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									               Social Media for Marketing Your Medical Research Facility

 How a CRO goes about patient recruitment when it comes to clinical trials is extremely important.
Marketing tactics such as social media and classified sections of websites and newspapers are
extremely effective ways of achieving leads for patient recruitment if they are used correctly and

For example, in terms of social media, it is extremely important that when recruiting for patients, a
CRO must be sure to build trust and a following on their respective company’s social media sites
in order to reach out to followers and inform them of studies that you are currently running.

In order to build trust and a following, there needs to be constant and daily engagement on these
social media sites so your brand stays fresh in people’s minds. CRO’s need to be actively building
lists of engaged followers to always be able to instantly reach out to these social media sites when
patients are needed.

Not only is it important to have engaging content on your social media sites, but it is also important
to interact and ask questions and for opinions from followers to build trust. Building trust means
showing that your clinical pharmacology unit has heart and soul and is not being ran by a bunch of
automated machines or robots.

Social media is about interactive dialogue, but expectations for dialogue vary by platform and
social media site. The features of some social media sites are inherently more conducive to
dialogue, with some avenues naturally being more social than others. And for avenues that are
particularly conducive to dialogue, social conventions often dictate that you engage in that

If one follows these tips, you will better be able to keep your following and they will be more willing
and more likely to become a patient in the long term.

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