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                                VOLUME 77   ISSUE 7   JULy 2011

Lights, cameras,
> TImELy Tax aDvICE
aND mORE ...
No. 1 Clarendon Street, East melbourne 3002
Telephone: 03 9468 2600 Fax: 03 9495 6933
Freecall 1800 800 537 (outside metro area only)

Mr Brian Rix − President
9495 6899 (wk) 0419 545 127 (mob)
Mr John Laird − Snr Vice-President (Sth Melbourne CIU)
9646 7475 (wk) 0419 104 383 (mob)
Mr Phil Pearson- Junior Vice-President
(Region 3 H/Q, Broadmeadows)
9759 6680 (wk) 0439 301 741 (mob)
Mr Karl David APM - Treasurer

(Frankston Police Station)
9784 5555 (wk) 0419 822 000 (mob)
Mr Dermot Avon - Assistant Treasurer
(Properties Branch, Business management)
9247 3058 (wk) 0418 582 861 (mob)
Mr Dean Anderson (Transit Safety Division)
9247 3300 (wk) 0438 877 220 (mob)                                                                                                                          Protected
                                                                                                                                                           Industrial Action
Mr Colin Birch (Corio Police Station)
5273 9555 (wk) 0439 326 511 (mob)
Mr John Carter (Carrum Downs Police Station)
8770 4100 (wk) 0418 346 429 (mob)

                                                                                                                                                           begins in earnest
Mr Glenn Holland (Purana Task Force)
9865 2865 (wk) 0425 876 067 (mob)
Mr Paul O’Connell (Moreland CIU)
9355 6052 (wk) 0413 053 882 (mob)
Mr Mark Rose (Melbourne HWP)
8379 0862 (wk) 0419 899 847 (mob)
Mr Dean Thomas (Latrobe CIU)
5131 5040 (wk) 0407 536 322 (mob)

Executive members’ home phone numbers are
available after hours in strictly urgent cases only.
Their numbers may be obtained from the on-line
supervisor at D24 on 9247 3222.
Secretary: Greg Davies
assistant Secretary: Bruce mcKenzie
Legal manager: Tony walsh
Industrial Relations manager: Chris Kennedy
administration manager: Sylvia Loveless
Communications manager: Sandro Lofaro
Editor: Shirley Hardy-Rix

                                                                                                                      14                            18                                    25
PPC worldwide
                                                                                                                                                             Queensland police                 we remember
24-hour, professional counselling                                                                                            Simon Busuttil                  officers mourn                    Tynan & Eyre
1300 361 008
President: Philip Parson 9759 6680 0417 565 462
Secretary: arthur Roberts 9704 2358
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Ph: 03 9937 0200 Fax: 03 9937 0201
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web:                                                                                                         murdered officer

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                                                                                                                            20    Police Credit
                                  VOLUME 77   ISSUE 7   JULY 2011

                                                                                                                            21    ESSSuper
 Lights, cameras,                                                                                                           22    members’ Gallery
 ACTION                                                                                                                     24    your Say
                                                                                             Protected Industrial action.
                                                                                                                            25    Honour wall − Tynan & Eyre
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                                                                                             Photo Greg Noakes

                                                                                                                                                                      The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 01

Let’s not waste this opportunity
to restore our once-great force

                ith the resignation of              It is clear that the OPI has used intrusive
                Chief Commissioner                  telephone intercept powers to snoop on                    Brian rix > PRESIDENT
                Simon Overland, victoria            the private conversations of persons within
                Police Force has an                 government and high office within victoria
                opportunity to re-focus our         Police Force. The question is yet to be
commitment to the people of victoria under          answered as to what heinous crime these              Police association
a new leadership model.                             persons are supposed to have committed
                                                    to warrant such investigative action.
                                                                                                       members are sick
Police association members are sick and
tired of politics infiltrating policing and         The spirit of the Telecommunications
                                                                                                       and tired of politics
influencing decisions to the detriment of           (Interceptions) act allowing telephone             infiltrating policing and
our core function − protecting and serving          intercepts meant that their use was strictly
the people of victoria.                             overseen. a high level of scrutiny over not        influencing decisions
Commentators and media reports talk about
                                                    only the product from the intercepts, but          to the detriment of
                                                    also that investigators had exhausted all
a ‘back to basics’ approach needed in victoria.
It is clear that victorians want an end to social
                                                    other avenues of inquiry and prove, via            our core function −
experimentation and meddling that has done
                                                    affidavit that this was the only course of
                                                    action was strictly enforced. I’m sure those
                                                                                                       protecting and serving
nothing but destroy proven police practices.
Police association members have voiced their
                                                    affidavits would reveal how competent or           the people of victoria.
                                                    otherwise OPI investigators are at doing
opinions loud and clear with the Executive.
                                                    their job in accord with the act. It is clear
They also yearn for a Commissioner who                                                                 ultimate sacrifice. One person from each
                                                    the OPI has no oversighting mechanisms
wants to re-focus on what’s important to                                                               State will be nominated to carry the baton
                                                    and is not accountable to anyone in its
members and the community. Contrary                                                                    to the National Police memorial ceremony.
                                                    application of telephone intercepts.
to what some commentators think, The
                                                                                                       The motorcycle ride will leave the Police
Police association is not stuck in the past.        we are heartened by the comments of mP
                                                                                                       memorial on St Kilda Road on Friday
we want progression and improvement                 andrew mcIntosh, the minister responsible
                                                                                                       16th September after a short memorial
in police practices. we want victoria to have       for implementing the new Independent
                                                                                                       service at 7.30am. The ride will travel to
the best trained, best equipped and best            Broad Based anti Corruption Commission
                                                                                                       Lakes Entrance where local service clubs
supported police force in the country and           that there will be appropriate oversight built
                                                                                                       will provide lunch, then onto merimbula
our members to be rightly compensated               into any new anti-corruption body.
                                                                                                       overnight. On Saturday 17th September,
for the commitment and sacrifices given
                                                                                                       participants will ride to Canberra and
to protecting our community.                        Remembering mates                                  meet up with fellow police officers, their
The Police association believes that there          Once again there will be a wall to wall Ride       friends and family on motorcycles for a
is a great opportunity for a person with            for Remembrance held in 2011. The purpose          joint ride and ceremony at the National
a visionary approach along these lines to           of the event is to remember our colleagues         Police memorial. This year, there will be
take the reins and work with us, the elected        who have paid the ultimate sacrifice               a social evening function at manuka Oval
representatives of the membership, to               protecting their community, promote safe           and a BBQ breakfast on Sunday the 18th at
build victoria Police Force into the great          motorcycling practices and raise funds for         the IDG facility prior to heading home. It is
organisation it has the potential to be.            Police Legacy. memorial batons for each            anticipated that 1,000 riders will participate
                                                    jurisdiction have been hand made and               from all jurisdictions. all Commissioners
OPI abuse of power?                                 will be delivered to each Commissioner             support this event and I encourage all
while yet to be established, there is the           throughout July for use at this year’s event.      members who are interested to log onto
stench of another abuse of power by the             Each baton is hollowed out and will carry pay the registration
Office of Police Integrity.                         the names of members who have paid the             fee and participate in this great event.

                                                                                                     The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 03
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EBA 2011: Great start to
protected industrial action

  want to take this chance to
  congratulate all of our members
                                                    The [protected                                       GrEG DaViES > SECRETARY
  on the way in which you have                   industrial] actions are
  pursued our protected industrial
  actions to date.                               having the desired                                    making the final criteria for applicants

This is your only opportunity to let             effect; be in no doubt                                "victorians need not apply" makes no sense.
                                                                                                       The best candidate cannot possibly be a
Government know how you feel about
being told to take an effective pay cut, after
                                                 of that. your continued                               person who has no knowledge of the history

years of under-resourcing and unrealistic        commitment will ensure                                and traditions, the good and the bad, the
                                                                                                       personalities, players and the expectations
                                                 that the message is                                   of the force and the community in victoria.
The actions are having the desired effect;
be in no doubt of that. your continued           received by Spring                                    The Governor in Council appoints Chief
                                                                                                       Commissioners in this State. That has
commitment will ensure that the message is       Street, and received                                  always been the way and, with only very few
received by Spring Street, and received ‘loud
and clear’.                                      ‘loud and clear’.                                     exceptions, it is a system that has served
                                                                                                       victorians well.
Despite all of the recent issues surrounding     encourage members to regularly check our
                                                                                                       The calls for some sort of unwieldy
policing in victoria, we can assure you that     website − - as that is
                                                                                                       committee to make the decision are
the Enterprise Bargaining is and will remain     currently our best form of communication.
                                                                                                       unrealistic and smack of "we don’t know
our number one priority until a deal is
                                                 New Chief Commissioner:                               whether it would be a better system, but
concluded that provides you with fair and
                                                 Time to ‘Pick a Vic’                                  let’s change it for the sake of it."
reasonable wage outcomes.
                                                 The recent resignation of the former Chief            while bipartisan political support for
That’s no more than you deserve.
                                                 Commissioner provides an opportunity                  the nominated person would be helpful,
The association has been regularly updating      for Government to appoint a home town                 particularly in the current climate, it is the
our website with information as it comes to      candidate.                                            Government of the day who is elected to
hand and has, occasionally, sent SmS text                                                              make these decisions for the community.
                                                 In every state of australia, except South
messages to every member who has lodged
                                                 australia, their police forces are led by a local     It is a vitally important decision, and one that
a mobile telephone number with us, drawing
                                                 (South australia, of course, has a victorian          must be done correctly, but it is the current
attention to some of those updates.
                                                 as their Commissioner). we simply cannot              Government who must make that decision.
we will continue to do that but, while we        understand why it is that victoria now sees           They must then stand back from the new
do not use Police Force e-mails - in line        itself as incapable of producing its own              Chief Commissioner and let him or her get
with our protected industrial action - we        policing leaders.                                     on with the job.

                                                                                                     The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 05
                                                                                                                  photos by

   Lights, Cameras,
   Industrial Action!
    On Tuesday, June 7 at 7.00 am callers to talkback radio began ringing in with
    reports of police cars sitting behind fixed and mobile speed cameras with
    their lights flashing. The protected industrial action had begun.

                his unusual action was all part                                                       when pushed by the media on that point
                of the association’s campaign                                                         Greg Davies said. "I fail to see how a police
                for wage justice for police.                                                          vehicle with its emergency lights activated
                alerting motorists of the                                                             has any adverse impact on the public."
                location of the ‘safety’ cameras
                                                                                                      The motoring public showed their support
    is just part of the industrial campaign
                                                                                                      by tooting their horns as they passed the
    police have been forced to undertake
                                                                                                      police vehicles.
    because of the paltry pay offer made
    by the Bailleau Government.                                                                       The association has been quick to point
                                                                                                      out that police would not be drawn
    The Government has offered a 2.5 per                                                              away from there their duty to carry out
    cent increase with no productivity rises                                                          the industrial action. The public was
    unless police delivered cash back from the                                                        reassured that this action is only done by
    police budget − an impossible hurdle. The                                                         police when they are not on active police
    Police association claim for 4.5 per cent is                                                      duties or response duties. It is protected
    affordable, fair and reasonable.                                                                  industrial action signed off under the
    Police sitting behind camera cars or fixed                                                        Commonwealth Fair work act. It is a
    cameras with their emergency lights                                                               lawful action.
    flashing is not something motorists will                                                          The association believes this action will work
    object to.                                                                                        and achieve a proper pay claim for members
    "If drivers slow down when they see the                                                           and that is as a direct result of the resolve
    police cars they will save themselves some                                                        shown by the members in adhering to the
    money and help the police get a decent pay                                                        working bans.
    rise," said Greg Davies on the first day of the                                                   In the early stages of the industrial
    industrial action.                                                                                action there had been no response from
    The government coffers swell by more than                                                         Government. The association believes
    $5 million per week from speed and red light                                                      it is in for the long haul.
    cameras. Greg Davies predicted that the                                                           "This may take a little while. Our industrial
    industrial action could cost government up                                                        action will end when the Government wants
    to $2 million per week.                                                                           it to end by coming to the table for the first
    Some questioned how police could take this                                                        time in seven months.
    action and not jeopardise public safety.                                                          "The Government needs to strike a deal for
                                                                                                      a wage claim that is now only one per cent
    "The idea of a speed camera is to slow
                                                                                                      above the inflation rate. Ours is not an
    traffic down, but that usually happens
                                                                                                      outrageous claim. we didn’t want to get to
    when people receive a fine in the mail −
                                                                                                      this point. we were forced in to it. we are
    a month or more after the event. while
                                                                                                      talking with Force representatives who have
    that has the effect of slowing down
                                                                                                      no power to discuss wage increases. They
    the next time they are in the car, this
                                                                                                      are not authorised to talk about money.
    has the effect of slowing drivers down
                                                      ABOVE: Greg Davies speaks to the media on the
    at the time. If anything, it increases            first day of the industrial action.
                                                                                                      "If they don’t come to the table it will go
    community safety."                                                                                through until the next election."

