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The uses of a Receipt Printer

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					                   The uses of a Receipt Printer

A receipt is a sort of acknowledgement that is given to the customer, which has
the record of the transaction that has been taken place with him. When a person
goes to the retail store and buys stuff he expects the person standing at the point
of sale counter should provide him with the sale receipt of the goods that he has
bought from their store. This is not same as that of an invoice, as it is a bill of
the goods and services that has been given to the client, but a receipt stores all
the details of the transaction. Now days it has become a necessity to give the
customer a sale receipt. For that the store should have a receipt printer with
them. A receipt printer is an essential component of the point of sale system, it
may come with the cash register or the billing machine as some might call it,
and sometimes the retailer has to attach the printer to the system if at all the
printer is not included in the cash register. These receipt printers use thermal
papers to print the receipt and hand it over to the clients. The quality of a
thermal paper is far better than that of a normal paper, which sometimes may
not be able to soak the ink properly and generate a bad quality print of the bill.
So, to print the receipt, usually a thermal printer is being used.

These receipt printers can be brought to use for the purpose of printing the sale
transaction on the paper, it is mostly used to print the tickets in the buses, or the
orders in a restaurant or for goods that are been bought at the retail store. These
places just cannot function without this machine, as it has become a very
important part of the point of sale system all over the world. These printers can
be used for many purposes, it can be mobile which are used by businesses that
require very fast printing of the receipts or that they may require to print the
receipts very frequently. A thermal printer cannot be used everywhere, as they
need a paper that is sensitive to heat, and is not at all ideal for the places that
have high temperatures such as kitchen, and also the paper will only work with
a thermal printer and no other printer. So, a receipt printer is one that can be
used at all places and is more durable than any other printer for giving out the
sale transaction slips to the consumers. The receipt become the proof of the
product that you have bought and if something is wrong with the product or if
you want to exchange the stuff that you have bought then this printed receipt
comes to use. A receipt printer is one thing which if not present the shopkeeper
would have to give the hand written transaction report, which is not valid
anywhere and is not considered as authentic. An email is also one of the ways
through which the transaction receipt can be sent.

A receipt printer is used to print the bill that is been given to the customer after
the sale transaction has been done with him. It is useful as the receipt is kept as
a record with the retailer and the client to know the details of the transactions.

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