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					                            MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

             Monthly Bulletin of the Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley
                                                                       November 2009
General Meeting:                                               In This Issue:
November 11, 7:30 P.M. at Mt. Eden Presbyterian Church,
                                                                 October Board Meeting
26236 Adrian Ave, Hayward (Next to Chabot College,
behind Burger King). See map on back cover.
                                                                 October General Meeting
Program: "Show-and-Tell" / "My Other Hobby"                       Minutes
                                                                 Rock Rumbles
    •   October Refreshments: A - H
                                                                 Gem of the Month
New Members: Unless otherwise stated, General                    All Club Members
Meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month at             Note from our Shop Manager
the church at 7:30pm. You are invited and encouraged to          Trends
attend! There is a silent action and door prizes at every        Silversmith Tools
meeting.                                                         Metalsmithing: Getting
Next Board Meeting:                                              Fluorescent Rocks
November 9, 7:00 p.m. at the shop.                               Upcoming Events/Shows
•   Shop will be closed on Tuesday eve. Nov. 10 & 17
•   We Need a Sunday Supervisor, consider
    volunteering for 4 hours.

Notice to attend the Show Meeting
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 7:00 pm
Newark Pavilion, Hall 2
Corner of Thornton Ave & Cherry St - Newark, CA
See the new location. Plan for the
Rock and Gem Show March 5, 6, 7, 2010

New Member? Not getting the Petrograph every month?
Email: !                                         Jim Ewing adding fall color to
                                                                our shop w/his "other" hobby

                                MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

This is the bulletin of the Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley, Inc., a member of the
California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc., the American Federation of Mineralogical
Societies and the North Bay Field Trip Association.
                                         Bulletin Policy
Submission deadline is the second Friday following the General Meeting (normally the second
Wednesday of the month.) Anonymous contributions will not be considered for publication in
the Petrograph; however, if requested, the contributor’s name will be withheld from the
published material. Members are encouraged to submit articles of various types that may be of
interest to the general membership. The editor reserves the right to omit submissions from
publication. Proper credit must be cited for material from any other source. Permission to
reprint Petrograph articles is hereby granted provided all credit is given.

                                         Publication Staff
 Typists: Shirley Buschke, Sheryl Cooper, Beth Farmer, Mark Isaacs, Betty Milam, Jane Panico Labels,
                      Assembly and Mailing: Eloise Murata-Rudiger & Candy Jones

                                      MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

October Board Meeting                                    September Meeting Minutes:
                                                         Shirley Buschke moved to accept the September
October Board Meeting                                    minutes as printed in the Petrograph. Mark
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm, by           Montgomery seconded the motion, it was
President Ron Miller. In attendance were Ron             unanimously carried.
Miller, Sheryl Cooper, Betty Milam, Mary Jane            Program Chairman: Karl Churchill
Holmes, Beth Farmer, Larry Ham, Bonnie
Andrade, and Maggie Naylor.                              He was not present. Ron Miller informed everyone
                                                         that the November meeting is “Share Your Hobby
September Board Meeting Minutes:                         Night”. Everyone who brings in something to share
Betty Milam moved to accept the September                will be given a few minutes to tell the group about
minutes as printed in the Petrograph. Larry Ham          their hobby.
seconded the motion, it was unanimously carried.         Shop Manager: Beth Farmer
Treasurer’s Report: Betty Milam                          We passed the Hayward Fire Department's fire
Betty presented the treasure's report for                extinguishers inspection without any difficulty. All of
September. We sold the old saw in early October          the saws are up and working. She has replaced
so it will show on next months report. It is becoming    several of the Genie wheels and has ordered some
difficult for Betty and the auditor to get together      finer wheels. She is making arrangements to pick
every three months to audit the books. Betty             up material from an estate sale later in the month.
proposed to have the books audited every six             We are picking up some Brazilian Agate for the
months instead of every 3 months. Beth Farmer            beginners. In the last Petrogragh Beth asked if
moved to accept the proposal. Larry Ham                  anyone had any concerns or improvement
seconded the motion, it was unanimously carried.         suggestions for our shop to please contact her.
Beth Farmer moved to accept the treasurer's              Nobody responded so everything must be perfect.
report. Maggie Naylor seconded the motion, it was        There is a work list posted on the white board near
unanimously carried.                                     the grit sink for anyone wanting to help out.
Shop Manager: Beth Farmer                                Show Chairman: Larry Ham
She is still trying to find a Sunday Shop Supervisor.    He was not present. Ron Miller let us know that the
                                                         November show meeting will be held on
Show Chairman: Larry Ham                                 Tuesday, November 17 at the Newark Pavilion in
He reports that progress is being made. He is            Hall 2 at 7:00 pm. The Newark Pavilion is on the
looking for a co-chairperson, a publicity                corner of Thornton and Cherry.
chairperson, a “small kitchen” supervisor, and a grill   Editor: Maggie Naylor
master. The committee is checking into the
electrical situation at the Pavilion.                    Maggie says the deadline for articles is the 20th of
                                                         the month.
The next Board meeting will be November 9 at
7:00 pm.                                                 Librarian: Mary Howell
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.                    She is re-organizing the library. She is looking for
                                                         books for our younger members to make a
Submitted by Sheryl Cooper
                                                         children's section. The library has been busy lately.
                                                         Membership: Bonnie Andrade
                                                         There were no new members last month. We have
                                                         238 members in good standing.
                                                         Junior Mentor: Mark Montgomery

