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					March 2003

Bay Area Male Involvement Network/ (415) 454-1811

What is Our Mission and Purpose?
The Bay Area Male Involvement Network (BAMIN) is a partnership of several Bay Area child serving agencies who are working to increase the involvement of fathers and other significant men in the lives of children here in the Bay Area. These agencies are in Berkeley, Daly City, Emeryville, San Jose, San Francisco, Marin County, Napa and San Mateo County. BAMIN is affiliated with the National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families, which is a membership organization for individuals and agencies who are providing services to fathers and other significant men, and the Male Involvement Project of the Families and Work Institute.  BAMIN addresses social policy and legislative issues affecting men. BAMIN publishes a Newsletter and provides a Web site,, to report on the work of the Network, to disseminate news about activities, social issues,


An Even Start Program
ALCANZA (CAM) EVEN START PROGRAM – On any given Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening at 6:00 pm, approximately 20 families gather at Hamilton Child Development center for a light supper before starting their “Evening Academy”. Tuesday s and Thursday s are English as a Second Language classes and Wednesday s are “Padres Activos” or Active Parenting classes. “I see the dinner time as an integral part of our program” , says Ray Capper, the project director. “Parents have worked hard all day and their children have been in childcare. They need this time to settle down together and have a home-cooked meal.” Each night, three families take a turn bringing the meal for the group. At 6 :25 pm one of our teachers calls out, “five more minutes!” Then the children line up to go into the education wing for “enrichment time”, while their parents divide into beginning or intermediate level English classes. Even Start, a federally funded, family literacy program, was founded in 1989 around the coal mining towns in

BAMIN NEWS Even Start
Kentucky and then the lettuce fields in California for migrant farm workers. Since then, the program has grown and there are now 104 projects in California alone. Starting with the philosophy that the parent is a child’s first and most important teacher, the primary goals of Even Start are to prepare a child (under 7 years old) to be schoolready and reading-ready, and for the families to break the cycle of poverty through English literacy and occupational training.
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 legislation and highlights about individual member agencies and their work in the field of male involvement. BAMIN sponsors an annual conference, “Celebrating Men in the Lives of Children,” for men who care for and care about children in child care and other settings and has established the Bay Area Child Caring Man of the Year Award that honors a man who has made an outstanding contribution to the lives of children. BAMIN establishes a criteria for Father Friendly agencies, schools and organizations and provides awards for the successful achievement of that status.


“I feel like I’m finally learning English!” said Idalia Ventura, excitedly. “I’ve live here for 7 years but between cleaning houses and raising my children, I just haven’t had the opportunity to take classes.” Some of our parents were teachers themselves in Guatemala, Mexico or El Salvador. Economic survival drove them to the U.S. to “provide for our families and find a better life for our children.” Assisting Ray in Alcanza (which is Spanish for: “to reach the goal”) are Family Advocates, Nati Amador and Rebecca Carroll. They perform home visits with each family on a twice a month basis, oversee the enrichment program for the children and coordinate a monthly field trip for the families. The fieldtrips have been to local museums, etc. and are designed to be interactive learning opportunities for parents and their children. For example, on a recent trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, parents learned some new


______________________________ English words together and creating some artwork with which to decorate their walls. Another interactive learning component of Alcanza is the Garden Project, which is led by Juan Martinez. Juan has already engaged the fathers and their children in developing two beautiful gardens at Old Gallinas Children’s Center and, after receiving training in gardening techniques at the Occidental Organic Gardening Collaborative, he is now working on two more gardens. For more information about the Alcanza (CAM) Even Start program

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Our Neighbor, Mr. Rogers
The gentle and honest man who captured the hearts, minds and confidence of countless little children through three decades is gone. Who will take his place? Mr. Rogers, the man of the colored old sweaters and sneakers who walked through the same door over and over again to resume contact with little children, is dead. Of course, for those who knew him, who found inspiration, and a source of insight and self-confidence from him, he will never die. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood included people, animals and toys that had the power to speak to children. One of the favorite combinations was the blend of puppets and people. Through the puppets, Mr. Rogers was able to speak about the daily news issues and the living experiences that cause fear in children. War was discussed when men and women were “put in harm’s way.” Mr. Rogers knew children and their need for help to deal with tragedy when it occurs. On of Mr. Rogers’ most famous programs had a puppet query, suddenly and without warning, just as the issue would come into the child’s mind, “What is an assassination?” It was the day of the funeral for Robert Kennedy. Yes, the word had been in the news and every child knew that a terrible thing had happened, even if they couldn’t quite grasp its full gravity or meaning. The most important gift Mr. Rogers gave children was the message that he cared for them, and that they were unique and special. He said that every show. He also showed it to them as he slowly spoke and made direct and personal contact with them. When he looked into the camera, he communicated that special feeling. He touched them at a deeper level than people had previously believed that the media could do. He broke new ground. Today, everyone knows that the media can be used to touch children, but rarely is the contact as kind and helpful as Mr. Rogers insisted that it be. Who will take Mr. Rogers’ place?

“We must find ways to change our culture so that men are encouraged to spend more time with their children, and we must support men in their resolve to be more involved in their children’s lives.” Vice President, Al Gore, Jr.

“The most important gift Mr. Rogers gave children was the message that he cared for them.”

Poem for Dad- Roy Capper
Bay Area Male Involvement Network
Big hands - bigger heart So much to say, where to start A doer he was, a plumber by trade He could fix about anything -many things he made A home, a patio, a sailboat and furniture Not always the most polished speech But a giant in stature Always doing for others and steady in his life Sixty years, the same lovely wife With a toolbox in his hand and his cap on his head Worked hard all day not much time in bed He did doze in his chair We all noticed this habit We respected his work ethic He wanted us all to have it He leaves us now to make another new start Big hands - bigger heart

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(Written by his son the day he passed)
boards.  To create a power base to deal with social policy and legislative issues affecting men in the lives of children.

BAMINs Specific Goals…
   To reduce or eliminate barriers to male involvement. To increase male involvement in child care programs. To increase the number of men on these programs’ staffs and

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