06 Protect Represent Support.
Since June 7 you’ve
been actively working
towards getting a
realistic pay deal from

you have:
> Not provided information
  or advice other than in an
  operational context to other
  Government departments or
  agencies, including meeting with
  those departments and agencies.
> Banned the preparation
  and provision of statistical
  information to the victoria Police
  Force, Force management or the
  Government, including completion
  of maS/time attribution sheets.
> Not attended the Supreme or
  County courts as witnesses other
  than in reply to a subpoena.
> Not served subpoenas or
  transport witnesses for the Office
  of Public Prosecutions.
> Not volunteered to perform
  voluntary duties under Clause 11
  of the victoria Police workplace
  agreement 2007.
> Not used email.
> Not taken receipt of speed
  camera films at police stations
> attended at locations where fixed
  speed and red light cameras, or
  mobile speed camera cars are in
  place and activated the flashing
  lights on your vehicles, for periods
  of up to 15 minutes at a time.

RIGHT: alerting motorists of a speed camera.

                                               The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 07
    start to
    Members continue to let
    their displeasure at the
    Government’s wage offer
    be known from the day
    the protected industrial
    action began last month.
    Time isn’t dampening your
    enthusiasm. Our industrial
    action must continue

              he association has received a
              steady stream of encouraging
              feedback from members about
              the effective impact these actions
              are having.
    when you park near a fixed or mobile
    speed camera motorists are slowing down
    in response to your warnings. This is
    keeping the motorists safe and affecting
    government revenue from these normally
    lucrative speed cameras. This is happening
    across the state, not just in melbourne.
    Some members are being told by camera
    operators that capture rates by some
                                                     ABOVE: motorists have no doubt there are speed or red light cameras in these areas.
    cameras have declined substantially; some
    by as much as 90 per cent as a result of the
    industrial action.                             speed camera locations with plenty of time                  while this is extremely pleasing, we urge
                                                   to slow down.                                               members to continue to enforce these
    many motorists are also honking their horns
                                                                                                               actions unabated. There is no room for
    as they pass the police cars with emergency    and we know that you are not neglecting your
    lights activated. They are showing their       other duties by spending 10 or 15 minutes of
    support for the police’s fight for improved    your shift at a camera location rather than                 Only by continuing these actions are we able
    wages and they are showing their thanks for    going back to the station for a break.                      to maximise our bargaining strength at this
    the warning.                                                                                               critical stage of the negotiation process.
                                                   moreover, our feedback is also telling us
    Peak hour traffic heading in to melbourne      that the other industrial actions enforced                  The government has to listen to our
    from Geelong and the western suburbs were      by members are similarly having the                         calls for a fair and reasonable outcome
    among the motorists who could see the          desired impact.                                             to EB 2011.
08 Protect Represent Support.

Stressed out by your rejected
stress claim? Help is at hand
                                                                                                                 ChriS KEnnEDy >

           he association has noticed a          action’ includes but is not limited to a range             INDuSTRIAL RELATIONS
           growing trend in the number of        of different actions including; performance                            MANAGER
           stress claims being rejected by       appraisal, suspension, transfers, demotion/
           the Force’s workCover insurer         promotion, dismissal etc.
           over the past year.
                                                 Because of the changes to this clause,             For this reason it is vital that members
In april 2010, following an extensive review     on most occasions, workCover insurers              record stressful incidents at work, either
of workers Compensation laws, the victorian      are likely to reject a claim on the basis of       with supervisors or higher management
Government decided to make many                  reasonable management action unless the            and keep contemporaneous notes in their
amendments, which have had the effect of         worker can prove that their stress has been        day book.
making it more difficult for our members         caused by reasons other than the action
                                                                                                    If you are feeling stressed and are not
to have their workCover claims approved,         taken by management.
                                                                                                    travelling well at work or at home, see a
particularly those relating to stress.
                                                 Because the list of management actions             doctor. It is important that an assessment
Changes made to section 82(2a) of the            now has no limit, claims are likely to be          takes place at the time you are feeling
accident Compensation act, which expressly       rejected and harder to dispute.                    stressed. Clinical notes made by a doctor
applies to ‘mental injury’ claims, effectively                                                      should be used as evidence for any
                                                 Prior to these changes made to the act,
broadened the number of exclusions                                                                  underlying psychological injuries should you
                                                 most rejected stress claims made by police
to eligibility for compensation for those                                                           need to lodge a claim in the future.
                                                 were overturned once it was issued in court.
members who suffer stress related injuries.
                                                                                                    If you’re thinking of lodging a workCover
In short − they have broadened what they         Sometimes issues of performance or
                                                                                                    claim for stress, we urge you to contact the
don’t have to pay you for.                       behaviour are the symptoms of a pre-
                                                                                                    association in the first instance.
                                                 existing stress-related injury. Policing
The act now states that there is no
                                                 is a job that is inherently stressful              The association has a full-time workCover
entitlement to compensation for a worker
                                                 and in most cases the stress has                   officer on staff to offer specialist advice and
with a ‘mental injury’ that is caused
                                                 developed over a period of time and is             assistance to members who are claiming
wholly or predominantly by ‘reasonable
                                                 often not recorded until later. However,           compensation for work-related injuries.
management action’.
                                                 members seem to only seek assistance               we also offer expert legal service to all
Herein lies the big change − it then goes on     when their performance or behaviour                members who require advice on any workers
to explain that ‘reasonable management           is questioned.                                     compensation matter.

   nEED ConfiDEntial anD profESSional CounSEllinG?
   Members should also be aware that the Association offers a range of welfare
   services including a 24-hour counselling service through our Member Assistance
   Program. PPC Worldwide is an organisation contracted by the Association
   to provide our members and their families access to free professional and
   confidential counselling.
   Members should note that any consultations with PPC Worldwide are kept
   strictly confidential and no records are provided to the Victoria Police Force as
   your employer.
   If you or a member of your family requires assistance for any kind of problem,
   whether personal or work-related, contact the following number to arrange an
   appointment with a professional counsellor anytime: 1300 361 008

                                                                                                  The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 09
                                    Investigating: Your future
                                    Graduate Certificate in Fraud Investigation
                                    Graduate Diploma in Fraud Investigation
                                    These highly regarded courses are conducted by La Trobe University in conjunction
                                    with the Major Fraud Investigation Division (Victoria Police).
                                    Run by experts practising in the field using real life case studies, the courses are
                                    designed to help advance your career prospects by improving your investigative skills.
                                    Both courses are offered in block mode (2 x 1 week) while the Certificate also has the
                                    option of semester mode (Tuesday evenings).
                                    Apply now
                                    1300 509 779

                                                                                                                             CRICOS Provider 00115M
                     Turn YOUR policing experience into a qualification today

    The College for Law and Justice Administration is committed to recognising police experience,
knowledge, skills and training to provide current and former Australian Police Officers with Recognition
  of Prior Learning (RPL) towards one or more of the following Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

  Qualifications:                                      Receive the credit you deserve...
  Government:                                          Justice:
  Certificate IV in Government (Fraud Control)         Certificate III in Police Studies
  Certificate IV in Government (Investigation)         Certificate IV in Justice Administration
  Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)                Diploma of Justice Administration
  Diploma of Government (Investigation)                Advanced Diploma of Justice
  Diploma of Government (Management)
  Advanced Diploma of Government (Management)          Investigations:
                                                       Certificate III in Investigative Services
  Certificate IV in Business
                                                       Legal Services:
  Diploma of Business                                  Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)
                                                       Certificate IV in Legal Services - for Police Prosecutors
  Certificate IV in Frontline Management               Training and Assessment:
  Diploma of Management                                Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) for Police Trainers
  Security and Risk Management:
  Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management       Apply at:
  Diploma of Security and Risk Management
                                                                                                                                > OPINION

Our take on Simon
Overland’s resignation
On Thursday, June 16 Chief Commissioner Simon Overland announced his resignation.
This opinion piece by The Police Association’s Secretary Greg Davies was published in
the Herald Sun on Friday, June 17.

T                                                     For a Chief Commissioner to resign his
      he victoria Police Force belongs
      to the people of this state − you
      pay for it, it exists to serve you and         position can never be a good thing. what can
protect you and to act as a Force for good,
on your behalf.                                      be salvaged, however, is that it presents a
In the current state of policing in victoria,        major circuit-breaker in the turmoil that has
now is a time for consolidation. Stability,
consolidation and a future direction, built on
                                                     engulfed policing in this state for too long.
the solid foundations of community based
policing, is what is needed now.
                                                     > GREG DAVIES
make no mistake, yesterday was not a good
day for the victoria Police Force. For a Chief
Commissioner to resign his position can
                                                 the safety of victorians. The most critical         for him, and we have not spoken for over
never be a good thing. what can be salvaged,
                                                 appointment in respect to the safety of             three weeks and I have no idea of what his
however, is that it presents a major circuit-
                                                 victorians is that of the Office of the Chief       intentions may be.
breaker in the turmoil that has engulfed
                                                 Commissioner of Police.                             Our job is to represent our 12,200 members
policing in this state for too long.
                                                 It is our view that Government, via the             to the best of our ability. all those
we believe it is the perfect opportunity                                                             members want is to be well-led, to be
                                                 Governor in Council, needs to appoint either;
to stop, take a deep breath and go back                                                              resourced and fairly paid to do the job
                                                 a victorian who has come through the ranks
to basics while we wait for the next Chief                                                           they do for the community and to not be
                                                 and understands the history and traditions,
Commissioner to be appointed.                                                                        subjected to constant change that is seen,
                                                 the good and bad and the requirements of
On that issue, I have been asked who the         working police officers; or a person with a         by many, to lack sound purpose.
Police association believes should be the        thorough knowledge of community based               we will do our best, despite the views
next Chief Commissioner. One thing is clear      policing and who has the talent to lead your        of those who believe otherwise, to work
- it is absolutely crucial that Government       police force into the future in a way that best     professionally with whoever is appointed
makes the right choice.                          serves you.                                         as victoria’s next Chief Commissioner.
The future of victoria itself is very much       I am also asked about the future of Sir Ken         we should both be aiming for the same
in the hands of our current Government,          Jones. The simple answer to that is "I do           outcome − a better Force for the victorian
and their number one duty is to ensure           not know." what Sir Ken does is a matter            community.

                                                                                                   The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 11
     > OH&S

    Training to improve occupational health & safety
    Safety in the workplace
    is a priority for The Police
    Association. Our training
    courses ensure that
    Health & Safety Reps
    and their deputies have
    the best possible training
    that is police specific and
    WorkSafe approved.

              he association training course
              uses real-life and current police
                                                    TOP: an OH&S training course.
              examples to make the health
                                                    ABOVE: The association’s Occupational Heath & Safety Officer michael Clarke.
              and safety theory as relevant as
              possible to police duties.
    "It helps bring about change and improving    says michael Clarke, the association’s                      The course also enables HSRs:
    health and safety by educating reps about     Occupational Health & Safety Officer.
                                                                                                              > To a have better understanding of the
    all their powers under the Health and         The courses supply basic information and
                                                                                                                objectives of the OHS act 2004 and their
    Safety act and how to work in cooperation     skills required for Health & Safety Reps
                                                                                                                role under the act;
    with the employer and their managers and      (HSRs) to successfully exercise their powers
    how to use all the powers under the act to    under the victorian Occupational Health &                   > To have an increased knowledge of their
    legally encourage the employer to make        Safety (OHS) act 2004 and victorian OHS                       powers under the OHS legislation and
    some health and safety improvements,"         Regulations 2007.                                             know how to exercise these powers;
12 Protect Represent Support.
photos by

  What members say about the oh&S training course

  The association course is             I’ve had some issues in the         I want to improve the state            I want to make sure that the
  directed for us. It is definitely     past that weren’t handled           of the workplace. a safe               members’ voices are heard
  the best way to do it.                as they should have been. I         workplace is what we really            and their workplace health and
  michael is a great presenter.         think that by making myself         need. It is such a unique job −        wellbeing is looked after. This
  It’s been great.                      available I can make a              the association course is the          course being police specific
                                        difference and be a voice for       one to do.                             helps. I kept getting the jobs
  > Senior Constable Keith
                                        the members. I have a passion                                              to make sure we didn’t get so
    Patterson − Sale                                                        > Detective Andrew Eyries
                                        for workplace safety. Being                                                many injuries in the workplace
                                                                              − Melton CIU
                                        police specific, this course                                               so I knew the course would
                                        gives us the information that                                              help me.
                                        can make a difference to the
                                                                                                                   > Kevin Bayliss − Academy
                                        people we are working with.
                                        > Sergeant Duncan Bartley
                                          − Endeavour Hills

