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					  A sound choice for you
   and your customer’s
travel insurance coverage.
When you or your guests have
detailed questions, refer to our
    World Service Center:
     Refer to product # 008085
                           Service Standards
• Industry Leader
• AIG Travel Guard 800 number for guests and
  reservations staff
• All calls answered within 30 seconds
• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Personal AIG Travel Guard representative
  – Product and sales training, ongoing support
  – 1 contact for all your AIG Travel Guard needs
• 24 Hour Claims Handling…
                         Service Standards
                                   - Claims
§ The guest contacts AIG Travel Guard directly to
  begin a claim.
§ Claims are initiated on the first phone call
§ All claims checks mailed within 24 hours of receipt
  of final documentation
§ 90% of all claims paid within 14 days
§ “The Fairness Principle”
                  Why Sell Vacation
                   Protection Plan?

§ Coverage for your guests
§ Coverage for your business
§ Customized program for your industry
             Vacation Rental Protection
                        Plan Coverages
Vacation Rental
Protection Plan Program                Coverage Limits
•   Trip Cancellation/Interruption     Rental Cost   ($100,000 Max)

•   Trip Delay                         $400
•   Baggage Delay                      $400
•   Medical Expense                    $25,000
•   Emergency Medical Transportation   $500,000
•   AIG Travel Assist                  Included
                                          Trip Cancellation &
  Reimburses for forfeited, non-refundable,
  and unused payments or deposits if due to:
• Sickness, injury, or death of the Insured, a Traveling
  Companion or Family Member.
• Other unforeseeable circumstances…
   –   Weather
   –   Named Hurricane (subject to policy terms and conditions)
   –   Insured’s residence or destination made uninhabitable (fire, flood, etc.)
   –   Military (leave revoked or reassigned within 30 days of departure)
   –   Termination of employment/layoff (5 yrs with same employer)
   –   Transfer of over 250 miles required by employer
   –   Terrorist incident in a city on the insured’s itinerary (30 days)
   –   Subpoena, jury duty, hijacking, or quarantine
   –   Traffic accident en route to departure
   –   An organized labor strike
                                     Travel Delay
Reimburses up to $100 per day (up
to the $400 limit of coverage) for
reasonable additional expenses if
delayed for 12 hours due to…
– Carrier delay such as mechanical difficulties or
– Lost passport or travel documents.
– Natural disaster.
– Injury or sickness of Insured or a Traveling
                  Baggage Delay

Reimburses up to $100.00 per day
 (up to $400) for the purchase of
 essential items if bags are
 delayed for more than 12 hours
                           Medical Expense
• No daily limit or deductibles
• Pays for doctor, hospital, ambulance
  services, and prescription medication.
     - Initial treatment must be received during
       trip. We will pay for covered expenses up to
       one year from date of injury/sickness.
• Pays for emergency dental expenses
  during trip only.
                     Emergency Medical

• Evacuation to nearest adequate medical
• Transportation of remains upon death.

* This is a brief outline of coverage, please
  refer to the Description of Coverage.
                               AIG Travel Assist
                         This is a service benefit….
• Advancement of funds to cover on-site medical
• Telephone interpretation services in major
• Assistance to locate local physicians, dentists, or
  medical facilities.
• Professionals will monitor the Insured’s condition
  and contact their personal physician and/or family.
• Evacuation to a hospital, treatment facility, or back
• 24-hour emergency hotline.
                             General Information
• Plan Cost - 7% of the total booking cost.
   • This is on a per booking basis
   • The booking cost includes taxes, fees, etc.
• Policies must be purchased 30 days prior to arrival or by
  final payment, whichever comes first.
   • New reservations to arrive within 30 days, may purchase the
     insurance at the time of booking.
• It is important that guests purchase their plan within 14
  days of making their initial deposit.
   • *Pre-existing medical conditions exclusion waiver
                           General Information

•   Who can purchase?
     • Residents of the US
•   When does the plan go into effect?
     • 12:01 am following purchase
     • The policy is in effect when the guest pays you, not
       when you send the payment to us
•   Can a guest get a refund?
     • Refund is available up to 10 days after purchase.
•   Does the guest have to insure all trip costs?
     • Yes
                    Quoting the Insurance
There are two basic methods of quoting…

• Opt-In: “Your total is $1,000, we highly recommend that you
include travel insurance for $70, would you like me to add that
for you?”

