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					 Just Lift It Better
On and Off the Job
     Zero Stress
            Think of your Kinetic Chain

The body is made up of a series of joints. From your toes to your nose, you have a chain-
link of moveable joints. If one joint does not move properly, the ones above and below it
 have to work abnormally hard. Try going up stairs while keeping your knee straight and
                you’ll quickly see the problem with bad joint movement.
Its only ten pounds what's the risk
     Stress or No Stress your choice
Plan ahead before lifting.
Lift close to your body.
Feet shoulder width apart.
Bend your knees and keep your back straight.
Tighten your stomach muscles.
Lift with your legs.
If you're straining, get help.
But I'm sitting
Stressed Lifting vs. Zero Stress
How much does your head weight
The action compounds the stress
No Ilean’s in the Company
Reduce the lifting Stress
Zero Strength More Brains
Posture and Motion
Work Level
Oilfield Incident Back Reduction
          Zero Impact on your Spine
                 Zero Stress
• Never bend your back to pick something up.
  It's just not worth the damage that improper lifting
  technique can cause.
• Hold the object close to your body.
  You are a much more stable lifter if you're not reaching for
  an object.
• Don't twist or bend.
  Face in the direction you are walking. If you need to turn,
  stop, turn in small steps, and then continue walking.
• Keep your eyes up.
  Looking slightly upwards will help you maintain a better
  position of the spine.

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