March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                        President’s Report                                                                                                                                                     Wiapinga Beach. Day one
                                                                                                                                                                                               of the SA Open was held
       From the dark murky depths of the President's Cage.
                                                                                                                                                                                               here. Conditions weren’t
              The Grey Nurse (Alias Jackie Dillon)
                                                                                                                                                                                               this good…Typical!!
Hello to you all

Countdown has begun for the Aussie Titles with less than a month to
go. The Committee has been working tirelessly to ensure a successful
campaign. Now the rest lies with you the competitor and of course
God for the weather.

The First State Round for the year was a well-patronised affair – Our
Contest Director Luke Herman has penned his comments in his
column. From my point of view - an extremely well run contest,
fantastic atmosphere with a big thank you to Luke and his assistant
Leon Dalton, Les Johnston as chief judge, Kristen Radnidge for her
tabulating, the sandwiches from Luke and everyone else for their
contribution.                                                                                                                      Once again Luke cemented his spot in the top stakes by finishing a
                                                                                                                                   close second to Blair Moore in the Open final, Bruce finished third in
Last month a group of us namely Lyn and Bruce Radnidge, Luke and
                                                                                                                                   the Seniors and Kim surfed like a man possessed in the Masters
Kim Gardiner plus myself flew to Adelaide to compete in the SA
                                                                                                                                   totally blitzing the field. I finished 5th in the Masters and
State Titles. Thank God we arrived in Adelaide 3 days prior to the
                                                                                                                                   unfortunately the local women decided that the presence of sharks
event as it took us nearly that long to arrive at our destination -
                                                                                                                                   was a good enough reason to pull out of the women's event.
Goolwa Beach. For the local, Goolwa Beach is approximately 1
hour's drive from Adelaide. We, being Interstaters decided that we                                                                 On the local scene, the twice-weekly training up at Trigg's beach is
needed to take the suburban scenic route in and around Adelaide.                                                                   proving to be very beneficial as those obvious summer rolls are
Bruce nearly had a personality change in Happy (nappy) Valley as                                                                   starting to disappear. It seems that many readers have been in awe of
every other passenger had a story to tell on how to get to Goolwa.                                                                 Mike Simonetti's abs and six pack!
"Bruce you should have taken that road (ya’ know, the one 150
metres back there)". We arrived at our destination by nightfall to be                                                              Unfortunately the Next State round has had to be relocated, as the
met by the local caravan park owner's comment "can't you follow                                                                    local councils are reluctant to allow too many contests (spoilsports).
directions?"                                                                                                                       Still, we are endeavouring to run just as good a contest as it makes
                                                                                                                                   for timely practice before the National Titles.
In and around Goolwa Beach there are a variety of surf breaks
including Waitpinga and Middleton (commonly known as                                                                               1999 seems to be the year for getting a new waveski - yes the
Dribbleton). Goolwa is not too unlike Emerald Beach - Coffs                                                                        millennium bug knows no boundaries! I have been told that fluoro
Harbour N.S.W. although I don't think has as many sharks cruising                                                                  colours are out and animals are in. Bruce has been dying to try out
around. Yes, there were real sharks very scary particularly when you                                                               his new air brush machine. There you go folks that is it for this
see them closer into shore than you.                                                                                               edition.
On to the competition - The South Australian Wave Ski Association                                                                  See ya in the lineup
is a fairly small affair in comparison to WA, However the                                                                                                                                   Jackie Dillon,
commitment by a few to make for a successful competition has seen                                                                                                                           President 1999.
a lot of interstate competitors make the trek across the Nullabor or
from the East coast.
Over 30 entrants battled the offshore wet conditions on the Saturday
with the most experienced seeing their way through to the finals on
the Sunday.

                                                                                                               Table of Contents
  PRESIDENT’S REPORT .................................................................................................1                 GRAND PRIX RESULTS –1999 CONTESTS .................................................................... 7
  WEB WATCH................................................................................................................2            BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!! ................................................................................................... 9
  THE ORIGINS OF SURFING WAVESKIS...........................................................................2                           MR APRIL – HORRIBLY EXPOSED ............................................................................ 10
  ROAD SAFETY .............................................................................................................2            PICTURE PAGE .......................................................................................................... 11
  SHOPPING TIPS ...........................................................................................................2            AUSSIE BATTLERS IMPRESSION OF STATE ROUND 1 ................................... 12
  SMART-ARSE CORNER.................................................................................................3                   TRIGG’S OPEN STATE ROUND 2................................................................................. 13
  WHERE ARE THEY NOW? ......................................................................................3                           ACCOMMODATION - DOWN SOUTH ............................................................................. 13
  SECRET CORRESPONDENT RETURNS ...........................................................................3                             CONTEST RULES FOR 1999....................................................................................... 14
  HERE IS SOME GENERAL SPORTING INFO FOR YOU!! .....................................4                                                   IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF JUDGING.................................................................. 15
  COMMITTEE MEMBERS 1999 - WA WAVESKI ASSOCIATION ..........................................4                                           GRAND PRIX JUDGING RESULTS 1999 ....................................................................... 19
  WAVESKI CALENDAR ....................................................................................................5                JUDGING POINTS CRITERIA FOR 1999........................................................................ 19
  COMMITTEE MEMBERS 1999 - PERTH WAVESKI CLUB ..................................................5                                       SPONSORS & ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ........................................................................... 20
  AUSTRALIAN WAVESKI TITLES 1999 – UPDATE ............................................................6
  STATE ROUND ONE RESULTS ......................................................................................7

                                                                                                                         Page 1 of 20
                                                March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2
                                                                            The first sighting of surfing standing on boards was described
             Contributors & Donors                                          by Lt James King at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, in March 1779.
                                                                            This would seem to cast doubts on surfing's claim as the sport
           Jackie Dillon                                                    of the Polynesian kings
           Luke Herman                                                      but, be that as it may, the
           Ian Dodds                                                        art of surfing in a standing
           Kim Gardiner                                                     position took over for
           The Secret Correspondent                                         many years until surfing a
           Leon Dalton (Forced to donate!!)                                 canoe was revived by
           And others that have contributed by accident.                    Australian lifeguards in

                                                                                 Manly Beach NSW in
                                                                                 1942. Is that a paddle
                                                                                 in the hands of the
                                                                                 surfer on the left?
                                                                                 If you look closer you
                                                                                 can see the footstraps
                                                                                 just in front of the

             Web Watch                                                                             Road Safety
Surf Cams                                                                                                      You should
For those that combine the art of Waveski surfing with                                                         always look to the
Internet surfing, have a geek at these!                                                                        left then to the
There is a surf cam looking at Cable Stations and Cottesloe                                                    right, and then to
Beach. If you live inland and are sick of travelling all the way
to the beach expecting to get a surf on 1.5 metre swell just to                                                the left again!!
see it is flatter than a bickie, it is worth a look providing it is
not still dark. There is one draw back, Cable Stations and
Cottesloe doesn’t break on low swell. Oh! Well maybe we
will get a surf cam at Trigg’s. More surf cams at:
MSR:             http://www.msr.wa.gov.au/
Click on the link and be amazed. (Modern Technology!!)
Gold Coast: http://surfcam.winshop.com.au/
Burleigh Heads:
Brazil:          http://www.uol.com.br/camerasurf/
Other sites: http://www.surflive.com/
                                                                                                Shopping Tips
Alternatively do a search on Surf Cams. There are heaps.
                                                                                                              This docket was
   The Origins of Surfing Waveskis                                                                            found at a well-
This article was obtained from the Western Province South                                                     known
African Web Site.
http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Stadium/5746/ Follow                                                       supermarket.
the link from History and Champions to read the article in full.                                              What a
According to the Guinness Book of Records, the first known
sighting of people surfing waves was recorded by Captain                                                      Let’s all rush on
Cook in December 1771 when he saw Polynesians surfing                                                         in………….
their canoes in Tahiti.

