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					                                                                                          School of Public Policy and Professional Practice
                                                                                          (in association with Payap University, Chiang Mai,
    MBA Education (International)                                                         Thailand)
                                                                                          MBA, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate,
                                                                                          Part-Time Distance Learning

  Course Director:      Professor Stephen Cropper
  Contact Name:         Miss Dorothy Tyson
  Position:             Course Administrator
  Address:             School of Public Policy and Professional Practice
                       Keele University
                       Staffordshire ST5 5BG
                       UNITED KINGDOM
  Telephone:            +44 (0) 1782 733126
  Fax:                  +44 (0) 1782 734069


  Please Note that this programme is delivered exclusively at Payap University,          Aims of the Course
  Chiang Mai, Thailand ( This part-time, semi-distance learning
  programme starts in May each year with the taught element concluding 18 months         The course offers a comprehensive and critical analysis of
  later.                                                                                 policies, issues and practices in contemporary education
                                                                                         management and leadership. Drawing on international
  Contact:              Dr Stephen Whitehead (Asia Programme Co-Ordinator)
  Email:                                             research, the programme provides advanced skills and
  Tel/Fax:              (0066) (0)53838869                                               knowledge of senior level education management practice.
                                                                                         Through examination of cross-cultural comparisons, the
                                                                                         course develops awareness of the global context of education
One of the longest established MBA courses for                                           management and directly assists the education professional
educationalists in the UK, this programme is now available                               in their own career development.
for the first time in Asia. All teaching is undertaken at
                                                                                         The course is based on six taught modules and submitted
Payap University,Chiang Mai, Thailand. The programme is
                                                                                         assignments. The course materials are introduced during 4
exclusively recruited, taught, assessed and managed by
                                                                                         four-day residentials held at Payap University and then used
Keele University professors and administrators. Successful
                                                                                         as the basis of a theoretical/reflexive evaluation of policy and
students are awarded one of the most prestigious British MBA
                                                                                         practice as experienced by the student. The course develops
Education qualifications available anywhere.
                                                                                         research skills through the assignments and these are applied
Entry Requirements                                                                       in a dissertation undertaken from the October of year 2 and
                                                                                         submitted one year later. The dissertation topic is individually
There are no specific undergraduate subject requirements but
                                                                                         negotiated and offers opportunity for consideration of work-
students should have a good honours degree (or equivalent)
                                                                                         based, local or national policy and professional applications.
plus appropriate professional training and/or experience. As
the course is taught and assessed exclusively in English,
applicants must be able to demonstrate fluency in the English
    MBA Education (International)

Course Structure and Content                                       Assessment
Details correct at time of printing
                                                                   There are no formal examinations. Assessment is based
The course is part-time, semi-distance learning and                on assignments and the end of course dissertation. All
comprises six taught modules and a dissertation.                   assignments are between 3,000 and 4,500 words in length
                                                                   and are graded according to School and University guidelines.
Students attend four, four-day residentials (May and October)
                                                                   Work that does not secure the 50% pass grade can be
during the 18 month taught element of the programme. This
opportunity for students of different cultural backgrounds to
share knowledge and experiences is a vital aspect of this          The dissertation of 15,000-20,000 words is similarly marked
internationally-focused MBA in Education. Module-specific          and constitutes one-third of the total Masters programme
distance learning materials are provided for each module and       (60 credits). The degree may be awarded with distinction
introduced at each residential.                                    where work shows exceptional merit. All marking is full,
                                                                   structured and developmental. Tutorial support is available
Assignments are submitted approximately four months after
                                                                   during assignment preparation. In order to be eligible for the
each introductory session. The course director assumes a
                                                                   award of a Postgraduate Certificate a student must have
tutorial responsibility for all students, but after dissertation
                                                                   successfully completed 60 taught module credits. In order to
interests have been determined, supervisors are allocated
                                                                   be eligible for the award of a Postgraduate Diploma a student
from the teaching team.
                                                                   must have successfully completed 120 taught module credits.
The six taught modules (120 credits) are:
Year 1
                                                                   Our intention is that key elements of the teaching will be
• Organisational behaviour and development – the culture,          provided by a member of the Education or Management
operation and evaluation of education organisations,               School of Keele University working alongside support
management and leadership                                          tutors with direct knowledge and experience of international
(15 credits).                                                      education management.

• Quality, improvement and effectiveness – best practice and       Key / Module Tutors
best value in the pursuit of advanced professionalism (30          Professor Stephen Cropper (School of Public Policy and
credits).                                                          Professional Practice, Keele University)
• Strategic management – planning for and coping with              Dr Stephen Whitehead (School of Public Policy and
change in a high performing education environment (15              Professional Practice, Keele University).
                                                                   Dr Carole Thornley (Keele Management School)
Year 2
                                                                   Dr Michael Tomlinson (School of Public Policy and
• Resource management – maximising resource creativity,            Professional Practice, Keele University)
evaluation and audit (15 credits).
                                                                   At most residentials we invite international experts in
• Human resource issues – individual performance                   education management, policy and research to lead two-hour
management and team enhancement (15 credits).                      talk and debate sessions with the students.
• Research methods – introduction and guide to contrasting
research methodologies, concepts and issues. The
application of diverse research methods within a cross-
                                                                           Application Procedure
cultural perspective (30 credits).
                                                                           Details of application procedures are given on
All modules are taught from the perspective of senior level
                                                                           the postgraduate website at
professionals, researchers, administrators and leaders in
                                                                           postgraduate. If you are unable to access this
international education.
                                                                           then an application form and the Postgraduate
While a significant focus is on the Western education system,              Prospectus can be requested via email, telephone
the teaching has an international dimension and ethnocentric               or post:
application in that it draws on research and management
experience from around the world.
                                                                           Tel: +44 (0) 1782 734472
Keele tutors are supported by senior practitioners in
education, together with guest speakers with specialist                    The Postgraduate Office
knowledge and/or research experience of international                      Keele University
education management.                                                      Staffordshire ST5 5BG
                                                                           UNITED KINGDOM