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Position:                        Day Treatment Director

Responsible To:                  Clinical Director and or School Principal

Position Purpose:                Assist in creating a therapeutic and professional environment within the Day
                                 Treatment setting by providing supervision, training, and clinical direction.

Status:                          Exempt – Executive Category
        1. Meets requirements for a Qualified Professional which are: a Master degree in a human services or
            related field from an accredited college or university and a minimum of two years of supervised
            clinical experience working with children and families.
        2. Licensed, or eligible to be licensed, by the appropriate licensing body; LCSW licensure preferred.
        3. Minimum of two years serving in a supervisory capacity.
        4. Prefer experience in mental health day treatment setting or, secondarily, clinical experience in an
            educational setting.
        5. Knowledge of and skills in team development and process.
        6. Strong administrative, organizational and supervisory skills; flexible and creative, with experience in
            program design, implementation, and management.
        7. Ability to work adaptively within a therapeutic setting, helping staff attend to both clinical and
            educational issues.
        8. Experience in staff development.
        9. Effective written and verbal communication skills; proficiency in basic computer and word processing
        10. Has a valid North Carolina driver’s license.
        11. Physical adeptness to perform all job duties, including use of physical restraints.
        12. Agrees with and adheres to the General Principles and Qualifications of Section #401 in the Personnel
            Policies of The Children's Home.

Job Responsibilities:

1.    Creating and maintain a high-quality therapeutic environment for the provision of Day Treatment services,
      demonstrating a strong commitment to the therapeutic process and providing treatment while attending to
      educational needs of clients.

2.     Exhibit knowledge and understanding of therapeutic group dynamics, emphasizing the Cornerstones Model
      (experiential, family-centered, individual, and systemic approaches) within the Day Treatment setting.

3.    Monitor the maintenance of clients’ daily schedule and ensure that the appropriate staff to client
      supervision ratio is being followed.

4.    Monitor family involvement at all levels of the program and ensure that parents/ legal guardians are
      informed about their child’s progress.

5.    Demonstrate the ability to take supervisory direction as well as work independently using sound judgment.

6.    Possess strong planning and organizational skills related to all areas of the program.

7.    Contribute to overall program development and leadership as well as budgetary planning and monitoring.

8.    Provide supervision to the Day Treatment staff through regularly scheduled team and individual meetings
      as well as on-site supervision in order to ensure healthy staff functioning and the highest quality of care for
9.       Possess strong programming, leadership, and supervisory skills—including the ability to hold self and others
         accountable, as well as give feedback related to areas in which staff perform well and areas needing

10.      Facilitate orientation and training for all supervisees. Assist staff members in designing a plan for
         Professional Development.

11.      Ensure Day Treatment staff receive appropriate training in relevant areas in order to effectively meet the
         needs of clients and their families as well as adhere to licensure and accreditation standards.

12.      Coordinate and implement a plan of supervision and evaluation for all supervisees following a system of
         progressive counseling leading to full-time employment, promotion, disciplinary action or termination.

13.      Support supervisees in ensuring there is adequate coverage at all times (e.g., in the event of vacancies,
         vacation, illness, etc.) and in the hiring process.

14.      Maintain a strong connection with direct clinical practice by providing family, individual, and/or group

15.      Supervise and assist in the development and implementation of experiential and other learning activities as
         well individualized therapeutic interventions; ensure staff is utilizing appropriate client information in
         developing activities and interventions (e.g., Service Plans, IEPs, IIPs, etc.).

16.      Communicate with and provide feedback to the Chief Operating Officer and others on the Executive Team,
         addressing any areas of concern or potential problems.

17.      Collaborate with Residential Treatment, Adventure-Based, and Home Economics services to ensure smooth
         operation of the Day Treatment program as it relates to these other service areas.

18.      Take opportunities to participate in program development through committee membership and other
         available opportunities as appropriate.

19.      Serve as a member of the Program Leadership Team.

20.      Provide and supervise the provision of accurate and clear documentation of services provided, interventions
         used, and client progress. Ensure documentation adheres to licensing, accreditation, and agency

     21. Appropriately document all supervisory meetings, including minutes, corrective action, disciplinary action,
         performance appraisals, etc.

     22. Ensure personnel file compliance by submitting all personnel file documentation to Human Resources in a
         timely manner.

23.      Ensure the provision of culturally sensitive services.

24.      Ensure the provision of quality services through participation in The Children's Home’s Continuous Quality
         Improvement (CQI) process.

25.      Ensure compliance with all applicable standards of practice.

26.      Actively promote the mission, vision and purpose of The Children’s Home, Inc.
The above list is not all-inclusive. Other responsibilities may become necessary in the course of working routines
and therefore be required

I have received and read this job description. I understand these responsibilities and am ready to fulfill them to
the best of my abilities.

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