October General Meeting                                  No new juniors at this time. The regular juniors
                                                         have been missing lately also.
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm, by
                                                         Field Trip Coordinator\Federation: Ron
President Ron Miller. We had 2 guests at this
meeting, Richard and Deb Jacobs. There were 16
members in attendance.                                   He was not present. Information on upcoming

                                     MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

October General Meeting           (continued)

shows and field trips are posted in the binder by the   Rock
shop door.
Scholarship: Mary Howell                                –Shirley Buschke
                                                        November 2009
Nothing to report.
Shop Steering: Larry Ham                                Don’t forget to attend the Contra Costa Club Show
                                                        coming up soon and then the Livermore Show.
He was not present.
                                                        Contra Costa show is fairly large. Livermore is very
Education: Shirley Buschke                              homey. Both worth attending.
We have a copper enameling class. The beaders           Our friend Jesus Ruiz has been working on the
meet on Wednesday mornings from 10-12. The              Coastal Marine Protective Areas Federal Advisory
wire wrap class meets Monday nights and                 Committee and attended a meeting in Anchorage,
Wednesday afternoon. Shirley is working on              Alaska and most recently one in Breton,
getting a beginning soldering class at night.           Washington. Jesus is a rock hound and a skin diver
                                                        and a marine conservationist.
Unfinished Business:
                                                        We could use some lapidary items in our auction
                                                        case. Mostly beads in there so far.
New Business/Announcements:
                                                        A couple of our members, Steve and Ken have
Doc has finished the Turquoise Tree for the             been taking silversmith classes and we hope they
Christmas Party Raffle. See Doc to purchase your        will teach beginning soldering when they have a
tickets.                                                little more experience under their belt.
The Christmas Party is December 11 at 6:00 pm.          Last month I mentioned some of the contributions of
                                                        our volunteers and just barely touched on these
The Rock and Gem Magazine has some wonderful
                                                        helpers. Dolores Barnes was hostess for years.
articles on lapidary.
                                                        Before her, the late Tom and Shirley Miller.
Cal State University of Sacramento Geology Club is      Dolores was also junior mentor. And now Ann
having an auction on November 20. They are              Vargas and Dan Parsons have taken over. Dan
asking for donations for the auction.                   likes geodes. Paul Kenny repaired the “guts” of our
                                                        trim saw and Ken Panico got the 20" and the new
Our auction case for the March 2010 show needs
                                                        18" saw put together. Larry was a good supervisor
some lapidary donations.
                                                        on many shop needs and, surprise, Betty Milam’s
Drawing Winners:                                        husband got the 20" carriage operating, this task
                                                        was failed by a couple of journeymen. A big
Membership Drawing: Shirley Buschke was the
                                                        surprise, Beth is happy to know there is another
name drawn and she was present..
                                                        female mechanic in our club. Betty helped her
                                                        upgrade the Genies. Women operate household
Guest Tickets: Richard and Deb Jacobs both won.         machinery all the time but seem reluctant to attack
                                                        shop stuff. We fix vacuums, sewing machines,
Members Tickets: Ann Vargas, Mary Jane
                                                        toasters, etc. to clean many appliances you have to
Holmes, Sheryl Cooper, Mary Howell, Eloise
                                                        dismantle them.
Murata-Rudiger, Delores Barnes, George
Kozakura, and Larry Pytlik. Congratulations to the      Larry Ham cuts sphere shapes and slabs, as does
October winners.                                        Mark Montgomery and Jim Ewing. We could use
                                                        more experienced saw men. See Beth Farmer.
The next General meeting will be November 11
                                                        Hours are spent on the committee preparing for the
at 7:30 pm.
                                                        show. Larry Ham and committee spend hours in
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.                   preparation for our show. We must have a
Submitted by Sheryl Cooper                              successful show in order to keep the shop going.
                                                        Times are tough. We need workers and spenders.
                                                        This year’s show will be challenging. We had
                                                        become complacent because we knew what to do.