> To increase their skills in representing         everything a police officer does during their       The Police association’s training for Health
  members of their designated work group           working day from getting in and out of the          & Safety Reps is the only course in victoria
  including consulting, issue resolution and       van to how they sit at the computer when            that is specifically tailored to the needs of
  negotiating with their employer; and             completing their paperwork. and it also             police. It is the only course that uses police
> To increase knowledge of where and               covers how you arrest an offender.                  examples for the training.
  how to obtain assistance in dealing with         "manual handling covers the vast majority           "It’s a course that has been running for 27
  hazards and dangerous situations                 of police work," says michael. "workSafe has        years − training more than 100 reps each
The police specific component of the training      told the Force and the association that it          year. we’ve attained a lot of knowledge
course covers everything from the murder of        is extremely concerned about the number             and expertise about the policing industry
police on the job to semi-automatic pistols        of manual handling injuries that happen             and how to make the policing environment
to the design of police stations. Even details     within the victoria Police Force. we tailor our     safer," says michael.
such as where squads are housed can be a           courses to make sure our HSRs know what
                                                                                                       Courses are running regularly − if you
health and safety issue.                           manual handling is."
                                                                                                       are interested you can register your
"Basically everything that is current within       The association is committed to working             interest through the association’s website
the victoria Police Force in a health and safety   directly with our members, their health and         − Or contact michael
sense is used to make the course as interesting    safety representatives, the victoria Police         Clarke at the association. The association
and relevant as possible," says michael.           Force and workSafe to achieve a state               urges all members to become actively
One issue that is of major importance is           of complete physical, mental and social             involved in improving their workplace
manual handling. This covers just about            wellbeing in their working environment.             health and safety.
                                                                                                     The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 13
                                                ABOVE: Simon today and after the assualt.

                                                           bout five years ago Simon

       Simon Busuttil
                                                           was off duty and driving home
                                                           through Broadmeadows about
                                                           11.00 pm when he was forced
                                                           off the road by a motorist who
                                                continued on their way. when Simon caught

       In praise of the association             up with the errant driver he got out and
                                                asked to see the driver’s licence. at that
                                                point he was attacked from behind by three
                                                men. The driver joined in. They didn’t know
       Leading Senior Constable Simon           Simon was in the job.

       Busuttil was a man with problems.        "The first blow took my nose out. I couldn’t
                                                see because of the blood in my eyes. They

       He’d been the victim of a vicious,       punched and kicked me. I don’t know how
                                                long the attack went for," recalls Simon. "The

       unprovoked assault and was struggling    next thing I knew the ambulance was there."

                                                There was never any suggestion that
       with the physical and emotional scars    Simon had done anything wrong.
                                                "my manner wasn’t aggressive. I didn’t really
       left by the attack. He doesn’t know      care about the damage to the car and I was
                                                about ready to go because I didn’t think he
       where he would be today without the      could speak English."

       help of The Police Association.          The attack left Simon with a split liver,
                                                a broken nose which required surgery,
                                                a broken finger and bruising to his shoulders
14 Protect Represent Support.
photos by

and back. His attackers jumped on his head.
They kicked him and bashed him. Simon still
has on-going back problems. He came back
to work after four weeks. He just wanted
to get back to normality. He didn’t want to
become bitter and twisted.
Simon took what he describes as a "separate
seat" from the investigation. He knew the
investigators had the offenders in custody in
the first week. "The court case was far worse
than the actual assault. I suffered Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during this
time. I got angry and my family suffered."
Simon doesn’t like talking about those days.
He finds it all very difficult.
"I felt more of a victim during the court
cases. It was like I was on trial and I took
that out on my family. If it wasn’t for the
association I wouldn’t be in the job."
Simon contacted the association and got
assistance from the member assistance
Program. The counselling has helped him
get over the anger.
"I needed someone to talk to and
happened quickly. I was a volcano that
was going to erupt.                                  without the association’s Legal
I felt helpless. my natural reaction was to
get them, but that is wrong. at that point
                                                    Representation Cost Fund I wouldn’t
I was prepared to throw my whole life away.
I saw myself behaving badly. I knew I was
                                                    have been able to pursue them.
better than that."
Three of Simon’s attackers were convicted        to remind them that they owe the money.          member assistance Program in The Police
but at the end of the court case he didn’t       For me that is justice. Imagine getting a        association Journal. There was no doubt
feel as if he received justice. One walked       letter after five years saying you are still     in his mind that he needed help and he
free. He thought the legal system would fill     accountable. Every couple of years I’ll be       needed it quickly.
the void left by the trial but it didn’t. Upon   seeing what they’ve got and going after it."
                                                                                                  "It was two or three years after the assault
conviction a sentencing order application
                                                 The money received so far is in a legal          that things started to get to me. I’m not
was made for financial restitution for
                                                 trust account. Simon will need to repay          upset because I got belted but I am upset
Simon. It was granted by the Country Court
                                                 the legal fees from the money he gets from       about what I put other people through
Judge, but it was a matter of how to get the
                                                 the offenders. and this doesn’t matter to        because of the PTSD.
$55,000 from the convicted men.
                                                 him at all.
                                                                                                  "It is important for blokes to recognise this.
"without the association’s Legal
                                                 "I don’t care if all the money goes in legal     It might hit you in a month or even three.
Representation Cost Fund (LRCF) I wouldn’t
                                                 fees. I just want to give them something         It can creep up on you. you don’t even realise
have been able to pursue them," says Simon.
                                                 to think about. I can’t make them be             and unless you have support you are not
Simon’s local association Delegate advised       responsible but I want to make them think.       going to make it through − I don’t care who
him that he could make an application                                                             you are."
                                                 "It stopped me from trying for another form
through the LRCF. Simon knew you could
                                                 of justice. Their correspondence is finally
apply for funding if you were charged with                                                          If you require assistance for any kind
                                                 showing some sort of remorse. It is getting
something. He didn’t realise he could make                                                          of problem, whether personal or work-
                                                 through their thick skulls that they can’t
an application as a victim.                                                                         related contact PPC Worldwide for
                                                 do this type of thing and get away with
                                                                                                    an appointment with a professional
Simon was funded straight away and was           it. I would not have been able to pursue it
                                                                                                    counsellor > 1300 361 008
then put in touch with the association’s         without the fund. I’ll pay the association
lawyer, Tony Hargreaves.                         back − I think that is important."
                                                                                                         Have a view about this story?
"we’ve got $15,000 so far and we’ll keep         and it wasn’t just the Legal Representation
                                                                                                      Send your comments or feedback to
pursuing them for the rest. we will just keep    Cost Fund that helped Simon through
sending legal letters every couple of years      this difficult time. He had read about the
                                                                                                The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 15
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                                                                                                                         Proudly serving our members
                                                                                                                        > DelegATe Profile

Jason Kisielis
A man with
many uniforms
Why and when did you join the job?
I started at the Victorian Police Academy in
November 2000. I always wanted to serve in
some capacity as a career but did not want
to travel too far from friends and family so        Above: Jason and his wife Samantha at an event in Tasmania. Jason is dressed as a US airborne soldier WW2 and
did not go full time with the defence forces.       Samantha and Australian Army Nurse WW2. Her uniform is actually real and was worn by an Australian Army
                                                    Nurse in Papua New Guinea.
My father suggested the Victoria Police
Force early 2000. I thought sounded like a
good idea and I am still here today.

What did you do before joining the job?
I worked at Ford Motor Company on the
permanent night shift as a melt furnace
operator for five years. I studied accountancy
for two years and was an Army Reservist for
two years.

Why did you become a delegate?
My first involvement with a union was
working for Ford. It was there I got to see
firsthand the benefits of working together
collectively to achieve a common goal. When
I joined the Victoria Police Force I felt it is
important to be properly represented and
so stuck my hand up. This way, instead of
just talking about issues I can actually do
something to help solving them.                   What is your favourite war story?                          the centre console. The guy ran off with
                                                  My second ever drink driver brief went to an               me running after him. I managed to call for
What is your most significant                                                                                back up. My poor offsider was stuck in the
                                                  ex-parte hearing at the Preston Magistrates’
achievement as a delegate?                                                                                   drive through behind other cars. I found
                                                  Court. The Magistrate issued a six-month
I cannot think of any one achievement but         warrant to imprison. One night we got                      the offender hiding under another vehicle
can say I am most satisfied when members          a call to Crown Casino. It was the usual                   with the key that belonged to the stolen SS.
I represent thank me and tell me I am doing       story, drunk male complaining about being                  My offsider then rocked up, minus our order.
a good job.                                       assaulted by security after being ejected. The             The crook made a 'no comment' interview
                                                  bloke looked familiar but I couldn’t place him.            but he copped four years.
How can your members best help you?               When I lodged him for four hours his real
Let me know what the issues area and              details came up and I remembered. I raced                  What do you do outside the job?
give me any sort of feedback. Most of all         back to the station, grabbed the warrant and,              I am keen enthusiast for military history and
stick together.                                   in person, gave the offender the good news.                actually re-enact WW2 battles. This involves
                                                                                                             me dressing up as the enemy and on a
What do you like most about working in            What has been your career highlight?                       battlefield, using real guns, tanks, artillery,
your area?                                        On a quiet night shift my off-sider and I                  pyrotechnics etc recreating battles. I am
I have worked at eight stations, the majority     decided to get some Macca’s about 2am. On                  also a keen car enthusiast. I love my Fords,
being in the western suburbs. Out west            the way into the drive through I noticed a                 mainly the late model varieties. I have been
the crews are often very junior, but always       brand new SS ute, that seemed out of place.                on drag strips, tracks, courses and too many
willing to have a go. The van starts the shift    The plates came up as listed. We’d already                 show’n’shines.
with 10 jobs, cops another 20 and keeps           ordered so I left my offsider and I checked
taking them and keeps soldiering away.            out the ute. I saw a bloke start to walk away              How would you like to be remembered?
Management is generally understanding             from it. He looked as sus as. I saw a sawn                 Just as a hard-working, genuine guy who
of our work load and cut us some slack.           off rifle jammed in between the seat and                   cared about his fellow members.
                                                                                                          The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 17
    The inherent dangers of
    policing came home to
    police around Australia in
    May when Detective Senior
    Constable Damian Leeding
    was critically wounded
    when he responded to a
    call to an armed robbery at
    a Gold Coast hotel. A few
    days after Damian was
    shot his family made the
    difficult decision to turn off
    his life-support system.                           Above: Damian Leeding with his wife Sonya and two-year-old Hudson and baby, Grace.

