JORDAN COMMONS CONDO ASSOC. Executive Board Meeting Minutes 18 June 2009
JORDAN COMMONS WEBSITE: APPROVED DECK STAIN: Cabot, Clear Solutions, Pacific Redwood, #3009 Board Members Present: Ray Woolrich; Mary Ann Huska; Bob Woolf Northeast Property Group Manager: Chris Myers The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM. Minutes of the May meeting were discussed. No changes were presented. Motion to accept minutes: Ray Woolrich; 2nd. Bob Woolf. Motion passed. Financial Statement was presented.  Engendered questions were answered and resolved.  Add to 2010 budget: Basement dehumidifier and pumps for Building 4. Motion to accept financial statement: Ray Woolrich; 2nd. Mary Ann. Motion passed.

Window washing service: If unit owners are interested in having their windows washed, please contact Chris at NPG to be added to a list. Need a minimum of 10 unit owners to obtain a lower contract price. Otherwise unit owners may obtain the service for themselves at prevailing rates.

NEW BUSINESS: PLEASE NOTE: Because of construction work about to begin in the Waterford Library, July’s meeting date and location had to be changed. The July meeting will move from its previously scheduled date of 23 July to Thursday, 30 July at 7PM in the Activity Room. The Activity Room is the small room in the back of the Children’s Section. Jordan Commons Board Meetings for the subsequent six months will occur at the Waterford Library as follows: DATE 18 August 2009 17 September 2009 15 October 2009 19 November 2009 17 December 2009 7 January 2010 ROOM IN LIBRARY Activity Room Activity Room Conference Room Large Meeting Room Large Meeting Room Conference Room

Unit #31: Concerns raised about unit owner’s leaving private patio furniture

on common property. NPG to contact unit owner. Landscape Renewal: Buildings #3, 4, & 5 have been completed and look good. Discussion to do same to Building #14. $640 Quotation from Holdridge Nursery was acceptable to the Board. Motion to proceed: Ray Woolrich; 2nd. Bob Woolf. Motion passed. Radon testing discussed: A unit owner requested that the Association pay to mitigate potential radon levels of 4.5 pC/L found in their unit, prior to sale. After researching the issue, seeking advice of counsel and discussing with unit owners present, the Board determined that radon mitigation is an individual unit owner’s responsibility. There are two tests for radon: short term collection of emissions and long term collection of emissions. Results from both tests can vary statistically significantly, depending on the test manufacturer and the rigor with which procedures are followed. Multiple tests are recommended to confirm results. Testing is to be conducted inside the lowest occupied level in a unit. The CT state average reading is 3.8pC/L. Additional
radon information can be found on the web at:

Unit # 6 repairs: This unit is now owned by the Association following owner default on Association dues. It was significantly damaged by the previous unit owner before she left and must be restored to livable condition prior to sale or rental. Title insurance is difficult for new buyers to obtain in today’s economic climate, so the unit may have to be rented for a period until markets return to normal, to prevent it from becoming a drain on Association finances. Walls must be restored and painted, the unit must be cleaned, fixtures must be restored and doors put back-up. Carpeting is significantly damaged: The Board is to review whether the carpet can be at least partially restored by a professional cleaning agency, and will then decide on the advisability of complete or partial (e.g., main floor only) replacement. 2nd pool entrance gate needs a new lock. Keys are to be provided to Bailey’s Pool service, the pool house cleaner, the Pool Manager and the Board. NPG action item. The bilco door at the pool house needs back filling with gravel or dirt to arrest erosion; and a new lock. NPG action item. The grounds crew is damaging Association property and utility property. NPG action item to review with Kurt, to 1: Stop it, and 2: pay for repairs. Bldg. #15: Paint on the trim is peeling on the backside of the building. NPG action item. A new Pool Rules sign is still needed for the main entry gate. Rules should be as before and include (but not limited to): NO life guard on duty Swim at your own risk. NO running within the pool area. Unit owners allowed only 4 guests at a time.

Unit owners must be within the pool area with their uests. Unit owners are responsible for their guests’ behavior. Unit owners must pick up and properly dispose of their own litter. Phone 911 in case of an emergency. Mr. Al Vescovi, Unit #10 volunteered to head a committee to accomplish small items around the complex that are not worth expending funds and time for NPG. He and the Board are looking for other volunteers interested in helping. If you know of an item that needs to be done or are interested in joining Al, please call him at 442-9747. Motion to adjourn: Ray Woolrich; 2nd. Bob Woolf. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

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