                                     MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

Rock Rumbles (continued)                                Wedgwood stove in the kitchen. How envious some
                                                        of us are of this.
With a new site and two buildings and a new city,
                                                        Our gem has a son and daughter and a new
things will be different. And don’t complain about
                                                        grandbaby. If you were at the shop Saturday you
distance. Many of us have been traveling many           would have met the almost newborn. Some people
miles for the show and shop in the past. We need        want to get their kids started early on their favorite
the assistance of EVERYONE. And I probably              hobby.
missed several of our other helpers. Thank you
each and every one.                                     Our gem has so many hobbies it is hard to figure
                                                        how lapidary fits in. Remodeling, up grading,
Have you made your Christmas presents yet? Your         gardening, spinning wheel, beading and taking
recipients want an object, not an IOU. So get busy.     classes fills her time. Yes, it is a lady this month.
Our meetings have been sparsely attended lately         She works in San Francisco in an architect’s office.
but they have been fun meetings. Prez Ron Miller
                                                        When asked how she came to join us she said she
has kept us laughing and the prizes for members
                                                        attended our show and fell in love with slabs. The
were great. Opals, small precious agate, etc. Food
                                                        next thing was what to do with them. They didn’t fit
was donated by the Buschkes, Beth Farmer,
                                                        into spinning, beading, or any of her other hobbies
Betty Milam, our host and hostess and Eloise            so the suggestion was made to join the Mineral and
Rudiger this month.                                     Gem Society and she is happy she did and so are
If you have been to the shop you could follow the e-    we. Our gem volunteered at one of our first
mails from Karl and Nicki Churchill as they             meetings to be our new Petrograph editor. So now
followed route 66 back to their home. They hit really   you know her as Maggie Naylor. Currently she has
bad weather in Wyoming and decided to skip 66           finished two faceted stones, made her cabs, joined
and beat it for home. They have a great                 the opal class and is trying to fit in other classes.
                                                        Glad to have her as one of us.
appreciation of roads and signing in California after
some of the problems they had. No warning of
upcoming roads until you are there. So had to turn
around and go back. “Twas our complaint too, on a
                                                        ALL CLUB MEMBERS                    –Betty Milam

recent east coast trip.                                 The MGSCV Show Committee monthly meeting
Doc Buschke has finished his annual turquoise           for the month of November will be held in the
                                                        Newark Pavilion on Tuesday, November 17 at 7
Christmas tree and will have tickets on sale at the
                                                        p.m. This is your opportunity to see for yourself the
shop and at the Christmas dinner. Last year Mike
                                                        new location of our annual show. Plan to attend the
Tice won it. We like to make enough money to pay
                                                        meeting. Your input is valuable.
for the hall rental at the Moose Lodge. You do not
have to be present to win. Our Christmas dinner is      The October committee meeting focused on
fun. Usually a couple of our male friends volunteer     Publicity. The new location of our show in the
to cook the turkeys. The rest is potluck.               Newark Pavilion will be publicized through
                                                        newspapers, magazines, paid announcements on
                                                        KGO radio, signs, flyers, postcards, local library
GEM OF THE                                              displays, club member’s word of mouth, etc. If you
                                                        know of any other way to advertise the show, the
MONTH                                                   committee would like to hear it.
–Shirley Buschke
                                                        An Ad Hoc Committee is being formed to build new
Our gem this month is                                   materials needed for the new location. Jim, our
a local person in fact                                  electrical expert, will need to rewire our stock to fit
this person’s family                                    the new halls; Larry is looking for a member, skilled
includes 5                                              in woodworking to design a table to cover the
generations. Our gem                                    wooden benches; seamstresses will be needed to
was born in Alameda,                                    sew material into curtains for the dealers’ back
went to school in Alameda and still lives there in a    tables; etc.
100-year old house she is bringing up to 100-year
old looks. but with all the modern conveniences         Volunteers are the backbone of MGSCV. Mark
disguised somehow. Our gem claims the first 11          your calendars. All club members must work at
years in the house was up grading. Now it is finding    the show for a total of 4 hours (or more if you
the beauty of the place. Our gem has a 1920             can)...March 5, 6, 7, 2010...only 5 months away.