   Queensland mourns murdered officer

              resident of the Queensland Police      a hero to the entire nation. Most importantly            "Damo loved to speak about his family.
              Union, Ian Leavers said, "Today        we will ensure that Hudson and Grace will                He loved to tell us stories about Hudson and
              we pay tribute to Detective Senior     grow up to know what a hero their dada                   what his latest achievement was. He loved
              Constable Damian Leeding who           was. Damo, you can now rest in peace my                  to talk about Grace and what a good baby
              has tragically succumbed to            friend with the knowledge that we will take              she was. He loved Sonya. We would always
    catastrophic injuries that he sustained when     care of Sonya, Hudson and Grace. We will                 stir him that he was batting well above his
    he was shot by an alleged armed robber           miss you. I will miss you mate.                          average being married to Sonya. Damo loved
    whilst on duty last Sunday night.                                                                         nothing more in life than his family.
                                                     After the funeral Warwick Brown wrote this,
    "Detective Senior Constable Leeding was          in tribute to Damien Leeding.                            On Sunday 29th May 2011, our mate was
    a brave and courageous officer and a role                                                                 tragically taken from us. This incident has
                                                     "Normally when someone tragically passes
    model. He was killed on duty doing the job                                                                torn a massive hole in the hearts off all
                                                     there are numerous tributes paid to this
    he loved and whilst he was keeping the                                                                    of his Coomera Team mates and police
                                                     person. There have been thousands
    community safe.                                                                                           colleagues."
                                                     of tributes paid to Damian over the past
    "Our hearts go out to Damian’s wife Sonya,       week. Each and every one of these tributes               Vale Detective Senior Constable
    also a police officer, and his two beautiful     is well deserved by the champion bloke that              Damian Leeding.
    young children, Hudson, 2, and Grace, 3          Damo was.
    months. The Union knows that it is a very
                                                     "We at the Coomera CIB were fortunate
    difficult time for Sonya and as a member
                                                     enough to have had the opportunity to work
    of our union there will be nothing we will not                                                               The Queensland Police Union has
                                                     alongside this extraordinary man.
    be willing to do to help her, Hudson, Grace                                                                  established a bank account for those
    and Damian’s extended family through this        "Damian was a hard worker who would                         wishing to make a donation for the
    difficult time."                                 ruthlessly pursue any crook that came                       benefit of Detective Senior Constable
                                                     across his path. As much as Damo enjoyed                    Damian Leeding’s family.
    Almost 4000 mourners attended Damian
                                                     catching the crooks he was always fair in                   Donations can be made at the
    Leeding’s funeral, including representatives
                                                     his dealings with them. I have personally                   Queensland Credit Union.
    from police associations and police forces
                                                     been present when Damian has spoken to                      For those wishing to donate, the details
    from around Australia.
                                                     crooks that he has pinched in the past and                  for transferring funds are as follows:
    One of Damian’s colleagues, Detective Senior     observed the respect that even some of                      Qld Police Credit Union Account:
    Constable Warwick Brown, spoke with              them had for him.
                                                                                                                 Damian Leeding Remembrance
    passion and emotion about his mate.
                                                     "Damo was a good bloke to have around the                   Fund
    A hero is described as a man of distinct         office. He loved to have a joke. He loved to                bSb: 704 052
    courage and ability who is admired for his       tell a good story. He was always scheming                   Account No: 1041646
    brave deeds and noble qualities. Damo you        his next prank. He was a good friend and a                  Message to appear in account: (person’s
    are our hero, and I know how much you            good listener. Damo was always there to                     name who is donating).
    would have hated all this attention. You are     back you up.
18 Protect represent Support.
A better way to claim against
negligent financial advisors
SLAteR & GoRDoN hAS inTroDuceD An innoVATion                                                          their claim knowing that their costs, and,
                                                                                                      if necessary, those of their opponent, are
for AuSTrAliAnS Trying To recoVer Their loSSeS                                                        largely covered. This is an innovation for
Due To bAD finAnciAl ADVice - A new SerVice which                                                     Australian investors; the prospect of a
cAn incluDe AcceSS To inSurAnce AgAinST The riSk                                                      No Win-No FeeTM arrangement for their own
                                                                                                      legal fees as well as the potential to access
of A hefTy legAl bill if They loSe Their clAim.                                                       insurance in relation to the other sides’

                                                                                                      costs. This model is already widely available
      imilar to the firm’s No Win-No FeeTM       RECOVERTM will fill a void in the current
                                                                                                      to claimants in the UK."
      legal service for personal injury          Australian legal market by giving mum and
      claims, the RECOVERTM service offers       dad investors options, including not having          "A core value of Slater & Gordon is to make
eligible investors the opportunity to pay        to pay upfront the ongoing legal costs of            legal services affordable to more Australians
their lawyers’ litigation legal fees − and the   often expensive litigation to pursue valid           − RECOVERTM will allow access to justice
premium for any insurance taken by them −        claims against negligent advisors.                   for more mum and dad investors who have
only if their case is successful.                                                                     suffered loss from bad financial advice."
                                                 "It will give people the option of pursuing
RECOVERTM can include the following options      justice without worrying about throwing              Members interested in finding out more
for eligible individuals:                        good money after a bad investment,"                  about the RECOVERTM service or any other
                                                 Mr Fowlie said. "Litigation always has a             services offered by Slater & Gordon can
> A fixed price assessment of the merits
                                                 degree of uncertainty - RECOVERTM can                contact Slater & Gordon on 1800 555 777
  of their case before legal action is begun
                                                 minimise that uncertainty."                          or make an appointment at the fortnightly
> A No Win-No FeeTM arrangement for their                                                             visiting service at The Police Association’s
                                                 For many individuals, the upfront cost of
  own legal costs if legal action proceeds                                                            head office.
                                                 legal action or the risk of adverse costs
> Access to insurance (provided by a third       has discouraged them from pursuing their             * Eligibility for insurance cover is determined
  party) to cover the defendant’s legal costs    legal rights unless part of a class action.          by the insurance provider that offers
  and their own disbursements if their case      For individual investors, the Financial              the product. Slater & Gordon Ltd is not
  is unsuccessful*                               Ombudsman Service can only award up to               authorised to provide or recommend
                                                 a limit of $150,000 while litigation funders         insurance products.
ASIC’s recent report "Compensation for retail
                                                 tend to only fund much larger individual
investors" found that some investors who
                                                 investor claims. For those in between, Slater
could have sought compensation did not
                                                 & Gordon’s new service, RECOVERTM, may be
do so, while others were unwilling to spend
                                                 the answer.
money on getting legal advice. The report
found that cost was one of the main barriers     "Individuals can now get a fixed price
to investors pursuing legal action against       assessment of the merits of their case, and
a financial planner to recover their loss.       for eligible clients we will offer arrangements
One investor interviewed for the report          where further fees will be payable only on a
was quoted as saying "I wasn’t going to risk     successful outcome," Mr Fowlie says.
any more money".
                                                 "In addition, insurance can provide protection
Slater & Gordon’s head of commercial             to eligible clients if their claim is ultimately
and project litigation, Ken Fowlie, says         unsuccessful. Individuals can thus start

                                                                                                    The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 19
     > finAnce

   End of Financial Year
   - Helpful tips to get your house in order
    tHe eND oF FiNANciAL yeAR hAS come ArounD AgAin you no DoubT you will be
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    discounts on their standard variable rates,       logon to pc.easynet and open a high
    but if the quoted standard variable rates         interest earning bonus saver or easy invest
    are quite high to begin with the discount         account
                                                                                                       Police Association Credit Co-operative Limited ABN
    can be overstated. Police Credits home loan                                                        33 087 651 661 AFSL/ACL 240293 (Police Credit). PC
    centre would be pleased to provide you            Protect yourself from Fraud                      Premium Home Package: Fees and charges apply.
                                                                                                       Information on terms & conditions, interest rates and
    with a free no obligation home loan quote         You will all be coming a little desensitised     fees and charges applying to our products and services
    by calling 136373 option 4. Even if you are       to how much fraud and the variety of             is available on application or request. Credit / Loan
    after assurance that your currently being         financial scams are circulating. The most        Applications are subject to Police Credit’s credit approval
                                                                                                       criteria. Loan applicants must be over 18 years of
    given a fair and reasonable deal. There’s         recent Sony example is a very real reminder      age. Police Credit 121 Cardigan St Carlton 3053. www.
    never been a better time to refinance to PC       of just how mainstream financial scams 

20 Protect represent Support.
Are your retirement savings being
eaten away by commissions?
ALL too oFteN PeoPle Are cAughT ouT when They receiVe ADVice from A finAnciAl
PlAnner for liTTle or no uP fronT coST, only To DiScoVer ThAT exPenSiVe
ADViSer commiSSionS AnD TrAiling feeS Are being DeDucTeD eAch yeAr from
The money They hAVe inVeSTeD.

       he superannuation and financial                        2. Details of fees and costs for the product                   organisation, Industry Fund Financial
       planning industries are currently being                   will be clearly disclosed in the Product                    Planning (IFFP), to provide members
       reviewed by the Federal Government                        Disclosure Statement which you can                          with fee for service financial advice.
with a view to make things fairer and safer                      compare against other products you                          No commissions and no hidden fees.
for consumers. This review is known as the                       are considering. All licensed financial
                                                                                                                             ESSSuper recommends that members
"Future of Financial Advice" (FOFA). Whilst                      product providers are required to provide
                                                                                                                             meet with one of their Member Education
this review is underway, it’s important                          this information. If they won’t give you
                                                                                                                             Consultants before making an appointment
that consumers are aware of the level of                         anything in writing then walk away.
                                                                                                                             with a financial planner. Member Education
fees, commissions and adviser service fees
                                                              3. Ask your financial planner to:                              Consultants are able to provide general
being paid to superannuation funds and/or
                                                                                                                             financial advice. They are experts in your
financial planners.                                               a. Provide evidence that they hold
                                                                                                                             fund and if necessary, will refer you to a
                                                                     an Australian Financial Services
The FOFA review has received submissions                                                                                     qualified financial planner who will provide
                                                                     Licence (AFSL) or are an authorised
from industry that indicates commissions                                                                                     you with personal financial advice that
                                                                     representative of an AFSL holder.
are not good for consumers. This is                                                                                          takes into account your specific financial
because financial planners may be swayed                          b. Provide you with a Financial Services                   needs and objectives to help you prepare
to recommend a product with a higher                                 Guide that indicates whether the                        for retirement.
commission payable to them rather than                               adviser is able to provide personal
                                                                                                                             To make an appointment with an
a product, such as a not for profit fund like                        advice about superannuation and
                                                                                                                             ESSSuper Member Education Consultant
ESSSuper, which meets their client’s needs                           other financial services.
                                                                                                                             or for more information about financial
at a lower cost.
                                                                  c. Explain the fees and costs of the                       planning, please call our Member Contact
One of the easiest ways to improve the                               superannuation fund they are                            Centre on 1300 650 161.
return on your investment is to limit the                            recommending and what are the
costs you incur along the way. The more                              benefits and risks of the product.
money you save, the more is available for
                                                                  d. Provide details about any commission
your retirement.
                                                                     they will be paid to sell this product
As the super Fund responsible for your ESSS                          to you and what services they will
Defined Benefit Fund and Accumulation                                provide as a result of these fees?
Plan, ESSSuper wants to make sure you
                                                                  e. Provide details about any
have all the information you need to help
                                                                     establishment costs?
you get the best retirement outcomes.
Here are some handy hints that could help                         f. Provide details about any advisers
save you!                                                            services fees payable and how much                         ESSSuper
                                                                     are they each year?                                        never pays commissions. You can
1. Ask your superannuation fund what are                                                                                        choose to pay an Industry Fund
   the fees to start up, what are the ongoing                 Need financial advice, but not sure                               Financial Planner for financial advice
   costs and do they pay commissions to                       where to start? ESSSuper has ‘partnered’                          if and when you need it!
   financial planners to sell their product?                  with a licensed financial planning

important information
>   ESSSuper is the superannuation fund for current and former Victorian emergency services employees, public sector employees and their spouses.
>   Before making a decision about an ESSSuper product or service you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available at or by calling
    ESSSuper’s Member Contact Centre, and the appropriateness of the product to your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. It may also be beneficial to seek professional
    advice from a licensed financial planner or adviser.
>   Industry Fund Financial Planning (IFFP) is a division of Industry Fund Services Pty Ltd ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL 232514. ESSSuper is not a representative of IFFP and receives no
    commission when making a referral to this service. Neither the Board, nor the Victorian Government, guarantee or endorse any recommendations made by IFFP, or are responsible
    for the advice and actions of IFFP.

                                                                                                                          The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 21
     > eVenTS gAllery

      LeFt-RiGHt: Nerio Baldini (Industrial Officer), Bruce McKenzie (Asst. Secretary), Bernie Elliott (Discipline Advocate) and Kaye Murphy (Welfare Officer).

    Association staff
    rack up 10 years                                                    Nominations for sports awards
                                                                        The Victoria Police Amateur Sports and Welfare Society will hold the 2011 Victoria
    of service                                                          Police Sports Awards on Tuesday 13 September at 7.30 pm in the ‘Celebrity Room’ at
                                                                        the Moonee Valley Racing Club.
    Last month four long-serving Association
    staff members were recognised for a decade                          Nominations are sought in the following categories:
    of dedicated service. The Association’s Kaye                        > Most Outstanding Sporting or Welfare Achievement of the Year
    Murphy, Bernie Elliott, Nerio Baldini and
    Bruce McKenzie, were all presented with a                           > Most Outstanding Police Team/Club of the Year
    certificate in recognition of the exceptional                       > Victoria Police Sports or Welfare Administrator of the Year
    service they have provided to police
                                                                        > Victoria Police Amateur Sports Athlete Scholarship
    members over a ten year period.
                                                                        > Victoria Police Sporting Hall of Fame.
    Their hard work and commitment to the
    Association has not gone unnoticed. It is                           Nomination forms can be obtained from vic Hawking at the Health Promotion Unit,
    truly appreciated by the Secretary, their                           on telephone 9566 9470 or from website: . the closing date for
    fellow staff members and across the                                 nominations is cob tuesday 20 July 2011.
    broader membership.
                                                                        N.B. The Victoria Police Amateur Sports and Welfare Society AGM will be held on
    So after ten long years we say thank you!                           Wednesday 27 July 2011 at the Police Academy.

