulos, Metropolitis Sardeon                                    Committee                          Grk
9230.520 Kallinikos, Metropolitis Peirea, 25 Xronia Prosforas                         Venetsianos, Sym. et al (ed)       Grk
9230.530 Valentin F. Yiasenetski, Episkopos Symferoupolis, (Aghios Loukas, Rossias)   Anthopoulos, Dionysios             Grk
9230.540 Agies Morfes tis Neoteras Ellados                                            Mastrogiannopoulos, Hlias          Grk
9230.550 Patir Ioel                                                                   Meletios, Metropolitis             Grk
9230.560 Patir Agathaggelos                                                           Meletios, Metropolitis             Grk
9230.570 Martyres tis Eleftherias                                                     Alexiou, Ioannis                   Grk
9230.580 Geron Arsenios Spiliotis, 1886-1983                                          M.D. Iosif                         Grk
9230.590 Who is Who in Church History                                                 Brush, John
9230.600 Post-Byzantine Ecclesiastical Personalities                                  Vaporis, Nomikos (ed)
9230.620 Athenagoras Kavadas, Archibishop - Footsteps in the Sea                      Poulos, George
9230.630 Man of God, Saint John of Shaghai & San Francisco                            Committee
9230.640 Photios, Patriarch of Constantinople                                         White, Despina
9230.650 Efsebios, Matthopoulos                                                       Papakostas, Serafeim               Grk
9230.660 Dionysios Farazoulis, 1882-1920                                              Committee                          Grk
9230.670 Archiepiskopos Loukas (Iatros Cheirourgos, 1877-1961)                        Antonopoulos, Nektarios            Grk
           Orthodoxos Ellas, (Peri Ellenon grapsanton kata Latinon)
                                                                                      Dimitrakopoulos, Andronikos        Grk
9230.680 Printed originally in 1872, photoreprinted in 1968
9230.690 Apostolos Makrakis, Evaluation of half a Century                             Committee                          Grk
9230.700 Apostolos Makrakis, a Brief Biography (excerpt)                              Committee
9230.710 Kyrillos Loukaris                                                            Hatziantoniou, G. D.               Grk
9230.720 Spyridon Sgouropoulos, o Afanis Presvyteros                                  Theodoropoulos, Epifanios          Grk
9230.730 Chrysostomos Metropolitis Smyrnis                                            Loverdos, Spyr.                    Grk
9230.740 Bioi Athoniton 19ou Aionos (19th Century) Vol. 1                             Antonios, Ieromonachos             Grk
9230.741 Bioi Athoniton 19ou Aionos (19th Century) Vol. 2                             Antonios, Ieromonachos             Grk
9230.750 To Drama enos Archiepiskopou - Ieronymos Athinon                             Archbishop, Ieronymos              Grk
9230.751 O Athinon Ieronymos A'                                                       Metropolitan, Nikolaos             Grk
9230.760 O Geronta Anthimos Vayianos, 1869-1960                                       Vakaloglou, Chr. (ed)              Grk
9230.770 Methodios of Boston - Legacy of Achievement, Parakatathiki Ergou             Dragas, George (ed)                Mult
9230.780 To Synaxari tou Ptochou Adelfou                                              Kommodatos, Christoforos           Grk
9230.790 Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, the Servant of God                                Pac-Urar, Ian (ed)
9230.800 Contemporary Continental Theologians                                         Schilling, S. Paul
9230.801 The Communists and I, (Serbian Patriarch German and the Communists)          Spasojevich, Svetislav
           Eortastiki Ekdilosi pros Timi ton Sev.
                                                                                      Committee                          Grk
9230.802 Meropoliton Attikis, Patron, Karystias, Limnou
9230.803 Geron Porfyrios, Temoignages et experiences                                  Ioannidis, Klitos                  Fr
9230.804 Papa-Maximos                                                                 Committee                          Grk
9230.805 Athanasios Galetas, Ieromonachos                                             Katsibras, Symeon                  Grk
9230.806 Makarios Notaras, Mitropolitis Korinthou                                     Skouteris, Basil.                  Grk
9230.807 Patriarchis Alexandreias Petros 7th, (Poreia Martyrias)                      several                            Grk
9230.808 Germanos Locros, Archeveque de Nysse et son Temps                            Tsourkas, Cleobule                 Fr
9230.809 Ymnipolos Erasmios, Ymnografos Mikragiannanitis                              Paschos, P. B.                     Grk
9230.810 Gheron Mitrofanis                                                            Ntzathas, Theoklitos               Grk
9230.811 Archimandritis Gabriel Margaritis                                            Hatzifotis, I. M.                  Grk
9230.812 Ymnografos Gerasimos Monachos Mikragiannanitis                               Chrysostomou, Georg.               Grk
9230.813 Gerasimos Monachos Mikragiannanitis, Ymnografos tis Ekklesias                Dionysiatos, Theoklitos            Grk
9230.814 Metropolitan Buenos Aires - Dysvati Poreia tis Zois mou                      Chrysoulakis, Genndios             Grk
9230.815 Lefkoma Didaskalon tou Genous (1821-1971)                                    Kourkoulas, Constantinos           Grk
9230.816 Thrakios (Thracian) (dedicated to Metropolitan Maroneias kai Komotinis)      Papazoglou, G. (ed)                Grk
9230.817 Georgios Karslidis, o Makarios Gerontas (1901 -1959)                         Aghioreitis, Moisis                Grk
                                                                                                                            83   9/27/2013

           Patriarches tou Byzantiou kai Constantinoupoleos,
9230.818 Patriarchs of Byzantium and Constantinople                                      Athanasiadis, Titos         Grk
9230.819 Metropolitan Wasyly of Winnipeg                                                 Several
9230.820 Iezekiel Velanidiotis, Metropolitis Thessaliotidos                              Haralambidis, El.           Grk
9230.821 Sofia Horokotouridou, mia La:iki askitria                                       Haralambidis, El.           Grk
9230.822 Nikolaos Kavasilas - Hamaetos                                                   Angelopoulos, Ath.          Grk
9230.823 Joachim of St. Anne's Skete                                                     Archimandrite, Cherubin
9230.824 Gerasimos of Abydos ( Bishop)                                                   Chamberas, Peter
9230.825 Khreos Alitheias, Metropolitis Nikolaos, Chalkidos, Istiaias etc                Several                     Grk
9230.826 Gregorios E', Ethnarkhis tis Odynis                                             Christodoulos, Archbishop   Grk
9230.827 Osion Morfon Anamniseis (Greek Clergy Biographies)                              Geron, Iosif                Grk
9230.828 Gerontas Ieronymos o Isichastis tis Aiginas                                     Botsis, Petros              Grk

9230.829 Father Arseny, a Cloud of Witnesses                                             Bouteneff, Vera
9230.830 Elder Hadji-Georgis the Athonite, 1809-1886                                     Elder, Paisios              Grk
9230.831 Apo tin 25 Ora stin Aionia Ora (De la 25eme Heure a l' Heure Eternelle          Gheorghiu, Constant         Grk
9230.832 Orthodoxia 2002, (who is who in Greek Orthodoxy) (see also sect. 2810)          Rauch, Albert Dr. (ed)      Mult
9230.833 Post-Byzantine Ecclesiastical Personalities ??????????? ??
9230.834 Leonidas Paraskevopoulos (Biography)                                            Nikolaidis, I. A.           Grk
9230.835 O Thavmastos Gerontas Vitalios (1928-1992)                                      Dalinin, Antonios           Grk
9230.836 Episkopoi tis Metropolis Edessis Pellis kai Almopias. Vol. A'                   Stalidis, Const.            Grk
9230.837 Ignatios Tsigris, Metropolitis Artas                                            Unnamed                     Grk
9230.838 Palaion Oflima - Metropolitis Sebastianos                                       Metropolitan Ierotheos      Grk
9230.839 Mnimi Dikaiou - Metropolitan Sisaniou Antonios (includes CD)                    Unnamed                     Grk
9230.840 A Man Sent by God, Athenagoras I, Patriarch of Constantinople                   Tsakonas, Demetrios
9230.841 Athenagoras I, O Oikoumenikos twn Newn Idewn                                    Tsakonas, Demetrios
9230.842 Bibliografika Dedomena dia tin Biografia tou Oikoum. Patriarchou Athenagora     Stavridis, Basileios        Grk
9230.843 Athenagoras I, Patriarch, From death to Life                                    Dimopoulos, George          Grk
9230.844 Footsteps in the Sea (A Biography of Arch. Athenagoras)                         Poulos, George
9230.845 Eis tin Mnimin tou Patr. Athenagoras)                                           Metropolitan Aimilianos     Grk
9230.846 Patriarch Athenagoras I, Exo apo ta Teichi                                      Delikostopoulos, Athan.     Grk
9230.847 Patriarch Athenagoras I, Eis tin Mnimin tou                                     Aimilianos, Bishop          Grk
9230.848 Athenagoras I, Our Great Patriarch                                              Diamond, Xenophon
9230.849 Athenagoras I, Patriarch, 10h Epeteios, 1972-82                                 Aimilianos, Bishop          Grk
9230.850 Episkepsi Patriarch Athenagoras sto London 1967                                 Vasilopoulos, Ath.          Grk
9230.851 Alexandros Gialas (G. Veritis)                                                  several                     Grk
9230.852 Pater Arcenios o Kappadokis                                                     Unnamed                     Grk
9230.853 Christoforos Papoulakos                                                         Pettas, Nectarios           Grk
9230.854 Nectarios, o Apostolos twn Malangasi                                            Metropolitan Iwsif          Grk
9230.855 O Aghios Nectarios kai to Diplo Thavma ston Stavro Kalkandi                     Ziompolas, Nectarios        Grk
9230.858 Theosofes Empeirikes Didaches … (Ronanian Martyrs of the 20th Century)          Several                     Grk
9230.859 Papa-Stavros Tsamis (1870-1906)                                                 Chatziefremidis, Irinaios   Grk
9230.860 Archbishop Loukas Voino-Biasenetski                                             Antonopoulos, Nektarios     Grk
9230.861 Iakovos, Arch. Amerikis - Dekaetis Poimantoria, 1959-1969                       Several                     Grk
9230.862 Ego, o Iakovos (Conversations with the Archibishop                              Malouchos, G. P.            Grk
9230.863 Faith for a Lifetime                                                            Iakovos Archibishop et al   Grk
9230.864 A Breadth of God, Portrait of a Prelate (A Biography of Arch. Iakovos)          Poulos, George
9230.865 Prosopon pros Prosopon - the Correspondence of Archbishop Demetrios             Constantelos, Demetrios     Grk
9230.866 Grigorios Archbishop of Thyateira - 20-etis Diakonia                            Meropolitan, Grigorios      Grk
9230.867 Thomas Magistros, o Bios kai to Ergo tou (Ph D Thesis)                          Skalistis, Stefanos         Grk
9230.868 Bishop Polycarp Morusca, first Bishop of Romanians in America                   Grama, Remus
9230.869 Metrop Chrysost. Daskalakis, Anamorfotis Messinias                              Bougas, Ioannis             Grk
9230.870 H Diakonia mou - Metropolitan Germanos Paraskevopoulos, Vol. 2                  Paraskevopoulos, Germanos   Grk
9230.871 Martyries & Diogmoi 1942-1945 (life in German Concentration Camps)              Halralampous, Dionysios     Grk
9230.872 o Ierapostolos tou Zaire p. Kosmas Grigoriatis                                  Aslanidis, Dimitrios        Grk
9230.873 o Korytsas kai Premetis, Fotios Kalpidis, 1862-1906                             Andreadis, Christos         Grk
9230.874 Alexander Schmemann (Mikro Synaxari)                                            Mpasioudis, Georgios        Grk
9230.875 Ioannis Romanides, Enas Koryfeos Dogmatikos Theologos                           Metrop. Ierotheos           Grk
9230.991 Michael Power - Stuggle to build the Catholic Church on the Canadian Frontier   McGowan, Mark
                                                                                                                                  84   9/27/2013

           Man of the Century, the Life and Times of Pope John Paul II
                                                                                           Kwitny, Jonathan
9230.997 (see also sect. 2821)
9230.998 Dictioanary of Christian Biography and Literature                                 Wace, Henry et al (ed)

           HISTORY OF ANCIENT WORLD / ARCHAEOLOGY                                          *****
9300.010 Archaeology (the Adventure of)                                                    Fagan, Brian
9300.020 Neolithic Greece                                                                  Papadopoulos, Stelios (Ed)
9300.021 PreHistory and ProtoHistory (of the Hellenic World)                               several                          Grk
9300.022 Neolithikos Politismos (stin Ellada)                                              Theocharis, Dim. Et al           Grk
9300.030 Elleniki Mythologia (children's textbook)                                         Litsas Fotios                    Grk
9300.040 Archaeology meets Science, Minoans ans Mycenaeans Flavours                        Tzedakis, Yiannis et al (ed)
9300.050 Mythologikos Atlas tis Elladas, Mythological Atlas of Greece                      Olalla, Pedro et al              Grk
9300.051 Mycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology                                               Nilson, Martin
9300.060 Birth of Greece (the)                                                             Whittle, Tyler
9300.061 the Stories of the Greeks                                                         Warner, Rex
9300.062 Gods and Heroes - Myths and Epics of Ancient Greece                               Schwab, Gustav
9300.063 Life Myth and Art in Ancient Greece                                               Stafford, Emma
9300.070 Greek Stones Speak (the)                                                          MacKendrick, Paul
9300.080 Readings in Ancient History. From Gilgamesh to Diocletian                         Bailkey, Nels (ed)
9300.090 Greek Historical Descriptions (selection)                                         Tod, Marcus
9300.100 Archaiologika Analekta (Athens Annals of Archaeology) Vol. XVIII, 1985            Several                          Grk
9300.110 Excavations at Thera,1967, Vol. I                                                 Marinatos, Spyridon
9300.120 Excavations at Thera,1968, Vol. II                                                Marinatos, Spyridon
9300.130 Excavations at Thera,1969, Vol. III                                               Marinatos, Spyridon
9300.140 Excavations at Thera,1970, Vol. IV                                                Marinatos, Spyridon
9300.150 Excavations at Thera,1971, Vol. V                                                 Marinatos, Spyridon
9300.151 Excavations at Thera,1972, Vol. VI                                                Marinatos, Spyridon
9300.152 Excavations at Thera,1973, Vol.VII                                                Marinatos, Spyridon
9300.170 Myths of Greece and Rome                                                          Guerber, H. A.
9300.180 Classical Mythology                                                               Morford, Mark & Lenardon, Rob.
9300.190 Oedipus and Akhnaton - Myth and History                                           Velikovsky, Immanuel
9300.200 Dead (The) Sea Scrolls                                                            Burrows, Millar
9300.202 Archaeological Discoveries in the Holy Land                                       Several
           Near Eastern Archaeology, a quarterly Journal
9300.210   7 Volumes, #61 t0 67 - Years 1998 to 2004                                       Hopkins, David (ed)
9300.220   First Civilizations, the Arcaeology of their Origins                            Daniel, Glyn
9300.230   MYTH, its Meaning & Functions                                                   Kirk, G.
9300.240   Past and Present, The Continuity of Classical Myths                             Reinhold, Meyer
9300.250   Prehistory                                                                      Hawkes, Jacquetta
9300.260   Book (The) of the Dead (Hieroglyphics)                                          Budge, Wallis
9300.261   Decipherment of Linear B                                                        Chadwick, John
9300.270   Ancient Egypt                                                                   Becker-Colonna, Andreina
9300.280   Tutankhamum and the Valley of the Kings                                         Neubert, Otto
9300.290   Culture of Ancient Egypt (the)                                                  Wilson, John
9300.291 The Pyramids of Egypt                                                             Edwards, I.

