Chrysler Apprenticeship Offers High Level of Training

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					      Chrysler Apprenticeship Offers High Level of Training

Did you know that the unique Centennial College Chrysler apprenticeship, partnered with
Chrysler Canada, provides the highest level of apprenticeship technical training this
school offers? With the added value of a college diploma, students are provided with a
path to a rewarding career as top technicians, service managers, instructors,
manufacturer representatives and more.

But how does Centennial College prepare students for jobs as Chrysler technicians where
they will be responsible for writing vehicle damage repair estimates, repairing broken or
worn mechanical components, maintaining repair and service records, installing
equipment, components and systems; testing vehicles both before and after repair as
well as repairing electrical wiring, circuits and fixtures? First and foremost, training is
unique in that students attend both in-school sessions and on the job training at a
Chrysler dealership. As such, students spend the first eight months of the program in
school, eight months in co-op as a registered apprentice and a final eight months in

During their in-school Chrysler apprenticeship training, students are based at
Ashtonbee Campus. Not only is this location fully equipped with the latest tools of the
trade, automobile assemblies as well as donated Chrysler cars, it is also the largest
transportation training facility in the province of Ontario. During their time on campus,
students learn all about Chrysler product component design and repair, as it applies to
the apprenticeship curriculum. With electronic systems and computers being integrated
into running vehicles, Chrysler technicians also obtain knowledge of new vehicle
technologies. As such, they take Chrysler technician courses such as: Work Place
Practices & Procedures, Engine Systems, Drive Train Systems, Suspension/Steering &
Brakes, Electrical/Electronics & Emissions, Occupational Health & Safety; College
Communications; Autobody Estimating and more. In addition, students partake in
courses that cover topics such as automotive trade business, English and general
education in order to help prepare them for employment opportunities in a dealership
administrative role.

After eight months, students partake in a paid Chrysler technician co-op placement at a
Chrysler Canada Inc. dealership. During this time, they apply what they have learned,
network with seasoned professionals and prepare for more advanced training upon their
return to Centennial College’s campus for the last eight months of their Chrysler

Applicants are required to have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School
Diploma (OSSD) or General Educational Development (GED) or equivalent, you may
apply to Centennial College’s Chrysler Apprenticeship (officially known as Automotive
Service Technician Co-op Apprenticeship – Partnered with Chrysler Canada Inc). During
the application process, students may be required to present a resume and transcript for
faculty review. In addition, future Chrysler technicians may be asked to fill out a

Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 416-289-5000, Email:                                   Page 1
questionnaire and attend an interview. English proficiency and satisfactory results in a
program admission session will also be considered during the admissions process.

With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expecting job growth in Automotive Service
Technology to grow by 14 percent from 2006 through 2016, now is a great time to
consider partaking in a Chrysler apprenticeship.

                                                                                         Author: Emma

Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 416-289-5000, Email:                                   Page 2

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