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									Leak Master Roofing & Repair Now Offering Emergency Services in Gainesville

Emergency roof repairs can help to save a home from long-term water damage and future mold growth. Leak
Master Roofing & Repair offers emergency repairs in and around Gainesville, Georgia.

Online PR News – 23-September-2013 – Gainesville, GA. Roof damage done in one evening can cause
thousands of dollars to a home before the sun rises. A damaged roof can let water, debris, animals and dirt
into the home. This can result in thousands of dollars of restoration work. For this reason, it only makes
sense for a homeowner to call a repair service as soon as they notice damage to the roof line. But in a time
where damage has been done to the home, most homeowners are in a panic and don’t know who to call.

Leak Master Roofing & Repair, a well-known roofing contractor in Gainesville, Georgia, has recently added
emergency roof repairs to their list of offerings. Concerned homeowners can call any time of night or day for
high quality roof repairs that serve to protect the home from secondary damages. Not only does this provide
peace of mind, but proactively seeking help protecting the home can help homeowners with the insurance
claims they will have to file in the future. Under many homeowners’ insurance policies, secondary damages
are not covered unless it can be proven that the homeowner has taken steps to protect the home from these
damages occurring.

With many years of experience performing roof installations and repairs, the qualified Gainesville roofing
contractors working for Leak Master Roofing & Repair can help with any holes or small leaks that appear in
the surface of the roof. With nearly 40 years of experience in the roofing industry, these technicians have the
skills and tools to help fix and replace nearly any roof.

In addition to emergency roof repairs, the qualified professionals at Leak Master can help with installation of a
new roof, gutters or residential siding. Visit them online at www.roofingnorthatlanta.com to find out more
about their services and see the latest special offers and promotions.

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