                                      MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

Note from our Shop Manager                               jeweler’s bench with drawers containing bench pins,
                                                         wire bending accessories, steel anvils and the like.
–Beth Farmer                                             Please do not use flame-producing tools
We are all beginning to plan, order materials and        without training! Know where fire extinguishers
build those holiday gifts. I hope that the shop          are located prior to use!
equipment will be ready for the busiest time of the      In addition to this “fabrication area”, we have a
year. Although 98% of the equipment is operable,         locker containing ring and
there are always a few projects that need to be          bracelet mandrills, a set
taken on to keep our shop upkeep current. You            of doming blocks and
don’t need to be a Shop Supervisor to contribute!        punches, anvils for
Check out the "White board" next to our grit sink, a     metalsmithing, leather
list of jobs is posted there. I have the materials and   hammers, and more. This
instructions if you would like to give the job a try.    is on the bottom row of
Just phone me, email or leave a note in my               lockers between our
message box. All club members will reap the              worktables. Next to this
benefits.                                                locker are tools used for
                                                         wax working. These are also available for use.
I am very honored to tell Club Members that the
following people have worked on recent projects          All of these pieces of equipment available to club
                                                         members use in the shop. If you have been
that have helped us all:
                                                         reading or taking instruction on silversmithing,
Ken Panico breathed life into our newest 18" saw.        please ask the Shop Supervisor to unlock these
Paul Kenney repaired the center trim saw; John and       equipment lockers and see what the club offers for
his faceting crew manufactured polishing laps for        loan. All members are encouraged to use this
the shop. See ya!                                        equipment. The club just asks that you first get
                                                         some training by another member more
                                                         knowledgeable than you, to avoid damage to the
TRENDS         –Shirley Buschke                          equipment and avoiding potential serious accidents.

Styles come and go but every year the jewelers and
designers try to push certain items. This year the       Metalsmithing: Getting Started
trend seems to be for multi strands that work well       –Jane Panico
with turtlenecks, and large massive pieces.
Apparently their idea is the “more the merrier.”         Anyone interested in making metal jewelry will need
Multiple chains, geometric designs on the large          to make a small investment in a few basic tools. If
size, big earrings, brass, silver, wood and leather,     you take a class at the shop you will see the tools
anything goes as long as it is big.                      you need to get started and understand how to use
                                                         them before you make any investment. I highly
Many artists are working in less expensive               recommend that members who are interested in
substances, hence the emphasis on copper, brass,         metalsmithing take a class before you buy anything
wood and leather. However, the precious stones           because the cost on the needed tools for basic
are still around for Christmas presents. Also            metal work to make jewelry can run $200+ if you
included on the shelves are Swaroski crystals.           can’t find them around the house. A great place to
                                                         get some beginner tools is at your local hardware
                                                         store. I have purchased a few of my items from
SILVERSMITH TOOLS                      –Beth Farmer      there. At the club you can sign a list (located on the
                                                         wall near the sign in book) for a class on soldering
Many club members that have joined since we
                                                         and someone will contact you. Please note: You
relocated to Corsair Blvd. do not know about the
                                                         CAN NOT use the torch until you have completed
silversmith tools available for member use in the
                                                         this class for safety purposes.
shop. Besides the lost wax casting room, there is
another shop area set aside for soldering and            Peering into my toolbox, I have only invested in a
welding wire and sheet of copper, silver and gold.       few more tools since I have begun silversmithing.
This area is located in the back of our shop, near       Granted, I had a lot of the tools around my home,
the soda machine. You will find a variety of torches     but I have also invested in some better tools since
hooked up to acetylene and oxygen bottles under a        beginning. Quality tools are well worth the
fire resistant workbench. There is a pickle pot, third   investment when you want to continue working with
hands, binding wire, and other tools used for your       metal. Some tools you just have to have and others
silversmith needs in this area. There is also a crude

