How to Make Great Tattoos With Laser Printer Temporary Tattoo Paper by sairanaeem


									How to Make Great Tattoos with Laser
Printer Temporary Tattoo Paper

Many people have decided to print temporary tattoos on their body as a fashion statement and this
trend is growing all the time. You can easily make these tattoos yourself and apply them with a
computer and a laser printer.

Printing tattoos on one’s body is becoming a popular fashion these days. But making the tattoos of your
choice on your body yourself is not easy unless you use laser printer temporary tattoo paper for this
purpose. You can create colorful, durable and temporary tattoos of your own design with the help of a
color laser printer, transfer adhesive sheets in combination with tattoo paper.

Though the tattoos created by using laser tattoo transfer paper can easily resist water but still they are
temporary and can be removed easily by rubbing them with baby oil. You can get temporary tattoo
making kits in the market to make the tattoos of your own unique designs. These kits contain all the
necessary things needed to create temporary tattoos of your own. You can create different tattoos on
the paper sheets provided in these tattoo making kits as they have five transfer adhesive sheets and five
tattoo paper sheets.

The tattoos made from laser printer temporary tattoo paper are used by various people for different but
interesting uses. Not only movie or TV stars use these temporary tattoos to add to their looks but
several parents also use them in customized designs on the birthday celebration of their kids. Certain
people use these temporary tattoos in wedding parties for decorating the venue with the names of
bride and groom. In this way you can make your own great tattoos by using your imagination and
temporary tattoo paper.

Instructions to make tattoos using temporary tattoo paper compatible to laser printer

A clear decal tattoo paper sheet, an adhesive transfer sheet, a pair of scissors, cotton balls and water are
the accessories needed to make temporary tattoos on your body with laser tattoo transfer paper.

While starting to make temporary tattoos you will have to get designs on a page from any graphic
program software. Mirror prints are always preferred for this purpose. Before printing the design on
temporary tattoo paper you should print it on a plain paper. While printing the design on the glossy side
of the decal laser printer temporary tattoo paper you should feed only one sheet to the printer at a time
as excessive feeding can jam your printer. You should also remove other papers including plain papers
from the printer tray.

After printing the temporary tattoo design on laser tattoo transfer paper you should wait for few
minutes to dry its ink completely. Now you should remove the top sheet of the adhesive sheet from its
front side and apply it on the printed side of the tattoo sheet. You should remove all the air bubbles
between the two sheets. Now each tattoo has to be cut around closely by using your pair of scissors.
Now peel the adhesive sheet from the tattoo and press it on your hair free and clean skin for few
seconds. Wet the tattoo with a wet cotton balls for about one minute from its back, till it gets wet
Thus you can make great temporary tattoos on your skin by removing the temporary tattoo paper from


It can be a lot of fun decorating yourself with great tattoo designs which look cool and last for a few days
and then you can change them again. You can get great results from art and design products especially
by using laser tattoo transfer paper so that you can apply the finished design to your body. It is a lot
more fun, less painful and a lot less permanent than going for real tattoos. It is also very inexpensive and
with the right design and the best quality paper you can look really cool with your new tattoos.

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