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Newsletter - Australian College of Educators


									Western Australian Branch

 Vol. 53 – June 2006        ISSN 0811 - 1723 ACN                   004 476 822

     Farewell to
                                                                   In a completely rational society the best of us
                                                                   would aspire to be teachers and the rest of us
                                                                   would have to settle for something less, because

     William Rivers                                                passing civilisation along from one generation

                                                                   to the next ought to be the highest honour and
                                                                   highest responsibility anyone could have.’

     (Bill) Dickinson                                              Lee Iacocca

     The College sadly farewells Fellow Bill Dick-
     inson, who passed away in May.                           What does WACOT
     Best known as a long-
     serving Headmaster of
     Scotch College in Perth,
                                                                 mean for the
                                                             teaching profession ?
     Bill made a significant
     contribution to educa-
     tion in the wider Austra-
     lian community.                                       The first ACE seminar for the year on 28 February was presented by
                                                          Sonja Kuzich, Manager of Professional Learning and Standards at
     Educated in Melbourne,                               The Western Australian College of Teaching {WACOT}.
     he taught at Uppington
                                                          She began with the above quote, which highlights the importance of
     School in England and
                                                          the teaching profession, prepared an interesting, informative and pro-
     the Choate School, Con-                              fessional presentation that held the educators present enthralled for an
     necticut, U.S.A., fol-
                                                          hour and a half.
     lowed by ten years at
                                                          Sonja responded not only to the questions about WACOT’s influence
     Melbourne Grammar
                                                          on the profession, but also successfully dispelled some of the myths
     before commencing as
                                                          and misconceptions held by many in the teaching profession still,
     Headmaster of Scotch
                                                          about the intent and purpose of WACOT.
     College in 1972, a position he held until 1997.
                                                          Although the idea of a Western Australian College of Teaching was
     During this period the school grew, improved         initiated some three decades ago, it was actually established by legis-
     and developed under his visionary leadership.        lation on 15 September, 2004 with Brian Lindberg as the inaugural
     Bill was a founding member of the Association        Chair of the Board of Management. Its legislated functions and ob-
     of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia,        jectives include
     the Australian College of Education (WA) and             •      Advocacy
     Association of Independent Schools of Western            •      Standards of practice
     Australia. He served on the standing committee
                                                              •      Values – Code of Ethics
     of AHISA from 1985 to 1997 and as national
     chair from 1987 to 1989. He was recognised as            •      Fosters leadership within the profession
     an honorary member on his retirement in 1997.            •      Educational research
     Following his retirement he served as chair for          •      Pre-service teacher education
     the Centre for Excellence for Teaching in West-          •      Professional learning
     ern Australia from 1997 until 2003. He was also
                                                              •       Administers registrations
     invited to spend some time in Bhutan as an edu-
     cational consultant and lecturer. For all of these       •      Performs disciplinary functions
     contributions to education Bill was recognised by         •      Advises the Minister
     being awarded the Member of the Order of Aus-        WACOT is currently governed by a Board consisting of representa-
     tralia. We offer our sympathy to his family and      tives from education stakeholders and a majority of ten teachers who
     friends and mourn the passing of this great edu-     will be elected by teachers. Seven teachers represent Government
     cator.                                               Schools, two represent Catholic Schools and one represents the

                                                                                     •       Continued inside
GRADUATE TEACHER                      to watching their careers grow.            University of Western Australia         CATCH!, a sub group of the Austra-
                                                                                                                         lian College of Educators. CATCH!
                                      University of Notre Dame Australia         Mr Anthony Wrona, M Ed - Secon-
AWARDS 2005                           Shelly Jenkinson M Ed - Primary            dary                                    exists specifically for members of
On your behalf, the following high    Edith Cowan University                     Your College has for many years,        ACE who are new to the profession.
achievers are congratulated for their Ms Natasha Clarke, B Ed - Secon-           recognized outstanding graduate         It offers a chat room for like-minded
commitment to educational excel-      dary Education; Ms Kylie Williamson,       educators from all West Australian      people, provides a voice for graduate
lence. Each recipient has received    B Ed Primary Education                     universities and presented prizes to    teachers, mentors, and information
complimentary membership to the       Curtin University                          acknowledge their achievements.         about forums, seminars and other
College of Educators. We welcome Marie Munro, Graduate Diploma in                A part of their membership pack         opportunities for teachers new to the
these new members and look forward Education - Secondary.                        includes an invitation to log onto      classroom.