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                                             March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                                               State Titles - Unsure, I think I came 2nd Women Div.
                                                                               Nationals - 2nd Women's, behind Helen Jacobson in
                                                                               1983 at Margaret's Division
                                                                               World Events - Never contested
BEER is a great drink and the first one usually goes                      Last comp. Entered
                                                                          .    I think 1987 State Round
down without touching the sides. However, “this’ll knock
                                                                          Reasons for ceasing comps.
the head of ya’ VB”. Did you know that two glasses of beer                      "Overcome by the fear factor of a big surf".
are equivalent to a Big-Mac and a medium fries (“Calories                 What is your main recreation now?
Only”). So if you enjoy a couple of beers before dinner, you                   "Ha ha ha, I run a Guest House, NO such thing as
are probably having two meals. Although, all waveskiers exert                  recreation as I work 7 days a week".
so much energy and burn up so many calories that we                       Are you still wave skiing and if so when was the last surf?
probably need all that extra sustenance so that we don’t fade                  "NO! But I recently purchased a wave ski to paddle in
away.                                                                          Geograph Bay".
                                                                          Does any member of your family still Wave Ski?
                                                                               "Husband Tony, has also become slack since we
                                                                               purchased the guesthouse".
                                                                          Best memories from WAWSA and wave skiing.
                                                                               "Many, but the best is helping to organise the 1987
                                                                               Nationals at Margaret River with a fantastic team
                                                                               comprising, John Graham as President, Keith Smith,
                                                                               Parry (Senior) - James dad, Colin Vidler, Kim Gardiner
   WHERE ARE THEY NOW?                                                         and Rob Stevens. The Finals and presentation night was
                                                                               a bush dance at Yallingup Hall. Another was a young
                                                                               Natalee Fuhrman paddling out in a State Round at the
WHO:                                                                           very testy shore dump in Idjinup, and getting constantly
                                                                               belted by shore dumps, and saying "God, I hate being a
     TRISH PEPPER                                                              beginner".
Where do you work?                                                        Any regrets, from a wave skiing perspective?
     Jacaranda Guest House                                                     "None, I loved every minute of it".
Where do you live?                                                        Any comment or advice for clubs or WAWSA?
     Busselton                                                                 Make as many friends as possible, help promote the
Past offices held in WAWSA or clubs?                                           Development of the sport as a whole".
     Publicity Officer 83 & 84; President 84 & 85; Magazine
     Editor 85 & 86: (I think?)
What is your best-placed finish in a state title, nationals or
     world events?

                                   Secret Correspondent Returns
                                                                          Barbie Doll dressed to kill in a Coca Cola outfit. Mike you lucky
                     What have I heard lately?                            lucky lucky beggar!! Apparently Barbies come in all types of outfits,
                                                                          the new ones sporting tattoos, mobile phones and laptops. I heard a
                     1/ Well the big news was Mr January,                 rumour that Mike is saving for Harley Barbie, complete with Harley
                     Mike Simonetti and those famous abs of his.          Bike.
                     A quote from Mrs Jane Simonetti (the lucky           I bet Sarah is fighting over Barbies with you of a night, and by the
                     wife of Mike) was that he had "a stomach to          way where is Ken in all of this??
                     kill for, IF ONLY". Further investigative
                     reporting     resulted   by    the     Secret        3/ Keeping on the Simonetti family, Adrian is a real boating whiz
                     Correspondent finding out that is was indeed         kid. Mike convinced a group to go boating in his u-beaut boat at
                     a photo of the body of Tony Modra with               Mandurah. Adrian was asked to test the boat before the trip down to
                     Mike's head attached, I think that had               Mandurah for the launch. No need Adrian has it in hand, YEP the
                     something to do with the IF ONLY comment.            engine would not start at the jetty. Don't give up the day job Adrian!
                     Well that photo had several people amazed,
                     thinking it was the REAL Mike S.                     4/ NO AUSSIE BATTLERS. Who was spotted in a BMW but
                                                                          Jacki Jacki, Geoff Vandermuellen obviously isn't finding it hard to
                     2/ Barbie Doll turns 40 - What on earth has          make ends meet like the rest of us. Geoff joins the life of the 'rich
                     this to do with Wave Skiing? - On the                and famous' with the likes of Peter Rowe and Trish and Tony Pepper,
                     subject of Mike Simonetti, did you know              other BMW owners. (is driving an AUDI one step up?) I'm still on
                     that Mike received one of his favourite toys         my Malvern Star 10 speed!
                     and combined hobbies for Christmas, a

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                                                  March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2
Apparently Geoff's BMW has so many electronic bits that you can't              7/ WAWSA - Monthly Meetings - Well the fun and games of the
take a magnet into the car, in case everything goes awry.                      WAWSA meetings was how the President allowed the agenda to
(Who said what is awry, stick that in your Funk and Wagnall).                  stray into discussions like:-
                                                                               a/ new underpants for men that have front compartment / pouch for
5/ WALKERS - no that spelling is correct, the L is not an N, do you            storage of condoms, how do people know about them??
know who is into walking in their old age? A group lead by Peter               b/ how to 'woo' a lady and here are the tips for all of you
Rowe Peter Mahoney and Don Ferguson, with other older members                  unsuccessful bachelors -
of the WAWSA / Clubs are into walking of a morning at Trigg.                   ♥ A quality after shave is important (I assume you
Asked why they are not jogging with the crowd, Don allegedly                        shave first);
replied "with a body like this all I can do is walk". Rumour has it            ♥ Toilet training - put the lid DOWN;
that Don has 'gone to seed recently', described by others in the group
as the cantilever body effect, Don allegedly replied, "at least my toes
                                                                               ♥ Toilet training - aim in the middle; (the women
never get sunburnt when the sun is overhead".                                       seem keen on the toilet idea don't they?)
ONLY joking, Don is in training for the Nationals at Rotto, and                ♥ A single rose is better than a bunch of roses (and
rumour has it that he and Rowey will be threats in the Masters                      cheaper as well);
divisions, both are trimming down and should be across at Rotto for            ♥ Do not come on to strong, go for the jugular on
the week in their welcome return to competition.                                    the second date;
In fact, pointed to the Secret Correspondent, was last January's               ♥ Know who Matt Shervington is and why he is
addition of Inside Sports, stating that walking is one of the most                  famous with the ladies!! (I think it is socks down
beneficial exercises. Apparently running impacts up to 4 times your                 there myself);
body weight on the ground and of course your body parts. Keep up
                                                                               ♥ Know how to make a cup of coffee, you could end
the walking you muscle laden old buggers!!
                                                                                    up with someone like the Presidents daughter
6/ WAWSA - OZ TITLES MEETING - Kim Gardiner was not at                              (Jess) who can't make a cuppa to save herself;
the last meeting, his excuse was he was entertaining a female 'cousin'         ♥ Have a sense of humour, laugh at others mistakes
from interstate. Luke commented that it was OK, she was from                        but never your own (I through that one in);
Tasmania anyway so the 'kissing - cousin' was acceptable.                      ♥ Go to restaurant that you can both afford:
                                                                               WITH that the agenda returned and the meeting was as boring as

                                                                               Just how lucky can those Yanks be? Can you imagine a combination
1/ Tennis - Did you know that Martina Hingis (Female World #2 -                of Paulo and Bruce leading the worlds largest economy and greatest
but should be #1) is sponsored by the car manufacturer Opel.                   fighting power, it would be all peace brother and lets go surfing
Martina has already won two Porsches during her tennis career, and             instead.
the big news is that now she is 18 years of age she can commence               3/ Cricket - An Indian Hindu priest, Swami Maharaj, has asked the
driving lessons in her home country Switzerland.                               country to cease playing cricket as the slaughter of cows to make
She can throw her Porsche keys under my ski any day!                           cricket balls is a sin.
2/ Hulk Hogan - Former wrestler, looking like an oversized image of            Why don't we give up Indians, all those curries, feathers and
Bruce Radnidge with the hairstyle of Paulo, announced he will run              horses!!!
for the US Presidency in 2000.

