Loretto Family Dentistry Introduces New Noise Reducing Tools to Make Dental Visits Easier

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					Loretto Family Dentistry Introduces New Noise Reducing Tools to Make Dental Visits Easier

Many adults and children are anxious about visiting the dentist. Loretto Family Dentistry in Corinth, Texas,
uses new noise reducing tools to help patients feel relaxed as they wait for their appointment.

Online PR News – 23-September-2013 – For those patients that have anxiety surrounding a visit to the
dentist in Corinth TX, there is nothing worse than hearing the sound of the dentist’s drill. It is the sound heard
in horror movies and scary stories about the evil and sadistic dentist. Though it may not actually cause that
much discomfort, studies have shown that the associated noise makes a visit to the dentist’s office seem
much worse than it is.

The dental professionals of Loretto Dentistry in Corinth have come to understand over the years that many
patients have a negative association with the dentist’s office and in particular the sound of the drill. To combat
this issue, the practice uses only specialized noise reducing tools on all patients. Even patients who come in
for a routine tooth cleaning will notice a significant difference in the noise level during the appointment. That’s
because these noise cancelling tools make very little sound at all compared to traditional tools.

Using new technology, these dental tools nullify the typical buzzing sound that makes many patients
uncomfortable. Even those patients who aren’t overly scared of the dentist can be made uncomfortable with
the buzzing sound made by most dental tools. In removing the noise from their office once and for all, Dr.
Kristina Mackie has found that patients feel more relaxed and are more receptive to treatment. Even routine
visits are made easier and less intimidating for the patient by using these ultrasonic tools, which vibrate less
than traditional tools, giving off much less noise overall.

In addition to using the latest tools, Loretto Family Dentistry emphasizes patient comfort in many other ways.
All examination rooms feature comfortable seating and ceiling mounted flat screen televisions, allowing
patients to truly relax during the appointment. To find out more about the dental practice, visit them online at

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