How to help a Child Deal with the Death of a Parent

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					How to help a Child Deal with the Death of a Parent

There are many that are taken from this life
before they are ready but it can be
extremely hard when parents are taken
away after working with their personal
health insurance provider to get the best
medical treatment. When these people
leave children it becomes even more hard.
People may wonder what they can do to
ease the situation, whether it is as another
parent, a brother, sister, or just another
relative. Here are some ideas that you can
use to help them.

Stay positive

Now when we say “stay positive” we don’t
mean that you give them the feeling that
that parent will be with them even after
they die. This can cause confusion and make it so the child never has that needed closure. This is
something that can be very unclear to a child and they may become very depressed later on in life.

Keep having fun

This can be a good way to get the child out and thinking about something else. There may be times that
they want to talk but it is important that you do it on their schedule. They are scared but they have their
own coping mechanisms. Sometimes children actually express their grief through play. Whether it is art
                                                     or just out throwing a ball around.

                                                   Let the kids be kids

                                                It is important that they don’t feel like they have to
                                                grow up too fast. There are a lot of confusing things
                                                that can happen when a parent is lost. For instance, if
                                                a son loses his father he may feel like he has to take
                                                on more responsibility. There are a lot of things that
                                                can exacerbate this and one of these is by telling them
                                                that they will be the man of the house. There are
hundreds of people that do this not knowing what they are really doing. For some this can be a
traumatic and stressful experience.
Have a strong support system

Children with a strong support system of aunts, uncles, and other adults that can help them through
some of the hard times, will have much less difficulty moving on with their lives. The old saying that it
takes a village to raise a child is especially true when we are talking about a child who has lost their
parent. There are a lot of ways that we can stand in as a part of this support system.

One of those ways is to make sure you are
there but that you aren’t poking and
prodding the kids with questions. They are
scared and don’t know exactly how to
react to certain things.

Make sure that you show that you are
interested in them and that you really do
listen you are acting as their personal
health insurance by watching out for them.
It is also a good idea to be someone who
they can lean on. This means that you
need to keep your composure and make sure that you don’t show too much emotion. If they see that
you are scared then they will be even more scared about what will happen in the future.

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