                 Committee Members 1999 - WA Waveski Association
                                               Home            Work            Fax           Mobile          Email
   President         Jackie Dillon             9380 4394        9370 4625      9272 7498                     jedillon@omen.com.au
   Vice President    Ian Dodds                 9448 4575        9432 9605      9430 5883     040 998 8039    iand@fremantle.wa.gov.au
   Secretary         Mark Jackson                                                                            -
           Assistant Del Potter                9446 8442        9383 4223      9383 4216     0411 166 745    -
   Treasurer         Kim Welyky                9448 3073                                                     -
           Assistant Dougie Lumsden                                                                          -
   Contest Director Luke Herman                9448 3073        9447 9909                                    -
           Assistant Leon Dalton               9524 7894                                                     -
   Chief Judge       Les Johnston              9339 4695        9351 4292                                    -
   Development       Kaye Wills                                                                              -
           Assistant Paolo Giompaolo                                                                         -
   Newsletter        Kim Gardiner              9490 1611        9454 4200      9454 6552     0419 935 452    kim@gardiner.com.au

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                                                              March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                                    Waveski Calendar
MONTH       DATE DAY                                                 EVENT                          LOCATION                          CLUB
January     12                           Tuesday        WAWSA Committee Meeting                     Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm
January     12                           Tuesday        Australian Titles Meeting                   Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm

February    2nd                          Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

February    9th                          Tuesday        Australian Titles Meeting                   Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm
February    23                           Tuesday        WAWSA Committee Meeting                     Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm
March       2                            Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm
March       9                            Tuesday        Australian Titles Meeting                   Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm
                     th         st
March       20 -21                       Saturday   State Round 1                                   Mandurah – Surf Beach    WAWSA
March       30                           Tuesday        WAWSA Committee Meeting                     Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm
April       6                            Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm
MONTH       DATE DAY                                                 EVENT                          LOCATION                          CLUB
April       13th                         Tuesday        Australian Titles Meeting                   Jackie Dillon’s House    WAWSA – 7.30pm

April       17 -18   th         th
                                         Saturday   State Round 2                                   Lancelin                 PERTH WAVESKI

May         3 -8rd        th
                                         Monday         Australian Titles                           Rottnest WA              WAWSA

May         18       th
                                         Tuesday        WAWSA Committee Meeting                     Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm

June        1st                          Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

June        5th-7th                      Saturday   State Round 3                                   Geraldton WA             WAWSA

July        6   th
                                         Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

July        20       th
                                         Tuesday        WAWSA Committee Meeting                     Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm

August      3   rd
                                         Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

August      7 -8th        th
                                         Saturday   State Round 4                                   Cottesloe WA             WESTCOAST WAVESKI

September   7   th
                                         Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

September   19-26              th
                                         -              World Waveski Titles 1999                   Brazil South America

September   28th                         Tuesday        WAWSA Committee Meeting                     Jackie Dillon’s House        WAWSA – 7.30pm

October     5th                          Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

October     23 -24   rd             th
                                         Saturday   State Round 5                                   Yallingup Area - WA      WAWSA

November    2   nd
                                         Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

November    27       th
                                         Saturday   AGM & Wind-up                                   To be confirmed.         WAWSA

December    7   th
                                         Tuesday        DOGS Committee Meeting                      Scarborough SLSC             PERTH – 7.30pm

                                Committee Members 1999 - Perth Waveski Club
                                                           Home              Work             Fax              Mobile        Email
President        Mike Simonetti                            9307 4575         9307 4575        9307 4575        018 922 380   -
Vice President   Rick Sullivan                                                                                               -
Secretary                                                                                                                    -
Treasurer                                                                                                                    -
Contest Director Mark Jackson                                                                                                -
Chief Judge                                                                                                                  -
Development                                                                                                                  -
Newsletter       Graham Thompson                                                                                             -

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                                              March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                             Australian Waveski Titles 1999 – Update
Tide Predictions for Fremantle during the
Oz Titles
Monday 3rd May 1999
      0.73m @ 12:21 am
      0.71m @ 03:03 am
      1.10m @ 10:17 am
      0.63m @ 08:10 pm
Tuesday 4th May 1999
      0.71m @ 01:04 am
      0.70m @ 02:20 am                                                            Alf Barbagallo Audi
      1.11m @ 10:45 am
      0.63m @ 08:59 pm
Wednesday 5th May 1999
      1.10m @ 11:13 am
      0.63m @ 09:44 pm
Thursday 6th May 1999
      1.09m @ 11:41 am
      0.64m @ 10:30 pm
Friday 7th May 1999
      1.08m @ 12:12 pm
      0.64m @ 11:17 pm
Saturday 8th May 1999
      1.05m @ 12:48 pm
Sunday 9th May 1999
(Moon - Last Quarter)
      0.65m @ 12:10 am
      1.01m @ 01:33 pm

With less than 4 weeks to go to the Oz Titles the working
committee is about to get very busy with the final
organisational stuff.
This Australian Titles is likely to be one of the best due to
the location. Rottnest Island as everyone in Western
Australia known is an exceptional place to spend a week.
We hope to see you there.

         Australian Waveski Surfing Titles Working Committee 1999
            Chief Marshall                     Jackie Dillon             Sponsorship                 Mike Simonetti
            Contest Director                   Luke Herman               Media & Public Relations    Ian Dodds
                                               Bruce Radnidge                                        Jenny Johnston
                    Assisting Contest                                    Accommodation and Sign On   Jane Simonetti
                                               Kim Gardiner
                                               Mike Simonetti            Equipment                   Adrian Simonetti
            Chief Judge                        Les Johnston              Tabulating                  Jenny Johnston
            Secretary                          Mark Jackson              First Aid                   Jackie Dillon
                   Assisting Secretary         Del Potter                Social Organiser            Brendan Farrell
            Treasurer                          Kim Welyky
                   Assisting Treasurer         Dougie Lumsden

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                                              March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                             State Round One Results
OPEN                                   VETERANS                              SENIORS                           JUNIORS
1        Paul O'Donnell                1    Richard Croome                   1    Greg McKay                   1      Jill Roberts
2        Luke Herman                   2    Ian Dodds                        2    Bruce Radnidge
3        Leon Dalton                   3    Eric Tocock                      3    Graham Thompson              TOP JUDGE
4        Richard Croome                                                      4    Mark Jackson
                                                                                                               1      Greg McKay
B-DIVISION                             1    Kim Gardiner                     WOMENS
1        Jeff Sullivan                 2    Paulo Giompaulo                  1    Jackie Dillon
2        Adrian Simonetti              3    Rob Borg                         2    Jill Roberts
3        Rob Borg                      4    Mike Simonetti                   3    Alison Burgess
4        James Parry

                                  Grand Prix Results –1999 Contests

        OPEN DIVISION   1999      Last Place in each Round            Points for each Round         Total     Ave.    Best   Ave.
        Name                      Year     R1 R2   R3   R4   R5        R1    R2    R3    R4   R5    Points    Ent      4    4
    1   O'Donnell       Paul        1        1                         100                              100    100     100 100.0
    2   Herman          Luke        2        2                          95                               95     95      95 95.0
    3   Dalton          Leon        4        3                          90                               90     90      90 90.0
    4   Croome          Richard     5        4                          85                               85     85      85 85.0
    5   Gardiner        Kim         3        5                          80                               80     80      80 80.0
    5   Radnidge        Bruce       9        5                          80                               80     80      80 80.0
    6   Farrell         Brendan     8        6                          75                               75     75      75 75.0
    6   Parry           James      11        6                          75                               75     75      75 75.0
    6   McKay           Greg       13        6                          75                               75     75      75 75.0
    7   Johnston        Les         6        7                          70                               70     70      70 70.0
    7   Simonetti       Mike        7        7                          70                               70     70      70 70.0
    7   Tocock          Eric                 7                          70                               70     70      70 70.0
    8   Giompaulo       Paulo     10         8                          65                               65     65      65 65.0
    8   Vandermuellen   Geoff                8                          65                               65     65      65 65.0

        B-DIVISION      1999      Last Place in each Round            Points for each Round          Total    Ave.    Best   Ave.
        Name                      Year     R1 R2   R3   R4   R5        R1    R2    R3    R4   R5    Points     Ent      4     4
 1      Sullivan        Jeff       7         1                         100                              100     100     100 100.0
 2      Simonetti       Adrian     5         2                          95                               95      95      95 95.0
 3      Borg            Rob        2         3                          90                               90      90      90 90.0
 4      Parry           James      4         4                          85                               85      85      85 85.0
 5      Tocock          Eric       1         5                          80                               80      80      80 80.0
 5      Jackson         Mark       8         5                          80                               80      80      80 80.0
 6      Dillon          Jackie     3         6                          75                               75      75      75 75.0
 6      Hall            John                 6                          75                               75      75      75 75.0
 6      Dodds           Ian                  6                          75                               75      75      75 75.0
 7      Sumpton         Troy       9         7                          70                               70      70      70 70.0
 7      Thompson        Graham     9         7                          70                               70      70      70 70.0
 7      Rutkay          Gus                  7                          70                               70      70      70 70.0
 8      Wakefield       Scott                8                          65                               65      65      65 65.0
 9      Lumsden         Dougie     6         9                          60                               60      60      60 60.0
10      Norman          Paul                10                          55                               55      55      55 55.0

