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                                      SHAPE YOUR FUTURE
COURSE STRUCTURE                                  2010 ACADEMIC YEAR                                 MODES OF STUDY
Students undertake six subjects (totalling        The academic year is divided into two main         The LLM is offered in both part-time and
48 credit points). Students may choose to         semesters, Autumn Semester and Spring              full-time study modes. Part-time study refers
undertake one or two majors, by completing        Semester. The Summer Session offers                to a ‘reduced’ semester load. Both part-time
at least three subjects (24 credit points)        the optional opportunity to accelerate your        and full-time students will need to be able
within the area of the major. Students may        course by undertaking up to two subjects in        to attend day, evening and weekend classes
also choose not to major in a particular area     intensive mode.                                    as timetabled.
and instead choose six subjects from across       Autumn Semester:
the major areas.                                  01 March 2010 – 11 June 2010                       HONOURS
                                                                                                     To qualify for honours in the Master of
                                                  Spring Semester:
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                                                               Laws, candidates must attain a minimum
                                                  02 August 2010 – 12 November 2010
Applicants require a Bachelor of Laws                                                                average mark of 80 per cent across all
                                                  Summer Session:                                    subjects attempted.
degree, Juris Doctor or equivalent.
                                                  December 2010 – February 2011
Completion of this qualification does not
guarantee entry into this course. Offers are
based upon academic merit and are made on
a competitive basis.

                          ENGAGE. EDUCATE. EMPOWER
                          These words guide our efforts to equip graduates with the
                          essential skills required of top-tier, critical-thinking, socially-responsible legal
                          professionals. The UTS LLM specialisations have been developed in response
                          to the evolving needs of legal practice and the broader regulatory environment.
                          We encourage all our students to take their place as leaders in a changing world.
                          Professor Jill McKeough


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                     LLM offered part-time or full-time.

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INTERNATIONAL LAW                                 CORPORATE AND                                   INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
International Law allows you to examine           COMMERCIAL LAW                                  The rise of the information economy –
the ideals and promises of human rights           Market crashes and corporate collapses.         the age of ideas – has created new areas of
jurisprudence, interrogate the effectiveness      The rise of multi-nationals wielding            law to keep pace. Intellectual Property
of existing financial market regulation,           global influence and yet too often hitting       covers the broad canvas of such rights,
explore the inner workings of international       the headlines, accused of scandal and           including trademarks, patents, designs and
criminal courts or cross-border intellectual      questionable ethics. These are challenging      copyrights, as well as issues of infringement.
property law. These diverse areas of law all      times for corporate and commercial law.         As a rapidly developing area of law, this
have international dimensions. The subjects       Imbued with a distinctively international       specialisation offers students a critical
offered in the international law specialisation   focus, this specialisation will explore and     grounding in the foundations of Intellectual
provide students with transnational expertise.    critique current controversies, advance         Property key issues such as piracy,
                                                  a deeper understanding of law and               infringement, international trade agreements
“The study of law should be about the                                                             and cultural heritage.
                                                  emphasise improvement in regulation,
study of social, political and philosophical
                                                  policy and practice.
problems associated with law and legal                                                            “Intellectual Property is an area of such
institutions rather than merely one of rules      “Corporate governance is highly global.         global significance, especially with respect
and enforceable obligations. Law is merely        The US model - with its strong shareholder      to trade. Constantly, we are seeing how IP
one – albeit pervasive – response to social       value focus - has been growing in influence      has caused a revolution in international law.
issues, and consequently there are always         in Europe and Asia. This convergence has        Studying at a postgraduate level provides an
alternative approaches to solving problems.”      been driven by investment pressure as           excellent opportunity to deeply investigate
Dr Roberto Buonamano                              much as by logic. Regulation has often been     current issues and look at the big picture.
Area of expertise: Human Rights Law               through facilitation rather than oversight.     It’s the big picture that ultimately counts.”
“International Law has great potential for        With the financial crisis the tide may be        Professor Natalie Stoianoff, IP Program
getting students to think about the important     turning. This is an important time to address   Director
issues in life - the moral issues that really     these issues.”                                  Area of expertise: Patent Law and International
                                                                                                                     Intellectual Property Law
matter. We constantly relate what we teach        Sir Gerard Brennan Professor Paul Redmond
to the real world outside.”                       Area of expertise: Corporate Law and            “UTS has gathered a critical mass of notable
Dr Colin Hawes                                                       Corporate Governance         Intellectual Property academics, making
Area of expertise: Corporate Law, Chinese and     “Remedies under the Trade Practices Act         UTS very much the place to be in this area.”
