The Startup Process of Hardwood Flooring Is Explained

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					The Startup Process of Hardwood Flooring Is Explained
To bring grandeur to the looks of your house
flooring plays a very important part. The
traditional tiles, marble and granite flooring is
being rapidly replaced by Hardwood Flooring.
Wood flooring's are used in many ways. Some
are used in the houses which have proper
basement. This implies that the wood flooring
is fixed to the ground. In some cases wood
flooring is also done to separate floors in one
single room as per the requirement of the
family. There are majorly two types of wood
flooring. These are classified as solid wood
flooring and engineered wood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is easy to install as compared to the
later one.

Fixation Procedure:

The fixation procedure of hardwood flooring refinishing which is of the solid category is easy and can be
done by the owner himself. Before the fixation process the sub flooring has to be done and all the other
materials including the wooden planks have to be procured. The size of the planks has to be similar and
any anomaly can lead to difficulties during the fixing process. Masks should be kept handy to ward off
any inhalation of dusts. Knee pads have to be worn to relieve the knees from getting hurt. Along with all
the materials a measuring tape as well glue proves to be very handy in the process of Hardwood

The Startup Process:

       A good amount of time that is at least three days should be given to the wooden planks to get
        accustomed to the temperature of the room. This would ensure that the factor of moisture
        content and would contribute towards smooth fixing.

       The sub floor which lies beneath the Hardwood Flooring refinishing has to have the same level
        of moisture as that of the wooden planks. If there is difference in the moisture level in between
        these two floors then an expert’s advice should be sought.

       The subfloor should be cleaned before fixing the wooden planks. The defects should be
        monitored very carefully in all the wooden planks. If the defects are greater than five percent
        then the fixation process should not be initiated at all. An expert should be called for.
       After checking all the factors if the condition is favorable for installation then as per the
        manufacturer’s instructions a felt or rosin should be applied to the sub floor. After this
        application the main process of installation should start.

       At first the first row of planks has to be fixed properly and then the other rows would follow.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Chicago can be done by the individual himself but that might lead to
some mistakes. These mistakes would not have the desired effects. To get the best out of solid
hardwood flooring an expert has to be hired to carry out the process. To know in detail clicking the link
below would prove to be fruitful:

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