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					                              Increasing Online Visibility
It is now unthinkable for a company to do business without a corporate website. In fact, even
new one-man start-ups would probably have their own websites if they want to project a
professional image and show that they mean business.

This proliferation of websites have simply made the task of ensuring that your webpage
continues to rank high in the search results of the public a greater challenge than ever before. The
skills set required for this aspect of website maintenance are called search engine optimization

In the beginning, SEO was merely a matter of putting in enough keywords for the web-crawlers
to recognize your website. Hence, the usual technique was simply to have more of these
keywords than your competition, thereby enabling your website to rank high in any search done.
However, as with all aspects of the digital revolution, changes have been happening at light
speed all the time and currently, SEO is more about creating value to the consumer by generating
a positive user experience.

It is common knowledge in the industry that more than 35% of a website’s ranking currently is
because of the utilization of fresh, new, interesting and relevant content that creates value for the
users. However, some webmasters continue to try and take shortcuts by using the same article
and then trying to spin it thousands of times. This is doomed to fail as today’s ever evolving
crawlers have become been quickly updated to recognize this form of “cheating”.

In order to remain competitive, a majority of a webmaster’s time and resources should be
devoted to the creation and sharing of original, compelling and pertinent content. Engagingly
written content with specifically targeted keywords that have social context and value will not
only boost your SEO, but it can also result in a higher rate of conversion in sales.

Since this is an area where the rules are constantly in flux, it is easy to make SEO mistakes if you
are not a dedicated Webmaster. With the realization that SEO is no longer optional, but has
become mandatory, it is also to be appreciated that hiring an experienced SEO consultant can be
a business’ most valuable investment.

In this respect, if you are searching for North Carolina search engine optimization companies
that have the expertise and are well regarded by both peers and clients alike, then you need look
no further than Biz Boost Pros.


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