                                                                  Page 7 of 20
                                            March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

    WOMENS         1999         Last Place in each Round              Points for each Round        Total     Ave.   Best   Ave.
  Name                          Year   R1 R2      R3    R4   R5        R1    R2    R3    R4   R5   Points    Ent     4     4
1 Dillon           Jackie        1       1                             100                             100    100    100 100.0
2 Jill             Roberts       3       2                              95                              95     95     95 95.0
3 Burgess          Alison        3       3                              90                              90     90     90 90.0
  Wills            Kay           2
  Love             Leah          5

    VETERANS       1999         Last Place in each Round              Points for each Round        Total     Ave.   Best   Ave.
  Name                          Year   R1 R2      R3    R4   R5        R1    R2    R3    R4   R5   Points    Ent     4     4
1 Croome           Richard       1       1                             100                             100    100    100 100.0
2 Dodds            Ian                   2                              95                              95     95     95 95.0
3 Tocock           Eric                  3                              90                              90     90     90 90.0

    MASTERS        1999         Last Place in each Round              Points for each Round        Total     Ave.   Best   Ave.
    Name                        Year   R1 R2      R3    R4   R5        R1    R2    R3    R4   R5   Points    Ent     4     4
1   Gardiner       Kim           1       1                             100                             100    100    100 100.0
2   Giompaulo      Paulo         6       2                              95                              95     95     95 95.0
3   Borg           Rob           5       3                              90                              90     90     90 90.0
4   Simonetti      Mike          3       4                              85                              85     85     85 85.0
5   Hall           John                  5                              80                              80     80     80 80.0
5   Johnston       Les           4       5                              80                              80     80     80 80.0
6   Rutkay         Gus                   6                              75                              75     75     75 75.0

    SENIORS        1999         Last Place in each Round              Points for each Round        Total     Ave.   Best   Ave.
    Name                        Year   R1 R2      R3    R4   R5        R1    R2    R3    R4   R5   Points    Ent     4     4
1   McKay          Greg          4       1                             100                             100    100    100 100.0
2   Radnidge       Bruce         1       2                              95                              95     95     95 95.0
3   Thompson       Graham        5       3                              90                              90     90     90 90.0
4   Jackson        Mark          3       4                              85                              85     85     85 85.0
5   Wakefield      Scott                 5                              80                              80     80     80 80.0
5   Vandermullen   Geoff         2       5                              80                              80     80     80 80.0
6   Lumsden        Douglas               6                              75                              75     75     75 75.0
7   Norman         Paul                  7                              70                              70     70     70 70.0

    JUNIORS        1999         Last Place in each Round              Points for each Round        Total     Ave.   Best   Ave.
  Name                          Year   R1 R2      R3    R4   R5        R1    R2    R3    R4   R5   Points    Ent     4     4
1 Roberts          Jill          1       1                             100                             100    100    100 100.0

                             State Round 5 at Rocky                                                  Rocky Point again. What a
                             Point in 1998. If you                                                   great wall! Steep drop,
                             missed the contest, look                                                wonder what happened.
                             what you missed.

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                                          March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                                     08/01/96     In 1965 lawyer André-François Raffray agreed to
           Believe it or not!!!                                                   ``purchase'' the house of an elderly client at the
                                                                                  then steep price of $500-a-month instalment’s---
06/03/95   Judge J.R. Musslewhite was reprimanded for                             on condition that he would inherit the property
           fondling female prosecutors and drinking the                           outright the moment she died. Last week, 30 years
           evidence in a drunk driving trial.                                     older and $180,000 poorer, Raffray, 77, expired
18/05/95   Audrey Ausgotharp, a Jewish mother who                                 on Christmas Day. His client, Jeanne Calment,
           allowed her children to visit the Cornerstone                          celebrated the holiday with a sumptuous hotel
           Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado,                          banquet in her hometown of Arles. ``We all make
           was told by the church that it had "accidentally"                      bad deals in life,'' she joked to Raffray when she
           baptised her 7-year old son Wayne during Sunday                        turned 120 early last year. She is officially the
           school.                                                                oldest person in the world
18/05/95   A state medical board in Wilmington, North
           Carolina, ruled that neuro-surgeon Raymond
                                                                          Now here’s a sight missing from the line up this year!!
           Sattler, investigated for leaving a patient's head             Fishing trip to the Abrolhos Islands last year.
           cut open while he broke for lunch, may practice                Apparently John Hindle has burnt himself out and is
           again provided he continues undergoing                         taking some leave. Hope he brings a note.
           psychiatric and medical evaluations.
22/05/95   David Duke of Logan, Utah, was given eighteen
           months probation for calling in a bomb threat to
           Ohio State University on a day he didn't feel like
           taking a test.
17/07/95   Late for school, a 7-year-old boy from Colebrook,
           New Hampshire, abandoned his bicycle and stole
           a Ford Escort.
14/08/95   Connecticut Judge Socrates Mihalakos has ruled
           that Nancy Sekor, a middle-school teacher fired
           for incompetence in 1993, must be re-instated
           because she was judged incompetent in only two
           of the three subjects she taught.

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                                             March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                     MR APRIL – Horribly Exposed
                            Interview with Mr April Easter Bunny Leon                         Dalton
The Newsletter editor has been inundated with offers for the next pin-up spread and we are pleased to announce that Mr April Easter
Bunny has been awarded to the young gun Leon Dolphin Dalton.

Leon resides at Secret Harbour with his gorgeous wife Lisa. To appease all of his adoring fans he took time out to answer these
questions just prior to the Open final at the Last State Round (what a nice bloke!).

                                 Vital Stats.
Age                  28 years has not yet reached his full potential.
Weight               72 kg of lean hungry muscle.
Height               5'8'' and probably still growing.
Occupation           Gun Operator (no, not combat guns) working with
Favourite woman      Wife, Lisa.
Animals              Dog            Imelda (no not Marcos).
                     Pussy Cat      Shankita.
Religion             Pentecostal – Leon is a regular churchgoer.
Favourite food       Fillet mignon.
Favourite drink      Milo with full cream milk (these young guns are very
                     picky with their beverages!).
Favourite song       Where the Streets Have no Name by U2.
Favourite band       U2.
Favourite Author     God.
Favourite Book       The Bible.
Favourite Past time  Surfing and Rock n Roll dancing. Apparently Leon
                     and Lisa make a glam couple when they are out on the
                     dance floor (I'd like to see that!!)
Favourite waveskiier The legendary Kev Marshall.
Favourite surfer     Johnny Boy Gomes.
Favourite Toy        Model speed boats.
Favourite Car        1957 Chevy.
Favourite surf break North Point Gracetown.
Career Earnings      $50 down South Dolphins Competition in 94.

                                                    Now for some juicy bits
Like Mr January, Mike Simonetti; Leon also owns a variety of cars including a brightly yellow coloured 1986 Toyota Hilux which
matches his equally brightly coloured Phantom Wave Ski plus a very sedate 1998 Volvo 740 Gl Sedan.

Leon is partially sponsored by Off-Road Equipment. His greatest surfing achievement thus far is finishing 24th in the Open at the 95
Aussie Titles. Leon's achievements are not unique to surfing as he recently finished in the final 47 of the 94.5 Diet Coke Competition
(what a body!!!)

He has chosen the following (4) people/things to join him for a meal              Robin Williams
                                                                                  Percy Penguin
                                                                                  Sylvester Stallone and of course……Lisa

Leon's worse surfing injury occurred at Yallingup in 92 over the falls in double over head high conditions (ouch), nearly drowned
however was saved by the likeable Rob Borg.
Leon works out by surfing most days (he lives a hop, skip and a jump from the beach) and oh yeah talking on the phone. Thank God
he only lives down the road!!

He has entered the Rotto Aussie Titles where he hopes to realise his dream of taking out a title of some sort (what a nice guy!!).

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                    March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                               Picture Page
                                                                Goolwa Beach SA. It was better than it
                                                                looked!! Would we lie?? This was
                                                                actually head high plus a little bit in the
                                                                sets, but as you can see, a long paddle

       Bruce looking very enthusiastic
       about his heat at Middleton
       Beach SA – Very Sloppy surf!!!