9300.300 Archaeology in the Holy Land                                                      Kenyon, Kathleen
         the Gift of the Jews
9300.301 (How a Tribe of Nomads changed the way Everyone Thinks and Feels)                 Cahil, Thomas
9300.310 Historical Geography of the Holy Land, (history of Israel and the Early Church)   Smith, George
           the Ancient History of the Middle East -
                                                                                           Hall, H. R.
9300.320 from the Earliest Times to the Battle of Salamis (first publ. in 1913)
9300.340 Israel - from the Beginnings to the Middle of the 8th Century                     Lods, Adolphe
9300.350 Ancient Near East Tradition (the)                                                 Covensky, Milton
9300.360 Prolegomena to the History of Ancient Israel                                      Wellhausen, Julius
9300.380 Dawn of Conscience (the)                                                          Breasted, James
9300.390 Argo, h proti Argonaftiki Ekstrateia tou 3500 B.C. (perhaps Science Fiction)      Axiotis, Theodoros               Grk
9300.400 Gods, Graves, and Scholars - the Story of Archaeology                             Ceram, C.W.
                                                                                                                                    85   9/27/2013

           Bulfinch's Mythology - includes the Age of Fable, the Age of Chilvary &
9300.410 the Legends of Charlemagne                                                          Bulfinch, Thomas (1796-1867)
9300.980 a History of the Ancient World                                                      Starr, Chester
9380.000 ANCIENT HELLENIC HIST0RY (General)                                                  *****
           Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous till 1100 B.C,/ Proistoria kai Protoistoria,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.001 Volume A, (1)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1100 BC - 479 BC, Archaikos Ellenismos,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.002   Volume B (2)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 479 BC - 336 BC,Klassikos Ellenismos,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.003   Volumes Gamma1 & Gamma2, (3)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 336 BC - 215 BC, Alexandrinos Ellenismos,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.004   Volume Delta (4)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 215 BC - 324 AD, Ellenistikoi kai Romaikoi Chronoi,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.005   Volume E, (5)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 324 AD - 565 AD,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.006   Volume ST, (6, not acquired yet)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 565 AD - 1081 AD,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.007   Volume Zeta, (7, not acquired yet)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1081 AD - 1453 AD,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.008   Volume H, (8, not acquired yet))
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1453 AD - XXXX,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.009   Volume Theta, (9, not acquired yet)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, XXXX - 1669,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.010   Volume Iota, (10, not acquired yet)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1669-1821, Tourkokratia-Latinokratia,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.011   Volume Iota A, (11) (listed also in 9495.300)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1821 - 1832, Elleniki Epanastasi kai
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.012   Idrysi tou Ellenikou Kratous, Volume Iota B, (12) (listed also in 9495.400)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1832 - 1909,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.013   Vol. Iota Gamma, (13) not aquired yet)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1909 - 1935,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.014   Volume Iota Delta, (14) not aquired yet)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 19xx - 19yy,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.015   Vol. Iota Epsilon, (15) not aquired yet)
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 19xx - 19yy,
                                                                                             Several                          Grk
9380.016   Vol. IF, (16) not aquired yet)
9380.100   Ellenikos Politismos 1, (Hellenic Civilization)                                   Several                          Grk
           the Western Greeks (Greek Colonies in Italy and Western Mediterranean)
9380.110   published under the Patronage of the President of Italy etc                       Carratelli-Pugliese, Giovanni
9380.120   Dawn of the Gods                                                                  Hawkes, Jacquetta
9380.130   Ancient Greece - a Political, Social and Cultural History                         Pomeroy, Sarah et al
9380.150 Istoria tou Archaiou Kosmou (grade 10 textbook)                                     Mastrapas, Ioannis               Grk
9380.160 Elleniki Palaiografia (Eisagogi) - Paleografia Greca                                Mioni, Elpidio                   Grk
9380.170 Ellenikoi Papyroi - Greek Papyri                                                    Turner, E. G.                    Grk
9380.180 the Greeks through the Web of History and their Theatrical Art                      Depastas, Pierre
9380.190 Polemos stin Archaia Ellada (War in Ancient Greece)                                 Steinhower, George               Grk
9380.200 To oros Lykaio kai oi Archaioi Arkades                                              DereHani, Evgenia                Grk
9380.210 Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, Why Greeks Matter                                        Cahill, Thomas
9380.220 Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World                                           DeSteCroix, G.E.M.
9380.230 Greece through the Ages                                                             Several
9380.240 a History of the Greek City States, ca. 700 - 338 BC                                Sealey, Raphael
9380.250 the Greek City States                                                               Rhodes, P. J.
9380.260 Acha"iki Politiki tis Spartis (3 books bound together, shelved as 8210.180)         Kardaras, Chrysoula              Grk
9380.270 H Sparti dia mesou ton Aionon                                                       Doukas, P. Ch.                   Grk
9380.280 Archaia Istoria (Anatole, Archaia Hellas, Rome)                                     Papastavrou, Ioannis             Grk
9380.290 Ploutarchou, Ei Presvytero Politefteon - Plutarch (Stamatakos, I. transl)           Plutarchos                       Grk
9380.300 Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans Dryden, J. transl.)                          Plutarchos
9380.310 Les Vies des Hommes Illustres de Plutarque (Faguet, Emile transl.) Vol. 1           Plutarchos                       Fr
9380.320 Les Vies des Hommes Illustres de Plutarque (Faguet, Emile transl.) Vol. 2           Plutarchos                       Fr
           Plutarchou Bioi Paralleloi, Plutarch's Lives
9380.330 Demosthenes - Cicero, Alcibiades - Coriolanus                                       Papaconstantinou, Th. (transl)   Grk
9380.340 Twelve Men of Action in Graeco-Roman History                                        Toynbee, Arnold J.
9380.350 Krete dia mesou ton Aionon (Crete)                                                  Papagrigorakis, Eftychios        Grk
9380.360 Historia tis Kritis - History of Crete, 6700 BC to 1941 AD                          Detorakis, Theocharis            Grk
9380.370 History of Crete, 6700 BC to 1941 AD                                                Detorakis, Theocharis
                                                                                                                                     86   9/27/2013

9380.380 the Archaeology of Greece - an Introduction                                    Biers, William
9380.400 Arcadia (from Ancient Times to 1985)                                           Papatheodorou, George
9380.410 Hellas, 5000 years of Civilization, Vol. 1, 3000 BC to 336 BC                  Papatheodorou, George
9380.420 Hellas, 5000 years of Civilization, Vol. 2, 333 BC - 2000 AD (unpublished)     Papatheodorou, George
9380.430 Greek (the) Experience                                                         Bowra, C. M.
9380.440 Greeks (the)                                                                   Kitto, H. D. F.
9380.450 Greeks (the) of Thyatira                                                       Meinardus, Otto
9380.510 Life of Greece 3500 AD -146 BC, (from the series the Story of Civilization)    Durant, Will
         La Vie de la Grece, L'Age d'Or, 480 AD -399 BC,
                                                                                        Durant, Will                          Fr
9380.520 (from the series the Story of Civilization)
         Cesar et Le Christ, 30 BC - 192 AD
                                                                                        Durant, Will                          Fr
9380.521 (from the series: the Story of Civilization)
         Juventus Mundi - the Gods and Men an Essay on Homeric Poems -                  Gladstone, William Ewart
9380.530 Origin of the Hellenic Tribes etc etc ($578 at Amazon)                         Prime Minister of Great Britain
9380.600                                                                                Durant, Will                          Fr
9381.000 ANCIENT HELLENIC HIST0RY UNTIL THE DEATH OF ALEXANDER                          *****
9381.010 Classical Greece (Great Ages of Man)                                           Bowra, C. M.
9381.020 Megas Alexandros - Alexander the Great                                         Provatakis, Theocharis                Grk
9381.030 Philip of Macedon                                                              Hatzopoulos, Milt. Et al (ed)
9381.040 Vergina, the Royal Tombs and the Ancient City                                  Andronicos, Manolis
         Greek Civilization, Macedonia, Kingdom of Alexander the Great
9381.050 (an Exhibition in Montreal)                                                    Several
9381.060 Ancient Greece - the Famous Monuments                                          Several
9381.070 Archaia Ellada - ta pio Simantika Mnimeia                                      Several                               Grk

           Historians History of the World, Vol. III, Greece to the Peloponnesian War   Williams, Henry (ed)
           La Vie de la Grece, L'Age d'Or, 480 -399 BC
                                                                                        Durant, Will                          Fr
9381.090 (from the series the Story of Civilization) (shelved in 9380)
9381.100 Hellenic History - Archaia Elleniki Istoria                                    Botsford & Robinson                   Grk
9381.110 Hellenic History / maps and pictures                                           Botsford & Robinson                   Grk
9381.120 Elliniki Mythologia                                                            Litsas, Fotios                        Grk
9381.130 Istoria ton Archaion Chronon, os to 30 B.C.                                    Tsaktsiras, Lampros et al             Grk
9381.140 O Megas Alexandros kai o Ellenismos                                            Daskalakis, Ap.                       Grk
9381.150 Hrodotou Istoria (Herodotus)                                                   Sakalis, Ign.                         Grk
9381.160 Thoukididi Istoria (Thucidides)                                                Tsangarakis, Em. Et al                Grk
9381.170 The Echo of Greece                                                             Hamilton, Edith
9381.180 Hellas, a short History of Ancient Greece                                      Robinson, C. E.
           History of Alexander the Great, Geschichte Alexanders des Grossen,           Droysen, Johann.
9381.190 Istoria tou Megalou Alexandrou. Vol. 1                                         (transl. and edited by Apostolidis)   Grk
           History of Alexander the Great, Geschichte Alexanders des Grossen,           Droysen, Johann.
9381.191   Istoria tou Megalou Alexandrou. Vol. 2                                       (transl. and edited by Apostolidis)   Grk
9381.200   Alexander the Great                                                          Green, Peter
           Archaioi Ellenes Istoriografoi, Ancient Greek Historians
9381.210   excerpts from Xenophon and Thukydides(Gr. 10 Textbook)                       Dialismas, K. et al                   Grk
9381.220   Athena, Istoria mias Democratias - Athenes Histoire d'une Democratie         Mosse', Claude                        Mult
9381.230   Thucydides: History of the Peloponnesian War                                 Warner, Max (transl)
9381.240   the Rise of the Greeks                                                       Grant, Michael
9381.250 History of Civilization (Life in Greece)                                       Durant, Will
9381.260 Histoire de la Civilisation (Cesar et le Christ)                               Durant, Will                          Fr
           Ta Politika Kommata ton Archaion Athinon, *** (unavl)
                                                                                        Stergiopoulos, K. D.                  Grk
9381.270   Political Parties in Ancient Athens, Vol. A'
           Ta Politika Kommata ton Archaion Athinon,
                                                                                        Stergiopoulos, K. D.                  Grk
9381.271   Political Parties in Ancient Athens, Vol. B'
9381.280   Charaktirismoi Koinwnikwn Strwmatwn kai h Ennoia tis Taksis stin A. Ellada   Anastasiadis, B. I.                   Grk
9381.290   Athenaikai Klerouchiai, - Athenian Settlements abroad                        Vartsos, John                         Grk
9381.291   O Ennios os Pighi Istorias - Ennus Annales as a Historical Source            Vartsos, John
9381.292   Class Divisions in Fifth Century Athens                                      Vartsos, John
9381.293   Archaia Makedonia (excerpts)                                                 Vartsos, John
                                                                                                                                   87   9/27/2013

           Dytiki Politiki ton Athinon kata ton 5o aiona
                                                                                             Vartsos, John                   Grk
9381.300 (Policy of Athens in the 5th Century BC)
9381.310 the Birth of Greece                                                                 Leveque, Pierre
9381.320 History of Greece - to the Death of Alexander the Great                             Bury, J.B.
9381.350 Istoria tis Archaias Elladas, Vol. 3                                                Kordatos, Giannis               Grk
9381.360 Herodotos Istoria (Melpomeni) - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                Panetsos, Evangelos             Grk
9381.370 Herodotos Istoria (Terpsichori) - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary              Panetsos, Evangelos             Grk
           Thukidides Istoria Peloponnisiakou Polemou Book D
9381.380 - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                              Xifaras, P.                     Grk
           Thukydides Istoria Peloponnisiakou Polemou Book E
9381.390   - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                            Xifaras, P.                     Grk
           Thukydides Istoria Peloponnisiakou Polemou Book 6 & 7
9381.400   - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                            Xifaras, P.                     Grk
           Thukydides Istoria Peloponnisiakou Polemou Book 7 & 8
9381.410   - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                            Xifaras, P.                     Grk
           Thukydides Istoria Peloponnisiakou Polemou Book H
9381.420   - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                            Xifaras, P.                     Grk
9381.430   Xenophon Hellenika, books A & B - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary            Dafermos, Mich.                 Grk
9381.440   Xenophon Hellenika, books C & D - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary            Dafermos, Mich.                 Grk
9381.450   Athenaios Deipnosophistai, Vol. A, - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary         Fotiadis, Evan.                 Grk
9381.460   Athenaios Deipnosophistai, Vol. B, - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary         Fotiadis, Evan.                 Grk
           Pausanias Attika (Travel Reports) Ch. 1-19,
9381.470 - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                              Papahatzis, Nik.                Grk
           Pausanias Attika (Travel Reports) Ch. 20-44,
9381.480   - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                            Papahatzis, Nik.                Grk
           Plutarch Bioi Paralleloi, Themistocles - Camillus
9381.490   - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                            Papakonstantinou, Th.           Grk
           Plutarch Bioi Paralleloi, Pericles - Fabius Maximus
9381.500   - Classical Greek, Modern & Commentary                                            Papakonstantinou, Th.           Grk
9381.510   Thukydides Istoria, Vol.1                                                         Skassis, Errikos et al          Grk
9381.520   Xenophon: Recollections of Socrates and Socrate's Defence before the Jury         Benjamin, Anna (transl)
9381.570 Istoria ton Ellenon, Vol. 1 (Archaios Kosmos)                                       Karagatsis, M.                  Grk

           HELLENISTIC & ROMAN HISTORY 324 BC-337 AD                                         *****
9382.010 The Harvest of Helenism                                                             Peters, F. E.
9382.020 Mikra Asia stous Romaikous Chronous, Asia Minor in Roman Times                      Franke, Peter                   Grk
9382.030 History of Civilization (Caesar and Christ)                                         Durant, Will
           Cesar et Le Christ, 30 BC - 192 AD ((from the series the Story of Civilization)
                                                                                             Durant, Will                    Fr
9382.040 (shelved in 9380..)
           History of the Successors of Alexander the Great, Geschichte des Epigonen         Droysen, Johann. (transl. and
9382.050 Alexanders des Grossen, Istoria ton Diadochon tou Megalou Alexandrou. Vol. 1 edited by Apostolidis)                 Grk
           History of the Successors of Alexander the Great, Geschichte des Epigonen         Droysen, Johann. (transl. and
9382.060 Alexanders des Grossen, Istoria ton Diadochon tou Megalou Alexandrou. Vol. 2 edited by Apostolidis)                 Grk
9382.070 Emergence of Rome as Ruler of the Western World (the)                               Starr, Chester
9382.080 History of Rome                                                                     Botsford, George
9382.090 Fall of the Roman Empire                                                            Grant, Michael
9382.100 World (the) of Late Antiquity, AD 150 - 750                                         Brown, Peter
9382.110 Ancient Antioch                                                                     Downey, Gl.
9382.120 Rome and the Mediterranean (by Livy)                                                Bettenson, Henry (tran)
9382.130 Hannibal's War, Books 21-30 (by Livy)                                               Yardley, J. C. (transl)
9382.140 Twelve Caesars by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus (the)                                 Graves, Robert (transl)
9382.141 I, Claudius                                                                         Graves, Robert
9382.142 Claudius the God                                                                    Graves, Robert
9382.150 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 180-476, Vol I                           Gibbon, Edward
9382.160 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 476-1461, Vol. II                        Gibbon, Edward