• Opt-Out: “Your total is $1,070 with travel insurance included
would you like me to go ahead and make that booking?”
                         Quoting the Insurance
Opt-out: 3 general responses from the guest…
    • “Ok, go ahead with the booking.”
                 • Complete the transaction, distribute DOC.
    • “I don’t want the insurance, can we remove it?”
                 • Walk away OR save the sale?
                 • Make sure the guest knows he can purchase later.

    • “I’m not sure if I want travel insurance?”
                 • Sell it OR distribute info?

*Always advise the guest to call AIG Travel Guard with questions.
                             Selling Techniques

• Offer insurance with every booking.
• Document if the guest does not want to purchase the
  travel insurance coverage.
• Use testimonials or travel mishaps from other
• Stress the value of adequate insurance coverage.
  • Remind guests of their cancellation penalties
                        Overcoming Common
• I’m going on this trip no matter what.
  • Even if a family member falls ill?
  • Even if a hurricane or snowstorm closes the airport?
• I haven’t experienced problems in the past.
  • Insurance is for what could happen in the future, not
    what may or may not have already happened.
• I already have coverage.
  • Maybe medical through their employer, maybe fraud
    protection with their credit card; but their vacation
    investment is not covered.
        Commonly Asked Questions

• Your guests flight is delayed by one day due
  to an ice storm. As a result, they incurred
  additional lodging and meal expenses.
  Would they be covered?
  – Yes. If the trip is delayed for more than 12
    hours, AIG Travel Guard would pay for
    reasonable additional expense until travel
    becomes possible. ($100 maximum per day per
              Commonly Asked Questions
• A hurricane hits and there is a mandatory
  evacuation. How is this covered?
  – If the guest's destination is made uninhabitable or inaccessible, in
    accordance with the Description of Coverage, the guest is covered.
      • If a mandatory evacuation is ordered, the destination has been
        deemed uninhabitable.
      • If a mandatory evacuation is ordered during the guest's stay, he can call
        AIG Travel Guard (888-409-7749;) we can help coordinate emergency
        travel arrangements.

  – For a guest to have coverage for a specific hurricane, the insurance
    must be in effect prior to the storm being named a hurricane.
      • Remember, a policy goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. the day
        following the purchase.
          Commonly Asked Questions
• Your guest suffers a fall and fractures her ankle
  during her trip. She has no other medical insurance,
  and her bill is $700. Is your guest covered?
   – Yes. There are no daily limits and no deductibles on the
     medical coverage, and your guest is eligible for expenses up
     to one year from date of injury.

• What if your guest is on her trip, needs medical care
  and doesn’t know what to do? Who should she call?
   – There are toll-free and direct phone numbers on each
     Description of Coverage provided to your guests once they
     purchase insurance. These numbers put your guests in
     contact with AIG Travel Assist, who will coordinate any needs
     they have.
             Commonly Asked Questions
• What is the pre-existing condition exclusion?
  – If the guest purchases the coverage within 14 days of making
    his initial deposit, he is covered for pre-existing conditions.
  – If the guest does not purchase within 14 days, we will not
    pay for loss or expense incurred as the result of Injury or
    Sickness of an Insured or Family Member which manifests
    itself during the 60 days immediately preceding and including
    the Effective Date, unless the condition is controlled through
    the taking of prescription drugs or medication and remains
    controlled throughout the 60 day period.
      • A sickness has manifested itself when:
          (a) medical care or treatment has been given; or
          (b) there exist symptoms, which would cause a reasonable
          prudent person to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment.
          Commonly Asked Questions
• What are the limitations for death reasons
  for cancellations within the family?
  – Death is unforeseen, please refer to Description of
    Coverage for definition of Immediate Family Member.