                   East Asian Law                 are more far-reaching than those under the      Dr Alpana Roy
                                                  general law, and impact very significantly      Area of expertise: Intellectual Property Law
2010 Subjects
                                                  on the contracts people enter. Part 5 of
Autumn 2010                                                                                       2010 Subjects
                                                  the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) seeks
78118 Business and Law in China                                                                   Autumn 2010
                                                  to outlaw unfair trading practices and give
78108 Globalisation and International                                                             78185 Intellectual Property: Law and Policy
                                                  greater balance between the rights of
      Economic Law                                                                                78190 Patent Law (Online)
                                                  consumers vis a vis business people in a way
78152 International Commercial Transactions                                                       78191 Patent Systems (Online)
                                                  that contract law may not.”
78159 Rights and Obligations in the                                                               78192 Trade Marks Law (Online)
      International Legal System                  Geoff Moore, Barrister and Senior Lecturer      78194 Designs Law and Practice (Online)
                                                  Area of expertise: Deceptive Trade Practices
78106 Climate Law and Carbon Markets                                                              78189 Intellectual Property
78100 Postgraduate Legal Research                 2010 Subjects                                         Commercialisation
Spring 2010                                       Autumn 2010                                     78100 Postgraduate Legal Research
78161 Global Governance and Social Justice        78118 Business and Law in China                 Spring 2010
78183 Global Aspects of Intellectual              78124 Dispute Resolution in Commerce            78185 Intellectual Property: Law and Policy
      Property Law (Online and On-Campus)         78108 Globalisation and International           78190 Patent Law (Online)
78125 International Corporate Governance                Economic Law                              78192 Trade Marks Law (Online)
78157 Principles of International Private Law     78174 Mediation Practice                        78193 Trade Marks Practice (Online)
78100 Postgraduate Legal Research                 78175 Negotiation                               78100 Postgraduate Legal Research
Summer 2010/11                                    78112 Securities Regulation                     Summer 2010/11
78151 Human Rights Law                            78100 Postgraduate Legal Research               78187 Intellectual Property and
                                                  Spring 2010                                           Traditional Knowledge
                                                  78123 Deceptive Trade Practices
                                                  78110 Banking and Finance Law
                                                  78196 Insurance Law
                                                  78175 Negotiation
                                                  78161 Global Governance and Social Justice
                                                  78125 International Corporate Governance
                                                  78100 Postgraduate Legal Research

HEALTH LAW AND POLICY                             FAMILY LAW AND DISPUTE                         LAW AND REGULATION
The Health and Law Policy specialisation          RESOLUTION                                     Think of Law and Regulation as
engages new and expanding fields crossing          Family law is a dynamic area in Australia,     ‘meta-law’: a way of understanding how
medicine, ethics and biomedical law.              entailing near-constant reform to              regulation emerges, the powers at play,
This provides students with cutting-edge          legislation and to the dispute resolution      the stakeholders in conflict, and the
knowledge of legal and other regulatory           processes that surround it. This               founding philosophies underpinning it.
aspects of the contemporary health care           specialisation offers a range of subjects      The specialisation considers law and
environment. This specialisation will appeal      on a rolling basis to update and refresh       regulation theory and the special place
to any student with an interest in topics         practitioners in this challenging area of      of law in regulation. It also provides
requiring policy choice including cloning,        legal practice. Many of these units will       an opportunity to focus on hot topics
animal, plant and human experimentation           be offered on an intensive basis. The          such as the regulation of reproductive
as well as those interested or involved with      specialisation also offers theoretical         technologies, emission trading, risk or
current systems of health care regulation.        and policy-based subjects of interest to       telecommunications. This specialisation
                                                  students with a more general interest in       offers a rare opportunity to consider the
“Law has a role in society that is more than                                                     fundamental basis for making and shaping
                                                  family law issues, including those working
the sum of its parts. If we lost sight of that,                                                  regulation, and how law and regulation
                                                  in social and family policy, international
then we are in danger. Through my teaching,                                                      affect the day-to-day life of modern society.
