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					Bookkeeping Services

•	 MYOB	&	Leap	Bookkeeping                           •		 Data	Entry

•	 General	Ledger	reconciliations                    •	 Reporting	-	Profit	&	Loss,	Balance	Sheets	
                                                     	 and	Budgets
•	 Trust	account	reconciliations	and	reporting
                                                     •	 Tailored	Management	Reports
•	 Accounts	Payable
                                                     •	 MYOB	&	Leap	set-up
•	 Accounts	Receivable
                                                     •	 Sales	reconciliations
•	 Multiple	Currencies	set-up,	management	
	 &	training                                         •	 Purchases	percentages	analysis

•	 Inventory	set-up,	management	&	Training           •	 Percentage	rental	turnover	calculations

                                                     •	 Roster	costings

Goods & Services Tax
•	 Preparation	&	assistance	with	Business		      	   •	   MYOB	accounts	–	setting	up	and	maintaining
	 Activity	Statements	(Monthly	&	Quarterly)          	    GST	tax	codes	and	ensuring	accurate
                                                     	    calculations	dependant	upon	industry	
•	 GST	reconciliations                               	    GST	requirements

                                                     •	 Ensuring	your	business	systems	are	in
                                                     	 accordance	with	the	GST	Legislation

Payroll Services
•	 Payroll	Processing	-	Powerpay,	Wage	Easy          •	 Leave	Entitlement	calculations
	 and	MYOB
                                                     •	 Payroll	Tax	–	calculation	for	all	states
•	 Termination	calculations
                                                     •	 PAYG	Withholding/	IAS
•	 WorkCover
                                                     •	 Departmental	reporting	of	wages
•	 Superannuation	
                                                     •	 On-line	payments
Human Resource Management

•	 Advertising,	Recruitment	and	assisting	with   •	 Award	Information	research
	 the	set-up	of	Job	Descriptions
                                                 •	 Maintenance	of	Personnel	Files
•	 Employment	Forms	&	setup
                                                 •	 WorkCover	-	Claims	Management
•	 Apprentice	Funding	Coordination

End of Financial Year

•	 WorkCover	–	Remuneration	calculation          •	 Magnetic	Media	Reporting

•	 Payroll	Tax	-	Annual	Returns	(all	states)     •	 Correspondence	with	Accounting	Firms	to
                                                 	 provide	all	required	End	of	Year	Information
•	 Preparation	of	Payment	Summaries	
	 (Group	Certificates)                           •	 General	Ledger	reconciliations

•	 PAYG	Withholding	annual	reconciliation        •	 Accountants	adjustments

Training and General Administration

•	 MYOB	Training                                 •	 MYOB	templates	set-up

•	 Leap	Training                                 •	 Word	processing

•	 Powerpay	Training                             •	 Database	management

                                                 •	 Wage	Easy	Training

•	 Centrally	located                              •	   Our	tailored	reports	enable	informed	business
                                                  	    decisions	to	be	made	by	highlighting	movements		
•	 Flexible	hours	of	operation                    	    in	turnover	and	percentage	increases	and		 	
                                                  	    decreases	in	costs.
•	 Services	can	be	provided	on	a	regular	or	as
	 required	basis	and	are	adaptable	to	suit	the    •	 Step-Up	can	supply	your	accountant	with	a
	 changing	needs	of	your	business.                	 backup	copy	of	your	MYOB	data	file	at	the
                                                  	 end	of	each	financial	year.
•	 Reduce	your	annual	accounting	fees
                                                  •	 All	services	can	be	customised	daily,	weekly,
•	 Ensure	all	legislative	requirements	are	met    	 monthly	or	as	required

•	 Fees	are	charged	on	an	hourly	basis            •	 Our	trading	terms	are	7	days

•	 Travel	Costs	may	be	incurred	as	part	of	this

Contact Details

P	 03	9650-0922
F	 03	9650-4060

Level	1,	18	Bennetts	Lane
Melbourne	VIC	3000