           O Pyrros en Italia - Skopoi kai Drasis, ( Pyrrus in Italy) Ph D Thesis            Vartsos, John                   Grk
9382.180 Life in Ancient Rome                                                                Unknown
9382.190 War Commentaries of Caesar                                                          Warner, Rex (transl)
                                                                                                                                 88   9/27/2013

9382.200 Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans Dryden, J. transl.)                          Plutarchos
9382.210 O Ellenismos tis Thrakis stous Romaikous Chronous                                   Kapsis, Antonios             Grk

9382.220 Introduction to the InterTestamental Period (approx. 500 BC to 350AD)               Surburg, Raymond
           Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 98-1461 -
9382.970 an Abridgement by D.M. Low                                                          Gibbon, Edward
9400.000 HISTORY GENERAL OF EUROPE                                                           *****
9400.007 Later Roman Empire (Historians History, Vol.VII)                                    Williams, Henry (ed)
9400.009 Italy (Historians History, Vol. IX)                                                 Williams, Henry (ed)
9400.025 XXXXX (Historians History, Vol. XXV) - unavailable                                  Williams, Henry (ed)
9400.030 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni (Textbook) A                                          Several                      Grk
9400.040 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni (Textbook) B                                          Several                      Grk
9400.050 Neoteri Evropaiki Istoria (Textbook)                                                Several                      Grk
9400.081 Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. 1, the Christian Roman Empire etc                  Bury, J.B. et al (ed)
           Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. 2, the Rise of the Saracens and the
9400.082   Foundation of the Western Empire                                                  Bury,   J.B. et al (ed)
9400.083   Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. 3, Germany and the Western Empire                Bury,   J.B. et al (ed)
9400.084   Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. 4, (unavail)                                     Bury,   J.B. et al (ed)
9400.085   Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. 5, Contest of Empire and Papacy                  Bury,   J.B. et al (ed)
9400.086   Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. 6, (unavail)
9400.100 World War I in Colour                                                               Messenger, Charles (ed)
9400.101 The Children's Story of the War - (WW I) - Vol. 2                                   Parrott, Edward
9400.102 The Children's Story of the War - (WW I) - Vol. 2                                   Parrott, Edward
9400.103 No Mans Land , 1918, the Last Year of WW I                                          Toland, John
9400.104 Revolutions and Peace Treaties, 1917-1920                                           Schultz, Gerhard
9400.110 Conspirators (documentary novel for causes of WW I)                                 Bernstein, Michael, Andre'
9400.120 the Fate of the Romanovs                                                            King, Greg & Wilson, Penny
9400.140 Christianity in the Roman Empire - Why Did it Succeed?                              Tierney, Brian et al (ed)
9400.200 Fall of the Soviet Union (Toronto Newspapers)                                       Several
9400.210 Patriots' Revolution, How East Europe won its Freedom                               Frankland, Mark
9400.220 The (Berlin) Wall Came Tumbling Down                                                Bornstein, Jerry
9400.231 Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II (of Spain) , (orig. in French), Vol.1   Braudel, Fernand
9400.232 Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II (of Spain) , (orig. in French), Vol.2   Braudel, Fernand
9400.240 An Imperial Possession - Britain in the Roman Empire, 54 BC-AD 409                  Mattingly, David
9400.250 Sea Warriors (the) - Naval Warfare in the Age of Nelson                             Woodman, Richard
9400.260 Fighting Ships - a brief History of (sea battles 1793-1815)                         Davies, David
           Paris au Front d'Insurge' - La Commune en Images                                  Feld, Charles and
9400.270 Illustrated History of the Paris Commune                                            Hincker, Francois (ed)       Fr
9400.280 Paris in the Terror                                                                 Loomis, Stanley
9400.290 Byzantine East and Latin West                                                       Geanakopoulos, Deno
9400.300 Crusades (the) (transl. by Anne Carter)                                             Oldenboourg, Zoe
9400.310 History of the Crusades, Vol. I, the First Crusade                                  Runciman, Steven
9400.311 Crossed - a Tale of the Fourth Crusade - Fall of Constantinoupolis                  Galland, Nicole
9400.320 Age of Chivalry                                                                     Several
9400.330 Neomartures Servoi ston 20on aiona, 1941-45 and 1991-94 (Serbia)                    Sotiriou, Stefanos           Grk
9400.340 Kosovo War , NATO against Yugoslavia                                                Several
9400.341 Kosovo Revisited (Serbian and English)                                              HadziDragan, Antic           Serb
9400.350 Coinage in the Balkans (820-1355)                                                   Metcalf, D. M.
9400.360 Balkan Wars-Myth, Reality and the Eternal Conflict                                  Gerolymatos, Andre'
9400.361 the Gardeners of Salonika- the Macedonian Campaign 1915-1918                        Palmer, Alan
9400.370 Balkan States, an Introduction to their History                                     Mylonas, George
           Istoria ton Kraton tis Chersonisou tou Aimou -1908-1914,
9400.371 (Vol.1, 1908-Dec. 1912) Balkan History                                              Vlachos, Nikolaos            Grk
                                                                                                                          89   9/27/2013

9400.380 Readings in Medieval Historiography                                        Vryonis, Speros
9400.390 Medieval (the) World, Europe 1100-1350                                     Heer, Friedrich
9400.400 Church (the) Reform of Peter the Great                                     Cracraft, James
9400.410 Napoleon's Russian Campaign                                                DeSegur, Philippe
9400.420 Byzantine Roots of Ucrainian Christianity                                  Sevsenco, Ihor
9400.470 ************** Space reserved for large books
9400.530 Germany (the Origins of Modern)                                            Barraclough, Geoffrey
9400.550 European Economic Integration, 1815-1970                                   Pollard, Sidney
9400.560 Scanderberg, Eagle of Albania                                              Ewert, Charles
9400.570 Medieval History, Life and Death of a Civilization                         Cantor, Norman
9400.580 Medieval Western Civilization and the Byzantine and Islamic Worlds         Geanakopoulos, Deno
9400.590 La Chretiente' et l'idee de Croisade                                       Dupront, Alphonse                Fr
9400.600 Histoire de la Civilisation (L'Age de la Foi)                              Durant, Will                     Fr
9400.610 Histoire de la Civilisation (La Renaissance)                               Durant, Will                     Fr
           The Age of Faith (Vol. IV of the series "the Story of Civilization",
9400.620 - see also sect. 9382                                                      Durant, Will
9400.630 The Age of Faith (Series Great Ages of Man)                                Fremantle, Anne
9400.640 Faces of a Nation - the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union                  VonLaue, Theod. & Angela
9400.641 A Brief History of 1917, Russia's Year of Revolution                       Bainton, Roy
9400.642 Ten Days that shook the World                                              Read, John
9400.650 History of Russia                                                          Lawrence, John
9400..651 a History of Russia (from Ancient Beginnings to 1991)                     Lawrence, John
9401.652 From Kievan Russ' to Modern Ukraine: Formation of the Ukrainian Nation     Several
9400..653 About the Origin of the Name "White Russia"                               Ostrowski, Wiktor
9400.660 Short History of the Russian Revolution                                    Carmichael, Joel
9400.680 The Age of Revolution (History of English Speaking People, Vol. 3)         Churchil, Winston
9400.690 Estonian History -                                            Raudkivi, Priit
9405.000 HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II                                                    *****
9405.010 The Oxford Companion to WW II                                              Dear, I C B & Foot, M R D (ed)
9405.011 the War of the World - 20th Century Conflict and the Descent of the West   Ferguson, Niall
9405.020 History of the Second World War                                            Hart, Liddel
9405.030 Last Battle                                                                Ryan, Cornelius
9405.040 WW II History, Gathering of the Storm, Vol 1                               Churchil, Winston
9405.050 WW II History, Their finest Hour , Vol 2                                   Churchil, Winston
9405.060 WW II History, Grand Alliance, Vol 3                                       Churchil, Winston
9405.070 WW II History, The Hinge of Fate, Vol 4                                    Churchil, Winston
9405.080 WW II History, Closing the Ring, Vol 5                                     Churchil, Winston
9405.090 WW II History, Triumph and Tragedy, Vol 6                                  Churchil, Winston
9405.100 Paris Burning (is?) (August 1944)                                          Collins, Larry et al
9405.101 European Resistance Movements                                              Dupuy, Trevor
9405.102 Conquest of the Balkans                                                    Several
9405.103 Partisans and Guerrillas, WW II                                            Bailey, Ronald
9405.104 The Horns of the Moon (Hitler's Biography)                                 Smith, Gene
9405.105 Stalingrad, the Battle that saved the World                                Sammis, Edward
9405.106 Roosevelt and Churchill                                                    Langley, Harold et al (ed)
9405.107 The War Years, Diaries & Letters                                           Nicolson, Nigel
9405.108 The Fringes of Power, Diaries 1939-1945                                    Colville, John
                                                                                                                       90   9/27/2013

9405.109 The Memoirs of Lord Ismay                                               Ismay, H. L.
9405.110 Hitler, a Study in Tyranny                                              Bullock, Alan
9405.120 Gestapo (the), A History of horror                                      Delarue, Jacques
9405.130 Gestapo                                                                 Crankshaw, Edward
9405.140 Inside the Third Reich                                                  Speer, Albert
9405.150 Spandau, the Secret Diaries                                             Speer, Albert
9405.160 the Last days of Hitler                                                 Trevor-Roper, H.
9405.170 Hitler's Secret Service                                                 Shellenberg, Walter
9405.180 Gehlen: Germany's Master Spy (see also 9405.391)                        Whitting, Charles
9405.190 Resistance, France 1940-45                                              Ehrlich, Blake
9405.200 One Woman's War                                                         Arnold, Gladys
9405.210 War as I knew it                                                        Patton, George
9405.220 Rommel and Patton                                                       Rohmer, Richard
9405.230 Qui ose Vaincra (les Parachutists de la France Libre)                   Bonnecarrere, Paul
9405.240 Corfu Incident (the)                                                    Maclean, Alistair
9405.250 H.M.S. Ulysses                                                          Maclean, Alistair
9405.260 Pursuit, the sinking of Bismark                                         Kennedy, Ludovic
9405.270 Tipitz                                                                  Woodward, David
9405.280 Graf Spee, the Last Voyage                                              Powell, Michael
9405.290 Night of the U-Boats                                                    Lund, Paul
9405.300 Blitz-krieg (from the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk)            Deighton, Len
9405.310 The Battle of the Bulge                                                 Merriam, Robert
9405.320 In Pursuit of Freedom                                                   Bishop, Jack
9405.330 the War Against the Jews, 1933-45                                       Dawidowicz, Lucy
9405.340 Hitler as a Military Commander                                          Strawson, John
9405.350 Interpid's Last Case                                                    Stephenson, William
9405.360 Meeting at Potsdam (Truman, Churchill, Stalin)                          Mee, Charles
9405.370 Istoria tou 2ou Pangosmiou Polemou (vol.1, ora X, 1st Sept. 1939)       Cartier, Raymond                Grk
9405.380 Crete 1941. The Battle at Sea                                           Thomas, David
9405.390 The Arms of Krupp, 1587 - 1968                                          Manchester, Williams
9405.391 The Service - Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen (German Nazi)          Gehlen, Reihard
9405.400 the Defence of Moscow - Purnell's History of WW II                      Jukes, Geoffrey
9405.410 Stalingrad, the Turning Point -Purnell's History of WW II               Jukes, Geoffrey
9405.420 Eichmann in Jerusalem                                                   Arredt, Hannah
9405.430 the Last 100 Days (of WW II in Europe)                                  Toland, John
9405.440 Pictorial History of the 3rd Reich                                      Neumann, Robert
9405.450 The Nazi Connection ( a True Spy Account)                               Winterbotham, F.
9405.451 The Ultra Secret, (the Breaking of the German Code)                     Winterbotham, F.
9405.452 Bodyguard of Lies (British Intelligence in WW II, Ultra)                Brown, Anthony
9405.453 the Flames of Calais - a Soldier's Battle 1940                          Neave, Airey
9405.454 Martyred Village - the 1944 Massacre at Oradur-sur-Glance               Farmer, Sarah
           IBM and the Holocaust - the Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany
9405.455 and America's most Powerful Corporation                                 Black, Edwin
9405.456 The Bunker (Hitler's Last Days and Suicide. Eyewitness Account!)        O'Donnel, James
9405.470 Prelude to WW II                                                        Elson, Robert
9405.480 Great Land Battles of WW II                                             Hogg, Ian
9405.490 Aviateurs et Resistants, Revue de l' Aviation Francaise                 Lassere, Jean (ed)              Fr
9405.500 Atlas of World War II                                                   Sommer, Robin et al
9405.510 Great Photographers of WW II                                            Boot, Chriss
9405.520 Illustrated History of World War II                                     Becket, Ian
9405.530 Great Front Pages, D Day to Victory                                     Vaughan, Wynford
9405.540 Life Goes to War, a Picture History of World War II                     Scherman, David (ed)
9405.550 World War II, Wall Chart (for the U.S. Military Academy)                Kirkpatrick, Charles
9405.560 Illustrated WW II Encyclopedia Vol.1                                    Bauer, Eddy et al
9405.561 Illustrated WW II Encyclopedia Vol.2                                    Bauer, Eddy et al
9405.562 Illustrated WW II Encyclopedia Vol.3                                    Bauer, Eddy et al
                                                                                 Barrett, M.- Grandstaff, Mark
9405.570 World War II                                                            Paul, Michael & Welch, David
9405.580 the Timechart History of WW II, - (Double sided chart)                  Gibbons, David
9405.591 Not in Vain (Normandy to the Rhine)                                     Stacey, C.P.- Bell, Ken
                                                                                                                                 91   9/27/2013