                                       MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

Metalsmithing: (continued)                                  Make sure if you used a clamped bench pin that it’s
                                                            clamped to the table tightly so it won’t move while
you can wait on or improvise with. You will learn           you're sawing. The saw blade is very sharp and can
which tools these are for you as you learn. I won’t         cut off your finger or badly cut your hand or body.
give up my improvised tools since they work so              This is a tool I don’t use much so I leave mine at
well. Some tools are recommended for purchase by            home. If you're going to cut out intricate details in
other metalsmiths and are a waste of money in my            metal (scrolling designs) you will need one of these
experience! For one, the burnisher set. They just           to cut the metal safely. Some catalogs you can
mar up the metal. Just be sure to only collect the          purchase a bench pin with a clamp and a metal
tools that you will actually use. If you don’t, your        surface. This type of bench pin/metal surface
toolbox will need some wheels to haul your heavy            (which you will use) costs about $10. The shop has
toolbox and will require very frequent cleanings to         one for members use.
locate your tools. I will list some of the basic or
handy tools you might need for beginning                    Jeweler’s Saw Frame: This tool you use on
metalsmithing (from a Silversmith’s point of view).         the bench pin. The blades are very sharp when you
                                                            put force behind it, just like any saw. Be very careful
Tool Box or Tackle Box: Your toolbox will                   when you use this tool. As the blade moves through
grow in size with the amount of tools you need, and         the metal, sometimes it slides through faster than
the number and types of projects you work on. I             expected, or gets stuck. I am almost positive it will
recommend getting a box that is about 2-3 feet long         cut a finger off. If you get it stuck, move the blade
                                            and 1-2
                                            feet high to    back and start again. When you cut, make sure
                                            start with. I   your bade is perpendicular to the metal and the
                                            really          metal being cut is flat. Any slight angle causes the
                                            didn’t like     metal to pinch and will cause your blade to get
                                            a tackle        stuck and not move. I like to use a lubricant on the
                                            box due to      blade because it makes cutting easier when I use it.
                                            the many        You can use bee's wax, or buy a commercial
                                            slots.          lubricant. I don’t use this tool much because of
                                            Those           safety reasons, but it does have its applications. It
                                            slots are       is a tool that is basic, but doesn’t have to be
                                            nice, but       purchased right away depending on the type of
                                            none of my      projects you want to do. I have used this tool to cut
                                            tools           off the spurs on my casted items as well. This tool
                                            would fit in    can cost you $10-25. Don’t buy a cheap saw frame
                                            it. I prefer    that is not constructed well; we're talking about your
                                            the toolbox     fingers here.
                                            with a tray
                                            that lifts      Saw Blades for the Jewelers Saw: The
                                            out. On the     blades are easy to replace and do not cost that
                                            other           much. The blades come in different sizes and each
                                            hand, it        size is for a specific gauge or thickness of metal.
really depends how you organize your box. Some              The smaller the blade number, the more teeth per
like the small compartments to stick findings in and        inch on the blade. Be sure your blade is attached
what not. I use small plastic zip-locks or tall             the right way; the teeth are pointed down not up.
containers that have compartments. If you can get a         When you use the saw, the blade should cut on the
tackle box that has the ability to take apart and put       down-stroke. Also make sure your blade is taunt, or
together compartments as you wish, that would be            does not bend much when you apply pressure to
the better choice if you really want shelves and            the blade. If your blade is loose or has too much
compartments. Then you will be able to build your           give, it will not cut the metal and will be dangerous
slots. Make sure your box is sturdy, and has the            to use. The saw blades can run $3-10 dollars a
ability to shut securely so it carries the weight well.     pack depending on the type of brand. I buy the
                                                            cheaper ones and they work fine ($4 a pack of 6
Bench Pins: Are used for filing and sawing metal.           blades). If you didn’t buy a saw frame, don’t buy the
It is attached onto the edge of the jewelry bench or        blades.
clamped to a table to use. There are many different
shapes of bench pins. I like the ones that have a           Set of Pliers: I use a flat, round nosed, wire
keyhole in the middle, but flat ones are handy.             cutters and needle-nose pliers. A set of good pliers

                                       MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

Metalsmithing:        (continued)                           Tin Snips: These are like scissors. I used
                                                            medical scissors before I got my straight and
is not a bad investment; they can be used for
                                                            curved set, about $20 for both. I use these all the
beading, wire wrapping and other applications.
                                                            time and will never go with out another pair ever. I
Most can find these around their home to start out.
                                                            use these to cut out the silver instead of the
If you are going to stick with metalsmithing or try
                                                            jewelers saw. I find it faster, safer, and I have more
your hand at wire wrapping make the investment for
                                                            control over where I am cutting. These snips will
a small set. You can get all of those pliers for $30-
                                                            only cut out certain sheet metal thickness though. If
50 a set or usually $10 each. I prefer the pliers with
                                                            you want to work with 20 gauge and lower (thicker)
the rubber grips on the handles because they are
                                                            metal you will have to get a larger and better pair of
easier to grab so the item is more secure in your
                                                            sheers or snips.
hand when in use.

