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									                           East Midlands Hockey Umpires Association

                                            Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the 10th Annual General Meeting held at Highfields, Nottingham on 20th April 2004
The meeting opened at 7:32 pm with the President David Hourd in the chair.
The President welcomed members and asked them to fill in the circulating Attendance Form
Attending were 25 members and one guest, with 33 apologies.
1.   Presidents Address
     Welcome to the 2004 EMHUA AGM and thank you for attending.
     This season has been difficult with more and more demands being made on the membership and
     sadly the retirement of several members through injury and the ‘attitude’ shown by players, coaches
     and spectators alike. If EMHUA, BCHUA and MRHUA continue to lose umpires because of this
     ‘attitude’ problem the clubs will no longer have neutral panel umpires allocated to their matches. If
     this becomes a reality the game of hockey will take a backward step.
     I believe that the way forward it to ensure that clubs realise that neutral panel umpires are volunteers,
     and as such could withdraw their services at a moments notice, and without their dedication clubs
     would have to find their ‘own umpires’ for each match. One solution may be is to have a campaign
     in which EMHUA, BCHUA and MRHUA meet clubs and have a constructive dialogue with clubs
     about their responsibilities before, during and after the match.
     EMHUA have held cluster meetings at various venues throughout the East Midlands and have proved
     popular with players and umpires. Sue Sutton and Jane Nockolds were able to attend the recent
     I am pleased to report that two of our members have progressed, David Kingston to Level 2 status
     and is receiving MRHUA appointments and Marc Abrahams has been umpiring at international level.
     The membership continues to grow and EMHUA welcomes all new members especially those who
     have joined from the ladies game. If any members wish to know what happens at council meeting,
     who attends and what decisions are made etc or wishes to be a member of the committee please
     speak to either the incoming president or the hon. secretary who can discuss this further.
     If any of the level 1 umpires wish to become a neutral panel umpire please speak to the hon. chief
     coach who will be able to discuss this further.
     Yet again it is very disappointing to report that several clubs have not returned a single captains card
     whereas other clubs have only returned a few. These captains’ cards are one of the ways in which
     EMHUA can have feedback on the standard of our neutral panel umpires.
     As your retiring president I take this opportunity of thanking all of the officers and members for their
     hard work during the season and wish EMHUA well in the future.
     Thank you
2.   Apologies for absence
     Apologies were received from Colin Barker, Jon Barry, Ann Bradley, Graham Brewin, Chris Bull,
     Anne Clayton, Deborah Cobb, John Foreman, Barry Forrester, Chris Gough, Denise Grace, Charlie
     Harrison, Bill Hirst, Kay Knight, Anne Linsdell, Andy Luke, Alan Mayor, David Paley, Paul Reeve,
     Andy Roberts, John Starling, Ian Sutton, Sue Sutton, Steve Timpson, Nick Tomalin, Reg Walker,
     Stephen Webb, Andrew Willey
     Apologies were given for Jo Barnes, Noel & Richard Bexon, Ray Stamper, Peter Thomas.
EMHUA Annual General Meeting Minutes (continued)
3.   Minutes of the 9th AGM Meeting
     The minutes of the 8th AGM were circulated prior to the meeting to all members. These minutes, with
     no amendments required, were proposed as a true record by John Hayes, seconded by Ian McPherson
     and approved by all. The President then signed the minutes.
4.   Matters arising
     There were no matters arising.
5.   Reports
     a) Honorary Secretary Report (J. Yates)
         The Association currently has a total of 166 members, with 2 members umpiring at NHL
           level, 6 umpires on the Midlands Panel and 25 umpires on the EMHUA neutral Panel. This
           past season has seen 1 neutral panel umpire promoted to Midlands and 4 members joining the
           neutral panel, 27 new Level 1 umpire members, which includes 14 umpires from the women’s
           game joining the Association, which is all very encouraging. We still need more umpires to
           join the neutral panel, so if you wish to improve or further your umpiring career please
           consider joining our neutral panel; we can never have enough. On the reverse side, 2
           Midlands umpires, 1 neutral panel umpires and 8 level 1 members have retired or given up.
         One of our members and neutral panel umpires died during the season following a long
           illness, all members were asked to wear black armbands at their next matches, a minutes
           silence was held at all matches in the East Midlands and a donation to Cancer Research was
           made by the Association.
         The Association has put on three members meetings this season. It was most gratifying and
           encouraging to see that both the November and February meetings had in excess of 45
           attendees long may that continue.
         There have been 3 issues of EMU news distributed to members. I have been fortunate to
           receive some contributions from members, however more is always very welcome and I again
           implore members to take an active part in their newsletter and to submit articles or points of
           interest for inclusion.
         As stated last year I have continued to utilise email extensively to circulate newsletters, flyers
           and general information and the AGM papers to members. I hope all members continue to be
           happy with this method of communication, I have to-date not been advised of any problems or
           complaints, with 80% of our membership on email, this has continued to provide considerable
           savings in postage and time taken to circulate information.
         The dates of members meetings for next season have been circulated with the AGM papers.
           Full details on the content, format etc. will be circulated at the start of next season.
         The MRHUA AGM is on the 12th May @ Old Silhillans Sports Club. ALL of our members
           of the Midlands Panel should attend. Please make every effort to attend and support EMHUA.
         Finally, my personal thanks go to all the officers and colleagues of the Association for their
           help and assistance for this year in particular and to all the others who have helped and
           supported me in my current tenure.
        Report proposed by Jerry Yates and seconded by John Litchfield
     b) Honorary Treasurer Report (J. Hayes)
         The Treasurer presented audited accounts for 2002/03 and a draft statement of accounts for
          The lines for Merchandise will probably be the last season of record, as in future years this
          will handled directly by the supplier.
          Coaching and Level 1 lines will be shown as joint lines in future tears.
          There will be monies ring fenced for coaching in future years.

