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									 On the Move
              Chuck                            Kathe
              Bernstein,                       Nelson,
              Net Optics                       Moraga
              The Santa                        Chamber of
              Clara provid-                    Commerce
              er of network                   The organi-
              intelligence                    zation that
              tools for         oversees the overall health
peak performance in             of the community named
network monitoring and          Kathe Nelson executive
security named Chuck            director. Previously, she
Bernstein vice president        held positions at Gillette,
of North American sales.        Pfizer, Schick and ACCO.
Recently, he served as
vice president and general                     Grover
manager of North Ameri-                        Smith,
can sales at Tellabs.                          Inpensa
              Chris                        The soft-
                                           service pro-
              Employ-                      vider for cost
              ment &                       reduction,
              Community      project portfolio risk and
              Options        investments, and business
              The San Jose case management, named
nonprofit organization that Grover Smith vice presi-
offers employment and in- dent of global sales, and
dependent-living services he will work from the San
appointed Chris Brown        Jose office. He is former
to its board of directors.   vice president global ac-
Currently, he is senior vice counts at Cisco Systems.
president at Cresa San
Jose.                                      Stephen
              Ramana                           Splunk
              Gottipati,                 The San
              8x8                        Francisco
              The San Jose               provider of
              provider of                software for
              cloud-based                real-time
              communica- operational intelligence
              tions and    named Stephen Sorkin
computing tools ap-        chief strategy officer.
pointed Ramana Gottipati Before his recent appoint-
vice president of product  ment, he served as vice
management and adop-       president of engineering
tion. Previously, he held  at the company.
positions at Apple.
                                               Lesley Stolz,
              Steve Lohr,                      BioTime
              J. Lohr                     The Alameda
              Vineyards &                 biotechnol-
              Wines                       ogy com-
              The San Jose                pany that
              winemaker                   develops
              named co-                   and markets
              owner Steve products in the field of
Lohr chief executive and    regenerative medicine
chairman. Before being      named Lesley Stolz
appointed CEO, he was       executive vice president of
executive vice president    corporate development.
and chief operating officer Previously, she held posi-
at the winery.              tions at Sutro Biopharma.

              Laura                            Elisabeth
              Moreno,                          Sylvan,
              StyleYou                         The Tech
              The Red-                         Museum of
              wood City                        Innovation
              online wom-                     The San Jose
              en’s fashion                    hands-on
              retailer                        technology
named Laura Moreno              and science museum
chief executive. Previously,    named Elisabeth Syl-
she held positions at Laly      van vice president of
Designs.                        education. She is a former
                                research scientist at TERC.

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