          Strickland Bay - Rottnest                                       State Round 1 at Surf Beach.
          Island on a 1 metre swell                                       Looks like a Waveski invasion.
          and offshore.                                                   Although the weather looks
                                                                          ominous, it was offshore all day.

          Middleton Hotel was home
          base while in SA. The pool
          table got quite a work out.

                                                    State Round 1 at Surf Beach – Judges in action or is that
                                                    discussing the finer points of manoeuvres during heats?

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                                                   March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

Having been away from Comps. for over 18 months, being forced to                 WOMEN'S OPEN - Jacqueline, zee French lady, or commonly
earn a dollar overseas, I would like to give my impressions of the               known as Jackie the Aussie grey nurse, fought off a game attempt
first Round of the WA State Titles held recently at Mandurah. In                 from the young gun Jill, and Alison. Alison brought her own cheer
general, what a great day it was, out of the water it was humour and             squad along to influence the judges, but these wise old judges would
entertainment, in the water, small but rideable surf that easily allowed         not be moved. Great to see the ladies making a return.
the 10 wave maximum to be achieved. The standard has lifted
considerably in all divisions, and it is a credit to the likes of Luke,          A smattering of other people at the Comp.:-
Jackie and Paul that have achieved so much for themselves and WA                 •   Bendy, always layed back, any further back he would be
wave skiing. The event went like clockwork, a well-planned event                     horizontal, Elect Eng., not a care in the world, watch him in later
that Les and Luke can take much credit. It was good to see guys                      events as he was a little dark on being ousted by the older
travelling long kilometres to compete at Mandurah, from areas of                     brigade;
Geraldton to Albany, and the friendliness on the beach was evident               •   Borgy, cheered on by his family he again made great in-roads
with all.                                                                            into the State placing's, and do you like the design of that ski?
                                                                                 •   Eric - still amicable and good for a laugh, but a fierce
OPEN Division - A few years ago I can remember surfing against                       competitor in the water, Eric will be in there at the Nationals
Leon in B Division, and we had some great tussles, BUT has the Diet                  with a big chance;
Coke Kid improved or what? A great third placing in the Open over                •   Mike Spag- Forever laughing until he gets in the water for a
some heavy weights like Bruce Radnidge, lighter weights but great                    heat, then watch the Italian blood flow under that Mr January
and equal abilities like Bendy, Agro, Kimbo, etc.                                    body;
How about forth place, going to a VETERAN, you young guys had                    •   Aids - (Mike's little brother) - can you remember the 95 Titles
better lift your game with Richard around. He had Surf Beach wired,                  how Mike rescued Adrian at Big Rock, most of us wanted Aids
winning the Vets and scoring a prestigious place in the Open.                        new ski, Spag saved his brother, the paddle and the ski, well
Luke and Paul, these guys can really put it together. You can only be                now Aids is going like a house on fire in the Masters and B
impressed by the quality of surfing with Paul and Luke. A contrast in                Division and the rumour is will pip Mike for a place in the
styles, Paul the snappier Rees Duncan Jnr. manoeuvres, and Luke the                  Masters;
flowing style that makes it look effortless to wave ski. A top effort.           •   Gus - Gus is still around, nudging the Vets next year so will be
                                                                                     in the placing’s once again;
B Division - Jeff Sullivan, a young gun and surfed brilliantly to take
                                                                                 •   Scott - Our foreign correspondent from the USA is back from
the B's, could be unstoppable this year in B's; second place to Adrian
                                                                                     his advisory trip to Hillary and Bill, or was he on Monica's side,
who is a dark horse in any event and will only improve with all the
                                                                                     regardless Scott is back in town and did not have the best of
time he has off work surfing; Third went to the ever present Rob
                                                                                     heats so will do better in later events during the year when he
Borg, and forth was earned well by our distance traveller James
                                                                                     sorts out that spy plane designed ski;
                                                                                 •   Dougy - With a tattoo of a Viking on his chest, next comp. he
                                                                                     may show us his big shield, or did Wacko Jacko have his shield
SENIORS - Macca did well to hold off Bruce, although Macca was
                                                                                     up and that is why he surfed so well;
decidedly unhappy about snapping his nose off the ski, I think his
radical manoeuvres days are slowing as he settles further into                   •   Greg - alias Agro alias Macca - has mellowed, now a Dad, he
                                                                                     seems so content with life, except his nose on the ski being
domestic bliss; Bruce with his Darth Vader ski was a little 'dark' on
being pipped by the younger Macca; third went to Thommo who did                      snapped did make him a tad upset;
well in a small surf, and forth was good value for Jacko slowing after           •   Troy - the BP of wave skiing, a quiet achiever that will do well
his earlier sensation of beating Bruce in an earlier heat, and did he let            with a few more comps under his belt, watch out later in the
everyone know.                                                                       year;
                                                                                 •   Thommo - The big man was suited to a larger wave, and who
MASTERS - Kimbo again won the Masters, and won't he be hard                          can forget his upside down take off at the 95 Nationals at North
to beat in the Nationals; not far behind was Paulo, can anyone spend                 Point, a brilliant manoeuvrer that even he did not plan, this guy
more time in the water than Paulo?; Borgy pipped Mike Spag for                       is capable of anything;
third, although there were comments that Mike appeared to have                   •   Paul N - obviously likes a larger surf and with the Queensland
gone to seed from his January photo shoots, possibly more sit ups are                experience under his belt will be competitive in later events;
needed to get that six pack back into shape.
                                                                                 Well I enjoyed myself, and I hope you did as well. See you at the
VETS - Bigus Dickus, 'The Skull', call him what you like, BUT                    next event.
Richard Croome was unstoppable and too good for Eric and Ian.
Eric and Ian fought out the minor placing's and will need too weigh              Doddsy
down Richard's ski to stand a chance in the next comp. Well done

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                                             March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                 Trigg’s Open State Round 2
               State Round 2 was designated to be held
               at Trigg’s Beach will now be held at                           Accommodation - Down South
               Lancelin. We are meeting at the Bakery at
               6.30am on Saturday 17th April 1999. The Dogs              Should anyone be lucky enough to get some quality surfing
               will be looking at Back Beach first and then              time in the Dunsborough to Margaret River area, we
               will considering the “Bombing Range”. So if               waveskiers have been offered a discount on accommodation if
               you have ‘em, bring ‘em. Four Wheel Drive                 we choose the Gracetown Caravan Park. Just mention Luke
               Vehicles, that is!! After some discussion the             Herman’s name or that you are a member of a Waveski Club.
               committee decided that we should change the
               venue instead of the date. Allocating another                    In a nautical, peaceful bushland setting just 2.5
               date did not guarantee permission from the                            kilometres from Cowaramup Bay and
               Stirling Shire.                                                    Gracetown, The Gracetown Caravan Park is
               The Stirling Shire has declined permission to                     central to the Margaret River region’s many
               hold State Round 2 “Trigg’s Open” anywhere                       wineries, galleries, cafes and restaurants, cave
               on the Trigg’s Beach strip. It seems that yet                            surfing and swimming activities.
                                                                                 The park is a haven for birds and kangaroos
               again we “Waveskiers” have been duck shoved
                                                                                 and is home to a large variety of wildflowers.
               by yet another Shire Council. If you remember
               the first Trigg’s Open we had to change the
               date because the Shire double booked the date
               with another surfing group. Even though we
               were first and we had greater numbers and
               essentially a bigger event, it was the
               Waveskiers that had to alter their calendar. Of
               course we won’t mention the Margaret River
               Shire who on every occasion we applied to run
               a National Title in their area managed to loose
               our application on each occasion. The Rottnest
Island Authority has been so co-operative in helping us with
the up and coming that it is a breath of fresh air. Maybe we
should consider a State Round at Rottnest Island. Enough soap
boxing, the last time the Dogs held a contest at Lancelin, there
was not enough 4WD vehicles and surfed Back Beach while                                        Facilities in the park include
the Bombing Range was “Going Off”                                                                      a four bedroom cottage
                                                                                                       park homes and on-site vans
     Just A Reminder – OPEN ONLY Riders                                                                powered sites
               Paul O’Donnell        Luke Herman                                                       bush camping
                                                                                                       well stocked shop
               Bruce Radnidge        Kim Gardiner                                                      barbecues
               Greg McKay            Paolo Giompaolo                                                   a children’s playground
               Ron Cocksey           Leon Dalton                                                       tennis, volleyball, basketball
               Steve Adcock          Richard Croome                                  We look forward to welcoming you.
               Les Johnston          Mike Simonetti
               Brendan Farrell       Geoff Vandermuelen                                   Please contact your hosts
                                                                                    Tracey and Vince and June and Trevor
                                                                                        Phone (08) 9755 5301
                                                                                           Fax (08) 9755 5508

