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Issue 17                             NEWSLETTER                                 Nov/Dec 2010

NEW MEMBERS                           Charity Stall
                                      This year our chosen charity has     members could consider
Anyone interested in joining the      been Wigan Hospice and we will
U3A are allowed two visits as                                              paying if they cannot
                                      be presenting a cheque to them
‘Taster sessions’                     at the second Christmas Party on     attend. If any member
FOR INSURANCE                         the 17th December.                   decides to leave a group the
REASONS NO MORE THAN                  The Charity votes counted for        leader should be informed
2 ATTENDANCES IN                      2011:-                               ASAP.
TOTAL ARE PERMITTED                   Derian House 22 votes
PRIOR TO JOINING U3A.                 Books for the Blind 14 votes
Come along to the Coffee              Mencap Wigan 3 votes
Afternoon and see what is             Caring for Carers 10 votes
available.                            As a result our charity for 2011     Dorothea Mather
                                      will be Derian House.                This group is on hold for the
Associate Members                                                          time being.
                                                                           We wish Dorothea well and
An Associate Member has               INTEREST GROUPS                      hope she will be fully recovered
equal rights to all Activity                                               soon.
groups, Theatre trips, Days           When you put your name
out and any other events              down on the list for Trips           Creative Writing
organized by the U3A just             and Theatre you will be
as a full member does, the            asked for a non-                     Joan Skillicorn
only difference is they               returnable deposit.
cannot come to the meeting                                                 2.30 – 4.00 on the 1st Friday
held on the 1st Friday in the         When our interest groups             in the month.
month. The reason for this            meet the subscription fee            meeting room YMCA
is the seating capacity               includes the cost of room
numbers in the meeting                hire and sometimes the               We now have a waiting list for
room is limited because of                                                 this group.
                                      administration cost to the
Health and Safety. We                 leader of that group we do
would be in breach of our             not aim to make a profit.            Days Out – Places of
Insurance if we did not               Therefore if members                 Interest
adhere to this.                       cannot attend a meeting
Can members please                    there can be a shortfall             John Gostelow
show their registration               resulting in the fee not
                                      covering the costs. To               17th November - Chatsworth
card when they attend                                                      House. Meet at YMCA no later
each meeting.                         prevent this happening it
                                                                           than 8.45am.
                                      would be helpful if
Proposed visit to ‘Tutankhamen      find websites which we could        History
exhibition in Manchester.           access free and Mel found the
January/February watch this         marriage of his great
space!!!                            grandparents which he had been      Madeline Hynes
                                    looking for without success until
May be next year you would like     now. Altogether a most              3rd Friday in the month
to join us for a trip to the        enjoyable afternoon.                2.15pm-4pm
Edinburgh Tattoo. John is taking                                        YMCA
names and deposits for this         Gardening Group
event now.                                                              No meeting in December
                                    Winifred Beesley
See John if you are interested.                                         This year we are studying
                                                                        twentieth century topics
                                     Forms and information sheets
                                                                        including USA – Germany and
Family History                      about the 4 day mini holiday
                                                                        Britain in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
                                    which is planned for the 24th
                                                                        Members are happy to discuss
Pat Grimshaw                        June 2011 are available on the
                                                                        documents and give their
                                    Garden Group table.
                                                                        viewpoints on past events and
3rd Friday in the Month             Winter meetings continue on the
                                                                        their relevance for the present.
1pm – 2pm small meeting room        last Friday of each month 1pm -
                                                                        This is a well supported group.
YMCA                                3pm in YMCA
                                                                        Please see the Group Leader if
No meeting in December              26th November ‘Greenhouse
                                                                        you want to come along.
On Friday the 15th October a        No meeting in December
group of us from the Family                                             Pilates
History group paid a visit to the   Golf
Museum of Wigan Life                Arthur Hemmings                     Debbie Leigh
(formerly The History Shop) in
Library Street.                     The members are enjoying            1.30pm Thursday at the YMCA
We were met by Christine            regular games of golf at Haigh      Anyone interested please come
Watts, one of the advisers in the   Country Park.                       along and join the fun.
History section upstairs. We        We meet to play golf on at least
were all impressed with the         two occasions each month on the
renovations which have taken                                            Reading Group
                                    Wednesday mornings
place there and the whole area      immediately following every
was spacious and airy. Christine                                        Joan Skillicorn
                                    U3A meeting.
explained about all the records     A brief gathering takes place at
which are kept there, Parish        the end of every U3A meeting,       1.30pm 1st Monday in the
Registers, census returns,          anybody interested in joining us    month. Ashton Library
newspapers and much more            will be made welcome.               Well supported
which family historians could       Come and have a go!!!               See Joan for more details
She showed us some very old
maps of Wigan and we had fun
finding places which we
remember and many which had
Christine then took us to a
computer and showed us how to
Singing for pleasure                about a dozen seats left so don’t
                                    delay booking. Later in the year
                                    40 of us are going to the
Joanne Lancaster                    premiere of a new musical            Where & When days
                                    ‘Ghost’ at the Opera House.          out
2nd Friday in the month.            This should be both spooky but       Vi France
YMCA 1pm – 3pm.                     also a tear jerking experience. If
                                    you have any suggestions for         Next year we look forward to
Come and join us and have some      other visits later in the year       more exciting trips out.
fun.                                please come and see me.              Proposed trips to : Derbyshire,
                                                                         Crich Tramway Museum, Fylde
                                    See Theatre stand for more
Stitchcraft 1.                      details
                                                                         coast and possible Kendal.