                                                  students, and those considering pursuing
I would like to help people reflect on the
                                                  a research degree in the area. The Dispute
impact and ethical issues of law. I like to                                                      “Australia leads the way in regulatory theory
                                                  Resolution subjects in particular offer
leave people with the sensation that law is                                                      and its innovative practice. People have
                                                  practical skills-based learning.
one option - but it's not the only option.”                                                      come to realise that it is not ‘regulation’
A/Professor Anita Stuhmcke                        “UTS has a unique role in higher education     versus ‘deregulation’ but the form of
Area of expertise: Biomedical Law and Bioethics   because we are committed to excellence in      regulation, and the processes and strategies
“Health law and administration is significant      teaching, innovative cutting edge research     involved in ensuring good regulation.”
in scope and growing. Bigger picture issues       and real world results for what we do.”        A/Professor Rocque Reynolds
are now emerging – like a high level policy                                                      Area of expertise: Intellectual Property Regulation
                                                  Professor Jenni Millbank
response to the hospital crisis.”                 Area of expertise: Family Relationships and    “Traditional approaches to broadcasting
Leanne Houston, Lecturer                                             Reproductive Rights         regulation are under threat as the media
Area of expertise: Law and Medicine               “Alternatve Dispute Resolution, which is       landscape changes. No longer is it
                                                  now strongly supported at the Federal level,   possible to divide neatly the sector into
2010 Subjects                                     provides a holistic approach, knowing that     print, television, and radio, and regulate
Autumn 2010                                       your personal beliefs and values are just as   accordingly. New forms of media delivery
78144 Contemporary Issues in Health Law           important as your legal rights. A new kind     are changing not only how we access content
78143 Psychology and Dispute Resolution           of lawyer is emerging, who understands         but the very nature of the content. These
78100 Postgraduate Legal Research                 advocacy can be more than going to court       changes produce regulatory inconsistencies
Spring 2010                                       – it’s about process pluralism.”               and vacuums, and challenge traditional
78127 Advanced Mediation                          Marilyn Scott, Senior Lecturer                 assumptions about broadcasting regulation.
78104 Genetics and the Law                        Area of expertise: Dispute Resolution          Interactive media, user-generated content
78100 Postgraduate Legal Research                                                                and social networking sites distort traditional
                                                  2010 Subjects                                  media roles, and blur the lines between
                                                  Autumn 2010                                    public and private space.”
                                                  78128 Child Law in Australia                   Professor Lesley Hitchens
                                                  78136 Dispute Resolution                       Area of expertise: Communications and Media Law
                                                  78124 Dispute Resolution in Commerce
                                                                                                 “Internationally, the telecommunications
                                                  78174 Mediation Practice
                                                                                                 industry has so many overlapping, conflicting
                                                  78175 Negotiation
                                                                                                 regulations that the law is full of grey areas.”
                                                  78143 Psychology and Dispute Resolution
                                                                                                 Dr Grace Li
                                                  78100 Postgraduate Legal Research              Area of expertise: Telecommunications Law
                                                  Spring 2010
                                                  78127 Advanced Mediation                       2010 Subjects
                                                  78130 Complex Parenting Disputes               Autumn 2010
                                                  78132 Complex Financial and Property           78165 Media and Entertainment Law
                                                        Disputes (in Family Law)                       and Regulation
                                                  78136 Dispute Resolution                       78169 Regulatory Strategies and Compliance
                                                  78139 Family Dispute Resolution                      Principles
                                                  78175 Negotiation                              78100 Postgraduate Legal Research
                                                  78100 Postgraduate Legal Research              Spring 2010
                                                  Summer 2010/11                                 78161 Global Governance and Social Justice
                                                  78175 Negotiation                              78179 Telecommunications Law
                                                                                                       and Regulations
                                                                                                 78167 Perspectives on Regulation
                                                                                                 78100 Postgraduate Legal Research
CONTACT HOURS                                                             TIMETABLE                                                    CTORATE
                                                                                                                          PATHWAY TO DOCTORATE
As a guideline an LLM subject (intensive                                  The official UTS Autumn and Spring               Students in this course may apply for
or weekly format) requires attendance of                                  Timetable is released online mid November       admission into the Doctor of Juridical
around 30 hours over a 14-week semester.                                  each year for timetable information for the     Science (SJD) (C02027) after completion of
80% of LLM subjects are offered in intensive                              following academic year, this allows you to     48 credit points of options. SJD applicants
mode, generally 4 full days, eg 2 Fridays /                               search for subjects and plan your semesters.    must provide satisfactory evidence of their
2 Saturdays or 4 Thursdays. Intensive mode                                Not all subjects in each major are offered      ability to undertake advanced research
offers busy professionals the opportunity to                              each year but will be offered within a          appropriate to a doctoral program.