EMHUA Annual General Meeting Minutes (continued)
        i) Accounts for 2003/04 - Proposed by John Hayes, subject to audit and seconded by
         Richard Kirk, with all in favour
        ii) Membership fee for 2004/05 to remain at £5.
             Match fees to remain at the same level as last year
             Mileage rate to remain at 16p per mile
             All above proposed by John Hayes and seconded by Kevin Ronson, with all present in
      A copy of the Financial Statement of accounts for 2003/2004 is attached to the minutes.
   c) Outdoor Appointments Secretary Report (B. Workman)
       This has been a difficult season in fulfilling our obligations as an organisation to provide
        umpires for East Midland’s matches.
       We have been desperately short in numbers this season, mainly due to the lack of umpires to
        begin with, but has not been helped by unfortunate injuries to key umpires throughout the
       We have had one or two additions to our ranks this season and are always thankful to increase
        our numbers.
       As an association we have continued to appoint to East Midlands Premier League and and
        Divisions I and II when possible.
       We have also frequently appointed to County games for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and
        Leicestershire at all levels up to U’18’s, together with the relevant Vase, Trophy and Veterans
        Cup games and all Schools and Youth games when asked.
       My thanks to all umpires who have once again given up their free time this season to
        endlessly turn out for us and support East Midlands hockey.
       Finally my thanks to Dave Hourd for the endless hours on the phone talking to me, and to
        Peter Byng and John Hayes, and if I have missed anyone out my apologies for doing so.
       Hope you have and enjoyable summer break and come back refreshed for the start of the
        2004/2005 season in September.
      The report was proposed by Bill Workman and seconded by John Hayes.
      The President thanked Bill Workman for his hard work during the season
   d) Honorary Chief Coach Report (J. Litchfield)
       Members Coaching Meetings
         16 September 2003 - The Cooper Test at Highfields was again poorly supported by our
          umpires. We need to have a commitment to keep fit enough to look after the games we are
          asked to umpire. The meeting was better supported with Marc Abraham leading an
          interactive session on “Teamwork”. This was followed by a presentation on the new rules
          that apply from 1 September and brief discussion of the proposed new rules that come into
          force on 1 Jan 2004. Some interpretations still needed clarification.
         30 September & 1 October 2003 – Two “Start of the Season” get togethers were held at
          Belper and West Bridgeford for all Men’s and Women’s umpires and Club players and
          coaches. The evenings were led by Jane Nockolds who provoked much thought and lively
         11 November 2003 – John Anderson, an ex-national umpire talked to us on “How to
          Manage the Umpire” which was very useful to Clubs and also gave good insight on how to
          improve pitch management for umpires. We continued our discussion on the January rules,
          lead by John Litchfield. The new rulebooks were not yet available, which still left us
          unsure of some of the implications. This meeting was very well attended.