                                                                                   Corner Caves and Cowaramup Bay Road
                                                                                      PO BOX 351 Margaret River 628

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                                                      March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                        Contest Rules for 1999
                                                                      1. - FORMAT
1.1   Once the initial draw has been made, no redraw will be made for late entries. The contest director may vary the heat format if required, being due to withdrawals
      and no show competitors.
1.2   A competitor must wear the correct coloured singlet to coinciding with draw board to qualify for a place.
1.3   The timetable of events shall be solely at the discretion of the Contest Director, taking into consideration conditions and amount of time required for completing
      the events.
1.4   The Contest Organisers will decide the format of the contest draw.
1.5   The complete competition format must be drawn up prior to the event. This format must be of large scale with spaces for competitor names and show their
      progression. This board must be on display at all times and updated as soon as possible after each heat.
1.6   Heats will normally be a minimum of 20 minutes duration to be decided on the day by the contest director. If duration of heat is to be altered, adequate notice is
      to be given to competitors.
1.7   Heats will consist of a maximum of (4) four surfers. The contest director may make exceptions to this where there are only (5) five entrants, or (5) five
      progressing to a reparcharge heat.
1.8   Overall control of a waveski contest will rest with the Contest Director allocated to the contest by the Western Australian Wave Ski Association or Host Club.
      The Contest Director can appoint other officials however, the Contest Director will be the final decision-maker on all matters relating to the contest.

                                             2. - ENTRY FORMS AND CONDITIONS
2.1   Unless otherwise stated on the entry form, entrants to any event are restricted to financial members and affiliate members the Western Australian WaveSki
      Association or Host Club. Competitors in a contest found to be unfinancial or unaffiliated may be disqualified.
2.2   Entry forms are to be available 2 weeks prior to competition date whenever possible.
2.3   Ages division categories stated in years are to be:
      Veterans (50+)            Master (40-49)               Seniors (30-39)                   Juniors (17-21)          Cadets (13-16).
      Cadets can be combined with juniors at the discretion of the Contest Director. Members will be eligible to compete in categories according to their age on the
      first day of the advertised competition date. If a member has a birthday during a competition year and is no longer eligible for a category, they may finish the
      year in that category if they choose. However, they cannot compete in the new category as well and they will not be eligible for State Team selection under their
      previous age group category.
2.4   The Grand Prix contest date is defined as the advertised first day of competition of the First State Round.
2.5   Each State Round or other contests will use the advertised first day of competition to determine age eligibility.
2.6   To compete in the Women’s category all entrant must be female.
2.7   Open events will allow ages of 13 years and over and or both genders. Any other division may be subject to restrictions as designated by the Contest Committee
      or Contest Director.
2.8   There will be no refunds of entry fees unless the Contest Director is notified prior to the commencement of the official contest draw.

                                                                      3. - SEEDING
3.1   The first round heats in any State Round shall be seeded as determined by the Contest Director on the basis of results from previous competitions for the purpose
      of spreading the top riders as evenly as possible within round one. It is recommended that the current years Grand Prix positions be used for seeding when half
      the Grand Prix rounds have been run.
3.2   No competitor shall be seeded beyond the first round.

                                              4. - TIMING/HOOTER/LIGHT/FLAGS
4.1   The timer must be accurate and reliable.
4.2   A hooter blast (minimum 3 seconds) should be used to indicate the start and end of the heat. The hooter type must be air horns or better.
4.3   A flashing light may be used to indicate the last five minutes of the heat. The light must be of high intensity (minimum output - 12V 55W).
4.4   A minimum 30-second changeover period must be given between heats.
4.5   Flags must be available at all competitions. If any of the above equipment does not meet requirements then FLAGS MUST BE USED.
      GREEN FLAG            Indicates that a heat is in progress.
      YELLOW FLAG Indicates that the final five minutes of the heat is in progress.
                            Both flags are lowered for the changeover period.
      RED FLAG              Indicates the completion of the heat and that not heat is currently in progress.
      BLACK FLAG            Indicates that the heat has been suspended or cancelled.
                            All other flags are to be lowered will heat is being black-flagged.
4.6   A BLACK flag (minium 1 metre square) being waved by hand and continual blasts of the hooter means that the heat has been suspended because a surfer is in
      trouble and requires assistance from the competitors in the water.

                     Perth “Dogs” Waveski Club

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                                                        March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                                        5. - SURFING
5.1   Competitors in the following heats shall not enter the water until 10 minutes prior to the start of their heat or as directed by the Contest Director.
5.2   Surfers paddling out to the contest area or in the water waiting for the start of their heat must be outside the contest area and not ride any wave or interfere in any
      way. The penalty for non-compliance shall be disqualification and enforced at Contest Director's Discretion.
5.3   At the completion of each heat surfers must proceed as quickly as possible to the beach, a surfer catching a wave in must not manoeuvre but ride straight in. The
      penalty for non-compliance is interference.
5.4   A maximum of 10 rides will be scored in all heats and finals unless varied by the Contest Director prior to the commencement of a complete round. Results will
      be based on the best 3 or 4 rides in all heats including the FINAL as determined by the Contest Director. When a competitor has taken his ten waves he will be
      notified by an appropriate means. At this stage no other ride will be scored and the surfer must leave the water, failure to do so may result in interference being
      scored against the surfer.
5.5   Once the siren has signalled the completion of a heat no further rides will be score. However, a rider already on a wave when the siren sounds must be scored.
5.6   There will be NO FREE SURFING, if so designated by the Contest Director by any competitors on the beach where competition is being held. Failure to
      comply may cause disqualification. Free surfing in the designated contest area will result in disciplinary action and possible disqualification from the current or
      future events.

                                                            6. - JUDGING/SPOTTING
6.1   Judging statistics will be updated regularly.
6.2   No competitor is to judge a spouse or relative.
6.3   Sponsors are not to judge their sponsored riders.
6.4   Any questions of bias in other cases may be discussed with the Contest Director at the end of the pre-contest briefing. The Contest Director's decision on these
      matters will be final.
6.5   It is desirable that a spotter be used for each heat. The spotter should call a wave count at least twice during the heat and also call if a wave is to be scored or not.
      The spotter will rule on a 'no wave' when a contestant exits a wave, or is wiped out, having made no more than one turn and having been on the wave no more
      than 3 seconds. The spotter shall rule a no wave on a competitor who negotiates the shore break to his advantage, if the Contest Director has ruled that the shore
      break is a no manoeuvre area. A spotter may voice his opinion on all interferences but the final decision is the judges’.
6.6   There will normally be five judges for each heat. The Contest Director should ensure that a variety of judges from different areas be used. Competitors will be
      required to contribute to the judging and assist where ever is necessary. Failure to judge as requested may result in a penalty, which will be determined by the
      Contest Committee.
6.7   Judges must not talk to or confer with other judges or outside people. Judges should be at least 1 metre apart.

                                                             7. - JUDGING CRITERIA
7.1   Riders will be given maximum points for performing in the most difficult part of the wave, selected for quality and size, for the longest time at the fastest speed
      using the widest range of functional manoeuvres involving the highest degree of difficulty. (Score MAJOR and MINOR manoeuvres using the above criteria)
7.2   This table is a guideline to scoring the riders waves.
      0.1 --- 2.0 POOR                   ride within this range will signify poor control and one or two badly executed manoeuvres.
      2.1 --- 4.0 FAIR                   ride with reasonable control and one or two basic manoeuvres reasonably well executed.
      4.1 --- 6.0 AVERAGE                ride, the surfer showing good control over basic manoeuvres and executing a major and/or a radical.
      6.1 -- 8.0 GOOD                    ride showing good control while doing a succession of basic manoeuvres, and at least two radical manoeuvres.
      8.1 -- 10.0 EXECELLENT ride with full control while executing a series of major radical manoeuvres.
                                         A wave must not be given a score of zero.

