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									                                                                                                                   Fall 2009

                                       The MBA Update
                                           For Working Professionals

Highly Effective Job              MBA Alumni Society         Networking on
Search Strategies            Social director Jen Blocher     Main Street…
Seminar                      invites current MBA students    MBA Fall Social at                            The MBA Office
Clemson MBA presents a brown and alums to meet for drinks at Soby’s Apartment
bag seminar the last Tuesday      the Irish Pub (across from the
                                  University Center of             Everyone loves this event! Last     Dr. Caron St. John
of every month from 11:30                                          year, we had a record turn out      Associate Dean
a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the          Greenville) on September 30                                
                                  from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 pm.      of current MBA students and
University Center of                                               alums. It was the best net-         Dr. Kim Dawson
Greenville. The seminar is        The event is posted on the MBA                                       Academic Advising
                                  Alumni Society Facebook Page.    working yet! Join us again on
available to MBA students and                                      October 16, 5:30 p.m. until
alums. Please RSVP to             Come out to learn more about
                                                                   7:30 p.m.                           Ms. Kimberly Proctor if            the MBA Alumni Society and                                           Admissions
you would like to attend.         meet fellow MBA students.                                  
                                                                   Clemson University Spiro
Space is limited.                                                                                      Ms. Gail DePriest
                                  Networking at the                Institute’s Annual Master           Career Management
                                  University Center                Panel of Ernst & Young              Corporate Relations
MBA Directory                                                      Entrepreneur of the Year  
                                  of Greenville
Photographs and bios will be                                       Finalists                           Ms. Linda Parr
featured in a student direc-      Meet your fellow MBA col-                                            Student Services
                                  leagues at a common class        This year’s panel discussion
tory. Students and alums have
                                  break time this fall.            will be on October 8 at the
expressed an interest in having                                                                        Ms. Chellee McDougal
                                  September 28 through             Westin Poinsett Hotel in            Program Assistant
better access to each other and
                                  October 1, a light dinner will   Greenville. There will be a
we have listened! Photogra-
                                  be served from 7:30 p.m. to      5:30 p.m. reception with the
phers will be onsite prior to
                                  8:00 p.m. Bring your appetite    panel discussion at 6:00 p.m.
class at the University Center
                                  and some business cards!         For more information, please
of Greenville on September 16,
17 , 28 and 29.

 Meet Rich Morris, Clemson MBA, Class of 2003
Recently named the Vice Presi-      inspiring employees for better
dent of Assembly at BMW, Richard    performance is essential.        He
Morris is a 2003 graduate of the    does so with a leadership model
Clemson MBA program, a 1990         that is based on listening, serving
graduate of the General Motors      and coaching, as opposed to the                 Clemson MBAs Give Back
Institute, and a third generation   traditional management style of                     to the Upstate
autoworker.      Richard chose to   telling, ordering and instructing.
earn an MBA at Clemson, because     “My job is to choose the best idea     The Clemson MBA Student Association is now
he wanted real professors with      and act on it, not just my idea,       partnering with the Triune Mercy Center, a
real students while he attended     but the best idea.” He indicated       homeless shelter in Greenville. Students are
classes in the evening.             employees must always be heard.        providing website redesign, as well as clean up
                                    He wants them to open up and           and reorganization of the computer lab.
Rich states that getting his MBA share their ideas, whether all or
really brought things together for part of their ideas are utilized.       Also getting in on the action is the MBA Alumni
him, allowing him to put into per-                                         Society. On October 22, from 5: 30 p.m. until
spective all that he had learned in According to Rich, BMW promotes        8:30 p.m., Rick Ammons, president, will be the
his past work experience. He is an environment of family and di-           guest bartender at Soby’s Restaurant on Main
an advocate for delaying the start versity. “Diverse perspectives are      Street in Greenville. 20% of profits will go to the
of an MBA program. “Work first, required to produce BMWs, be-              Triune Mercy Center. For more information on
so you can get the most from busi- cause they are both built by and        the MBA Alumni Society, please contact Rick Am-
ness school when you go.”           driven by a diverse spectrum of        mons at
                                    people all over the world.” The
According to Rich, BMW is a work hope is that this respect and value       To learn more about Triune Mercy Center,
environment where you are for diversity will also spill into the           visit
judged both on performance and community.
character.     The best employees
have both, performing with excel- His advice for job seekers and stu-
lence and with character.      Rich dents – “Choose a company whose                  Clemson MBA Website
believes it is important for the culture matches your values, a
long term health of an organiza- culture you can believe in and             The Clemson MBA website has been
tion to create an environment of support.”                                  redesigned! Be sure to check it out at
both high performance and char-                                    There is a section
acter.                              Rich still talks “shop” with his 94     specifically for current students, including
                                    year old grandfather about leader-      the upcoming class schedules and
One of Rich’s favorite classes, ship and motivating employees.              announcements of student events.
while earning his Clemson MBA, For Richard Morris, building cars
was a management course in with pride and passion is a family               If you would like to be featured on the site,
which transformational leadership tradition.                                please be sure to contact the MBA office.
was introduced.       Rich believes
                                                     Clemson University, The MBA Update, Fall 2009, Page 2