22 Protect represent Support.
   Police Association President Brian Rix retires
   Brian Rix, the President of The Police
   Association is retiring after almost 35 years
   in the job, 12 years as a member of the
   Association’s Executive and for the past five
   years as its full-time President.
   All are invited to attend his retirement
   Where: The Old City Watch House,
   Russell Street, Melbourne
   When: Friday, September 9, 2011 from
   6.30pm until midnight
   cost: $60.00 − all inclusive
   Payments can be made to Police Credit
   Account 617452 (S1) nominating the brian
   Rix Retirement Function as well as including
   your name as a reference. Alternatively
   external payments can be made to:
   bSb - 704-230
   Account - 100427232
   RSVP to Cheryl Thomson at the
   Association at or
   alternatively by telephone (03) 9468 2600
   by Friday, August 26th.

  A thief uncovered
The silence of the night shift was broken at       a thief in their midst. Food, particularly fruit,
a large suburban police station by the sound       was going missing from the watch house
of something running in the ceiling cavity.        and kitchen.
Members were sure a massive rat had taken                                                                Soon nicknamed Morris, the possum won
                                                   "Leave your dinner unattended in the
up residence in the roof of the station.                                                                 many hearts as he helped himself to any
                                                   watch house and there was a good chance
                                                                                                         fruity titbits left in the station.
Interviews were routinely interrupted by           not all of it would be there when you came
what everyone thought was a herculean              back from dealing with an enquiry at the              Perhaps they should have named him
sized rat sprinting across the ceiling.            front counter or other duties," said one              Houdini as this little marsupial even stole
                                                   mystified member.                                     some fruit left in a possum trap without
Around the same time a ceiling panel had
                                                                                                         being caught.
been removed from the watch house for              It wasn’t until one particularly luscious apple
routine maintenance and members started            was left under the gaping hole in the ceiling         Last reports from the station say that
to notice that food was disappearing at an         that the thief identified himself − a very            Morris seems to have moved on − but they
astonishing rate. They were sure they had          cheeky and extremely cute ringtail possum.            still guard their lunches!

                                                                                                       The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 23
     > your SAy

    your say >                                      Email or write to us at
                                                    Po box 76, carlton South 3053
    I am writing to notify you of my retirement     to you and your staff, in particular Nerio        The reason for this email is to inform that
    from the Force as of the 30th of April 2011     Baldini, who have assisted me in recent           I will be officially retired from the Victoria
    and so will be leaving The Police Association   years, throughout the most difficult period       Police Force on Saturday 4th June 2011 and
    at the same time. I have been a member          of my personal and professional life to date.     therefore can no longer be a member of
    for almost 36 years and wish to express my      Support, advice and reassurance have only         The Police Association. This too will have an
    appreciation of the work done and services      been a telephone call away, and for that,         effect upon me as by being a member of the
    provided by the Association. On the very        I am ever grateful.                               Association. I have always felt comfortable
    few times I needed to draw on the services      My resignation closes one door, yet it opens      and protected. Some three to four years
    of the Association I received invaluable        up many others, and I look forward to the         ago I was charged with misappropriate use
    support, including, on a couple of occasions,   next stage of my life, with my family by          of LEAP whereby I received a counselling
    legal assistance.                               my side, healthy, happy and with only good        − again with terrific assistance from the
    I do not intend in this letter to mention       memories as part of the police family.            Association.
    everyone by name. I must, however, thank        I wish The Police Association staff and all       I could go on and on to praise the
    Phil Pearson for his support and, on behalf     members all the very best for the future.         Association − I am very pleased with the
    of my wife and myself, a huge thank you to                                                        way in which Brian Rix and Greg Davies and
    Kaye Murphy. Kaye provided immeasurable         Kind Regards                                      all the Executive and Delegates operate and
    support and advice to us at a time of crisis    Tom Boyle                                         conduct themselves. I believe if we had the
    and I will never be able to thank her enough.   Senior constable 29554                            same loyal and staunch leadership of the
    The great thing about policing is the                                                             Victoria Police Force since the days of Noel
                                                    I am writing to advise the Association that I     Wilby, Reg Jackson and Mick Miller and of
    fellowship of the members and I shall miss      will be retiring from the Victoria Police Force
    that greatly.                                                                                     our Association, the Victoria Police Force
                                                    on 1/7/2011 and so will be concluding my          would be in a lot better shape that it is now.
    I wish all at The Police Association the very   membership of the Association from that date.
    best for the future and thanks again for                                                          Thanks very much for all you have done for
                                                    I would like to thank the Association for their   many years. I wish you well in the future.
    representing all our members and their          help over the years and wish you the best
    families in such a strong and robust manner.                                                      Keep up the good work.
                                                    in your efforts on behalf of the members.
    Regards                                                                                           Yours sincerely
                                                    Kind regards
    Glenn Styles                                                                                      Norman S. Gillespie
                                                    Adrian Kennedy                                    leading Senior constable 16284
    leading Senior constable 19172                  Detective Sergeant 20227                          Shepparton Diu
    I am writing to inform you of my resignation    This is being forwarded with mixed feelings
    from Victoria Police Force, effective as of     as I become unemployed on the 4th of June
    2 May 2011. As such, I am also resigning        2011. I look forward to the future but as ‘R’     We welcome your letters to the Journal. In all
    as a member of The Police Association.          Day looms I am getting a touch edgy and           cases the writer’s name must be supplied.
    It has been both a privilege and an honour      uncertain because it is all going to be so        Names will be published unless there is
    to have served with the Victoria Police         very new for my wife and I. But I am not too      a good reason for anonymity. The editor
    Force and to have also been a member            worried. Things will work out OK just as long     reserves the right to edit, abridge, or decline
    of The Police Association throughout this       as my wife and I can be happy − she’ll be         letters without explanation. Letters under
    time. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude     right mate!                                       400 words are preferred


       In need of a holiday?
       Did you know your Association has a number of holiday homes throughout
       Victoria offered only to Association members, at a cheap-as-chips rate?
       We can help you relax in Echuca, Lakes Entrance, Port Fairy, Cowes,
       South Melbourne and Tawonga South for up to $400 per week.

       To look at availabilities, get more information or plan your holiday jump online at
       and click on the Holiday Homes tabs or call the Holiday Home co-ordinator on 1800 800 537.

24 Protect represent Support.
                                                                                                                    > in Their honour

Maintaining the pursuit of justice for
Steven Tynan and Damian Eyre
The outpouring of public grief following the
brutal murders of Steven Tynan and Damian
Eyre was only surpassed by the outrage
felt when the four men charged with the
crime were acquitted. A proposed change
to Victoria’s ‘double-jeopardy’ law could see
the case re-opened and justice for Steven
and Damian - finally.
In June 2010 The Police Association called
for an inquest to be held into the Walsh
Street murders. It supports the proposed
amendments to the double jeopardy law
in certain circumstances. If there is fresh
evidence there should be a retrial.
"We are of the view that if there is enough
new evidence it will warrant the re-trial of        Steven Tynan.                                    Damian Eyre.

the men originally charged with the murders
of Steven Tynan and Damien Eyre," says            Scanlan and Lonigan by the Kelly Gang at          them, "the sweetest thing I ever heard
Association Secretary, Greg Davies.               Stringybark Creek in 1878 had there been          was the police officer’s last words while
                                                  such an incident.                                 he was dying." The court was told he also
Steven Tynan was 22-years-old and
                                                  The TyEyre Task Force was immediately             threatened police saying, "I can’t wait to put
Damian Eyre just 20-years-old when they
                                                  established. There was an early                   a shotgun to your head. Loaded up with a
were ambushed and executed in Walsh
                                                  breakthrough when 17-year-old Jason Ryan,         solid and watching your #*#@ing head get
Street, South Yarra in the early hours of the
                                                  a member of a local crime family came             blown up."
morning of Wednesday, October 12 1988.
                                                  forward. He admitted to his involvement           It is hoped that if the double jeopardy laws
They were sent to Walsh Street after reports
                                                  in the murders of Steven and Damian and           are amended, statements by Wendy Peirce
of a car abandoned in the middle of the
                                                  named his co-offenders. Eventually Victor         and Peter McEvoy will be enough to warrant
street. It was 4.45 am.
                                                  Peirce, Peter McEvoy, Trevor Pettingill and       the re-opening of the case and the retrial of
As these young constables were checking           Anthony Farrell were all charged with the         the surviving offenders.
out the car they were gunned down. Steven         murders of the two police. Murder charges         Early last month Attorney General Robert
was the first to die − suffering a shotgun        against Jason Ryan were withdrawn.                Clark said any changes would only apply to
blast to the back of the head at close range
                                                  Victor Peirce’s wife, Wendy, recanted her         a small number of exceptional cases where
as he got up from the driver’s seat.
                                                  alibi for Victor and went into witness            significant breakthrough justified a retrial.
Damian was shot in the back and, although         protection. She was to be the star witness        "In a limited number of cases where there’s
seriously injured, he struggled with the          but when it came to the Supreme Court trial       fresh and compelling evidence, or where
cowardly attackers before being shot twice        she changed her evidence. After six days of       it’s able to be demonstrated that the
with his own gun.                                 deliberation the four men were all acquitted.     original trial was subverted by perjury or by
Four men were seen fleeing the scene.             In 2002 Victor Peirce was murdered, a             tampering with the jury and it is a serious
D24 received calls about shots being fired in     victim of the gangland war. Wendy Peirce          matter, then it is appropriate there should
Walsh Street, South Yarra and called for any      has changed her story several times. In           be an opportunity for a retrial to take place.
units to check out the reports. The tapes of      2005 she told The Age’s John Silvester that       "Otherwise people will get away with
the calls from the first units at the scene are   Victor and his gang were responsible for the      murder," he told the Herald Sun.
harrowing.                                        killings. Mrs Peirce named the shooters as
Members of the Victoria Police Force and          Jedd Houghton, who was later shot dead by         Since its inception, 30 members of the
the community were rocked to the core.            police, and Peter McEvoy.                         Victoria Police Force have been murdered
For two young constables to be attacked           Peter McEvoy was arrested in February             on the job ... feloniously slain. Their lives and
in a suburban street was unthinkable.             last year in New South Wales. At the time         deaths are commemorated on The Police
Not since the murders of Kennedy,                 of his arrest, McEvoy abused police telling       Association’s Honour Wall.

                                                                                                  The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 25
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                                                                  POLICE DISCOUNT
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                                                                         CITY OF WHITEHORSE

                                                                           In honour of those Officers who lost
                                                                               their lives in the line of duty
                                                                           The City of Whitehorse is very proud
                                                                             to support the men & women of
        Property Services                                                     the Police Association Victoria

                                                                            SUPPORTING THE PEOPLE THAT
                                                                           HELP KEEP OUR COMMUNITY SAFE