                                   IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF JUDGING
                                                          Take-off           Difficult/late/natural hazards.
                                                                             Control and stability.
                                                          The Ride           Use of the waves power.
                                                                             Number of manoeuvres and difficulty.
                                                                             Control and recovery.
                                                                             Length of ride.
                                                          Finish             Clean and or uncontrolled

7.3   A ride will be scored when a rider has been on a wave for 3 seconds or has performed one manoeuvre.
7.4   Judges will use a 10-point system taking advantage of decimal points giving a point range of 100. There should be a point spread of 8 points between the lowest
      and the highest score in each heat.
7.5   Enter the name of the judge together with the division event and heat number, in the appropriate section of the judging sheet before the heat starts.
7.6   Hand the sheet in at the end of the heat promptly. Do not alter the scores or tally the scores yourself.
7.7   The judge must give 100% concentration and effort.
7.8   Judges are required to score all interferences. Interferences include drop-ins, body and paddle contact, blocking and closing down the wall, etc.
7.9   Judges who are used to judge the final events should chosen from those who have shown their consistency over the entire contest.

                                                                   8. - CHIEF JUDGE
8.1   The Chief Judge should not use any judges in his opinion that are found to be sub-standard.
8.2   Judges should only judge maximum three consecutive heats.
8.3   The Chief Judge in conjunction with the Contest Director will hear all protests. The Chief Judge will advise the Contest Director, however the Contest Director
      will make the final decision.

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                                                          March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                                    9. - CONTEST AREA
9.1    The competition area must be marked on beach breaks. Buoys may be used to mark the area in the water. ONE FLAG or SIGN is required at EACH END of the
       area. This is not necessary on reef breaks.
9.2    The contest area can only be changed at the beginning of the day OR with at least 20 minutes notice OR for safety reasons. The 'Contest Area' flags or signs
       must be moved to indicate the new area before the next heat can be started.

                                  10. - DANGEROUS & UNSPORTSMAN-LIKE ACTION
10.1   Dangerous action by a competitor which cause or could easily have caused injury to another competitor or member of the public will incur the same penalty as
       for interference or, in an extreme case, disqualification.
10.2   Any Unsportsman-like actions will be referred to the Contest Committee to be discussed and dealt with according to the constitution.

                                                                    11. - SHORE BREAK
11.1   Riding of the shore break may be disallowed for safety reasons or for other reasons and is at the discretion of the contest director.

                                                                    12. - PHOTOGRAPHY
12.1   No photographers will be permitted in the water without official authorisation from the Contest Director.

                                                                        13. - PROTESTS
13.1   Protests must be lodged in person by the competitor directly to the Contest Director or Chief Judge within a 10-minute period once the results have been posted
       to the progression board.
13.2   Videotapes can be used for evidence in the event of protest.
13.3   The Contest Director cannot over-ride a judge’s decision in relation to interference. The Contest Director may confer will the judge to ensure they have an
       understanding of the rules and judging criteria. The judge may alter his decision without coercion from any other person if he believes that he has interpreted the
       rules or judging criteria incorrectly.

                                                                     14. - TABULATION
14.1   A surfer's best three or four waves or as determined by the Contest Director are to be tabulated. The surfer with the highest total is awarded first on that score
       sheet, next highest total is second, etc.
14.2   If two or more surfers have an equal total on an individual score sheet then their highest scoring wave will be used in an attempt to split the result. If they are
       still equal at this point then their second highest scoring wave will be used to split the result. If still tied then their fourth, fifth, etc highest scoring waves will be
       used until the tie is broken. If the tie cannot be broken at this stage they will be awarded equal place.
14.3   In order to determine the overall result of the judges placing for each surfer total the placing’s after discarding the highest and lowest placing. The lowest total is
       first, next lowest is second etc.
14.4   If two or more surfers have an equal total at this point (eg: On the Master Tally Sheet) the scores for those riders are compared on a +ve/-ve basis.
                                                          Red                      Green                     Black                      White
                           Judge 1                         1                          3                         4                          2
                      Judge 2                              3                          2                         4                          1
                      Judge 3                              3                          2                         4                          1
                      Judge 4                              3                          1                         4                          2
                      Judge 5                              4                          1                         3                          2
                      Totals                               9                          5                        12                          5

                      Preliminary places                   3rd                      =1st                       3rd                       =1st
                                                          Red                      Green                     Black                      White
                      Judge 1                                                      (3) –1                                               (2) +1
                      Judge 2                                                      (2) –1                                               (1) +1
                      Judge 3                                                      (2) –1                                               (1) +1
                      Judge 4                                                      (1) +1                                               (2) –1
                      Judge 5                                                      (1) +1                                               (2) –1
                      Totals                                                       2 wins                                               3 wins
                                                               rd                        nd                         th
                      Final places                         3                         2                          4                         1st

14.5  If two or more surfers have an equal total at this point then, return to the individual judges sheet and total the surfers next highest wave and retabulate the heat.
      Continue with the next highest wave etc until tie is broken.
14.6 If two or more surfers have equal points after this then, for those surfers, add up all judges’ placing’s without excluding the highest and lowest placing. The
      lowest total is the winner of these surfers.
14.7 If two or more surfers still have equal points then, for those surfers, multiply together each surfers' wave totals on all the judges score sheets. The highest total is
      the winner of these surfers.
14.8 If two or more surfers still have equal total at this point then, for those surfers a tie will be declared.
14.9 Tabulating with an interference. The competitors highest wave is zeroed and counted as one of the three or four scoring waves. If there are more than one
      interferences scored per rider. Zero the next highest score and so on.
14.10 Score sheets and tabulation sheets must be available for perusal and may be put on public display.

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                                                         March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                                15. - INTERFERENCE
15.1   The rider closest to the breaking or critical section of the wave (on the inside) has the right of way.
15.2   If three or more judges mark an interference on the same wave, then this is to be tabulated as per Rule 14.9.
15.3   If, in the opinion of a judge, a surfer interferes with another surfer's utilisation of a wave in any form, the judge will record an interference.
       Examples: Two riders on the same face of the wave. Paddling out obstruction; or whilst paddling for a wave; dangerous action; causing the lip of the wave to
       close down; or any other similar type of interference.
       The interference will be indicated by a bold cross against the score for the wave of the surfer causing the interference. If no score is recorded (eg: for a paddle
       out interference) then a bold cross is to be placed between the last score and the next empty score square. A corresponding arrow is drawn from the offending
       rider to the rider that was interfered with, pointing at their scored wave.
15.4   The failure to return the contest singlet to the marshalling area prior to 10 minutes before the start of the next heat or at the end of the days events will result in
       an interference being recorded against the offender in that heat or their next heat.
15.5   Any breach of contest etiquette will be dealt with by and at the discretion of the Contest Director or the Contest Committee. Refer to section on Dangerous &
       Unsportsman-like Actions.
15.6   A competitor who is interfered with shall (If approved by Contest Director) be allowed an additional wave within the time limit beyond his ten-wave maximum.
       This will also apply to interference by water photographers, water security personnel and non-competitors.
15.7   The right of way criteria for each possible situation shall be determined and made known to all competitors prior to the beginning of each day's competition (eg:
       Direction of break.).

                                                                 16. - DRAW FORMAT
16.1   Example of a heats and reparcharge draw.
                          Round 1                                       Round 3               Round 4               Round 5
                          1&2     R3                                    1&2    R4             1&2    R5             4 person
                                                                        3&4 OUT               3&4 OUT               FINAL

                           3&4   R2              Round 2               Round 2
                           AND/OR                (4 man Reps)          (5 man Reps)
                           5   R2                1&2    R3            1&2&3     R3
                           (If 5 per heat)       3&4 OUT               4&5 OUT
16.2   Example of a winner - loser draw.
                         Round 1                 Round 3                Round 5               Round 7               Round 9
                         1&2      R3             1&2    R5              1&2    R8             1&2       R9          4 person
                         3&4      R2             3&4    R4              3&4    R6             3&4      R7           FINAL

                          Round 2                Round 4               Round 6              Round 7                Round 8
                          1&2      R4            1&2      R6           1&2      R7          1&2       R8           1&2 R9
                          3&4 OUT                3&4 OUT               3&4 OUT              3&4 OUT                3&4 OUT
16.3   Both draws to finish with a 4 man final. In the case of the winner/loser type draw particular attention must be given to the ending.

                                             17. - TROPHIES PRIZES AND PRESENTATION
17.1   Trophies and prizes must be awarded for first to fourth place inclusive, and include a best judge trophy. However, if entrants for an event fall below four, it will
       be at the Contest Committees discretion if and what trophies or prizes will be awarded.
17.2   Results are to be announced at the earliest possible time and in convenient proximity to the contest venue.

