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									Great Feathers 2nd Annual One Fly Chub Fishing Tournament

The Great Feathers Chub One Fly Fishing Tournament benefits MDTU, cleans up
Gunpowder River (just a little bit) and promotes the fly fishing industry.

Baltimore, Maryland, September 20, 2013 -- The Chub One Fly Fishing tournament was
initially conceived and organized last year by Great Feathers staff as a fund raiser event
for MDTU (Maryland Trout Unlimited) and also to help clean up our Gunpowder River.
The basic rules of the tournament are: within a two hour period, you have ONE fly to
catch all the Chubs (trout and other serious game fish do not count) and safely return
them to the waters. You also have a refuse bag to “drag” with you and pick up any
refuse on the Gunpowder as you fish it.

The Great Feathers second annual One Fly Chub Tournament went without a hitch. Last
year’s event was conducted during one of the year’s worst downpour which
shortened the event but did not stop the contestants. Beautiful sunny weather was with us
on the Gunpowder River near Sparks Maryland. 36 contestants arrived with friends,
families and plenty of children. The tournament started promptly at 2:00 PM.

This year’s winner was a tie between Mike Raghan and Jeff Brennan. They each
caught 24 chubs. A $200 gift certificate was awarded along with a “classic” trophy.
The Great Feathers gift certificate is good towards the purchase of any fly tying material
or fly fishing gear. The proceeds from the entrance fees were donated to MDTU.

“The event has grown bigger this year and we feel that it is a success for the fly
fishing industry,” said Mike Watriss, fly shop owner. Mike also mentioned “one of
the contestants brought back the biggest piece of junk from the river – a truck tire and I
plan to use it for my garden or maybe a swing.”

This year’s crowd brought families and friends to celebrate the event with drinks,
hamburgers and hot dogs straight from the gill manned by Mike Watriss. Unfortunately,
the blue grass band had to bow out this year again to attend a fiddler’s convention.

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