Hypertension treatment and control rates

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Hypertension treatment and control rates.
Chart review in an academic family medicine clinic
Sara J. Houlihan; Scot H. Simpson, PharmD MSe; Andrew J. Cave, MB ChB MCISc FCFP FRCGP;
Nigel W. Flook, MD; Mary E. Hurlburt, MD; Chris J. Lord, MB ChB; Linda L. Smith, MD;
Harvey H. Sternberg, MD

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                                        Healthy habits prevent breast cancer: study
    Nearly 40 percent of all breast cancer      amount of alcohol they drink, women can     recommends that people exercise for at
cases in the United States could be             dramatically reduce their risk,” Dr.        least 30 minutes every day. Men should
prevented if women kept a healthy               Martin Wiseman of the American Insti-       limit alcohol to two drinks a day and
weight, drank less alcohol, exercised more      tute for Cancer Research/World Cancer       women should have just one.
and breastfed their babies, according to a      Research Fund, who led the study, said          Breast cancer kills 400,000 women
report published on Tuesday.                    in a statement.                             and a few men globally every year, and
    The report, which reviewed 81 new               “We estimate that almost 40 per cent    40,000 in the United States alone.
studies on the links between lifestyle and      of breast cancer cases in the United            Many studies have shown a low-fat
cancer, showed that 70,000 breast cancer        States, or about 70,000 cases every year,   diet, regular exercise, keeping a lean
cases could be prevented in the United          could be prevented by making these          weight and breastfeeding babies can
States alone every year.                        straightforward everyday changes,”          prevent breast cancer. However, a
    “We are now more certain than ever          added the AICR’s Susan Higginbotham.        significant percentage of cases are caused
that by maintaining a healthy weight,               The      report,      posted      at    by faulty genes and not linked to
being physically active and limiting the        www.dietandcancerreport.org/,               lifestyle.

                                                                                       Source: REUTERS/HEALTH – Washington

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                                     Prostate cancer screening: More harm than good?
                                                                                                            By Julie Steenhuysen
    Routine screening for prostate cancer has       The increased diagnosis rate more       but doctors still disagree about the right
resulted in more than 1 million U.S. men        than tripled in men aged 50 to 59 and       approach to PSA screening. Two large
being diagnosed with tumors who might           increased more than a sevenfold in men      studies – one in Europe and one in the
otherwise have suffered no ill effects from     under age 50.                               United States – that aimed to settle the
them, U.S. researchers said on Monday.              And while prostate cancer deaths        matter produced conflicting results.
    They said prostate cancer screening is      have declined since the introduction of         Instead of discarding the PSA test,
a double-edged sword, catching serious          PSA testing, Welch said about 20 men        one solution may to simply watch and
cancers in a few but causing needless           had to be diagnosed and treated for every   wait for signs the tumor is growing. A
worry and expense for the majority of men,      one who benefited.                          study of more than 51,000 men publi-
who may be getting treatment for tumors             Prostate cancer is the second most      shed on Monday i n the Journal of
growing too slowly to do any harm.              common cancer in men worldwide after        Clinical Oncology found men diagnosed
    The team looked to see how many             lung cancer, killing 254,000 men a year     with low-risk tumors who waited were
additional men have been diagnosed with         globally. Doctors have routinely            still doing fine an average of eight years
prostate cancer since the introduction in       recommended PSA screening in men over       after diagnosis – and some as many as
1986 of a widely used blood test for            50 based on the assumption that early       20 years later.
prostate cancer that looked for a prostate-     diagnosis and treatment is better than          If that were the standard approach for
cancer specific antigen, or PSA.                standing by and doing nothing.              low-risk cancers, “.... it might help us avoid
    “Our estimate is that number is about           All current forms of treatment –        throwing the baby out with the bath water
1.3 million people in the United States.        surgery, radiation or hormone therapy       when it comes to the PSA test,” Dr. Martin
That is a huge effect,” said Dr. H. Gilbert     – can cause harm, resulting in impotence    Sanda of Harvard Medical School, who
Welch of the VA Outcomes Group in               and incontinence in about a third of        worked on the study, said in a statement.
White River Junction, Vermont, whose            patients, Welch said.                           Welch said the right answer is not
study appears in the Journal of the                 Just being told you have cancer can     clear, but added that men should be fully
National Cancer Institute.                      do harm, causing anxiety and feelings       informed about the risks of PSA testing.
    More than 1 million of those were           of vulnerability. And having a cancer           “People have to weigh the small
treated, they found.                            diagnosis can mean some people cannot       chance of a big benefit against the rather
    “These are men who could not be helped      get health insurance, Welch said.           larger chance of a harm – and that harm
by treatment because their cancer was not           A U.S. expert panel last year urged     being told you have cancer unnecessarily
destined to cause them symptoms or death,”      doctors to stop screening men over 75,      and treating it unnecessarily,” he said.
Welch said in a telephone interview.
                                                                                            Source: REUTERS/HEALTH – Chicago

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