Large Hand File: You will want 2 of these to                Solder: You’ll need soft or easy, medium, and
                                                            hard solder. Solder is sold in wire or sheet form.
start out. They are also called flat files in hardware
                                                            You can also buy it in a paste, but that usually
stores. They are usually 5-8 inches long and lay
                                                            carries a bigger price and dries out fast. I like the
flat. I find a medium and fine cut are quite useful. I
                                                            wire form. If you find that you hate it due to it rolling
choose my medium and a fine file by feeling how
                                                            around when placed, just flatten it out with a metal
smooth or rough it is. I just choose one that is
                                                            hammer and it won’t move. You have to cut up the
smooth and one that is a little rougher to do my
                                                            solder and place it where you want to solder or
medium filing. Good files are crucial to your jewelry
                                                            have the metals to join. The way I see it is, you can
making endeavors. I have no use for coarse files;
                                                            cut up the sheet to the small squares you need or
they mar the metal and make unnecessary nicks
                                                            you can snip the solder as long as you need it and
deep in the metal. Generally, they make your job
                                                            bang it with a hammer for a second. Wire is less
harder because you have to file out all of those
                                                            time consuming in my opinion. When you get solder
deep marks left behind. When using a file, the file
                                                            be sure to not mix up the different grades because
will only cut in one direction. You don’t want to rub
                                                            they all melt at different temperatures. Once they
your item back and forth over the file teeth; this
                                                            are mixed up it is impossible to tell which they are.
won’t remove metal. It’s best to support the file on a
                                                            Hard solder melts at the highest temperature
flat surface so you have control over the removal
                                                            (1400F) and easy at the lowest. I also find it handy
and the file. Look at your item frequently so you
                                                            to buy some low melt solder (400F) to do fixing and
won’t remove too much metal. Remember that
                                                            last minute additions to items where a lot of heat
metal can be removed but not put back! I use my
                                                            can't be applied. The low heat solder is not a must
hand files to remove large amounts of metal and to
                                                            right away, but is handy if you plan on making a lot
dull edges. They run about $10 each.
                                                            of stuff. All three solders can cost as little as $5
Set of Needle Files: These files are smaller                dollars for a little of each to start off.
in length and size. They are used for filing down           Flux: Is very important. If you don’t use flux you
edges, but are best for small areas that are hard to
                                                            will not have soldering success. Flux cleans the
get to. These files offer more control over where
                                                            area that you will solder on the metal. Flux also
you are filing and how much removal occurs. They
                                                            helps keep the solder in place and prevents
are usually all fine files and not coarse. I like to
                                                            oxidation as you heat the piece. Remember; solder
have a medium and fine file of this type. They are
                                                            will only spread in places that have been fluxed. I
                                     good if you need
                                                            use Battern’s almost exclusively, but I have some
                                     to have a lot of
                                                            Handy Flux paste at home. Some folks like to use
                                     control over what
                                                            paste instead of a liquid. It’s really a matter of
                                     you’re filing
                                                            choice. Most paste fluxes do give off fluorides
                                     (filigree). They
                                                            (chemical fumes), which are harmful to your eyes,
                                     come in many
                                                            skin, and lungs. Battern’s ($8) does contain some,
                                     shapes: square,
                                                            but I haven’t ever experienced fumes or any
                                     round, half round,
                                                            irritation to my skin while using it. If you are using
                                     triangle and flat. I
                                                            another type of flux, be sure you are in a well-
                                     use my flat files
                                                            ventilated area (open) and don’t breathe in if you
the most, but if you plan to do rings you will need a
                                                            smell something noxious.
half round or round for sure. A set of these files will
cost about $20. If you were just starting out, I would      Brush: I use a small, inexpensive paintbrush to
wait on purchasing these.
                                                            apply the flux when I solder. I usually go to

                                      MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

Metalsmithing:       (continued)                          as extra fingers to hold things in place that can be
                                                          heated up. Just remember that they are hot after
Michael’s to buy my brushes when they have the            soldering and to use caution when you are going to
artist brushes one sale for half price. Then its only     take the item out of the “hand”.
about $1-2 dollars and will last a long time versus
other brushes. I can also buy them in the size that I     Rawhide Hammer: A rawhide hammer is useful
want for flux application.                                since the rawhide won’t mar the metal when you
                                                          use it. I use a plastic hammer my father made me
Tweezers: One of the most important tools. I use          the most. I have one but nothing compares to that
mine all the time for placing and moving solder. I        plastic hammer, also
use it to move things that are hot, or to move            my dog has taken a
something that moved when the flux was heated. I          liking to it. You can use
have a cheap pair now that worked great, but              a rawhide hammer to
sooner or later I will have a soldering pair for          flatter out metal and
destruction and a fine pair for no heat exposure.         shape a ring or enlarge
The tips of mine are melted which make it hard to         it. Make sure the
place solder now, but work great for moving molten        hammer is soft enough.
solder. My cheap set was free, but you can find           This is what is used to
some around the house that are extra or don’t work        shape the ring on the
as well. I like a fine tip though. A good tweezer set     mandrel. It’s also used to flatten sheets of metal.
can cost $10-20 each.                                     The rawhide makes the hammer soft enough so
                                                          that it doesn’t mark the metal. Most time’s rawhide
Book: "The Complete Metalsmith" by Tim                    hammers need broken in by using a rasp to soften
McCreight ($15). One should buy this book if they         the surface and keep it smooth.
are really interested and think they will stay with
metalsmithing work. I am sure our club has one in         Sandpaper: You will need to use sandpaper as
the library to check out and borrow. This book            well, in 400 and 600 grits. I use 220 too, but only
covers everything one needs to know about                 really need to start the first two. You can buy this at
metalsmithing down to how to give metal different         any local hardware store. I prefer to use 3M wet
colors. It’s very comprehensive and simple to             and dry. Each pack runs about 4 dollars a pack of 6
understand.                                               sheets I believe. I like to glue my sandpaper to
                                                          popsicle sticks for ease of use.
Torch: Available at our shop. Do not use the
                                                          Even though making jewelry and working with metal
torch unless you have received the proper
                                                          is challenging, it’s worth trying out once you get a
instruction. You are dealing with fire and a tank full
of gas that can and will explode. You must be             finished product. Again, if metalsmithing is
responsible and have common sense. General                something that interests you, please sign up for a
safety: Don’t strike the tank or anything near it,        class in soldering for visual applications and safety.
making sparks can be explosive. Check the                 When you take a class you will also learn more
soldering station for anything that can catch on fire     information on tips and tricks that will make your life
                                                          easier. Remember that you cannot use the torch
or explode. I know for the longest time there were
                                                          unless a club member that knows how to use the
oxygen bottles right where I would light the torch! I
                                                          torch has taught you.
clean up the area of all matches, paper towels, and
anything that I am not sure what it is. Think about       Next Petrograph: Step-By-Step Soldering.
what you are doing when you use the torch. If you
are having a clumsy/bad day you might consider
not doing it at that time. I know there are days I
want to solder but choose not to due being clumsy
                                                          FLUORESCENT ROCKS                      –Mark Isaacs

