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A Ghost Story


Most people I meet want some sort of proof that they are having a ghostly experience and not simply imagining things. This past summer a woman who was living in Houston presently, but had been in different cities in the US shared a ghost story from her French Canadian grandparents.

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									American Ghost Story
Most people I meet want some sort of proof that they are having a ghostly experience and
not simply imagining things. This past summer a woman who was living in Houston
presently, but had been in different cities in the US shared a ghost story from her French
Canadian grandparents.

Her grandfather died when she was born and her mother kept a set of family photos on a
table near her crib. The photos were arranged in a certain order and one day, after putting
the baby to bed, the mother came back to check on the baby and found all the photos
rearranged. Thinking that she must have been confused, she arranged them again, as she
wanted them to be. The baby was still asleep so she left. When she came back again later
the photos were again rearranged. She took this to be a sign from the deceased

Years later after the woman had reached adulthood her grandmother got breast cancer.
The grandmother had remarried and seen her grandchildren grow up and move away.
When she got sick and it seemed she wouldn't make it, they all came to see her. A big
family, everyone came to express their love and say their goodbyes. The grandmother
made a point of telling them that if they couldn't make it to her funeral that was okay, she
had seen them while she was still alive.

After the grandmother passed the woman had been in a partially asleep, partially awake
state and saw her grandmother. They talked, her grandmother was there with her
grandfather and told her that her step-grandfather would be joining them soon. But the
woman wasn't convinced this wasn't just a dream, so she told her grandmother, "if this
isn't a dream squeeze my hand." At that point a numb feeling started in her fingers and
moved up her arm.

When she told her mother this, she found out that one of her sisters had a similar visit
from the grandmother, and a numb arm. A cousin had also seen her, all of them around
the same time, in completely different parts of the country.

A few months later their step-grandfather died.
My True Ghost Story

As a boy I was fascinated with the paranormal, and while I’ve become far more skeptical
as an adult, I still have an ongoing interest in UFO’s, cryptids*, ESP, and ghosts.
Unfortunately I’ve never seen a Sasquatch or felt like I’ve a psychic experience, but I
have seen a ghost. In addition to that, not only have I seen a ghost, I’ve felt a ghost,
which made the experience even more real.

In 1995 I lived in a giant old house in Cape Girardeau Missouri with a gaggle of
roommates (the turnover in that house was fast and furious, but at any given time there
was usually at lease ten folks living there). Our landlord talked about the house as being
“pre-Civl War,” though he might have been exaggerating the age of the place a little bit.
Regardless of whether or not it was that old, it had at least seen over 100 winters by the
summer of ’95.

Shortly after we moved in we strange things began occurring in the house. All of these
things were benign, none of us were ever scared, but they were noticeable. The most
common of these anomalies were lights turning on and off for no particular reason, and
this happened throughout the entire house. You could be lying in bed at four am and all
of sudden have your bedroom light turn on, all with your bedroom door closed and
locked. Bathroom lights might suddenly go dark while you were in the shower, and that
kind of stuff happened when there was no one else in the house, and with frequency.

Some of my roommates reported things being moved around, a set of keys left in the
sitting room might end up in the kitchen. Living with ten people the key thing is not
surprising, anyone could have moved them, the lights were a whole different
phenomenon. I suppose they could be reasoned away by “old wiring,” but we weren’t
buying that. All of us were convinced that we had a ghost in the house, though we
weren’t freaked out by it.

Southern Missouri in the summer time should probably be called “Southern Misery,” due
to the overwhelming heat and humidity. Cape Girardeau is a city built on a swamp next
to the Mississippi River, to say that it’s humid is like saying the ocean contains water.
There are days there in August and July when it’s impossible to fall down, the
overwhelming amount of moisture in the air will keep you vertical. It’s the only place
I’ve ever lived where you can swim while standing up on dry land.

On a sweltering July night, broke and bored, my roommates thought it would be fun to
have a seance and attempt to talk to the ghost in our house. Since I was the resident
Witch of the house (for a whole year at that point! An expert!) I was elected to conduct
the seance. It wasn’t the first seance I had ever lead, due to my fascination with
paranormal and the occult I had led a couple in high school, but it wasn’t something I did
all that often.

(One of the high school era seances did produce some results. That particular seance was
held while on a church youth group trip, and occurred at a church in East Tennessee. Two
of the sixteen kids at that seance claimed to have seen a dead relative that night, and all of
us thought that things in the room shifted a little bit: words on posters were different in
the morning, pictures on the wall looked different during our seance, etc. I didn’t have
any experiences that night, other than things looking different during the seance, but it
was interesting that other people did.)

Before starting the seance in Cape, I told everyone that it would be done in a Wiccan
style for protection. No one objected, so I called the quarters, cast a circle, and called the
Goddess into our circle (I didn’t really have much of a relationship with The God yet).
With the preliminaries out of the way I had everyone hold hands around our dining room
table, and began to call to the spirits of the dead.

While I was asking for the dead to attend us, I felt two things. The first was an abundance
of energy near our front porch, it felt like an army of ghosts trying to break into hour
house. The second thing was a light, curious, energy, hovering at the very edge of our
circle. I had a cast a circle that night for protection from the spirits, and it worked like a
charm. I could feel energy outside of it, but nothing was entering our sacred space. More
curious than scared, I took a deep breath and spoke to the airy energy at the edge of our
circle: “Spirit who lives with us in this house, you are welcome to enter our circle.”

When I said those words the creepiest thing happened, I felt a freezing cold crawl across
my wrist, from the outside of the circle towards the center. I was holding hands with my
friend Scott, and when I felt that icy touch, he looked right at me and said “Did you feel
that?” Let me again state how hot it was that night, temps that day were near 100 degrees
with a high amount of humidity. That night was cooler, but it was still hot and miserable,
there were no cold north winds that evening. There were windows in that room, but I was
on the other side of them, and if a breeze had caused that icy touch it would have come
across the center of the circle towards me, this touch started on the non-window side of
the room.

I’ve had a few “holy S#@t” moments in my life, and that ghost-touch ranks as the biggest
of them. You will never convince me that sensation I felt came from anything but a ghost.
The fact that the person next to me also felt it, and in the same place, gives me even more
faith in that conviction. I was touched by a ghost, period, and the experience was far from

Shortly after we felt the ghostly presence enter our circle I asked it for a sign so that those
it hadn’t touched could experience it. A moment later a blobby looking ball of energy
began to coalesce in the center of the table. This energy was about the size of a
basketball, and a ghostly, glowing white. After forming it began to move upwards,
thinning out as it did so. It was almost like watching a pitcher pour in reverse. As the
stream of ghostly energy began its upward climb it began to dissipate at the peak until
nothing was left.

Shortly afterwards we decided that it was time to end the seance and I dismissed all of the
spirits. The ghostly energy I felt on my front porch began to wane, and I thanked the
Lady, the quarters, and took down the circle. After that seance we never had a light
suddenly turn on or off again. The skeptical will rationalize this experience in their own
way, and that’s fine, but I’m sure I saw (and felt) a ghost that night.

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain.

*A cryptid is an “unknown animal” like a Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

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