9405.592 D - Day, Why it matters 60 Years Later                                            Several
9405.593 D Day - 40th Anniversary                                                          Several
9405.610 Russia at War (1941-1945)                                                         Werth, Alexander
9405.620 Battle of Crete, May 1941 (General Staff of Hellenic Army)                        Several
           WW II 50th Anniversary, Toronto Star &
9405.630 Canadians Land in Italy, Globe and Mail, July 1943                                Several
9405.640 Conquest of the Balkans *** Missing ***
9405.650 Peninta Xronia apo tin Antifasistiki Niki (50 Years since Victory)                Several                         Grk
9405.660 History of WW II, Issues # 10, 15, 17, 21, 22                                     Several
9405.680 Shockwave - the Countdown to Hiroshima                                            Walker, Stephen
9405.690 Liberty and Freedom                                                               Hackett, David
9405.700 Operation Sea Lion - German Plan for the Invasion of England, 1939-1942           Wheatley, Ronald
9405.701 Operation Sea Lion - German Plan for the Invasion of England in 1940              Fleming, Peter
9405.710 WW II History, Gathering of the Storm, Vol 1                                      Churchil, Winston
9405.720 WW II History, Their finest Hour , Vol 2                                          Churchil, Winston
9405.730 WW II History, Grand Alliance, Vol 3                                              Churchil, Winston
9405.740 WW II History, The Hinge of Fate, Vol 4                                           Churchil, Winston
9405.750 WW II History, Closing the Ring, Vol 5                                            Churchil, Winston
9405.760 WW II History, Triumph and Tragedy, Vol 6                                         Churchil, Winston
9405.770 Rommel - the German African Corps (transl from German)                            Von-Esebeck, Hans               Grk
9405.780 Ten Days to D - Day, Citizens and Soldiers on the Eve of the Invasion             Stafford, David
9405.781 The Struggle for Europe                                                           Wilmot, Chester
9405.790 Operation Lucy ( the Lucy Spy Ring in Switzerland during WW II)                   Read, Anthony & Fishrr, David
9405.801 Rhineland, the Battle to End the War                                              Whitaker, Denis & Shelagh
9405.802 Personal Diary of Admiral Mountbatten, 1943-1946                                  Mountbatten, Louis - Lord
9405.803 Monty's Highlanders - 51st Highland Division in WW II                             Delaforce, Patrick
9405.805 Day One - Before Hiroshima and After                                              Wyden, Peter
9405.989 The Day the War Ended - VE Day 1945                                               Gilbert, Martin
9495.000 HISTORY OF GREECE (general)                                                       *****
9495.002 Hellenika                                                                         Limber, Peter
9495.003 Old and New Thermopylae                                                           Magazis, George
9495.004 Greece, an Illustrat.Survey, History, Vol 1                                       Kyriakidis, B.
9495.005 Greece, an Illustrat.Survey, History, Vol 2                                       Kyriakidis, B.
9495.006 Ekthesis tis Polemikis Istorias ton Ellinon Vol 1                                 Committee                       Grk
9495.007 Ekthesis tis Polemikis Istorias ton Ellinon Vol 2                                 Committee                       Grk
9495.008 H Ellas dia mesou ton Aionon (Greece through the Centuries)                       Menoudakos, K.                  Grk
9495.009 Kerkyraika Chronika, Tomos 13                                                     Several                         Grk
9495.010 Kerkyraika Chronika, Tomos 15, Afieroma stin Eptaniso                             Several                         Grk
9495.011 Diavase na Matheis (written by a semiliterate)                                    Pappas, Ioannis                 Grk
9495.012 Istoria, Politismos, …. Tis Ellinikis Fylis                                       Kontos, Georgios                Grk
9495.013 Dodone - Istoria kai Archaiologia                                                 Several                         Grk
9495.014 Greeks in the Black Sea (from the Bronze Age to the Eally 20th Century)           Koromila, Marianna
           The Greeks, the Triumphant Journey -
9495.015 From the Ancient Greeks to Greek Americans                                        Several
9495.016 Neotera Chronia, (Grade 6 Textbook and Workbook)                                  Several                         Grk
           Neotera kai Synchrona Chronia (Grade 6 Textbook and workbook) -
9495.017   (Book was removed from the curricullum one year later, due to public protest)   Repousi, Maria et al            Grk
           Xenokratia, Misellenismos kai Ypoteleia (apo tous Romaious os tin E.O.K.)
9495.018   (Xenocracy, Miso-Hellenism and Subjection                                       Simopoulos, Kyriakos            Grk
9495.019   H Poreia tou Ellenikou Ethnous (Path of the Greek Nation)                       Hliopoulos, Kostas              Grk
9495.020   Ellenika, Filologiko Istoriko kai Laografiko Periodiko                          Several                         Grk
9495.051 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from Early Antiquity till 450BC (approx), Vol. 1    Paparrigopoulos,   Konst.       Grk
9495.052 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 2              Paparrigopoulos,   Konst.       Grk
9495.053 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 3              Paparrigopoulos,   Konst.       Grk
9495.054 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 4              Paparrigopoulos,   Konst.       Grk
                                                                                                                           92   9/27/2013

9495.055 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 5     Paparrigopoulos, Konst.            Grk
9495.056 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 6     Paparrigopoulos, Konst.            Grk
9495.057 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 7     Paparrigopoulos, Konst.            Grk
9495.058 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 8     Paparrigopoulos, Konst.            Grk
9495.059 Istoria tou Ellhnikou Ethnous from 451BC till 330BC (approx), Vol. 9     Paparrigopoulos, Konst.            Grk
9495.060 Ellas, h Synchroni Synecheia, apo to 1821 mechri Simera (1821-2006)      Veremis, Th & Koliopoulos, I.      Grk
9495.098 HPEIROS Theon, Anthropon kai Hroon                                       Hatzopoulou, Litsa et al           Grk
9495.099 *** SEE ALSO SECTION 9380 ***
9495.100 BYZANTINE HISTORY 324 - 1453                                             *****
9495.101 To Byzantio os Oikoumeni (Timeline Byzantium insert)                     Several                            Grk
                                                                                  AhrWeiler, Helene,-Stratos, Nia-
           Byzantium, Tribute to Andrea N. Stratos, Vol. 1, (Grk,Engl,Germ, Fr)                                      Grk
9495.102                                                                          Runciman, St.
9495.103 Byzantium, Tribute to Andrea N. Stratos, Vol. 2, (Grk,Engl,Germ, Fr)     Stratos, Nia et al                 Grk
9495.104 Istoria tis Byzantinis Autokratorias, 324-1453 (transl. D., Avramis)     Vasiliev, A. A.                    Grk
9495.105 History of Byzant. Empire (324-1453) Vol. 1 & 2 (hardcopy)               Vasiliev, A. A.
9495.106 History of Byzant. Empire (324-1453) Vol 1 & 2 (soft cover)              Vasiliev, A. A.
9495.107 Short History of the Near East, 330-1922                                 Davis, William
9495.108 History of the Byzantine Empire, Mother of Nations                       Franzius, Enno
9495.109 Byzantium: Greatness and Decline                                         Diehl, Charles
9495.110 Medieval History, Life and Death of a Civilization                       Cantor, Norman
9495.111 Byzantium and the Decline of Rome                                        Kaegi, Walter
9495.112 Age of Constantine the Great                                             Burckhardt, Jacob
9495.113 Emperor Julian                                                           Browning, Robert
9495.114 Julian (a novel)                                                         Vidal, Gore
9495.115 Istoria tou Velisariou                                                   Bakker & Van Gemert                Grk
9495.116 Justinian and his Age                                                    Ure, P.
9495.117 Byzantine Christianity, Emperor, Church and the West                     Magoulias, Harry
9495.118 Ekklesistiki Politiki Ioustinianou                                       Xrysos, Evangelos                  Grk
9495.119 Byzantine (the) Patriarchate                                             Every, George, SSM
9495.120 Syntomi Istoria Byzantiou,(Brief Byz. History)                           Norwich, J. (Tr. Kostelenos D.)    Grk
9495.121 Genealogia Komninon (Genealogy of Kom.)                                  Barzos, Constantinos               Grk
9495.122 Pigai Byzantinis Istorias, (Sources of Byzantine History)                Karagiannopoulos, I.               Grk
9495.123 Byzantino Kratos, Byzant.State) Vol 1                                    Karagiannopoulos, I.               Grk
9495.124 Byzantino Kratos, Byzant.State) Vol 2                                    Karagiannopoulos, I.               Grk
           Byzantini Filanthropia kai Koinoniki Pronoia
                                                                                  Constantelos, Demetrios            Grk
9495.125 (Byzant. Philanthropy and Social Welfare)
9495.126 Scholars of Byzantium                                                    Wilson, N. G.

9495.127 Orhodox-Muslim Mixed Marriages circa 1297-1453                           Rakintzakis, George (Bishop)
9495.128 Byzantium, What was their Life                                           Fawcett, Raymond (Ed)
9495.129 The "Actualite" of Byzantium and Orthodoxy                               Ahrweiler-Glycatzi, Helen
9495.130 Studies in Byzantine History                                             Tsirpanlis, Constantine

           Byzantiaka, (Byzantine Lectures) Vol. 1                                Karagiannopoulos, I (ed)           Grk
9495.132 Byzantiaka, (Byzantine Lectures) Vol. 2                                  Karagiannopoulos, I (ed)           Grk
9495.133 Byzantiaka, (Byzantine Lectures) Vol. 3                                  Karagiannopoulos, I (ed)           Grk
9495.134 Byzantiaka, (Byzantine Lectures) Vol. 4                                  Karagiannopoulos, I (ed)           Grk
9495.135 Byzantiaka, (Byzantine Lectures) Vol. 5                                  Karagiannopoulos, I (ed)           Grk
9495.136 Byzantiaka, (Byzantine Lectures) Vol. 12                                 Karagiannopoulos, I (ed)           Grk
9495.137 Theofylaktos Achridas and West Macedonia, 11-12 century, (excerpt)       Nerantzi-Varmazi, Vaso             Grk
9495.138 Byzantiaka, Vol.3 1366-67, (excerpt)                                     Nerantzi-Varmazi, Vaso             Grk
9495.139 Byzantina, (excerpt Vol.13) 1360-70                                      Nerantzi-Varmazi, Vaso             Grk
9495.140 Byzantina, (excerpt Vol.10) 1341-42                                      Nerantzi-Varmazi, Vaso             Grk
9495.141 Kathimerini Zoh sto Byzantio (exerpt)                                    Nerantzi-Varmazi, Vaso             Grk
9495.142 Byzantium, an Introduction                                               Whitting, Philip
9495.143 Cartulary A of the Saint John Prodromos Monastery                        Dujcev, Ivan (ed)
9495.144 Byzantine World (the)                                                    Hussey, J.M.
9495.145 Byzantium, its Triumphs and Tragedy                                      Guerdan, Rene'
9495.146 Byzantine Civilization                                                   Runciman, Steve
9495.147 Byzantine East and Latin West                                            Geanakopoulos, Deno
9495.148 Sto Sxoleio me Charti kai Kalamari                                       Markopoulos, Thanos                Grk
9495.149 Byzantine Fellowship Lectures (Grk/Eng)                                  Vaporis et al                      Grk
9495.150 Romaiki & Byzantini Istoria Grade 5)                                     Vouyioukas, Ar.                    Grk
                                                                                                                                      93   9/27/2013

9495.151 Epitomi Istorion, Voll 3                                                             Zonaras, Ioannie
9495.152 Fall (the) of Constantinople, 1453                                                   Runciman, Steven
9495.153 Last (the) of the Byzantines                                                         Rodokanakis, J. A. (ed)
9495.154 1453, Ystati Agonia tis Byzantinis Protevousas                                       Koromila, Marianna               Grk
9495.155 Istoria tou Byzantinou Kratous, Vol. 1, 324 -565                                     Karagiannopoulos, I.             Grk
9495.156 Istoria tou Byzantinou Kratous, Vol. 2, 565-1081                                     Karagiannopoulos, I.             Grk
9495.157 Istoria tou Byzantinou Kratous, Vol. 3, 1081-1453                                    Karagiannopoulos, I.             Grk
           Ellenes kai Latinoi,. The Ecclesiastical Diversification of the Greeks and the
9495.158 Latins, from the Time of St. Photius to the Council of Florence, 858-1439            Fouyas, Methodios - Archbishop   Grk
                                                                                              Schlumberger, G. (transl.
9495.159 Byzantini Epopoiia, Byzantine Legend , Volume 2, 969-989                             Voutyras, S.)                    Grk
                                                                                              Schlumberger, G. (transl.
9495.160 Byzantini Epopoiia, Byzantine Legend , Vol. 5 -6, 989 - 1025                         Lampridis, I.                    Grk
                                                                                              Schlumberger, G. (transl.
9495.161 Byzantini Epopoiia, Byzantine Legend , Vol. 7 - 8, 1026 - 1056                       Lampridis, I.                    Grk
           Byzantini Epopoiia, Byzantini Aftokratoria kai Frangiki Monarchia, Byzantine
9495.162   Empire and Frankish Monarchy, Vol. 9 -10, 337 888                                  Gasquet, A. (trans. Voutyras, S.) Grk
9495.163   Byzantini Aftokratoria, 324 - 1071                                                 Zakythinos, Dion.                 Grk
9495.164   Byzantium's Last Imperial Offensive in Asia Minor                                  Langton. John
9495.165   Byzantino'n Bios kai Politismos, Vol. 3                                            Koukoules, Phedon                 Grk
9495.166   Byzantini Diplomatiki (Aftokratorika Engrafa)                                      Karagiannopoulos, I.              Grk

9495.167 Byzantina kai Meta-Byzantina, Vol. 1, Part I                                         Mavris, N. G. (ed)

9495.168 Byzantina kai Meta-Byzantina, Vol. 1, Part II                                        Mavris, N. G. (ed)
9495.169 Premier (le) Humanisme Byzantin                                                      Meillet, Antoine (               Grk
9495.170 500 Eti apo tin Alosi, 500 Years since the Fall                                      Several                          Grk
9495.171 Byzantium, an Introduction to East Roman Civilization                                Baynes, Norman et al (ed)
9495.172 Byzantion kai Byzantinos Politismos                                                  Esselig, D. K.                   Grk
9495.173 Politiki Ideologia tis Byzantinis Aftokratorias                                      Ahrweiler-Glycatzi, Helen        Grk
           Patriarch and the Prince, (the Letter of Patr. Photios of Constantinople to Khan
9495.174 Boris of Bulgaria)                                                                   White, Despina et al
9495.175 Patriarch Nikeforos of Constantinople (author Unknown)                               Tobias, Norman (transl.)
                                                                                              Pilidis, Iakovos
           Titloi, Officia kai Axiomata en ti Byzantini Autocratoria (see also 2710.36)                                        Grk
9495.176                                                                                      (Bishop of Katanis)
           Eklogi, Anagoreusis kai Stepsis tou Byzantinou Autocratoros, (Selection and
9495.177 Proclamation of the Byzantine Emperor)                                               Xristfilopoulou, Aikaterini      Grk
9495.178 Byzantium (from the Series-Great Ages of Man)                                        Sherrard, Philip
9495.179 Imperial Byzantium                                                                   Diener, Bertha
9495.180 Byzantine Missions among the Slavs - SS. Constantine-Cyril and Methodius             Dvornik, Francis
9495.181 Chronographia of Michael Psellus                                                     Sewter, E.R.A. (transl)
9495.182 Alexiad (the) of Anna Comnena                                                        Sewter, E.R.A. (transl)
9495.183 Istoria tou Byzantinou Politismou                                                    Roth, Karl - Svoronos Transl.    Grk
9495.184 History of the Byzantine State                                                       Ostrogorsky, George
9495.185 Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. IV, the Eastern Roman Empire, (717-1453)            Bury, J.B. et al (ed)
           Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. IV, the Byzantine Empire, Part I, Byzantium and
                                                                                              Hussey, J. M. (ed)
9495.186 its Neighbours
           Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. IV, the Byzantine Empire, Part II, Government,
                                                                                              Hussey, J. M. (ed)
9495.187   Church and Civilisation
9495.188   Byzantio, Bios - Thesmoi -Koinonia -Paideia -Techni                                Feidas, Vlasis                   Grk
9495.189   To Chroniko tis Aloseos (Constantinople)                                           Frantzis, Georg et al            Grk
9495.190   H Megali Agnoimeni Byzantini Autocratoria                                          Koutsoubinas, Spyros             Grk
9495.191   History of the Byzantine Empire, from 716 to 1057                                  Finlay, George
9495.192   Byzantine Empire                                                                   Baynes, Norman et al (ed)
9495.193   Byzantini Thalassia Dynamis (Byzantine Sea Force)                                  Alexandris, K. A.                Grk
9495.194   Istoria tou Byzantinou Kratous                                                     Amantos, Const.                  Grk
9495.195   Justinian and the later Roman Empire                                               Barker, John
9495.196   Byzantines (the)                                                                   Chubb, Thomas
9495.197   Byzantium - Church, Society and Civilization                                       Geanakopoulos, Deno
9495.198   Last Centuries of Byzantium, 1261-1453 (the)                                       Nicol, Donald
9495.199   Byzantium and Islam ( Greek Orth. Theol. Review, Vol. 27)                          Several
9495.200 Byzance avant L' Islam, Vol. 2, (Byzance et L' Occident)                             Goubert, Paul                    Fr
9495.201 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 180-476, Vol I                            Gibbon, Edward
9495.202 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 476-1461, Vol. II                         Gibbon, Edward
           Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 98-1461,
9495.203 (an Abridgement by D.M. Low) - (the last 3 books are shelved in Sect. 9382)          Gibbon, Edward
9495.204 An Annotated Bibliography of Byzantine Sources                                       Hanawalt, Emily
                                                                                                                                       94   9/27/2013