                                               18. - CONTESTANTS RESPONSIBLITIES
18.1   It is the contestant’s responsibility to keep in touch with the heat progression displayed on the contest board.
18.2   If a competitor is to surf in two consecutive heats or finals. The competitor MUST inform the Contest Director prior to the commencement of the heat or final so
       that arrangements can be made to allocate the same colour singlets for both of the heats or finals. Failure to inform the Contest Director will not incur a penalty.
       However the correct colour singlets MUST be worn in each heat. Wearing an incorrect colour singlet during a heat or final will result in disqualification.
18.3   Each competitor MUST judge the required number of heats at each contest. Refer to Rule 6.6.

                                         19. - LOCATION/DURATION - POSTPONEMENT
19.1   The general location and meeting place is to be stated on the entry form. The selection of the actual surf break is the responsibility of the Contest Director who
       may seek advice from others with local knowledge or more experienced surfers.
19.2   The duration of the contest must be stated in terms of days on the entry form. The hours of the contest are at the discretion of the contest director.
19.3   A contest may be postponed, but not cancelled. A new date must be set.
19.4   Entrants who are unable to attend the rescheduled contest will, on giving (10) days notice in writing or fax will have their entry fee refunded or placed in credit
       for another competition.

                      Perth “Dogs” Waveski Club

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                                                         March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                           20. - GRAND PRIX POINTS AND RESULTS
20.1   Each entrant will be allocated with points for achieving a place in any state round. Five (5) points must separate each group of places. These points can be as
       follows, but must start at a number high enough to allocate a point score to the lowest placed competitor. Particular note should be taken to skip the correct
       number of places when calculating points for equal places.
         Final                     Semi-Finals                                           Quarter-Finals
         1st    200                =5th       180 (2 equal places)                       =9th 170 (4 equal places)
           nd                         th
         2      195                =7         175 (2 equal places)                       =12th 165 (4 equal places)
         3rd    190
         4th    185
       It has been assumed for the example above that the quarterfinals consisted of 4 heats of 4 surfers. If there are not 4 heats in the quarterfinals, the principle of
       placing’s remains the same.
20.2   This example commencing at 200 gives 40 place groups with a 5-point spread per group. If the last place getter in any contest does not get allocated the
       minimum points (5 points), then the point range must be increased and all Grand Prix points recalculated for every round and division.
20.3   The placing’s for the Grand Prix results will be calculated on the declared minimum number of rounds required out of the maximum number of round being run
       for that year. These criteria MUST be declared at the start of the contest year.
20.4   In the case of a tie in the Grand Prix results, attempt to break the tie by comparing the highest place of each competitor. If a tie at this point use the next highest
       place and so on. If a tie exists after comparing the last highest results then, equal places will be awarded.
20.5   The best judges will be determined by adding the given result for each heat judged at the State Round and then dividing the total by the number of heats judged
       to give a percentage. To obtain a result for Best Judge a person MUST have judged a minimum of 5 heats for each round. The highest percentages are declared
       the winners. In the case of a tie, the person who has judged the most number of heats will be awarded the higher place. If still tied at this point, equal places will
       be awarded. The Grand Prix results are determined by the same method.

                                           21. - STATE TEAM SELECTION CRITERIA
21.1  State Team Selection is based on a person’s performance during the year in the State Grand Prix competition. To be eligible for the State Team a person must
      have competed in at least 3 state rounds. Those that have competed in less than the 3 round will only be considered after there is no one left with 3 or more
      completed rounds. In the case of Best Judge, a person will only be considered for Best Judge providing that person has judged the designated number of heats at
      each contest and in addition MUST have judged the minimum number of heats in at least 3 State Rounds. The person’s final position in the Grand Prix table is
      used as the criteria for selection. Divisions selected for the State Team are Open, Women, Veterans, Masters, Seniors, Juniors, Cadets, B Division and Top
      Judge. All State Team Representatives are to be contacted in writing at their last known address.
21.2 The criteria for selection is as follows:
           OPEN                           1st through to 8th inclusive.
           B DIVISION                     1st and 2nd only.
           WOMENS                         1st only.
           VETERANS                       1st only
           MASTERS                        1st and 2nd only.
           SENIORS                        1st and 2nd only.
           JUNIORS                        1st and 2nd only.
           CADETS                         1st and 2nd only.
           TOP JUDGE                      1st only.
           (Last updated - January 1998) - All divisions are subject to participation numbers through the year.
The order for selection will start with the Cadets, Juniors, Seniors, Masters, Veterans, Women and Top Judge and then the B Division and then the Open Division.

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                                                                        March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

                                                                Grand Prix Judging Results 1999
   JUDGING       1999
                           Min →
                                        Heats Judged
                                         5   5   5     5    Points Awarded         Percentage Result Each Round        Total Judged
                                                                                                                                      Grand Prix
                                                                                                                                      Ave.    Best
                                                                                                                                                        Judging Points
   Name                    1998 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5             R1 R2 R3 R4 R5     R1       R2      R3      R4         R5    Hts    Pts     %       4       Criteria for 1999.
 1 McKay         Greg              8                       77                96.3%                                         8    77    96.3%   96.3%
 2 Dalton        Leon              8                       76                95.0%                                         8    76    95.0%   95.0%
                                                                                                                                                      You MUST judge a minimum of 5
                                                                                                                                                      heats per contest or the designated
 2 Radnidge      Bruce             8                       76                95.0%                                         8    76    95.0%   95.0%   number for that State Round.
 2 Thompson      Graham            8                       76                95.0%                                         8    76    95.0%   95.0%
 3 Parry         James             5                       47                94.0%                                         5    47    94.0%   94.0%
                                                                                                                                                             The formula:
                                                                                                                                                      H1, H2, H3, H4, etc
 4 Sullivan      Jeff              10                      93                93.0%                                        10    93    93.0%   93.0%   (Point for each heat.)
 5 Wakefield     Scott             6                       55                91.7%                                         6    55    91.7%   91.7%   TOTAL
 6 Dodds         Ian               10                      91                91.0%                                        10    91    91.0%   91.0%
                                                                                                                                                      (Number of heats judged.)
 6 Hall          John              10                      91                91.0%                                        10    91    91.0%   91.0%
 6 O'Donnell     Paul              10                      91                91.0%                                        10    91    91.0%   91.0%
 7 Borg          Rob               7                       61                87.1%                                         7    61    87.1%   87.1%
                                                                                                                                                                             X 100 = %
 7 Tocock        Eric              7                       61                87.1%                                         7    61    87.1%   87.1%       TOTAL
 8 Farrell       Brendan           5                       43                86.0%                                         5    43    86.0%   86.0%
 8 Norman        Paul              5                       43                86.0%                                         5    43    86.0%   86.0%   The Grand Prix Results will be
 9 Gardiner      Kim               7                       59                84.3%                                         7    59    84.3%   84.3%   calculated by adding totaling the heats
10 Croome        Richard           7                       57                81.4%                                         7    57    81.4%   81.4%   judged in your best four rounds and
                                                                                                                                                      dividing it into the total points
11 Simonetti     Adrian            6                       47                78.3%                                         6    47    78.3%   78.3%   awarded. Round were you have not
12 Lumsden       Dougie            6                       45                75.0%                                         6    45    75.0%   75.0%   judged the mimmum number of heats
13 Simonetti     Mike              8                       59                73.8%                                         8    59    73.8%   73.8%   will not be counted in the best four.
                                                                                                                                                      This will then be expressed as a
   Dillon        Jackie            2                       19                95.0%                                         2    19
                                                                                                                                                      percentage to one decimal point. The
   Herman        Luke              2                       19                95.0%                                         2    19                    person with the highest percentage will
   Jackson       Mark              4                       40                100.0%                                        4    40                    be declared the winner. In the case of a
   Rutkay        Gus               1                       10                100.0%                                        1    10
                                                                                                                                                      tie the person that has judged the most
                                                                                                                                                      number of heats will be declared the
   Sumpton       Troy              4                       36                90.0%                                         4    36                    winner.
   Vandermuellen Geoff             2                       20                100.0%                                        2    20

                                                                                                              Perth “Dogs” Waveski Club

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                                                                 March/April 1999 - Issue Number 2

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