or just not feeling at my best. I know when I don’t
                                                          Like many local rock clubs, the Mineral and Gem
feel my best or am tired my reactions and thoughts
                                                          Society of Castro Valley (MGSCV) in northern
are delayed. If at any time you don’t feel the torch is
                                                          California occasionally gets donations of collections
not working right: DON’T USE IT. Contact the shop
                                                          from the estates of deceased mineral enthusiasts.
supervisor on-duty.
                                                          As the dual FMS and MGSCV member who
Third Hand: This is a great tool and club                 organizes the annual fluorescent display for the
members are fortunate that our club has a few of          club’s Spring show, I am occasionally asked to take
them at the soldering station. Some of these can          a look at donations thought to have some value as
cost up to $80 or be as cheap as $10. These serve         fluorescent specimens. Such was the case in late

                                      MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

FLUORESCENT ROCKS                (continued)             number of other Franklin classics, including a
                                                         calcite with massive barite and a large, solid barite.
January, 2009, club member, Jane Panico, e-
                                                         Needless to say, I immediately contacted Morgan to
mailed me to ask if I had an interest in looking at a
                                                         sincerely thank her for the donation and to find out
collection being offered for donation by Morgan
                                                         more about the history of her father’s collection.
Wain, a woman living in Menlo Park. Jane
                                                         She told me that she grew up in a house full of
suggested that there might be something worth
                                                         rocks and remembers a vast collection of
using as giveaways for kids visiting our upcoming
                                                         fluorescents in the basement. When she recently
show in March.
                                                         visited her childhood home in Somers, Connecticut,
It’s a nice drive to Menlo Park, over a bridge           the current residents were interested to learn what
spanning the San Francisco Bay from where I live         the windowless room in the basement had been
in Oakland, and in any case I never turn down a          built for: fluorescent displays. Likewise, when
chance to check out fluorescent rocks. Morgan            Harry* visited his childhood home in Fanwood, New
Wain turned out to be an extremely pleasant and          Jersey about 10 years ago, he also explained to the
friendly young woman, a psychologist in her              current owners the purpose of the solid, dark room
professional life, who was delighted to pass her         in the basement! Throughout her childhood, Morgan
share of her father’s collection on to an organization   remembers that family vacations often consisted of
with a true interest in his hobby.                       camping trips to rock collecting sites, or hikes to old
                                                         abandoned mines. Morgan tells me that “No
She even took time out from her daughter’s birthday
                                                         Trespassing” signs were merely viewed as
party to show me what was available from her
                                                         cautions, not as prohibitions to pass, if a potential
father’s collection. The rocks were already boxed
                                                         rock collecting site was on the other side!
up and sitting in the driveway along with many nice
                                                         Throughout her childhood there were well known
non-fluorescent minerals being donated to the club.
                                                         rockhounds visiting her home to swap information
Figuring I’d check out the rocks when I got home, I
                                                         and tall tales with her father. She also sent me a
was in the process of loading them into my SUV
                                                         written biography from which I’ve summarized
when Morgan asked if I’d also like a display box
                                                         below the information relevant to Harry’s
that her father had built for fluorescent
                                                         fluorescent hobby.
demonstrations. Though covered with dust, the old
“peep” style wooden box was obviously beautifully        Born in Missouri on July 18, 1928, Harry Wain and
built, had an old Raytech SW UV lamp on top and          his family moved to Fanwood, New Jersey, when
large stylized Raytech “R” symbols painted on the        he was four years old. Harry saw his first
sides. It was only when I asked about those              fluorescent minerals when he was nine years old at
symbols that Morgan enlightened me. Her father,          the home of Paul Robinson in Westfield, New
Harry Wain, was the founder and president of             Jersey, and the early experience later led to his
Raytech Industries!                                      founding the Mineral Equipment Company in 1959
                                                         to manufacture ultraviolet lamps suited for field
                                                         prospecting as well as displaying fluorescent
                                   Left: Two             minerals. Initially a part time, home based
                                   specimens of          endeavor, the company later relocated to Stafford
                                   massive barite        Springs, Connecticut, in an old 8000-square-foot
                                   with calcite and      mill building purchased from the Connecticut Light
                                   willemite, 3.5”x3”    and Power Company. This company was later
                                   x2.5” (photo by       incorporated as Raytech Industries, a company well
                                   Mark Isaacs)          known to present day lapidary and fluorescent
                                                         mineral enthusiasts. While credit is rightfully given
I was in for quite a shock when I finally got home,
                                                         to Tom Warren of UVP for originally inventing and
unwrapped all those carefully stowed specimens,
                                                         marketing UV lamps suitable for collectors**, it
and took a look with my own UV lamps. The very
                                                         seems clear from the chronology of Harry’s efforts
first rock I checked out turned out to be a solid
                                                         that he, also, was a pioneer in bringing fluorescent
esperite, 3 by 5 inches in size and weighing a good
                                                         mineral collecting to the general public. His
couple of pounds! Five more esperites came out of
                                                         pamphlet, “The Story of Fluorescence”, was
that magical box, two others that were solid, and
                                                         inserted with every UV lamp sold by Raytech, and it
three that also contained hardystonite, calcite and
                                                         has become a classic reference for beginning
willemite. One is a gorgeous “wispy” esperite, the
brilliant yellow esperite blending into blue-
fluorescing hardystonite. The box also contained a       Most of the Wain fluorescent collection was
                                                         donated to the Houston Museum of Natural Science