From page 1                                                                                                    and service to the school community
Independent School sector. WACOT                     WACOT:                                                    and has the added benefit of contribut-
                                                                                                               ing to College Professional Learning .
represents ALL teachers in this State.
A primary objective is for WACOT to
enhance the professional status of
                                                     Independent &                                              Because many teachers leave the pro-
                                                                                                               fession within their first five years,
teaching. The teaching profession is:                                                                          WACOT has identified the advantages
“A disciplined group of individuals                  Professional                                              of support structures for beginning
                                                                                                               teachers, including mentoring, targeted
who adhere to high ethical standards
and uphold themselves to, and are ac-                                                                          professional development, peer support
cepted by, the public as possessing                 ing, assures the public that it has clear                  – inside and outside the school, obser-
special knowledge and skills in a                   standards, entry requirements and                          vation of other teachers, induction
widely recognised, organised body of                keeps its knowledge base current.                          plans and cluster groups. The College
learning derived from education and                 Through compulsory registration and                        is committed to supporting beginning
training and use these skills in the in-            membership it becomes publicly evi-                        teachers. A Beginning Teachers Semi-
terests of others. It is inherent in the            dent that you are a professional who                       nar is scheduled to be held at the Burs-
definition of a profession, that a code             has met those standards.                                   wood Convention Centre on 6-7th July .
of ethics governs the activities of each            Categories of Membership:                                   In terms of professional learning the
profession” (Australian Council of                  PRT. New graduates and returning                           College’s role is to:
Professions, 1997).                                 teachers are eligible to apply for Provi-                  •         promote the continual profes-
Teachers are members of a profes-                   sional Registration (PRT).                                          sional learning of teachers;
sional community, which carries with                RT. Experienced Teachers will be able                      •        define the professional learning
it both professional responsibility and             to apply for Registration (RT).                                     required for registration; and
collaborative partnerships. Downie                  LAT.Others without teacher qualifica-                      •       produce a professional learning
(1990) observed that:                               tions but with special knowledge or                               framework.
 “If a profession is to have credibility            skills are able to apply for a Limited                      Professional learning is necessary for
in the eyes of the general public it must           Authority to Teach                                         continued WACOT membership, and it
be widely recognised as being inde-                 Others may apply for Associate Mem-                        is recommended that a learning log be
pendent, disciplined by its professional            bership                                                    used to record the courses and classes
body, actively expanding its knowledge               To be eligible for membership, and in                     attended by teachers. One of the func-
base, and concerned with the educa-                 addition to English proficiency and                        tions of the College, is to establish and
tion of its members…..then it will pos-             “fitness to teach”, applicants must:                       promote professional standards and
sess moral as well as legal legitimacy                                                                         values relating to the teaching profes-
                                                    •    have a recognised teaching qualifi-
and its pronouncements will be listened                                                                        sion. A Standards framework will be
to with respect”.                                                                                              developed through workshops, forums
                                                    •    have at least one year’s teaching in
WACOT is an independent, entirely                                                                              and collaborative development for the
                                                         the last 5 years (for full registra-
self funded, self regulating professional                                                                      profession, profession. The Code of
registration body. Its Board comprises                                                                         Ethics is being developed through fo-
a majority of teachers, it has inquiry              •    meet standards of professional
                                                                                                               rums such as symposia, workshops,
and disciplinary powers and it has an                    practice
                                                                                                               soirees and use of Delphi techniques.
advocacy function. As such it is an                 •    renew registration every 5 years                      A final draft is expected mid 2006.
autonomous professional body that                        and during that time participate in                   For fundamental change to occur all
unites the voices of ALL teachers.                       ongoing professional learning.                        associated with the profession must
 But what does WACOT membership                      To progress to full membership from                       work together!
mean to you, the teacher, as a profes-              provisional status, WACOT has put in             
sional?                                             place a supportive process involving             
It means that you belong to a profes-               the guidance from a collegiate support
                                                                                                               Level 2/ 165 Adelaide Tce EAST
sion that, through its independence,                person (CSP). Volunteering to be a
                                                                                                               PERTH WA 6004
self regulation and professional learn-             CSP offers opportunities for leadership
          panel forum is                                                                          Havelock Street. Atten-