           Istoria tis Frangokratias stin Ellada (History of Frankish Occupation of Greece)
                                                                                              Miller, William                    Grk
9495.205 1204 - 1566. Transl. by A. Fouriotis

9495.206 Origins of the Greek Nation - the Byzantine Period, 1204-1461                        Vacalopoulos, Apostolos
9495.207 Istoria tou Neou Ellenismou ~1261 - 1453, Vol. 1 (shelved in sect. 9195.3)           Vacalopoulos, Apostolos            Grk
9495.208 Istoria tou Neou Ellenismou 1453 - 1669, Vol. 2 (shelved in sect. 9195.3)            Vacalopoulos, Apostolos            Grk
9495.209 Piges tis Istorias tou Neou Ellenismou, Vol.1, (1204-1669)                           Vacalopoulos, Apostolos            Grk
9495.210 Piges tis Istorias tou Neou Ellenismou, Vol. 2 (unavl) ????                          Vacalopoulos, Apostolos            Grk
9495.211 Byzantische Zeytschrift (excerpt from)                                               Grigoriadis, I (Thessalon.)
9495.212 Stavrofories (a humoristic view of the Crusades)                                     Tsiforos, Nikos                    Grk
9495.213 1453 - The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and the West           Crowley, Roger
9495.214 Epetiris Etaireias Byzantinon Spoudon, Etos 25                                       Several                            Grk
9495.215 Diptycha, Vol. A'                                                                    Several                            Grk
           Crossed - a Tale of the Fourth Crusade - Fall of Constantinoupolis
9495.216 (shelved in. 9400)                                                                   Galland, Nicole
9495.217 Ioannes Skylitzes Continuatus - Synecheia tis Chronografias tou I. Sk.               Tsolakis, Evdoxos                  Grk
9495.218 Istoria Roma:iki kai Mesaiwniki, 146 BC - 1453 AD (textbook)                         Kalokairinos, Kostas               Grk
9495.219 the Great Ignored Byzantine Empire                                                   Coutsoubinas, Speros

           BYZANTINA -Epist. Organon Kentrou Byzantinon Erevnon Philosofikis Scholis          Karayannopoulos, I -Apostolakis,
           Vols 6, 7,8,10, 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 (some Missing)                      G & Lionis, A. (ed)
9495.221 Byzantinai Meletai Intern. Scient. Annals on Byzantium                               Nezeritis, Angelos (ed)            Grk
9495.300 GREEK HISTORY 1453 - 1821                                                            *****
9495.301 Elliniki Emporiki Naftilia                                                           Papadopoulos, St. A.               Grk
9495.302 Byzantine Tradition after 1453                                                       Yiannias, John                     Grk
9495.303 Charta tis Elladas Riga Velestinli                                                   Mitragkas, Georgios
9495.304 Istoria tou Neou Ellenismou ~100 - 1453, Vol. 1                                      Vacalopoulos, Apostolos            Grk
9495.305 Istoria tou Neou Ellenismou 1453 - 1669, Vol. 2                                      Vacalopoulos, Apostolos            Grk
9495.306 Filiki Etairia                                                                       Tzanetis, Ilias                    Grk
9495.307 Decline of Medieval Hellenism in Asia Minor                                          Vryonis, Speros
           Istoria tou Ellhn. Ethnous, 1669-1821, Tourkokratia-Latinokratia,
                                                                                              Several                            Grk
9495.308 Volume Iota Alpha, (11) (shelved in 9380)
         H Ekklesia eis ton Agona tis Eleftherias, Ekklesia in the Struggle for Liberty,
                                                                                              Vovolinis, Const.                  Grk
9495.309 1453-1953
9495.400 GREEK HISTORY 1821 - 1924                                                            *****
9495.401 Elliniki Epanastasi (Greek Revolution,1821) Vol. 1                                   Kokkinos, Dionysios                Grk
9495.402 Elliniki Epanastasi (Greek Revolution,1821) Vol. 2                                   Kokkinos, Dionysios                Grk
9495.403 Elliniki Epanastasi (Greek Revolution,1821) Vol.3                                    Kokkinos, Dionysios                Grk
9495.404 Elliniki Epanastasi (Greek Revolution,1821) Vol. 4                                   Kokkinos, Dionysios                Grk
9495.405 Elliniki Epanastasi (Greek Revolution,1821) Vol. 5                                   Kokkinos, Dionysios                Grk
9495.406 Elliniki Epanastasi (Greek Revolution,1821) Vol. 6                                   Kokkinos, Dionysios                Grk
9495.407 Politiki Istoria tis Ellados, 1821 - 1980, Nomothetika kai Ektelestika Somata        Provatas, Alkiviades               Grk
9495.408 Afieroma sto Hpeirotiko 21                                                           Several                            Grk
9495.409 Mnimi Souliou                                                                        Krapsitis, Basil.                  Grk
9495.410 Efemerides tis Ellenikis Epanastaseos, 1832 - 1833. Vol. 2 - (photocopies)           Several                            Grk
9495.411 Filiki Etairia (see 9495.306)                                                        Tzanetis, Ilias                    Grk
9495.412 To eikosiena (1821)                                                                  Peranthis, Michalis                Grk
           Oramata kai Thamata, to Cheirografo tou Makrygianni (photocopy of the hand-
9495.413 written original document)                                                           Makrygiannis, Yiannis              Grk
                                                                                              Makrygiannis, Yiannis (edited by
9495.414 Oramata kai Thamata, to Cheirografo tou Makrygianni (Metagrafi -printed)             A. Papakostas)                     Grk
9495.415 Apomnimonevmata Makrygianni                                                          Vlahoyiannis, Yiannis (ed)         Grk
9495.416 O Stratigos Makrygiannis, Pateras kai Daskalos tou Genous                            Dionysatos, Theoklitos             Grk
9495.417 To Tetradio tou Makrygianni (MSS 262)                                                Lorentzatos, Zisimos               Grk
9495.418 Makrygiannis, to Chroniko mias Epopoiias                                             Stamelos, Dimitris                 Grk
9495.419 Apanta Makrygianni, (complete ed. by Elli Alexiou) Tomos 1                           Makrygiannis, Yiannis              Grk
9495.420 Apanta Makrygianni, (complete ed. by Elli Alexiou) Tomos 2                           Makrygiannis, Yiannis              Grk
9495.421 Apanta Makrygianni, (complete ed. by Elli Alexiou) Tomos 3                           Makrygiannis, Yiannis              Grk
9495.422 Apanta Kolokotroni, (complete ed. by Elli Alexiou) Tomos 1                           Several                            Grk
9495.423 Apanta Kolokotroni, (complete ed. by Elli Alexiou) Tomos 2                           Several                            Grk
9495.424 Apanta Kolokotroni, (complete ed. by Elli Alexiou) Tomos 3                           Several                            Grk
                                                                                                                             95   9/27/2013

9495.426 Ta Ellenopoula stous Ethnikous Agones (apo to Paidomazoma os ti Mikrasia)         Marinellis, Elefterios      Grk
9495.427 Kanellos Deligiannis                                                              Papagiorgis, Kostis         Grk
9495.428 Selides apo ti Neoteran Ellenikin Istoria (1821-1912)                             Kyriakopoulos, Kostas       Grk
           Istoria ton Kraton tis Chersonisou tou Aimou -1908-1914,
9495.429 (Vol.1, 1908-Dec. 1912) Balkan History (shelved as 9400.28)                       Vlachos, Nikolaos           Grk
9495.430 Istoria EllinoBoulgarikou Polemou 1913                                            Ampelas, Timoleon           Grk
9495.431 Osa Thymamai, 1900 - 1969, Vol. 1 (Garnizon Ousiak, 1922-1923)                    Apostolidis, Petros         Grk
           Epitomos Istoria Ekstrateias Mikras Asias 1919-1922
9495.433 History of the Asia Minor Campaign                                                Several                     Grk
9495.434 H Iatriki sti Synchroni Elliniki Istoria, Vol. D, Balkanikoi Polemoi, 1912-13     Skampardonis, Gr.           Grk
9495.436 Enopoiisi tis Elladas, 1770-1923                                                  Dakin, Douglas              Grk
         Politiki Istoria tis Neoteras Ellados, 1821 -1899, Vol.1 (Award of Athens
                                                                                           Aspreas, G.                 Grk
9495.437 Academy)
         Politiki Istoria tis Neoteras Ellados, 1900 - 1936, Vol.2 (Award of Athens
                                                                                           Aspreas, G.                 Grk
9495.438 Academy)
         History of the Greek Revolution, compiled from official Documents.
                                                                                           Comstock, John (M.D.)
9495.439 (Photocopy of a very rare book, published in New York in 1828)
9495.444 Dyo Epikoi Agones, 1821, 1940                                                     Michelis, Dinysios          Grk
9495.445 Struggle for Northern Epirus                                                      Several
           Istoria tou Ellenikou Ethnous, 1821 - 1832, Elleniki Epanastasi
                                                                                           Several                     Grk
9495.446 kai Idrysi tou Ellenikou Kratous,   Volume Iota B, (12) (shelved in 9380)
9495.447 Elleniko Foititiko Kinima, 1821-1973 Greek Students Activists)                    Lazos, Xristos              Grk
9495.448 Diptychon tis Ethnegersias                                                        Patriarcheas, Basil.        Grk
           Symvoli tou Klirou stin Epanastasi tou 1821,
                                                                                           Grympogiannis, Kostas       Grk
9495.449 Lord Byron in Mesolongi kai h symvoli tou sto 1821
9495.450 Symvoli sto Problema tis Katagogis tou Georgiou Karaiskaki                        Mpakos, Hlias               Grk

           British and American Philellenes during the War of Independence, 1821 - 1833    Dakin, Douglas
           Symvoli tis Thysias tou Patriarchi Gregoriou E' eis tin Epitychian
                                                                                           Haralambopoulos, B.         Grk
9495.452 tis Epanastaseos tou 1821
9495.453 Germanou Palaion Patron Anekdota                                                  Papadopoulos, Nik.          Grk
9495.454 Alexander Pushkin : His Attitude toward the Greek Revolution of 1821-1829         Farsolas, Demetrios
9495.455 H Kravgi tou Ellenikou Laou, Le Cri du Peuple Grec, 150 Chronia Agonon            Skaros, Sisis               Grk
9495.459 Archeio Giannaki Ragou (1821-1932)                                                Papageorgiou, Stefanos      Grk
9495.460 Istoria tis Ethnikis Trapezas tis Ellados, 1842 -1902                             Valaoritis, I.              Grk
9495.498 Symposium on "L'Epoque Phanariote"                                                Several                     Fr
9495.499 Messolongi                                                                        Giakoumis, G. et al         Grk
9495.500 GREEK HISTORY, (WW II) 1924~1949                                                  *****
           Lest we Forget, that Noble and Immortal Nation GREECE ( a collection of
                                                                                           Karamanos, G. J. (ed)
9495.501 Speeches and Newspaper Articles in the USA, 1940-1943)
9495.502 Ellinismos tis Rossias (Hellenes in Russia)                                  Diamantopoulos, George           Grk
9495.503 Chroniko Italokratias sti Rodo                                               Metropolitan Apostolos           Grk
         Cretan Runner (with pers. dedication of Captain Patrick Leigh Fermor, Leader Psychoundakis, George &
9495.504 of the commando unit that abducted the German Commanding General in Crete) Patrick Fermor (transl)
9495.505 Theteia, (Agonistika Keimena, 1940-1950)                                          Hantzis, Dimitris           Grk
9495.506 H alli Eleni (response tou Eleni of Nicholas Gadzogiannis)                        Kavathas, Basilis           Grk
           Oi Dyo Okhthes (the Two River banks), 1939-1945 - Part A' (a detailed account
9495.507 of the battles in the Greek-Albanian Front                                        Zaousis, Alexandros         Grk
9495.508 Ellino-Italikos & Ellino-Germanikos Polemos (excerpts)                            Unnamed                     Grk
9495.509 Martyries 1940-41                                                                 Hadzipateras & Fafaliou     Grk
9495.510 Modern Greece, 1800 - 1967                                                        Campbell, John et al
9495.511 Istorikai Alithiai gia tin Ethnikin Antistasin ton Ellinon                        Kontos, Georgios            Grk
9495.512 Ta Hartonomismata tis Ellados, 1828 - 1994 (Greek Banknotes)                      Several                     Grk
9495.513 The Acqui Division in Kefalonia (WW II)                                           Varmazis, Nicholas (Edit)   Grk
9415.515 Greece and the Holocaust (the Destruction of the Jewish Community)                Fillingham, Jennifer
9495.516 Nightmare in Athens (MISSING)                                                     Papandreou,                 Grk
9495.517 Megalio Kai Tragodia tou Ellenismou                                                                           Grk
                                                                                                                              96   9/27/2013

9495.518 28h Oktovriou, Ath. Academy Mem. speeches                                          Haris, Petros (ed)          Grk
9495.519 Agones tis Fylis, Ethniki Antistasi                                                Myridakis, Michael          Grk
9495.520 Istorika Gegonota kai Agones dia tin Epibiosin tou Ethnous, Vol. A                 Kontos, Georgios            Grk
9495.521 Ethniki Antistasi ton Ellinon                                                      Several                     Grk
9495.522 Istoriko Archio Ethnikis Antistasis, Vol. A                                        Pyromaglou, Comn.           Grk
9495.523 Istoriko Archio Ethnikis Antistasis, Vol. B                                        Pyromaglou, Comn.           Grk
9495.524 Antistasi tis Agapis                                                               Myros, Pan.                 Grk
9495.525 Anamniseis apo tin Constantinoupoli                                                Apostolidis, Nikos          Grk
9495.526 Ten Days to Destiny - The Battle of Crete 1941                                     Kiriakopoulos, G. C.
9495.527 Crete 1941. The Battle at Sea (shelved in 9405)                                    Thomas, David
9495.528 Great Land Battles of WW II (the Battle of Crete, shelved in 9405)                 Hogg, Ian
9495.529 Battle of Crete (General Staff of Hellenic Army) (shelved in 9405)                 Several
9495.530 Selides apo tin Neoteran Ellenikin Istorian,Vol. 2, 1912 -1964                     Kyriakopoulos, Kostas       Grk
9495.531 Horos Istorikis Mnimis 1941-45 MISSING                                                                         Grk
9495.532 Neoteri Istoria  MISSING                                                                                       Grk
           The Sword's Fierce Edge, (Apo tin kopsi tou Spathiou tin Tromeri)
9495.533   Occupation Years, 1941-44                                                        Tsatsou, Ioanna
9495.534   Archiepiskopos Damaskinos, Oi Chronoi tis Douleias                               Venezis, Hlias              Grk
9495.535   Flogismena Rasa                                                                  Ioannidis, Yiannis          Grk
9495.536   Greece, American Dilemma & Opportunity (MISSING)                                                             Grk
9495.537 Ethniki Antistasi 1941-44, Periodicals # 95-115 (missing # 100)                    Several                     Grk
9495.538 Ethniki Antistasi 1941-44, Periodicals # 116-132                                   Several                     Grk
9495.539 Blank Space
9495.540 Ethniki Antistasi 1941-44, Various Documents                                       N/A                         Grk
9495.541 H Ethniki Antistasi stin Adhouloti Athena                                          Bartziotas, Basilis         Grk
           Me tous Andartes sta Vouna (In the Mountains with the Partisans)
9495.542 - a collection of Photos about the Struggle in the mountains                       Meletzis, Spyros            Grk
9495.543 To Falcho Mandolino tou Lohagou, (The Captain's tuneless Mandolin)                 Eleftheratos, Lefteris      Grk
9495.544 Occupation of Greece - 1941 (Persecution of Jews)                                  Unnamed
9495.545 Heirografo Sep. 41 (in shelf 9495.5xx)                                             Seferis, Giorgos            Grk

