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					Marvin Ridge Middle School The Mane Event June 8-10, 2009 We are expecting 100% participation by all of the 8th grade students We will keep you posted via Marvin’s school website. Look for details! Parents if you want to get involved….it is never too late…contact stamie despo at Monday– June 8 Practice Moving On Ceremony Tuesday– June 9 1st Block – Activity with 8th grade team 2nd Block – Outdoor activity with Related Arts/PE 3rd Block – Activity with 8th grade team 4th Block – Slideshow/Yearbook signing in the pit 6:00 to 8:30 – Celebration in the cafeteria for MRMS 8th graders only Wednesday – June 10 9:00 to 10:30 - Moving On ceremony in the gym – each student will get two tickets for guests to attend After the ceremony, students will return to their homeroom teacher for report card distribution. Here’s what we need from you: I. Marvin Ridge Class of 2013 t-shirts, with all class members’ names on the back are being sold for $15.00. Proceeds will go to the The Mane Event. The order form is on the back of this sheet and due to your homeroom teacher by Friday, May 8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------II. Purchase tickets for celebration – DUE by Friday, May 8 to homeroom teacher Number of tickets ______ x $12 = $______

Additional donation to defray cost of the celebration $__________ Total Amount Enclosed $___________  All proceeds from ticket sales will go toward paying for the Mane Event and a gift to Marvin Ridge Middle School  There will be no tickets sold at the door  Please make checks payable to Marvin Ridge Middle School and put in envelope. Things to Note:  If student checks out early or is absent on June 9th, then they cannot attend the celebration  Students must arrive between 5:45-6:15 pm. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun!  Please do NOT arrive in rented transportation  School dress code applies. Shorts and collared shirts suggested for boys, Sundresses, skirts and shorts suggested for girls. No jeans please. This is a casual but nice celebration!  Parents please pick up student promptly at 8:30 pm III. Gift from the First Class to go through Marvin Ridge Middle School to give back to the school – We want your input. Please choose one. _____ Furniture/planters for the 8th Grade Patio _____ I-Macs for the Media Center _____ Other: _______________________________________________ IV. In order to recognize your accomplishments, please let us know what you participated in this year? – Choose all that apply _____Band _____Drama Club - Productions _____Battle of the Books _____Sports team: __________________________ _____Beta Club _____Other:_______________________________ _____Math 24 _____MP3 _______________________________ _____MAVS _____Student Council Representative _____Student of the Month _____I have reviewed my student’s list of accomplishments. Please return the bottom half of this form to the homeroom teacher by Friday, May 8 ___________________________________________________ Parent Signature __________________________________________________ Student Signature

It is that time of year when the 8th grade students begin to make preparations for moving on up to the high school and leaving their middle school days behind. We are offering each student a T-shirt as a keepsake. The T-shirts are $15. The shirt will be in Marvin’s school colors (orange with blue lettering) with the logo on the front and each of the 8th grade students’ names on the back. They are the class of 2013!!!!! All proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts are for the Mane Event celebration during June 9 and 10. We are expecting 100% participation. Please complete the form and attach cash or check for total amount ordered. Due Friday, May 8th to student’s homeroom teacher.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Student’s Name ______________________________ Size T-shirt: S M L XL XXL (add $1.20)

Number of shirts__________ Total amount enclosed _________


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