                                               - 10 -
                                         MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

FLUORESCENT ROCKS                   (continued)               November 14-15 2009, Yuba City, CA
                                                              Sutter Buttes Gem & Mineral Society
in 1984. A limited number of specimens, however,              Franklin Hall, Yuba/Sutter Fairgrounds
remained in Harry Wain’s home as part of his                  442 Franklin Ave. Hours: Sat. 9-5; Sun. 9-4
personal collection until his death in 2001 at which
                                                              November 21-22 2009, Livermore CA
time they were divided amongst his three
                                                              Livermore Valley Lithophiles
                                                              At the "Barn"
                                                              Pacific Ave. at So. Livermore Ave.
                                                              Hours: Sat. 10-5; Sun. 10-4
                                              Harry with
                                              his rock
                                              collection      The SACRAMENTO MINERAL SOCIETY is
                                              (photo          sponsoring its 67th annual show
                                              courtesy of     "Golden Harvest of Rocks, Minerals and Gems"
                                              Ruth            November 13-15 at the Scottish Rite Center
                                              Morgan          (6151 H St., Sacramento). Hours are Friday &
                                              Wain)           Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.
As described above, one portion was generously                Cost is adults $5.00; kids 6-12 $1.00; under 6
donated to the Mineral and Gem Society of Castro              free. We will feature: VENDORS selling rock &
Valley for display by the Northern California chapter         mineral specimens, slabs, cabs, beading supplies,
of the Fluorescent Mineral Society, by Harry’s                tools, jewelry and more; DISPLAY CASES of
oldest daughter, Ruth Morgan Wain. Morgan says                interesting rocks & minerals; CABBING
that her father would have liked nothing more than            DEMONSTRATIONS; RAFFLE & DOOR PRIZES;
knowing that his collection is now part of a                  KIDS KORNER REFRESHMENTS ... good food at
fluorescent display that will pique the interest of           good prices; ROCK AUCTION every 20 minutes!
people who might not previously have had an
opportunity to be exposed to this fascinating and
beautiful world of fluorescence. A case containing
these specimens, dedicated as a tribute to Harry,
made its debut at the MGSCV show in Hayward,
California, March 6-8, 2009.
“*” In my original draft of this article I respectfully
referred to “Mr. Wain”. This was his daughter’s
reaction when she read it: “My Dad would like to be
referred to by his first name. He never wanted a
sign on his door saying “President” or any other
indication that he might be above or different from
anyone else.”

“**” Suggested reading: Tom Warren’s biography at
the website of the Thomas S. Warren Museum of

November 7-8 2009, Concord, CA
Contra Costa Mineral & Gem Society
Centre Concord
5298 Clayton Rd (Corner of Ygnacio & Clayton Rd)
Hours: 10 - 5 both days

                                                   - 11 -
                                       MGSCV Petrograph - November 2009

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