                                                                         Watch this space for more info.
Barbara Carter                      Tai Chi
                                                                         GROUP OF THE
Barbara is in hospital so this      Gill Healey                          MONTH
group will be on hold for now.
Stitchcraft 2.                      Tuesday 11.45 -12.45
                                    YMCA                                 Where and when days out.
                                    A calming and tranquil group.
Ann Aldred                                                               Please take time to look at the
                                    All welcome
                                                                         display for group of the
We now have a second group                                               month.
meeting at Leaders house on 3rd     Walking Group                        The Groups take time to show
Tuesday in the month.                                                    you what they are about and
If anyone the 1st group would       Pat Aspinall                         you may find you would like to
like to join Ann while Barbara is   Diane Heaton                         join them.
away please let me know.            2nd Tuesday in the month
See Ann for details                 meeting 12 noon                      MONTH TO FOLLOW
                                    walks 3 – 4 miles
Theatre Group                       Sturdy footwear is
                                    recommended and Members              January - History
                                    walk at their own risk
Kath Sweeney
                                                                         Coffee Afternoon
                                    Although Pat and Diane were
We are now eagerly looking
                                    away on holiday the October
forward to the concert in                                                November Entertainment
                                    walk was very kindly led by
Liverpool on the 18th Dec. .                                             By John Cannon
                                    Frank White 15 members
Demand was so great that all
                                    enjoyed a lovely walk from
tickets were sold quickly.
                                    Beacon Country Park.                 Future Speakers
However for those of you who
enjoy classical music I have
                                    Next Walk 9th November ‘The
arranged a visit to the                                                  5th December ‘China’
                                    Dream’. Sutton Manor.
Bridgewater Hall to hear The                                             John Gostelow
                                    Meet 12 noon at Smithy Manor
Halle Orchestra play Verdi
                                    Pub. If anyone would like to
overture, a Mozart piano
                                    follow a lead car we can meet on     3rd /17th December
concerto and an Elgar
                                    the car park in Ashton at 11am.      Christmas parties
Symphony. This is on Thursday
                                    No Walk in December
24th February at 7.30pm. I have
                                    OUR WEB SITE                       beautiful sunset, your own
8thJanuary John Francis                                                garden, autumn leaves, winter
                                    www.ashtoninmakerfie               scenes – anything that captures
‘Ashton Linen and Woollen              your eye. Print out your photos
Stock Charity’                                                         7’x5’ and hand them in to any
                                                                       member of the committee. Make
Origami                             If anyone would like to            sure to add your name and the
                                      have the Newsletter              title of your photo. We would
                                    sent by e’mail can you             then, hopefully have enough
Bill Sweeney
                                                                       photographs to make a really
                                             e’mail                    good display at a meeting in
No meeting for                      patgrimshaw@hotmail                early spring. We could then
November/December                                     repeat this for spring and
                                                                       summer and build up a folder for
                                       DATES FOR YOUR
                                                                       Ashton through the year.
Wine appreciation                          DIARY                       Photographs do not have to be
                                                                       ‘Professional’ just a small digital
Friday 12th November Mary has       Wine Tasting YMCA                  camera can give a good image.
organized ‘Professional Wine        12.30 – 3pm 12th November          All Photographs would be
Tasters’ who do the group                                              displayed Have a go and see
session at Upholland to do this     Chatsworth House                   what you can come up with.
event for us. We will start at      17th November meet at the
12.30pm so please bring along a     YMCA no later than 8.45am
                                                                       Management Committee
packed lunch and ‘’ let’s have a
Picnic’. Tickets for this event     The Spirit of Christmas
are on Sale at the Information      18th December                      Winnie Burns Chairman
Table.                              Meet at the YMCA no later          Pat Grimshaw Vice Chairman
                                    the 5.45pm.                        Freda Eaton     Secretary
                                                                       Betty Coldwell Treasurer
Christmas Party
                                    Gardening Group Mini               Bob Pye         Asst. Treasurer
                                    Holiday                            Doreen Glover Publicity
Tickets for the Christmas parties   24th June 2011                     Irene Hodges
are now on sale £2.00 the same                                         Anne Clarke
as last year. We will have a        Edinburgh Tattoo                   Terese Garland
party for the Main Meeting and      August 2011                        Ian Edwards
the Coffee Afternoon.                                                  Dorothy Scully
                                                                       Irene Augustine
We don’t want to have to collect    Photography Project                Pat Aspinall      Group Leader
monies on the day.                                                     Diane Heaton     Group Leader
                                    If you are out and about during    John Gostelow    Group Leader
GROUP LEADERS                       the next three or four months      Dorothea Mather Group Leader
                                    why not take a camera and take
                                    a photograph, or two, or
The next Group Leader
                                    three…of anything at all in and
meeting will be on Tuesday          around Ashton.
15th February 2011 at               It could be a building( Church-
1.30pm in YMCA.                     Library-Town Hall) the park, the
                                    market, Three Sisters (ducks,
                                    swans and other wildlife),a

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