• When is the last day a guest can purchase
  travel insurance?
  – The insurance must be purchased by your guests no
    later than 30 days prior to arrival or final payment,
    whichever comes first.

  If a guest calls makes a booking and is scheduled to arrive
  within 30 days, the guest can purchase
  with his initial deposit only.
          Commonly Asked Questions
• How does a guest file a claim?
  – If your guest has a claim, they simply call AIG Travel Guard’s toll
    free number 1-888-409-7749.

• How long does it take for a claim to be processed?
  – If all of the documentation is in, 24 hours.

• Who does a guest call with coverage questions?
  – AIG Travel Guard (888.409.7749)
  – Dedicated phone line for the Vacation Rental Protection Plan.
  – One toll free number for all AIG Travel Guard needs.

What is SecurityDepositProtector™?

• Coverage for you and your guests in lieu of a credit
  card authorization or refundable damage deposit.

• When this program is elected, it provides up to $1,500
  of coverage from unintentional or pet damage to the
  property and its contents.
   – subject to policy terms and conditions.

• Makes a great complement to AIG Travel Guard’s
  Vacation Rental Protection Plan.
What is the added value to the guest?
• Your guests no longer need to worry about how much or
  when their security deposit will be returned.
   – Or if their credit card will be charged.

• Your guests are not required to write a check or charge
  their credit card to cover a security deposit.

• Oftentimes, having to write a check or tie up their credit
  card with a security deposit can force potential guests to
  change their vacation plans.
What about the rental manager?

• Reduced Administration…
  – No more collecting, managing, and refunding security
  – No more confronting guests about damages
  – No more contested credit card charges

• Increased Revenue…
  – Reimbursement for repairs to accidental damages
  – Time is Money
• Include the Security Deposit Protector plan with
  each booking.

• Offer the coverage as an alternative to a
  damage deposit.

• Offer the coverage as a way to ensure that the
  guest is refunded their security deposit.
• Document & repair the damage
  – Take photographs of the damage.
  – Save receipts/invoices for replacement or repair.

• Complete & submit a claim form
  – Claim form: Which booking had the damage, short
    explanation of damage, who reported the damage
    (guest, housekeeping, unit inspector,) explanation of
    corrective action taken, signature.
  – Mail or email the completed form and necessary
    documentation to file a claim for reimbursement.

     • If damage cannot be repaired immediately, submit a claim
       form ASAP and submit invoices and receipts for
       reimbursement at a later date (within 60 days.)
•   Who is covered on the plan?
    –   All registered guests on a rental that purchased an SDP policy.

•   When must premium be paid by?
    –   Plan can be purchased up until or at check-in.

•   Is pet damage covered?
    –   Yes

•   What is not covered?
    –   Damage due to: natural disasters, intentional acts, gross negligence, normal
        wear & tear, and theft (unless claim is accompanied by a valid police report.)
         •    see plan Description of Coverage for full terms and conditions.

•   What is the maximum stay length that can be covered?
    –   Up to 180 days (about 6 months.)

•   Questions?
                 Thank You
                    Kristin Jankowski
                  Property Management
                1-800-826-7791 ext 17101
This is a brief description of the insurance benefits and travel services provided.
Insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of
Pittsburgh, Pa., a Pennsylvania Insurance Company (NAIC #19445) and a
subsidiary of American International Group, Inc., with its principal place of
business at 70 Pine Street, New York, NY 10270, currently authorized to transact
business in all states and the District of Columbia. The Policy will contain
reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions. All coverages
may not be available in all states. Non-insurance services are provided by AIG
Travel Assist.

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