                                            OBE Forum
         being organised by                                                                       dance is requested from
         WA ACE Branch                                                                            about 4:30 p.m. for a 5:00
members for Wednesday                                                                             p.m. start. A flyer will be
2 AUGUST on what is                                                                               forwarded closer to the
currently a ‘hot’ topic in        members and non-                 pact that the perceived        date with details, including
the WA press. The title is        members with a balanced          imbalance in press report-     names of panel members.
"Outcomes Based Educa-            report of just what is be-       ing is having on the status    Please record in your dia-
tion and the Status of            hind the push for out-           and professionalism of our     ries now, for what prom-
Teachers" and the inten-          comes based pedagogy in          teachers. The venue is the     ises to be an educational
tion is to provide ACE            our schools, and the im-         Constitutional Centre in       and lively event.

                                                                                       Conferences Coming to Town
       Join ACE on the road in                                                         Concepts, Challenges and Realities in
                                                                                       Gifted Education

         Bunbury and Perth                                                             Organized by: Australian Association for the
                                                                                       Education of Gifted and Talented 27 to 29
                                                                                       September 2006 Fremantle, Western Austra-
Professor Brian Caldwell will present       of books that helped guide educational     lia. .Contact : Wendy Stewart wstew-
Re-imaging Educational Leadership           reform in several countries, most nota-
                                                                                       Designed for researchers, teachers and par-
in Bunbury at the Bunbury Cathedral         bly the trilogy on self-managing
                                                                                       ents of gifted and talented children. General
Grammar School on Friday August 18          schools: The Self-Managing School
                                                                                       emphasis is on the education of these stu-
and in Perth at the Burswood-on-Swan,       (1988), Leading the Self-Managing          dents and how to achieve the best possible
on Wednesday 16th August. Do not            School (1992) and Beyond the Self-         fit within a school setting.
miss this opportunity to hear him.          Managing School (1998). Re-
Places are strictly limited so early reg-   imagining the Self-Managing School         HERDSA, the Higher Education, Re-
istration is recommended.                   was published in 2004, reflecting ex-      search and Development Society of Aus-
Professor Brian J. Caldwell is currently    perience around the world where the        tralasia. National Conference, 2006.
                                            best practice of self-management has       TUWA from Monday, July 10 to Wednes-
Professorial Fellow in the Department                                                  day, July 12. Further details from
of Education Policy and Management          outstripped its initial conception. The
                                            New Enterprise Logic of Schools was
at the University of Melbourne. He is
a director of the Australian Council for    published in June 2005. Exhilarating
                                                                                       Cultures of Learning
Educational Research (ACER), a Fel-         Leadership will be published in Octo-
                                                                                       Organised by Adult Migrant Education Pro-
low of the Australian Council for Edu-      ber 2005. He was co-author of Creat-
                                                                                       gram, National conference, 2006. Central
cational Leaders (ACEL) and the Aus-        ing an Excellent School (1989) and The     TAFE. Perth, October 5-7. Information from
tralian College of Educators (ACE). As      Future of Schools: Lessons from the
one of our most distinguished educa-        Reform of Public Education (1998).
tors he has greatly contributed to edu-     More information about the ACE on          Pushing the Boundaries
cation in Australia and overseas.           the Road Seminars can be found on the      National Conference of the National History
                                            ACE home web page,                         Teachers’ Association, University of Notre
Among his many international postings                                                  Dame, Fremantle, October 5 – October 8.
he has served as Wei Lun Visiting Pro-
                                                                                       Convenor, Helen Wills-Johnson,       email
fessor at the Chinese University of                                          
Hong Kong, Visiting Professor at the
National College for School Leader-          The Walter Neal Oration and presentation evening
ship in England, Special Professor at
                                            This annual, premier ACE event, celebrates excellence and dedication of education
the University of Nottingham, Pro-
                                            in Western Australia. The Oration which highlights the National Curriculum will be
vost’s Distinguished Visiting Scholar
                                            presented by Professor Neil Dempster, Dean of Education, Griffith University
at the University of Southern Califor-
                                            Queensland. Presentations celebrate Outstanding New Educators, Fellows of the
nia, and Invitational Research Fellow
                                            College, Mile-stone Members and the prestigious College Medal will be awarded to
for the Japan Society for the Promotion
                                            a leading, innovative WA educator.
of Science. He is Honorary Professor at
the University of Hull.                     An invitation will be sent to all financial WA members of ACE for this function
                                            held at The University of WA Club, on July 6th at 5.00pm.
Brian Caldwell is author or co-author