  312-314 Hoddle St., Abbotsford

   Phone: (03) 9417 1095

Proud supporter of the Police Association Victoria
                                                           Kids Helpline
                                                           1800 55 1800
test your brain and win the new James
bond book from Jeffery Deaver
How is your general knowledge? Try and answer the 20 questions and test the knowledge of your colleagues
around the mess room table without peaking at the answers printed at the bottom of the page!
And if you think you know the answer to the ‘Who Am I?’ question, send your answer to the Association and go
into the draw for a Jeffery Deaver book pack, including the latest James Bond thriller. Ian Fleming Publications
Ltd, the custodians of the 007 James Bond books, chose Jeffery Deaver to bring the super spy back to life with
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 1       Osama Bin Laden was bunkered
         down in a compound located in which
                                                              11       An article about what policing issue
                                                                       appeared in the Herald Sun newspaper
                                                                                                                             correctly Answer Who
         Pakistani town when he was tracked
         down by the US military in early May?
                                                                       last month under the headline, "We’re
                                                                       the navy blues"?
                                                                                                                             Am i? for a chance to win
 2       What global economic organisation is                 12       Reigning US Open golf champion Rory
         known as the IMF?                                             McIlroy hails from which country?
                                                                                                                               WHo AM i?
 3       Which legendary Australian actor died                13       Independent Federal MP Andrew Wilkie
         in May this year, aged 71?                                    represents an electorate located in                     1. I am a relatively new town
                                                                       which state?
 4       Which popular entertainer changed his                                                                                    located in Victoria’s Alpine
         name from Reggie Dwight?                             14       In Australian health circles, what does                    region
                                                                       PBS stand for?
 5       Which two 24-hour police stations are
                                                                                                                               2. One of my claims to fame is
         located in the Melbourne metropolitan                15       The premises being renovated by
         municipality of Hobsons Bay?                                  contestants in the current series of The                   that I am officially the most
                                                                       Block, shown on the Nine network, is                       elevated town in the state
 6       During what decade did the Victoria
                                                                       located in which inner-Melbourne suburb?
         Police Force Academy open?                                                                                            3. I am located just a few short
         a) 1960s b) 1970s c) 1980s                           16       Which actor was recently immortalised                      kilometres from Mt Hotham
                                                                       as an inductee in world boxing’s Hall
 7       Which former Beatle penned the
         words, "Life is what happens to you
                                                                       of Fame for his portrayal of a rags-to-                 4. I have a two-word name
                                                                       riches boxer in a string of movies?
         while you’re busy making other plans"?
                                                              17       How many movies were made in the
                                                                                                                               5. The first part of my name is
 8       Which of cricket’s Waugh twins is the                                                                                    associated with a meal time.
                                                                       Rocky series?
         eldest, Steve or Mark?
 9       Qantas now flies direct from Sydney
                                                              18       One of the original ‘Wiggles’ that wore
                                                                                                                             Last month’s Who Am i?
                                                                       which coloured top was replaced in the
         to which city located in Texas?                                                                                     Answer − bob Davis
                                                                       group several years ago?
10       Ash that spewed from a volcano
         located in which country recently
                                                              19       Which city has the larger population;                     To enter the prize draw all you have to do
                                                                       Perth or Adelaide?                                         is answer the ‘Who Am I?’ question send
         disrupted Australian commercial
                                                                                                                                 your entry along with your contact details
         flights?                                             20       How many Brownlow medals were
                                                                                                                                    to ‘Who Am I?’, The Police Association,
                                                                       won collectively by AFL Hall of Fame                             PO Box 76, Carlton South 3053.
                                                                       members Nathan Buckley, James Hird,
                                                                       Mark Ricciuto and Michael Voss?                           The completed ‘Who Am I?’ must arrive by
                                                                                                                                  Friday, July 29, 2011 to be eligible for the
                                                                                                                                 prize draw. The first neatest correct entry
                                                                                                                                  will be the winner. The judge’s decision
  Stallone 17. Six 18. Yellow 19. Perth 20. Four - all four players have won the Brownlow once.

                                                                                                                                   is final and no correspondence will be
  police officers 12. Northern Ireland 13. Tasmania 14. Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme 15. Richmond 16. Sylvester
  Williamstown 6. b) 1970s 7. John Lennon 8. Steve 9. Dallas 10. Chile 11. New / darker uniforms to be worn by Victorian
  Quiz Answers > 1. Abbottabad 2. The International Monetary Fund 3. Bill Hunter 4. Elton John 5. Altona North &                                 entered into.

                                                                                                                           The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 27
                  An imPorTAnT noTice To All memberS
                        of The Police ASSociATion
                                        vPA FRieNDLy Society LtD
                                                    (AbN 17 087 649 170)
                             Notice oF ANNUAL GeNeRAL MeetiNG
    NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual general meeting of the VPA friendly Society will be held at the Dallas brooks centre,
    300 Albert Street, east melbourne at 10:00am on friday, September 9, 2011.

                             tHe victoRiA PoLice bRANcH oF tHe
                              PoLice FeDeRAtioN oF AUStRALiA
                             Notice oF ANNUAL GeNeRAL MeetiNG
    NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual general meeting of the Victoria Police branch of the Police federation of Australia will
    be held at the Dallas brooks centre, 300 Albert Street, east melbourne at 10:15am on friday, September 9, 2011.

                                          tHe PoLice ASSociAtioN
                                                    (AbN 78 004 251 325)
                             Notice oF ANNUAL GeNeRAL MeetiNG
    NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual general meeting of The Police Association will be held at the Dallas brooks centre,
    300 Albert Street, east melbourne at 10:30am on friday, September 9, 2011.

                             PRoPoSeD PURcHASe oF ADDitioNAL
                                HoLiDAy HoMe PRoPeRtieS
    At the 2010 Annual general meeting of The Police Association, a motion was carried authorising the executive committee
    to sell the parcel of land that was owned by The Police Association situated at coldstream by an ‘expression of interest’
    process. The net proceeds were to be used exclusively to purchase and/or develop existing properties owned by The Police
    Association. in accordance with this motion, the coldstream property was sold earlier this year.
    At its monthly meeting held on 3 may 2011, the executive committee determined by way of motion that the proceeds
    from the sale of the coldstream property should be used to purchase additional holiday home properties. rule 28 (e) of the
    constitution of The Police Association (see below) states that property can only be purchased by The Police Association
    pursuant to a resolution of members present at a general meeting.

                                       PoWeRS oF tHe eXecUtive
    rule 28 (e) to give instructions for the purchase, sale, lease or mortgage or other disposal of any freehold or leasehold
    property for the purpose of the Association, provided that no such property is to be purchased, sold or mortgaged unless
    pursuant to a resolution of members present at a general meeting."

28 Protect represent Support.
    Notice oF MotioN FoR 2011 ANNUAL GeNeRAL MeetiNG
"ThAT PurSuAnT To rule 28 (e) of The conSTiTuTion of The Police ASSociATion, The PurchASe of ProPerTieS
To A mAximum combineD VAlue of $1.8 million for The PurPoSe of ProViDing ADDiTionAl holiDAy homeS,
be APProVeD."

               PRoPoSeD AMeNDMeNt to RULe 75 (d) oF tHe
                coNStitUtioN oF tHe PoLice ASSociAtioN
rule 75 of the constitution of The Police Association currently states:
in order to apply and be eligible for legal representation financed by the fund an applicant must:
      (a) have been a full financial member at the time of the act or omission giving rise to the applicant having been
           charged with any disciplinary or criminal offence - such act or omission having been lawfully and/or in good faith
           done or made by the applicant in the course of or in the discharge of police duties; or
      (b) have been a full financial member at the time of the act or omission giving rise to the applicant having been
           charged with any criminal offence soley because the applicant is a police officer; or
      (c) be a member of the executive or servant of The Association who has become a party to any legal proceedings as
           a result of carrying out the aims and objects of The Association; or
      (d) have been a full financial member at the time of the act or omission giving rise to the applicant becoming a party
           in any civil proceedings arising out of the applicant being a police officer.

The current rule 75 (d) requires that a member be ‘a party in any civil proceedings’ before an application for funding can
be made under this provision. The executive committee of The Police Association considers that at the time that this rule
was enacted, its intent was to provide an avenue of funding for members who became a ‘respondent’ in civil proceedings.
however, the policing profession has changed since this rule was enacted to a point where our members, in appropriate
circumstances, may initiate civil proceedings against others. it is therefore important that members who are considering
initiating civil proceedings are aware of whether or not they will have the support of The Police Association prior to initiating
At its monthly meeting held 7 June 2011, the executive committee determined by way of motion, that a proposed amended
rule 75 (d) be put to the 2011 Annual general meeting.

    Notice oF MotioN FoR 2011 ANNUAL GeNeRAL MeetiNG
"ThAT rule 75(d) of The conSTiTuTion of The Police ASSociATion be AmenDeD To reAD AS followS:

     hAVe been A full finAnciAl member AcTing lAwfully AnD/or in gooD fAiTh AT The Time of The AcT or
     omiSSion ThAT gAVe riSe To The APPlicAnT becoming:
     (i) A PArTy AS A DefenDAnT or reSPonDenT in Any ciVil ProceeDingS AriSing ouT of The APPlicAnT being
          A Police officer; or
     (ii) A PlAinTiff or APPlicAnT in Any ciVil ProceeDingS (or who iniTiATeS Such ProceeDingS) AriSing
          from The courSe of or in The DiSchArge of The APPlicAnT’S Police DuTieS AnD who hAS firST been
          grAnTeD leAVe by The execuTiVe To iniTiATe ThoSe ProceeDingS Through The PreferreD SoliciTorS
          of The ASSociATion in ThoSe ProceeDingS."

                                                 PRoXy votiNG
A member unable to attend the Annual general meetings may appoint a person as proxy to attend and vote on their
behalf. An appointed proxy need not be a member. Proxy forms, together with instructions for completion are available
on application from bruce mckenzie, Assistant Secretary, The Police Association, Po box 76, carlton South 3053,
fax (03) 9495 6933 or via email to To be valid, proxy forms should be received by the Association
no later than 4.00 pm on friday, August 19, 2011. Please note that a proxy cannot be appointed for the Annual general
meeting of the Victoria Police branch of the Police federation of Australia.

greg Davies

                                                                                       The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 29
     > TAx ADVice

    Get your work-related expense
    claim right this tax time
    Tax time is here again which means it’s time to start thinking about preparing
    and lodging your return.

              hether you prepare your own              normal workplace or directly home            > normal suits, shirts, skirts and trousers
              return or have help from a               - for example, when you travel to the          worn by plain-clothes police
              registered tax agent, don’t forget       scene of a crime, or                         > sports clothes (for example,
    that there are lots of expenses you may          > you travel between two workplaces or           tracksuits, shorts, T-shirts) and
    have incurred as a police officer that you can     between a workplace and a place of             running or sports shoes
    claim back in your return - as well as some        business - for example, between two          > clothing worn for medical reasons
    that you can’t.                                    police stations.                               (for example, support stockings)
                                                                                                    > conventional clothing that is damaged
    Knowing the difference will ensure you get       You cannot claim a deduction for the cost
                                                                                                      at work, and
    the most out of your work-related expense        of travelling to another workplace for a
                                                                                                    > everyday footwear (for example, dress
    claim and avoid mistakes which could             social function.
                                                                                                      or casual shoes).
    hold up your return if your deduction is
                                                     You can claim a deduction for the cost of
    disallowed.                                                                                     You may be able to claim a deduction for
                                                     using your car to travel between home and
                                                                                                    the cost of conventional clothing you wore
    Some key tips to remember before                 work if:
                                                                                                    when working as an undercover police officer.
    you claim:
                                                     > you have to carry bulky tools or             The clothing must be directly related to your
    > you must have incurred the expense in            equipment that you use for work -            income-earning activities as a police officer (for
      the year you are claiming it                     for example, scuba diving gear for water     example, clothing worn to pose as a criminal).
    > the expense must be work-related and             police - and there is no secure area for
                                                                                                    Protective clothing
      not private, and if the expense has been         storing your tools or equipment at work
      reimbursed by your employer it cannot          > your home is a base of employment -          You can claim a deduction for the cost of
      be claimed                                       you start your work at home and travel       buying, hiring, replacing or maintaining
    > receiving an allowance from your                 to a workplace to continue the work, or      protective clothing such as safety coloured
      employer does not automatically entitle        > you travel from your home to an              vests, body armour or gloves.
      you to a deduction                               alternative workplace for work activities
                                                                                                    Laundry and dry-cleaning
    > if your claims total more than $300 you          and then to your normal workplace
      need to keep records - you can also use          or directly home - for example, if you       You can claim a deduction for the cost of
      records other than paper receipts - a full       have to attend a conference at police        laundering and dry-cleaning eligible work
      list of accepted records is available on the     headquarters before going to work at         clothes. For example, you can claim a
      ATO website.                                     your normal suburban police station.         deduction for cleaning a uniform that your
                                                                                                    employers provides and that you must wear
    To help you get your claim right, the ATO
                                                     travel expenses:                               at work.
    has a specific guide for police officers on
    the types of claims you can and can’t make       You can claim the work-related cost of using
                                                                                                    Self-education expenses:
    based on the common expenses you might           vehicles other than cars as well as parking
                                                     fees and tolls.                                You can claim a deduction for the cost
    incur as a police officer.
                                                                                                    of self-education if there is a direct
    Some of the common expenses covered              You can also claim work-related costs          connection between your self-education
    off in the guide include:                        associated with taxis or short-term car hire   and your work activities at the time the
                                                     at this item.                                  expense was incurred.
    car expenses:
                                                     You cannot claim costs met by your             Self-education expenses are not deductible
    You can claim a deduction for the cost of        employer or costs that are reimbursed.         if your study is designed to get you:
    using your car for work-related travel if:
                                                     clothing expenses:                             > a job
    > you travel directly between two separate
                                                                                                    > a new job, or
      workplaces because you have two                You can’t claim a deduction for the cost
                                                                                                    > income from a new income-earning
      different employers - for example, you         of purchasing or cleaning a plain uniform
      have a second job                              or conventional clothing worn at work, even
    > you travel for work-related purposes           if your employer tells you to wear them,       Self-education expenses can include
      from your normal workplace to an               as it is a private expense. This includes      textbooks, stationery, student union fees,
      alternative workplace and back to your         expenditure by police officers on:             course fees, certain travel expenses and the
30 Protect represent Support.
decline in value of equipment to the extent      Remember, when you sign and submit                >   pensions and allowances
they are used for self-education purposes.       your tax return, you are declaring that           >   payment summaries
                                                 everything you have told the ATO is               >   bank interest, and
other expenses:                                  true and that you have or you can get             >   private health insurance details.
There are a range of other common                the written evidence you need to prove
                                                                                                   This year you will also be able to download
expenses you may incur as a police officer       your claims.
                                                                                                   even more information into your return
that may be deductible. These include:           You are responsible for this proof even           including details of:
> ammunition                                     if you use a registered tax agent.
                                                                                                   >   Centrelink parental leave payments
> bulletproof jackets and vests or body          Lodging your return:                              >   employee share schemes
  armour                                                                                           >   tax free government pensions
                                                 If you’re planning on doing your own tax,
> decline in value of equipment used                                                               >   foreign employment income
                                                 why not try the ATO’s free lodgement service
  for work                                                                                         >   eligibility for education tax refund, and
                                                 e-tax which is available from 1 July.
> expenses you incur for maintaining and                                                           >   managed funds.
  training police dogs                           e-tax includes quick access to built-in
                                                                                                   To find out more visit
> sunglasses, sunhats and sunscreen              calculators, topic guides and a check-list to
                                                                                                   occupations and search for ‘police officers’.
> technical or professional publications, and    help you lodge correctly.
> work-related telephone calls, telephone
                                                 You can also download information from a
  rental and connection costs.
                                                 range of government departments and third
For detailed information on these claims         party organisations directly into your tax
visit                return, including:

Getting bang for your buck
> What your Association subs entitle you to
eAch forTnighT your ASSociATion SubS Are DeDucTeD from your bAnk AccounT.
The $27.80 AmounTS To $722.80 Per Annum AnD ThAT iS 100 Per cenT TAx DeDucTAble.
These rates are very competitive when compared to other police unions around the country and other trade unions in general. The Police
Association is also unique in that we are the only police association that funds a 24-hour counselling service for members and we are also the
only police association to have a dedicated welfare officer. And there is much more ...

industrial relations > our team of experienced professionals              Holiday Homes > Our holiday homes in Phillip Island, Lakes Entrance,
continually strives to achieve the best possible salaries and             Echuca, Port Fairy, Tawonga South and an apartment in South
employment conditions while upholding and protecting members’             Melbourne. They provide members and their families with an
existing entitlements. They provide expert advice, assistance             affordable holiday in desirable locations.
and advocacy.
                                                                          Financial benefits > The Association provides sickness benefits when
Discipline and legal services > you have access to expert                 you have exhausted your paid sick and annual leave; a death benefit
representation and advocacy services provided by our Legal Section        to assist your family at this most distressing time; a grant to assist
in the event that you’re investigated or charged with a disciplinary      when you are in genuine financial hardship; and we may be able to
and/or criminal matter relating to your duty as a police officer.         help if you or a family member is hospitalised.

Welfare > The Association’s welfare officer provides advice and           Free Will service > All Association members are entitled to have a
practical help when you need it most. At times of serious illness or      Will drawn up for them and their partner, usually free of charge.
death in the family our welfare officer has resources available to
assist you and your family.                                               Union Shopper > Union Shopper can help you get the best price for
                                                                          anything from electrical and white goods to entertainment tickets
                                                                          and loans.
Member Assistance Program > provides professional, confidential
and 24 hour counselling to help with personal problems affecting the
health and welfare of you and your family.                                Holden deal > You can save up to $2000 on the purchase of a new
                                                                          Holden vehicle simply because you are a member of the Association.
                                                                                                 The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 31
     > execuTiVe minuTeS

         LeFt to RiGHt: Paul O'Connell, John Laird, Colin Birch, Mark Rose, Brian Rix, Glenn Holland, John Carter, Karl David, Dean Anderson, Dean Thomas, Dermot Avon, Phil Pearson.

    MiNUteS FoR tHevictoRiA                                                 The Secretary advised that he has                      observers:
                                                                            received positive feedback from
    PoLice bRANcH oF tHe                                                    those members he has spoken to
                                                                                                                                   Maurice banks (Western) Greater Geelong,
                                                                                                                                                   Surf Coast (Delegate)
    PoLice FeDeRAtioN                                                       that were present at yesterday’s
                                                                                                                                   The President welcomed Carolyn Deer,
    oF AUStRALiA                                                            Special General Meeting. The next
                                                                                                                                   Anna Stewart Memorial Project participant
                                                                            phase in the EB campaign is to vote
    Date:                 Tuesday 3 May 2011                                for industrial action via a postal                     to the meeting.
    Location:             The Police Association                            ballot of all members.
                          Boardroom, 1 Clarendon
                                                                    3.2     POLICY MATTERS FOR
                                                                                                                                   1.        CONFIRMATION OF MINuTES
                          Street, East Melbourne                            CONSIDERATION                                                    "THAT THE MINUTES OF 5 APRIL
    time:                 8.38am                                    3.2.1 EXECUTIVE                                                          2011 BE CONFIRMED."
                                                           PROFESSIONALISATION                                    2.        ADOPTION OF ORDER
    Present:                                                                SUB-COMMITTEE                                                    OF BuSINESS
    bK Rix                (President)                                       The President gave a verbal                                      "THAT THE ORDER OF BUSINESS
    Jc Laird              (Senior Vice President)                           report on the Professionalisation                                BE ADOPTED."
    PJ Pearson            (Junior Vice President)                           Sub-committee meeting held in
    KM David, APM         (Treasurer)                                       Melbourne on 2 May. He advised that                    3.        OPERATIONAL
    D Avon                (Assistant Treasurer)                             at this meeting the Police Practice                    3.1       SECRETARY’S REPORT
    Db Anderson                                                             Standards Model was presented for                                "THAT THE SECRETARY’S REPORT
    cW birch                                                                discussion.                                                      BE RECEIVED."
    JR carter                                                       The meeting concluded at 8:58am.                               3.2       FINANCE REPORTS
    Gb Holland                                                                                                                     3.2.1     FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT REPORT
    P o’connell                                                                                                                              "THAT THE FINANCIAL
    DJ thomas                                                                                                                                MANAGEMENT REPORT BE
    GJ Davies             Chief Executive Officer
    bi McKenzie           Executive Officer                         MiNUteS FoR tHe                                                          RECEIVED."
                                                                                                                                   3.3       MEMBERSHIP OF THE POLICE
                                                                    eXecUtive MeetiNG                                                        ASSOCIATION
    Apologies:                                                      Date:                Tuesday 3 May 2011                                  "THAT THE 92 APPLICATIONS LISTED
    M Rose                                                          Location:            The Police Association                              BE ACCEPTED FOR MEMBERSHIP OF
    observers:                                                                           Boardroom, 1 Clarendon                              THE POLICE ASSOCIATION."
    Maurice banks (Western) Greater Geelong,                                             Street, East Melbourne                    3.4       APPLICATIONS TO RE-JOIN THE
                   Surf Coast (Delegate)                            time:                9.20am                                              POLICE ASSOCIATION
    The President welcomed Carolyn Deer, Anna                                                                                                "THAT THE ONE APPLICATION TO
    Stewart Memorial Project recipient to the                       Present:                                                                 REJOIN THE POLICE ASSOCIATION
    meeting.                                                                                                                                 BE ACCEPTED."
                                                                    bK Rix               (President)
                                                                    Jc Laird             (Senior Vice President)                   4.        MAINTENANCE
    1.         CONFIRMATION OF MINuTES                              PJ Pearson           (Junior Vice President)                   4.0.1     CORRESPONDENCE
               "THAT THE MINUTES OF 5 APRIL                         KM David, APM        (Treasurer)                                         "THAT THE CORRESPONDENCE
               2011 BE CONFIRMED."                                  D Avon               (Assistant Treasurer)                               BE RECEIVED."
                                                                    Db Anderson                                                    4.0.2     ADDITIONAL HOLIDAY HOME
    2.         ADOPTION OF ORDER OF                                 cW birch                                                                 PROPERTIES
               BuSINESS                                             JR carter                                                                "THAT A NOTICE OF MOTION
               "THAT THE ORDER OF BUSINESS                          Gb Holland                                                               PURSUANT TO SECTION 28 (e) OF
                                                                    P o’connell                                                              THE CONSTITUTION OF THE POLICE
               BE ADOPTED."
                                                                    DJ thomas                                                                ASSOCIATION BE PUT TO THE 2011
    3.         STRATEGIC                                            GJ Davies            Secretary                                           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR
    3.1     REVIEW OF STRATEGIC AND KEY                             bi McKenzie          Assistant Secretary                                 THE PURPOSE OF AUTHORISING THE
            FOCUS AREAS                                                                                                                      PURCHASE OF ADDITIONAL HOLIDAY
    3.1.1 EB 2011 PLANNING                                          Apologies:                                                               HOMES TO A MAXIMUM COMBINED SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING                                 M Rose                                                                   VALUE OF $1.8 MILLION".
32 Protect represent Support.
Notice of Motion for the 2011 Annual            decision after considering a compelling list      > Refusal to address Organised Crime
General Meeting:                                of mismanagement examples which, they               groups and Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs.
                                                believe, require independent investigation.       > Equipment failures, including defective
       28 (e) OF THE CONSTITUTION OF                                                                holsters (Criticism of holsters in the Tony
                                                the list is as follows:
       THE POLICE ASSOCIATION, THE                                                                  Clarke Inquest and new but ineffective
       PURCHASE OF PROPERTIES TO A              > Business Information and Technology               holsters were still being issued during the
       MAXIMUM COMBINED VALUE OF                  Services (BITS) − said to have cost               semi-automatic pistol roll-out).
       $1.8 MILLION FOR THE PURPOSE               taxpayers $200 million in wasted
       OF PROVIDING ADDITIONAL HOLIDAY                                                            > Misapplication of the ‘Section 68’ process
                                                  expenditure with no positive outcomes
       HOMES, BE APPROVED."                                                                         and the death of Sergeant Tony Van Gorp.
                                                  for policing or the public of Victoria, and
The President thanked the Executive               questions surrounding an incomplete             > Allocation of resources away from front-
members for their attendance and declared         investigation into its’ failings.                 line policing.
the meeting closed at 12:09pm.
                                                > The Major Crime Management Model.               > The disbandment of the Security
                                                  Consultants engaged to recommend                  Intelligence Group, leaving Victoria
                                                  re-structuring of the Crime Department            with effectively no counter terrorism
MiNUteS FoR tHe SPeciAL                           and the way in which the allocation of            intelligence capability.
MeetiNG oF tHe eXecUtive                          investigations and resources would be           > The disbandment of the Prison Squad,
                                                  handled. Waste of millions of dollars with
oF tHe PoLice ASSociAtioN                                                                           exacerbating the parolees debacle.
                                                  no positive outcomes for policing or the
Date:           Monday 9 May 2011                                                                 > The reduction of community engagement,
                                                  Victorian public, and a reduced level of
Location:       The Police Association                                                              through diminished attention and
                                                  investigative services.
                Boardroom, 1 Clarendon                                                              resourcing of projects such as
                Street, East Melbourne          > LINK Project - $60 million of taxpayers’          Neighbourhood Watch, Crime-stoppers,
time:           1.09pm                            funds wasted on a system that was                 Police Schools Involvement Programme,
                                                  previously reported, in writing, to be            etc. (Victoria was the first place in
Present:                                          totally unsuitable for Victoria Police            Australia to commence NHW - it is now
bK Rix          (President)                       Force requirements. A request has                 almost completely ineffective due to lack
Jc Laird        (Senior Vice President)           subsequently been made of Government              of resourcing).
PJ Pearson      (Junior Vice President)           for an additional $100 million.
                                                                                                  > The allegation that Force Command
KM David, APM   (Treasurer)                     > The recent $1 million renovations to the          fudged crime statistics immediately prior
D Avon          (Assistant Treasurer)             10th floor of police headquarters, on
Db Anderson                                                                                         to the last State election.
                                                  which the Chief Commissioner’s Office is
cW birch                                                                                          > The crisis of confidence in policing, both
JR carter                                         located.
                                                                                                    within and outside the Force, culminating
Gb Holland                                      > PALM Project − the management of
P o’connell                                                                                         in the treatment of Sir Ken Jones, QPM by
                                                  exhibits and drugs project that is up to          the Chief Commissioner.
M Rose
DJ thomas                                         one year behind schedule and massive
                                                  cost blow-outs expected.                        The meeting adjourned at 2:08pm and
GJ Davies       Secretary
                                                                                                  resumed at 2:23pm.
bi McKenzie     Assistant Secretary             > Allegations that senior staff have been
                                                  paid cash bonuses of up to and beyond           1.       "THAT THE FOLLOWING QUESTION
1.      ADOPTION OF ORDER                                                                                  BE APPROVED TO BE POSTED ON
                                                  $50,000 for their participation in botched
        OF BuSINESS                                                                                        THE POLICE ASSOCIATION WEBSITE
                                                  projects.                                                FOR THE CONSIDERATION OF
        BE ADOPTED."                            > The waste of finances that may have                      MEMBERS:
                                                  enabled the employment of thousands                      ‘DO YOU HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE
2.      CHIEF COMMISSIONER                        of additional police, enabling the Force to
                                                                                                           ABILITIES OF SIMON OVERLAND TO
The Secretary provided the Executive                                                                       CONTINUE AS CHIEF COMMISSIONER
                                                  provide a much higher level of service to                OF THE VICTORIA POLICE FORCE.’"
members with an overview of the                   the Victorian community.                        2.       "THAT THE EXECUTIVE OF THE
unprecedented series of events that have                                                                   POLICE ASSOCIATION CALLS ON
                                                > Senior appointments within the Victoria
arisen since the afternoon of Friday 6 May,                                                                THE STATE GOVERNMENT OF
                                                  Police Force.
within the leadership of the Victoria Police                                                               VICTORIA TO ESTABLISH A ROYAL
Force. Following consideration, the Executive   > The treatment of police officers by the                  COMMISSION INTO THE GROSS
was of the opinion, that the current set          Chief Commissioner of Police, at all ranks,              MISMANAGEMENT AND SERIAL
                                                                                                           FAILURES OF GOVERNANCE AND
of circumstances could not be adequately          and including ill and injured members.
                                                                                                           LEADERSHIP OF THE VICTORIA
addressed by a motion of ‘no confidence’ in     > Mishandling of the BOCC process.                         POLICE FORCE OVER THE PAST
the Chief Commissioner, but rather consider                                                                FIVE YEARS."
                                                > The consistent and continuing reduction
other options.                                                                                    The Secretary advised the meeting that this
                                                  in training and development at all ranks.
                                                                                                  is the first time The Police Association has
The Executive went on to consider               > The "Sex Offenders Register" fiasco.            ever called for Royal Commission into the
the recommendations put forward by
                                                > The recent issue of Parolees committing         Victoria Police Force.
the Secretary, via tabled handout, and
determined the course of action that              serious crime, including murders.               The President declared the meeting closed
would occur. The Executive arrived at their     > The Carl Williams murder inquiry.               at 3:13pm.
                                                                                                The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 33
     > clASSifieDS