EMHUA Annual General Meeting Minutes (continued)
        3 February 2004 – Visiting Coach Rajiv Khanna presented a video produced by FIH,
           which showed what they recommend on umpire preparation and match control. This was
           followed by a power point presentation and lively discussion, lead by Jerry Yates and ably
           assisted by Raj Khanna and Richard Kirk about all the changes now identified and final
           clarification after the first few weeks of using the new rules. The meeting was again very
           well attended.
      Individual Coaching and Watching
        We have 25 (23) neutral umpires on the East Midland list of which 2 have been injured for
           much of the season. In addition to these there are 8 (8) umpires on the Midland and
           National list. Of the 33, 8 are over 60. This year, 46 (25) “coaching watchings” have been
           done; some of which have been carried out from “the other end” or by Coaches from
           outside our area. This is a great improvement on last season. Our thanks to everyone who
           has helped with coaching and advising others, in particular to Ken Stanyon who has done
           17 reports during the season.
           Our particular thanks are due to Andy Barnes, Kevin Ronson, Alan Foster and Peter Leigh
           who have worked hard coaching young umpires during the season.
      Captains Report Cards.
        79 (93) Captain’s Cards have been received this year.
        Our thanks to those Clubs who have taken the trouble to send them in. However, fewer
           East Midlands Clubs have supported us this year particularly after Christmas. 13 of these
           cards have come from Clubs visiting from West Midlands. The quality of the comments
           has again been constructive and this is a help to our umpires.
        The Club who has sent in the most cards was again South Notts with 17. Runners up were
           Ashby with 14. 10 Clubs out of 21 sent in no cards at all! A bottle of whisky will be
           presented to South Notts by the president at a suitable opportunity.
      Development of Umpire Coaches.
        Peter Leigh Completed his Level 2 Umpire Coaching Assessment at the end of last season
           and Ann Bradley has passed her Level 1 this season. Three umpires are still registered on
           the Level 1 assessment process, Kevin Senior, Charlie Harrison, Karl Strickland but have
           not progressed during the year.
      Grading Committee.
        The Grading Committee has met twice this year on 2 Dec and 16 March under the
           Chairmanship of our President David. During the season, Ian Hadfield and Gi Berman
           were awarded EMHUA “A” grades and Adrian Mansfield his “A/B” grade. Peter Thomas
           was awarded his “B” grade. Several umpires have retired or become inactive.
           Congratulations to David Kingston who has been appointed to the Midland List as a Level
           2 umpire at grade M3. Andrew Lamb has completed 1 game of his Level 2 assessment but
           was prevented from umpiring his second game due to injury. End of Season reports will be
           sent shortly to individual umpires. We urgently need to find new umpires during the
           summer to help Bill Workman who has done a wonderful job trying to cover as many
           games as possible.
      Level One and PUA Courses.
        Several have been run and Kevin Ronson will report on these.
     The report was proposed by John Litchfield and seconded by Bill Workman.
     The President thanked John Litchfield for his hard work during the season
  e) Honorary Assistant Secretary Report (Level 1’s) (K. Ronson)
      I can begin with a near repeat of the first sentence from last year - "2003-2004 was again a
       very good year in terms of candidates who passed the theory examination. 61 passed from the
       four courses run". One more course will run before September and will be hosted by North

EMHUA Annual General Meeting Minutes (continued)
       Notts HC. The course envisaged. The course envisaged at the Nottingham University did not
       go ahead. 18 people have turned the theory into a full Level 1 qualification.
      This season was complicated for us by rule changes and therefore a change of course and
       examination in January. Milton Keynes never replied to the observations that I made to them
       on our behalf in February 2003. Those observations were about the increase in paperwork.
      The fee agreed at last year's AGM became irrelevant before we had implemented it as
       England Hockey forced us to increase it to £25 per candidate with a £50 expenses fee per
       course. I would not propose any changes for the coming year.
      I would again like to thank John Litchfield, John Hayes, Alan Foster and Andy Barnes for
       their continued support and assistance both in watchings and running courses this year.
     The report was proposed by Kevin Ronson and seconded by Andy Barnes.
     The President thanked Kevin Ronson for his hard work during the season
  f) Youth Development Officers Report (A. Barnes)
     This is my first report as the Youth Development Officer for this Association.
     This seasons achievements are:
      EMHUA formally adopted a Child Protection Policy
      The YDO is now formally ‘child protected’
      Philip Webb attended the 2003 Young Umpire Challenge
      A PUA course held at Tuxford Comprehensive school for 21 students, 5 already passed the
      One or two young umpires have taken and passed and EMHUA organized Level 1 course
      Young umpires appointed to Nottinghamshire youth games
      Young umpires appointed to Nottinghamshire Boys and Girls mini finals
      Young umpires appointed to MRHA U15 boys county competition
      Young umpires appointed to MRHA U13 girls county tournament
      Young umpires appointed to MRHA Regional mini finals
      Young umpires nominated to the ‘National Young umpire challenge’
      All competitions with young umpires appointed had at least one EMHUA umpire coach
      Both Notts & Derbyshire County Councils have appointed or reappointed Hockey
       Development Officers
      We have just received confirmation of a development contact in Leicestershire
      We continue to have dialogue with Sue Sutton and the Midlands development office
      For next season I would like to achieve the following targets.
      Develop a mechanism whereby Clubs inform us of any umpiring talent they wish to see
       developed and provide opportunity for the young umpires to umpire within their clubs
      Ensure all young umpires get an early opportunity to do a Level 1 course, i.e. not held back by
       lack of a course
      Encourage clubs/schools to offer PUA courses
      Try to get MRHA and Counties to give good notice of suitable competition for these umpires
      Maintain communication with the young umpires
      Ensure I am informed of any umpire under the age of 24, who passes the Level 1 within or
       outside the Association
      Provide opportunity for EMHUA members who coach or umpire with the U18’s to take a
       Child Protection course
      Develop communication with Leicestershire and maintain with Midlands, Notts & Derbys
     The report was proposed by Andy Barnes and seconded by Alan Foster.
     The President thanked Andy Barnes for his hard work during the season

