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Monday, August 27th
Welcome and Course Overview
Student Questionnaire
What we’re here to learn
How the course is organized
What you will need to produce
How you will know what is due and when
How class sessions will take shape
Student Questionnaire
1. Name
2. Name you prefer to be called
3. Describe an effective course. What qualities and
   characteristics come to mind?
4. Describe an effective instructor. What qualities and
   characteristics come to mind?
5. Is there anything about how you learn that you would
   like me to know about you as a learner?
6. Briefly discuss the following: (1) What you hope to
   learn in this class. (2) Previous courses you’ve taken
   related to the topic. (3) How you view yourself as an
   academic writer.
How the Course is Organized
Three Parts:
 Part 1: Important Themes and Concepts
  Goals: To understand the emergence of the field of ethnic studies,
   nature of its scholarship, and foundational ideas and concepts. To
   articulate a definition of equality.
 Part 2: Population Histories
  Goals: To analyze, using ideas and concepts from Part 1, histories
   of different racial and ethnic groups in the United States. To
   develop a theory of social inequality.
 Part 3: Representations
  To identify patterns in the representation of racial and ethnic
   groups in US cultural productions. To strategize on how to
   interrupt social inequality .
Course Website
Next Session:

Prepare notes on the Munoz reading. Focus on key
 ideas, burning questions and what you learned that
 was new.
Prepare notes on the first two students in the
 Cambridge debate. Be prepared to discuss what
 the debate is about. We will view the remaining
 portion of the debate in class on Wednesday.

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