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									Economically sustainable
production systems.
EC´s Seventh Framework Programme
(FP7,2007-2013) in the grant-funded
Capacities Programme- Research for the
Benefit of Specific Groups.

         19 - May
                                      WP 7. Sustainable Production systems


  Abalone production started first in Japan more than 50 years ago.
In China abalone aquaculture was initiated in the late 1980s. Today
China leads the world in abalone production.
Outside Asia abalone aquaculture
has been initiated in several
countries; Australia, South Africa,
USA, Chile, Mexico, New Zeland,
France, Spain, Ireland,…

Abalone can be cultured using a
variety of methods depending on;
investment, capital, country
                                       Fig. Global abalone production (FAO)
                                         WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

         Worldwide more than 15 species are now being commercially
         cultivated with over 1000 individual farms with production
         ranging from less than a ton to over 200mt.
 The ormer Haliotis tuberculata is the           Haliotis rufescens      USA, Mexico, Chile
 only European species that reaches a            Haliotis corrugata        USA, Mexico
 large enough size to be harvested.               Haliotis fulgens         USA, Mexico
                                               Haliotis kamitschatkana     USA, Canada
                                                 Haliotis soremseni           Mexico
                                                   Haliotis ruber             Australia
                                                  Haliotis laevigat           Australia
                                               Haliotis discus hannai    Japan, China, Chile
                                                  Haliotis gigantea            Japan
                                                Haliotis diversicolor      Japan, Taiwan
The interest in ormer culture has been             Haliotis discus             Japan
increasing due to high export values to            Haliotis midae           South Africa
Asia and because international commerce
                                                  Haliotis australis        New Zealand
is easier.
                                                  Haliotis virginca         New Zealand
                                                Haliotis tuberculata      France, England
                              WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

 Objectives of WP.7

      Evaluate the technical and economical performance and
risk factors of a sea-based cage system in an EU context.

      Establish the range of sea-based production systems and
their relative technical and economic features.

       Investigate the economic, technical and legislative
limitations to food source availability from seaweed in terms of
harvesting and culture.

     Make a comparison of recirculation systems vs sea cage

     Provide guidelines to reduce environmental impact of
abalone farming and improve sustainability.
                                     WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

       How to reach these goals?

         Abalone culture in a recirculation system

Culture trials in sea cage systems

        Four experimental sites.

        Three different culture systems.
        Two seed sizes.
        Three experimental densities.

        Feed control.

        Economical evaluation.
                                     WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

            Culture trials
                             Sites                      Channel Islands
  UK                                                     (Jersey)

                                         WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

            Culture Systems
                               -good water flow
                               -low cost
                               -easy stacking and transport

-fixed mesh size
-small size
-need support
-can foul
-a 20 mm seed size is needed
       Servimar cages

  -easy handling
  -different mesh size
  -good water flow

                         -not used before
                         -need support
     France Haliotis cages


-different mesh size
-big size
-easy access to the animals

                              -not easy handling
                              -big size
                            WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

 Seed size
               20 mm

               45 mm

                       Low density

               Medium density

High density
                        WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

Feed control

                 Feeding rate

Economical evaluation

      Infrastructure cost

                       Operative cost
                               WP 7. Sustainable Production systems

                  TO SUM UP

   These trials allow:

 Test different culture systems, analysing their technical and
 economic strengths and weaknesses in different
 geographical and environmental contexts.
Record seasonality/system variations in growth rates and

Indentify sustainable seaweed sources and their sustainable
collection methods.

Do an economical analysis.

Evaluate the environmental impact.
First results

                20 mm seed

       24.5 mm/ind
                             2.4 g/ind
      45 mm seed

17.8 g/ind
                   46.5 mm/ind

      50%                   8%
Thank you!

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