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Newsletter for the Week of September 23-27_ 2013


									                                                                                          Ms. Batte’s
                                                                                For the Week of September 23 -
                                                                                           27, 2013

   Important Dates                                           Classroom News

                                                             We still have several students who haven’t turned
                                                              in their class t-shirt money. Please be sure to do
                                                              so as soon as possible—making payments is
   Friday, October 4th – End of                               perfectly acceptable! Thank you!

     the first 9 weeks grading                               Roger will be leaving us on Tuesday to spend a
                  period!                                     month in China with his family. We will surely miss
                                                              him and look forward to him sharing pictures and
  Monday, October 7th – Friday,                               stories with us from his trip upon his return. Safe
  October 11th – Fall Break, NO                               travels, Roger!
                                                             Please visit and “follow” our Classroom Website—
                                                    ! You can
                                                              “follow” by e-mail or through Google Plus and
                                                              Twitter, if you have a Google or Twitter account.
                                                              Look along the right-hand side of the site to find
                                                              the “follow” links. If you “follow” our site, you will
                                                              be alerted every time a new post is made. I post
                                                              info and/or pictures a couple times each week.
                                                              You can also find fun learning websites for your
                                                              child to “play” on at home, as well as printable
                                                              copies of the newsletter and calendar, and more
            Birthdays                                         info on the stories that we read each week. 

         Ms. Batte – Sept. 30th

Literacy Tip: Please assist your child in reviewing their sight word ring (coming home Monday thru Thursday—to be returned
daily) and allow them read their leveled reader to you each night. Sign the reading log in your child’s “book bag” and return all
contents to school the next day—whether you’ve had a chance to read the book or not. Thank you for your support! 

 Ms. Jen Batte                                  E-mail:
 Watt Hardison Elem.                            Webpage:
 300 Gibson Street
 Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
      Lunch Menu                                           What We’re Learning
Monday: Pizza or Chicken Parmesan;
parsley potatoes, green beans, Mandarin
                                             Reading:       This week our Focus Stories will help us to answer the
                                             question, "How do tools help us do things with our hands?" We will begin with
oranges, and fresh melon cup
                                             the Traditional Tale, The Little Red Hen, retold by Heather Forest, and
Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets or Salisbury
                                             illustrated by Susan Gaber. In this story, a black-and-white kitten, corgi pup,
Steak; creamed potatoes, broccoli w/
                                             and shiny-eyed mouse are the reluctant friends of Little Red Hen. While cat
cheese sauce, diced peach cup, and fresh     is distracted by a yarn ball, dog wrestles with a blue blanket, and mouse
pear slices                                  surveys a sort of scrapbook of mice of many lands, Hen goes about her
Wednesday: Ham & Cheese Sandwich or          business, planting, cutting, grinding, and baking all by herself. In the end, the
BBQ Chicken; Ranch-style baked beans,        lazy animals learn their lesson and are given a chance to redeem themselves.
oven fries, Romaine salad, watermelon            Our Informational Text this week will be The Handiest Things in the
chunks, and grapes                           World, by Andrew Clements. This fresh take on an often-overlooked
Thursday: Super Nachos and Chicken           appendage compares hands with everyday tools. Eating with fingers and then
Fajitas; refried beans, whole kernel corn,   with chopsticks, walking a dog off a leash and then on, catching an insect
taco trimmings, strawberries, and bananas    with bare hands and then in a net, and digging with and without a trowel are
Friday: Chicken Sliders and Pork Chop w/     a few of the 17 varied, engaging, and child-centered activities included.
Roll; steamed carrots, pinto beans,              Our Focus Skills this week will be Beginning Sounds, Words in Oral
                                             Sentences, Pausing for Punctuation (when reading), Identifying Cause and
pineapple tidbits, and blueberries w/ kiwi
                                             Effect, Questioning, Synonyms, and Action Verbs. We will also be focusing
                                             on the letter Ss and its corresponding phoneme, /s/.

                                             High-Frequency Words: Review I, like, the, and

                                             Oral Vocabulary (The Little Red Hen): admired, delicious, delight, doubt,
                                             fable, sigh

                                             Selection Vocabulary (The Handiest Things in the World): appears, future,
                                             handy, stray

                                             Math:      This week will complete our unit on
                                             Patterns, learning to compare patterns and
                                             create patterns of our own. The kiddos really
       Related Arts                          enjoyed making their pattern bracelets last week
                                             —Ms. Turner was even able to spend the

                                             afternoon with us and participate in the lesson. 
                                             We will end the week with our Postest on Friday,
                                             ready to begin a new unit next week, with our
                                             Pretest on Monday.
              Week D

Monday: Library                                                      Important Info
Tuesday: P.E.                                       After grading the Posttests on our Positional
                                                    Words Unit, the following students received a
Wednesday: Art                                                      100% score:

Thursday: Music                                                                   Cale H.

Friday: Guidance                                                                Isabella C.

**Please make sure that your
                                                   This student showed the highest percentage of
child wears tennis shoes on P.E.                          growth (from pretest to posttest):
                                                                                Dustin B.

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