attend classes in a concentrated time.                                    2 year cycle.                                   Candidates do not take out the Master of
The remaining subjects are offered either by:                                                                             Laws, rather subjects undertaken within the
                                                                          ASSESSMENT                                      Masters are applied towards the SJD.
> Traditional weekly class format (3-4 hours
                                                                          LLM assessment varies from subject to
  per class). Where possible these are
                                                                          subject, between research work, class                       OMPONENTS
                                                                                                                          COMPULSORY COMPONENTS
  scheduled in the evenings or concentrated
                                                                          participation, essays, assignments,                                      rtake
                                                                                                                          All students must undertake the subject
  over 7-8 weeks of morning or afternoon
                                                                          seminar/tutorial presentations, take home       78100 Postgraduate Legal Research
                                                                          examinations or a viva voce. Students will be   within the course to develop the inter-
> Wholly online and require no on-campus
                                                                          advised of the official assessment criteria in   disciplinary research skills needed for career
                                                                          the first week of a semester when subject        progression. This subject can
Students are expected to attend a minimum                                 outlines are provided in class or made          be included in any of the majors or
of 75% of all classes for all subjects.                                   available online.                               choice blocks.
Teaching hours for on-campus classes are                                  All written assignments should follow the       Students from a non-common law
between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm.                                   UTS:LAW Guide to Written Communication          background are also required to enrol in the
Evening classes generally commence at                                     which is available to download from our         subject 78103 Common Law Legal Traditions
5:00pm and finish by 9:00pm.                                               website. An assignment cover sheet must be      in their 1st semester of study. This subject is
                                                                          attached to all submitted work.                 offered every semester.
                                                                                                                          Disclaimer: The information in this brochure is correct
To assist you in planning your study program,                                                                                                            iversity
                                                                                                                          as of September 2009. The University reserves the right to
full subject lists and descriptions are                                                                                   alter any matter described in this brochure without notice.
available for all coursework programs
on our website.

MAJOR/DOUBLE                                 APPLICATION DEADLINES                                  SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS
MAJOR RESTRICTIONS                           Autumn Semester 2010                                   International Scholarships
Students who are required to undertake       Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents            Four $2,500 scholarships are offered in each
78103 Common Law Legal Traditions are not    - 31 January 2010                                      academic year to Master of Laws (LLM)
eligible to undertake a double major.        International Students                                 international students.
                                             - 15 December 2009                                     Merit Award
To satisfy the requirements of the Family
Law and Dispute Resolution major, students   Spring Semester 2010                                   New from 2010: The Rosalind Dubs Award of
must complete the subject 78136 Dispute      Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents            $2,000 will be made annually to a new Master
Resolution and include one Family Law        - 30 June 2010                                         of Laws (LLM) student who is undertaking
subject in their subject choice.             International Students                                 one or more subjects from the Corporate and
                                             - 15 June 2010                                         Commercial specialisation.
HOW TO APPLY                                                                                        Full details and application information is
Australian Citizens and                      2010 FEES                                              available on our website.
Permanent Residents                          $18,480 Australian Citizens and
Applications are lodged via the                      Permanent Residents                            ENROLMENT
Universities Admission Centre                $22,944 International Students                         All classes have enrolment quotas. Once                               Note: Fees are charged at the rates set for the year   you are made an offer it is important that
                                             enrolled per subject and are revised annually.         you accept your offer and enrol as soon as
International Students
Applications are lodged via the                                                                     possible to secure your preferences.
UTS International Office.                     FEE-HELP                 The Australian Government offers a Higher              FURTHER INFORMATION
                                             Education Loan Programme (HELP) which                  e:
                                             provides eligible fee-paying students with             p: +61 2 9514 3444
                                             a loan to cover their tuition fees.
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