LITERATURE ANALYSIS 2014 by rhsenghonors2


									Each student must complete three Literature Analyses each semester; you may do as many
as you can for extra credit. (each additional L.A. will be worth 50 points, not to exceed 200

                            LITERATURE ANALYSIS QUESTIONS

   Please answer the following questions about the book you selected. Make sure to
                provide appropriate examples to support your ideas.

        1. Biographical information about the author and how does it pertain to the book
        2. Genre
        3. Historical information about the period of publication

Found Poem

   1. Find a passage in the novel and compose a “found poem.”
   2. Using the passage’s exact words, compose a poem that offers deeper insight into the
      meaning and message of the novel.

Journals with Secondary Character Perspective

   1. Write three journal entries from a secondary character’s perspective.

   2. In the journal write, as the secondary character, explain relationships as you see
      them, events as you experience them, etc.


   1. Write an editorial on an issue that a book introduces or write an editorial from the
      perspective of a character keeping the novel’s setting and the character’s knowledge
      in mind.
   2. Editorials are opinion pieces that explain an issue and offer solutions. They need a
      beginning, middle and end.

Letter Writing Between Two Characters

   1.   Write an imaginary letter between two characters in your novel.
   2.   Identify the characters and the situation within the letters.
   3.   Present a situation, problem, solution.
   4.   These will need to have a beginning, middle and end like any letter.
   5.   Use formal business letter format.

   1. Write an obituary for a character in the novel whom died or died before the novel
      “began.” If no one in the novel has died, write an obituary for any character.


   1. Draw a line across your paper.
   2. Write about positive characters and events on the TOP of the time line and about
      negative characters or events BELOW the time line.
   3. Circle the positive event that occurred in the story.
   4. Must be a minimum of 10 events or characters.

        1. Does the book have a central message? Do you think there is a universal theme
           or moral of the story? What is it?
        2. Why do you think the author wrote the book? What was his/her purpose?

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