EMHUA Annual General Meeting Minutes (continued)
6.   EMHUA’s “Top Club”
     This year due to the dreadful number of returns from panel umpires the “Top Club” award was not
     This is an important award and shows the recognition the Association makes to clubs that “look
     after” umpires both on and off the pitch. If we can’t be bothered, clubs will see this and it will make
     the job of reducing umpire abuse that much more difficult. Please think very carefully about this for
     future years.
7.   President’s Trophy
     Was awarded to Andy Barnes for his work in Youth Development, where he has put in considerable
     effort and time to ensure that we have laid down strong foundations for the future development of
     umpiring in this region through the youth programme.
8.   Special Awards
     There were no special awards to be made this year.
9.   Panel Badge Awards
     Association Badges are awarded to:          John Brown
                                                 Adrian Mansfield
                                                 Peter Thomas
                                                 Stephen Webb
10. Election of Officers
     President:                                              John Hayes was confirmed in post
     Immediate Past President                                Dave Hourd was confirmed in post
     Life Vice Presidents                                    Reg Walker and Alan Foster were elected
     Vice Presidents:                                        Reg Walker and Alan Foster were removed
                                                             due to election above
                                                             John Hayes was removed due to election as
                                                             Dave Hourd was elected
                                                             All remaining current holders were
     Honorary Secretary:                                     Jerry Yates was re-elected unopposed.
     Honorary Treasurer:                                     John Hayes was re-elected unopposed
     Honorary Appointments Secretary (outdoors):             Bill Workman was elected unopposed
     Honorary Appoints Secretary (Indoors):                  Post to be left vacant
     Honorary Coach:                                         John Litchfield was re-elected unopposed
     Honorary Assistant Secretary (Level 1’s):               Kevin Ronson was re-elected unopposed
     Youth Development Officer                               Andy Barnes was elected unopposed
     Honorary Assistant Secretary (Memberships):             David Kingston to continue in co-opted post
     Honorary Assistant Secretary (Events):                  Vacant no nomination for co-opted post
11. Election of Representatives
     To MRHUA Executive for 2004/05:                         Jerry Yates was re-elected unopposed
     To DCHA:                                                Tony Gerrard was elected unopposed
     To LCHA:                                                Vacant due to no nomination
     To NCHA:                                                Andy Roberts was re-elected unopposed

EMHUA Annual General Meeting Minutes (continued)
12. Election to Council
    All Officers were appointed as per the constitution. Plus Alan Foster and Mike Drinkwater were
    elected as an ordinary members. One Representative from DHA, LRHA and NHA will be invited to
    executive meetings.
13. Grading Committee
    President, Chief Coach, Honorary Appointments Secretary Outdoors were appointed as per the
    constitution. Plus Richard Kirk, Kevin Ronson and Ken Stanyon were elected.
    A vote of thanks for Reg Walker, for all his work for the Association, was proposed by Ken Stanyon.
14. Scrutinisers
    Clive Dennis and Mike Drinkwater were re-appointed.
The meeting closed at 08:25 pm
The President thanked everyone for their attendance.

Next Meeting:       The next Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th April 2005 @
                    Highfields @ 07.30 pm.

President                                                 Hon Secretary


                                 Statement of accounts 2003 - 04

        02/3                    Income                  02/3                Expenditure
          670     Members                  785.00         391   Insurance                   460.77
         4144     Fees                    3858.00        3099   Travel                     2827.98
          280     Merchandise               84.50         183   Merchandise                 184.43
           58     Donations                 32.96         862   Administration              852.88
          150     Coaching                 892.60         145   Coaching                    219.01
         1560     Level 1                  435.00        1306   Level 1                     913.69
           26     Bank Interest (est)       24.00          24   Bank Charges                  0.00
                                          6111.06        6011                              5458.76
                                                          818   Excess inc/exp              652.30
        6830                             6111.06        6830                              6111.06


       Individual Membership                   £5

       League and Competitions matches         £18         per pair of umpires
       League-imposed friendly matches         £18         per pair of umpires
       Other friendly matches                  £10         per pair of umpires
       S. & Y. (County)                        £50         per season
       Touraments (e,g, County..               £10         per team (to include semis and finals)
       Travel                                  16p         per mile

     April 2004                                                               J. S. HAYES


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