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									Storing Items Necessary to Your Survival

Having items that will increase your chances of your survival is critical
to making it through a disaster. This article discusses some of the
items that should be stored, and how to store those items.

Keeping supplies

A vital part of surviving during an emergency situation is keeping a
pack of supplies ready. Whether you can keep yourself and your family alive during an emergency will
hinge greatly on the supplies you have.

Recently, inventions have been developed that could be advantageous to you and your children in a
time of crisis. Our lives are made easier by modern appliances, and this theme of convenience has been
carried over to emergency preparedness.

Many of these devices have been incorporated into the kits which are prepared for emergencies. The
items contained within these kits, though, depend on the needs of those who use them.

Supplies used during a hike are clearly going to be much lighter than those utilized to maintain a home
when the power and other utilities are no longer functioning. Furthermore, the supplies you need in
your vehicle will not be like those that are vital for other circumstances.


Another factor in determining the type and quantity of supplies you will need is the climate in which you
live. Warmer climates will not require you to store heavy clothing.

If, however, you live in a place where it snows four or five months out of the year, you will need to be
prepared to protect yourself from the cold. Either way, you will need to prepare wisely for all that you
might face.

Those items that are most critical to your existence should be near the top or front of your storage. In an
emergency it may be important that you are able to easily access these items.

The other items, which may be less vital, can be placed further back or down. Be sure, however, that
you can get to everything in your store without a lot of trouble.

In addition to helping you survive, storing things in an orderly fashion will allow you to fit more into your
store. You can also gain more space for important items by storing articles that are multi-purpose.

For instance, there is now a device that contains a flashlight, lantern, and radio all in one. Rather than
storing all three, you might try to obtain one of these solar flashlight radios.
Food and water are the only two things that should be packed in large amounts. Packing more than one
or two of other items will only take up space unnecessarily.

Simplicity is best

                                Simplicity is best in most regards. Try to avoid over complicating your
                                storage so that you can remember where everything is.

                                If you decide to store your items in a pack, make sure that it is
                                waterproof, easy to lug, and able to withstand being toted around. Also,
                                try to find a pack that will give you enough room to put everything you’ll
                                need inside of it.

                                You should make sure that you have first aid supplies, a shelter, and a
                                means of generating fire in your pack. Other items you might consider
                                are fishing supplies, alternative lighting devices, small weapons for
                                hunting and defense, and waterproof matches.


Having a weapon on hand is important as well, but many people do not think to include it in their
preparations. A weapon can, however, mean the difference between life and death for you and your

In a state of emergency, the government will not be able maintain everyone’s safety. It would be very
easy, in such an instance, for people to take what you have.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who cannot protect himself or his family, you may be victimized
by those who have chosen to ensure their survival by any means possible. Try to find a weapon that is
easy to carry and will guarantee safety for you and your loved ones.

While the weapon is being stored, and even during the emergency, make certain that your younger
children cannot tamper with the weapon. Young children may hurt themselves accidentally by
attempting to use a gun or knife.

Storing the right items is critical to the safety and survival of those you love. By preparing now for the
day when the worst may happen, you will be ensuring that you and your family will make it through,
regardless of what happens.

Photo Credit: Jesse Michael Nix, Robert Benner Sr.

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