The WA Branch of the Australian               May 26 and                                    As one of more than 420 WA members
College of Educators, aims to be an           27. An initia-                                of the Australian College of Educators,
advocate for the teaching profession,         tive to have                                  you are encouraged to keep a check on
promote education in WA and intel-            ACE members                                   all that is happening within ACE - WA
lectual interaction that includes all         attend this                                   and make things happen for you. You
systems and sectors at all levels of          Australian                                    can do this by attending planned events
teaching.                                     Literacy Edu-                                 and/or by emailing any of the committee
In February, as a result of requests from     cators’ Asso-                                 members [addresses under ‘contact us’
members, your Branch presented the            ciation confer-                               on the web site] with suggestion for
seminar: WACoT; What’s in it For              ence at rates                                 seminars and ideas that will make ACE
You? Ms Sonja Kuzich, Manager of              usually re-                                   work better for you. You are also en-
Professional Learning and Standards at        served for                                    couraged to introduce a friend to the
the Western Australian College of             ALEA mem-                                     college and its benefits. Memberships
Teaching presented an informative ses-        bers, is a first                              can now be completed on line.
sion about registration, intention and        and one you
expectations of that college. A full re-      are urged to take advantage of. Oppor-
                                              tunities to liaise with well known au-        ‘Good teachers should be valued; great
port is included in this Newsletter.                                                        teachers should be treasured.’ The Hon.
                                              thors and hear quality international, na-
During the first academic term of the         tional and local speakers is yours, as the    Julie Bishop MLA at the Australian
school year, ACE-WA presented new             conference Literacy: Creating the Bal-        Institute for Teaching and School Lead-
memberships to four Pre Service               ance is presented at the very comfort-        ership awards, in February this year.
Teachers for achieving outstanding            able Hyatt Hotel in Perth. A letter of
results and overall performance in their      introduction and registration form was
university studies. Also, six recipients      mailed to each WA member.
of the 2005 Outstanding New Educa-
tors awards were announced. These six         Other recent WA achievements include
teachers, all within their first five years   the beginning of the ACE Regional
of teaching, have been recognised for         Group, Warren Blackwood. If you live
innovation and leadership in their re-        in the south west region of the state, you
spective schools. Your branch is also         are encouraged to contact Mr Alan Wil-
delighted to welcome three new Fellows        son: and
to the College.                               join in the ACE events, in and around
                                              the Manjimup area of WA.                       Caption to come
Recipients of these awards, plus the
prestigious WA College Medal, Life            Opportunity for members                       Nine awards were made to WA schools
Members and dedication of members of                                                        and teachers by Teaching Australia. The
                                              in the South-West                             Australian College of Educators con-
more than 20 years standing, will be
                                              Prepare to be inspired by Professor           gratulate: Geograph Bay Primary
celebrated at the Walter Neal Oration
                                              Brian Caldwell, the 2006 ACE on the           School, St Hilda’s Anglican Girls’
and Awards Evening scheduled for
July 6, 2006. This event is the most          Road scholar who will present work-           School, St Stephen’s, Springfield Pri-
significant event on the ACE-WA calen-        shops Re-Imaging Educational Leader-          mary School, St Jerome’s Primary
dar and you are invited to attend and         ship in both Perth and Bunbury on Au-         School, Robin McClean, Heather Niss,
share the celebrations. Professor Neil        gust 16th and 18th respectively. See the      Trevor Howitt and Hoa Anh Ngo Ta for
Dempster has accepted an invitation to        home page for           being leaders in the state’s Educational
deliver the Oration related to the Na-        full details and registration.                systems and sectors.
tional Curriculum. Invitations for this       A forum relating to current academic          Best wishes for successful year of aca-
event will be posted to every WA mem-         issues is being planned by your commit-       demic debate and scholarly collabora-
ber.                                          tee for the local August event. Further       tion.
Another major event for state members         information will be mailed to you, once       Elaine Blake
is the acclaimed WA Literacy State            speakers have confirmed. Also, watch          President
Conference over Friday and Saturday           the WA-ACE web site for further infor-        ACE-WA

We would like to congratulate Member-                                                      state committee and has already begun to
ship Secretary, Diana van Straalen on her Congratulations Diana!                           find out how cold Canberra can be in the
appointment as Senior Policy Advisor:                                                      winter. She will be based in Perth and
Federal Minister for Education –          Schools. Diana has resigned from the             Canberra.


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