                                                                       Dates to Remember

                                           November 2: Registration begins for Spring/Summer 2010
                                           December 17: Fall Graduation
                                           January 4: Spring classes begin

                                      Planned MBA Courses for Greenville
                  Please Note: Classes are still being finalized. These are subject to change.
          For questions or more information, please contact Dr. Kim Dawson at

Classes planned for Spring 2010:                             Classes planned for Summer 2010:

MBA 819 - Introduction to Accounting and Finance             MBA 859 - Managerial Decision Modeling
MBA 829 - Marketing Foundations                              MBA 803 - Business Statistics
MBA 809 - Organizational Behavior and Human                  MBA 806 - Operations Management
          Resources Development                              MBA 807 - Financial Management
MBA 870 - Strategic Management                               MGT 869 - Project Management
MBA 861 - Management Information Systems                     MBA 809 - Organizational Behavior and Human
MBA 854 - Managerial Accounting and Information                        Resources Development (not confirmed)
          Systems                                            MBA 860 - Advanced Marketing
MBA 807 - Financial Management                               MBA 870 - Strategic Management
MBA 860 - Advanced Marketing                                 MBA 899 - Creativity
MBA 862 - Managerial Economics                               MGT 888 - Doing Business in China (trip to China)
MBA 845 - Technology and Innovation Management
MHA Elective (probable; not confirmed) - TBD

                        Clemson MBA Sponsors
         Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce PULSE Event

  Professionals United for Leadership and Social Enrichment, PULSE, is an organiza-
  tion designed for young professionals with ages ranging from 22 through 39.
  PULSE provides opportunities for social, professional, and leadership develop-
  ment. The Clemson MBA program will sponsor the 4th Annual Birthday Bash for
  PULSE on October 6 from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at Wild Wing Café in down-
  town Greenville. The event is for PULSE members only and is free of charge.
  Individuals interested in PULSE may join at this event. For more information on
  PULSE, visit

     Welcome to the New Clemson MBA                                    Clemson MBA Student Advisory Board
      Working Professional Students!                                        for Working Professionals
                                                                The Clemson MBA Student Advisory Board for Working
    Tatiana Ackerman                 Meredith Kuna                     Professionals will meet on October 1.
      David Atchley                  Stephen Layton                        Thank you to the following board
      Andrew Boland                  Lauren Madsen                              members for serving:
       Sarah Brown                    Kristin Maglia
     Anne-Marie Davis                  Sujay Math                                       Angela Elliott
                                                                                          Josh Grein
       Theron Davis                  Joseph Nichols                                      Farai Gwata
      Natalie Dennis                   David Pruitt                                   Ashante Jefferson
    Stephanie Gaillard              Michael Schempp                                   Richard Kornacki
      Steven Gaines                 Katherine Snipes                                    Steve Layton
                                                                                         Ashley Reis
     Gregory Grabert                Joshua Tarbutton                                     Paul Sasser
    Ashante Jefferson                    Xi Wang                                          Jim Storey
     Richard Kornacki               Jonathan Weldon                                      John Tarala
  Jayesh “Josh” Kotecha              Leslie Williams                                   David Whelchel
       Alison Kubiak                                                If you are interested in serving, please contact
                                                                         Gail DePriest at

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