9495.546 Makronisos - Hmerologio 1997 (50 Xronia apo ta "Anamorfotiria"                     Margaris, N. K. (ed)        Grk
9495.547 Italian Fiasco, the Attack on Greece                                               Several
9495.548 Hitler's Southern Flank and Hunters from the Sky (Paratroopers on Crete)           Several
9495.549 Historiki Mnimi 1891-1993                                                          Several                     Grk
9495.550 National Resistance Miscell. Docs : War Museum of Greece etc                       Several                     Grk
9495.551 H Katochi - Fotografika Tekmiria 1941-1944 (Occupation, 1941-44)                   Paraschos, Kostas           Grk
9495.552 Ti einai kai ti Thelei to Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo, E.A.M.                   Glinos, Dimitris            Grk
9495.553 Elleniko Laiko Apeleftherotiko Naftiko, ELAN                                       Kailas, Mitsos              Grk
9495.554 Gremizw to thrylo tou Ari Belouchioti                                              Hondrokoukis, Dimitrios     Grk
9495.555 Fotia kai Tsekouri !!! - Hellas 1946-1949 kai ta Prohgithenta                      Averof-Tositsas, Georgios   Grk
           Dokoumento- Ta Gegonota apantoun
9495.556 sto "Fotia kai Tsekouri" tou Averof Tositsa                                        Zacharias, Kostis           Grk
9495.557 Me Hsychi Syneidisi (with quite conscience)                                        Rallis, Georgios            Grk
           H Zwh mas sto Nazistiko Stratopedo Mauthausen
9495.558 Our life in the Nazi Concentration Camp Mauthausen                                 Georgiakakis, Theodoros     Grk
           H Hpeiros Promachousa - the Stuggle of the 8th Division
9495.559   during the Italian Invasion                                                      Katsimitros, Haralambos     Grk
           H Istoria Tou Ethnikou Dichasmou kai tis Mikrasiatikis Katastrofis ( Newspaper
9495.560   Articles by the later Prime Minister I. Metaxas)                                 Metaxas, Ioannis            Grk
9495.561   H Ellas sto Stravrodromi Political and Military events in 1938-1940)             Marketos, Babis             Grk
9495.562   Shadow over Athens (Political Cartoons in Greece during WW II)                   Demetriades, Phokion        Grk
           Struggle for Liberation, Greece 1941-45, Personal Experiences (of a Greek
9495.563   Torontonian)                                                                     Alevizakis, George J.
9495.564   Feneos 1944, H Ghi tis Odynis                                                    Stamatopoulou, Anna         Grk
9495.565   To Paidomazoma kai Poioi Fovountai tin Aletheia                                  Servos, Dimitri             Grk
9495.566   Ethniki Antistasi (1941-44)                                                      Michael, Giorgos            Grk
9495.567   To Choniko tou "Fix" 1948 (concentr. Camp during the Greek Civil War)            Malamas, Lampros            Grk
9495.568   To Hmerologio tis Katochis 1941 04 05 till 1944 10 13                            Papadogiannakis, Giorgos    Grk
9495.569   Red Acropolis - Black Terror, the Greek Civil War 1943-1949                      Gerolymatos, Andre'
9495.570   the Sacrifices of Greece in the War, 1940-1945                                   Apostolatos, Gerasimos      Grk
9495.597 H Machi tis Ellados - the Battle of Greece (Octber 1940 - May 1941)                Papakonstantinou, Th.       Grk
9495.598 Mnimes kai Martyries apo to 1940 kai tin Katohi                                    Several                     Grk
                                                                                                                                         97   9/27/2013

           CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY (after 1949)                                                 *****

           Ellinismos stin triti Chilietia (Hellenism in the 3rd Millenium)                        Mylonas Spiros                  Grk
9495.602 Aegean Crisis (the)                                                                       Kyriakou, Minos
9495.603 H Krisi sto Aigaio (Aegean Crisis)                                                        Kyriakou, Minos                 Grk
9495.604 Documents on the History of the Greek Jews                                                Constantopoulou, Fotini
9495.605 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni, XXXX - 1821 (Textbook Gr. 10)                              Several                         Grk
9495.606 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni, 1921 - 1914 (Textbook Gr. 11)                              Several                         Grk
9495.607 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni, 1914 - 1980 (Textbook Gr. 12)                              Several                         Grk
9495.608 Hanoume to Aigaio, (a documentary)                                                        Papantoniou, Lampros            Grk
9495.609 Pnevmatiki Dynamiki Paremvasi Topikis Ekklisias eis ta problimata tis Rodopis             Damaskinos, Metropolitis        Grk
9495.610 Phoenix with a Bayonet, 21 Apriliou 1967                                                  Stockton, Bayard
           Greece Under Military Rule - Published Articles by C.M. Woodhouse, Helen                Clogg, Richard & Yannopoulos,
9495.611 Vlachos, John Pesmazoglou, George Zaharopoulos et al                                      George (ed)
9495.612 International Legal Status of the Aegean                                                  Arvanitopoulos, K. et al
           30 Xronia apo to Syntagma tou 1975, Ta Ellenika Syntagmata apo ton Riga
                                                                                                   Ambatzi, Euridiki et al (ed)    Grk
9495.613 eos Simera (History of Greek Constitutions)
         Crucifixion of Christianity - H Stavrosi tou Christianismou. Vandalisms of
                                                                                                   Kaloumenos, Dimitrios           Grk
9495.614 September 1955 in Constantinople
9495.615 Gia ta Ethnika mas Dikaia (Odoiporiko 1990-92)                                            Several                         Grk

                                                                                                   Coufoudakis, Van
9495.616 Greek Foreign Policy, since 1974
9495.617 Kathimerini - Mesimvrini 1967 Calendar                                                    Several                         Grk
9495.618 Enimerotiko Deltio                                                                        Several                         Grk
9495.619 H Syrriknosi tou Ellenismou (Newspaper articles)                                          Reymioyis, Megas                Grk
           Greek Referendum on Monarchy or Republic, Dec. 09, 1974
9495.620 (various newspapers)                                                                      Several                         Grk
9495.621 17 Noemvri, o Igetis (17 November, the Leader)                                            Botsaris, Dimos                 Grk
9495.622 Edo Polytechneio … Edo Polytechneio ..!!!!                                                Kavvadias, F.                   Grk
9495.623 Ores Efthynis (Hours of Responsibility)                                                   Rallis, Georgios                Grk
9495.624 Lathrometanastefsi kai Meionotiko ston Orizonta                                           Katrakis, Andreas               Grk
9495.700 GREEK HISTORY ( Ipiros )                                                                  *****
9495.701 Apelefterosi tis Ipirou -Protos Balkanikos Polemos, (a Photographic Album)                Karampelas, Nikos               Grk
9495.702 Ellenismos tis Voreiou Ipirou kai Elleno-Alvanikes Sxeseis (Off.Docs) - Vol. 1            Kondis, Basil.                  Grk
9495.703 Ellenismos tis Voreiou Ipirou kai Elleno-Alvanikes Sxeseis (Off.Docs) - Vol. 2            Kondis, Basil.                  Grk
9495.704 Ellenismos tis Voreiou Ipirou kai Elleno-Alvanikes Sxeseis (Off.Docs) - Vol. 3            Kondis, Basil.                  Grk
9495.705 Ellenismos tis Voreiou Ipirou kai Elleno-Alvanikes Sxeseis (Off.Docs) - Vol. 4            Kondis, Basil.                  Grk
9495.706 Elleno-Epirotika (Brief History of Greece with detailed History of Ipiros) Vol. 1         Kyranis, Vasileios              Grk
9495.707 Elleno-Epirotika (Brief History of Greece with detailed History of Ipiros) Vol. 2         Kyranis, Vasileios              Grk
9495.708 Elleno-Epirotika (Brief History of Greece with detailed History of Ipiros) Vol. 3         Kyranis, Vasileios              Grk
9495.709 the Greeks of Northern Epirus and Greek-Albanian Relations                                Kondis, Basil.                  Grk
9495.710 La Question de l' Epire du Nord (Bref Apercu Historique)                                  Moschopoulos, Nic.              Fr
9495.711 Ta Deinopathimata ton Xristianon eis tin Voreion Ipiron kai Albania                       Vitalis, Filaretos              Grk
9495.712 Katapatisis ton Anthropinon Dikaiomaton sti Voreio Ipiro                                  Kalyvas, Emman.                 Grk
9495.713 Kravgi Voreio-Ipiroton                                                                    Tsakas, Andreas                 Grk
           Periodical of Ipirotiki Etaireia, ( 19 Issues: No. 196, 197, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210,
9495.714 211, 212, 213, 222, 224, 225, 226/7, 228/9, 230/1, 232/3, 243, 304)                       Several                         Grk
9495.715 Ipirotes kai Alvanoi, Epirotes and Albanians                                              Stoupis, Spyros                 Grk
9495.716 Simerini Katastasi ton Vlahofonon tis Voreiou Ipirou kai ton Skopion                      Tritos, Michael                 Grk
9495.717 Koutsovlachiko Zitima, The Koutsovlach Problem                                            Tritos, Michael                 Grk
9495.718 Armanoi - Vlachophons of the Balkans                                                      Kilipiris, Fotis                Grk
9495.719 Vorios Ipiros se Poreia Autonomias                                                        Several                         Grk
9495.720 Northern Epirus Crucified                                                                 Metropolitan, Sevastianos
9495.721 Estavromeni Voreios Epirus (Epirus Crucified)                                             Metropolitan, Sevastianos       Grk
9495.722 Gia tin Anastasi tis Voreiou Ipirou                                                       Metropolitan, Sevastianos       Grk
9495.723 Voreios Ipeiros, to Drama enos Laou                                                       Metropolitan, Sevastianos       Grk
9495.724 Katagogi kai Epitomi Istoria ton Vlachon tis Albanias                                     Lazarou, Ach.                   Grk
9495.726 100 Chronia Drasis kai Prosforas gia tin Ipeiro, 1906-2006                                Several                         Grk
9495.798 Dodoni (1959-1960) Vol. A                                                                 Sifakis, Nikolaos (ed)          Grk
9495.800 GREEK HISTORY ( Macedonia )                                                               *****
9495.801 Macedonia - History, Vol. I                                                               Paliouras, Athan. (ed)
                                                                                                                                98   9/27/2013

9495.802 Macedonia - Arcaeology Civilization, Vol. II                                   Paliouras, Athan. (ed)
         Macedomia Modern and Contemporary, Volume 1, Macedonia under the
9495.803 Ottoman Rule, 1430-1912                                                        Koliopoulos and Hasiotis (ed)

9495.804 Macedomia Modern and Contemporary, Volume 2, Macedonia from 1912 to 1996 Koliopoulos and Hasiotis (ed)
           Makedonia Neoteri kai Synchroni, Tomos A, Makedonia kata tin Tourkokratia,
9495.805 1430-1912                                                                      Koliopoulos and Hasiotis (ed)    Grk

9495.806 Makedonia Neoteri kai Synchroni, Tomos B, Makedonia apo to 1912 eos to 1996 Koliopoulos and Hasiotis (ed)       Grk
9495.807 Macedonia, Macedonian Struggle, 4000 Years, Greece-Macedonia                   Douflias, Konstantinos
9495.808 Makedonia, Makedonikos Agonas, 4000 Chronia, Ellada-Makedonia                  Douflias, Konstantinos           Grk
9495.809 Macedonia, 4000 Years of Greek History and Civilization (6 copies)             Sakellariou, M. B. (ed)
9495.810 Makedonia, 4000 Chronia Ellenikis Istorias kai Politismou                      Sakellariou, M. B. (ed)          Grk
9495.811 Vergina, the Royal Tombs and the Ancient City                                  Andronicos, Manolis
9495.812 Philip of Macedon                                                              Hatzopoulos, Milt. Et al (ed)
9495.813 Filippos Basileus Makedonon                                                    Hatzopoulos, Milt. Et al (ed)    Grk
9495.814 Byzantini Paedeia stous Slavous, Kyrillos & Methodios                          Tahiaos, Antonios                Grk
           Macedonian (Slavo-Macedonians) Immigrants in Canada and their Background.
9495.817 (A book full of Historical Falsifications)                                     Several
9495.818 Voreios Ellenismos kata tin Proimi Fasi tou Makedonikou Agona (1878-94)        Vakalopoulos, Konstantinos       Grk
9495.819 Greek (the) Struggle in Macedonia, 1897-1913                                   Dakin, Douglas
           Conference on the Macedonian Struggle
9495.820 and the 100 th Anniversary of the Death of Pavlos Melas                        Several                          Grk
           Praktika Pnevmatikou Symposiou
9495.821   "O Makedonikos Agonas kai ta Ellenika Grammata"                              Several                          Grk
9495.822   Macedonia, a Historical Research                                             Sotiropoulos, Haral.
9495.823   O Makedonikos Agon kai ta eis Thrakin Gegonota                               Several                          Grk
9495.824   O Makedonikos Agon kai h Neoteri Makedoniki Istoria                          Modis, Georgios                  Grk
                                                                                        Vyssoulis, Pantelis &
9495.825 Macedonian Hellenism - Centuries of Struggle and Sacrifice                     Stambolis, Angel (transl)
           Makedonikos Ellenismos (see also 9495.825) -                                 Vyssoulis, Pantelis
9495.826 Macedonian Hellenism - Centuries of Struggle and Sacrifice                                                      Grk
                                                                                        Vyssoulis, Pantelis &
9495.827 A True Perspective on Macedonia (see 9495.828)                                 Fatsis, Vasilios (transl)
9495.828 Symvoli sti Dierevnisi tou Makedonikou Zitimatos                               Vyssoulis, Pantelis              Grk
9495.829 Makedonia einai Elleniki                                                       Timotheos, Metropolitan          Grk
9495.830 Martyries tis Aghias Grafis gia ti Makedonia - 77 excerpts from the Bible      Kyvetos, Spyridon Metropolitan   Grk
9495.831 Sacred Passages in Six Languages proving the Greek Identity of Macedonia       Kyvetos, Spyridon Metropolitan
9495.832 H Aghia Grfi Apodeiknyei tin Ellenikotita tis Makedonias                       Kyvetos, Spyridon Metropolitan   Grk
9495.833 Macedoine, Plus qu'un Simple Nom …                                             Several                          Fr
9495.834 Makedonia, Istoria kai Politiki                                                Several                          Grk
9495.835 Macedonia, Historia Y Politica                                                 Several                          Sp
9495.836 Makedonia, Wiege des Hellenismus                                               Nikolaou, Theodor                "Ger
9495.837 Borders, Symbols, Stability. Issues relating to the Recognition of FYROM       Several                          Grk
9495.838 In the Name of Macedonia - Western Voices speak up                             Several
9495.839 Se Olo ton Ellenismo, … Zei o Basilias Alexandros!                             Unknown                          Grk
9495.840 Pamflets etc of Slavomacedonian Propaganda                                     Several
9495.841 Macedonia. An Introduction to its Political History                            Cosmopoulos, Michael
9495.842 Nationalism and Communism in Macedonia                                         Kofos, Evangelos
9495.843 Emeis oi Makedones, We the Macedonians                                         Mertzos, N. I.                   Grk
           Arxaia Geografia tis Makedonias, Ancient Geography of Macedonia,
9495.844   (orig. published in 1874) Vol. 1                                             Dimitsas, Marg.                  Grk
           Arxaia Geografia tis Makedonias, Ancient Geography of Macedonia,
9495.845   (orig. published in 1874) Vol. 2                                             Dimitsas, Marg.                  Grk
           Makedonia, en Lithois Fthegomenois kai Mnimiois Sozomenois,
9495.846   (the Stones are speaking ... Vol. 1                                          Dimitsas, Marg.                  Grk
           Makedonia, en Lithois Fthegomenois kai Mnimiois Sozomenois,
9495.847   (the Stones are speaking ... Vol. 2                                          Dimitsas, Marg.                  Grk
           Oi "Kata Makedonian Sklavhnoi" :
9495.848   Istoriki Poreia kai Sunxrona Provlemata Prosarmogis                          Tarnanidis, Io.                  Grk
9495.849   Macedonia - addressed to the International Academic Community                Martis, Nicolas
9495.850   Falsification of Macedonian History                                          Martis, Nicolas
9495.851   Makedonia, the Cradle of Civilisation                                        Martis, Nicolas
9495.852   Makedonia, to Vathro tou Politismou                                          Martis, Nicolas                  Grk
9495.853   Macedonia throughout the Centuries                                           Mitsakis, K.
                                                                                                                                        99   9/27/2013

