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									Humboldt Storage and Moving Answers the Question - What are the Options in Storage When Moving?

Experts in Moving and Storage in Boston Weigh In on How and When to Use Storage in New Video

Online PR News – 23-September-2013 – Sometimes consumers find out they can’t move all their belongings
into their new home just yet. Whether there are still furnishing issues to work out, don’t have the room or are
just unable to move in for a few weeks or months, these people find themselves in situations where they have
more items than space.

 Consumers often wonder if moving companies can help them with storage options while they work out the
housing situation. Fortunately, most companies do offer storage options, usually in the forms of warehouses,
self-storage, or container units. There are advantages and disadvantages to all options, which is why the
experts at Humboldt Storage and Moving near Boston have released a new advice video to help consumers
make the best possible choice for storage. Humboldt movers have helped countless families over the years
solve many storage issues.

Here are some solutions:

Moving Company Warehouse: Most companies such as Humboldt’s storage in Boston offer full-service with
this option, meaning they’ll find and handle any and all items a consumer needs to access from storage.
Good warehouses should also be climate-controlled and securely monitored (like Humboldt’s own

Self-Storage: This option in many cases allows more direct access to items, but consumers will need to
arrange to have their items brought to and stored in the facility. In most cases, the consumer does all the
work with a self-storage option.

Container Storage: The best option for consumers who both need direct access to their items and need their
belongings on their property. The containers are often mobile, and many consumers would likely use them if
they were just moving somewhere down the street. However, issues like security and weather will be the
responsibility of whoever is renting the container.

Visit the Storage Facility: It’s vital to learn as much as possible from the moving company about each option.
Visit the warehouse, learn what the storage units or containers look like, and discuss budget options.

For some video advice on these options from the professionals at Humboldt Storage and Moving, click here:

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