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              0400 121 124

                                                          ACCOMMODATION IN                                            GULL COTTAGE ROSEBUD
GOLD COAST APARTMENT - SURF                               TROPICAL PORT DOUGLAS                                       Newly furnished 3 bedroom holiday house ideal
PARADE RESORT                                             Port Douglas accommodation at four-
                                                                                                                      for couples or families.
OCEAN VIEWS - FULLy FURNIShED                             star PortSea Resort situated in Davidson
                                                                                                                      Quiet location 10 mins stroll to the beach and
                                                                                                                      shops. 2 Queen rooms, and one with 2 singles
Ocean facing 1 bedroom unit on the 7th floor              Street, close to Four Mile Beach, shops and
                                                                                                                      and pull-out.
of a boutique 9 floor professionally managed              restaurants of Macrossan Street.
                                                                                                                      Gas log fire, Rev cycle Air cond, 42" TV, Stereo
building.                                                 Facilities include three swimming pools,
                                                                                                                      with ipod dock, coffee m/c, gas BBQ
Superbly appointed and furnished with kitchen,            waterslide, spas and waterfalls linked by a
                                                                                                                      Discount rates for Association members.
dining, laundry facilities and bathroom with              central lagoon with swim-up pool bar, BBQ’s,
large spa, wide screen television with Foxtel,            gym, tennis court, day spa and booking service              Contact >                  Neville & Lisa
balcony and air-conditioning.                             to organise tours to reef, rainforest and local                                        9482 3348
Facilities include - secured underground                  attractions.                                                                           0409 832962
car park, large swimming pool, gym, sauna                 One bedroom studio features private balcony                                  
and BBQ.                                                  overlooking lagoon pool, king size bed, spa bath,

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                                                                                                                   The Police Association Victoria Journal July 2011 35
     > DelegATeS

    Police Association Delegates
     WORkGROUP                                                                  RANk        DELEGATE                 WORk LOCATION                          PhONE
     Corporate Services 1 (Education Department)                                Sergeant    Glenn Whyte              Centre For Foundation Training         9566 9566
     Corporate Services 2 (BMD, BITS, HRD, & CSPD)                              Sen Sgt     James Mulholland         Reliever Div 2 Nw Metro Region         9392 3111
     Crime Department 1                                                         Sergeant    Michael Gunn             Tasking & Co-Ord Support               9865 2456
     Crime Department 2                                                         Sen Con     Matthew Merrigan         Fraud Extortion Squad                  9611 8534
     Eastern, (Bass Coast, South Gippsland)                                     Sen Con     Sydney Hadley            CIu-Bass Coast                         5672 2761
     Eastern, (Baw Baw, Latrobe)                                                Sen Con     Graeme Carter            CIu-Baw Baw                            5622 7111
     Eastern, (Boroondarra, Monash)                                             Sen Con     Mark Smith               uNI-Oakleigh                           9567 8900
     Eastern, (East Gippsland)                                                  Sergeant    Craig Peel               uNI-Bairnsdale                         5150 2600
     Eastern, (Greater Shepparton)                                              Sergeant    Leslie Oroszvary         Prosecutions-Shepparton                5820 5777
     Eastern, (Knox, Maroondah)                                                 Sen Con     Robyn Waite              Socau-Knox                             9881 7931
     Eastern, (Mitchell, Benalla)                                               Sergeant    Darren Murphy            uNI-Kilmore                            5782 1211
     Eastern, (Wangaratta, Wodonga, Moira)                                      Sen Con     Mark Deegan              uNI-Wodonga                            02 6049 2600
     Eastern, (Wellington)                                                      Sen Con     Keith Patterson          uNI-Sale                               5143 5000
     Eastern, (Whitehorse, Manningham)                                          Sen Con     Elizabeth Sidiropoulos   Multicultural Liaison Eastern Region   8841 3942
     Eastern, (Yarra Ranges)                                                    Sen Con     Brigette De Chirico      CIu-Yarra Ranges                       9735 1610
     Ethical Standards Department                                               Sergeant    Brad Curtin              Conduct & Prof Standards Div           9247 6763
     Forensic Services                                                          Sergeant    Thomas Brady             Fingerprints Management uNIt           9865 2900
     Intelligence and Covert Support                                            Sen Con     Luke Woods               Surveillance Services Division         9804 3599
     Legal Services                                                             Sen Con     Angela Coulson           Prosecutions-Sunshine                  9313 3334
     North West Metro, (Banyule, Nillumbik)                                     Sen Sgt     Damian Oehme             uNI-Greensborough                      9435 1044
     North West Metro, (Brimbank, Melton)                                       Sen Con     Jason Kisielis           uNI-Keilor Downs                       9365 3333
     North West Metro, (Hume)                                                   Sen Con     Haydn Beale              CIu-Hume                               9302 8211
     North West Metro, (Maribyrnong, Hobsons Bay & Wyndham)                     Sen Sgt     Leigh Wisbey             Reliever Div 2 Nw Metro Region         9392 3111
     North West Metro, (Moonee Valley, Moreland)                                Sen Sgt     Eriks Krauklis           Reliever Div 4 Nw Metro Region
     North West Metro, (Whittlesea, Darebin)                                    Sergeant    Jason Gaffee             uNI-Epping                             9409 8100
     North West Metro, (Yarra)                                                  Sen Con     Travis Storti            uNI-Richmond                           8420 3600
     North West Metro, Melb .2, (Melb. West, VPC, Melb. TMu)                    Sen Con     Steven Cox               uNI-Melbourne North                    8379 0800
     North West Metro, Melb.1, (Melb East. Nth Melb/Carlton, St Kilda Rd uNI)   Sergeant    Maxwell Jackson          uNI-Melbourne North                    8379 0800
     Operations Co-ordination                                                   Sergeant    David Short              Properties Management                  9247 6224
     Operations Response uNIt                                                   Sergeant    Alex Stewart             Operations Response uNIt               9247 5482
     Police Bands                                                               Constable   Brett Staley             Bands                                  9489 2257
     Southern Metro, (Casey, Cardinia)                                          Sergeant    Anthony Nestor           uNI-Cranbourne                         5991 0600
     Southern Metro, (Frankston)                                                Sen Con     Lachlan Grant            uNI-Frankston                          9784 5555
     Southern Metro, (Greater Dandenong)                                        Sergeant    Phillip Hulley           uNI-Dandenong                          9767 7444
     Southern Metro, (Kingston, Bayside, Glen Eira)                             Sergeant    Alan Wroblewski          Rto-Moorabbin                          9556 6194
     Southern Metro, (Mornington Peninsula)                                     Sergeant    David Stuart             uNI-Hastings                           5970 7800
     Southern Metro, (Port Phillip)                                             Sergeant    Douglas Bowles           uNI-South Melbourne                    9690 3088
     Southern Metro, (Stonnington)                                              Sergeant    John Pattison            CIu-Stonnington                        9520 5216
     SSD - Emergency Response 1 (Air Wing, Dog Squad, Mounted Branch)           Sen Con     Paul Hunter              Air Wing                               9289 3500
     SSD - Emergency Response 2 (SAR, Water Police)                             Sen Con     Matthew Blythe           Water Police                           9399 7500
     SSD - FRu/SOG                                                              Sergeant    Stuart Oliver            Special Operations Group               9247 5578
     SSD - Police CommuNIcations Division                                       Sergeant    Adrian Hurring           Police Operations Centre (D24)         9247 3222
     SSD - Protective Services uNIt                                             PSO         Peter Marsden            Protective Services uNIt               9247 3893
     TTSD - Traffic Support Division                                            Sen Con     Trevor Collins           Major Collision Brunswick              9380 7299
     TTSD - Transit Safety Division                                             Sergeant    Mark Spackman            uNI-TRANSIT                            9247 3300
     Western, (Ballarat, Moorabool)                                             Sen Con     Ivan Blomeley            Ballarat Prosecutions                  5336 6074
     Western, (Campaspe)                                                        Sen Con     Rodney Pell              uNI-Echuca                             5482 2255
     Western, (Colac - Otway/Surf Coast)                                        Sen Con     Michael Palmer           CIu-Colac                              5231 2613
     Western, (Greater Bendigo, Macedon Ranges,Central Goldfields)              Sen Con     Sean Dickson             uNI-Bendigo                            5448 1300
     Western, (Greater Geelong)                                                 Sen Con     Maurice Banks            Highway Patrol-Geelong                 5225 3150
     Western, (Horsham, West Wimmera, Hindmarsh)                                Sen Con     James Richardson         uNI-Goroke                             5386 1004
     Western, (Mildura)                                                         Sen Con     Michael Baldock          uNI-Mildura                            5018 5300
     Western, (Northern Grampians)                                              Sen Con     Darren Brown             uNI-Stawell                            5358 8222
     Western, (Southern Grampians, Glenelg)                                     Sen Con     David Tognon             uNI-Heywood                            5527 1614
     Western, (Swan Hill, Gannawarra, Buloke)                                   Sergeant    David Mark               uNI-Lake Boga                          5037 2201
     Western, (Warrnambool, Moyne)                                              Sen Con     Matthew Laxton           CIu-Warrnambool                        5560 1155

36 Protect represent Support.
                                          Stephen Seif
                                          03 9708 0550
                                          0413 423 342

                                         Travel Agent Licence No. 32697

 VIC Police Cultural Visit To Egypt
 Special Tours                    Fully escorted luxury tours
 Tour 1: 2nd to 22nd January 2012 including 5# accommodation, Nile Cruise
 Tour 2: 4th to 25th January 2012 all entrance fees and most meals


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