9495.854 Macedonia and the Macedonian Question (a brief Survey)                                  Several
           Seminario Istorias gia to Makedoniko Zitima
9495.855   (Seminar on the Macedonian Problem held in Toronto)                                   Vacalopoulos, Konstantinos       Grk
9495.856   History of Macedonia, 1354 - 1833                                                     Vacalopoulos, Konstantinos
9495.857   Estin Oun Ellas kai h Makedonia                                                       Papathemelis, Stelios            Grk
9495.858   Federative Republic of Scoje and its Language                                         Andriotis, Nicholas
           Archeion Makedonikou Agonos Pinelopis Delta,
9495.859   #2 Apomnimonevmata D. Makri                                                           Laourdas, Vas. (ed)              Grk
9495.860   Syntomi Istoria tis Makedonias eos tin Tourkokratia                                   Theocharidis, G. I.              Grk
9495.861   Sta Chronia ton Makedonomachon                                                        Tsamis, Pavlos                   Grk
9495.862   Istoria tis Makedonias mechri ton Megalo Constantino                                  Kanatsoulis, Dim.                Grk
9495.863   Makedonia - Pio Ellada apo tin Ellada - 4,000 Chronia Istoria                         Several                          Grk
9495.864 To Makedoniko Zhtima, The Macedonian Question, La Question Macedonienne                 Mazarakis, I. K. (ed)            Grk
9495.865 Olympos - Pieria, Vermio kai Athos sti Zwh ton Makedonon                                Raptis, G. A.                    Grk

9495.866 Thessaloniki 315 BC-1985 AD (32 articles on the 2300th Annivers. of the City)           Varmazi, Vasiliki et al          Grk
9495.868                                                                                                                          Grk
9495.898 Istoria tou Voreiou Ellenismou - Thraki                                                 Vacalopoulos, Konstantinos       Grk
9495.900 GREEK HISTORY (Mikra Asia, Pontos)                                                      *****
9495.901 Martyries apo tin Mikrasiatiki Katastrofi                                               Archigenis, Dimitris             Grk
9495.902 H Agonia tis Konstantinoupoleos                                                         Damtsas, Nikolaos                Grk
9495.903 Morfes Makedonomachon kai ta Pontiaka tou Germanou Karavangeli                          Threpsiades, Antigone            Grk
9495.904 H Ethniki kai Thriskeftiki Synidisi ton Ellinon tou Pontou                              Fotiadis, Kostas                 Grk
9495.905 Piges tis Istorias tou KryptoChristianikou Provlimatos                                  Fotiadis, Kostas                 Grk
9495.906 Agnostoi Ellenes tou Pontou, (Mavri Thalassa kai Kafkasos)                              Agtzidis, Vlasis (ed)            Grk
9495.907 History of Pontic Hellenism                                                             Diamantopoulos, George
           Anamniseis kai Nostalgimata apo ton Ponto mas.
                                                                                                 Papadopoulos, Anestis            Grk
9495.908 Trapezounta - Matsouka- Argyroupolis
9495.909 Not even my Name - Oute to Onoma mou                                                    Halo, Thea                       Grk
9495.910 Pontiakos Ellenismos (Apo ti Geneoktonia kai to Stalinismo, stin Perestroika)           Agtzidis, Vlasis                 Grk
9495.911 Mikrasia, Patrida mou                                                                   Diamantidis, Dimitris            Grk
9495.912 O Golghothas ton Ellinon tou Pontou                                                     Enepekides, Iordanis             Grk
9495.913 Cryptochristians (of Asia Minor)                                                        Andreadis, Georgios
           Pragmateia Peri Pontou (an Attempt to establish an Independent Republic of
9495.914 Pontos)                                                                                 Constantinidis, K. G.            Grk
9495.915 Istoria kai Statistiki tis Trapezountos                                                 Ioannidis, Sabbas                Grk
9495.916 Odiporiko ston Ponto (photocopied excerpt)                                              Samouilidis, Xristos             Grk
9495.917 Mikrasiatikos Ellenismos                                                                Fotiadis, Kostas                 Grk
9495.918 Pontiaki Mousa (photocopied excerpt)                                                    Efstathiadis, Stathis            Grk

9495.919 Pontian Question in the United Nations                                                  Charalambidis, Michalis

9495.920 To Pontiako Zitima Simera - To Pontiako Zitima ston OHE                                 Charalambidis, Michalis          Grk
9495.921 Pontioi Metanastes apo tin pro:in USSR - Koinoniki kai Oikonomiki Entaksi               Kasimati, Koula et al            Grk
9495.922 Epipolitismos Pontion kai VoreioIpiroton stin Ellada                                    Georgas, D. & Papastylianou A.   Grk
9495.923 Mathimata Poltismou, Vol. D - Pontiakos Ellenismos                                      Several                          Grk
9495.924 B' Pankosmio Synedrio Pontiakou Ellenismou (2nd World Conference Pontian)               Several                          Grk
9495.928 Tamana, h Agnooumeni tou Pontou                                                         Andreadis, George                Grk
9495.929 Tamana, the missing Girl of Pontos                                                      Andreadis, George
9495.971 H Megali Ellas, Eleftherios Venizelos - Polemikos Igetis                                Vakas, Dimitrios                 Grk
9495.972 H Niovi Thrinouse gia tin Mikra Asia (trnsl from Turkish by Mystakidou, Liana)          Erbil, Pervin                    Grk
9495.973 The Great Extirpation of Hellenism & Christianity in Asia Minor                         Murat, John (Jean de Murat)
9495.974 Asteres Fotavgeis (Attaleia Prov. Asia Minor)                                           Trampas, Sotirios                Grk
9495.975 Ships of Mercy (Story of the Rescue of the Greeks of Smyrna)                            Papoutsy, Christos
9495.999 Oi Exislamismoi tis Mikras Asias kai oi KryptoChristianoi tou Pontou                    Fotiadis, Kostas                 Grk
9500.000 HISTORY GENERAL OF ASIA                                                                 *****

9500.010 Histoire de la Civilization, Vol. 3, - Notre Heritage Oriental (History of Civilization) Durant, Will                    Fr
                                                                                                                                     100   9/27/2013

9500.020 End of the Vietnam War (various News articles. April 1975)
9500.030 Conquest of Java (through the Eyes of a soldier of the British Empire)          Thorn, William Major
9500.040 China                                                                           Schwartz, Harry
9500.050 China since 1911                                                                Moseley, George
9500.060 History of India prior to Partition of British India in 1947                    Several
9500.070 History of India, Vol. 2 - From Mughals to 1977                                 Spear, Percival

9500.080 Truth of Tibet -excerpt from "Friendly Feudalism - the Tibet Myth"              Parenti, Michael
9560.000 HISTORY OF THE NEAR AND MIDDLE EAST                                             *****
9560.010 Wanderings, History of the Jews                                                 Potok, Haim
9560.020 Short History of the Near East, 330-1922                                        Stearns, William
9560.030 Report on Turkey -USA Consular Documents                                        Horton, George
9560.040 Ottoman Empire : Critical Analysis of Several books on the subject              Vryonis, Speros, Prof. UCLA

9560.050 Turkey' State Terror in the Eastern Provinces                                   Besiksi, Ismail
         The Turkish Crime of our Century, (English, French, Greek) (see also sect.
                                                                                         Unknown                              Mult
9560.060 3270)
9560.070 First Gulf War (issues of Time magazine and Toronto Newspapers)                 Several
9560.090 Besieged, a Doctor's Story of Life and Death in Beirut                          Giannou, Chris, Dr.
9560.100 Crusades (the) (transl. by Anne Carter)                                         Oldenboourg, Zoe
9560.110 History of the Crusades, Vol. 1, the First Crusade (shelved in 9400. )          Runciman, Steven
9560.120 La Chretiente' et l'idee de Croisade (shelved under 9400)                       Dupront, Alphonse                    Fr
9560.121 Several Books on the History of the Crusades shelved in sect. 9400
9560.130 Six Days in June, Israel's Fight for Survival                                   Donovan, Robert
9560.140 Ancient Israel                                                                  Orlinsky, Harry
9560.150 History of Israel                                                               Bright, John
9560.160 History of Israel, its Facts and Factors (the)                                  Robinson, H.
9560.170 Palestine in the Third and Fourth Centuries (excerpt from Jewish Q. Review)     Lieberman, Saul
9560.180 History of the Jews since the First Century A.D.                                Schweitzer, Frederick
9560.190 This is my God                                                                  Wouk, Herman
9560.200 Jewish Life in the Middle Ages                                                  Abrahams, Israel
9560.210 Legends of Palestine                                                            Vilnay, Zev
9560.220 Jews from Cyrus to Herod (the)                                                  Snaith, Norman
9560.230 History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus                               Schuerer, Emil
9560.240 Josephus, the Great War and other Selections                                    Trevor-Roper, Trevor (ed)
9560.250 History of New Testament Times in Palestine, 175 B.C.-70 A.D. (a)               Mathews, Shailer
9560.260 Jews, their Role in Civilization (the)                                          Finkelstein, Louis
9560.270 History of Israel and Judah, (the Bible History) Vol. I (unavail)               Edersheim, Alfred
9560.280 History of Israel and Judah, (the Bible History) Vol. II (unavail)              Edersheim, Alfred
9560.290 History of Israel and Judah, (the Bible History) Vol. III (unavail)             Edersheim, Alfred
9560.300 History of Israel and Judah, (the Bible History) Vol. IV (unavail)              Edersheim, Alfred
9560.310 History of Israel and Judah, Solomon to Ahab (the Bible History) Vol. V         Edersheim, Alfred
           History of Israel and Judah, Ahab to Decline of the two Kingdoms(the Bible
9560.320 History) Vol.VI                                                                 Edersheim, Alfred
         History of Israel and Judah, from Decline to the Babylonian Captivity
9560.330 (the Bible History) Vol. VII (last)                                             Edersheim, Alfred
9564.400 HISTORY OF CYPRUS                                                               *****
9564.401 History of Cyprus                                                               Georgiades, Cleanthes
9564.402 Greeks and Latins on Cyprus (in the 13th Century)                               Efthimiou, M. B.

           Byzantini Meseoniki Kypros (Byzantine Medieval Cyprus)                        Bakirtzi, Dimitra & Iakovou, Maria   Grk
9564.404 EOKA Heroomartyres                                                              Psillitsa, Panayiota                 Grk
9564.405 Cyprus 1974 - Days of Disaster in Black and White Photos (Greek & English)      Pavlides, Andros

           Kypros Poreia pros tin Eleftheria, Cyprus Path to Freedom (Book plus two CD's) Moschonas, Ioannis (ed)             Grk
           Flagellum Dei - Scourge of God, Destruction of the Cultural Heritage in the
9564.407 Turkish Occupied Part of Cyprus
9564.408 Green Line (the Division of Cyprus)                                             Several
9564.409 O Agonas tis EOKA mesa apo ton Kypriako Typo                                    Several                              Grk
9564.410 Stolen (the) Treasures of Cyprus (multilingual)                                 Papageorgiou, A. et al (ed)
9564.411 The Attila "Peacemakers" , July 20-Oct1, 1974                                   Several
                                                                                                                                101   9/27/2013

9564.412 256 Tagma Pezikou, (a chronicle)                                                   Myrtiotis, Panos             Grk
9564.413 Kypros Nyn kai Aei, Cyprus Now and for Ever                                        Several                      Grk
9564.414 Martyries apo tin Kypro                                                            Mazarakis, I. K. (ed)        Grk
9564.415 Apeleftherotikos Agonas, 1955-1959                                                 Several                      Grk
9564.416 EOKA the Glory of Cyprus and the Pride of Greece                                   Papaphotis, Photis
9564.417 Tourkiki Politiki stin Kypro kai Prospatheies gia Lysi tou Kypriakou Provlimatos   Several                      Grk
9564.418 Colonisation of Occupied Areas (in Cyprus)                                         Several
9564.419 American Arms Embargo Against Turkey                                               Several
9564.420 Case (the) of Missing Cypriots                                                     Several
9564.421 Enclaved (the), Those who stayed Behind                                            Several
9564.422 Foreign Press on Cyprus                                                            Several
9564.423 Miscellaneous Booklets on Cyprus                                                   Several
9564.424 Periodikos Typos tis EOKA                                                          Nisiotis, Ivi                Grk
9564.425 Chypre en Europe                                                                   Drevet, Jean-Francoit        Fr
9564.426 Cyprus Problem, Historical Review and the Latest Developments                      Several
9564.427 Cyprus Problem, Historical Review and the Latest Developments                      Several
9564.428 Kypriako Provlema, Istoriki Anadromi                                               Several                      Grk
9564.429 Occupation (in English and Turkish)                                                Levent, Shener               Mult
9564.430 Boy Scouts of Cyprus, Pros to Theo kai tin Patrida                                 Constantinou, Costas (ed)    Grk
9564.431 50 Years of Silence - Cyprus Struggle for Freedom, Vol. A                          Azinas, Andreas
9564.432 50 Years of Silence - Cyprus Struggle for Freedom, Vol. B                          Azinas, Andreas
           Archaia Kypros eis tas Ellenikas Pighas, Tomos A mexri to 395 A.D.
                                                                                            Hatziioannou, Kyriakos       Grk
9564.433 (Ancient Cyprus till 395 AD)
9564.434 Cyprus in my Life (Testimony of a Turkish Cypriot Diplomat)                        Ozgur, Ozdemir
9564.435 Cyprus has always been Europe                                                      Hadjipaschalis, Eleni        Mult
9564.436 Turkish Policy on Cyprus and Efforts to Solve the Cyprus Problem                   Several
9564.437 H Tourkiki Politiki stin Kypro kai Prospatheies gia Lysi tou Kypriakou             Several
9564.438 The 1974 Invasion of Cyprus, as presented in Canadian and U.S. media               Chrysanthopoulos, Leonidas
9564.439 Cyprus                                                                             Hitchens, Christofer
9564.440 Hostage to History - Cyprus from the Ottomans to Kissinger                         Hitchens, Christofer
9564.441 Cyprus - Its Character and Cultural Inheritance                                    Several                      Mult
9564.442 Kypros, Istoria kai Politismos, apo tin Archaeotita eos Simera                     Several                      Grk
9564.499 Cyprus 1974, Aphrodite's Other Face                                                Castaglis, Emm. (ed)

