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Get to Know How to Choose an Affordable Band for Wedding
Wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions of life. Everyone wants to make this special day even more enjoyable and
entertaining. Without music, the wedding celebration will not be complete. One needs to have music or even dancing for the
couple and of course the guests.

In order to make the wedding a memorable event, you can book an entertaining band. You can simply add that extra
sparkle to your big day by hiring a live band at your wedding reception. But here lies one problem. You need to check some
points and also get the answers to some questions before actually fixing any band for your wedding.

The first and foremost thing is to determine your budget. If you have strict budgets then try to make a note of your
maximum budget. It is very obvious that the price will vary depending upon the number of musicians, travel costs,
accommodation and quality and schedule of your chosen bands. For selecting the perfect band for your wedding reception,
it is better to determine the average age of your guests.

You should always target the bands that play music as per your preference but be sure that they have some older tracks
to keep granny happy. It is you who have to decide which band you need for your guests. Depending upon your budget,
you can also determine the size of the musicians. Whether you want only one vocalist and two other musicians or a 4 piece
band? The size of these musical groups varied from 2 to 4 to 12 people. You can also see if any local band can fit your
criteria or not. The local musical group means less travel expenses and you can also start with low quotes.

There is one more question which need to be answered is that how long you want the band to perform. There are different
patterns which are followed by the wedding reception bands. There are either two slots which are generally followed by the
bands. It is either 2X60 mins or 3X40 mins. Most of the wedding bands fill the gaps with mp3 music using the PA system.
If you want a band to play for longer duration, you need to check the playlist that whether they have enough songs or not.
For an example, for one hour of music, usually fourteen to fifteen songs are played. One most important factor is to see
whether your venue accept the band or not. There are many venues which are licensed for 4 or less musicians. Always
check the license limits and sound/noise limits of the venue. Make this point a checkpoint in your check list.

Once you have got all your answers, you should shortlist at least three or so wedding bands in Melbourne based on
your specific demands. You should always choose a band which does not have any kind of franchise or middlemen so that
you can easily reduce the actual cost of the orchestra group or live bands. Apart from all these things, you must also
rectify that the musicians shown in the videos and albums are the same to those who will be performing at your function.

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