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NO: 28(2)/EE/TED /CLT/2008/1143                                          DATED : 02.06.2008

                           NOTICE INVITING QUOTATIONS.

                      The Executive Engineer(E), BSNL Electrical              Division,
CALICUTinvites on behalf of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Sealed competitive item
rate quotations from approved Transformer Manufacturers of BSNL , for “ Supply of 100
KVA 11 KV/ 433 V Copper wound Out door Transformer at TE KUTTIPPURAM
“.Quotations will be received upto 15 Hrs on 12.06.2008 and will be opened on the same
day at 15. 30 Hrs, in presence of available agencies.

         Description of item                                   Quantity Rate          Amount
1        Supply of 100 KVA, 11 KV/ 433 V , 3 phase, 50
         Hz copper wound outdoor transformer ONAN
         cooled with first fill of transformer oil and
         standard accessories with off circuit tappings from
         + 5 % to – 5 % in steps of 2.5 %, delta primary,
         star secondary with neutral brought out to a
         separate insulated terminal, bushings on HT side
         and cable end box on secondary, conforming to IS
         2026/77, and the attached specification                1 No.

TOTAL (In words)

Terms & Conditions

      1. The quoted rate shall be inclusive of all taxes and duties and nothing extra will be paid. Form C
         will be issued by BSNL, if required.
      2. The quotations should invariably be sent in sealed cover, superscribing the name of work and date
         of opening.
      3. The quotation accepting authority shall have the right to accept the quotation or reject the same,
         without assigning any reason.
      4. Product literature / catalogues should be attached along with the quotations.
      5. Period of delivery : 2 months.
      6. Place of delivery :Telephone Exhange KUTTIPPURAM
      7. Guarantee Period: 12 months from date of commissioning or 18 months from date of supply,
         whichever is earlier and certificate to that effect shall be furnished.
      8. Testing and Inspection: All routine tests as per IS 2026 should be carried out on the transformer
         and test certificate shall be produced at the time of supply, along with the bill.
9. Terms of Payment:
   The following terms of payment shall be adopted:
   a)      95 % of the price shall be paid on the receipt of goods at site by the consignee, after
   satisfactory physical inspection. For claiming this payment, the following documents are to be
   submitted to the paying authority :
   i)      Excise gate pass/ invoice or equivalent document.
   ii)     Delivery Challan
   iii)    Consignee receipt
   iv)     Proof of payment of octroi / entry tax etc. if any.
   b)        The balance 5 % payment shall be released after satisfactory commissioning of
   substation or 6 months from the date of supply of the equipment , whichever is earlier.

   c) 100 % payment (in place of 95 %) may be made on delivery, provided that an additional
   Bank Guarantee for an amount equivalent to 5 % of the value of supplies valid for a minimum
   period of one year is furnished by the supplier along with an undertaking that the shortages/
   damages as are intimated to the supplier in writing shall be made good.

   Excise duty :

     Break up of excise duty/ Equivalent duty (duty paid in lieu of excise) and taxes should be
   furnished separately in price bid. The invoice favouring BSNL shall be issued by the supplier.

   Evaluation of Bid w.r.t CENVAT Credit Rule :

   The price approved by BSNL for procurement will be inclusive of levies and taxes, packing,
   forwarding, freight and insurance charges. The evaluation and comparison of responsive bids shall
   be done on the basis of Net cost to BSNL on the prices of the goods offered inclusive of duties and
   taxes (but excluding CENVAT- able Duties & taxes such as Excise duty &service tax) , sales tax,
   packing, forwarding, freight and insurance charges etc.

   If the supplier fails to furnish necessary supporting documents ie. Excise / Customs invoices
   etc. in respect of the Duties/ taxes which are cenvatable, the amount pertaining to such
   duties/ taxes will be de ducted from the payment due to the firm.

                                      PRICE BREAK UP

1 :   Supply of 100 KVA copper wound outdoor Transformer.

                   a)   Basic Unit Price                         : Rs.
                   b)   Excise Duty (-----------%)               : Rs.
                   c)   Sales Tax                                 : Rs.
                   d)   Freight / forwarding/ packing charges     : Rs.
                   e)   Insurance                                 : Rs.
                   f)   Any other charges/ levies                : Rs.
                            (give details)                           ------------------------

                                   TOTAL    for 1 unit            : Rs.

    KEL/ Kirloskar/ NGEF/ Crompton/ Siemens/ ABB/ Voltas/ Andrew yule/ GE/ Bharath Bijlee/ EMCO/ Patson/ ETE/
 Kanohar/ Rajasthan Transformer and Switch gears/ ITL or any other make approved by BSNL

                                             GENERAL DATA FOR TRANSFORMER

                      1       No of transformers required                               1 No.

                      2       No. of phases                                           3 phases

                      3       Frequency                                              50 Hz

                      4       Double wound                                           Yes

                      5       Winding materials                                      Copper

                      6       Type of cooling                                        ONAN

                      7       Rated KVA                                                100    KVA

                      8       Rated Voltage                                          HV side 11 KV MV side 433 volts

                      9       Tap required                                           + 2.5% - + 5% on HT side

                      10      Tapping Operation                                      OFF load with necessary locking
                      11      Vector Group                                           Dyn 11

                      12      Neutral                                                Neutral to be brought out separately on
                                                                                     MV side for earthing
                      13      Diagram required                                       Yes

                      14      Parellel operation                                     Suitable for parallel operation with
                                                                                     other transformers

1. Type of Installation                            Out door

2. Terminal details                                It shall consist of

                                                   a) On HV side
                                                   HV bushings to receive jumper connections.
                                                   b) On MV side
                                                   Suitable for reception of 200 Amps capacity
                                                     1 No 3 1/2 X 185 Sq mm AI XLPE UG cable.

 3. Extra fittings required                        Oil conservator, oil level gauge , silica gel
                                                   breather, oil drain, explosion vent, lifting lugs,
                                                   name plate, filling points and std roller earthing
                                                   lugs, air plug release with alarm contact 100 mm
                                                   dia thermometer.

 4.   Bucholzrelay                                 Not required
Other Details
1. Oil                Transformer shall include first fitting of oil
                      conforming to IS 335 /72 as amended up-to-dated.

2. Temperature rise   Temperature rise as per Para 8-1-1 of IS 2026 /

3. General            The transformer shall be suitable for continuous
                      run and for all type of loads with high efficiency.
                      The Transformer shall have I S I mark.

                      The supplier should give sufficient spacing
                      between various terminals so that O H bus/Cable
                      can be properly terminated.

                               Executive Engineer(E)
                               BSNL Electrical Division
                                Phone: 0495 2766330
                                      9446341020 (M)

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