           HISTORY GENERAL OF NORTH AMERICA                                                 *****
9700.010 America Explored                                                                   Johnson, Adrian
9700.020 Discovering America, A Journey in Search of the New World                          Jacobson, Timothy
9700.030 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (An Indian History of the American West)             Brown, Dee
9700.040 Viet Nam at War, the History 1946-1975                                             Davidson, Phillip
9700.041 Spite House, the Last Secret of the Viet Nam War                                   Stevenson, Monika
9700.050 American Soldier, General Tommy Franks                                             McConnell, Malcolm (ed)
9700.060 Istoria ton Enomenon Politeion (USA History)                                       Maurois, Andre'              Grk
9700.070 Inquest (Death of President Kennedy)                                               Epstein, Edward
9700.080 Istoria tis Amerikis (History of USA)                                              Damianakos, Alexander        Grk
9700.090 Report of Warren Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy              Several
9700.100 History of The United States                                                       Nevins, Allan
9700.110 Triple Cross (How Bin Laden's Master Spy penetrated the CIA etc.)                  Lance, Peter
9700.120 Liberty and Freedom                                                                Hackett, David
9700.130 Statue of Liberty                                                                  Handlin, Oscar
9700.140 State of Denial - Bush at War, Part III                                            Woodward, Bob
9700.141 Veil : the Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981 - 1987                                     Woodward, Bob
9700.142 Plan of Attack (Irak and Afghanistan Wars)                                         Woodward, Bob
9700.150 U.S. Military History - the Great Escape et al                                     several
9700.160 Great Battles of the 19th Century - Waterloo, Gettysburg, the Alamo, et al         several
           The Manhattan Project (the Birth of the Atomic Bomb in the Words of its
9700.170 Creators, Eyewitnesses and Historians                                              Kelly, Cynthia (ed)
9710.000 HISTORY of CANADA                                                                  *****
9710.010 The Making of the Nation                                                           Kilbourn, William
9710.020 A Century of Photographs                                                           Berton, Pierre
9710.030 Canada at War                                                                      Hannon, Leslie
9710.040 The Illustrated History of Canada                                                  Brown, Craig (ed)
                                                                                                                      102   9/27/2013

9710.050 Flames across the Border
9710.060 The Story of Canada                                                          Brown,G-Harman,E. et al
9710.070 History of Canada                                                            McNaught, Kenneth
9710.080 My Quebec                                                                    Levesque, Rene
9710.090 Ordeal by Fire                                                               Allen, Ralph
9710.100 One Dominion (Canada 1800 -1900)                                             Tait, George
9710.110 The White and the Gold
9710.120 From Sea unto Sea (the Road to Nationhood, 1850 - 1910)
9710.130 New Discovery of a Vast Country in America (1698)                            Hennepin, Louis (Father)
9710.140 The Path of Destiny                                                          Raddall, Thomas
9710.150 Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpeter and Trader (1791)                Long, J.
9710.160 The Nor'Westers. The Fight for the Fur Trade                                 Campbell, Marjorie
9710.170 Sitting Bull, the Years in Canada                                            MacEwan, Grant
9710.180 A Veteran of 1812, the Life of James Fitzgibbon                              Fitzgibbon, Mary Agnes
9710.190 The Salt Water Men                                                           Schull, Joseph
9710.200 Mutiny in the Bay, Henry Hudson's Last Voyage                                Lambert, R. S.
9710.210 With Burgoyne from Quebec                                                    Jackman, Sydney (ed)
9710.220 Sketches of Upper Canada, 1821                                               Howison, John Esq.
           Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America,
                                                                                      Head, George
9710.230 A winter's Route from Halfax to the Canadas, 1829
9710.240 Redcoat Sailor, the Story of Howard Douglas                                  Lambert, R. S.
9710.250 Captain of the Discovery, Captain George Vancouver                           Haig-Brown, Roderick
9710.260 Alexander Mackenzie and the North West                                       Daniells, Roy
9710.270 David Thomson, Fur Trader, Explorer, Geographer                              Smith, James
9710.280 David Thomson, the Epic Expeditions of a Great Canadian Explorer             Pole, Graeme
9710.290 Dieppe, Canada's Forgotten Heroes                                            Mellor,John
9710.300 My Father's Son, Memories of War and Peace                                   Mowat, Farley
9710.310 One Man's War                                                                Waters, Stuart
9710.320 The Tall Soldier (Spanish Civil War)                                         Alvarez, Manuel
9710.321 Renegates - Canadians in the Spanish Civil War (autographed by the Author)   Petrou, Michael
9710.330 The Harps of War                                                             Stephens, W. Ray
9710.340 Rumours of War (the October 1970 crisis)                                     Haggart, Ron & Golden A.
9710.350 Who Killed the Canadian Military?                                            Granattstein, J. L.
9710.360 Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature                          Story, Norah
9710.370 The National Dream and the Last Spike                                        Berton, Pierre
9710.380 History (the Pelican) of Canada                                              McNaught, Kenneth
9710.390 Quebec Crucible, 1970 Electiom                                               Holden, Richard
9710.400 Merci Canada (ses Pays-Bas)                                                  Nord, Max (ed)             Fr
9710.410 One Canada, Memoirs, The Crusading Years 1895-1956                           Diefenbaker, John G.
9710.420 One Canada, Memoirs, The Years of Achievement, 1957 -1962                    Diefenbaker, John G.
9710.430 One Canada, Memoirs, The Tumultuous Years 1862 -1967                         Diefenbaker, John G.
9710.440 Immigrants, a Portrait of the Urban Experience, 1890 - 1930                  Harney, Robert et al
9710.450 Quebec - State and Society (a collection of Articles by various Authors)     Gagnon, Alain (ed)
9710.458 Oh Canada! Oh Quebec, Requiem for a Divided Country                          Richler, Mordecai
9710.460 Sovereignty Association, Economic Realism or Utopia?                         Lallier, Adalbert
9710.470 Story Workbook in Canadian History                                           Harman, Eleanor et al
9710.480 Spirit of Toronto, 1834 -1984                                                Holton, Margaret (ed)
9710.481 Toronto - an Illustrated History of its First 12,000 Years                   Williamson, Ronald
9710.490 The Legion, (copies of the Canadian Legion Magazine)                         Several
9710.500 Clips from Canadian Newspapers                                               Several
           Globe and Mail July 1943 (reprint)
9710.501 The Italian Campaign - Canadians land in Italy
9710.502 Clips from Canadian Newspapers (BLANK space)                                 Several
9710.503 Clips from Canadian Newspapers (BLANK space)                                 Several
9710.510 Eaton's Last Catalogue                                                       Several
9710.520 Charlie Farquharson's Histry of Canada                                       Harron, Don
                                                                                                                                    103   9/27/2013

9710.530 My GrandFather's War, World War I, 1914 -1918                                       Mathieson, William
9710.531 Heroes in Waiting - the 160th Bruce Battalion in the Great War                      Bartley, Allan
9710.532 Generals Die in Bed - a Story from the WW I Trenches (see 1500.71)                  Harrison, Charles
9710.533 Vimy (World War I)                                                                  Berton, Pierre
9710.540 Canada's Five Centuries (from Discovery to present)                                 Lamb, W.Kaye
9710.550 Allegiance, the Ontario Story, HPC Vol. III                                         Humber, Charles (ed)
9710.560 Canada at the Millenium, HPC Vol. VII                                               Humber, Charles (ed)
9710.570 Last Issue of the Toronto Newspaper "The Telegram", 30 October, 1971                Several
           History of Toronto. (special issue of the Toronto Telegram of Sept. 11, 1965 on
9710.580 the occasion of the inauguration of the new City Hall)
           History of Don Mills and North York. (special issue of the community paper "The
9710.590   Mirror" for Canada' s Centenary)
9710.600   Royal Canadian Legion Magazine (Four Issues)                                      Several
9710.610   Canada Memory Project (also G&M issue of the WW II end 50th anniversary)          Several
           Ten Lost Years, 1929 - 1939,
                                                                                             Broadfoot, Barry
9710.620   Memories of Canadians who survived the Depression
9710.630   Opportunity Road, Yonge Street (Toronto ON) 1860-1939                             Berchem, F.R.
9710.640 Pioneer Travel in Upper Canada (orig. publ. 1933)                                   Guillet, Edwin
9710.641 the Great Migration - the Atlantic Crossing by Sailing Ship, 1770-1860              Guillet, Edwin
           If you Love this Country / Pour l'Amour de ce Pays
                                                                                             Several                         Mult
9710.650 (published just before the 1995 Quebec Referendum on Separation)
9710.651 Sorry, I don't Speak French - Confronting the Canadian Crisis                       Fraser, Graham
9710.660 Flashback Canada (textbook)                                                         Cruxton, J.B. & Wilson, W.D.
9710.661 the War of 1812 - a major TV Documentary (includes a CD-ROM)                        Suthren, Victor
9710.670 Portrait of a Spy - KGB -RCMP-CIA spy Agencies in Canada                            Adams, Ian
9710.680 One Dead Indian (the Ipperwash Ont, Crisis)                                         Edwards, Peter
           Maclean's Canada's Century -
9710.690   An Illustrated History of the People and Events that shaped our Identity          Mollins, Carl + Newman, Peter
9710.700   God's Mercies. Rivalty, Betrayal - Champlain and Hudson                           Hunter, Douglas
9710.701   Illustrated History of the Hudson's Bay Company (see 9210.207)                    Newman, Peter
9710.710   the Empire of the St. Lawrence                                                    Creighton, Donald
9710.720   Building the Canadian Nation, Vol. 1, 1492-1849                                   Brown, George
                                                                                             Trudeau, Pierre &
9710.730 Pierre Trudeau Speaks Out on the Meech Lake                                         Johnston, Donald
9900.000 HISTORY GENERAL OF WORLD                                                            *****
           Pankosmios Istoria, (World History, Middle East and Europe until the Arab
                                                                                             Karavias, St. (Ed)              Grk
9900.010   Conquest of Iberia), - 4th Edition, Vol. 1
9900.020   Pankosmios Istoria, (World History, Europe - Middle Ages up to 1750), Vol. 2      Karavias, St. (Ed)              Grk
9900.030   Pankosmios Istoria, (World History, 1750 to 1922), Vol. 3                         Karavias, St. (Ed)              Grk
9900.040   Pankosmios Istoria, (World History, 1922 to 1960), Vol. 4                         Karavias, St. (Ed)              Grk
9900.050   Naval Warfare, Illustrated History                                                Humble, Richard (ed)
9900.060   Post War Years, 1946-1991                                                         Wenborn, Neil
9900.070 The Best of "Life" (magazine)                                                       Scherman, David
9900.080 Great Events of the 20th Century                                                    Marshall, Richard (ed)
9900.090 TIME (magazine) 1977, Year in Review                                                Several
9900.100 TIME (magazine) 1940, Year in Review                                                Several
9900.101 TIME (magazine) 1929, Year in Review                                                Several
9900.110 The Greatest Generation                                                             Brokaw, Tom
9900.120 The War Makers                                                                      Waitley, Douglas
9900.130 Brief History of Cuba                                                               LeRiverend, Julio
           Apuntes Para Historia de la Nueva Vizcaya (History of New Biscayne-Western
                                                                                             Saravia, Atanasio               Sp
9900.151 Mexico) Vol. I
           Apuntes Para Historia de la Nueva Vizcaya (History of New Biscayne-Western
                                                                                             Saravia, Atanasio               Sp
9900.152 Mexico) Vol. II
         Apuntes Para Historia de la Nueva Vizcaya (History of New Biscayne-Western
                                                                                    Saravia, Atanasio                        Sp
9900.153 Mexico) Vol. III
         Apuntes Para Historia de la Nueva Vizcaya (History of New Biscayne-Western
                                                                                    Saravia, Atanasio                        Sp
9900.154 Mexico) Vol. IV
9900.159 The Underdogs (Mexican Revolutions, 1910-1920) - shelved in Sect. 8000              Azuela, Mariano
                                                                                                                                   104   9/27/2013

 9900.171 A Study of History (vols. I-VI, abrdged by Somervel)                               Toynbee, Arnold
 9900.172 A Study of History (vols. VII - X, abrdged by Somervel)                            Toynbee, Arnold
 9900.173 A Study of History (vols. I-VI, abrdged by Somervel)                               Toynbee, Arnold
 9900.180 Outline of History (the), Vol. 1                                                   Wells, H. G.
 9900.190 Fez in the Age of Marinides (Morocco)                                              LeTourneau, Roger
 9900.200 War in the Falklands (the full story)                                              Several
 9900.210 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni, XXXX - 1821 (Textbook Gr. 10)                       Several                        Grk
 9900.220 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni, 1921 - 1914 (Textbook Gr. 11)                       Several                        Grk
 9900.230 Istoria Neoteri kai synchroni, 1914 - 1980 (Textbook Gr. 12)                       Several                        Grk
 9900.240 Practicing History                                                                 Tuchman, Barbara
            Millenium Year 2000. Collection of various Newspapers of Dec. 31, 1999 and
 9900.250 Jan. 01, 2000                                                                     Several
            Millenium Year 2000. Reprints of approx. 300 Front pages of Globe & Mail of the
 9900.260   20th Century, 1900 -1999.                                                       Several
            Chroniko tis Anthropotitas - A Chrinical og Humanity
 9900.270   an Advertising Brochure of Publications                                         Several                         Grk
 9900.280   Africa, Yesterday and Today                                                     Moore, Clark et al (ed)
 9900.290   Notia Afriki, (South Africa) - Aparheid, to Sigma                               Kangelaris, Kostas              Grk
 9900.300 What Man has Built - the Series Great Ages of Man                                  Several
 9900.301 Ancient Egypt (Series Great Ages of Man)                                           Casson, Lionel et al
 9900.302 Classical Greece (Series Great Ages of Man)                                        Fremantle, Anne
 9900.303 The Age of Faith (Series Great Ages of Man)                                        Fremantle, Anne
 9900.304 Imperial Rome (Series Great Ages of Man)                                           Hadas, Moses et al
 9900.305 The Age of Faith (Series Great Ages of Man)                                        Fremantle, Anne
 9900.306 Renaissance (Series Great Ages of Man)                                             Hale, John et al
 9900.307 Age of Exploration (Series Great Ages of Man)                                      Hale, John et al
 9900.310 Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory - 20th Century Military Blunders         Wragg, David
 9900.320 the Decisive Battles of the Western World, 480 BC-1757                             Fuller, J F C
 9900.980 TIME Magazine (selected Issues)                                                    Several
 9900.990 A collection of five special Year-End issues of "Life" Magazine                    Several
            Century (20th) - One Hundred Years of Human Progress, Regression,
 9900.991 Suffering and Hope. (Includes more than 1,000 Historical Photos)                   Bernard, Bruce (ed)
 9900.999 LAST RECORD LAST RECORD LAST RECORD                                                ****************************

CATALOG                                                                                                                     Lang
                                                  TITLE                                      AUTHOR/EDITOR/ TRANSLATOR
     NO                                                                                                                     uage

    1.000 BOOKS DONATED BY N.J.V. in 2013                                                    *****
 9710.701 Illustrated History of the Hudson's Bay Company                                    Newman, Peter
 8230.753 the Rebels of Ireland                                                              Rutherfurd, Edward
 8230.805 a Tree grows in Brooklyn                                                           Smith, Betty
 7200.810 the Death and Life of Great American Cities                                        Jacobs, Janet
 3200.470 the World is Flat - a Brief History of the 21st Century                            Friedman, Thomas
 8200.062 Pride and Prejudice                                                                Austen, Jane
 8200.070 Jane Eyre                                                                          Bronte, Charlotte
 9140.161 Rome Day by Day, 27 Ways to See the City                                           Hogg, Sylvie
 6100.970 Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary                                                Dorland, William
 8231.402 the Penelopiad (the Myth of Penelope and Odysseus)                                 Atwood, Margaret
 8231.090 Anne of the Green Gables                                                           Montgomery, L. M.
 7000.816 the Elgin (Marbles of Parthenon) Affair (transl. by G. Kousounelos)                Vrettos, Theodore              Grk

 9999.910 ****** LAST RECORD

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